Monster High (2022) s01e12 Episode Script

Creepover Party/Creature Clash

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever,
literally ♪
We might walk, might swim,
might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
run the night ♪
We're Monster, Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[eerie music]
Ugh, screamed
corn casserole again.
Whoa, Draculaura.
Are you OK?
And is my casserole OK?
Still good.
I'm fine,
but the table is not.
Yeah, it's on its last leg.
For reals.
Had to use a spare
to prop it up today.
Maybe I can secretly fix it
with a go-go glue spell.
Don't risk it.
If Headmistress Bloodgood
sees you using witchcraft,
you'll be expelled for sure.
Let's just sit
[gasps] Over there.
It has a food chute so your
order can come right to you.
Plush seats instead
of hard coffin pine.
And the perfect lighting
for lunchtime selfies!
What did the
cat drag in today?
Certainly not three monsters
trying to eat at my table.
our regular table's broken,
so we'd like to
have lunch here.
And since you're
eating alone
Am not! My friends are just,
uh, using the litter box.
Now, off with you.
Oh, shoo shoo.
[button chirps]
Purrfect purrito.
Fresh purritos
that haven't even
been on Draculaura's head?
It really is the best table.
My favorite horoscare said
there's nothing we can't do
when friends support
each other.
And we're great at
supporting each other.
So we're going
to get that table.
[all shouting]
[button chirps]
[button chirps]
[button chirps]
In the spirit of fairness,
and because
I'm absolutely sick of you
ruining my lunch,
I have a deal for you.
You can have the table
if you spend
an entire day in the library.
Toralei, that is
oh, super easy.
What's the catch?
If you leave the library
before nightfall,
you have to be my
lunchroom attendants
and do whatever I say.
You're on.
Creepover in the library!
Oh, yes.
Have the best creepover.
It'll be your last
at Monster High.
[rooster crows]
All we have to do is stay
in here till the sun sets.
With the three of us together,
this will be easier
than an open book
clawculus test.
What's first?
Stuff our faces
with Moon Chips?
Model the latest fashions
from Scar-ee?
Tell each other's
super personal secrets
that no one else knows?
Me first!
This is my first
creepover party.
Then it really needs
to be spooktacular.
Let's kick off this creepover
with a dance party.
[upbeat music playing]
-Everyone knows witches
can't go a whole day
without using witchcraft.
With the library empty,
Draculaura will feel safe
conjuring up a spell.
And I'll have the proof
to get her expelled.
-[music stops]
Who killed the music?
Is that shadow
that swiped stuff new,
or have I just not
noticed before?
I knew Toralei
was up to something.
Hey, give me back my speaker!
Coming in with
werewolf speed.
-Yeah! Go, Clawdeen!
-Get it!
I don't know how you're doing
this, but cut it out, Toralei.
I am not Toralei.
-I am
Oh, zap.
This whole time it was Twyla?
Wait, who's Twyla?
I'm Twyla.
And you are loud.
Actually, name's Frankie.
And this is Clawdeen.
Twyla is a boogie monster,
and we've been in
the same class together
since Grave School.
How have you all
not met before?
I prefer to stay
in the shadows.
You're on.
Creepover in the library!
Why'd you want our speaker?
I didn't want it.
I wanted to turn it off.
And mm,
I'm not saying this right.
Let me start over.
OK, here it goes.
I'm autistic,
and loudness bothers me.
We're so sorry, Twyla.
We never would have
played music
if we knew we were
disturbing anyone.
I remember from our field trip
to the haunted opera house
that you don't like loud music.
Yeah, we thought the place
was empty since it's daytime
-and everyone else is in bed.
It is quiet, and I can
read my 1,054th book.
Did you know that each monster
on the original monster council
had talismans
with special powers?
Like your Moon Claw.
Wait. You've read
about my Moon Claw?
In the
"Intro to Talismans" book.
I'm going in
alphabetical order.
And I haven't gotten to
"Werewolves and Their Ways" yet,
but that book probably
has something
about the moon claw too.
Oh, I need to
pick your brain.
Eww, Clawdeen.
My mom and dad said
picking brains is impolite,
and you should
always use a hanky.
Hmm, see?
I meant, I got
to know what you know.
-Join our creepover, Twyla.
-What do you say?
Want to wolf down some snacks,
watch spooky movies,
and tell us everything
about history?
I don't know everything.
Yet. So many
more books to read.
But a creepover sounds fun.
And this time,
we'll do it quietly.
Yeah, we will! Oh.
Starting now.
[mellow music]
Ugh, boring!
I thought Draculaura
would be wing deep
in witchcraft by now.
Looks like I'll have to take
matters into my own paw.
A stink bug from
the Mad Science Lab
should do the trick.
Either the stench
will run them out
and they'll lose the bet,
or even better,
I'll catch Draculaura
using witchcraft on it,
and she'll be the one
disappearing from
Monster High.
Win-win for Toralei!
And that's the last recorded
time the portal was opened.
But if your mom disappeared
after, it must have been
-A bookworm.
Aww, creepy cute.
We have to go.
But we can't leave
or we'll lose the bet.
There's nothing scary
about a little
A bookworm who eats books!
Is it just me or is
that bug getting bigger?
Not a stink bug?
I must have grabbed
the wrong creepy crawly.
Well, I should be on my way.
Anyone got a giant can
of bug spray?
Frankie, please
tell me your brains
know how to stop this thing.
Not a clue, but maybe
one of these books does.
Oh, there's a book
never mind.
They probably
don't need my help.
Mm, aha.
"Big Book on Bookworms."
Index says the bookworm's
weakness is on page 413.
We have to stop the bookworm.
If we don't,
it'll destroy the library!
And devour the books with
the info about the talismans.
And ruin my first
creepover party.
Which, now that I say it out
loud is maybe less important.
Where did it go?
The W's the "Werewolves and
Their Ways" book is over there.
We can't let it eat that.
I need to know my ways.
Frankie tagging in.
Good thing I wore my
shoes from the
whoa spring collection.
[all yelp]
[all screaming]
[whimpers] Too loud!
Ah, that bookworm
is way stickier
and slithery-er
than I expected.
But on the plus side,
I did find the next book
for our book club
"A Courtroom Mystery."
Right, not the time.
-I'm out of ideas.
-Me too.
It might be risky, but
witchcraft is the only option.
Draculaura, wait.
I can stop the bookworm.
And to do it, I need you to go.
I know it's a lot to ask
with your bet with Toralei,
but I can save the books.
Even if leaving didn't
mean we'd lose the bet,
we couldn't just
leave you with that!
-You have to.
Some monsters might need to
be together to feel supported,
but sometimes I need my friends
to give me quiet space.
And after this really fun
creepover, we're friends now.
-I hope.
-Of course, we are.
And if you say we need to go,
we need to go.
I feel good about
this decision.
No lunch table
is more important
-than supporting our friend.
-And you know, I'm also
definitely pro saving
the library
from total destruction.
Is it OK if I take
a look at your dreams?
It'll help me understand
how to help you.
You want somewhere cozy and
safe with lots of yummy books.
Here, this way.
[chatters excitedly]
All right, Nightmare.
Take this bookworm
to the book graveyard.
I'm sure he'll be happy there.
Enjoy those
outdated textbooks!
-Have a good trip!
I can't thank you three enough
for capturing that bookworm.
Actually, Headmistress,
Twyla is the one who did it.
More like school fun.
What are you so happy about?
You lost,
and now you have to sit
at that terrible table forever.
[creatures chittering]
[yelps, grunts]
Actually, we're having lunch
in the library with Twyla.
It's not about where you sit.
It's who you're sitting with.
You can't leave!
We had a deal!
But then we found this.
Your paw prints
are all over it.
So the new deal
is the old deal's off,
or we let Headmistress know
you released the bookworm.
Enjoy your lunch.
-[button chirps]
[button chirping, chimes]
[mellow bassy music]
[owl hooting]
Hi, hello,
and what is up, iBall?
What a week.
First, Watzie came back
from the dragon migration.
And today is the big Monster
High Scaritage Festival.
I can't wait to learn more
about everybody's families,
ancestors, and traditions.
-[screams] Oh.
Hi, Spectra.
Scaring is how us ghosts
celebrate our scaritage,
just like
my great-great-great Ghoul-ma
who haunted on the Slay-Flower.
-Don't I look just like her?
-Wow. Yeah.
Finnegan and I found out
we have a great-grand-kraken
in common.
My ancestor stole the heart
of his ancestor literally!
It was a juicy scandal.
Zombies are one of
the undead monsters,
like ghosts and vampires.
-Frankie, wait up.
-Hi, Clawdeen.
Where's your booth?
Yeah, I decided
not to participate.
You know how the werewolf pack
is when it comes to outsiders.
[all growling]
Transformation is
one of a vampire's
most well-known abilities.
I'm just getting to the
most fangtastic part.
So that's how I transform.
Now, some monsters
think that all vampires
are from Transylvania,
like my dad.
But my mom was born in Taiwan.
When I'm with her side
of the vamp family,
we speak Mandarin.
N ho w de míngzì shì
And that's my scaritage.
[Frankie] The undead
section was cool,
but there was one scaritage
that was super duper cooler
than the rest.
[gasps] Cool!
One thing that makes
my family, the onikuma,
different from
other Japanese yokai
is our tradition of
testing our strength
by picking up boulders.
Anyone want to try?
Oh, I can turn things
into stone,
but not a big stone lifter.
Oh, oh, oh!
Me, me, me, me, me!
Pick me, pick me.
-Oh, me, me, me!
-[electricity whirs]
Ha ha!
Whoa, ah!
-You slayed it!
That's what you say, right?
I got an A on my
Monster High slang quiz
and Western monster-ish
as a second language class.
Yep. You're learning
super fast, Kuma.
Is this a haunt dog
eating contest?
Yes. I'm the haunt dog champ
three years in a row.
Tell me everything.
Let's celebrate a
successful Scaritage festival
with a bowl of worm-men.
Back home, we'd pick fresh
worms out of the ground,
and my mom puts them
straight into the broth.
This one's from a package,
but it's pretty good.
Sloppy and slimy?
Onikuma have the best food.
Really? Well, I'm glad
I finally have someone
to share my food with.
Maybe you like onikuma food
because you have
some onikuma parts in you.
No, definitely not.
When I did my brain chart
for Mrs. O'Shriek's class,
learned all about my bits
ogres, trolls, poltergeists.
But they're all monsters
from close by.
No one from far away like you.
A letter from my
That means grandma.
Do you get homesick?
Right now I'm missing
let's see,
how do I translate it?
The Rest In Peace Feast.
That's where onikuma honor
those who have gone before.
It's a beautiful sacred time
for my family.
Wish we could do something
like that at school.
Oh, it would take
a lot of work
the food, the skulls.
And you'd need an onikuma
who had memorized the chants.
I got to go.
My [roars] gets worried if
I don't write back right away.
It was really nice to talk
to you about my home.
Bye, Frankie.
The Rest In Peace Feast.
Incantations, lanterns
[gasps] Food.
She spun circles
around and through them.
Hey, Frankie.
You missed Ghoulia and
Spectra's undead dance off.
I've been busy
reading about this thing
that Kuma was talking about.
-[Draculaura] Pretty.
-[Clawdeen] Clawsome.
Going to do it and surprise
him because he's home sick.
Buzzfear has a list
of how to make the perfect
Rest In Peace Feast
in seven simple steps.
They did a thing on how to
throw a human Halloween party,
and it was so wrong.
They thought
the best treat to get
while trick or treating was
a toothbrush a toothbrush!
Maybe you should
ask Kuma about it.
But that'd ruin the surprise.
Oh, got to go get the food.
-[door slams]
To the spirits that roam,
to the hungry souls,
to the the
to the click now
for free shipping!
Oh, wait.
That was an ad.
To the dead and undead,
come feast on us!
Oh. No, wait.
Come feast with us!
[cricket chirping]
Guess it didn't work.
Oh, well.
Got to go tighten my bolts.
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music]
[lightning crackles]
[bolts squeaking]
Oops. Too tight.
Major uncool ghoul!
Gorgons are not snack food!
-[ghouls groaning]
-Uh, Ghoulia, whatcha doing?
[snarling, sniffs]
Mmm, brains.
So many different flavors
of brains in your skull.
Sorry, but I need
my brain bits
to do brain twisters,
brain teasers,
and maybe one day
brain surgery.
[together] Brains.
Oh, why is Ghoulia
trying to eat us?
No clue, but she's craving
seven bite-sized
and one king-sized
Gorgon brain.
[together] Brains!
Hope this isn't too shocking.
[all yelp]
That should buy us some time.
[together] Brains!
You got something in your
locker that'll stop them?
but we can hide in them.
Quick. Get in yours.
[ghouls groaning]
Draculaura, save some
for the sea monsters.
I'm just so thirsty.
But water won't quench it.
I want to suck your blood!
Come on, Lagoona.
What is going on?
I'm usually the one
trying to eat everyone.
-[both gasp]
-[together] Brains.
[all clamoring]
[grunts, hisses]
[electric guitar riff]
No, my brains
are not for eating!
It's like everybody
missed breakfast,
lunch, and snackies!
Is it Casually Eat
Your Classmates Friday?
It was normal before.
Went to the
Scaritage Festival,
hung out with Watzie, did the
Rest In Peace Feast ritual
to surprise you,
came in for dinner
Frankie, you did the
Rest In Peace Feast ritual?
I tried,
but nothing happened.
No hungry souls showed up.
Come on, this way!
[both screaming]
Uh, Lagoona, you didn't bring
us here to eat us, did you?
Oh, no.
Don't be silly.
Those are all sustainably and
ethically-caught fin-nemies.
Why'd you do
the Rest In Peace Feast
without coming to me first?
It was supposed
to be a surprise.
Plus, I thought it
would be easy and fun.
Thing is, it's not just
supposed to be easy and fun.
Before I could do it right,
I had to go to a special school
to memorize the chants.
And that school
was on Saturdays.
Saturday school?
That really is a big deal.
This is like the time
I saw these sea monsters
with cool fin markings,
so I did my own.
But it turns out the markings
I put on my fin
meant I was declaring war
with them.
It was very messy.
-[together] Brains!
-[thumping on door]
We have to act, quick!
[squeals] Perfecto!
Now we just need a way
to light the lanterns
when we get outside.
Maybe I can help.
Stay back.
No brains for you!
I want to suck your blood!
My [roars] taught me
that the lantern
represents the bodies
of those who were stirred
when the feast began.
When the lantern is lit,
it's full and hungers no more.
Thank you for eating with us.
Now your hunger is satisfied
and your thirst quenched.
How did I get brain
stuck between my teeth?
-I got to brush my fangs.
-What happened?
Oh, let me tell you
the story.
It's a tale of the deepest
hunger a monster could feel
and the darkest depths
of a school in danger!
Sorry I didn't realize
that your tradition
-wasn't just for fun.
-I forgive you.
Next time when you want to
learn more about the onikuma,
come to me first?
Hey, want to dig up
some worms for worm-men?
-I'll teach you how.
-[laughs] Yeah!
Watzie, come dig worms with us!
Ooh, got one.
You ever tried them
air fried?
[closing theme music playing]
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