Monster High (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Nightmare Nightmore

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[slow pop music]
So this year, I didn't ask
for much for Nightmore.
Only to celebrate
the best monster holiday
by throwing the perfect party
for my friends.
After all, I've been
collecting inspo
for my first time
hosting Nightmore
since I was a baby vamp.
I've got a schedule planned
for maximum fun.
I collected
everything I need
and maybe a tiny bit extra.
Oh, zap,
my first Nightmore party!
Why is it called Nightmore?
It's the longest night
of the year.
More night. Nightmore.
Monsters all over the world
use the extra spooky nighttime
to celebrate friendship.
-I got you.
I can't wait to eat, dance,
and be scary with my boos!
Ooh! [strained voice]
Uh, Draculaura,
could you relax
with the rigor mortis?
Oops, sorry.
Just nerves.
My dad's never let me
host Nightmore unchaperoned.
-[door opens]
-Hey, light a fire under it!
Lagoona and Clawd are waiting.
Uh, who's carrying
that leviathan?
I got it.
Gust of wind,
moon so shiny,
-what was big now is tiny!
Huh? Whoa!
Witch powers firing
on all cylinders!
[Draculaura] I wanted all the
beasties to come with us,
but everyone has their own
special Nightmore traditions.
Cleo's heading to the pyramids.
Manny and Deuce are off
to Mount Olympus.
[both] Gonna party
like the Greek gods!
Party like the Greek gods!
And Spectra's floating off
to the phantom realm.
Y'all be careful and watch out
for Yetis playing
"Yeti Ready 8."
If you get in their way,
you get ice popped.
Oh, got to get
to the undead dance party.
Have a super dreadful
Nightmore. Bye!
Wait, Yetis?
Yetis and my kind,
they don't mix.
[chuckles nervously]
It's so bad,
they call it freezer burn!
I can't go
if there are gonna be Yetis.
Please, Heath.
Dad's mansion isn't
in Yeti territory.
That's the next mountain over.
So how do we get
to this mountain oasis?
Papi sending the vamp plane?
I wish!
Dad's using it to go
to a fancy Nightmore party
with his brood
at the Bermuda Triangle.
But I've got transport covered.
-Clawdeen, are we good?
Coast is clear.
Traveling this way's
the best,
in a blink to Mount Neverest!
[wind blowing]
-[all gasp]
Uh, anyone else
getting major haunted vibes?
Yeah, and I found
a cold spot. Ooh!
[gasps] I should have
brought my haunt-o-meter.
It's not haunted.
No way my dad would pay
for a haunting
at a house
he hardly ever visits.
Haunted or not,
my gills are icing.
You said we didn't need coats!
My dad installed
monster temp regulators,
but maybe they broke?
Allow me.
[bones cracking]
-[both] Aah!
Oh, stakes!
My dad didn't mention
installing those.
Are all Nightmore parties
They're not supposed to be.
Haunting is
a fall holiday thing.
I have a fishy feeling,
like I'm being watched.
Haunted blizzard
is not the vibe I curated.
My perfect party aesthetic
is pastel goth.
But the decorations
I brought will set
the right Nightmore mood.
Power of skies,
increase the size!
Uh, increase the size!
It must be the elevation.
It messes with witchcraft.
Got a bit of brain from
a secret witch enthusiast.
Ugh, the spell book
didn't cover that!
What are we gonna do?
All the Nightmore stuff
is in there.
Our feast,
the decor, my plans
it's all ruined!
This place is huge.
There's got to be stuff in here
we can make a party out of.
Spread out and find some fun!
Wait for me!
It must be one
of Draculaura's old toys.
Aw, a drool stain!
Board games!
That could be
all Nightmore-y, right?
[both grunting]
It's like something
doesn't want us to open this.
[both gasp]
Wait, these aren't wood.
Probably a prop from one
of my dad's old movies.
Ew, missing toes!
The tradition is that
you smooch under them.
May be dusty,
but it'll do.
[low rumbling]
What was that?
Sorry, I'm starved!
Ever feel like
a house hates you?
[electric buzzing]
So it's not what I planned
and it doesn't match
my mood board,
but we can work
with an old-school vibe.
Like expired in 1955
old school.
Hey, I think it's dark out!
Yep, sun is set!
Nightmore is on!
[all] Dreadful Nightmore!
-Ha ha!
These cans are still good.
This can still
be a great party.
First up, Clawd will tell
a Nightmore spooky story.
Ooh, I love novelas!
It was a dark night,
the longest night of the year.
And a young werewolf
was invited by his best boos
to a spooky, um,
cabin in the woods
a cabin in Yeti territory.
Yeti, the monster
that is so scary,
-it scares other monsters.
-[girls gasp]
As the monsters settled in
for their party,
they heard a sound.
Thump, thump, thump.
The brave werewolf
went toward the sound.
Thump, thump, thump.
He reached for the door!
[tense music]
-[phone chiming]
-[all scream]
Your phone nearly
stopped my heart.
-I can help with that.
Might have packed the schedule
a little tight.
I just got an alert to sing
the song I wrote for you all,
but it can wait.
Hold up.
You wrote a whole song for us?
We got to hear that.
Right, gang?
This story is stressing me out.
OK, just need to turn
the scare-oke machine on and
-[mic feedback]
-[all scream]
Whoa, killer bass.
just the house settling.
All right,
back to my song.
[all screaming]
Stay calm.
We're, uh, fine.
The party is gonna be fine.
A window blew open.
-[rumbling continues]
That wasn't the window!
Are you sure
we're not in Yeti territory?
It was probably just the wind
banging a branch on the door.
Even in my castillo
off the coast of Honduras,
we were taught
to never tangle with Yetis,
or we'd risk
freezing the whole ocean.
Don't open it!
Heath, simmer down.
There's nothing to worry about.
I think?
[suspenseful music]
There's nothing here.
-Fight mode!
-Bat on and ready to attack!
Please, I'm a Yeti,
but I'm not an enemy.
And I'm very sorry
to snowbank your party,
but you all
kept looking everywhere.
I tried to hide inside,
so I thought
I'd just wait it out
on the roof,
but it's really slippery.
Let me explain, and then
if you still want to,
you can attack.
You're a Yeti?
But you seem like
a regular monster.
Ooh, ooh, I can smell fear.
And she's more afraid of us
than we are of her.
She means no harm.
Come on in.
Um, is it OK if I come in,
fiery one?
Uh, wewelcome.
Let's get this party restarted!
[phone chiming]
So my mom said,
"Abbey Bominable, you are
strong and independent"
Here's some water, pretty
I mean, Abbey.
Falling off the roof
always makes me thirsty.
Sorry! I'm very clumsy.
And I didn't mean
[gasps] Oh.
No freezer burn.
All good, chica.
As a sea monster,
I can gather
water vapor from the air.
It is how I breathe on land.
Very cool. Thanks.
So, right,
my mom said I could go
on a solo snowboarding trip,
and here I am.
Wow, if only the evil moms
in my novelas
were as cool as your mom!
Just you,
the mountains,
and an avalanche
of possibilities.
Sounds voltageous!
Following your instincts.
A girl after my own heart.
[phone chiming]
A solo snowboarding trip?
It took me a literal millennia
to convince my dad
to let me come here
with a bunch of friends.
Solo would be a no-go.
How'd you pull that one off?
Oh, um, very carefully.
But I must admit something.
With the blizzard raging,
I was stranded
and very, very far from home.
I saw the vacant mansion.
And it seemed to have
been empty for some time,
-so I let myself in.
I'm so sorry.
I was desperate and scared.
I even laid some booby traps
for protection.
So that's what was going on.
I thought my party
was being sabotaged.
But it was an emergency,
and you needed a place to stay.
So what's it like
being a dangerous Yeti?
Well, first of all,
we're not dangerous.
We mostly keep to ourselves.
It can get lonely.
But if you're lonely,
why go on a solo trip?
To find us,
her new boo crew.
Will you stay
for our Nightmore party?
-Sí, sí.
-Come on.
-Please do.
I wouldn't want to impose.
-[phone chiming]
Yes, of course.
You're just in time for
We should ask our guest
what she wants to do.
Yeah, our plans
were ruined anyway.
[girl] What do you want
to do, Abbey?
I bet Yeti games are wicked!
Mm, guess I
don't need to sing.
I know what game we can play,
but first,
you'll have to stand back.
-[all] Whoa!
Ooh, wow.
-Oh, no!
Lagoona! No!
The ice could clog her gills!
We got to get her out
of there, stat!
-Oh, my claw!
-Oh, no!
Breathe, Lagoona!
[eerie music]
Lagoona, can you hear me?
Have you been frozen?
Can you breathe?
Snowball fight!
Yetis can control snow?
I never learned that
in my monster books.
I'm still learning.
Really powerful Yetis
can even control cold weather,
but I'm not there yet.
Can your mom
control the weather?
Yes, of course.
She must miss you.
but Yeti backpacking trips
-are usually pretty long, so
I thought you said
it was a snowboarding trip.
Oh, ho, ho, it's on!
I need an ally.
Ooh, Abbey, you're on my team!
[phone chiming]
Come on, Draculaura!
Let's snowball!
Draculaura, join in!
I want to try the spell
in the basement first.
Maybe it'll work
in a slightly lower elevation.
Drac, need any help?
Hey, Heath!
How'd you even throw that
with your hot hands?
No, I got it.
Ugh, I should be happy
they're happy.
Being happy with your friends
is what it's supposed
to be about.
But I worked so hard
on my Nightmore song,
and they don't even care
to hear it
because they're so busy
with Abbey.
[door opening]
Hey, you OK?
Yep, of course.
Why wouldn't I be?
Some Yetis have this power.
Like a change in the weather,
I can feel a cold cloud
inside you.
Are you sad?
I guess.
This isn't the party
I envisioned.
It kind of snowballed out
of my control
oh, I'm sorry.
-I didn't mean
-It's OK.
I did kind of storm in.
You and your friends
are very kind.
Why aren't you celebrating
Nightmore with your friends?
Actually, I don't have any.
Unless you count Shiver,
but woolly mammoths
aren't exactly party animals.
No friends?
But you're so fierce.
I'm sorry
if I made you feel unwelcome.
All my friends love you.
I may be a little jealous.
You're jealous of me?
But it's me
who's jealous of you!
You have all these friends
and a dad who lets you
host a mansion party.
And you go to Monster High,
the coolest school ever!
I wish I could go there.
Why can't you?
The rule is
Yetis can't go to Monster High
because of the dangers
of our weather powers
getting out of control.
That's not right.
All monsters
should be allowed
at Monster High.
Once your solo
snowboarding trip is over,
we're changing that rule!
But I'm not
on a solo snowboarding trip!
My mom is actually
super overprotective.
And I left home
after we had a big fight.
I wanted to do what you said
appeal to Monster High.
Maybe if I showed
I could control my powers,
they'd make an exception
and let me enroll.
But my mom refused.
I was fed up, so I went out
to get some cold air.
But my mom must have
freaked out even more
because the blizzard
got really, really bad.
And then I got worried,
and it got even worse.
And I got lost,
and my snowboard got wrecked.
And now,
I still can't find my way home.
And I'm worried about my mom!
I didn't mean to do that.
It's OK.
You're not alone now.
You have us.
We'll get you home.
But first,
we got to call your mom.
She must be worried sick.
Oh, Draculaura,
thank you,
but we Yetis
don't call other monsters.
Not in a million years
would my mom have an iCoffin.
I'm good at snowball fi
-[phone ringing]
-What's that ringing?
I think it's this thing.
Is it some old iCoffin?
Dracula residence.
I got this. Ahoy?
it's Headmistress Bloodgood.
I've been trying
every number I have for you.
There's an angry Yeti
in my office
accusing me
of hiding her daughter
and demanding to speak to the
I know Abbey's here.
You bring my daughter
to me at once,
or I will tear down this school
with a blizzard so cold
your head will freeze off.
That's my mom.
I have to call them back!
-Here, use my iCoffin.
-You can use this.
-Pick mine.
-[low tone]
No service?
It must be the storm.
What am I going to do?
If Mom ices Monster High,
they'll never let me in.
We're going to fix this.
Monster Squad,
bat up and come on!
I can't magic us out of here,
but presenting
the Ghoul Mobile!
-[all cheering]
[engine starts]
[tires screeching]
With your driving skills, you
should enter the Deadtona 500.
We just have to get
to a lower elevation.
Then I should be able
to use my witchcraft
to get us the rest
of the way home.
We're almost at the
Bottomless Ice Chasm of Doom.
It should be quick
once we get across.
Mi amiga, did you say the
Bottomless Ice Chasm of Doom?
Surely you meant
something else?
Nope, that's it.
But it's not so bad.
There's a giant bridge.
demon slug squeezy.
And here we Uh-oh!
Um, I am not seeing
the bridge of which you speak.
-Hey, lead foot, the brakes!
I'm trying,
but we're not stopping!
[Heath] It can't end in
this way, not in ice!
I might have an idea,
but I don't know
if I'm powerful enough.
-Abbey, you've got to try.
-You can do it, Abbey!
-Go, Abbey!
-You'll nail it like a coffin.
-You got this!
-You rock!
-You're a skilled
and charismatic
and beautiful monster.
[all] Whoa!
-[all chanting]
-Abbey! Abbey!
Abbey! Abbey!
We're not doomed!
-Yeah, we made it!
-Voltageous, Abbey!
[Draculaura] We've reached
a low enough elevation.
My magic should work again.
Where is my daughter?
Ms. Bominable, let's
discuss this over some hemlock.
Oh, oh!
Amma, stop!
Thank snowness.
I knew it.
She was here, and you tried
to tell me she wasn't.
No, Amma,
you've got it all wrong.
Monster High isn't like that.
You have no idea
what this place is like.
We are leaving,
end of story.
Amma, please listen to me.
[Ms. Bominable]
Abbey, we are going home.
They don't want us here.
[Draculaura] Wait!
Please, Ms. Bominable,
listen to what I have to say.
Are you gonna throw
more accusations my way?
Blame me
for the ice popping of 1999?
Draculaura is my friend.
Monster High has changed.
We just met her,
but we know Abbey
is a wonderfully brave,
silly, slightly clumsy Yeti.
Her powers are spooktacular.
I mean, she made
an ice bridge!
That's amazing, snow angel.
But even if she couldn't
make a snowflake,
that wouldn't matter. That's not
what Monster High is about.
It's a safe space
for monsters to be monsters,
to learn and do
fantastic things.
But also make mistakes,
which is A-OK
when you got the support
of friends and teachers.
We thought a lot of things
about Yetis that were wrong.
And Abbey helped us see
that we still have work to do
to support and uplift Yetis.
But when you stop expecting
and start experiencing,
you can find something
truly amazing.
So amazing.
Snow angel amazing.
And, uh, I'm really sorry
we didn't get to meet sooner.
This wasn't the Nightmore
I expected or planned for
and I'll admit
that was hard for me at first
but I'm so happy
it turned out the way it did
because I met Abbey.
She reminded me
of what the holiday
is all about
And I hope you can see
that we're not
what you expected either,
and that can be a good thing.
You have to change the rules
so Yetis can enroll.
Is that what you thought?
Oh, my ghoulness.
Yetis haven't been banned
from enrolling for years.
That message was flown off
to Mount Neverest last century.
I guess I may have
shut us off from the world,
including delivery dragons.
I've been hiding up
in the mountains for so long,
I had no idea the world
had changed beneath me.
I'm so happy to see
you've made friends
who accept you for you.
And if this is what you want,
you can enroll at Monster High.
Best Nightmore ever!
I guess I'll have to get one
of those iCoffin thingamobbies
so we can keep in touch now.
And maybe next time,
I'll confirm with Mortimer
that the message was received.
I knew I should have sent
the delivery polar bear.
[Draculaura] Nightmore was
almost over, but we still
had time to celebrate
this non-traditional Nightmore
with all our friends
at Monster High.
It wasn't the way
it was supposed to be,
but I was ready
for a new tradition.
It's Nightmore More!
And I think now
would be the right time
for that song you mentioned.
[Draculaura] OK, everyone!
Here's my Nightmore gift
to my best boos.
It's the longest
Coldest night ♪
The chills in the air
Grow strong ♪
Frozen footsteps
Lead you back ♪
To the place
Where you belong ♪
The lights are shining ♪
-Everybody meets you there ♪
A feast with friends
Around me ♪
All right!
So much joy in the air ♪
So throw your hands up ♪
Hey, hey ♪
The party's just begun ♪
Turn it up
We're never done ♪
Let's celebrate
Hey, hey ♪
Break out the scary tales
So the spookies never fail ♪
[all] The party don't stop
Till the sun comes up ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
The party don't stop
Till the sun comes up ♪
It's the best of times
Yeah, never mind the weather ♪
Up telling stories
Playing games or whatever ♪
Only thing that matters
Is that we're all together ♪
-Everyone agrees ♪
-[all] Best holiday ever ♪
The party don't stop
Till the sun comes up ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
The party don't stop
Till the sun comes up ♪
You know what being
under the missing toes means.
[chuckles bashfully]
Oh, yes.
It means I'm so excited
to be going to Monster High,
I could burst!
[ending theme music]
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