Monster High (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Out of Step/Pyramid Scheme

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[bassy music playing]
They say during high school
you learn a lot
about yourself.
And I think that's true.
Like last week,
Clawdeen learned
she has a brother named Clawd
who she didn't know
existed because
he grew up
in another dimension.
-[man screams]
Hey, Clawd.
A scream like that
just means class is over.
What a weird place.
In Beheme, a scream
like that means hide.
-[wood creaks]
And Clawd spent the time
since he got here
learning how he fits in
at Monster High.
Wow. This place is increíble.
Um, incredible. My mom taught me
Spanish and English
to increase my odds in case
I ever fell through a portal
-into another world and
That's so cool
Mom taught you Spanish.
Hello. Hi. Cool eyeshade.
We call them sunglasses.
Nice ectoplasm! Wait.
-Do you call it ectoplasm?
We call him Goobert.
Sorry, Goobert.
No problem.
It happens.
[mellow music playing]
Hello, students!
You are invited to
and required for your grade
to participate in the Annual
Monster High Dance-off!
-I've been practicing,
and I think I might finally
be as good as the Boogie Man,
the 16-time dance champ.
-Whoa, 16?
-[electricity crackles]
Great at dancing,
but couldn't pass trick-onometry
to save his death. Ah.
Got a brain bit from
the Boogie Man's BFF.
This is just what I need
to fill my vamp-ness.
-Your what now?
-If I don't go for blood,
I still got to get life energy
My dad was super supportive
when I went vegan
and had this app made
to make sure
I was getting enough
life energy.
When my vamp-ness is drained,
so is my energy.
But perfect performances
feed my vamp-ness
and keep me
on the "un" side of undead.
The dance-off will
give me enough
for the rest of the semester.
[owl hoots]
You have 24 hours to choreograph
and practice your dance
before the event tomorrow.
And the pairs are
Frankie and Clawdeen,
Toralei and Ghoulia,
Cleo and Deuce,
Lagoona and Finnegan,
Goobert and Spectra,
Manny and Heath,
and Draculaura and Clawd.
-And Clawd!
-Here. Sorry I'm late.
Made a wrong turn
at the catacombs, but I'm ready.
Let's dance, Draculaura.
Looks like someone's partner
has two left paws.
-Don't you laugh, Toralei.
With my help,
Clawd's dance moves
will be as wicked
as the Boogie Man's.
Whoa. Ha! Mmm!
[device chimes, cackles]
Oh, my vamp-ness.
And that's how
we dance in Beheme.
It scares away the predators.
-Is it that bad?
Well, nothing I can't help with.
And trust me, I've been there.
[crowd laughing]
This was you?
Yup, only 200 years ago.
But I worked and worked
until I had blisters
the size of your head.
And now I can dance
the right way.
Now, if you let me,
I can teach you
to be the ghoulest dancer
with an easy 100-step routine
that'll make everyone scream!
[dramatic music playing]
I love hanging with you
and my sister and Frankie,
but if I'm going to
make new friends,
shouldn't I show off my skills?
I mean, you wouldn't ask
an aquatic arachno-squid
to start walking on land.
That's a Beheme expression
for be yourself.
Well, at Monster High,
I have an expression.
If you want
a perfect performance,
sometimes you need
to improve on yourself.
You do have lots of friends.
All right. I'm in.
We'll impress everyone so much,
they'll scream
till their lungs give out!
[upbeat music playing]
Ah! [grunts]
Oh! [laughs]
[device chimes, cackles]
[bats chirp]
-[all grunt]
[trash can growls]
[gasps, whimpers]
[low whirring]
[bats screech]
[both grunt]
[grunts, laughs]
Whoa! Oof!
[crows cawing]
[low whirring]
[bats screech]
did you get bit by a zombie?
'Cause you got a bad case
of the zombie walks.
Yeah, you're looking
really pale.
Uh, I mean, paler than normal.
My vamp level is so low,
I'm decomposing.
This dance-off could
be the death of me.
I'm going to be laughed at!
But I thought laughing was good.
I look silly,
make monsters laugh,
and then I feel warm and fuzzy.
That's just not me.
Why'd I tell Toralei
I'd make Clawd
as good of a dancer
as the Boogie Man?
[electricity crackles]
[Frankie] Oh, zap!
Red shoes!
Uh, Frankie, her shoes are pink.
No, that brain bit
from Boogie's BFF
is making a fuss.
Guess the Boogie Man's shoes
are enchanted
-with some kind of dance power.
I, uh, forgot I need to do
something before the dance-off.
As a stakes expert,
I know that tonight
the stakes couldn't be higher.
I need help filling up
my vamp-ness meter.
Will you save me?
[tense music playing]
Aww! Our first dance-off? Yay!
Are you OK?
Do you need anything?
-Water, snack,
inspiring pep talk?
-I'm fine, Clawdeen.
I'm just going to go chat
with Finnegan and Lagoona.
Clawd, bud, settle this for us.
Do you think we should
do a mermaid minuet
or Poseidon pas de deux?
Huh. Ah!
Clawd, super surprise.
Put these shoes on,
and I guarantee
-you'll tear up the dance floor.
Get ready! ♪
The Monster High Dance-off
will start on my signal.
This is a howling good time.
[upbeat music playing]
[Mrs. O'Shriek] Heath,
what did I say about fire?
[crunching, cranking]
Mrroww. Ghoulia, those moves you
learned from Monster Beats
are great!
Grace of the angelfish,
strength of the shark.
[Clawd] Excelente.
The shoes are grooving.
Freaky fun!
-Hey, are those
-Boogie Man shoes
that we learned were enchanted
right before Draculaura
suddenly had to go? Yep.
Can we cut in?
Draculaura, what are you doing?
Clawd doesn't need
fancy dancy shoes.
He's got his own moves.
What's the big deal?
He's having the time
of his afterlife.
Stop! I need a break.
Ugh. Ugh!
OK, the freaky fun
is losing the fun.
Cut it out, shoes!
Oh. You're right.
It wasn't fair to drag Clawd
into my vamp-ness.
Now, one of my favorite
things to say.
Let's get those shoes!
Hold still!
[growls, grunts]
This situation's stickier
than the Beheme tar pits.
[Draculaura yelps]
Sticky situation?
Yes, that's it!
[whimpers] Whoa. Whoa!
I'm sorry, Clawd,
but I'm gonna fix this.
Take my hand.
Whatever stops the room
and me from spinning!
Now it's time
to stick the landing!
-[Clawd] Sorry, Goobert.
-All good.
-[Draculaura] Now!
[all grunting]
Oh, I hate it
when they laugh at me.
[device chimes, cackles]
[low whirring]
-Don't worry about
everyone else.
Just dance like you did
in that video you showed me.
You were having so much fun.
Forget the scroll's
stupid steps.
If we make them laugh,
that's just a bonus.
[soft music playing]
This is a new dance
that Clawd taught me
called, uh, the Giggle Groove.
-And it's contagious.
-Hey, looks like fun.
-Show 'em what you got!
[upbeat music playing]
[students grunting, whooping]
Oh, I'm feeling it too! [laughs]
-Whoo! [giggles]
No! We're laughing at them,
not with them. At them!
[Draculaura] And it turns out,
even an almost 1,600-year-old
can learn something
about herself in high school,
like that getting vamp energy
doesn't need
a perfect performance.
It can come from
making monsters laugh, too.
I'm glad to see Clawd
really starting
to fit in here
by being himself.
-[man screams]
I meant to do that.
[mysterious music playing]
Imagine if you will, iBall!
Me, on my way to claiming
the role of Cleopatra
in the school play.
Give me my robe!
Put on my crown.
I have immortal longings
in me
and then some other words.
I was hoping she called
this very important meeting
because she found
the mummy talisman.
Guess practicing for an audition
is almost as
important as looking
for one of the things we
need to bring your mom back.
Wow, Cleo. That was
Anyway, did you maybe
have a chance to learn anything
about the mummy talisman?
I did. I learned that it is not
in my jewelry box.
But then Mrs. O'Shriek
announced auditions,
and the blood moon eclipse
is, like, forever away.
So for now,
I have to concentrate
on playing Cleopatra.
The Cleopatra?
Like the queen of Egypt
2,000 years ago?
-[electricity crackles]
-Historian brain.
How do you know
you'll get the part?
Well, I was named after her,
so it was meant to be.
Plus, Nefera is studying
abroad in Scaris.
-[both] Nefera?
-My sister.
You know, the one who's claimed
the leading role
in every play
we've ever auditioned for.
Not only is she first
in line to be queen,
she's a natural performer.
Mummy and Baba are always
so proud of her.
But when she's around,
all I ever get to be
is the tree!
It's enough to break
a mummy's fragile,
preserved heart!
Isn't that right,
my pretty little heart?
[high voice] That's right, Cleo.
But with Nefera away
and me helping you
portray each emotion
of a character,
this time, the role is yours.
[normal voice]
Cleo plus Cleo's heart forever!
Oh, I suppose having heart
is important for acting.
If something happens to that,
I become heartless,
drained of my inner glow.
Then there's no way
I would be cast as Cleopatra.
-Do you have another sister?
-Just Nefera, which is more
than enough. Why?
'Cause you said
Nefera is in Scaris,
but that girl behind you
looks a lot like you.
-But even more royal.
[upbeat music playing]
Cleo, my most precious
little sister!
Love you so much.
Can you believe
I'm back already?
No. And I don't want to.
There was so much more
I had planned in Scaris,
but how could I say no
when Mrs. O'Shriek
begged me to come audition
for Cleopatra?
What to do? What to do?
[gasps] Inspo alert.
If I kicked my royal rating
up to 100, I'd get the role.
And we all know
what makes you royal jewels.
Imagine me wearing
Cleopatra's jewels.
Mrs. O'Shriek would
think Cleopatra herself
was auditioning.
But Cleopatra's necklace
isn't here.
Must still be in
the family tomb.
Guess I'll need someone
to sneak into the tomb
and get it.
Wait. We're going to Egypt?
I think I might need
my dad to sign
a permission slip for that.
No. First, the tomb is here.
And second,
we're sending my scarabs.
Should we tell her
that's a paperweight?
My family has so many treasures,
we made them fun size.
My mummy powers give me
a backstage pass,
opening doors you didn't
even know were there.
It only unlocks
for royal mummies.
Hello, my little beetle babies.
Bring me Cleopatra's jewels,
-[scarabs chittering]
-[pyramid whirs]
[pyramid chimes]
[both chittering]
A price?
But my family owns them. [sighs]
Looks like we're going to have
to take care of this ourselves.
I was hoping you'd say that.
There you are!
Wait. Did you
join the track team?
'Cause you ran out
of the Coffin Bean
like you wanted
to set a new record.
Aren't you going
to introduce us?
meet Clawdeen and Frankie.
Oh, hi! Well, good thing
I brought extra souvenirs,
just in case my sister made
new friends while I was gone.
Clawdeen, distract her while
Frankie and I get the jewels.
Cleo, do you like this?
Where did Cleo and Frankie go?
Oh, urgent snack break. OK.
Uh, my turn to ask you
a question. Um, about this.
Oh, the mummy talisman?
I learned all about it
in my queen training.
Its power can only be wielded
by the chosen
mummy representative,
the one who proves themselves
with the most selfless act.
[scarabs chittering]
Cleopatra's necklace
is right there.
[laughs] Incompetent scarabs.
-What's this?
-I don't know.
I've never been in here before.
You want to go first?
Yep. Anything for you, Cleo
-[man] Intruder, out!
Frankie? [sighs]
Must be a family member's
only deal.
The talisman will glow
in the hands of the chosen one.
[both] Ugh!
Your family tomb is wild.
Wait, Cleo's in there?
But it hasit has incredibly
dangerous booby traps.
You know, it'll be fine
as long as she doesn't touch
any of the irresistible
sparkling jewels.
She went there
specifically to touch
the irresistible sparkling
jewels, didn't she?
With this necklace,
I'll look just like Cleopatra.
Now the lead role will be
[gasps] Ah!
This has to work.
-[device grinding]
[booby trap rattles]
Cleo, watch out!
-What do we do?
-If we go out of this box,
we'll go straight back
to the dorm.
Oh, we can't just leave them!
Ah! [gasps]
[traps rattling, crashing]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! [screams]
No, Nefera!
I can't reach.
Just hold on!
Ugh! Like I have a choice!
[dramatic music playing]
[gasps, screams]
Um, not to be that mummy,
but you're usually the one
that knows everything.
What should I do?
What treasure did you move?
-Cleopatra's necklace.
You know, the one
with the charms
and all the bobbly bits.
Why do you have to
do things like that?
-If you were just
-Yeah, I know.
I'll never reach your high bar,
but I'm trying, OK?
-Sorry. I didn't mean
-Never mind that.
The sundial is ticking.
Mutual apologies later.
OK, that necklace is called
the Heart of Cleopatra.
To escape the tomb,
you either have to put it back
or pay the price and replace it
with something equal,
another heart.
OK, easy.
B-R-B means "be right back,"
in case that one
didn't make it to Scaris.
-[necklace chimes]
-[both whimper]
I can't.
Um, you have to, I think,
or we meet our mortal doom.
Starring in a play
is not worth it!
But saving your mom is. Duh.
[gasps] The mummy talisman.
-Impressive throw, Cleo.
-[both yelp]
Goodbye, heart.
It was super cool
that you let me feel emotions
all these years.
I'd missed that,
if missing were something
I could do without you nearby.
[man] You are now free
to move about the pyramid.
Oh, no, your heart.
Once we leave the pyramid,
you'll be too far away from it.
-[Nefera screams]
-[Nefera] Cleo!
Clawdeen, Frankie, hold my legs.
[all grunting]
[Cleo] Nefera!
[both grunt]
Oh, you saved me!
You were so heroic.
I couldn't let someone
so adorable
plunge to the depths.
The masses would
never forgive me.
Ugh. Fine.
Cleo! I kind of
want to hug you, too.
You found the mummy talisman.
What can I say? I'm amazing.
But your heart.
Aren't you doomed
to be heartless now?
Tragic, huh?
The price had to be all samesies
to the Heart of Cleopatra.
And I couldn't leave
the mummy talisman here
knowing we need it
to get Clawdeen's mom back.
But it's your heart.
There must be another way.
Hmm. Gonna try something.
Sorry if it traps us
all in here forever.
[teeth clack]
And now tomb and tombees,
welcome to the stage
the heart of Frankie!
Got you something.
[mellow music playing]
The talisman has to be wielded
by the mummy representative.
You'll need to put it in
the portal at the ceremony.
[necklace whooshing]
No, it's not me.
You're the chosen one, Cleo.
You proved yourself
with the most
selfless act I have ever seen.
Me? [gasps]
No one's ever chosen me
over you.
But if the universe insists!
One more talisman down.
One step closer to Mom.
Thanks, Cleo.
I think all of that sounds
like cause for celebration.
Party night?
-[electricity crackling]
I decided to hard pass
on the play.
Who has time for that
when I have the role
of a lifetime to fulfill?
I've even been working
on my speech for the big night.
Welcome, monsters,
to the Blood Moon
Eclipse Ceremony.
Now, everyone follow me
in placing your talismans
so we can open the portal.
Shimmy, shimmy, grapevine,
turn Oh, oh!
Totally meant to do that.
[closing theme music playing]
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