Monster High (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Food Fight/Unfinished Brain-ness

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[eerie music]
[Draculaura] It started out as
a perfect day at Monster High.
-First, I slayed
my persuasive
monster-logue speech.
In conclusion,
humans practicing witchcraft
are dangerous.
And if a monster
does witchcraft,
that's even worse!
It's an insult
to monster society.
Witchcraft is beneath us.
-[cheers and applause]
-Thank you.
[girl] You go, Draculaura!
Oh, absolutely dreadful,
But I'd expect no less from the
vampire daughter of the PFFT!
It stands for Premiere First
and Foremost Top-Monster.
My dad's kinda a big deal.
[teacher] Your semester-long
creative project
is to record a monster minute
every day on this iBall.
This will allow you to practice
your communication skills.
You can pour your hearts out!
Heart poured out.
Assignment done.
After class, I went with
my roomies to the Creepeteria.
Menu said sloppy Joes made
from real Joes, extra toes!
Need to cram
before Dad gets here
for daddy-daughter movie night.
After that,
just did some studying
exactly like
I said I was doing.
Tater tykes are to die for.
-[tater tyke crunches]
[phone buzzing]
[soft upbeat music]
[dramatic music]
Okay, transformations.
Turn a pencil into a pen.
For best results,
say spell confidently.
Shifting shadows
[Toralei] Ugh, I can't believe
the headmistress
let in that half-human!
But she's so nice!
What's next, witches?
There'll be
a star-crossed romance
between a monster and a witch.
The monster will eat the witch
and use their bones
as decoration!
Witches don't belong here,
-Not even if we up-cycle them!
Shifting shadows,
heart of storm,
obey my spell,
now transform?
[ethereal warbling]
-[dramatic musical spikes]
-No, no, no, no!
Ah! Hey, biting is my thing!
-Whoa! [groans]
Gotta reverse the spell!
Shadows, storm, transform!
Mm, chocolate milk-snake.
Mm, I'm gonna be picking
Joe toenails out of my teeth
-for weeks!
-[both gasp]
We have to catch that tater tyke
before my dad gets here!
She said we have
to catch that tater tyke
before my dad gets here!
[snarling and panting]
[energetic music]
Whoa, this school
has secret passageways?
Yep! Got lost last week
on my way to the Creepeteria
and found all sorts
of secret stuff.
[all yelp]
Found a cupboard
to the catacombs,
a junk drawer with a portal
into a ketchup packet factory,
and in our room,
there's a compartment
with a bunch of witch stuff.
Witch stuff?
No way. What? In our room?
Never in a monster million!
No one would break the rule,
"Witchcraft is forbidden
for monsters
and punishable by expulsion."
Got some frontal lobe from the
poltergeist who wrote the code.
Unless my human knowledge
is even less spook-tacular
than I thought,
there aren't
tater tyke monsters,
but that tater tyke
must've been brought to life
by witchcraft.
Who was in our room,
had tater tykes
It was me!
I was, um,
doing research
for my anti-witchcraft speech,
and the librarian
had a banned spell book
and, um,
I was holding it for her.
Uh, undo-io, control-io,
zee-io, transform-io?
Ah, my memoirs are complete.
[tyke snarls and chuckles]
-[all yelp]
-My memoirs!
-Over there!
When I get to the bottom
of this, heads will roll,
and not just mine!
Ugh, no sign
of that tyke anywhere!
When the headmistress
finds out I did witchcraft,
-she'll tell my dad and
Speak of the devil!
No, the Devil's Heath's dad.
Has a goatee, invented pimples
and 24-hour news channels.
That's Dracula.
-Hey, Dad!
Dad, you're on mute.
-[ethereal chime]
So I wrapped
the PFFT judgments early.
Had to banish a vampire
for a wardrobe violation.
Harsh, but we all know
baseball caps are beneath us.
I'll be there soon!
Bat out!
-[electricity sizzling]
-[shudders] Idea!
What you need to catch
that tater tyke is
[upbeat music]
Whoa, a secret closet
full of bionic prosthetics?
Need a hand catching
a delicious potato product?
I got an arm for that.
-Frankie will catch it and
-I'll reverse the spell.
-[dramatic music]
-[karate grunts]
My werewolf snout
smells starchy,
salty, potato-y!
Right here!
-Take that, tater!
Shifting shadows,
heart of storm,
obey my spell, now transform!
Great and powerful spirits
of Monster High
want me to scarf more veg.
Thanks, Monster High!
[tyke shrieking]
[moaning and snarling]
[deep growling]
[all snarling]
-Oh, stakes!
-The food's alive?
Was that supposed to happen?
Dracula arriving
in three minutes.
[all snarling]
-[choir sings]
-[both] Whoa!
[all snarling]
[all snarl]
Can we call someone for help?
Bet the
lunch lady'd understand
that your speech research
went wonky!
But I'd still get kicked out
of school.
And my dad would see right
through the lieoops!
You didn't have that
spell book just for your
anti-witchcraft speech,
did you?
No, I was doing witchcraft
because I
I like doing witchcraft.
It makes me feel like me.
But you had that whole
anti-witchcraft speech.
I guess I was trying
to convince myself.
Everyone wants me
to be a rule-stickler vampire
like my dad.
I just want to be a witch,
but that's not the vampire way.
Well, according
to my werewolf eyes,
you're a vampire
and you're a witch!
I am? I'm a witch.
I'm a witch!
This witch will cast a spell,
living foods go to sleep!
[all snoring]
Snack time!
[hums to self]
[all snoring]
Who is behind this?
Me! Uh, it was me.
If I may
address the headmistress.
The rule is witchcraft
is forbidden for monsters,
but Clawdeen's half human
her human side did it.
-Lawyer brain?
A technicality.
Dracula's here.
Oh, Dracula's here!
Come along, Draculaura.
Can't have our PFF
seeing his daughter
with these troublemakers.
And here you go, kid.
Bat out!
Dracula, always an honor
to have a
monster of your caliber
in our halls!
Evening, Headmistress.
And there's my perfectly
putrid princess!
[laughs] Daddy!
Tonight's movie
is a real treat.
"Vampire 2: Second Blood."
As a vampire, it is my duty
to keep the world in check.
I must uphold
the ways of old
-Ensuring the integrity
Dad, I I want
to tell you something.
[both] Vampires never tolerate
disrespect for tradition.
Banished! Bat out!
So what were you saying again,
little apple of my fang?
I really like daddy-daughter
nights with you.
[spooky synthesized music]
Uh, why'd you knock?
-Can you invite me in?
But it's your dorm, too.
Not anymore.
I'm really grateful
for what you did tonight,
but I can't keep
putting you at risk.
I decided
to move out of our dorm.
But if you did that, how will
you use this witch's lair?
I may not know everything
about being a monster just yet,
but my werewolf instincts
say we're a pack,
and that means
we're here for you
however, whatever
you choose to be.
-Thank you!
-Let's get huggy!
[Draculaura] In the end,
it was a perfect day.
Maybe my dad wouldn't think so,
or the headmistress,
but I feel good.
And that's my monster minute.
Draculaura has a secret!
-What the tater?
-[cackling and snarling]
[upbeat music]
Hello, iBall!
Oh, my brain's bursting
to tell you about today.
It started with
our art class assignment
which seemed easy-queasy.
Mrs. O'Shriek
wanted us to make
[impression] "An artistic
representation of who you are!"
I was doing a brain chart.
It shows
the itty-bitty brain bits
that went into my skull-hole.
Draculaura painted a painting
with paint.
[laughs] And they said a
vampire selfie couldn't be done!
Clawdeen was making a poem
out of the letters
of her name.
All right.
C is for creative.
No, that's too on-the-nose.
Confident, maybe?
Ugh, C is for confused!
I wish I were
a Frankenstein monster.
You're lucky to know what
uh, sorry.
I mean who you're made of.
Mom and Dad kept
all the records.
I just put 'em on a poster.
Voilà! C'est moi!
Language skills from your
French gargoyle brain piece?
Vintage brains are so chic.
Having second-hand brains
I got a lot of know-how
for being new.
I can do a fancy dance.
And that bit's
from a monster model,
so I can skize!
That's "scary eyes" for short.
Hey, got any poet in there
that can help me
with my project?
Let me look.
How about Dr. Blunder?
They were a monster inventor
from the ancient 1970s
who was cursed!
[word echoing]
Cursed? Cursed? Cursed?
[electricity sizzling]
Nothing groovier
than roller skating
while bringing to life
the franken-beast
that's gonna protect
Monster High!
All I gotta do now
is add the essence of life.
"Warning: use only according to
the directions or be cursed."
add two drops
Ah, that was way more
than two drops.
[ominous music]
[guttural rasping]
-Guess that means I'm cursed!
Whoa, I had a memory!
And I was Dr. Blunder!
The curse came from this,
essence of life.
Guess my parents kept it
with the doc's file.
But Frankie,
if you can dance
like your ballerina
brain part, then
For sure cursed like
Dr. Blunder.
Wonder what kind it is.
Maybe it's a curse
to always wake up
right before my alarm goes off.
Um, curses are
above my witch grade,
but what I know is they cause
permanent doom and gloom
for the curse-ee.
Not permanent!
Says here,
"To reverse the curse,
"tap the bottle three times
to anything
brought to life
with the essence."
Saw it get dumped all over
some sort of terrifying
- [scream over PA]
-Oh, wells!
Let's get to class.
Maybe we'll have a pop quiz
and my curse
is to ace pop quizzes!
Better keep this safe.
And the catacombs
are closed for renovations.
to keep out of the catacombs
is punishable by death.
-[all gasp]
-Pardon, misread.
Punishable by detention!
Are you sure the curse
isn't to be really good
at helping your friends
with their assignments?
Clawdeen, garbage goblin
on your left.
[yelping and shouting]
I meant right, not left.
Grab onto her fashionable
and comfortable shoes!
-[all straining]
That garbage goblin almost
were-wolfed me down.
See what I did there?
[words echoing]
My mistakemy mistake
[electricity sizzling]
-[words echoing]
-I am cursed to make mistakes!
[deep growl]
[electricity thrumming]
[dramatic music]
I am cursed to make mistakes?
Now that's a curse!
Maybe the curse
was only to make one mistake,
and you already got that
out of the way!
So just be careful
and you'll be fine.
[quirky suspenseful music]
-And the antidote is?
-I know! Oh!
-[all gasp]
Draculaura, to detention.
It wasn't her.
It was me.
Uh! Can't get your friend out of
detention this time, Frankie.
Bite My Artery Red
is not your color.
[electricity sizzling]
Mystery meat?
I know that'd be a mistake.
[all yelping and groaning]
[quirky energetic music]
[yelping and groaning continues]
Oh, sorry. Sorry!
[downbeat music]
Should probably sit over there
where I can't get you
with my curse.
Don't go too far, Frankie.
We'll miss you!
[dramatic music]
Now that's a dumpster fire.
I'm all mistake-d up.
Aw, it's okay, Frankie.
[shoes squeaking on floor]
It's not your fault.
It's your cursed brain piece.
We support you.
But we need
to support you from afar.
[shoes squeaking on floor]
Like, across the school.
Wait, there has
to be something I can do
to get this curse out.
- [electricity sizzles]
The ultra getter-outer 3000!
[electricity sizzling]
I must get the curse out.
Until I can fix this mistake,
I must keep the beast
in stasis,
-locked away in the catacombs.
-[deep growl]
[electricity sizzling]
The beast
is in the catacombs!
If we find it,
we can reverse the curse!
Then we can all hang out
together again.
Let's go!
Aren't the catacombs closed?
And shouldn't we prepare
before seeking out
a terrifying beast?
Like, hire fierce Wulver
warriors to go find it for us
while we get mani-claws?
-[quirky dramatic music]
Never mind.
This is urgent!
Let's go!
Right now!
[suspenseful music]
Whoa. Why haven't you
shown me this place before?
It's so creeper-ific!
[all shudder]
Catacomb renovations
sure are shaky!
Uh, I think
I heard my dad calling.
I should go!
-A disappearing door?
Uh, or or not.
Not cool.
'Course it was a mistake
to come down here!
Aw, cursing cursed curse!
[switch clicks loudly]
[stones scraping]
[all gasp]
[all screaming]
[all grunt]
Why do I gotta have
a brain bit that's cursed
to make mistakes forever
and ever and ever?
"The essence of life.
To reverse the curse,
tap the bottle three times
to anything brought to life
with the essence."
Yeah, we know.
But I didn't read
the whole thing before.
Instructions, warningsaha!
"Contents and all
associated curses
expire December 31st, 1983."
Your brain hasn't been cursed
in a long time!
I'm not cursed?
Well, then why did I make
a bunch of mistakes?
Maybe because
everyone makes mistakes.
Remember that time I called
Headmistress Bloodgood "Mommy"?
And it was my mistake to not
finish reading the label.
Oops, sorry.
It's okay, Clawdeen.
Hey, it's okay, me.
Guess I got all in my brains
about the curse
and it kept tripping me up.
Yeah, like, maybe
we kinda leapt to conclusions
about the curse,
and that mistake is on us.
We're sorry.
So if I'm not cursed
to make mistakes,
then something in my brains
can get us out of here.
[electricity sizzles]
Just need
to amp up the voltage.
[deep growling]
Is that a terrifying beast?
Relax, that was
just catacombs renovations.
Hey, maybe
if we follow the noise,
we can find our way out.
[suspenseful music]
[deep growling]
[both scream]
[deep growling]
[all scream]
[deep growling]
[all] Huh?
Is that the beast?
[word echoing]
Beast? Beast? Beast?
Oh, I shouldn't have tried
to bring this beast to life.
You were supposed
to be terrifying!
[squeaky yawn]
What a horrendous mistake!
No, stop it!
Stop being so cute!
I was trying
to make a fierce guardian
to protect Monster High!
Until I can fix this mistake,
I must keep the beast in stasis
locked away in the catacombs.
[word echoing]
Catacombs catacombs
[electricity sizzling]
Oh, that must be like
a really deep sleep!
-Wake up.
Well, he's a franken-beast,
so getting him out of stasis
takes a little
[energetic electronic music]
[electricity sizzling]
[electricity crackling]
[suspenseful electronic music]
[electronic thrumming]
[barking cheerfully]
Maybe one doctor monster's
could be another
perfect franken-pet?
Yeah, and I don't think
he's a mistake at all.
What do you say?
What am I gonna call you?
-[gasps] Watzie!
-[barks cheerfully]
Found the beast.
All we need now
is to find a way out.
-[switch clicks]
-[all gasp]
Way to go, Watzie!
[stones scraping]
-[stone thuds]
So I finished my brain chart
and my presentation
went super!
And bonus,
everyone loved Watzie.
But I've still got a lot
to learn about me.
I'm not just like
the pieces of my brain were.
I get to make my own decisions
and my own mistakes.
So thank you for coming
to my monster minute for today.
Journaling like this
is a real zap!
I still don't get
why Dr. Blunder
wanted to make
a terrifying beast.
It's not like anything
could threaten Monster High.
Huh, Watzie?
-Hey, what do you got there?
Are you chewing
on one of my hands?
[giggles] Wait,
that's not one of my hands.
Whose hand is that?
Watzie! Come back!
[ending theme playing]
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