Monster High (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Monstering

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[eerie music]
So there I was.
Uh, no, not there,
spending my 15th birthday
in a library,
doing my favorite thing,
researching monsters.
[gasps] Whoa!
Just learned a cool thing
about monsters.
-[girls snickering]
Maybe I don't have friends,
but at least
I have my dog, Crescent.
-This monster's an Onikuma.
If the Onikuma is threatened,
he defends himself
by throwing rocks.
The only way to stop him
is to tickle him.
[laughs] You don't believe
monsters are real?
Well, I'll prove it.
I've been researching
the cemetery,
and there have been reports
of creepy house, cold spots,
and monster morning breath.
So there's got to
be monsters there.
-Come on!
Scaredy pup!
-There's my birthday girl!
-Hi, Dad. You're early.
One minor lab explosion,
-and we had to wrap our research
for the day.
Where are you off
to in such a rush?
Birthday plans
with your friends?
Yeah, friends.
-Clawdeen, wait.
What's a birthday
without presents?
The moon claw necklace?
But it's Mom's.
She left it behind
for a reason,
and I still believe she's
coming home for it one day,
but until then, you can hold on
to it for her.
So a used gift that I get
to borrow temporarily,
and then to think all
those unlucky kids
getting guitars and laptops
for their birthdays.
I knew you'd like
this better,
so I sent back that pony.
It says something.
"Trust your instincts."
That was your mom's motto.
She knew how to trust
her instincts.
Weird thing was,
her instincts always said
it was my turn
to do the dishes.
Thanks, Dad.
I love it.
Okay, run along.
And close the gate
so Crescent can't get out.
And call if you'll be late
for dinner.
And, uh, trust your instincts!
Where are you, monsters?
Werewolves? Vampires?
[unseen person] Hank.
Talking statue monster?
Hank, we call to you
beyond the veil.
Answer us, Hank.
A séance, huh?
-Watch it, monster girl.
-Oh, uh, sorry.
-I just-I
-You ruined our séance,
Mm, Hank says
to leave him alone.
Ah, back to work,
looking for a monster.
I couldn't have real friends
because I had to hide things
that were real to me.
Like, my whole life,
there's been this voice.
[voices whispering]
-[disembodied voice]
Clawdeen, the woods.
[necklace chimes]
Okay, that's new.
Is that my instincts?
[voice whispering]
Go into the woods.
The first time
I can understand you,
and you want me to go
into the creepy woods?
-I don't know.
-[teens snickering]
Monster girl's
talking to herself.
Yep, you're right.
Let's get creepy.
[steady pop music]
[voice whispering] This way.
There is
something calling me ♪
Telling me who I should be ♪
I don't know
what it's about ♪
This haunting deep inside ♪
Instincts I cannot hide ♪
Got to let it all out ♪
I'm trusting my voice ♪
And you're gonna hear me ♪
Hear me, hear me ♪
Can you hear ♪
Go, go, go!
Can you hear my howl? ♪
Nothing can stop me now
Hello, haunted.
[clears throat] Sup?
[creature growls softly]
A hidden world?
Look at this.
Huh, so spooky cool.
[creature growls softly]
Huh? Whoa.
You're you're real,
and really a ghost!
A nose boop and not even,
like, a tiny flinch?
I'm going to fail Hauntonomics,
and then my Ghoulma
will take away my iCoffin.
I'm not a flincher, but
Hey, wait!
I have so many questions!
Like, uh,
is this a haunted house?
[growling] Stay away
from Monster High, intruder!
Monster High?
A high school for monsters?
scary, terrifying monsters!
Like a little growl's
going to keep me
from exploring a place
where monsters are real
and everything I believe
can be proven?
Uh, thanks for the haircut.
-I'll be on my way.
How do I get in there?
Rainbow sprinkles?
[mysterious music]
-[birds cawing]
And Headmistress Bloodgood
would like to remind everyone
that she's not your mummy.
So please clean up
your own ectoplasm.
-And now, give the creepateria
staff three howls
for tonight's ice cream.
[all] A-whoo, whoo, whoo!
Ice cream
with rainbow sprinkles
ha ha, nailed it.
Eye scream.
Oh, eyes.
[monster exclaims]
Look at all those monsters.
Over here!
I am so hot!
[Cleo] My eye scream!
Five-second rule.
Thanks, scarabs.
I'm starving.
Gluttony, dude!
It's my honor
as Student Bloody President
to introduce you to our
newest monster, Frankie Stein.
Hi, Frankie.
-I'm Frankie, Frankie Stein.
-[feedback whines]
I'm 15 days old,
and my pronouns are they/them.
I'm so excited to be here,
I wrote a whole speech.
[clears throat]
Monster's Dictionary
defines high school as
Aah! Ugh!
[all gasp]
[gasps] Are you okay?
-Oh, sorry, I justI-
-Just a little shocked.
[all gasp]
-A human!
-It's okay!
Don't run away!
Ew, you got Frankie
all over me, you gross human!
You're scared of her?
Everyone, calm down!
Uh, i-it's cool.
I'm cool.
Hi. I'm Draculaura.
And no way I'd be afraid
of someone who's that good
with a dramatic entrance.
Frankie, Frankie Stein.
Do humans always greet monsters
by crushing them
with their butts?
But now I'm going to fit in
because my instincts led me
to a school for monsters.
So sign me up.
Clawdeen Wolf.
Or Wolf, comma, Clawdeen,
if that's how you roll.
I'm down with whatevs.
I will not "sign you up."
-[clears throat]
My eyes are down here,
Ms. Wolf.
As I was saying, Monster High
does not admit your kind.
Now, back to your human town.
But I can't just leave
and forget about this.
That's exactly
what you'll do.
Whenever an uninvited human
exits Monster High's gates,
they completely forget
we exist.
Oh, that's why there was
a Glaucus statue at the gate.
The Glaucus steals memories.
See, I know a lot
about monsters.
So you do,
but knowing about monsters
does not make one a monster.
Well, but if I went
to school here,
no one would laugh at me
for being into monsters.
You see,
ever since I was little,
I thought monsters
were totally fantastic.
What I'm trying to say is,
I think that, for me,
this place could be
way more than a haunted house.
It could be a haunted home.
Please, Ms. Wolf,
you cannot pun your way
into a deaducation.
[laughs] Deaducation,
that was a good one.
Hey, Headmistress Bloodgood,
um, think I could switch
my dead languages class
for study howl?
Absolutely not.
Make her stone.
Don't you dare give me
that look, Deuce.
I will not be turned
into stone today.
Get your wrath under control.
-The exit's this way, human.
-Well, hear me out.
When I was little, my mom told
me monster bedtime stories.
Ooh, lend me your ear.
Like, about a beast who falls
in love with a beauty,
and in the end, he stays
a beast
because being a beast
was what he was
and how he should be loved.
-It was my absolute
-Aw, that love story
is killer.
Everyone said
my mom's version was wrong,
but I knew she was right.
That same part of me
knows being here is right.
It feels like home, and
[Draculaura] Ow!
Oh, you're smushing me!
-All of you, get to your dorm!
-Yes, headmistress!
I'm truly sorry that you feel
out of place in your world.
Pull yourself together,
Trying to.
But you must see that
Monster High
is a boarding school
for monsters.
You're obviously a human,
and humans
will never belong here.
I hear you,
but pretty please?
[Glawackus] Told you so.
Bye, normal human person.
Happy forgetting we exist!
[creature howling]
I can't forget.
[disembodied voice]
You belong here.
[phone beeping rapidly]
Hey, Dad.
I'm going to be late
for dinner.
[eerie music]
Nothing to see here,
just a normal mummy.
-[indistinct chatter]
Mummy curse!
I want to suck your blood!
Oh, uh, wrong one.
I don't know
who needs to hear this,
but knockoff mummy wraps
look like toilet paper.
It's you.
You need to hear this,
Toilet Paper Girl.
Toilet paper?
Nah, girl, these are
genuine mummy wraps, okay?
No toilet paper
[grunting] Whoa!
[toilet flushing]
Thanks for the TP!
The Deuce guy loves
a good double ply.
Human's got guts.
-No! [grunts]
-[birds cawing]
There's got to be
a costume in here
that'll make me pass
as a monster.
Looks like costumes from
Death of a Salesminotaur,
Midsummer's Nightmare,
Werecat on a Hot Tin Roof.
-Hi, again, ghost.
[Witch hat]
Witches aren't monsters.
Monsters are forbidden
from doing witchcraft.
Persistent, pestilent human.
Just one semester!
[gasps] Mom's necklace.
[sighs] Instincts stink!
[sighs] If I don't belong here,
I'll never belong anywhere.
Maybe this enchantment
can wipe away my weirdness
and make me a normal human
with normal human friends.
Goodbye, Monster High.
Watch your step
before I watch you step on me.
Frankie, right?
Yep, and that's super helpful
of you for a human.
I guess you're not so scary
after all,
human girl
who wants to be a monster.
Name's actually Clawdeen,
and it's not just that
I want to be a monster.
I feel like my instincts
are saying that I am a monster,
but if the headmistress
won't let me go to school here,
-guess my instincts were wrong.
-Or maybe not.
I'm no headmistress,
but I am
the Student Bloody President,
Monster Bee champion,
and daughter of Dracula,
so I know a bit about monsters.
And I've been watching you.
Even if you don't look
like a monster,
your determination
is freaky fierce,
-and that's super monstrous.
That means a lot coming
from a real monster like you.
Draculaura is always right.
She told me that herself.
So, if she's right,
you got to have
some monster hiding in you.
If we can find it,
headmistress has to let you
come to school with us.
Interesting hypothesis.
We must apply
the scientific method.
My parents made me
with some cerebral cortex
from a monster biologist,
Dr. Snarls Darkwin.
No, don't be nice
to the human.
Sorry, Snake Bros.
I know Mom Deuce has said
gorgons are never nice,
but I'm a rebel.
I'm just going to be friendly
and walk up to that human
and say, "Hey,
you ever feel something
that feels like a feeling?"
Uh, Deuce, we're going to
test if Clawdeen's a monster.
-You in?
-Oh, sure.
-To the lab!
-[electricity crackling]
[all gasp]
Oops. Did I do that?
[creature growling]
No brains, please.
Not a zombie, then.
[clears throat] Do you have
any of the following?
Special skills
in human qualities
or birthmarks that look like
famous monsters if you squint?
Hmm, well
Ooh, I'm strong.
And I smell really good.
[sniffs] Mm, I don't think
you smell that good.
A bit sweaty, to be honest.
I mean, I'm good at smelling.
I smell
Creature Noir.
Frankie, that's
my special wing-pit deodorant.
And I've never told
anyone this before,
but I hear a voice.
Me too, like, seven of them.
What's yours hissing about?
-[voice whispering] Trouble.
-[gasps] Trouble!
Bat up and monster out.
-[all gasp]
Be gone, bear!
Bears don't mind garlic, huh?
Oh, I knew I shouldn't have
gone 100% organic
when it came to security.
We got to stop that bear!
[all] Whoa!
Leave it to me.
I won the Scare Fair
three years in a row.
You're terrified of me
and will go away.
Bonus points if you scream!
Ugh, garlic breath!
A vampire's worst nightmare!
Any ideas, mini Deuce dudes?
Strong Deuce
will make him stone.
That's right.
I've got this.
Or we could take s-naps.
Sloth is right.
Got to go.
I could bear-nap!
Oh, no!
[Deuce] Whoops.
Sorry, headmistress.
[students screaming]
Uh, none of my brain bits
know how to stop
human-world bad things.
[necklace chimes]
Trust my instincts.
There is
Something calling me ♪
Telling me who I should be ♪
[voice whispering]
Take the fierce step.
This haunting
Deep inside ♪
Instincts I cannot hide ♪
Got to let it all out ♪
I'm trusting my voice ♪
And you're going
To hear me ♪
Hear me, hear me ♪
Can you hear my howl? ♪
Can you hear my howl? ♪
Got to let it out ♪
Find the strength
To live my life out loud ♪
A-whoo ♪
I knew she was a monster.
I'm a werewolf!
How cool is
Oh, yeah, bear fight.
This is a no-bear zone.
There's no hunting here.
We don't even have
any picnic baskets.
Plot twist! She is a monster!
[growls] I don't know
which is worse
a human or a werewolf!
Hey, Toralei,
you're blocking my view.
It's only fair
that everyone gets to watch
the werewolf-bear fight.
I've seen enough.
I'm rooting for the bear.
[chuckles] That mortal
went full-on monster?
[whispering] Hank
if you're there,
give us a sign.
[all scream]
Stop throwing rocks at me!
Throwing rocks.
You're not a regular bear,
are you?
-You're an Onikuma.
-That book said
you can stop an Onikuma attack
by tickling it.
Unleash the tickle monster!
Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Tickle, tickle, tickle,
tickle, tickle!
[both laughing]
Your monster instincts brought
you here, just like me.
We'll fit in together.
[soft music]
Ms. Wolf,
welcome to Monster High.
I get to stay with you!
-I belong here.
Yes, you too, Onikuma.
Who's got two paws and knew
she was a monster all along?
When do classes start?
Oh, whoa, I have never been
excited about school before.
I owe you an apology.
I didn't look deep enough to
see the monster inside of you.
Your DNA test confirms
you're 50% werewolf.
And 100% claw-some.
Any idea where
your werewolf-ness comes from?
Uh, my dad's human.
Oh, no, my dad-
he's probably freaking out.
I-I have to go.
We have siren-enchanted
letters for this purpose.
-Delivery dragon.
Your father will know
that you're in boarding school,
but the enchantment
will ensure he doesn't worry
or require details.
We know new monsters need time
to tell their loved ones
on their terms.
[sighs] Thanks.
My dad's not the monster type,
and it's been ten years
since I saw my mom.
But I think I'd remember
fur and fangs.
Werewolves change forms, right?
Maybe she was just rocking
her human form around us.
That would explain
the instincts thing
on her necklace.
We'll look into it.
So we cool?
We are the coolest.
[distant scream]
That's the scream.
Now get to class.
[wind gusting]
It's you again.
That means Monster High.
And she found it on her
first night with the moon claw?
My girl is good!
Does she like it?
Yes! I knew she would.
Uh, keep an eye on her for me
while she's there, all right?
Make sure she calls every day
and comes home on weekends.
Tell Bloodgood to keep
her enchantments to herself.
Clawdeen will fill me in
when she's ready.
everything's great, Dad.
My roommates,
Draculaura and Frankie,
are helping me settle in.
I got to go.
Snuggle Crescent for me.
-Miss you, big dog.
-Miss you, too, sweetie pups.
-I'll see you soon.
-High paw, Kuma!
[chuckles] That was great.
You're going to knock 'em dead.
Watch out, Hauntonomics.
Here's Scare Spectra.
Find the strength
To live my life ♪
Hey-hey, roomies!
A-whoo ♪
I found the pack
where I fit in.
Let's get spooky,
Monster High.
[thunder booms]
[ending theme playing]
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