Monster High (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Crushed/Over Bro-tective

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
[whispering] We're Monster High.
[upbeat music playing]
Good evening, iBall.
Today was one
of the biggest days of my life!
But for anybody,
the day of fearleading tryouts
would be a big day.
Clawdeen and I wanted
to join Draculaura on the team
because us roomies
do everything together.
We've got spirits! Yes, we do!
We've got spirits! How about
Whoops. [chuckles nervously]
[gasps, grunts]
Good effort!
Give it up for Heath!
Next up, Clawdeen!
-A half-human on the squad?
G to the R to the O
to the double S. Gross.
[cheers and applause]
Clawesome! And next up, Frankie!
Hi-paw! You got this, Frankie!
If you get nervous,
just remember
our eye scream party
after today's pep rally.
-New friend tradition!
Gonna eat that
eye scream so fast,
all my brains will freeze!
Give me an X!
Give me a K! Give me a Q!
-What's that spell?
Wait. What does that spell?
Thank you, Frankie.
As your head fearleader,
I wish everyone
could be on the team.
I opposite of wish
everyone could be on the team,
but final decision is up
to Coach Thunderbird.
Up first to join our squad,
welcome freshmonster Clawd!
Whose routine left us desirous?
-It could only be dreadful Iris!
He brings the doom and gloom-a!
-Give it up for fearless Kuma!
With the fiercest moves
I've ever seen,
-let's all welcome our Clawdeen!
-[both squeal]
[chuckles] Oh, that's it, folks.
Thanks, everyone.
See you at tonight's pep rally.
-Tryout fail. Ugh.
Didn't make the team?
Sorry. But try again next year.
That's, like,
nine and a half lifetimes away!
Oh, Frankie, don't cry.
You're going to make me cry too.
And this mas-cary
is not waterproof.
-We always hang out together.
And I don't know
how I'm gonna have fun
knowing that you're not,
so I won't join either.
No, I don't want
to ruin it for you.
You should still do it.
Really? Are you sure?
I don't want you to feel bad.
See? I don't feel bad. I'm fine.
You fearlead.
I gotta get ready for class.
Thanks, Frankie.
Not making the team? Major burn.
Only a mass text can convey
my mass disappointment.
-How many exclamations in "ugh"?
So this is disappointment.
I've felt a lot of feelings
happy, sad, confused,
elated, excited,
electrically ecstatic
but I've never been
disappointed before.
And I don't like it.
How do I make
the bad feels go away?
My feelings feel worse
than when Watzie left
for the dragon migration.
At least then, I had Draculaura
and Clawdeen with me.
What am I supposed to do now?
My dad told me two things.
always practice your fiddle.
Second, bottle up
your feelings, son.
It's best to ignore them."
Oh, so all I need is a bottle?
Well, that seems easy queasy!
-And so
-Thanks, Heath!
I did that for a long time.
But then, I started therapy,
and I realized that bottling up
my feelings was unhealthy.
Yeah, you gotta
get your feelings out
by expressing yourself!
Share your feelings!
Spread 'em like wildfire!
-Uh, Frankie?
-They bounced a while ago.
[sighs] Rejection really stings.
Aw. Hug, Heath?
Yeah. Thanks, Spectra.
[gasps, grunts]
Found one.
Now, how to get feelings
in the bottle.
Being alive's confusing.
[echoing] Disappointment!
-[iBall clatters]
Maybe doing my monster minute
will take my mind off this.
Hi, iBall. Tryouts were
Aw, well, Clawdeen got picked
and I didn't.
And now, I'm going to miss
the friend fearleading fun.
Hmm? So that's how bottling up
your feelings works.
I just gotta use this to
get rid of all the bad feels.
Then I can get eye scream
at the Coffin Bean
with the roomies,
and I won't bring them down.
Mmm, eye scream.
[somber music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Frankie. As self-proclaimed
party princess
and slayer
of eye scream socials,
I am taking post-pep rally
eye scream requests.
So do you want mint
electric chip or shocky road?
Don't care, Cleo. Whatever.
But you love eye scream.
[Cleo] Oh, my Ra!
Clawdeen's fearleading outfit
is killer!
Clawdeen and Draculaura match,
and I'll never match with them.
Frankie, do you have FOMO?
-Fear of missing out.
Not anymore.
See you at the pep rally.
-Frankie, how are you doing?
Fine. Great.
How was fearleading practice?
Oh, it was so clawesome!
We were practicing the pyramid,
and Draculaura said,
"What about the pyra-beginning
and the pyra-end?"
-It was funny.
I guess
you had to be there for it.
One sec.
Hey, Frankie,
Draculaura and I gotta go.
It's time for the pep rally.
We'll see you there!
Yep, from the stands.
[Cleo] Aw, Frankie.
You saved me a seat.
Okay, your level of pep
for a pep rally
is seriously lacking.
So spill.
What happened with tryouts?
I don't know what went wrong.
I just didn't make the team.
I'm sorry. Sometimes
disappointing things happen.
Put your hands, paws, claws,
and ectoplasm together
for Monster High's
new fear squad!
[marching band music playing]
Gotta bottle up!
-[rapid whirring]
Oh! Oh, no!
-I can't see!
-[both grunt]
[Clawdeen howls] My toe!
-I'm drowning in pom-poms!
It's the pyra-end!
We can't do a pep rally
in the dark!
Darkness isn't peppy!
Can anyone see my iCoffin?
Ooh! Oh!
Oh, bolts! What do I do now?
Follow my nightlight.
Sorry, didn't see you there!
Oops! Sorry!
Wait, I think
I just apologized to my seat.
I'm not so great with the dark.
Uh, not because
I'm scared of it!
The dark is scared of me.
That's why I sleep
with a nightlight.
Cleo, do you have an extra
feelings bottle I can borrow?
Mine broke.
Feelings bottle?
Bottles are for organs,
not feelings.
Oh, heard something different.
-Hey, wait.
You look like you've been
needing to talk all day.
No, thanks. Don't want
to put all my bad feels on you.
Frankie, that is sweeter
than a mummy
embalmed with honey,
but I've got
my sympathetic ear on today.
It's open to hear
all the bad feels.
I wanted to be a fearleader
with Draculaura and Clawdeen!
We'd make pyramids
and eat eye scream,
and I could have pom-poms!
Pom-poms are amazing!
But I didn't make the team,
and now my friends
are having fun without me.
And the worst part is
I can't even tell them about it
'cause makes me a party pooper!
-Lots of layers there.
Luckily, you have
an emotional superstar
here to unpack it.
First, letting out is way better
than bottling it up.
Bottling up the bad ends up
bottling up the good too.
Second, if you can't let it out
to Clawdeen and Draculaura,
you can let it out to me,
or journal, or get
your smooth self to therapy,
or just shout it out to the sky.
Let it out?
I wanted to be a fearleader!
Oh! Uh, yes! Okay,
release your inner geyser.
Oh, wow! That big bolt
didn't leave me feeling bad.
I'm kinda charged up now.
[chuckles] I know, right?
Top-level emotional processing
is what gives me enough energy
to juggle school, clubs,
and plotting
to take over the throne.
-Thanks, Cleo.
Think I'm ready
to watch the pep rally.
Oh, no! I completely
ruined the pep rally!
I have to save it!
[all screaming]
By the power of feeling stuff!
[munches loudly, chuckles]
And the show can go on!
Monster High,
meet your new fear squad!
Go, Clawdeen! Go, Draculaura!
Go, fear squad!
-All right! Yeah!
Whoo-hoo! All right!
[Frankie] So, iBall,
the first big thing I learned
on this really big day
is that it's okay
if us roomies
don't do everything together.
And the even bigger thing
I learned
is that sharing my feelings
with my friends
makes us even better friends.
Being honest about how I feel
would never scare away
real friends like
Clawdeen and Draculaura
and Cleo.
And learning that makes me
feel so happy I could cry.
Nothing sweeter
than the tears of joy.
[eerie music playing]
How do I Here. Hey.
Um, so everyone else
went to bed,
and now that I'm alone,
I guess
I should do my monster minute.
Well, it's been two weeks
at Monster High,
and I'm eating it up.
[chuckles] Not literally.
But we Behemians catch on quick.
-And three, two, one.
-[school bell rings]
Now I don't even bolt
every time the bell rings.
And I'm getting to know
my sister more every day.
I can't believe
you're doing this before me.
When I was five,
you were still in utero.
By my calculations,
time in Beheme moves
exactly 1.6 times faster
than time on Earth,
-so he's 16.
-Precisely, dear Frankie,
meaning I can fly
and Clawdeen can't.
Before, it was always
just me and my mom.
I miss her, pero I'm so glad
to be with the rest
of mi familia,
like my dad.
Dad, Clawd and I
are gonna go, uh, cliff diving.
-Hope that's cool.
It most certainly is not cool!
When Clawdeen told me the story,
it sounded unbelievable.
Now, seeing you here,
what I can't believe
is that I missed my son grow
into the sharp,
worldly werewolf before me.
We have a lot of time
to make up for it, Papi.
I heard about your
and Selena's pest business.
Want to see my gadgets?
We nerded out for hours.
That Cucuy Catcher
would've been useful in Beheme.
I wish we didn't have
to go back to school.
Me too. It's tough,
us all being separated.
But it's a little easier
now that I know
you two will be together.
Protect your sister, okay?
Dad, I can take care of myself.
[Apollo] I know, Sweetie-Pups,
which is why I need you
to watch out for your brother.
I'm not used to looking out
for anyone but myself.
I've never been
a big brother before.
[iCoffin ringing]
[Clawdeen] Clawd, come quick
to the secret passageways!
-[footsteps approaching]
You, my big bro,
are being inducted
into the Growl-o-Games.
A day of the most PJ-wearing,
secret passageway
gaming games of all!
We play here because this
is not for the faint of heart.
Literally. Lagoona's
last boyfriend fainted
during laser tag and nearly
singed off his eyefins.
He thought
the lasers would be fake.
Newbie mistake.
-So you in?
-Oh, it's so on!
[card growls]
No, Clawdeen! That's a wild!
-[cards growling]
Undo! Undo!
-Are you okay? Were you bit?
Did you get a paper cut?
-Whoa, I'm fine.
You know
I can handle a game, right?
-Who's up for Capture
the Sleeping Baby Leviathan?
-Ooh! Ooh, me, me, me!
-How do we play?
-We split up into two teams.
Your teams wins
by getting the baby leviathan
into the goal without waking it.
-So if it wakes up, we lose?
Plus, you face the rage,
and razor-sharp teeth of terror
of a baby leviathan
that just got rudely awoken.
It's fun.
[Deuce shushing]
You're okay. It's okay.
Just gotta get you
to my team's end zone,
and we win. Yes, we do.
Yes, we [gasps]
Whoa! Oh!
-[Clawdeen shushing]
Clawdeen, watch out!
[gasps, grunts]
Clawd, we're on the same team.
It looked like it was waking up.
I was protecting you.
-All right!
You must never wake
a sleeping baby leviathan,
-or you'll come
to great bodily harm!
-I know that, hence:
Silent Capture
the Sleeping Baby Leviathan!
Partners Hide and Shriek,
Ooh, I call dibs on Draculaura.
[chuckles] Okay.
But we are not hiding
in one of your water pipes
Too wet. [shudders]
They're gonna find us.
We need to move hiding spots.
We're not moving.
I'm trying to protect you.
I don't need
Huh, thought
I heard werewolf panting.
Let's check the pipes.
I'm sure Lagoona convinced Drac
to hide in the U-Bend
for the 100th time.
[Clawd and Clawdeen screaming]
Ay, my cheeks. [whimpers]
A dionaea muscipula gigantus?
If you mean giant Venus flytrap,
yeah, incredibly dangerous.
We used to search for these
in Beheme.
They're rare but perfect for
controlling catacomb crawlers.
-Um, what are you looking for?
-Uh, the exit.
We're probably looking
pretty juicy
compared to those
catacomb crawlers.
[Clawdeen] There! A trap door!
Unless you know a way past
the smartest plant
in the monster world,
-we're trapped.
-No worries.
Our friends will see
we're missing and find us.
-[both] Found ya!
Never again.
Wolf duo still at large?
Yeah. Figure they'll come out
when they realize
we've stopped looking.
Then again,
werewolves are so stubborn.
-It could be days.
-Anyone up for dodgeball?
Its vines are so fast.
Maybe we can throw bones
to distract it.
-Or not.
-What if we destroy its pot?
-Way too dangerous.
Dionaea muscipula are
very protective of their roots.
It could backfire.
I don't want you in harm's way.
You'd be in harm's way, too,
not just me.
And I could handle it.
We could try to put it to sleep.
Oh, do you have a Venus
flytrap lullaby I'm unaware of?
If you ever feel ♪
Like you are all alone ♪
Look up at the moon
And I'll be there ♪
I don't think it likes that!
What if we use our speed
against it?
Run in circles and loops
until it gets all knotted up?
Keep it from lashing out at us.
I've been doing speed drills,
Good idea. I'll do it.
As the older, bigger wolf,
I've got more speed.
Just because you're bigger
doesn't Oh, brother.
[whimpers, screaming]
[distant screaming]
Do you hear something?
-[both] Nope.
-I got nothing.
I bet Clawd got so bored,
he fell asleep.
That dude snores so loud.
I haven't gotten
a decent day's sleep
since he moved into the dorms.
[chuckles] Oh!
Stay calm!
Play dead! I got you!
[blows raspberry]
Hey! Over here!
[both grunt]
[panting] That was close.
-Thank you so much.
-Why wouldn't you
-let me do it?
-What do you mean?
Just because
I didn't grow up in Beheme
and just because
I'm slightly smaller
and just because I'm
"technically" a year younger
doesn't make me
any less capable than you.
You're being so overprotective,
it's like I've been declawed.
I don't think any of that.
You're an amazing werewolf.
Then why won't you let me
do anything myself?
I just
I don't want to lose you.
I lived 16 years without you.
If something were
to happen now, I don't
Oh, Clawd.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have smothered you.
You saved my life.
Dad told me to protect you,
but it's clear
you don't need me.
Oh, I definitely
need my big bro.
Who else would I
compare hairballs with?
And Dad told me
to look after you, too.
So we can protect each other
as teammates,
not necessarily from every
tiny splinter and paper cut
-but from the big stuff.
-Whatever that may be,
knock on poisonwood.
Besides, I'm pretty clueless
about werewolf siblingdom, too.
This isn't gonna be all
moonlight and corpse flowers,
but we can
figure it out together.
Oh, hundo p together.
Wait, moonlight. That's it.
Dionaea muscipula gigantus
are sensitive to light.
If we can find a way
to shine light at it,
we may be able to stun it
long enough for us
to get to the door and escape.
-Ha, bro, you're a genius!
-Thanks, sis.
But I don't know where we're
gonna find a light source.
My moon claw!
It lights up when I transform!
If you can lift me up on your
shoulders like you did earlier,
I can reach high enough
to shine the necklace at it,
and we can get outta here!
Let's do it.
It's working! Keep going!
-Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Both the flip and
the human transformation thing.
[Clawdeen] Come on!
[both screaming]
[all grunt]
-Ha! We win Hide and Shriek!
-[Deuce] Yeah!
[both laugh]
[Clawd] So where was I?
Well, I'm not nervous about
being a big brother anymore.
I'm just excited to learn more
about my lil sis,
who's maybe
not so little after all.
-[cards growling]
-Not again!
-[card hissing]
[closing theme music playing]
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