Monster High (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Case of the Moondays/Portrait of a Monster

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way, we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster, Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[eerie music]
Hey, hey, iBall.
I can't believe it's only been
two weeks since my instincts
led me to Monster High.
I already feel at home
everywhere from the classrooms
to the casketball court.
All right.
Over here. This way.
Oh, zaps, Clawdeen.
Were you this good at sports
at human school?
Oh, no way.
I was so all over the place,
I never even got picked
for a team.
[lasers buzzing]
Don't sleep
on this sauce, CD.
[grunts] Bat block!
Oh! Runaway basketball.
I got it.
your human is showing.
Oh, no.
Did my human ears come back?
Is it my claws?
[gasps] Oh, I knew my pits
weren't furry enough.
I think Draculaura means
you said "basketball".
It's casketball.
[gasps] Oh, no!
The ball!
[all gasp]
[all gasp]
You almost went past
the shadow of secrecy.
Going out there could expose
monsters to dangerous humans.
Oh. My bad.
The secret's safe with me.
But you better watch out
for my secret sauce,
werewolf style.
OK, that was super saucy.
-[wolves howling]
-[necklace] Cleo needs you.
Can werewolves run
at light speed?
Instincts with the save.
You OK, Cleo?
As head of the dance committee
and number one human fan,
I was hanging the sign
for the human-themed dance
and must have gotten too far
for my inner ear.
Say what now?
My inner ear,
as in the organ that
helps you keep your balance.
I know what
an inner ear is,
but isn't it in your ear?
Allow me to enlighten you.
Most mummies preserve some
of their organs in jars,
but I am not most mummies,
so I jarred all of mine.
I was so far from my inner
ear up there,
the only kingdom I was ruling
was dizzy city.
I used to rule dizzy city
on the Gravi-spin.
Oh, that's
a human carnival ride.
Sounds thrilling.
But thank Ra you weren't
in human form now.
Had it been a full moon
and you weren't
all werewolf-y,
I would have been
the ruler of splat city.
Now, do tell me more
about this "grando-spin."
Whoa back right up.
Why wouldn't I be all
werewolf-y during a full moon?
Uh, because werewolves
take their human form
during the full moon.
But with you being
a half-werewolf,
half-human, who knows?
Maybe going werewolf is just,
like, a one-time thing.
You might turn human,
and then never turn back.
Go, Clawdeen!
[eerie howling]
[ominous music]
Ugh, she's furless!
Yuck! Unsharp teeth.
And her armpits
are so smooth.
Humans can't play with us.
[all] [chanting] Human! Human!
You're a human!
Did you just say no to me?
No. Yes. I mean,
yes, I said no,
but not to you.
Actually, I need you.
Oh. Well, who doesn't?
How can I control
my transformation
so I can always be a werewolf?
As future queen,
once Nefera is out of the way,
I delegate that question
to the werewolf pack.
[deep inhale] There's
a werewolf pack here?
You probably
haven't met them yet.
Occasionally, a couple of them
roll into the Coffin Bean.
Not even the mighty Romulus
can resist Zapaccinos.
[electricity buzzing]
You didn't finish telling me
about that human "gumby-spin."
First, it's the Gravi-spin,
and it's so cool.
Last year, things at school
weren't that great,
so my dad took me
to the carnival,
and we rode the Gravi-spin
about a million times.
-[gasps] The pack.
Hey, I'm floating here.
Oh, that was fang-tastic.
Wait, do werewolves
say "fang-tastic"?
Well, I mean, I'm a werewolf,
and I just said it,
so we must, right?
I'm Clawdeen. I'm new.
You must be Romulus?
Whoa, he is Romulus.
[gasps] You got ESP?
Ah, yes, the human.
We heard you were
roaming these parts.
Uh, half-human,
No ESP, but I knew
you'd show up here.
[eyelids plonk]
So I need your help.
Your were-help, that is.
So do I have to transform
during the full moon?
Keep your howl down.
We can't have outsiders
overhearing our were-wisdom.
No outsiders. Makes sense.
Come to our pack meeting
tonight by the pet cemetery,
but come alone.
Wolf pack out!
Wait, you mean
the pet cemetery
beyond the shadow of secrecy?
[bell tolling]
[dramatic tone]
[ominous music]
[necklace] Don't.
But this is my chance.
[owl hooting]
-Hooty hoo!
-[frog croaks]
-[twigs break]
-[gasps] There they
-[beetles screech]
-Ugh, pardon you.
-[gasps] Cleo?
-Please go.
I'm meeting the pack, and
they're not going to come out
-if you're clinging to my fur.
-I do not cling.
Besides, the werepack
isn't brave enough to meet
outside the shadow of secrecy.
How do you know that?
They don't tell that
stuff to outsiders.
Sure, that's the pack policy.
But Barkimedes, sweet,
simple pup that he is,
never figured out how
to go private on EekTok.
Rolling to the
secret pack meeting
in the garbage goblin's closet
by the clawditorium.
They tricked me.
What's the point of
looking like a werewolf
if they treat me like a human?
No matter what form
you're in,
human or werewolf,
you're always you.
It's you who's
a Monster High superstar.
[mischievous chuckling]
[whispering] Danger.
Humans are coming.
We got to hide.
What? Where?
How do I look?
No, we can't let them see us.
Monster Mashees,
I promised when we hit 100k,
we'd do a real monster hunt.
So we're coming at you
live from the woods.
Even Bigfoot would be
too scared to roam.
Let's get spooked.
Oh, now they like monsters?
Ugh, humans are the worst.
Humans are awesome.
Like that story about your dad.
Hello, super empathy powers,
He's the only human who's
always made me feel accepted.
I miss him.
But every other human
made my life miserable.
And even though
I look like them,
they made me feel
like I didn't belong.
I'm bored. Are they gone yet?
Ahh! Huh?
Is this an inner ear?
Huh, Buddy knows his anatomy.
Wobbly it's not my aesthetic.
We have to get it back.
Oh, I'm sorry, Cleo.
If I go out looking
like this,
everyone will know
werewolves exist.
[dramatic music]
Uh, was that an owl?
Let's investigate.
This feels ominous.
Oh, my ghoul, what do I do?
Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
I did not miss
chickie nuggies night for this.
[necklace] Go human.
But how?
Hey. It's that weird girl.
That's me.
And that jar isn't yours.
Finders keepers, creeper.
-[dramatic music]
-Don't let her get it, Buddy.
Oh, do you want
to meet a monster?
There's a mummy right there.
And mummies love to eat
sweaty teenagers
dipped in ketchup.
Mom, grease that baking pan
and preheat the oven to 450.
I'm coming home
for nuggie night.
Wait for us!
Phew, we're safe.
OK, I know I'm me
no matter what,
but I'd really like to look
like a werewolf again.
Oh! [laughs]
I'm back, and furry as ever.
I have never seen
anything so monstrous.
I think you mean so human.
Not to burst your
"down on my bad self" bubble,
but in Monster Grave School,
we learn
that only the most
powerful werewolves
can transform
whenever they want,
without a full moon,
mega werewolf girl.
My werewolf side might
be really clawsome,
but I'm still half-human, too.
[both laugh]
Do it again. Do it again.
She didn't even get in
trouble like Romulus said,
and she can transform whenever.
Can you do that?
Bet your barks I can.
[grunting with effort]
Stop recording!
Don't worry,
it's set to private.
Bet your barks I can.
[grunting with effort]
[eerie music]
[Clawdeen] So where do you start
your daily journal
when you're
journaling about one
of the biggest days
of your life?
Suppose at the Coffin Bean.
There was electricity
in the air.
That and a delivery dragon.
[trash can growls]
The schedule
for picture day.
Clawdeen's at midnight.
I'm at 12:15.
Frankie, you're last,
so you have
the most time to prepare.
Pickle Day?
Don't need time
to prepare for that.
I'm always ready for a pickle.
Picture day, Frankie.
The school just snaps your
photo for the yearbook.
-It's no biggie.
We don't have paltry yearbooks
at Monster High.
We have Fearbooks.
This is last year's.
They use a monster camera
with special powers.
It can create photographs
that show the essence
or true inner self
of their subjects.
A camera that can
steal your soul!
Oh, please, Clawdeen,
don't be ridiculous.
That'd only happen if it was
somehow hit with a life spark.
[gasps] Huh?
Is Cleo's essence sneezing?
Eh, there's only so much
the camera can do.
You have to choose
how to show off
what you got and time it right.
Tragic when the camera
captures an awkward moment,
immortalizing it in the
Fearbook and our IDs forever.
[electricity crackles]
[bell dings]
Give me your finest
iced sar-coffee-gus,
winged servant.
[gasps] Thing of evil!
Don't you know who I am?
That'll be $4.99.
But you two have
nothing to worry about
-for your first Fearbook pic.
-How's this?
My glasses can show
off my human side.
Ooh, adore a good accessory.
How about you, Frankie?
Any ideas?
Hmm, there's a lot
of parts that make me me.
What if I got more
than one essence?
Well, you have to pick one.
How am I supposed to know which
side of me to put
in a photo forever?
-[electricity crackles]
I'm feeling all feelings-y,
like there are little
electric bolts in my stomach.
Every time I think
about picking what to do
for the Fearbook,
the bolts build up, and I
-[electricity zapping]
I think you might be nervous.
At least you get
cool zappy powers.
I usually just sweat a lot.
I know how
to cure those zaps.
iBall, activate
avatar build mode.
Finding Frankie's perfect look
will put them at ease.
How about this?
Oh, I like the ruffles.
Oh, and the suit.
And those voltageous
biker shorts.
Better one, better two.
One, two, three.
One, two
[electricity zapping]
Uh, I'm sorry.
It's just I can see myself
wearing all of these looks.
How can I pick?
Frankie, you are speaking
my language right now.
Don't we usually
speak the same language?
I mean, I get it.
Once, I held up the
lunch line for 20 minutes
while I decided
between wheat or rye.
I'm more of a
pumpernickel fan, myself.
What I'm trying to say is,
choices can be easier
after a moment of reflection.
But what if my reflection's
all sorts of things,
more things thanoh!
That's when I decided being me
was too complicated.
Maybe I could be someone else.
I know what I must do.
That's great! What
oh, OK.
[power chord plays]
And that's how I'll
pose with Sally
that's my guitar-
for this year's Fearbook pic.
Here, you try.
Oh, thanks, Finnegan.
OK, Sally.
Time to strike a chord.
Er, uh, pose.
-[discordant guitar chord]
-[electricity buzzing]
-[discordant guitar chord]
-[electricity buzzing]
Whoa! Oh, zaps.
Of course you would
want to be like me.
Who wouldn't?
First, move with the grace
of a pharaoh.
Welcome, Cleo!
Next picture, please.
Yes, my turn.
And this time, I am taking
the perfect picture.
Remember, Frankie, chin down,
eyes up, cheek turned,
hands relaxed, pinky popped,
elbow inverted,
ankles back, big toes crossed,
and then smize.
Smize as if your life
depends on it.
Elbow inverted, ankles back,
big toes crossed?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[camera clicks]
Picture taken.
Next picture, please.
Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry, Cleo!
Next picture, please.
Well, since you're here,
we can fit you in now,
Frankie Stein.
Oh. Um, OK.
Sure. Right.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hang on.
[electricity buzzing]
Mx. Stein,
time to pick how you want
to look for the photo.
[electricity zapping]
Sorry, I'll be back. Bye.
Oh. [laughs]
Where are my glasses?
[dramatic music]
Oh. Oh!
Next picture, please.
[camera zaps]
I've always wondered
what the pocket dimension
of a monster camera is like.
Well, this isn't so bad.
I'll just wait for someone to
[Cleo] Do you know what?
This pharaoh will not
suffer another year
with a bad picture!
[camera zaps]
Ah, I see how this
could become a problem.
[Deuce] Hey, handsome.
Looking good.
[camera shutter clicking
Your Fearbook photo
will be fantastic.
Oh, I stoned my iCoffin
Yes, technology
succumbs to our powers.
Hi, Deuce.
Hey, Frankie. You OK?
It's picture day,
and I'm so nervous,
I'm all zappy.
Does that ever
happen to you?
Oh, wait.
You never get nervous.
-You're too cool.
-Oh, Frankie.
The Deuce dude gets
all sorts of nervous.
But being cool has
nothing to do with nerves.
You just got to know
who you are and own it.
But I've been trying
to own "it" all day,
but I still don't know
what "it" even is.
Maybe you just need
a confidence booster.
Super cool.
-[camera zapping]
Next picture, please.
Every week, it feels like
we're running for our lives.
I love this school!
The coolness
is strong with you.
Frankie, Deuce,
we need to get out of here.
The monster camera
is on a rampa
[both gasp]
Next picture, please.
My zaps.
-The life spark.
-Come on!
Ugh. The reception here
is going to be
the undeath of me.
Why couldn't I have just
picked a look for my photo
and not made things
so complicated?
'Cause you're
a complicated monster,
-and that's awesome.
There's no liar snake
on my head, Frankie.
I speak the truth.
[monster camera whirring]
Uh-oh. Run!
You go.
The Deuce bro's got this.
Hey, camera!
[dramatic music]
[clock ticking]
[clock chiming]
[lasers zapping]
Last picture of the day,
Frankie Stein.
Oh. Come on, brain.
We're on our own.
Does any part of me know
about monster cameras?
Think. [gasps]
It's a camera that
absorbs monsters,
but it's also a monster, right?
Right. Right!
Last picture of the day.
Problem is, I'd need 100 mes
to take on that thing.
Wait a minute!
[camera zaps]
Ooh, so close.
[camera growls, zaps]
No, wait.
I'm over here.
Come on.
You almost
got me.
[camera zaps]
[dramatic tone]
Last picture.
Frankie, that was amazing!
You did it!
[all] Whoa!
That was the coolest!
So when the camera
took its own photo,
it got pulled into
its own pocket dimension,
which destroyed it.
Classic feedback loop.
Anyway, Mrs. O'Shriek
pulled out a spare camera,
and I took my photo
as just plain old me.
It's here.
Look, it's me.
It's all of me.
No matter how my
allergies plot against me,
I am not leaving until
we get this right.
OK, ready.
-[camera clicks]
[ending theme playing]
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