Monster High (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Paw-zzle Pieces

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[eerie music playing]
[Clawdeen] Well, iBall,
it's been a whirlwind weekend.
After I came clean to my dad
about my true inner monster,
we had some
serious quality time.
-[both laugh]
-We laughed
we ate
[sniffs] Ah,
this smell, this taste
-I could never forget.
-Mom's tamales recipe.
Mine never come out
as good as hers, but not bad.
We talked about Mom.
This is my favorite.
Wait, I don't remember ever
seeing Mom in werewolf form,
but look at her hand
uh, paw.
Even if I didn't know,
I must have felt it.
Why'd she have to disappear
before she could tell me?
I know this sounds one
sausage short of a gumbo,
but I have a feeling that
she's still alive
out there, somewhere,
and every second
of the last ten years,
all I've wanted is to find her.
I know looking
into her secrets was dangerous,
but she had to have
left something behind.
You can look in her stuff.
Whoa, look at all this.
But I don't see anything
about her monster side.
Guess she wouldn't have
kept that stuff here.
-A human might've seen it.
Still, some little clues
slipped through.
I've looked at this music box
a million times
and never thought it was a clue
about my mom being a werewolf.
She used to sing me
this lullaby.
[hums peaceful tune]
But everything else she left
was a dead end.
Up next
in Mom's box of mysteries,
we have a blank book.
Dad, this book's not blank.
[gasps] Not blank.
For monster eyes only?
Your mom brought it home
right before she disappeared.
"Monster High:
An Architectural History."
This has to be a clue
to where she went,
and I'm gonna figure it out.
All these years
without my mom,
my heart's had
a paw-shaped hole.
But when I went back
to Monster High
after my weekend home,
I realized that a lot
of other monster-shaped pieces
fit into my heart puzzle too.
It has to mean something,
It's from our library.
But be prepared
for killer late fees.
It's ten years overdue.
Oops, you dropped this.
Looks like a puzzle.
This could be a clue
about what happened to my mom!
Luckily, I'm an ace
code-cracking puzzle solver
like, almost the best
in our puzzle-ology class.
Except for Manny,
who is
the best puzzle solver
in our class.
Everyone needs
a good archrival.
that looks like a gorgon
and some sort of bat,
and the thing in the middle
is a bullseye.
-[electricity crackles]
-Says here
was the model
for the sea monster
guardian statue!
How is that connected
to my mom's disappearance?
I don't know.
Maybe we should start
where she left off
The library!
Manny Taur.
Oh, hi. Uh, sorry.
Library's usually just me
at this hour.
So how can I help you,
Help me?
I can't accept help
from my puzzle-ology rival!
Not even if you are
a junior librarian.
We're rivals?
That's an honor, I guess.
Hi, know anything about this?
[squeals with excitement]
"The Architectural History
of Monster High: Volume I"!
This has been out
of circulation for a decade!
I've read the other
eight volumes twice.
Thokay, three times.
But now my completionist dreams
can finally come true.
There are nine volumes?
-[inhales deeply]
[sighs enthusiastically]
But this is the only one
that describes
the original Monster High
as the founders intended it.
[mutters indistinctly]
It even talks about
the deepest level
of the catacomb labyrinth
underneath the school.
Oh? Feeling a
flashback coming on.
[Manny echoes]
Catacomb labyrinth.
[woman] We're not
stopping now, Dr. Blunder.
I didn't come all the way down
to the catacombs for nothing!
Uh, is Frankie okay?
monster thinkies.
It's a thing they do sometimes.
Whoa, Dr. Blunder's brain bit
wiggled again
saw some symbols and catacombs
and monsters in snazzy cloaks
and and
and nothing. Poof.
Memory gone.
[electricity crackles]
Uh, Frankie,
where are you going?
Oh, Mom says
when that happens,
I gotta jog the memory,
so I'm going jogging.
It's some sort of puzzle.
Oh, I love puzzles!
They're kind of my thing.
I also love puzzles,
and they'll be
my thing eventually,
but don't you worry, Clawdeen.
I'll figure this out
no matter how hard it is
or how long it takes,
even if I have to go
to the ends of the Earth
or even the ends
of the universe.
-Got it!
-The Monster High founders
built the school
on a wellspring of power
that could only be accessed
through the catacomb labyrinth.
There were entrances
to the labyrinth
around the school, but
they've all been sealed off.
This map shows
the original entrances,
and the symbols line up!
[Clawdeen] This one.
It's the werewolf statue
in the garden.
[Manny] We'll need to do
some research.
If this led to
your mom disappearing,
we'll wanna be careful.
Werewolf zoomies
it's a thing they do sometimes.
Come on.
[inhales deeply]
Aw, it's just statue-y.
W-We could go back
to the library
and read the book
for more information,
and I'm not just saying that
because I really wanna read it.
But we're so close.
My mom's been gone
for ten years already.
I need her back.
I'm not letting
some statue get in my way.
[mechanical whirring, clanking]
What'd you do?
Yo, Frankie, what's up?
Eh, just out for a jog
with Watzie
and trying
to remember something.
[hissing] Precious memories?
[electricity crackles]
Place the talismans.
The portal
should only be open
during the Blood Moon Eclipse
with the full
monster council present
and their
respective talismans in hand.
Otherwise, opening this portal
could unleash disaster
on our entire world.
Opening this portal
could unleash disaster
on our entire world.
That sounds
like a real bummer.
And it sounds like something
Clawdeen would do
to find her mom.
Watzie, legs!
Come on, Deuce.
Hmm, this must be
the catacomb labyrinth
the book mentioned
the book I didn't get
a chance to finish reading.
Uh, we should probably
head back to the library
and do some more research.
We can come back later.
[eerie voice echoes]
A lot later.
Uh-uh. No way.
We're so close.
Mom must've left the moon claw
so I could find Monster High,
and now I have the clues
to finally find her.
I'm a total bloodsucker
for family reunions.
Looks like we've got
a labyrinth to solve, Manny.
[eerie voice echoes]
And if we could do it
that would be much appreciated.
Draculaura! CD!
You in here?
-[electricity crackles]
The map?
If they know about the statue,
bet you they're
already in the catacombs!
We have to stop them before
they unleash that disaster.
Watzie, could you use
that super sniffer
-to track Clawdeen?
[eerie voice echoing]
That howling
was just a draft.
See? There's nothing
to be worried about.
But where's the draft
coming from?
Yeah, all I see
is rock wreckage.
[gasps] Draculaura,
you're a genius!
I know.
But feel free to tell me
why you think so.
The stones must fit in there.
[triumphant music]
-Yes! We did it!
-But what's it doing?
-[tense music]
the last symbol on Mom's notes.
I'm coming, Mom!
Whoa. What is this?
-Over here!
-Frankie, Deuce.
Hey, so any luck with that
memory you were jogging earlier?
Because Clawdeen just went
into a big black hole,
which seems bad.
Yup, remembered it all,
and it's definitely bad
she went down there.
Gluttony is scared of heights.
Makes me queasy.
You're not gonna like what's
about to happen next then.
[wind blows]
-[both scream]
-What are you all doing here?
Oh, just came to tell you
that since
it's not
a blood moon eclipse,
and you don't have
a monster council,
opening the portal
would unleash disaster,
so don't put
your talisman in there.
You already put it in,
didn't you?
[talisman whirring]
[eerie voice echoes]
[suspenseful music]
Mom? Are you there?
It's me.
-[creature fluttering]
-[all grunting]
Oh, claw.
Who was that?
-Oh, what?
I think it's time to exit,
Wait, my necklace!
The moon claw!
That thing from before
must've snatched it.
We have to stop it.
Run now!
[dramatic music]
Oh, zap.
[eerie music playing]
[owl hooting]
Add three drops
of basilisk venom.
That's, like, three-ish.
[door creaks]
Are we just bursting in
on mummy royalty
without knocking now?
Who screamed?
Thanks, Ghoulia.
Unidentified intruders spotted
in Monster High.
-Wait, what's the plan?
-Stop the disaster.
-Simple, but solid.
-We'll go this way.
-[Cleo] Help!
We'll take this side.
-You okay?
I have been intruded upon!
Over there!
Give me my necklace back, you
Wait, you're a werewolf.
-And you're in my way.
-Who are you?
I'm the only one
who can stop that disaster.
-My tamale!
[Clawdeen] My necklace!
I know that smell.
[squeaks and growls]
Don't you dare,
you lunch-stealing splitsee.
Splitsee. It splits. I get it.
What is that thing or things?
I kind of want to study them.
[all squeaking]
Or hug them.
Don't be fooled
by its cuteness.
The splitsee
is a world destroyer.
Wait, who are you?
Why do you have
my mom's tamales?
These are my mom's tamales.
Wait a minute.
Clawdeen Wolf?
How do you know my name?
My mom told me
all about you
our mom.
I'm Clawd, your brother.
[all] What?
Clawd and Clawdeen?
Thank Ra my parents
didn't name me Nefera-een. Ugh.
Not the time, Cleo.
Mira, it's a long story.
So, I'm gonna
give you highlights
[crashing and snarling]
On the move.
Come on.
Oh, hey, hello?
I am coming with!
[dramatic music]
Mom got trapped in Beheme,
the place where I grew up.
Pero, she didn't know
that she had a bun in the oven,
AKA the adorable baby me.
Frankie, Cleo, this way!
-Right behind you!
-Coming, Draculaura!
But you're too old
to be my little brother.
Technically, I'm your
older brother, because I'm 16.
Time passes differently there.
It's filled
with terrifying beasts
and whatever you did earlier
brought me and splitsee here.
[both grunt]
[all squeaking]
Based on what Mom told me,
I'm guessing this
is Monster High,
which is exactly
where Mom and I
have been trying
to get for years,
so thanks, I guess.
Look, I don't know
why you'd make up some story
about my mom, but
We have to stop
this disaster!
But you're
telling me everything
in extreme detail later.
If we survive, sure.
-Hola, cutie.
-Aw. Two cuties.
Impressive jumping.
-[both growling]
-Don't you dare.
How dare you
eat the stinkwich
of the headmistress!
[rapid munching]
I was in the middle
of an epic text.
-Give it back!
-[both munching]
-[all screaming]
Not cool!
What is that thing?
-[all squeaking]
-It ate my homework!
[dramatic music]
Well, ha, that
escalated quickly.
You don't have to be
an expert puzzle solver
to see that.
So how do we fix this, Clawd?
Mom and I,
we got a pest control business
back in Beheme.
Figured out we can
sing splitsees to sleep,
and thenyou don't have
a De-Splitifier handy, do you?
[Dr. Blunder] Having this
De-Splitifier handy
will help fend off
future disasters!
Now, time for lunch.
Whoa, Dr. Blunder
has De-Splitifier
stored in the lab.
Also, kind of craving
a stinkwich now.
- [alarm buzzing]
Intruder in the creepeteria.
Intruder in the
hauntonomics class.
-Intruder in the clawditorium!
-[feedback screeches]
Ugh! Why are your skulls
so loud here?
That's it! Skullette !
She's hooked up
so every corner of the school
can hear her,
which means we can use her
to get all
the splitsees asleep at once.
Frankie, get the De-Splitifier.
Clawd and I will sing to them.
The rest of you,
gather the snoozing splitsees
and meet in the lab.
Ms. Wolf, I don't have time
to meet new students.
I need to secure Monster High's
priceless records
-before that splitsee
-That's why we're here.
-We need to see Skullette.
Last time a student
got Skullette access,
it was ten minutes of armpit
farts broadcast school-wide.
She's all yours.
[squeaks and growls]
No, you have to sing into it.
I'll keep my moon claw.
If you ever feel like
You are all alone ♪
Look up at the moon ♪
And I'll be there ♪
When you see the light ♪
I'll be there to guide you ♪
Just remember
What we used to say ♪
-Take a breath ♪
-Respira ♪
-One more step ♪
-Un paso más ♪
And remember that we're
In this thing together ♪
Pata con pata ♪
You fit with me ♪
En donde estés ♪
My missing piece ♪
[Draculaura] As your
student bloody president,
I'm asking that everyone
please bring
the sleeping splitsees
into the mad science lab
Thank you.
-You are my moon ♪
-Eres mi luna ♪
Aw, both
adorable and dangerous.
Like me!
Aw, you're so cute
when you sleep.
I could eat you
with a spoon
or with a fork!
You don't know where
these have been, Lagoona.
[peaceful music]
[all snoring]
[device whirs]
[device crackles]
Dr. Blunder did a bunch
of work with splitsees.
This machine combines them
all back to the first one.
-[device whirring]
One of our pest control
It'll stop it
from splitting again.
Yeah, but what
do we do with it?
Don't look at me.
Most cute, tiny, furry things
-are terrified of
Aw, I love it,
and I'm keeping it forever.
The library shift
will be even more fun
with a little book buddy.
I wonder
if there's a splitsee manual.
Well, they need
plenty of water and naps,
and they like chin scratches.
I can't believe
I'm helping you care
for the jerk
who stole my lunch every day.
Can you really
blame him though?
-Mom's tamales are
-[both] The best!
I can make 'em for you
sometime if you want.
I'd like that.
Uh, Manny, I think
I'd rather be your friend
than your archrival.
And let's face it.
I definitely need
a puzzle-ology tutor.
And I'd rather be your tutor
than the guy who had
no idea he was your rival.
-Good teamwork back there.
So even though
I didn't get my mom back,
I figured out another piece
of the puzzle that's me
and got back a missing piece
I didn't even know was gone
a brother.
As for the fallout, well,
Headmistress Bloodgood was
surprisingly understanding.
The symbols on
Watzie's collar match
the monster talismans
I saw in the memory.
There's the Frankenstein one,
and Clawdeen's
got the werewolf one,
so just need
to find the sea monster,
gorgon, mummy,
and vampire talismans.
Many of the talismans
were hidden over time,
but with some research,
we should be able
to track them down
before the next
Blood Moon Eclipse.
Why do we need
'em all anyway?
Can't we just do
what Clawdeen did earlier
and open the portal now?
Mom is all alone back there.
The portal has
already been destabilized.
If we try it again improperly,
not only could it collapse and
trap Selena in Beheme forever,
it could release
the great power
that flows beneath Monster High
and destroy everything.
[thunder cracks]
I promise we will
bring Selena back,
but without destroying
the world when we do.
[Clawdeen] Even though
I really wanna find Mom,
I know we have to wait
until the time is right
to put that piece
of the puzzle back.
But we don't
have to wait that long
before I introduce
Clawd to Dad.
Dad is gonna flip,
and in the meantime,
Clawd's been helping
by telling me all about Mom
and how hard she's been trying
to get back here.
I'm just getting to know him,
and he's getting to know me
-and our whole world, really.
[electricity zaps]
Ugh. Ay, sabe malo!
I feel like
I licked an electric eel.
It's an acquired taste.
-But I have a feeling
Clawd's gonna be
more than a brother.
He's gonna be
a great friend too,
and you can never have
too many of those.
Did any of you
see splitsee anywhere?
-[squeaking and munching]
[ending theme playing]
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