Monsterland (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Iron River, Michigan

ominous music playing ♪

[seagulls squawking]
‐ Got a package.
I wanna send this to the oil company.
Titan International, New York City.
Address is here.
‐ Do you wanna go express
or priority with that?
‐ Send it regular. Give it time
for the stink to set in.
DORSEY: [on radio] What Titan did,
cutting corners, turning a blind eye
to insufficient equipment,
it's yet another egregious example
of corporate greed.
INTERVIEWER: Exactly. I mean,
didn't we learn anything after BP?
DORSEY: Yes, that's why one year ago,
I made a pledge to do everything necessary
to help the Gulf Coast
and its people recover from this tragedy.
And I'm proud to say
we have delivered on our promise.
That's Senator Dorsey, everyone.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thanks for having me.
[ship horn blares]
rock and roll music playing on radio ♪
‐ All right. Give me two beers
and a shot of Jack.
BARTENDER: You got it.
‐ How 'bout you?
You drinkin' tonight? Yeah?
‐ Yeah.
HOWLER: Yeah, no.
Okay? Only thing
he's pissin' tonight's H‐2‐O.
You got that?
‐ Yeah, I got it.
Yo. Incoming.
‐ All right. I got it.
‐ What's wrong with him?
DOGG‐O: Oh, he‐‐
So, you know after the spill?
‐ Yeah.
‐ Well, they had him out there
doin' clean‐up
while they're pumpin' dispersant
off a plane nearby.
He gets dizzy from it, falls overboard.
Gets a face full of chemicals.
Game over.
[breathing heavily]
‐ Hey. You good? You wanna sit or‐‐
‐ I'm fine.
HOWLER: That's cool. You just need
a drink, that's all‐‐
‐ Hey, It's fine.
PEANUT: So we'd been clockin' it five,
six days. Everything dried up.
And we's dog tired, too.
Goin' 24 hours 'round the clock
with a spotlight
makin' up for time.
So [chuckles]
I guess we was kinda delirious,
not payin' attention to our coordinates.
And that's when we hear 'em.
Circlin' 'round the boat.
‐ What? Sharks?
‐ Worse than sharks.
It was a school of mermaids.
Hungry ones, too.
Cryin' out from every direction.
[high‐pitched screaming]
Surrounded. One of 'em reached up,
grabbed my ankle, pulled me over.
In a flash, I had two, three of 'em
on me in the water.
Just bitin' off flesh.
Hurt like hell, I'm tellin' ya.
‐ How'd you know it wasn't sharks?
PEANUT: Do sharks got tits?
I mean‐‐
I couldn't see 'em,
but I felt 'em good enough.
'Cept my buddy fired a rifle‐‐
[mimicking gunfire]
Scared 'em all off.
‐ Bullshit.
‐ Bullshit?
[man whistles]
DOGG‐O: Someone get that kid a beer.
‐ Relax. There ain't gonna be no "schools
of mermaids" where we're goin' out.
‐ Hell no, only one or two of 'em, is all.
PEANUT: Just the hungry ones.
‐ Okay, would you stop that shit.
You're gonna give him nightmares,
and his mom's gonna kick my ass.
‐ I'm not scared. I'm not.
‐ Oh yeah? All right, good.
Claudine's gonna let him go out
for opening day tomorrow.
DOGG‐O: Yeah?
HOWLER: Mm‐hmm.
DOGG‐O: You goin' out as deckhand?
‐ Right on.
‐ Hey, hey, you need any advice
from one deckhand to another,
[clicks tongue]
you fire away, Breezy got you.
‐ Yeah. Here's some advice.
Do everything the opposite of Breezy.
He said deckhand, not dickhead.
BREEZY: Ha ha ha. Fuck you.
‐ How 'bout you, Sharko?
You goin' out for opening?
‐ No.
‐ Yeah, sure.
Don't gotta rush it.
‐ Hey. You know why we call him Sharko?
'Cause he rips fish outta the ocean
just like a fuckin' Great White.
[Breezy laughs]
‐ Till he fell off his boat.
DOGG‐O: All right, you're done.
You gotta get going.
No. Fuck off. Get outta here.
‐ What? What? Come on. Hey, hey.
Get your fucking hands
off me, asshole.
HOWLER: Watch it!
‐ Ahh! I was gettin' a beer anyway.
‐ You know there's no catch.
Shit's still washin' up black,
so y'all can go ahead
and stop lyin' to yourselves.
You're gonna come up dry. Or worse.
‐ Maybe so.
SHARKO: Definitely.
‐ Yeah, but what about the clean‐up?
‐ You mean cover‐up.
Flew a couple prop planes
and dumped out some chemicals.
Meanwhile, we're down on the water
wavin' our dicks around
so Air Force One can do a drive‐by.
‐ Dorsey's on TV sayin' it's clean waters.
‐ It's a play.
Dorsey's gonna ride that black tide
all the way to the White House.
He's balls deep in Titan. Fuck Dorsey!
[breathing heavily]
tense music playing ♪

‐ Hey, um, I was thinkin'.
Oh shit.
Forgot about your little scuba gear there.
How you doin' by the way, huh?
I been worried about ya.
‐ You was thinkin'.
‐ You know, since, um,
you're not goin' out, I was‐‐
Maybe I could take your boat out,
you know, for opening.
And split it 60‐40.
I know you could use
the cash, 'cause you, you know‐‐
‐ I got cash.
‐ Well, then, hey, what about as just‐‐
as a favor. Hmm?
‐ Last time we went out,
you stood me up two hours.
[Breezy groans]
Then come to find
your ass landed in jail.
‐ Well, what if I've seen
the error of my ways, huh?
Come on, you don't gotta be an asshole.
Hey, not my fault you're fuckin' crippled
and can't go out‐‐
‐ There's no reason why we both have
to go see Josh Layton's widow.
‐ Now, listen, big shorty,
you ain't about to saddle me off to seeing
some poor widow woman all by myself.
LITTLE JOE: Me being there's
not gonna help her any.
HOSS: Yeah, but it's gonna help me!
Now, you're going, and that's it!
HOSS: Well, because Mr. Layton
was one of Pa's best friends,
and we're supposed to be here
doing everything we can to help.
[conversations on TV continue,
[seagulls squawking]
[waves crashing]
[bell tolling]
[seagulls squawking]
dramatic music playing ♪

[seagulls squawking]

[exhales heavily]
[static crackling]
HOWLER [on radio]: This is Howler.
Checkin' for coordinates. Reply 68.
PEANUT [on radio]:
68. Howler, this is Peanut.
185 degrees magnetic.
Makin' my way up the line. Over.
‐ This is Howler.
Goddamn it's a beautiful day.
[Sharko scoffs]
We'll be callin' for an offload
'fore supper‐‐
somber music playing ♪

ominous music playing ♪


[Sharko breathing heavily]

DOGG‐O [on radio]: Dogg‐o on 68.
All dry and we locked up
like a junkyard dog. Over.
HOWLER [on radio]: This is Howler.
I'm about a mile and a half
south‐southwest off Sand Point.
Tested twice, all black or deformed.
Movin' on. Over.
PEANUT [on radio]: Comin' up like aliens.
All twisted and two heads.
It's freaky shit. Over.
[static crackling]
DOGG‐O [on radio]: Dogg‐o here.
Gettin' out to the waypoint.
[radio chatter continues, indiscernible]

"Come on Down to my Boat"
by Every Mother's Son playing on radio ♪
SHARKO: Well, I sure hate to brag,
but we got the catch of the century
over here, boy!
[singing along]:
She sits on the dock a fishin'
in the water, uh huh ♪
I don't know her name
she's the fisherman's daughter, uh huh ♪

‐ Come on down to my boat, baby ♪
Come on down where we can play ♪
Come on down to my boat, baby ♪
[telephone rings]
[ringing continues]
‐ Yeah?
HARRIS [on phone]:
Mr. Peters, this is Bradford Harris
calling from the law offices
of Ogden & Bruce.
‐ Okay.
‐ We got your name on a referral.
May I ask, did you suffer an injury
during the clean‐up efforts
after the Titan oil spill one year ago?
‐ What's this all about?
‐ If so, I wanted to inform you
of a class action lawsuit
in which you're eligible‐‐
[breathing heavily]
NEWSREADER: House Democrats
introduced a bill today
that would limit the number of firearms
a person can legally own.
If enacted, the bill would also create
a watchlist of buyers
who attempt to purchase more guns
than the law allows.
The bill's co‐sponsor,
Forge River freshman Congresswoman,
called the legislation long overdue
and wholly rational.
DORSEY: [on TV] As Americans,
we're natural leaders.
The world respects us.
Our allies follow in our footsteps.
Our enemies fear us or at least‐‐
[plastic rustling]
Lately, America's forgotten how to lead.
Our government's grown weak and corrupt.
But Americans have it.
I'm Jim Dorsey.
And together we can stand and speak up.
Take the wheel‐‐
[TV switches off]
ominous music playing ♪


[rustling continues]


[breathing heavily]
[mermaid screeches]
[canister clangs]
[Sharko grunting]
[Sharko screams]
[mermaid screeches]
dramatic music playing ♪

[mermaid grunting]

[rifle cocks]

[waves crashing]
"Big Night At My House"
by Durwood (Daily) Haddock playing ♪
[cash register dings]

[static crackling]
dramatic music playing ♪

‐ It's okay.


No wonder you can't breathe too good.
That better?



Steak or haddock?
Good choice. I wouldn't want
that farm‐raised shit either.

Good girl.
I'll be back for supper.
[switch clicks]
‐ Ma'am, you feelin' poorly again?
‐ Oh no, no, I'm fine.
It was, uh, sweet of you
to remember the table I had
the last time I was here,
but I wonder if we couldn't have
something a little more private.
JEAN: Of course, Madam. Right here.
mysterious music playing ♪

‐ Thought you might like to watch, too.
[metal clanks]
You seen this before?
It's a classic.
That's Cartwright,
but they all call him Hoss.
In this one, he falls
in love with that one. Julie.
She tricks him, see?
[Sharko mimicking]
"What's the matter?"
"Nothin, I‐‐
"Ma'am, I'm‐‐ I'm just a cowboy.
Don't reckon I fit in in a place
like this very good."
[high pitched]: "I'm sorry.
I‐‐ I didn't mean
to make you unhappy."
[normal voice]:
My father watched this to learn English.
Loved American TV.
Look at this guy. Sippin' champagne.
He don't know.
‐ It's real good.
[mermaid grunts]
‐ What?
thought you said somethin'.
[conversations on TV continue]
ominous music playing ♪
[bottle clinks]
‐ Shh.
Stay here.

[clattering, rustling]
Who's there?
‐ Oh hey. Hey, hey.
I was lookin' for ya.
I was gonna tell ya.
You know, you should, uh,
you should lock your door at night.
'Cause somebody, somebody could break in.
‐ Put that down. Get the fuck out
of here before I call the cops.
‐ Aye‐aye, cap'n.
‐ Fuck you!
‐ Fuck me?
‐ Yeah, fuck you.
Get the fuck out of my house.
‐ I only asked you for one fuckin' thing!
To take your boat out for one fuckin' day.
‐ I let you on my boat. I gave you
a shot. I gave you ten shots.
‐ Oh! Good boy, Sharko.
That's a good boy! Yeah, what?
What, you want a cookie? Hmm?
What's the matter, huh? Huh?
[metal clanks]
‐ Breezy‐‐
‐ Wittle boy scaredy‐boo‐boo?
What's the big scary man gonna do, huh?
Who's the big dog, now, huh?
What's that? What's that? Somebody here?
‐ No.
‐ No?
[Breezy chuckles]
Oh here, kitty‐kitty‐kitty.
‐ There's no one in there.
‐ Oh, no one's in there, huh?
Here, kitty‐kitty. Come on out and play.

Holy shit.
You got a mermaid in your tub.
‐ Look, you can't tell anyone about her.
‐ What're you gonna do with it?
I mean, you could‐‐
You could sell it. You'd get‐‐
Hell, the tail alone gets ten, twelve K.
‐ I'm gonna throw her back.
As soon as the water's clear.
‐ You know you can't keep
no damn mermaid in no tub,
don't you?

heavy metal music playing ♪
[hammering, Breezy grunting]
All right.
heavy metal music continues ♪
What d'you say, boss?
‐ Left joint looks sharp.
‐ It's quittin' time.
Quittin' time! Quittin' time.
‐ No drugs on my boat.
‐ Your boat?
‐ House.
‐ You said boat.
What's the matter, old man? You lose
a couple screws when you fell overboard?
‐ When you gonna grow up?
‐ [sarcastically] "When you
gonna grow up?"
[normal voice]:
Yeah, you're right.
You're right. Yeah.
It's, uh, it's high time I took a good
hard look at myself and, uh‐‐
[imitating train engine chugging]
Train comin' through ♪
[imitating guitar riff]
‐ Job ain't done till it's well done.
My father taught me
to take pride in my work.
‐ You know what my daddy taught me?
"Sit the fuck down!"
"Shh shut the fuck up, motherfucker!"
"Stop fucking around
with your sister back there!"
Well, who's on top now, motherfucker? Huh?
Never seen myself a fuckin' mermaid
before three days ago.
Now I got me one.
[shuts stereo off]
The fuck?
‐ You can't tell anyone about her.
You know that.
‐ Well, who cares?
‐ I‐‐ I'm serious.
She's she's precious.
And others will want her.
This is our catch.
Captain and deckhand. Like old times.
‐ Hmm? You burnin' my ass up
every time I was, what,
four minutes late for work?
Yeah, no thanks.
‐ I wasn't. I‐‐
I‐‐ I was tryin' to help you.
I was treating you the way
my father treated me.
You know, like a son.
‐ No.
‐ What?
‐ No, don't you‐‐
‐ What, I'm not‐‐
‐ Don't you play me like that.
‐ I'm serious. I'm not.
I'm not. I'm serious.
‐ Don't fuck with me.
‐ I'm not fucking with you.
I really meant what I said.
‐ Don't fuck‐‐
‐ I'm not fuckin' with you.
I told you.
You got potential.
‐ What, so,
all them times you was making fun of me,
what, you was just,
you just were teachin' me
a lesson, is that right?
‐ Yeah.
[Breezy scoffs]
‐ 'Cause, well, Sharko loves Breezy.
‐ Sharko loves Breezy.
Our secret.
You and me.
‐ Okay.
[both laughing]
Just Wheezy and Breezy now.
‐ Right.
‐ All right?
Job's done. Let's get
to goddamn fishing here.
"Night and Day"
by Frank Sinatra playing ♪

‐ Night and day ♪
You are the one ♪
Only you beneath the moon ♪
And under the sun ♪
‐ Voila, madame.
Dinner for two.
You like this music?
Sinatra was my dad's favorite.
He used to say, "Even the fish
would dance to the Ol' Blue Eyes."
Bottoms up.
Look at us.
We're Hoss and Julie
on their first date.
"Ma'am, I'm just a cowboy.
Don't reckon I fit in in a place
like this very good."
My father loved that show.
Loved all things American.
American cars. American girls.
Even got an American name
when he came over.
And it wasn't any warm welcome
to Texas, neither.
Big fuss over foreigners
takin' up white folks' jobs.
Whole of Palacios up in arms.
One night, when I was a boy,
the Klan even came
by the house, makin' threats.
Yeah. White robes and everything, sayin',
"There isn't enough fish in the ocean
for the both of us."
And my father, he said,
"Well. I beg to differ."
Had to scare 'em off with a rifle.
mysterious music playing ♪
I guess if I'm bein' honest,
it's been hard since the accident.
My father fought to get us
a good life here.
So my loss feels like it's his,
in a sort of way.
Look at me. Talkin' up a storm.
It's just 'cause you're just
so easy to talk to.

[knocking on door]
WOMAN: Hi, Mr. Peters.
‐ Do I know you?
‐ [chuckles] I sure hope you do.
There. Now you see me.

What's wrong? Don't you recognize me?
You saved my life. Remember?
On the beach?
‐ The beach?
‐ Can I come in?
Thank you. Hi.
ominous music playing ♪

So you were saying how,
how hard it's been since your accident.
That your father had to fight these men,
the ones that didn't want him here?

‐ You're her.
Aren't you?
‐ Yes.
Of course I'm her.
Don‐‐ Don't you recognize me?
Well, you‐‐ you brought me here.
Don't you remember?
I got a message for you.
From the sea.
‐ What is it?
‐ "Thank you."
‐ For what?
‐ For caring about us.
No one else does.
Not the oil company.
Not the greedy politicians.
No one understands how terrifying it was.
Seeing all that black oil.
But you do.
You're one good man out of the whole lot.
You got saltwater in your blood.
You're one of us.
Don't move.
Stay right there.
[wheezy breaths]
[woman shushes]
It's okay.
Now breathe.
[wheeze breaths]

There you go, handsome.
I know they say that you fell
off your boat.
But I think you were just looking for me.

Frank Sinatra's
Ring‐A‐Ding Ding playing ♪

‐ Life is dull
it's nothing but one big lull ♪
Then presto you do a skull ♪
And find that you're reeling ♪
She sighs and you're feeling ♪
Like a toy on a string ♪
And your heart goes:
"Ring‐a‐ding ding ♪
Ring‐a‐ding ding,
ring‐a‐ding ding" ♪
How could that funny face ♪
That seemed to be common place ♪
Project you right in to space ♪
Without any warning ♪
Don't know if its morning, night‐time ♪
romantic music playing ♪

[both moaning]
‐ So, I'm a kid. Got me
a skimmer. Nothin' big.
And this guy on the radio said
he's on it,
but I'm thinking, that's some
lock up shit, right?
So I go the opposite way.
'Cause I got a feeling right here.
And I'm catchin' hell, too.
Gulf's pourin' in.
So I pull up, and then I see it.
The mother lode! I'm right in the crack.
Pullin' up net after net after net.
Fuckin' Jesus of the sea!
‐ Whoo!
‐ Boy, I'm tellin' ya,
men dream of a day like this.
Fuckin' 20 grand day. Thirty grand!
Me! Me! No immigrant's son.
I was Sharko!
King of the ocean!
And all the fish
and every creature in the sea
shall bow before me!
‐ I won't.
‐ Bow, I say!
‐ Never!
‐ I'll make you bow.
[both laughing]
‐ Come here.
‐ Stop!
I said, stop it!
Put me down!
I see you.
‐ I see you.
‐ I know.
But I see you.
I've been watching you
for the past few days.
I wanted to say so much,
but I couldn't.
‐ Say it now.
‐ I know you're unhappy.
But that won't last forever.
You're right.
Dorsey's a criminal.
The clean‐up was a total sham.
I saw with my own eyes.
Everything is suffering.
I liked‐‐
I liked Bonanza.
‐ "Ma'am,
"I'm just a cowboy.
Don't reckon I fit in in a place
like this very good."
WOMAN: "I'm sorry.
I I didn't mean
to make you unhappy."
SHARKO: "Oh no, ma'am, you didn't.
It'd take some doing to make
a man unhappy when he's with you."
[woman chuckling]
WOMAN: What?
SHARKO: Nothin'.
WOMAN: Somethin'.
‐ I wish I'd drowned.
When I fell off that boat.
Wished it every day since it happened.
Till now.
[waves crashing]
[seagulls squawking]
[shower running]
Want a beer?
WOMAN: What?
[vehicles approaching]
ominous music playing ♪
What'd you say?
What is it?
Is someone here‐‐
‐ Shh.
[car door closes]
Stay here.
[door opens, closes]

Little late for a house call.
HOWLER: Hey, Sharko.
Sorry for the drop‐by.
Just came to tell you, you was right.
Now, there ain't a catch for miles
that don't got a belly full of oil.
Dorsey and everyone, they were lyin'.
Whole ocean's poisoned.
‐ Okay.
Now you told me.
‐ Say, Sharko? You, um,
really got a mermaid in there?
SHARKO: I see Breezy did
his job as a town snitch.
‐ Yeah, well, I am what I am, Popeye.
‐ So, it's true?
'Cause if it's true,
and you're sittin' right on it‐‐
‐ She's my catch.
‐ I know. 'Cept, thing is, I got a family.
We all do. And you're kinda keepin'
bread outta their mouths right now.
‐ So get a job. That ain't my deal.
‐ Come on.
You don't even need it.
We know they paid you good
for that clean‐up.
‐ She's my catch.

Stay here.

‐ [stuttering] What's he gonna do?
He's gonna, gonna walk her right out?
‐ Whoa! Hey!
MAN: Whoa.
‐ Hey, come on, man, that ain't necessary.
‐ I'm gonna tell you one more time.
Get off my lawn.
‐ Whoa, hey, relax, buddy.
Now put the gun down.
‐ Hey, come on, Sharko.
We thought we was friends.
‐ Showin' up middle of the night nice
and friendly where you come from?
‐ Relax. He ain't gonna shoot anybody.
[all clamoring]
‐ You fuckin' almost caught me.
‐ That's right.
And I'm gonna put a bullet
through every last one of you
and then again to be sure,
I swear to god!
My name is Sharko!
I'm the king of the fuckin' ocean,
and not a one of you's
gonna take her from me!
You hear?
‐ All right.
You win.
[car door opens]
Come on, y'all. Come on.
[car door closes]
Let's go.
[engine starts]
Get in the fuckin' car!
[car door opens, closes]
[Sharko breathing heavily]
[engine starts]
[wheezy breathing]
WOMAN: Did they go?
‐ They're about to.
‐ Oh, thank god.
I was worried they'd try
to keep me from you.
‐ Nothing can keep us apart.
Still daylight out.
Should we have an adventure?
Go for a dip in the ocean.
What do you say?
[seagulls squawking, waves crashing]
[Sharko laughing]
Would you look at that?
It's a beautiful day!
Smell the salt in the air!
It's gonna be a 20 grand day today!
Thirty grand, 40, I'm telling ya!
Take my hand.
We'll jump on three.
[seagulls squawking]


Box Cox's Drifting Home To You playing ♪

‐ When the moonlight turns the ocean ♪
Blue to silver ♪
In my dream ship I'll come drifting ♪
Home to you ♪
Though I spend each night alone ♪
I'm not without you ♪
In my dream ship I'll come drifting ♪
Home to you ♪
In my dream ship I'll come drifting ♪
Home to you ♪
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