Monster High (2022) s01e13 Episode Script

Monster Movie/Earworm

Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
-Unique as can be ♪
-Yeah ♪
And friends forever
Literally ♪
We might walk, might swim
Might fly ♪
Either way we gonna
Run the night ♪
We're Monster,
Monster High ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
We might give you a fright ♪
Monster, Monster High ♪
Friendship never dies ♪
We're Monster High ♪
Monster High-igh-igh-igh ♪
We're Monster High.
[spooky pop music]
Once there was a sea monster
who spent her days
with the fishies.
But there was
a great loneliness.
My mamá er, the girl's mamá
and the girl lived all alone
in a castillo.
The girl desperately
wanted a companion,
someone to share her hopes,
and passion
for haunting the sea with.
The girl did not get that,
but she did get accepted
to Monster High.
Everyone already
knows that part.
And real life is so boring.
I have a better idea!
One night,
the girl met a brilliant boy.
He made her laugh
and shared in her passion
for terrorizing
the briny deep.
He was a freshwater monster,
but that was of no matter.
They were inseparable.
[barking like a seal]
Though there was that drama
with his evil twin.
But tragedy struck in the form
of the girl's chomps.
One day, she and the boy
and the evil twin boy got
in a fight.
And that made her angry,
and that anger made her
very chompy.
The boys got scared
and ran away.
Who would want to be friends
with such a chompy monster?
[dramatic somber music]
And that's my story,
loosely based on real life.
Though I did borrow the twin
stuff from a terror-novela.
So you think it will make
a good movie, Señor Squeaky?
-[toy squeaks]
-Thank you!
I was so happy that my friends
said they'd help me make it
for the Monster Movie contest.
But what if they don't like it?
Worse, what if we disagree,
and that turns into a fight,
and that turns
into me getting mad,
and that turns
into me getting [snarls]
The chomps!
[dramatic musical flourish]
[toy squeaks]
I won't fight with them.
And if I get too chompy,
I'll just find something
to chomp on.
You're a genius!
Let us make a movie!
Ooh, drama.
Weren't we supposed
to meet at midnight?
-If the director doesn't
show up in 15 minutes,
I get to be the director.
How do I greet them
in a way that says,
"I want to know
what you thought of my script,
but also I really want you
to have loved my script"?
I know!
Mm, good, but a little needy.
This script is on fire.
Oh, no!
I knew this would happen if
wait, you like it?
It's way better
than those Zeus movies
I watched as a kid.
Those were big on the drama,
light on the laughs.
I'm so happy to hear that.
I was worried of what might
happen if you didn't like it.
There's nothing
to be worried about.
We're here to bring
your vision to life.
And what a glorious vision
it will be with Cleo de Nile
as makeup artist
and her crew.
[insects chirring]
Let's get crackin'!
Can't wait to try out
my new fish-eye lens!
Well, if everyone is
on board with the plan
-Yeah, Lagoona!
-On board and fired up!
Yes, Twyla?
You disagree?
Just could I do
the lighting?
I had some ideas
for how we could
use the shadows
to give the impression
of more fish.
That is nothing to fight about!
It will help me bring my vision
to life even more beautifully!
Okay, places, everyone.
I have a feeling
this will all go swimmingly!
[upbeat music]
So the girl that is me
will come in and stand
next to the brilliant boy.
What can I say?
Hard to tell
what it will look like
without me in there.
I'll stand in
while you check the shot.
you are perfect there!
You really think so?
I mean, I had considered
being the lead,
but I wasn't sure.
When I read the script,
I felt so connected with her.
I know I'm the actor
for the part.
You are the actor
for the main character,
who is me?
Playing you will be
a fun challenge.
Plus we need you
behind the camera
focusing on your vision.
Please, Lagoona?
Wh-what was that?
That is fine, right?
I will not disagree.
I will not fight. I will not
scare off my friends.
The vision is what's important.
It is no big deal to let
Draculaura play my part,
the part based on me,
written by me for me!
[soft dramatic music]
Okay, yes,
Draculaura will be
playing the part of me
I mean Schlagoona.
[upbeat music]
And action!
Uh, my snakes have
a suggestion.
Deuce needs more close-ups.
How many more?
All of them!
That will just change
my plans a bit,
and we'll have to throw out
all the storyboards, but
Whatever you want.
We need explosions!
But it's a love story!
I mean, no worries.
All good.
[epic music]
[Celtic music]
Brilliant idea alert!
We should have interviews
like reality TV.
My scarabs are already
setting it up.
I knew she'd love it.
Oh, no!
Whatever shall I do?
I must fight my chomps!
Do we need this "chomps" line?
It is the most important part,
but okay.
Ooh! My character should
turn into a bat!
Maybe we ditch
the water-crossed lovers angle.
[gnawing and snarling]
[soft dramatic music]
One word: musical
[singing] Extravaganza!
Okay, sure, yeah!
I thought that was two words,
but if you say it's one,
no arguments from me.
Not sure we can do that.
Battery ran out
three hours ago.
-So that's a wrap.
[all cheering]
This shoot was fangtastic.
But I'm exhausted.
Who else needs a zappuccino?
Ooh, you coming, Lagoona?
Wh No.
No, I'm
just going to be here.
[insects chirring]
Oh, and
[somber music]
Beloved Squeaky,
back in the castillo
I dreamed of having friends.
But I thought
we'd always agree,
and I would never
want to chomp.
What do I do?
Your silence says it all.
[bracelet jangling]
Totally not trying
to eavesdrop.
I actually wondered
if you were okay.
Yes, of course!
Everything is great!
Why would you ask?
Oh. Because
this is all that's left
of the chair
that you kept chewing on.
Oh! No one was supposed
to see that!
I will understand if you don't
want to be my friend now.
I absolutely still want
to be your friend.
When things are a lot,
I twirl my bracelet.
Like now, talking to you
seemed like a lot.
But what I don't understand is
why things were a lot for you.
All day, you said
everything was okay.
Those were
little white shark lies,
which turned
to great white shark lies
all stacking up
into one whale shark of a lie.
Sorry to keep harping
on the seas, it's my go-to.
The truth is, I could not
actually put out what I felt
because that would
start a fight.
You see, I have a family
condition called the chomps.
When passions boil, I get
the urge to bite heads off.
When I was a minnow,
I had a huge family.
We all lived together
in our castillo.
But one day there was a fight.
You see,
Mamá wanted tuna for dinner,
Tío wanted halibut,
and Tía wanted sunbather.
No one would back down.
Tempers flared.
Chomps ensued.
And things that are chomped
cannot be un-chomped.
Now the rift
between us is greater
than the Mariana Trench.
If only Mamá wouldn't
have argued!
That's why I didn't
say anything.
I don't want to lose friends
over something silly.
Chomping over dinner
is silly,
but this movie wasn't.
I mean, after all,
it's your story.
I bet you can tell our friends
what you want,
even disagree with them,
and it wouldn't be a fight.
But what if I chomp?
You told me without getting
the chomps, right?
[tender music]
You're right.
I have to get
this heavy burden
off my chest.
We must go, rápido!
Um, okay.
Meet you there.
-[all gasp]
Need me for some reshoots?
Actually, there's something
I've been meaning
to get off my gills.
I didn't love
all of your changes.
[all gasp]
But you agreed with them.
I mean, it's not like
I disliked all of them.
I particularly liked
the explosions.
I think I should be the lead.
After all,
the script is sort of about me.
Of course. I didn't mean
to step on your fins.
Wait, really?
We meant to help you
make your movie,
but I guess we ended up
making a movie
that wasn't yours.
Guess we should have talked
with you more
about what you wanted.
You all had lots
of good ideas!
It just wasn't
what I had intended.
So how about we help Lagoona
make what she wanted to make?
If you still want to do that.
-Whoo-hoo! Zaps!
-Movie extravaganza!
My dear, though I am
a freshwater monster,
even a saltwater ocean
can't keep us apart!
Do you think such a monster
is just a fantasy?
Or is there really one
so perfect out there?
It's Monster High.
Anything can happen.
[cheers and applause]
[eerie music]
[dolphin squeaking,
phone buzzing]
"Gil Webber, you have been
accepted to Monster High."
Well, better get back
to my growl-o-cises.
[eerie music]
Uh, excuse me.
I am now accepting applications
for monsters
to sit with me at lunch.
Form a single file line.
No losers need apply.
[laughter and chatter]
The chairs are getting revenge
for all the times
we sat on them!
A seat for you.
Oh, sorry, Toralei.
When I used to sit with you,
you blackmailed me.
I will now be enforcing
a healthy boundary
on our relationship.
-Healthy boundary.
[both whooping]
You will eat lunch with me.
Or else.
Spectra is unavailable
at the moment,
but if you'll leave a message,
she'll get back to you.
Join Creepy Crawly Club!
Sounds fun.
And the flyer's tasty!
Our club is tomorrow
after school.
I wouldn't be seen
anywhere else.
[camera clicks]
Ha, fire.
C-can I get another one?
Ugh, left hand.
I I don't know what to do.
Mr. Mothmanson is letting us
borrow his collection.
We'll have bookworms, bed bugs,
and the creepiest crawly
of all,
Mm, actually,
they're fascinating.
They can mind control monsters.
I don't care
what they can do.
Your weird flyers
are making monsters
not want to eat lunch with me.
I'd guess no one wants
to eat with you
'cause you're always rude,
and unfriendly.
Am not.
-I'm sorry.
-[hisses and growls]
Yeah, a sorry excuse
for a monster.
I just can't figure out
why no one would want
to eat with you.
Well, feel free
to join us tomorrow.
I want to be
the most popular ghoul
in school,
not hanging out with earworms,
those disgusting, creepy
mind-controlling cuties.
Purrsephone! Meowlody!
Hurry up, cousins!
I won't let you lose one
of your nine lives today.
Auntie Catarina rocks
for helping us transfer
to Monster High.
I can't believe
it's our first day
and we're already in a band
with the coolest name:
The Hissfits!
But isn't hissy fit
a bad thing?
Other monsters use it
against werecats,
but I'm taking it back.
Now I'm gonna be the most
popular ghoul in school.
Don't you mean
we're going to be
the most popular
band in school?
I wasn't listening to you,
but sure.
Here's the plan:
we're gonna use earworms
to make everyone adore me.
You do know
how to use these properly?
The directions are
right here.
"Choose a song.
Sing your decree.
Earworms will make
listeners agree."
Get ready, kitties.
It's show time.
Bookworms, check.
Bed bugs, check.
wh-where are the earworms?
Maybe Mr. Mothmanson decided
they were too dangerous
to let us take
into the catacombs.
Grab the door?
go to the Clawditorium
for the b-b-b-best concert.
These are the words I'm saying
bec-c-cause I want to.
I'm not hacked hacked
100 g-g-g-ghoul spirit points
to anyone who shows u-u-u-up.
-100 points?
[feedback whines]
Hello, monsters!
We're the Hissfits!
Go get the monsters,
you creepy cuties.
Now we're gonna play
our new song.
-Yeah, I know
You like my style ♪
-[both] Oh-oh-oh ♪
She's got the sharpest
Claws in the wild ♪
Everybody look to me ♪
[both] Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
To see the paws-abilities ♪
Toralei's the cool cat ♪
-Your love is what I ♪
-[all] Must have ♪
So follow me or you'll be
getting left behind ♪
[all] Toralei's
the cool cat ♪
-Your love is what I ♪
-[all] Must have ♪
So follow me 'cause
I'm about to blow your mind ♪
[all] Meow!
[cheers and applause]
[growls happily]
[all, chanting]
Toralei! Toralei!
Toralei! Toralei!
Hey, Meowlody, does it sound
like they're chanting
"Hissfits" to you?
Oh, wait.
Were you being sarcastic?
[laughing] I knew that.
This stinks.
Did I sarcasm right?
-Your music ignites my soul!
-Make a podcast!
-[over radio]
-I know you like my style ♪
[both] Oh-oh-oh ♪
She's got the sharpest
claws in the wild ♪
-Everybody look to me ♪
- [both] Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
To see the paws-abilities ♪
Toralei's the cool cat ♪
-Your love is what I ♪
-[all] Must have ♪
So follow me or you'll be
getting left behind ♪
-You're my hero,
and you smell like brilliance!
So follow me 'cause I'm ♪
-About to blow your mind ♪
Will you sign my fearbook?
[squeals and inhales deeply]
Oh, my catnip.
I did it.
Wait, she keeps saying "I,"
but but doesn't she mean "we?"
She doesn't know that word.
-[creature chirring]
-Now, fans,
I must go to the Creepeteria
[all] [chanting]
Toralei! Toralei!
What a catchy tune.
Ooh! Cold hands,
Abbey, cold hands!
Toralei, wait!
[all] [chanting] Toralei!
[all gasping]
All right, break it up.
Break it up
so I can impress
the most popular ghoul
in school.
I'm fine.
Eh, look away.
Mortimer, give Toralei
her fan mail.
Ooh, letters!
[grunts and groans]
Incredibly heavy statues
in my likeness.
I love it.
Toralei, the Hissfits
merch should have
all of our faces on it.
I want to see my head
on someone else's head.
No offense, cousins,
but everyone is so into me
that they want my mug
on their mugs.
Hi, I'm Toralei.
You've obviously heard of me
due to my extreme popularity.
I'll have a purrito.
Oh, I'm a huge fan!
One purrito on the house.
And 10 more on the house.
you're our inspiration!
[snakes hiss]
Hey! Cat ears
are my thing!
-[cameras clicking]
-Excuse me,
no flash photography.
Fifty more purritos
on the house!
[all] [moaning] Toralei
-I have to eat lunch with you.
Ugh. Hey!
That's enough!
-[all] [moaning] Toralei
[all, moaning] Toralei
I need to get out of here.
No one came.
I thought the entire school
said they'd join our club.
[creature snarling]
[Toralei] Ugh!
Let me out!
Looks like the trash is
taking itself out these days.
I needed a moment of peace.
Who knew earwormed monsters
would be so annoying?
You had the earworms?
Yeah, and I have to say,
the whole "being liked" thing
ugh, overrated.
I don't know
how you deal with that.
I was better off being lonely.
[soft dramatic music]
I know what it's like
to be lonely.
This was Creepy Crawly Club
at human school.
Just me
and the creepy crawlies.
I don't want anyone
to feel that bad, even you.
So we're going to help you.
Are you serious?
Is this whole
"willingness to help" thing
why monsters like
you two so much?
That and because
we show our gratitude,
we're kind and friendly, and
Oh, quit bragging.
If you're gonna help me,
get to it
Back in Beheme,
my mom's pest control
business took on
an earworm job.
Turns out the instructions are
in the box.
I know that.
I read them
and promptly threw them away.
They're in there.
I got it.
"Choose a song.
Sing your decree.
Earworms will make
listeners agree."
Yes, I did all that.
And the back?
"If the song becomes a curse,
play the music,
change the verse."
So you just need new lyrics.
[Bloodgood] Of course.
You can use the Skullette
for whatever you need, Toralei.
So, um, cousins,
I can't do this on my own,
and I would be very thankful
if you'd help me
I'm sorry, I thought
I didn't have friends.
But all this time,
I actually had two.
Where are they?
It's you!
I promise to
treat you better
and appreciate you.
Best cousin friends!
Family by fate,
friends by choice.
-[all purring]
Now let's rock!
[Toralei] Hi, monsters.
It's the Hissfits.
And we're gonna play
our new song.
[all cheering]
Sorry that I was unkind ♪
Didn't mean
To steal your mind ♪
[both] Yeah ♪
[all] Friendship really
holds the key ♪
To endless paws-abilities ♪
Together we are cool cats ♪
And now we know that ♪
Everything is better
When it's you and me ♪
Oh, yeah, we're cool cats
So listen and know that ♪
Together we can bring
This school to harmony ♪
[all] Meow!
Let's give these
to Mr. Mothmanson.
Why do I have cat ears?
Did I spend the day
worshipping Toralei?
You earwormed the school?
Actually, Headmistress,
it wasn't just me.
It was all three of us.
Then you're all going
to detention.
-[both gasp]
Now you share credit?
Friendship is so confusing.
[closing theme music playing]
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