Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e56 Episode Script

Episode 56

June 19th.
I met with Franz Bonaparta for the first time.
A man with a quiet and calm demeanor.
A refined and aristocratic look.
Dressed in a suit.
the children gathered for a book reading.
Where do you want to go? The border.
Which one? The Czech border.
Get in.
Thank you.
In the afternoon, the children gathered for a book reading.
A very strange mansion.
The Red Rose Mansion.
Brevnov W.
A spire on the left.
A weather vane on the right.
Human dignity.
An experiment.
A wonderful experiment.
The deprivation of dignity.
What country are you from? I asked where you're from.
I'm Japanese.
I don't know if a Japanese person would like this, but Eat it.
It's left over from my lunch, though.
Thank you.
Just eat it! You look like you're gonna collapse any second now.
My wife keeps nagging at me to lose some weight.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, eat up! If you don't, you won't make it through the long journey.
I need to end this journey already The Never-ending Journey What did you say? You let him go? You just let Tenma leave? Why didn't you stop him? You already know he's a man you can't stop.
Yeah, but On top of which we're in a dire situation with Eva Heinemann missing.
Tenma even escaped from jail because of her.
That lawyer who called himself Baul He's most likely the same man who tried to kill me at my clinic.
His objective was to get close to me and obtain my father's notes.
Those notes must be very important.
I'll be going now.
Where to? To where Tenma is headed.
The "Red Rose Mansion"? Where is it? My father's notes were full of meaningless descriptions but I don't think they were written in code.
The Red Rose Mansion.
Brevnov W.
P is for Prague.
W means west.
A suburb of Prague, west of Brevnov! A place where you can see "a spire on the left" "and a weather vane on the right.
" I see! I just hope there's an eyewitness or someone who can help us solve the case at that mansion.
But it's unlikely now No.
"In the afternoon, the children gathered for a book reading.
" That was described in the notes.
The children from back then could be our witnesses.
I blamed you for letting Tenma go.
But if I had been in that situation I think I would've done the same.
All right, let's get going.
I was here I used to live in this town And Welcome home.
I'm okay I think it's better if we give up.
No matter how many times we do this, we still get lost.
No, I'm sure I'll remember.
Back then, my brother told me what happened.
How he was taken away from The Three Frogs What he passed, and where he went.
He went past the train station and while he was watching the town on his left a trolley followed him along the river.
Please turn right over You shouldn't.
You shouldn't hide anything from him.
Turn right? What's wrong? I-It's nothing Well? Do you recognize any landmarks? I don't know It's useless! You can't remember something from so long ago.
Nina! A weather vane on the right A church spire on the left Nina! The Red Rose Mansion! Is this the place? I don't know.
But I know this place.
I'm scared What's that? It's like a door just appeared from inside the wall.
There's nothing in this room.
Nina? Nina?! Nina! You devil! You devil! The devil has been slain.
How are you feeling? Welcome back, Mr.
Did you get any customers? No, business was as bad as usual.
But the puppets are all so wonderful.
The one I'm making now is even better.
I want to see it soon.
Once I finish, you'll be the first to see it.
It's time for me to go to work.
At the restaurant? Yeah, I can't earn a living on just the puppets.
I'm really sorry for imposing on you for so long No, it's okay.
Don't worry about it.
Lipsky, there's something I want to ask you.
W-What is it? Three months ago when you found me after I collapsed and took me to a hospital Yes? Why were you at that mansion? Nina? Nina?! Nina! Answer me, Nina? Nina! What's wrong? When I go to that mansion images come to me for my work.
How should I put it But right now, more than that mansion, I No, it's nothing.
Anyway, don't worry about it.
You can stay here for as long as you like.
Nina Can I come in? O-Of course! Are you sure you should be out of bed? Yeah.
Wow! So this is where the puppets are born.
Too bad I don't have any customers.
What kind of story is it? It's the story of a devil.
What's wrong, Nina? No, go on.
A devil who leaves to find the dragon that threatens to destroy this world but almost dies in the middle of his journey.
A young man passing by saves his life, though.
When the young man learns the true identity of the one he saved he goes after the devil.
And at the end of his journey, the young man finds the devil and with a knife in his hand, slays the devil.
I think it's an interesting story, but nobody seems to like it.
A-Are you okay, Nina? I think I would do the same.
I would do the same.
But I can't let him do something like that.
Nina? If you were human you'd save that devil.
You think so? I think he'd like this story.
Who? On this bookshelf They're all picture books.
Jakob Farobek.
klaus Poppe.
Emil Scherbe.
"The Monster Without a Name.
" I'm surprised you know of it.
He wrote many picture books.
Jakob Farobek.
klaus Poppe.
Emil Scherbe.
They're all pen names of the same person.
The man named Franz Bonaparta.
Franz Bonaparta Human beings.
can become anything.
Because I wasn't a "superior child" I was driven away from the book readings.
Book readings? His book readings were held at the Red Rose Mansion.
I was a student there.
I understood what he was trying to do.
"A deal! Let's make a deal!" said the devil.
"No! Absolutely not!" said the man with big eyes.
"Yes! Let's make a deal!" said the man with a big mouth.
The man with a big mouth's yard became a flower garden.
The man with big eyes became destitute and starved.
The man with a big mouth was cheerful every day.
He was full from all his ripened fruit.
That is why he did not notice.
His flower garden was wilting away.
In the garden where no flower would ever bloom again the man with a big mouth cried and muttered "I should never have made a deal with the devil.
" The man with big eyes was so hungry that he thought he would die.
Shedding tears, he muttered "I should have made a deal with the devil.
" "A deal! Let's make a deal!" said the devil.
"The Man with Big Eyes, the Man with a Big Mouth," by Jacob Farobek.
Each Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon we would gather for the book readings.
We would sit around him and listen as he read us a book.
With his kind voice A very calm and kind voice And when he finished reading a story he would ask us.
"The meaning of the story" "do you understand?" I I understand I also understood after reading it many times.
he would take another picture book into his hands.
"The God of Peace," by klaus Poppe.
All right, let's try reading this next.
It's as if I've come here for the first time.
Although it took me quite some time all the memories have come together.
The god of peace is always busy.
He is too busy to look in a mirror and blows his horn every day.
The god of peace's horn makes everyone happy.
The god of peace is always busy.
He is too busy to look in a mirror and scatters magical water.
The magical water creates green mountains ripens crops, and makes flower gardens grow.
The god of peace is always busy.
He is too busy to look in a mirror and gives everyone a name.
"Your name is Otto.
" "Your name is Hans.
" "Your name is Thomas.
" "Your name is" "Johan.
" Johan gave his hat to the god as a gift in return.
The god was very happy.
Because he wanted to see himself wearing the hat he stood in front of a mirror for the first time.
However what he saw in the mirror was a devil.
The devil spoke to him.
"I am you" "and you are me.
" "Oh, no!" "No one can live in peace with a devil like this!" "What should I do?" So, the troubled god Do you know what he did? I figured that out.
Do you know? Do you know what the "god" did after this? I do We finally meet.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
It's me, Mother.
I don't think even you could have told us apart, Mother.
I am her, and she is me.
I am you, and you are me.
I understand everything now.
Where we came from and where we are heading.
The weather outside is wonderful, Mother.
Let the flames engulf everything.
I understand The god pointed the gun at his forehead! Shoot me.
Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity That Night