Monster High (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Werewolf Weekend/That Thing You Deuce

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster, Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[upbeat music]
So casketball tryouts
are coming up,
and Clawdeen wanted to know
everything about the team.
Deuce, are you sure this is
a casketball team photo?
Looks like
a Gorgon family reunion.
Eh, it's like that now.
Used to be
they didn't let gorgons play,
but once we broke
the stone ceiling,
they saw how good we were
at bringing home the gold.
And it's all thanks
to the winningest gorgon ever,
the first to prove
that she wouldn't
turn everybody to stone
if they let her play:
my own Mom-dusa.
And you're continuing
the family tradition
of total domination?
Pshh, you know it!
Gorgons have one mantra.
Winning is what gorgons do.
Lucky me.
Coached by the best.
So what's first? Batblocking?
Layup from six feet under?
Making candy.
Oh, yeah!
Time to make some cand
Making candy?
[Deuce] We're scales deep
in the Monster High
annual casketball team
bake sale fundraiser,
and the player that sells
the most gets a trophy.
-When is the fundraiser?
-In about ten minutes.
Prepare to be amazed
by the newest thing
in gorgon powers!
You're gonna turn it to stone?
Not stone.
Rock candy!
Give it a lick.
[sniffs, licks]
Yum! Awoo!
You're gonna win,
for sure.
Well, winning is
what gorgons do.
Then I'm going
to lord that trophy
over everyone.
As a maybe-future casketball
team member, pending tryouts,
to the casketball fundraiser!
I can always go for a bite.
Let's follow our noses.
I just got mine recalibrated.
-What's up, Frankie?
Try my crème brûlée?
Um, these aren't
cooked, Heath.
I just got
to get myself fired up.
Ah, here we go,
an article
on the bleaching
of the Great Scarier Reef.
Destroying habitats?
That's an outrage!
with the power of my rage.
[all] Mmm!
[game console chirping]
-Hi, Ghoulia!
Get your soft and fleshy
uh, I mean,
whole-brain bread here.
Um, no thank you.
-Look, it's Deuce!
[chuckles] Yep!
Clawdeen has been howling
about your recipe, Deuce.
She's got good taste.
I'm sorry.
No free samples.
The name of the game
is to sell out,
not give away,
Winning is what gorgons do.
Yeah, I remember.
-Zaparoni, that's good!
-Told you.
Thanks, Deuce.
[iCasket ringing]
Hey, Mom-dusa!
Hello, my little argonaut.
How's it going
with the fundraiser?
[chuckles] Homer's gonna have
to come out of retirement
and write a poem about me
because this is epic!
I got a steady stream
of customers already.
Just steady?
Is everything okay?
Do you need my help? I can cash
in my credit card points
and be on an Air Icarus redeye
to you in no time.
Mom, no need.
I got this.
I know you do.
Do you mind listening
to a podcasket
just a sec,
my little gorgonzola?
I'm going to have a hissy fit
with your snakes!
our standing as gorgons
is still tenuous
at Monster High.
So I love you,
clean your scales,
and remember,
a gorgon never loses.
You must ensure he wins.
-[all] Yes, Mom-dusa.
-Break's over.
We need to sell more
of this stuff.
-Remember, what's
the most important thing?
Draculaura, would you
give my candy a shout-out
on your EekTok
in exchange for a pound of it?
-Uh, half a pound?
Greed's a tough negotiator.
If you insist.
Boo to you, Fang Gang!
Did you know
Deuce's candy is to die for?
Come get yours
at Deuce's booth in the lobby.
-[iCaskets chiming]
-Come on.
-It's so good.
-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, yeah!
-I want more.
-Food now!
-I want candy!
-[Watzie barking]
-[knocks at door]
Hey, sold out and got
a whole pile of orders to make.
Tomorrow night,
that trophy is mine.
Do you really think you can get
all these orders
done by tomorrow?
Yeah, this one's
for 700 pounds of candy.
Friends help friends, right?
[bell tolling]
[tense music]
I've never been this exhausted
in my entire afterlife.
Nope, nope, nope.
Stay awake
Oh, wait till Mom-dusa
sees me with that trophy.
She's gonna be so
[yawns] Sleepy.
-[all gasp] Deuce!
Huh, reflecting the beam
off the candy
turns another object
into candy.
Didn't see that coming.
See what I did there?
[all] Aah!
-Huh? Huh?
You should take ten.
Or 20.
Or the rest of the day.
-What makes you say that?
-Call it a hunch.
You need a break.
What he needs are
friends that will support him.
Maybe you're jealous
'cause he's
such a winner
and you're not.
-Hey! Too far, Envy!
-No one talks to my friend
-like that!
-Deuce, is this how you feel?
I mean, no,
but also,
I thought you knew this trophy
is a big deal for me.
So I gotta
Maybe gorgons
don't need breaks, but we do.
Ugh, all of
my bodies are aching.
Let's head back to the dorm.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Try not to stay up too late.
-Six pounds.
Come on, Deuce.
Okay, candy.
Yeah, let's make candy.
Now what we are gonna do?
We need more delicious candies!
-Mom-dusa's counting on us!
-Well, I've got an idea.
The best idea
anybody's ever had.
[hisses] Forget the glasses.
It'll be easier
to keep his eyes open.
-Excuse me.
We are here for our candy.
I'm up.
Let's win.
Candies coming right up.
More candy.
Gorgons win.
[both gasp]
-Oh, my!
I want seconds on Heath's
[all gasp]
-Did he turn them to stone?
[licks] Candy.
How can something so bad
taste so good?
Deuce doesn't have
his sunglasses.
do you have an extra pair?
What self-respecting vampire
would leave home without them?
And I've been working
on some levitation magic.
Uh, you go ahead.
We'll just stay back here
where we won't be turned
into sweet treats.
Deuce, you have
to snap out of it.
Huh? Clawdeen?
Um, why is everyone candy?
In your sugar crash,
you caramelized our classmates
and your casketball teammates.
Don't listen to her!
Venomous lies!
If the competition is frozen,
they can't beat us.
Snakes, I'm always down to
listen to what you're hissing,
but I've had just about
enough of you for today.
You can't talk to my friends
like that.
And those stiffs
are my teammates.
They are more important
than any trophy.
So I'm sorry,
but lights out, snakes.
All: No!
-So what now?
-Ooh, the gorgon scientist bit
in my brain
got me thinking that
whenever Deuce's gorgon beam is
refracted through a substance,
it makes whatever it hits
take on the substance's
So if blasting them
through the rock candy
made them high fructose, all we
got to do is blast them again
-with somethingfleshy?
Ghoulia's whole-brain bread!
But we can't
just take her bread.
We have to buy it, and
it's surprisingly expensive.
-Deuce can pay for it.
-Oh, hard pass
with a no
from the three-point line.
If we do that,
then she'll win.
And more importantly,
I'll lose.
But maybe my vision in all this
has been a bit cycloptic.
Winning is what gorgons do,
but making things right
is what I do.
bros don't candy-coat bros.
That's the bro code.
If I don't follow it,
I can get arrested
by the bro-lice.
-Is that real?
-Oh, no.
Can't talk about it.
That's also a part of the code.
[upbeat music]
What happened?
-I feel sticky.
Does it smell like
sugar toast in here?
[cheers and applause]
Whoa, Ghoulia won!
I can't believe I sold so much.
Let's go celebrate, Deuce.
[Deuce] And that's
how I won napping.
But more importantly,
I figured out that winning
wasn't that big of a deal.
Back in the day,
gorgons may have needed
to constantly win
to fit into monster society,
but now ,
I think it's just
about being a good dude.
And I also learned
an even more important lesson.
I can pull off
literally anything.
[eerie music]
So it's officially
The weekend!
My favorite non-weekday time
of the week.
My first weekend home since,
well, I found out
that monsters were real,
discovered Monster High,
and realized
that I'm a werewolf.
Ugh, I absolutely require
that you send pics
of all the human stuff
that you do.
Cleo, she's telling her dad
she's a werewolf.
And getting big, warm
dad hugs after he finds out!
I hope so. My dad's
usually super supportive,
but anytime I mention monster
stuff, he gets all weird.
Well, luckily
that enchanted letter
Bloodgood sent to your dad
seems to have kept your secret
so far,
so maybe you don't need
to tell him at all.
But I miss
being so close to him.
And I have questions
about my mom.
[iCasket chiming]
Wow, Draculaura just got her
90,000th follower on EekTok.
Ninety thousand?
It's not how many followers
that counts.
My real boos are
the only boos that matter.
It's almost sunrise?
Got to pack for my trip home
to the human world.
How can I get
when monsters don't have
the refined palette needed
to appreciate my style
and curated posts?
There are a lot more
than 90,000 humans.
[scarabs chirping]
Aah, bugs!
My cutie curse carry-outers
can't resist moon chips.
Come, my little beetle babies.
I could tell
how nervous you were
about your big reveal.
I want to go with and be
your monster support system.
For real?
Aw, that's so sweet, Cleo.
[tense music]
-Now remember, Cleo
-[sighs] Yes, yes.
While you prance about
in your humanity,
I'll remain secreted away
like a precious jewel.
So human.
The doors
don't even have teeth?
You can use my laptop
or read or whatever.
Just quietly, please.
I'll be silent
as a sarcophagus,
checking out your
ooh, old fearbook.
-[Crescent barks]
-Dad and Crescent are back.
I can do this, right?
Monster emotional
support system on.
You're freaky.
You're fab.
You've got this in the bag.
-[Crescent barks]
Crescent, I thought you were
-Sweetie pups!
-Need help with your stuff?
I mean,
no, thank you.
-I didn't bring anything.
Except for school supplies.
That must be them settling.
Hey, is that jambalaya I smell?
Can we eat?
I'm starving.
Grammy's famous
New Orleans jambalaya is ready.
Mummy's the word.
Look, these two have popularity
to die for!
Maybe I could
So, Dad,
I wanted to tell you
You wanted to tell me what?
That the jambalaya
is delicious.
Yeah, you really
wolfed that down.
[chuckles weakly]
[gasps] Salt!
I, umI needed the salt.
[chirping and barking]
-So what's new with you?
-Funny you should ask.
-Um, well, I
-[barking and scratching]
Crescent, no!
Shh, shh.
-[Crescent whines, barks]
So, um, I
Just a sec.
-[computer keys clacking]
Whatever you heard,
it wasn't me.
I have been super sushy
as I tracked those girls
on the human socials.
It's not you.
It's me.
I can't tell my dad.
Monster stuff is easy,
but human heart stuff
is way harder.
I'm a serious scaredy pup
right now.
Clawdeen, the last few weeks
have been big for you.
And if you need time,
you need time.
And that's fine,
so chill.
Thanks, Cleo.
Emotional support, done.
Now back to me
and my impending popularity!
We're here at Cairo Diner
eating Egyptian food.
-Cairo Diner.
-[scarab chitters]
Oh, it's close.
come to Mummy!
-So how's school?
Last week,
Frankie lost their hand and
[gasps] Oh, no.
Oh, um, I mean,
lost their hand bag.
Oh, no.
Where did she go?
[line trilling]
-[iCasket ringing]
[sniffs, groans]
In human form,
my canine smelling powers
aren't strong enough
to track her.
What's going on?
[pensive music]
My friend from school was
in here, but now she's gone,
and I have to find her
before humans see her.
And to track her,
I have to
You look just like your mom.
-You knew?
-Well, I did give you
the moon claw, didn't I?
And I thought we could talk
about it when you got home
on your birthday,
but you found Monster High
so fast.
You thought I was enchanted,
and I wanted
to be able to talk
to you in person.
But why didn't you
tell me before?
I should have, but I was
worried about
losing you,
like I lost your mom.
I'm sorry, Clawdeen.
-Can you forgive me?
-Of course.
It is a lot, but I need you
to tell me about Mom.
I know she went
to Monster High,
and the werewolves there
have these secrets.
I have to find out
what really happened to her.
I'm sorry, pupster.
I don't know much.
Anything you can remember.
She went
on some sort of monster task
for the monster council
and never came back.
I looked for so long,
but all I figured out
is Mom had enemies.
I worried
if they found me snooping,
something might happen
to you, too.
You won't lose me, Dad.
Wait, did you say something
about a missing friend?
[Cleo] So tell me about
your favorite Egyptian food?
I adore baba ganoush.
Have you tried
Good day, humans.
Want to collab,
share followers,
you know,
You must be
the restaurant's mummy mascot.
[gasps] Mascot?
How dare y
Can we film you?
Yes, I am.
It is I,
the spooktacular mummy mascot.
she never breaks character.
Bow down before your master!
So, Kaylee,
want to show everyone
what you got at Always 16?
Hey, human people,
eyes on me.
[sighs] It appears
their tastes are broken.
But I have other ways, don't I,
my little beetle babies?
If you need
to find a monster,
you've come to the right place.
I have a little secret
of my own.
I'm a monster researcher!
Now who's keeping secrets?
That's how I met your mom.
I love monsters.
Love them so much
I even took
your mom's last name
when we got married.
I need to know
all about that,
but after we find Cleo.
Mummy-thermal print finder.
Ah, a monster mimicker
might be of use.
[monster mimicker growling]
This way!
-No one's paying attention.
-[phones chiming]
Headmistress Bloodgood says
I can't curse monsters
into following me,
but she didn't say anything
about humans.
By the power of Horus,
I, Cleo de Nile,
bring upon this crowd
a mummy's curse.
-[girl] Nice special effects.
-[boy] Is that a mummy?
Um, isn't revealing
the existence of monsters
to humans
a big no-no?
Oh, she'll be expelled,
for sure.
And I'll get in trouble
for bringing her
undead carcass here.
We have to get Cleo away
from those people
before the curse gets worse.
[scarabs chirping]
[loud chirping]
[all scream]
[girl] I cannot handle this!
Cleo, remember
the whole talk we had,
or did you leave your ear jar
at school?
Oh, hey, Clawdeen,
can we push pause
on whatever
you were about to say?
I was just about to get
a whole beast-batch
of new followers.
Cleo, you got to believe me,
the human world expert here,
that humans are not
into being cursed.
You'll, uh,
get unfollowed for that.
What? I didn't know.
I wanted them to like me.
Then you need to get out
of total curse territory.
Why don't you go with my dad
and I'll take care of this?
Oh, I'm telling you.
She's a real mummy!
That's right.
A real mummy.
[monster mimicker growling]
-Were you faking it, Clawdeen?
No, of course not.
You saw a real mummy.
The realest. Tell everyone.
As if!
You can't fool us.
It was just
some marketing stunt.
I'm deleting the pics.
You will not get a #ad from us.
Cleo realized that followers
aren't what it's all about,
so she went back to school
to work on her bonds
with her real boos.
But I stayed since Dad and I
had a lot to catch up on.
And that's how I do my journal
for Mrs. O'Shriek's class.
So I just push this button
to hear it back?
So here's who I think
is totally cute.
Aah! No, no, no, no, no!
Not that one! Stop!
[ending theme playing]
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