Monster High (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

Horrorscare/Flaunt Your Skeleton

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever,
literally ♪
We might walk, might swim,
might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
run the night ♪
We're Monster,
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[eerie music]
for today's journal entry,
feast your eye
on my current obsession
Pearl Ryuzaki!
This wani , that's a
Japanese water dragon ,
has got style, poise,
and amazing talent
for jewelry design.
-[phone chimes]
-You okay, Cleo?
Pearl's new sea glass
bracelet design just dropped.
-Oh, pretty.
-You know her?
I've seen every single one
of her posts.
Oh, we're so samesies.
Oh, you're looking at EekTok.
We might be the only two
monsters in this school
who aren't obsessing over
that new fortune telling,
horoscare app.
Horoscopes just aren't
my thing, you know?
But everyone else
is really into 'em.
Music will lure
your true love.
Come to me, mi amor.
[toots harsh horn]
A nice surprise awaits you
in a small package.
Today, you will catch
someone's eye.
Someone's eye?
Must mean Iris.
[distant screaming]
-How do I get a horoscare app?
-Ugh, okay, here's the app.
But don't read
too much into it.
Fortunes are just for fun.
Maybe in the human world,
but in the monster world,
horoscares always come true.
Draculaura's right.
Mine said today will be super,
and it is.
Lunch with my boo crew?
Ooh, super duper!
Give me mine!
I command you,
iCoffin application!
A monster most precious
to you will enter your life
in an unexpected way today.
Oh, you're talking
about Pearl, right?
-Oh, my Ra.
Entering my life!
Is she coming to Monster High?
-I don't know about that.
So next stop, creepover parties
and best boos forever
-Oh, that's a big leap.
So unexpected.
I have to put together
a welcome party!
[gasps] Fun.
-I want to help.
-Come on, Frankie!
What do you have for me,
A ray of sunshine
will brighten your life.
Sunshine is a vampire's
I gotta grab my parasol!
Well, I guess
I'm the only monster
not obsessing over that app,
and the only one
who knows how to clean up
after myself.
Mmm, tofu mummy wrap.
Why humans are the greatest
threat to monster existence.
Ooh, good essay title.
Time for a break.
Let's see what everyone's been
making such a hissy fit about.
Your enemy will infiltrate
your safe haven.
You mean humans, right?
-Hi, Toralei.
Um, I mean,
your royal were-princess-ness.
Where's the rest
of the wolf pack?
Oh, they got a major case
of the scaredy cat
Scaredy caterpillars
after they got
their horoscares and they hid
in a secret werewolf den.
But it's okay.
I wouldn't want to miss
my date with Iris.
I haven't asked her yet,
but I got the flowers,
and the horoscare
will do the rest.
I have the purrfect way
for you to impress Iris.
You're going to help me
save Monster High.
The Coffin Bean's good
for a party.
-Is it good enough for Pearl?
Any party you're in charge of
is sure to be zaptacular.
You're so good at parties
and planning things
and picking things
and making things nicer
and sweeping
I should be sweeping.
Oh, my ghoul,
cleaning implements.
Horoscare fate avoided.
I have to tell Finnegan
about this.
Guess we're done cleaning.
What's next?
Party music!
[upbeat music]
[water whooshes]
No other music!
[toots harsh horn]
My true love won't be able
to hear my alluring melody.
[toots harsh horn]
[hums melody]
Yeah, yeah ♪
Pearl has posted "obsessed"
three times about these cakes.
The first batch
came out great,
but we'll need, like,
100 more for the party.
-Okay, we got the ingredients.
-And now we mix.
Yes, just like that.
Perfect, Frankie!
-[electricity crackles]
[mixer thuds and whirs]
-Oh, you got some right there.
[both chuckle]
[cake crunches]
My horoscare said
sweet things come
to those who wait,
and I waited the entire time
you were baking those
before I ate them.
[burps] Gluttony thanks you
for the snacks.
Well, we're down a few cakes.
But this party
will still be sweet.
Sweet, oh, good one.
[Toralei] Good thing
Headmistress Bloodgood
had these
ectoplasm papers leftover
from the giant monster fly
invasion last year.
You think a human
can find monster high?
Clawdeen found it,
and she's basically human,
and if this invading human
somehow gets through the gate,
we'll trap them!
And you really think
I can be a hero?
Like, an eye-catching hero?
I don't prowl
with werewolves much
being that we are
natural nemeses,
but you've got
what it takes, Barky.
Now let's get more traps.
Good news, the traps work.
Oh, ugh.
Made it myself for Pearl
to display her jewelry.
I think it'll work,
but let me check
the photo Pearl posted.
"Countdown: one hour to go
till I attend
a super fangtastic event."
She'll be here in an hour?
How can I amp up
the impressive factor,
my little beetle babies?
[all chittering]
-[electricity crackles]
If you need more impressive,
we need more
-We're here to help.
A flash mob?
Frankie, you genius, you!
Our routine is sure
to elevate any welcome party.
Yep, seen it,
and it's amazing.
Pearl is gonna adore this,
and I adore your brain.
Oh. [chuckles]
-[electricity crackles]
All right, fearleaders.
Toralei, you take the front
uh, wait, where's Toralei?
[phone ringing]
Toralei's iCoffin.
Toralei speaking.
[Draculaura] Toralei,
are you coming for
the welcome flash mob?
Who are you welcoming?
I don't know.
Someone Cleo likes.
Cleo is behind the attack?
I always knew she had
a gross obsession with humans,
but I never thought she'd
open the gate for a human.
Barky, we have to stop Cleo.
That'll be the best we can do
without Toralei.
I think Pearl will love it.
Now let's go meet her
at the gate.
Hi, Cleo.
Sorry, but I can't
let you go out there.
Toralei's orders.
Uh, my friend
will be here soon,
and I need to open the gate.
[playful organ music]
Fearleaders, flash mob
welcome that werewolf!
[whistle blowing]
What's up, what's up ♪
What's up at Monster High? ♪
You're up, you're up
You're up in the sky! ♪
What's up, what's up
What's up at Monster High? ♪
You're up, you're up
You're up in the sky! ♪
Horoscares really
do come true!
[dramatic music]
-Ectoplasm trap, oh zaps!
-Why are these here?
I had to do everything I could
to stop a human
from destroying Monster High.
Figures you'd be the one
to let them in.
What? No.
Pearl Ryuzaki is coming.
She's not a human.
Horoscares don't lie,
but human lovers do!
If we don't open the gate,
Pearl won't be able to get in,
and she'll be here any second.
We can make it in time.
Not if I can help it!
Don't you dare
let a human in here!
-Oh, you saved me.
-[phone chimes]
It's time.
Welcome, Pearl!
The horoscare
said she'd be here.
Sorry to butt in,
but are you talking about
my horoscare app,
the one I coded?
You coded?
The mystical swirl one.
Yeah, I soft launched it
with a bunch of random stuff
I made up.
it answered my question.
Oh, if you ask it a question,
it always says yes.
The computer voice
sounded weird when it said
[soft dramatic music]
Since you didn't get
to meet Pearl,
-made you something.
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
Want to
[clears throat]
-Hang out?
-Was hoping you'd say that.
Thought we can
make jewelry together.
[Cleo] Okay, so the horoscare
was totally made up,
but a precious monster
did come into my life,
like, more into my life.
Wouldn't it be funny
if my horoscare
was talking about you,
and yours was talking about me?
Like, maybe
I'm the werewolf enemy
who infiltrates your heart.
[tooting harsh horn]
Barkimedes, you are mi amor!
[toots harsh horn]
Ah, never mind, Toralei.
It was Lagoona's eye I caught.
[toots harsh horn]
I hate horoscares!
[eerie music]
[upbeat music]
[announcer] And now presenting
the zombie whose voice
will make you want to scream,
Ghoulia Yelps!
Hello ♪
Ghoulia, Ghoulia, Ghoulia!
Ghoulia, Ghoulia, Ghoulia,
you're player one.
Yeah, chica,
you gotta push start.
Oh, right.
Welcome to
"Skelly Vonderbone"
that's me
"Presents Performance Party."
No bones about it,
you're about to play level one.
Dance off.
Thanks, Skelly.
Great to be here.
Big fan.
I'll crush this party
to pieces!
I'm gonna dance
like no one's watching,
which is exactly how I dance
when everyone's watching.
Performers ready?
Move them bones!
[dance music playing]
[Skelly] Perfect!
Nice moves!
Everybody, knee knock.
[Skullette screams]
Attention, all haunted
theater class students,
report to the Clawditorium
for an urgent update.
Either my brain bits
are playing tricks on me,
or Skullette just called us.
Better be important
'cause I was just about
to get the high score.
Adios, avatars.
See you IRL.
Class, today we have
a very special
guest instructor.
She's the underworld renowned
star of stage and screen.
She's topped
the Chillboard charts 15 times!
Her concerts sell out
from Fanghai to Boo York!
Greetings and skullutations,
Monster High!
[all cheering]
Ooh, dessert for Neptuna.
[dreamy music]
I didn't even get
to finish my intro.
Wow, the real Skelly,
not just the video game Skelly,
here at Monster High,
and this is our one chance
to impress her.
Zap, that's exciting.
Thanks for the ride,
Let the headmistress know
I appreciate her
letting me take you
out of the stables.
And now, hello, students!
I am the talented, stunning,
iconically bone structured
Skelly Vonderbone.
[all cheer]
This screamester, rather
than just studying theater,
you'll perform
in a show with
We'll be singing my hit single,
"Turn It Inside Out"
and dancing too.
[Manny] The Skelly Vonderbone
signature knee knock!
In the well, not flesh,
but bone!
That's my favorite song.
I'm ready for Deuce's solo.
Pride, don't assume
I'll get a solo
just because I have
a great singing voice,
undeniable stage presence
and bring
my own backup dancers.
It will be just like
playing Skelly's game
but in real life
and with everyone,
including Skelly herself,
So I'll turn this over
to Skelly.
Break a leg, monsters.
Not my favorite saying,
but thank you, Mrs. O'Shriek.
Now let's get cracking and see
what we have to work with here.
Follow my lead.
[singing scales]
Bones ♪
Let's hear it, minotaur.
Bones ♪
Okay, go Franken-monster.
Bones ♪
Now sing it, zombie.
[breathes deeply]
[all gasp]
No, no, no, no, no!
Maybe I can switch classes
and never show Skelly
my face again.
-Ghoulia, you there?
-Yeah, come in.
Just got done with class.
You know, that class
you ran out of
after you grunted "brains"
a lot.
Myself, I was very confused,
as I have heard you sing,
and it is beautiful.
Why didn't you sing
like normal?
Because I'm not normal.
I'm freaky.
Today everything
I dreamed of happened,
meeting Skelly,
singing with her,
but then it was a nightmare.
I got brain freeze.
It's something that happens
to zombies. I've never
gotten it before,
but with
the Skelly Vonderbone there
watching me, oh, I got
the brain freeze bad.
That means all I'm ever
gonna be able to sing
with Skelly around
is "Brains."
Ugh, so embarrassing.
Guess this
will never happen now.
No, don't give up
on your hopes and dreams!
You know what they say,
if singing's got you freezing,
count on your pals
to melt your brain.
-Who says that?
Now, Ghoulia, are you ready
to get over your brain freeze
or what?
You can practice
for the real performance
by singing
with video game Skelly.
Player one, curtains up
for the singsational
singing competition.
[breathes deeply]
-[body thuds]
-[both gasp]
Okay, singing with
video game Skelly was too much.
Let's try poster Skelly.
No bones about it.
You should sing and dance
with me.
[breathes deeply]
That poster
was too realistic.
You should start
with a small rock
painted with an abstract,
vaguely Skelly face.
Thanks for trying,
but there's no getting over
brain freeze,
and singing "brains,"
it's too freaky.
I have to quit the show.
But Ghoulia
And now presenting the zombie
whose voice will make you
[somber music]
Whose voice can only sing
when Skelly's watching.
I mean, hi, Ms. Vonderbone.
Just the ghoul
I had a bone to pick with.
So what's rattling
your ribcage?
It's just
I have brain freeze,
and it's embarrassing,
and now that I have it,
I can't get rid of it
before the show,
so I have to quit,
-and I wish I could be like you.
That got me
right in the funny bone.
Trust me, no one wants you
to be like me.
The world can barely handle
one of me.
Hey, you ever play
my video game?
Yeah, it's only
the greatest game
that's ever haunted my console.
When you start the game,
push right femur, right femur,
left humerus,
skull, skull, skull.
-Unlocks the secret level.
Really? Ooh.
I gotta get my game on.
Does that girl
never say goodbye?
Right femur, right femur,
left humerus,
skull, skull, skull.
Welcome to the knee knock
knockout round.
Sharing is scaring,
so in this level,
I'm sharing one
of my skeleton keys
to my sensational success.
Back when I was a young monster
starting out on the road
to stardom,
I had a weird thing.
Roll the dramatic reenactment!
[bright music]
Being onstage gave me
the rattlebones.
That's something
that happens to skeletons.
Nothing I could do about it.
It was part of who I was.
But even though I shook,
all I wanted to do was sing
and dance
my nonexistent heart out,
so I embraced it.
[upbeat music]
My weird thing
became my thing.
Instead of holding me back,
my knee knock
knocked me to stardom.
So what's your thing,
player one?
Brain freeze.
-Do you want to make
-Brain freeze.
Your thing
and perform with me?
To accept the challenge,
push the green button.
To exit, push the red button.
[soft dramatic music]
[game chirps]
And sing it out.
The fact that you just
smashed all your buttons
tells me you might have tried
to cover up your thing,
but you need to embrace it.
Whatever's inside of you,
sing it out.
Whatever's inside of me,
sing it out.
Changing my lyrics?
Bold, but I like it.
[announcer] Now welcome
to the stage,
the haunted theater class,
with Skelly Vonderbone!
No need to run
No need to hide ♪
Don't be afraid
Of who you are ♪
Inside of your bones
Just let it go ♪
And show 'em
What you're made of ♪
'Cause your bones ♪
Hold together ♪
That makes you great ♪
You're a star ♪
Forever ♪
So get up there
And do your thing ♪
Turn it inside out ♪
Go and flaunt your skeleton ♪
Show 'em
What you're all about ♪
Go and flaunt your skeleton ♪
Go and flaunt your skeleton ♪
-There's a voice ♪
-Flaunt it ♪
-Inside you ♪
-Work it ♪
Begging you to let it out ♪
-You're a star ♪
-Brains ♪
-You're on fire ♪
-Brains ♪
Show 'em ♪
What you're all about ♪
Brains ♪
[cheers and applause]
-Way to sing your brains out.
-Freaky fab!
[camera flashing]
[closing theme music playing]
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