Moondial (1988) s01e03 Episode Script

Part Three

Tom? Tom? Tom! 'Ere.
I'm 'ere.
Tom, we're trapped.
They'll let us out.
Always have before.
At least I can't get beat in here.
But you're in your own time.
I've got to get back to Mum, I've got to.
Your ma? You ain't never mentioned her before.
Thought she was dead, like mine.
Poorly, is she? I've got to get back.
Got a pa? No.
At least I got Dorrie.
Look, don't blub.
She'll let us out.
She'll let you out.
She doesn't even know I'm in here.
Look When she lets me out, I'll let you out.
I will.
Look, I'd better get them bottles sorted.
Else I shall get beat.
Oh, Mum I'll talk to you next time.
I will.
I'm back! Thank you.
No! No.
Back again, Mr Benson? I should have thought you needed some sleep.
- Brought a tonic for the patient.
- Oh, I see.
I wait back down here.
Stay as long as you like, Minty.
Hello, Minty.
Hello, Mum.
It's me, Minty.
Don't go away, please.
Why don't you sit down, Minty? Aunt Mary sends her love.
So do I.
Where is she? What can I say to make her come back? Mum I've had an idea.
I'm going to tell you a story.
It's a true story of what's happening to me.
I don't even know what the end will be.
Lucky you're like this, else I wouldn't be telling you at all.
First instalment tomorrow.
Is the doctor here? Could I ask him something, please? Absolutely.
It's a marvellous idea.
You've got to swear that you'll never, ever listen.
Do you promise? Cross my heart and hope to die.
And you've got to make the nurses swear as well.
I'll make them.
If they don't I'll kick them out.
Sounds like a very special story you've got to tell.
And she'll hear it, Minty.
Never you fear.
She's a long way away at the moment, resting, but she's there.
And the one voice she wants to hear in the whole world is yours.
But you will come yourself sometimes as well? I will.
I was going to suggest something like that myself.
It's amazing how it works.
And music - music often gets through where nothing else would.
Except my voice.
That's taken as read.
Going to read her a story in instalments, are you? That should keep her hanging on there.
Not just any old story either.
I love your mother as well, Minty.
Everyone does.
We'll pick up the Walkman on the way home.
Yes, won't take long.
I know where it is.
You'd better take it.
You're going back before I do.
As soon as you've got a tape ready, give me a ring, right? But if you want to go yourself, I'll come right away.
Thank you.
The more you pick, the more they grow.
Well, how did you find your mother today, dear? Is that true about the roses? Oh yes, yes.
You wait and see.
I've had ever such an exciting morning - I've had a visitor.
Oh, who? Such an interesting person - a Miss Raven.
Doing some research, she says, on a book she's writing.
About ghosts, of all things! Ghosts, here? At the house.
Are there any? Well, there are stories about the Queen's bedroom.
You know how tales spring up around old places.
- But nothing about children? - Children? No, dear.
Anyway, she wants to stop here for a while to investigate, she says.
Bless me.
I haven't told you the most exciting news of all.
She's going to stop here with us.
We've got a lodger.
World Has there been a woman here asking things? A lot of women come here asking things.
But I dare say you mean the one who calls herself Raven.
I told her nothing.
She's the sort of woman I wouldn't tell the time of day to.
Told her nothing.
But she's coming to stay.
Looking for ghosts, she says.
It'll be the children she's after.
It's for you to save 'em.
But how? How can I? I told you.
You're the one who has the key.
- Found 'em yet, have you? - Yes.
The orphan.
And now another.
But I don't really I will save them.
I will.
I know.
You? Here? It's as if someone walked over my grave.
Ain't changed much.
Except it's daytime, of course.
I don't know how I did it this time.
What do you mean "did it"? - Got back into your time.
- Oh, but you didn't, Miss Clever.
Thought you was the only one who knew about the sundial, didn't you? You mean Believe me? Listen, Tom, I've got to warn you.
There's someone after you.
No-one'll come looking here.
Not Maggs or Crump or nobody.
- All fast asleep, they are.
- No, Tom, it's not Mrs Crump.
Or Maggs.
- It's a woman from my time.
Sh - Hey! Look at that! Ladies with legs! Oh my! Wait till I tell our Dorrie this.
Watch this.
My turn to be invisible.
So peaceful.
- Hello, dear.
- Hello.
I'm just laughing at a joke I thought of.
Oh, what it is to be young! Ain't it just! Tom! Tom! Come on back.
Must be a child.
Why doesn't it say the dearly beloved son or daughter of anyone? Sad.
Do you think she'll like those pictures? Yeah, lovely.
That one's a bit shabby.
I've got some smashing old photos in my room.
She could have those.
I don't mind having that one.
I've already shown her those.
You mean she's been in my room? Oh yes, she was very interested in them.
Though I do wish you'd keep your room a bit tidier, dear.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realise it was open to the public.
That, Minty, isn't an overly polite thing to say.
But I'll make allowances in the circumstances.
It's all been very upsetting for you.
But it will all come out for the best in the end.
I'm sure it will, dear.
Oh, Mum, I do love you.
And I miss you.
I can't tell you how odd it feels to be talking to you and you not to be there.
But I've got this story to tell.
It's a true one, of what's happening to me here in Belton.
In a funny kind of way, it's as if it's your story too.
Like it's an adventure we both have to go through together.
Before you come back.
And now you'll have to wait till the next instalment.
Who is the mysterious hooded child? And why do we only see her at night? And who is the sinister Miss Raven? The ghost hunter.
Da da-da! She's probably the most harmless old duck in the world.
She probably sits crocheting tea cosies for bring and buy sales when she's not looking for ghosts.
And has a hot water bottle and wears lace-up shoes.
A dear old lady, a harmless old bat.
Tonight I'll go tonight before she gets here.
Only thing is What if Aunt Mary locks all the doors and I can't get out? What a question! As if I wouldn't! You never know who's about, even in the daytime.
Thought you did.
I just wanted to make sure.
You needn't worry your head about that, dear.
I lock the doors, front and back, every night and then I take out the keys and put them in the tea caddy.
It's delicious cake.
But she's only little.
I don't want to scare her.
So I'm going to dress as if I'm in her time.
I'll wear that ghastly long nightie Aunt Mary gave me for Christmas.
And the awful duffel with the hood.
Don't mind admitting I'm terrified, though.
But I've got to do it.
For her sake and yours.
I've got to be there at the stroke of midnight.
Bless her.
Oh no! Who are you, anyway? Still night.
Oi! In here! Sh!