Monsterland (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

New York, New York

Don't you ever worry you're gonna choke?
Like while you're doing it?
No. Plus, if you do, it's good.
They like it.
How's the back?
Um, there's like one kind of straight spot.
Will you get it? Yeah.
I want like, old Hollywood hair.
Like Rita Hayworth.
I want your hair.
Fine. Come here.
You know you can practice too, right?
For um guys.
You're not going to tell me to like
do stuff with a cucumber, are you?
What? No.
Just use your fingers.
Open your mouth.
What, um.
What does that do?
Trains your gag reflex.
Ok, how do I look?
No, I know but, like, how good?
Like, would a lumberjack want me?
Do you just carry that around with you?
Freak. Shut up, it's your book
I just don't want my mom to find it.
I don't get it. Why would you
ever want to look like them?
Are you kidding? Because they're hot.
He had good taste.
My mom used to say that
it served them right.
No one ever goes into the white woods
expecting something good to happen.
Especially a girl.
My mother called it the "no-no zone".
Shut up.
"The white woods are the
no-no zone, sweetheart."
"And don't forget it."
My mom never called me
sweetheart a day in her life.
You know what, laure?
Fuck her.
Come on. Sorry. Sorry.
That was some shit from the black ops.
My god, you have so much ax on.
Sup, laure?
What's up, Pete?
So, what's up with your mom?
Is she like nocturnal, cuz she's
just like out on the couch right now.
Oh, yea, she works nights.
Yea, and like drinks 50 chardonnays a day.
So, uh, do you guys want
to watch something, or?
You know what, laure, actually.
Maybe you could go
somewhere for a little bit?
Give us some, like
Yea, uh.
It's just that my mom is downstairs,
and I don't want to wake her up.
So, go in the closet.
Sorry about that.
Is Pete? Oh, yeah.
He's gone. And he says thanks.
And he left us this.
Uh, uh, uh.
If you want to smoke it with
me, we gotta to the woods.
Wait, what? Why?
I do not know. Because I want to. Why not?
Because it's dangerous.
Uh, do you want to jump off a cliff too?
Like my mom is right.
No, your mom is a bitch who controls you.
And you know why? Because you let her.
I mean, it's fine.
We don't have to go.
If you're too scared.
You know what?
I'm done.
Done with what?
This. You. Bossing me around.
Hiding in the closet so you can
have sex with your stupid boyfriend.
Doing your hair oh, my god Lauren, wait.
No, you want to talk about bitches who control me,
you only text me just because
you get sick of Abby and Cheyenne.
Am I supposed to just jump up and be there?
I'm not doing that anymore.
And I am definitely not going
to a literal murder forest
because you want to role play dead
girls, or scare me or whatever.
Ok, well.
I'll just go alone, I guess.
Wait, hang on. In the woods? Yea.
By yourself? Yea, yea, why not?
I'm sorry, Elena. No, it's fine.
Ah, I guess I'll just see you at school.
Here, keep your stupid book.
It's about time. What, did you crawl home?
The bus was late
Lauren, I'm detective Leighton.
Why don't you have a seat?
I need to ask you a couple of
questions, if that's all right?
About your friend Elena.
Rebecca says Elena
didn't come home last night.
We wondered if you maybe
saw her at school today.
No, she wasn't there.
I thought she had skipped it, or.
Would you say that Elena does that often?
Skip school?
I mean.
I don't know. Sometimes when you
want to smoke with these guys.
Hey! Do you skip school too?
No. Mom. Never.
And, ah, what about last night?
Did you see Elena then? Yes. Yes.
She said she was coming here right after school.
Ok, yeah, she did yes, umm, she did.
We hung out a little, talked, and then she left.
Did she say where she was going?
Home, I think.
And that's all you remember?
You two didn't go anywhere else,
or do anything maybe you
weren't supposed to?
Lauren, you won't get in trouble, all right?
It's all right, I'm scared too.
Lauren, you're certain you've
told us everything you know?
Yes. That's all.
And the bridesmaids and the flower girl.
Take their places here.
And now the organ plays.
Everyone stands.
Ready? Yeah.
Here she comes.
The most beautiful bride we've ever seen.
Isn't that right? Just look at her.
Now, mom goes to sit.
We are gathered here today
to celebrate the union
of Peter and Lauren.
And what a very happy occasion it is.
Oh, that worked. Uh, ok.
Welcome! Thank you guys so much
for coming to our rehearsal dinner.
You know, sometimes when
people find each other.
It's not so easy right away.
It's not like a fairy tale.
It's just real life,
and as some of you may know,
it was Elena milak who first
brought Lauren and I together.
And we grieved her disappearance side by side.
But, cut to, 10 years later,
med school, two dogs,
a new city.
And yea, I am pretty proud of
how much we've built together.
There's only one thing worth
knowing about iron river.
Oh god, here he goes again.
Mr. Tour guide over here.
Stay out of the white woods.
All right, how come? Don't encourage him.
How long you got, Boston?
In the winter of '83,
this girl named Alice wiles goes missing.
Poof, gone.
Springtime rolls around, snow melts,
some hunters out in the woods
with his dog one day,
and who does he find, but Alice wiles,
minus her head.
Why do you always sound like
that is your favorite part?
By '86, there were four more girls.
And that's just the lumberjack.
'95, a friend of my uncles,
walked his whole family out
into the woods one afternoon.
He shot them all, execution style.
Jesus Christ.
Yep, woods scared us shitless
growing up, didn't they?
Like you know the half?
You're a boy, woods are
double bad for girls.
Just like everyplace else.
Did you hear what they found last night?
Remains. Human ones. Female.
No shit.
Hand to god, my friends
cousin's boyfriend is a cop
heard it direct from him.
And they're saying its got no head.
Ok, what's wrong?
I don't know.
Her. This.
The worlds most saccharin speech.
What do you mean? This is great.
Oh my god, did you try this?
Elena will hate it. The dip?
No, not
Not the dip, god
Abby, it is nice that we're here, ok?
Lauren's our friend too.
No, Pete's her friend.
Lauren's some girl we went to high school with.
Who, for some reason Elena liked.
But, was completely weird and boring,
and not socially attractive in any
Hey, bridey
How are we holding up? Are you hydrating?
Uh, equal parts water to bubbles.
Hey ab.
So, quick question.
Yea, shoot.
No, well, I was just, uh
wondering about your mom.
If she's coming? Tonight? Tomorrow?
You mean fei.
Well, yeah.
Um, sure.
Yea, it'll be like the old saying,
something old, something new,
something borrowed, something drunk.
Of course, she's not coming.
Besides, my real mom is here.
Hey, when did you start
calling her that way, anyway?
"Mom" I don't know.
College. A couple years ago.
When um, fei kicked me out?
I was living in her house, and put her
name on all of my forms. So
Did you hear the thing about the woods yet?
Really, Abby? Tonight? Of course.
It is a rumor. People like to talk.
Because they say she's a girl now.
Because they're saying it's a girl now.
Teenage girl. And, so
Ok. Does Rebecca know that?
Abby, come on. Excuse me?
Look, I'm sorry, ok, but,
I mean, what if it's her?
It kills me that Elena is gone.
And I would do anything to bring her back.
But, Rebecca is happy tonight.
So can we just chey and I can do it.
If you'd rather not. We can?
Yea, of course. No thanks. Ummm.
I'll do it.
Soon as we get a second alone, ok?
I'll just go alone, I guess.
Hang on
In the woods? By yourself?
You, um, get a chance to relax at all tonight?
Catch up with people? Yes, of course.
I can walk and chew gum.
Any good gossip?
What do you think we are, Detroit?
Nothing new around here,
except who skipped church.
Well, I
I heard something, actually.
What's that? Supposed to snow tomorrow?
You know I think all the time
about what my life would have been,
if I had bothered to go anyplace else.
Take a trip, see something.
Expand my horizons, you know? Be free.
That's what I want for you,
sweetheart, in your new life.
Hold on.
It's not a game changer I know, but
I thought maybe it would help you
go somewhere you've never been.
Mom, how?
Lauren, Elle,
because of you, that's how.
Now, sorry. What was the gossip?
Tell me quick, I need my beauty sleep.
Uh, that's, uh.
The girl that Danny brought? Yea?
Rosie from high school? Yea.
She is pregnant.
So good old Danny.
It's been what? Twenty minutes
since his last townie girl?
You and Pete, on the other hand.
You can make me a
grandma anytime you please.
I'm ready.
Good night, honey.
Good night, mom.
"Forensics have determined the remains
belonged to an adolescent female.
Decomposition suggests roughly
eight to ten years since death".
Mother of fuck. I told you.
Hey guys, what do you think?
Drops or studs?
Oh, drops, for sure. Hella bridal.
Ab? Yea, pretty.
Hey, guys?
Look, I know this is weird, ok?
Like, I know we were never close.
I am not stupid.
Pete and I actually thought about
getting married in Chicago,
but, Rebecca had like this whole vision
With this church and this
dress and you guys, and
We really want her to have that.
When did you change your hair?
What do you mean? It was just different.
And straight, the last time I saw you.
Abby, stop it.
Did you change it for the wedding, or
I don't know.
I guess I just wanted something old Hollywood.
Like Rita Hayworth.
Knock, knock how are we?
Look at you girls.
Now, Elle, the photographer will be
here any minute. Are you ready?
I just picked this up from
the tailor last night.
Now, the first one to wear this
dress was my grandma Joan.
Her twin sister Lily made it by hand.
Then it was my mother Ann's, then my mine.
Of course, James and I
lasted a grand total of a year
before he showed his true colors. But
The dress isn't about the men, is it?
Just the brides.
Strong women.
Four generations, including you.
I do not know.
I, I do not know.
Sorry excuse me.
Dude, what the hell?
What is going on with you?
Cheyenne, give me a second!
Excuse me? You can't just storm out
in the middle of a fucking photo op.
I can't participate in this anymore, ok?
I can't. It's, it's, it's sick.
Ok, maybe let's just chill
with the drama, yea?
I'm serious, god, look around
Rebecca, Pete, the dress?
Four generations, including you?
Gimme a break.
And what is with the "El" shit?
Her name is Lauren!
Right, which last I checked starts with I.
That's not how she means it.
She stole Elena's life, Cheyenne.
Down to the nickname, and it's twisted
how Rebecca plays along.
Elena was my best friend, chey.
Yea, no shit.
Mine too.
Then wake up.
Since we were five, it was the three of us.
You, me, Elena.
And we all have other friends.
That's fine, but
Junior year, she picks up
some emo girl from home room
and suddenly, we don't exist.
It's all Lauren, all the time.
It's like she dumped us for her.
And then she disappears, and 10 years later.
Emo girl is doing full Elena cos-play
and the cops find her body.
We're just supposed to be chill about it?
So why doesn't Lauren tell
Rebecca about it, hmm?
Because it's her literal wedding day?
I do not know.
Or because she knows it is.
I just keep thinking.
It all fits.
Abby, what fits?
Sorry about that.
Is Pete? Oh, yea.
He's gone. And he says thanks.
He left us this.
Uh, uh, uh.
If you want to smoke it with me,
we gotta go to the woods.
Wait, what? Why?
I do not know. Because I want to. Why not?
Because it's dangerous.
Uh, do you want to jump off a cliff too?
Like, my mom is right.
No, your mom is a bitch who controls you.
And you know why? Because you let her.
I mean, it's fine.
We don't have to go.
If you're too scared.
Fuck that.
I'm not scared of shit.
Here, warm up.
Come on. Try again.
Low and slow.
Elena, hey.
Where'd you go?
Elena? Elena?
Oh I got you so bad.
Elena, that's not funny.
Don't do that. Where are you?
Oh, I am everywhere!
Hey little girl. I'm the lumberjack.
Elena, stop it!
You better watch out!
Pretty girl like you all alone in the woods.
Fuck you! Stop it! Elena?
God your face!
That was so good dude.
What the fuck?
Oh my god. No, come on.
No, no, no, no.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Girl, you have to stop with
the true crime podcast.
It is legit getting out of control.
I know how it sounds like, ok?
But Lauren killed Elena.
Maybe on purpose,
maybe by accident, but she did.
And she covered it up.
And then she helped herself to
the life she always wanted.
Let's just, like, pretend
I'm willing to buy this.
For two seconds.
What evidence do you have?
You can't even prove they went
into the woods that day, ab.
Ok you're right, I can't.
But I might know someone who can.
Yeah, come in. Hi, sorry to interrupt.
Your mom says she forgot to
give you something. Can she?
Yea, for sure. Send her in. Awesome. Ok.
Well. Don't you look the part?
What are you doing here?
Well, someone told me my little
girl was getting married here today.
You haven't seen her, have you?
What do you want, fei?
Who is fei?
Call me mom.
I'd like you to leave, fei.
And I'd like a little fucking respect.
But I'm not gonna hold my breath.
Now, tell me everything.
Last I heard, you, uh, moved to Chicago.
For some boy.
Why are you here?
What do you want, money? Free booze? What?
I want to know you, Lauren
I mean, is that hard to believe?
You know what? I can't.
I don't want this.
I don't want to know you or whatever.
Just get out.
This is disgusting, Lauren.
Pretending to be some dead girl?
Wearing her like a dress?
Well guess what? She doesn't fit you.
You know, it's been years
since I thought about that day.
When I heard what the cops found last night.
And then, uh, what's her name, Abby.
The details came back.
What do you mean?
There was dirt on your coat.
And her scarf in your room.
You went to the white woods, didn't you?
Didn't you?
Oh my god.
What did you do to her?
What? What?
No. What?
Mom, we went to the woods ok?
But nothing happened.
We just smoked a joint.
Nothing happened.
Don't you fucking lie to me!
Oh my god, Elle, sweetheart.
Let me see your face. Are you guys okay?
Laure, is everything ok?
Fei, I think you should go.
Now. Why don't you tell her, Lauren?
Tell Rebecca.
How that girl's body ended
up in the woods, hmmm?
What? What body? When?
Not elles.
My mom is right.
No, your mom's a bitch who controls you.
And you know why? Because you let her.
It's fine.
We don't have to go.
If you're too scared.
Would you be mad at me if I don't?
No, of course not.
I just don't think we should go,
because it's gonna get dark soon.
Come on
I'll protect you.
And if you're really brave,
I'll tell you a secret.
What kind of secret?
So, what is it?
What's what?
Your secret.
You said if I was brave, you would tell me.
Ahh, right.
You sure you want to know?
Yea. Duh. Obviously.
Come here.
Hey. Here.
Let's see what you got.
Come on.
Come on. Try again.
Low and slow.
Oh, I got you! Elena, that's not funny!
Where are you?
Oh, I'm everywhere.
Elena, stop it! You better watch out!
Pretty girl like you all alone in the woods.
Fuck you! Elena!
That's it.
That's all I know.
God, you're a piece of work. You know that?
Why can't you just admit what you did?
I just told you everything I know.
Oh, bullshit.
You rattle off some conveniently
mysterious horror movie mad libs
and we're just supposed to believe you?
You killed her, Lauren.
You took over her life? I didn't mean to.
It just happened.
I mean, yeah, but how can
we ever be sure, you know?
Mom, wait. Wait.
Mom, wait.
So you want to know me, huh?
Aw, sweetheart.
No, I don't
And if you are really brave,
I'll tell you a secret.
Poor dear.
All alone on your wedding day.
You must be freezing.
Your lips are blue.
I know what you need.
Come with me.
Ah, drink. Very good.
From the ginkgo tree.
Did your husband do this?
Then why did you run?
Because I don't deserve him.
Or this dress.
I don't deserve that life.
It's not even mine.
I did something awful.
Years ago and
I ran then too. And I lied.
And I never looked back.
Why not?
Because I wanted what she had so badly.
The love, and the future, and she
She wasn't there to have
it anymore, so I just thought
What's the harm?
But I did, I killed her, didn't I?
In a way.
Oh god, I think I did.
I was a girl before.
In iron river,
just like you.
I loved the boy,
Little blond king.
He brought me here.
To be together, I thought.
Oh, he kissed me.
He said to take off my clothes.
So I did.
He opened the car door.
Pushed me out and drove away.
I wandered for days.
He gave me frostbite. Hmmm?
This world has been cruel to you, too.
Oh, but the things I have done.
What choice did we have?
Some of us have been given nothing.
So, we have to learn to take.
You poor dear.
Where is your mother?
What a perfect daughter you'd be.
Oh my god.
You're late! Move!
Move! Rake the fire, now!
It was you.
You took her.
I always wanted a daughter.
But I got a cow instead.
Elena, it's Lauren.
Oh god, look at you.
What, what's wrong with her?
Why can't she talk?
Her vocal cords are frozen.
He misses you.
I'm warning you.
How dare you!
I am your mother!
You ungrateful
Stop it! You're hurting her! You get away!
Thief girl! Nasty girl!
We have to go, ok?
Look at me. Look at me.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
There are many ways for
girls to die in these woods.
And you will be forgotten.
Like me.
A trade.
A daughter for a daughter.
She goes.
You stay
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