Moondial (1988) s01e04 Episode Script

Part Four

1 ( DAVID FERGUSON: Moondial Theme) ALL: What's the time, Mr Wolf? What's the time, Mr Wolf? - What's the time, Mr Wolf? - SARAH: Who are you? Say what you are.
You seem it to me.
Perhaps because I only see you at night.
To me you're not a sundial.
What's the time, Mr Wolf? You're a moondial.
Moondial, moondial, moondial, moondial, moondial, - Moondial, moondial, moondial.
- Moondial? Moondial, moondial, moondial.
Beware the devil's daughter.
She's got the devil's mark.
- Look, she's trying to hide it.
- Oh, no, please.
I haven't! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! - Devil's child! Devil's child! - (SCREAMS) - Get off! - Devil's child! Devil's child! - Get away! Get out! - (THEY SCREAM) Go on! Sarah! Sarah, what was that commotion? Sarah, can you hear me? Quickly, child.
What have I told you? No! Please don't! Please! Devil's child - that's what you are.
Devil's child - back where you belong.
No, stop! Stop! (SHOUTS) Stop! Why do they call her that? Devil's child? It's like a nightmare.
I hope you're not having nightmares.
I'll set her free.
I absolutely swear I will.
Her and you.
Are you listening? I'm going to go straight back there now.
I might not find her.
I don't even know how the moondial works, not for sure anyway.
At least I can try.
That's got her.
Now the cloak.
Get her cloak, Sam.
Pull it on, right over like she does.
Ah! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Hurray! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! (CHANTING CONTINUES) (CHEERING) Devil's child! Devil's child! Devil's child! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Take a big snuff in - Let it go out.
- (COUGHING) Take a big snuff in Let it go out.
(COUGHING) Take a big snuff in Let it go out.
Take a big snuff in Let it go out.
(CLANGING ECHO) (CLANGING ECHO) Hey! How d'you do it? Oh, yeah.
I know that.
But times I've tried nothing's happened.
I know.
But I think it's him.
What? The little 'un? But why? Look at the size of him to that big fella.
Bet he could be a footman if he stood up straight.
Bet he's seven foot.
It was the boy.
- Thanks, Charlie.
- Charlie? - What d'you call him that for? - Dunno.
Pa's name, that is.
Or was.
This your time? Yes.
I think I'll stay then.
In fact if I could fetch Dorrie here, I would, for sure.
There's a funny thing.
Those voices, just now.
When we came through.
Could've sworn I heard her.
Calling my name, she was.
If it was her She'd be hiding true enough, little monkey.
Dorrie! Dorrie! Come on! Let's find her.
Dorrie! Dorrie! Dorrie! Dorrie! Tom! Dorrie! Minty! Look at her! Tom.
Come out this minute.
World Do you mind if I call you "World"? It doesn't sound right - Mr World.
You call me that - it's who I am.
Old World - they all call me that.
World, I wanted to ask you if you know anything about the m the sundial.
The one on the yew path.
No, I can't say I do.
Interested in it, are you? Uh-huh.
I wanted to know about the two figures, the man and the boy.
I tell you what I have got - a book on sundials.
I read it since I were a lad.
I'll fetch it.
Great! Thank you.
You'll learn a lot from that.
I did.
The queerest things stuck in my mind all these years.
What sort of things? Well, for instance, clock time is mean time, but sundial time is what they call apparent time but the only real time, exact time, is star time.
Star time? Do you mean moon time? Moon time? I ain't heard of that one.
The moon and the stars, they come out together I don't know.
I don't know.
Ah, but I do.
The only real time.
That's what it says.
You read it.
Oh, I will.
And thank you, World.
And about that sundial, I'll ask one or two folk, find out for you.
Will you? Thank you, World.
Those children.
They're in trouble.
I know.
It's as if they're coming nearer, and crying.
Breaks my heart to hear 'em.
I know.
But not for much longer, I promise.
That's good.
You're a good 'un.
Knew you were the moment I set eyes on you.
And you.
You're a good 'un.
What about that mother of yours? She's getting better.
That's the way.
I am glad.
I don't know if he's still there.
Or if he's gone back to his own time.
Oh, he was freezing.
And, Mum, you should have heard him cough.
He's so lonely.
And they're so cruel, horrible Maggs and Mrs Crump.
He has a little sister, Dorrie.
She's ill now, and coughing just like him.
Mum, I've been thinking.
Moon time.
That's where I think you are now.
Somewhere away in moon time.
Tom, Sarah and you, Mum.
In moon time and only me to set you free.
What happens to time when the moon shines on a sundial? (CAR ENGINE) That's all for now.
I'll come and see you tomorrow.
I want to see you open your eyes.
Are you listening? Bye.
Lots of love.
You'll make sure no-one listens to it, won't you? Don't worry.
I will.
She is going to get better, isn't she? You're not just saying it.
Don't worry.
She's coming back to us, slowly.
And this will probably start showing on the screens the minute she hears it.
Oh, will it? If it does you'll ring me and tell me, won't you? Of course.
- You lonely? - No.
I just miss Mum.
Not for much longer.
(INDISTINCT VOICES) There you are, Minty.
Come and meet our guest.
Miss Raven's here to investigate Belton, as I told you, Minty.
- Looking for ghosts.
- Hello.
Though I don't know what you'll find, I'm sure.
Oh, if there's anything to find, I shall find it.
I have a nose for ghosts.
Well, of course, if it's your job.
And what about you, Araminta? Perhaps you've seen something.
She's not been here five minutes.
Children have to be watched.
I often think of them as spies.
MARY: And she's hardly been in the house.
Runs round the gardens all day, don't you, Minty? Ah! The gardens.
Then later, Araminta, you can show me the gardens.
Oh, look! The orangery - shall we go there? Along the terrace, I think.
Oh, no.
You seem a very silent child.
(WHISTLES) Don't! (WHISPERS) Don't let her notice.
Don't let her notice.
Not the moondial.
(CLANGING ECHO) Do you feel anything? Feel? I feel a bit hot.
I think you know what I mean.
I have special kinds of powers and those powers are telling me that there is some kind of presence here.
- Where? I can't see anything.
- I didn't say "see".
Ah! It's a sundial.
- (CLANGING ECHO) - Oh, is it? I hadn't noticed.
I wonder what the two figures represent.
Ah! The church.
I must see that.
(CLANGING STOPS) Oh, look! What a beauty.
Puss, puss, puss.
Witches have cats.
And now I think the moondial will take me whenever I ask it.
I want us three to meet.
Me, Tom and Sarah.
I feel we're all part of a pattern.
A story.
And you are too, Mum, even though you're not here.
So I'm going to get up really early tomorrow at dawn.
I've set my alarm for six.
The garden will probably be as empty then as it is at night.
(GASPS) Talking to yourself? Supper time, Araminta.
Hello again.
It's Araminta Cane.
I know you can't tell me your name but I know you've got one.
And now you know what I want.
Don't you? (WHIRRING) Not her time.
Tom's time, must be.
Pst! Minty! Quick! Over here! Why are we hiding? I knew you'd be here but I thought it'd be night.
We must ask the moondial to take us to Sarah.
We're already here.
Sarah only ever comes out at night.
- Well, we ain't both dreaming.
- (SARAH SINGS) At last! We'll see her.
Come on.
Tell me what you're weeping for, you're weeping for, you're weeping for Tell me what you're weeping for - On a bright summer's day - Go on! I'm weeping for a playmate A playmate, a playmate I'm weeping for a playmate On a bright summer's day Pray, stand you up and choose one And choose one, and choose one Pray, stand you up and choose one On a bright summer's day Daisy, day's eye.
That's what it says in the book.
Close at night and open in the day.
You and me are opposites, daisy.
I curl up in the day and come out at night.
You're my mid summer wish, daisy, to see you open in the sun.
Dare I? I daren't.
Must never look, never.
But what if I shut my eyes? And then wash my face in the water? What if it was a kind of spell for a mid summer's day? Let the sun dry it.
Oh, please let it work.
Please! - Shall we? - No, wait! It feels the same.
Oh, but what if it isn't? How can I tell? I daren't look down.
I daren't.
Sarah! ( DAVID FERGUSON: Moondial Theme)