Monster High (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Witch Hitch/Part of the Pack

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
[whispering] We're Monster High.
[upbeat music]
Monster High,
we can't be beat.
Cheer along, get on your feet!
Or claws, tentacles, whatever!
[crowd gasping]
-[cheers and applause]
-Draculaura, wipe that grin,
because Toralei is here to win!
All that tumbling is making me
want to take a long siesta.
[all yawning]
Sloth, bro,
keep your yawns to yourself.
Gotta stay awake
so we can properly judge
the artistic merits of both
Head Fearleader candidates.
Just kidding.
Count us in for seven deadly
and one Deuce-ly votes
for Draculaura.
-Can we join the squad, too?
-New students must wait
for fresh monster try-outs
next month.
Luckily for those two,
I am not pursuing
Head Fearleader this year.
I've got bigger fish to fry.
Did someone say "fish fry"?
Fierce entrance!
Who are you voting for,
Um, Toralei.
Toralei is great,
and I'll destroy
anyone who stands against her.
Vote for Toralei!
each student will vote
for either Draculaura
or Toralei as Head Fearleader.
-Yeah! Draculaura!
-Yeah! Toralei!
But for now,
off to your studies.
No dawdling.
Good luck tomorrow, Toralei.
You may have everyone else
wrapped around your wing,
but not me.
I know your secret.
-You're a witch.
-What? I am not
I heard you doing
your Monster Minute.
-You really think it's okay
for a witch to be
Head Fearleader?
Witchcraft is forbidden.
If this comes out,
it'll be bad for you.
You'll be expelled.
But drop out of the race,
and this cat will hold
her tongue.
If not, secret's meow-out.
Wait, nobody will believe you.
It's your word against mine.
My word and Lagoona's.
-Aah! How can I help?
Ugh, Lagoona, I'm soaked!
Sorry, sorry.
The plumbing shortcut has
a splash zone.
[scoffs] Whatever.
You saw Draculaura doing
witchcraft, right?
No, I didn't see it.
Aw, looks like
it's two against one.
[gasps, roars]
Thanks, Watzie.
You're right.
Toralei is a big bonehead.
An evil, diabolical bonehead
who's forcing me to drop out.
She has no right.
That's your truth to tell.
It's like sharing eye-scream.
-Well, it's only nice
if it's your eye-scream.
Learned that last week
when I shared Heath's
Six showers to get
all the strawberry sauce
out of my hair. Ugh.
So that's why you shouldn't
share someone else's eye-scream
or their secrets.
If Toralei tells,
I'm going to get expelled.
Then I won't graduate
at the top of the class.
I won't graduate at all.
If only I could make
Toralei forget
hearing me talking
about being a witch.
-[electricity sizzles]
-Ooh! You're a witch!
Yes, Frankie, we knowoh!
Hey, you are a witch.
A spell will fix this.
I'm a witch.
You geniuses, you.
To the lair!
How about a spell to make
Toralei sleep for 100 years?
Uh, too drastic.
What about one that makes
her pinkie toes really ticklish?
Not drastic enough.
What about one
to incite an epic war
between good and evil,
light and dark,
yin and yang,
plunging the world
into chaos and ruin?
[both] No.
-Hmm. [gasps]
The "Don't Spill the Beans"
This keeps the subject
from uttering a secret
by replacing the subject's words
with chicken squawks.
-"Warning, cast this only once
"or risk doing damage
to the subject.
You could have the subject
squawking for life or worse."
That'll stop Toralei.
But how will I find
all the ingredients?
At your service,
your Witchiness.
Add the stinkiest smell
of the year
Oof, killer pump.
I was sweatin' so much
I may have to burn
my gym clothes.
I just need to borrow this.
Okay, but, uh,
be sure to credit Heath Burns
with that stench.
And a gargoyle's
right ear.
Hi, I'm Frankie.
You're just gonna feel
a little pinch.
[grunts] Huh?
Ooh, our centennial
corpse flower
only blooms after 100 years
of careful gardening.
Whoa! [grunts]
[gasps, sighs]
A brain bit
of Shakespeare and
-[gasps] Uh
-In the sea ♪
-We live very happily ♪
You and me in the sea ♪
-We live very happily ♪
-[toy squeaks]
Uh, it's not how it looks.
I stole this from a mer-kid.
Little monster
was grinding my gills.
I was about to rip its head off!
No! I can't do it.
But you're
the fiercest monster I know.
You ate all of them.
I can perfectly fillet a fish
using only my teeth,
swim through the pipes
from my room
to the Coffin Bean
in under 30 seconds
-[toy squeaks]
-And render a giant squid
-with just a snap of my fins.
But this is
my most mortifying secret.
I still sleep
with the rubber piranhy
my mom got me
when I was a tadpole.
He was my BFF growing up
in our castillo.
And now you'll probably use that
against me,
just like Toralei.
-That's why I backed her up
when she was threatening you
with that awful lie
about you being a witch.
I'm sorry, but if I don't do
what she says,
she'll tell everyone
about Señor Squeaky,
and my ferocious rep
will be tanked.
I'm so sorry, Lagoona.
We all have different parts
of who we are.
And we don't have to share them
with the world
if we don't want to
or if we're not ready.
Aw, you are so kind.
Well, I know
exactly how you feel.
Toralei isn't lying.
I am a witch.
Ocean deep with gentle tide,
send this water to the sky.
-[water pattering]
Thanks. I love being a witch.
I just want to tell everyone
on my own terms.
And I'm not ready yet.
So I've got a spell
to keep Toralei
from doing that for me.
Aw, lucky ducky!
-Better get my potion on.
-Ooh, can I watch?
[upbeat music]
[door creaks]
Voted for Draculaura!
Everything is going to be
all right.
Or is it all left?
Wait, which gargoyle ear
did I get?
The right or the left?
If you didn't get
the right one,
the potion won't work.
I have to stop Toralei.
Don't do this.
Draculaura has
a big, sweet heart.
And no matter how delicious
that sounds,
you shouldn't rip
her life apart.
Okay, first you get me
a meow-cha latte
with whipped catnip
instead of foamed.
Now this?
I'm fed up with you, Lagoona.
Draculaura hasn't even taken
herself out of the race.
So of course I'll tell the world
about her being a witch.
But first I'm gonna tell them
-about Señor Squeaky.
I'm doomed!
Not if I can help it.
Hot poison ivy tea time!
Slip of tongue,
foot in mouth,
make gone the secret of Lagoona.
Everybody, listen up.
[all gasping]
[snorts, squeals]
I guess the right ear's
the oinking one.
I don't know what's happening.
I just need to get
some words out.
Oh, thank you, thank you!
You are like a princess
who saved
the damsel in distress.
What happened?
I had a change of plans.
Ugh! If I can't tell
Lagoona's secret,
I still have one secret to tell.
There's still a little left.
I don't want to do
the spell again
and risk real damage.
What if she turned
into a chicken?
Or a chicken-pig?
Mm. I have to withdraw.
Fellow monsters,
I hope you enjoyed
my bit of stand-up comedy
[chuckles, meows]
Now for the main event.
Is taking herself
out of the running
for Head Fearleader.
This is an outrage!
-Why, Draculaura?
-Yeah, we love you!
You don't want her
as Head Fearleader.
She's a rule breaker
and a disgrace
to monsters everywhere.
She's a witch!
Yeah, right, Toralei.
You're grasping
at laser pointers.
I'll prove it. She has
a witch lair in her closet.
Follow me!
We gotta see.
-Toralei, don't do this!
Get out of the way, you two.
I'm telling you all,
she's a witch.
Behold, her witch lair!
There's nothing here
but Dust Frights.
It must be one of her tricks.
-Undo it, Draculaura.
Undo it
with one of your spells.
How could I undo it?
Witchcraft is forbidden.
I swear she's a witch.
You have to believe me!
This is a new low, Toralei.
Come on. Let's get our vote on.
-To a fair fight?
-Did you two take it?
-I thought you did.
Hey, are you sure
you didn't accidentally cast
-an invisibility spell?
I slipped in a puddle.
Wait, a puddle?
-[all gasping]
Uh, Lagoona?
I realized Toralei's plan
and swam through the pipes
and got to your lair first.
Twenty-nine seconds flat.
Shaved a second off my time.
I am eternally grateful.
And you're a mortal.
Oh, zap, that's a lot
of grateful.
I'm the one who's grateful.
Thanks for keeping
my secret safe.
The Head Fearleader vote
has been tallied.
And the winner is Draculaura!
-[phone ringing]
-Huh? Ooh,
someone must be calling
to shower me with praise.
Wait, where's my iCoffin?
My iCoffin!
[Lagoona chuckles]
[tense music]
Being roomies with Frankie
and Draculaura
has been so clawsome.
Only one tiny thing.
[slurps, coughs]
[electricity buzzing]
[both grunting]
Ugh, Clawdeen!
Uh, over here.
Your werewolf shedding
is driving me batty!
But how do I stop shedding?
-I don't know.
-Don't look at me.
A hundred brain bits,
but no werewolf.
Well, guess I'm the only one.
[chuckles] The lone wolf.
Yeah. [chuckles]
I'm not sure
why I'm shedding so much.
Another werewolf mystery.
Forget the fur and focus
on finding some Drac facts.
My "History of Dracula"
for the Howl of Fame event
has to be perfect.
I was just gonna show
some family photos.
But since you two offered
to help,
we'll do a whole exhibit
that'll be a real scream.
[gasps] Wow.
Your dad created Vamp-ercise?
And he has his own line
of denim-covered coffins?
-[bones clacking]
-Nice acid wash.
We have 4,000 years
of my dad's memorabilia
to go through
before the rise of the first
waxing crescent moon
of the moon cycle.
The presentation's tomorrow.
You're lucky to have
so much of your dad's stuff.
My mom's Moon Claw necklace
is the only thing I have
of hers.
We're lucky
you're comfortable sharing
-that sort of stuff with us.
And I'm extra lucky
to have you two to help me.
Now, don't forget
to memorize your lines
-before the presentation.
Helping's what friends do.
Least, that's what I read
on the "Top Things
Real Friends Do"
BuzzFear listicle.
One, friends keep
their promises.
Two, friends never pressure
their friends to do
things they don't want to do.
Three, friends tell
their friends
-when they've got
Something in their fangs.
-Four, friends are the
Whoa, oh! Whoa!
Whoa, sorry.
Oh. It's you two.
I can't believe
you'd show your snouts
after that mean prank
you pulled on me.
About that, I'm Howleen,
command of Monster High's
Werewolf council.
Second in command.
Only 'cause I'm younger,
Heard you and my packmates
got off on the wrong paw
while I was at my neighbor's
best friend's son's
Bark Mitzvah.
Boys, that thing we practiced?
[both] Sorry we told you
to meet us in the woods
and then never showed up.
A two-for-one coupon
for acid wash coffins?
-Aw, it's expired.
Thanks, I guess.
Um, see ya.
Hold up. I know not everyone
loves a were-prank,
but I can tell by your style-
those shoes, that hair
That necklace.
A werewolf like you gets it,
Well, I don't know much
about being a werewolf yet.
That's why your girl Howleen
is here
to teach you the werewolf way.
Like how to get your seasonal
shedding under control.
I've heard enough!
Clawdeen is not falling
for another of your tricks.
Yeah. To trick her,
you gotta trick us.
So trick or treat?
If you want to learn
the werewolf way,
meet us at
the Casketball court in ten.
Alone. Pack out.
[both howling]
With a pack,
you always have someone
to howl with.
Hope to see you there.
As if you'd meet them again.
Well, I am a werewolf.
And they're werewolves.
And I do have
a lot of questions.
So maybe.
You're way more forgiving
than me.
I'm holding a grudge from 1847.
But if you need answers,
I say go for it.
-Just keep your guard up.
Top things real friends do
number seven: we support you.
Guard up, claws ready,
heart open, can't lose.
Oh, but don't forget
I still need your help
with the Howl of Fame event!
You can count on me.
-[shoes squeaking]
-Wrong way.
Do you think
Clawdeen will come?
If she doesn't,
Howleen's gonna get demoted
to third-in-command
-for wasting our time.
-She'll come.
She was totally eating up
everything I said to her.
Give me that back, Toralei.
You don't even like Casketball.
But I like taking things
from werewolves.
-You think you're hot stuff,
but your mom won't be
Were-Ruler forever.
She's been ruling
for ten years just fine.
And it's not like Romulus
is strong enough
to claim the crown,
so I'll keep doing what I want.
Oops. [laughs]
-Had a feeling you would
answer our howl.
-First thing's first
-Got an air pump?
No, Barkimedes.
First, to join the pack,
we gotta see how you use
your werewolf strength
and speed.
Uh, okay.
Just don't laugh
if I'm not that good.
Dude, she is that good!
How is she doing this?
Like I've been telling you,
the Moon Claw grants its owner
with incredible strength.
The extra strength you need
to defeat Toralei's mom,
become the new Were-Ruler,
and put werewolves back on top
where we belong.
I can't believe
you didn't even notice it
-when you met Clawdeen.
-Watch who you're howling at.
I'm the leader of this pack.
Once I get my claws
on that talisman,
I'll be strong enough
to claim the crown.
Was that okay?
-Girl, that was killer.
-Second test.
We gotta make sure
you're cool to hang out with.
[ball thumping]
[all howling]
[groans] All my brain pieces
are totally fried.
How are you holding up,
We only have a couple of hours
to finish.
I would never have said
I'd do a whole exhibit
if Clawdeen didn't promise
to help.
Where is she?
-[all howling]
Wow, it's so clawsome
to be with monsters
who understand
what it's like to be me.
Glad to hear it.
'Cause we want to offer you
an official spot in the pack.
Yes! I'm part of the pack.
Hold your headless horses.
To be initiated, you have to go
through a special ritual.
Meet us at the werewolf statue
at moonrise, alone.
Draculaura's presentation!
I forgot! I-I have to go.
I guess you're not serious
about this.
Being part of the pack means
you always put werewolves first.
Others will never
truly understand
the werewolf way.
Trust me, you don't want
to be a lone wolf.
So you gonna join us tonight?
-Yeah, I'll be there.
-[all howling]
[all] One of us!
One of us!
So sorry I missed prepping
for your presentation.
Well, make up for it
by helping us bring
this coffin to the Howl of Fame.
You did memorize your lines,
About that, I can't go.
But you have to. You promised.
I know,
but tonight's initiation
is my only chance to be
in the pack.
Only chance? Harsh policy.
But that's amazing!
I'll cancel the presentation
so we can see
your big initiation.
Uh, don't do that. Really.
Um, because I have to go alone.
Werewolves only.
Oh, okay.
I I can't believe it.
A few weeks ago the pack acted
like she was ooze on a shoe.
And now it's ritual time?
You don't think it has anything
to do with this, do you?
[wolf howls]
I'm here.
So what ritual do we do?
Chanting? Dancing? Improv?
[gasps] Somebody yell out a job.
Oh, the first step
of the ritual
is that you put the Moon Claw
in my paw.
What? Oh, no.
I-I don't really let
anyone hold this.
It was my mom's.
Her mom's? That means
Moon's rising. Time's ticking!
Come on, Clawdeen.
Hand it over
and we'll be
best friends forever.
Give it, give it, give it!
That BuzzFear listicle
was right.
Real friends
never pressure friends
to do things
they don't want to do.
You had to be there.
But now I need to be a friend
to my real friends
and keep my promise
to Draculaura.
I'm sorry. I-I gotta go.
Well, guess your plan
to get the Moon Claw
so we can transfer its awesome
werewolf powers
to Romulus and the ritual
that can only be done
when the first waxing
crescent moon is aligned
with the werewolf statue
is a bust.
What did you just say?
The Moon Claw and its powers
should be mine.
No! You don't understand.
-You fur brain!
You're the second-in-command.
You can't stop me.
I can try. Clawdeen!
Get out of here! Fast!
Barkimedes, go fetch.
[both grunting]
-[both grunting]
We gotta get the talisman
while the moon's in place.
[grunts, groans]
Clawdeen, look out!
[both] The Moon Claw!
I think someone's elbow's
in my spleen.
[all grunting]
Said it before
and I'll say it again.
Trick or treat?
Yeah, what they said. Kind of.
[grunts] Clawdeen!
Go! We'll stop them.
I'm not leaving
my friends again.
We'll do this together.
Romulus, Barkimedes, enough.
The moon has risen.
You can't even use it now.
It's over.
There's always next month.
-[sighs] Thank you.
But how did you know
they were after my Moon Claw?
Frankie found this
while we were going
through my dad's articles.
"Selena Wolf's friends
cheered her on
as the Moon Claw talisman
was transferred to her
in the moonlight ritual.
The Moon Claw enhanced
Selena's talents
and allowed her to become
the newest Were-Ruler
of the alliance
of were-species."
What? My mom was the Were-Ruler.
Looks like it!
I guess even parents
can be surprising.
-The Howl of Fame event!
Well, can't have
the presentation
without the presenter.
Besides, being late
is fashionable.
[chuckles] Just like
that acid-washed casket.
Why are we laughing?
It is fashionable, right?
Howl of Fame presentation
was a monster success.
And she got Frankie and me
flowers for helping out.
"This'll help with
the seasonal shedding. Howleen."
Is that a fur-liminator brush?
So guess we won't need this.
Aah! Should have done
a test ruaah!
[ending theme playing]
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