Monster High (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

What's Up Watzie?/So Familiar

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
[whispering] We're Monster High.
[eerie music playing]
[Frankie cackling]
[thunder crashes]
So yesterday, I was
working in the lab
on my greatest creation yet
The Term Papernator!
I called it that
because I convinced
our teacher to let me
invent a robot
instead of writing
a long report.
[coughs, sighs]
Just need Huh? Ah.
-Thanks, my little
lab partner in mad science.
-A best frankenfriend
like you is all I need.
[gasps] Well, all I need
is you and more time
to figure this thing out.
Good thing the Term Papernator
isn't due yet. Wait!
That's not this month!
Oh, zap!
Not much time. Ugh.
[breathes deeply]
At least I got my Watzie.
[dragon rumbling]
[electricity crackling]
Whoa, did you have
a brain bin memory?
-Whatwhat did you see?
I bet it was something fun,
like playing
-in a pit full of bones.
Huh, your tail's never been
droopy before.
What's wrong?
That gave you a memory?
I don't know much about dragons,
but I do know a delivery dragon.
-Come on.
I made you enough
stir fright rice
and diced haunt dogs
for the trip.
Farewell, Mortimer!
[barks, pants]
Oh, oh. It's just you, Watzie.
-And just me, too.
-How may I help you, Frankie?
Actually, Headmistress, I wanted
the delivery dragon's help.
Sorry, but Mortimer has gone
for his yearly dragon migration,
of course.
-But I know a thing or two
about dragons,
if I can be of assistance.
Careful, Watzie!
That's six years of work
you might break.
Hmm, it looks like
you're doing vampersize,
but don't know what that's
gotta do with dragons.
Oh, right, your tail
is from a dragon,
just like my pinkie toe was
from a zombie podiatrist.
[toe] Shoes.
[whimpers, whines]
Oh, since you've
got a bit of dragon,
you wanna go
on the migration, too.
-Go ahead.
See you at dinner tonight.
I got you a can of
your favorite bistle
and gristle food.
Actually, Frankie,
the dragon migration
lasts three moon phases.
The dragon friends gather
at Fang Fire Island
for a really,
really long creep over party.
Three moon phases?
That's, like, an eternity.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Just thinking about it
makes my heart all hurty.
Aw, thanks,
but you gotta go, right?
[dragons roaring]
No? Well, that's super news!
Well, if Watzie
wants to stay with you,
then maybe it works differently
for franken-part-dragons
-like him.
-That's gotta be it.
-Thanks, Headmistress.
-[slams door]
-[Bloodgood] Oh, oh!
Don't worry, Watzie.
If you need something
to keep you undroopy,
then I know exactly what to do.
Well, I don't know.
But I know that Clawdeen
and Draculaura will.
-I don't know what to do.
-Me either.
But my monster
encyclopedia will.
Says here that a dragon's
instinct is what makes it
-take flight and migrate.
So why didn't he do that?
Well, it looked
like he wanted to go,
but then he didn't.
Which made me happy,
'cause thinking of all that time
without him felt
like my heart was
being chewed up by a giant
mouth of big, sharp teeth.
We don't always do
what our instincts tell us,
especially when
it's a tough choice.
Same for dragons, Watzie?
Oh, bolts.
It's the double-droopies.
We gotta do something
that dragons like. Quick!
Yeah. Let's get our dragon on.
Don't you worry, Watzie.
I'm gonna make sure you get
the best dragon day ever.
[Clawdeen] First, dragons
love treasure,
especially jewels.
-Who doesn't?
-[sniffs, whimpers]
Ohh, I see.
Holding out
for the good stuff, hmm?
Here, put these on.
Feast your eyes
on the Cleo collection
-[shimmering tone]
-My parents always give me
jewelry for my birthday.
If they even looked
at my Amazombie wish list,
they'd know I've wanted
a new harp
for the last 500 years.
But alas, showered
with sparkles.
[Frankie] Thanks, Cleo.
But Watzie is even
droopier than before.
We'll need to try
something else.
Ooh! Ow, ow, ow, silver!
This pile needs
a vampire hazard warning.
Next up, dragons love fire.
Anything to help
a fellow fiend in need.
There's no flame I wouldn't fan,
no fire I wouldn't stoke
-[phone chimes]
I'm late for Days of Our
Undead Lives with my Gammy.
And it's the season finale!
Oh, he's still sad and droopy.
There must be something
else in that book we can try.
-Oh! How about
-Gonna show you
All the magic ♪
Gonna take you
Round the world ♪
Time to get
This party started ♪
Get that pep back
In your paws ♪
So turn that frown
Upside down ♪
Raise those claws ♪
Let's go ♪
Gonna find that
Fire inside of you ♪
And light it up
Light it up ♪
When we get together
We're ready to ♪
Light it up
Light it up ♪
It's your time
You know it ♪
Got some tricks
Up our sleeves ♪
Yeah, we're gonna
Do it right ♪
Get that crew together
And it's gonna be a riot ♪
Drop the truth
It's a scoop ♪
We're about to hit the sky ♪
Where we go
Nobody knows ♪
Together we will fly ♪
Light it up, light it up ♪
Light it up, light it up ♪
[tools clanging]
[Frankie] I don't know why
I didn't realize it sooner.
Dragon migration
is all about flying together!
I can fly with Watzie.
You sure this is gonna work?
Flying is dead simple,
once you get the hang of it.
Just flap your wings.
Once we fly together,
Watzie will be happy again.
I feel it in my
interchangeable limbs
that this is gonna work.
Oh, at last,
my model is complete.
-Flap my wings, flap my wings!
-[gasps] My model!
Oops! Oh, sorry, Headmistress.
So, see you in detention.
Flap my wings,
flap my wings! Oh!
-You OK?
Oh, it went different
than I imagined.
-I flapped, but I did not fly.
-Wait. Where's Watzie?
-Drooping ears,
drooping tail, drooping wings.
Oh, no! The triple-droopies.
Ohh, I'm the worst bestie ever.
Oh, I should be comforting you.
I just don't know how to.
There's nothing left
in the monster encyclopedia.
There is one last thing
we can do.
Spa day! [giggles]
Spas started on Fang Fire Island
with the dragons'
yearly grooming rituals.
Nothing cures a case
of the dragon droopies
like molten maniclaws.
[sighs] This pawdicure
bath is killer.
I can really feel
the wyvern venom
eating away at my calluses.
Is this what
you've been wanting, Watzie?
-Ah! Spilled lava polish!
-Watch out!
-Maniclaws another day.
Polish remover, take it away!
-Oh, Watzie.
You still seem so sad,
like your heart
got all chewed up.
You know, Frankie, I think
Watzie's dragon piece
still needs to go,
but all his other pieces
-wanna stay with you.
Mm-hmm. That's definitely
the look of "I love you,
and I don't wanna do anything
that would make you sad."
But if he still needs
dragon stuff,
does that mean I'm not enough?
That I'm the wrong
best frankenfriend for him?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just because your friend
needs something
in addition to you
doesn't mean there's
something wrong with you.
Yeah. No one can be
everything to anyone,
-not even me.
-Guess that's true.
I mean, you two are
my best friends ever.
But if I wanna go swimming,
I go with Lagoona,
because Draculaura takes forever
to apply sunscreen.
Or when I wanna
play video games,
I wanna do that with Ghoulia,
because you two always talk
-through the cutscenes. Or
-OK, OK. We get it.
But even though
missing you will hurt,
my love is a lot bigger
and a lot stronger.
And I don't want
you to do anything
that makes you hurt
just because you
don't want me to hurt.
Watzie Stein,
my partner in mad science
and best frankenfriend forever,
I want you to go
on your migration.
I'llI'll be OK here.
And nothing can
make me feel better
than knowing you're happy.
[barks happily]
[growling happily]
I know it's hard,
but you did the right thing.
Maybe I should be
like Cleo and wear
my heart outside my body.
It just hurts my
insides too much.
You let Watzie go
because you love him.
And I'd do anything
to make him happy.
Huh, the spa day did work.
Well, the friend part,
not the spa part.
The spa works
in mysterious ways.
I sure miss Watzie.
But I know he'll be back soon.
And while he's gone,
I'm extra glad that I have
lots of different kinds
of best friends, too.
Did someone say "zappuccinos"?
Nope, I didn't say anything.
Draculaura meant
we brought snacks.
One of my body
parts must have been
really good in a past life
to deserve friends
-as good as you.
-Don't mention it.
Or do, publicly and profusely.
-[phone buzzes]
-Ooh, a text from Watzie!
He's making new friends!
Oh, I'm so happy for him.
[all] Aww!
[bassy electronic
music playing]
Only ten minutes
to do my iBall journal
before class.
I was totally going
to do it while I was home
for the weekend, but Dad kept
my schedule packed.
Then I planned to do it as soon
as I got back to Monster High.
But Frankie and
Clawdeen just got back
from their weekends home,
and we had
a lot of catching up to do.
[all squealing, giggling]
I missed you both so much!
How was your first
time hiking, Frankie?
I loved it!
But now I can't wait to
slip into my house feet.
Grab them for me, Clawdeen?
[sniffs] Yuck!
Here, allow me to lend a hand
without using my actual hands.
Whoa! You're really getting
good at witchcraft, Draculaura.
Speaking of, how was your
weekend in Transylvania?
It was OK.
I love my dad and hanging out
with everyone at the mansion,
and I can cope
without witchcraft
for one weekend.
But when I'm there,
everyone treats me
like a baby bloodsucker.
I can't fly alone,
I have a 6:00 a.m. curfew,
I have to take
midnight dirt naps,
-and I still have a babysitter
hovering over
Count Fabulous?
Um, we're in the floating wing
of Monster High, and, um
I've been practicing witchcraft.
-I'm going to tell Dad
when the time is right.
Is that OK?
[clears throat]
Oh, right.
Frankie, Clawdeen,
meet Count Fabulous.
Ohh, what a cutie! Hi, I'm
That brain bit from the King
of Goreway paid off.
Why didn't you say
you got a new bat?
Oh, he's not new.
All baby vampires have a bat.
They're like our babysitters.
But now that I'm
in my teenage centuries,
he's supposed to be
going into retirement.
-Oh, my old cuddle jammies?
You thought I needed
them here, now?
Count, I'm not
a baby bloodsucker!
I've got something that'll turn
that fangy frown upside down.
While Dad was telling Clawd
all his greatest hit stories,
I went to a witch pop-up
and found this.
[gasps] A witchcraft codex?
[squeals] That is the book
for high-level witchcraft.
[Clawdeen] When I saw it, I knew
I had to get it for you.
Hmm. No instructions?
Find the sound, read aloud!
[all gasp]
Chapter one: Welcome
to the wonderful world
of witchcraft.
Wait a minute.
I don't usually say that.
I don't usually say anything.
-What's going on?
-A little speaking spell.
Well done, young witch.
Sounds like you're ringing
for the spells I'm bringing.
The thing is,
the only way to unlock me
is with your true
witch's familiar.
Your familiar? What's that?
A witch's companion animal.
It's usually a cat,
hence the paw print.
But I don't have one.
Are you sure you're a witch?
Well, um
I'm self-taught, and
Um, Draculaura's not
your traditional witch.
She's also a vampire.
A vampire witch?
This is all very weird.
But if you don't get
your familiar to open me
in six hours, my spells
will be lost to you forever
-when I self-destruct.
-[clock ticking]
-If you self-destruct,
-do I get a refund?
-[Codex] Nope.
High-level spells
can't fall into the hands
of low-grade baby witches
who can't handle the magic.
Plus, it adds stakes!
Stakes? Vampires are not fans
of stakes.
OK, this isn't a big deal. Hmm.
A witch's familiar should be
close to the witch.
Maybe mine showed up
while we were gone.
Uh, familiar? Are you here?
-I'll look in the wardrobe.
-And I'll look behind this
giant pile of homework.
Homework? Oh, zaps.
I haven't done my homework yet.
-Oh, furballs. Neither have I.
[Codex] I do contain
a homework-in-a-flash spell.
But I can't just give away
all this witchy goodness
to non-real witch amateurs.
So, bye!
Come on, boos.
The key to all of it
is to find my familiar.
Hey, maybe it's Count Fabulous.
-Ah, that's sweet, Frankie,
but the paw print
is clearly cat.
Maybe my cat just got lost
trying to find me in the maze
of Monster High's halls.
You can stay here.
I don't need you
looking after me.
I've searched tower to tunnels,
and no familiar anywhere.
All I found was some
old popcorn under a seat
in the clawditorium.
[sucking teeth]
Oh. Kernel stuck in my tooth.
Hmm. I've been using my
werewolf eyes to search,
but maybe my werewolf howl
will find that familiar.
-[cats meowing, growling]
[Clawdeen] Ahh!
I didn't know my own power!
-[both gasp]
-[cats meowing]
Ah! Ah! This paw is not the paw
we're looking for.
-[cats clamoring]
-[struggling efforts]
Who knew herding cats
would be like herding cats?
-Oh! Ah!
That's all the cats.
Not a single one
was my familiar.
I'm starting to think
it may be easier
just to do our homework.
I think we're in too deep.
Six feet deep.
Ugh! And honestly, it's not
even about the homework.
Pretty sure that's exactly
what it was about for me.
It's just
I know I'm a good witch,
and I'm ready
for the spells in here.
I'm ready to get a familiar.
I have to be.
Because if I'm not good
enough by now, will I ever be?
Maybe vampires just aren't
meant to be witches.
[Count Fabulous squeals] Tada!
Nosbearatu used to
always make me feel better.
But not anymore.
-Hey, Count?
I can tell you love Dracu
How do I get
a fancy bat to listen?
New plan!
[Codex] Oh, well.
This is a lovely place
to spend my final moments.
Actually, Codex, I can't
let you self-destruct.
My witchhood
and straight-A average
depends on it.
If I'm going to open you,
it's going to be
with witchcraft.
Eyes frightening, end is nigh.
Send lightning from the sky!
[lightning zapping]
[gasps] Frankie, are you OK?
Ah, just a little staticky.
My charge
is an excellent conductor.
Oh, sorry. My fur makes me
super susceptible
to static cling.
Maybe I should take a step back.
Send lightning from the sky!
Uh, maybe a little farther.
Uh, sorry. Static cling.
Send lightning from the sky!
-Did it work?
-[Frankie] I'd look,
but I got a big static cling
thing happening.
[cats meowing]
We have a few more minutes.
Think, brains, think!
You two are the best boos.
But I think I need
to face the facts.
Maybe I am just
a baby bloodsucker
who will never be a witch,
and needs her bat
to babysit her forever.
[somber music playing]
Good evening, Count!
I, uh, knoweth ye have knowneth
Draculaura for a long time.
But sometimes, as we grow up,
things that worked before
don't work anymore.
And maybe the best thing
your Countness can do right now
is listen-eth.
-You want to know
what's going on in there?
Well, I appreciate you.
But you have to
realize I'm a teenager,
and my problems can't be
solved with baby stuff.
-Some of them can't
be solved at all.
[chuckles] Thanks, Count.
I know you're supposed to be
retiring now.
And even if I want to leave my
baby vampire identity behind,
I don't want to leave you.
Instead of baby bloodsucker
and baby bloodsucker-sitter,
-maybe we can be friends?
Great. You're my favorite,
even if you're not my familiar.
Well, looks like time's
[audio slows]
[clock ticking]
-You're a shapeshifter?
And you're my familiar!
What a relief.
Should have listened to
frankenfriend over there.
They called it
from the beginning.
He's right. Sorry, Frankie.
Eh, you can make it up to me
by helping me not flunk.
On the plus side,
you figured out
that you have a familiar
who loves you for who you are.
And he's a bat-cat,
just like you're a witch-vamp.
-That's like a two-for-one deal.
Our homework!
Now, let's see here.
Time is short, the work undone.
So the homework's done,
and now so is my monster minute.
Come on, Count.
Mrs. O'Shriek is gonna love you.
Help a witch out,
and what thanks do I get?
Alone, abandoned.
You could at least drop me off
at the library!
[closing theme music playing]
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