Moondial (1988) s01e05 Episode Script

Part Five

Sarah, stop! Please, stop! Go! Go! If we don't get after her, we've lost her.
Oh, but she thinks we're like those others.
She thinks we're after her.
Well, we are, aren't we? I mean really after her.
Oh, Tom, did you see? Poor little devil.
Don't say that.
Not devil.
She can't see us now.
'Ere! I ain't let in 'ere.
Skin me alive if they catch me in here.
Don't worry.
It's her time, remember.
We're invisible.
Come on.
Saints preserve me.
We are invisible.
Do you work? Who are you? We want to help you.
We're your friends.
I haven't got any.
I ain't got any neither.
Excepting her.
Got a sister though.
Eight, she is.
That what you are? Aren't you afraid of me? Of course not.
The others are.
They call me Devil's child.
I know what they call you, but you're not.
- I've got the devil's mark.
- Sarah! It's her.
Here, Miss Vole.
I'm coming.
You devil! How dare you? What have I told you? You're the devil.
You little devil! You little devil! Let her go! Let go of her! - We're going in.
- No! - We're invisible, Tom.
We must.
- No! What if it was Dorrie in there? I don't suppose, Sarah, you ever consider what my own life is like.
Shut up in here, week in, week out, with a monstrosity.
They don't pay me very much, you know.
I shall never get rich waiting after you.
No-one speaks to me unless they have to, and you know why, Sarah? Because they think something evil must rub off on me, being with you day in, day out.
Perhaps it does.
Maybe they're right.
I sometimes wonder whether I exist at all.
I sometimes wonder whether I shall go mad, shut in here.
Why do you never look at me? You look at me! There.
Don't turn round.
'Ware the glass.
I am still here.
At least the mirror tells me that.
Augusta Vole - 37 years old.
Penniless, spinster, a servant.
Oh! But I am a beautiful woman.
Such beautiful, smooth white skin.
Do you not find me beautiful, Sarah? Do you? Tell me.
Do you? Oh yes! Yes! And beautiful faces need mirrors, Sarah.
So today I shall spend with my own reflection.
Better bury your head, dear.
The mirrors are coming out to play.
There! What a difference it makes to the room.
I feel better already.
I wish that you could see it.
But you can't, of course.
Poor Sarah.
If ever you look in a mirror, we know what would happen, don't we? What would happen, Sarah? What would happen first? The glass would crack.
I don't hear you.
Louder, please.
What would happen first? - The glass would crack.
- That's better.
The glass would crack.
And then, Sarah Then - Oh no! Please! The devil.
- The devil would get you.
Who is it? Who's there? Why did you run off and leave her? We could have helped her.
You heard what she said.
The devil.
Don't be so stupid.
Surely you don't Oh, no! That does it.
I'm finished.
With her and you.
I ain't playing these devil's games no more.
I want to be six foot tall and a footman.
And I'm going to fetch our Dorrie here.
Tom! Come back! Tom! I'll be back.
I promise.
He doesn't even see me.
I'm a daylight ghost.
He's gone.
Perhaps for ever.
Frightened of the devil.
But I'm not.
Your eyes remind me of hers.
Evil and hateful.
Better bury your head, dear.
The mirrors are coming out to play.
Poor Sarah.
If ever you look into a mirror, we know what will happen, don't we? The devil will get you! The devil will get you! The devil will get you! The devil The devil.
The devil, the devil, the devil The devil, the devil.
So there you are.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I lost all track of time.
I'm not talking about being late, Minty.
I don't expect to come down in the morning and find my front door unlocked.
You can't imagine what a shock it was.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'll lock it next time, I promise.
Oh, no, no.
Your aunt will put the key somewhere else, somewhere safe.
I may have to go out myself at night in the course of my work.
But that is quite a different matter.
Oh, quite a different matter, Miss Raven.
Does she know? Could she? Well, it's her that told Aunt Mary to hide the key so I can't get out.
She trying to make me a prisoner of the day.
Like Sarah is a prisoner of the night.
And Tom.
I don't know if I'll ever see him again.
Oh, Mum.
If you could have seen him.
Poor Tom.
I don't know how to make him come back.
I don't know how.
I'll keep on looking for you, Mum.
I will.
I must! Has she really never seen herself? But she's got a lovely face.
She thinks she's some kind of monster.
Basins, but no taps? "For the night cometh "cutting off all power of passing time.
"Lux et umbra vicissim sed semper amor.
"Light and shadows by turns "But always love.
" I like that.
Mum would too.
That sounds an interesting book, Araminta.
Might I borrow it? Give it to me.
And hurry home.
There's someone waiting to take you to the hospital.
Nothing's changed.
I don't even know if she's listening.
Listen to me, Mum.
Something's going to happen.
I'm going to make it happen.
You must listen to me.
Minty! Minty! Tom? What is it? Tell me, please.
Oh no! What? She's spitting.
Oh, Tom.
Done now.
Ain't no use blubbing.
Waste of water.
Our Dorrie don't cry.
Know what she does? Screeches! Cor! If you could hear her.
Hear her in Stepney if the wind's blowing the right way.
It's what I feel like doing.
Didn't run cos I was frit, you know.
- Don't you think it.
- I know.
I ain't never frit.
Not of nothing.
I know.
We gotta get her out Sarah.
Ain't we? We've got to get her out.
We've got to get you out.
Something to do with the moondial, I reckon.
Into moon time.
Moon time? No Maggs.
No Ma Crump.
No beatings.
You mean never to go back? Ever? 'Ere! What are you staring at? Sorry! Just making sure you're real.
Don't start that again.
You ain't half rum! Rummest girl I know, 'cept our Dorrie, of course.
We're both real.
And Sarah.
Pigs can fly and the moon's made of green cheese and I'll be six foot high or my name ain't Teddy Larkin.
What? What did you say? What? - What did you say your name was? - Teddy Larkin, of course.
You said it was Tom.
Tom, short for Edward, you said.
That's right.
Same as yours is Minty, short for Penelope.
That was a joke.
Look, I'm Teddy Larkin, see.
But kitchen boys here is called Tom, see? - What, you mean all kitchen boys? - That's right.
Gotta be.
Someone yells Tom, and that means kitchen boys.
And we all come runnin', see? But that's terrible! Don't you mind? You gets used to it.
Three of us here.
All Toms, or whatsyername.
Get called that and all - whatsyername.
I think I'm going to go on having to call you Tom.
It's what you are to me now.
- Do you mind? - Course not.
Why should I? But to me you're a proper Tom.
Not just a kitchen one.
Tom? Tonight we'll meet by the moondial.
Will you do it? Try.
Don't always work though, do it? It's working better all the time.
It's as if If you really need it to, it will.
Like just now.
Came looking for you.
Tell you about Dorrie.
You needed me.
Like I needed you the first time we met.
And Sarah needs us both.
Midnight then.
On the stroke.
By the moondial.
Well near enough, anyhow.
Haven't you got any clocks? Clocks all right.
Great ticking things.
Bing, bang, bong, morning, noon and night.
- You can't tell the time.
- Know when it's time to get up.
Billy tells me when it's time for dinner.
Don't need no clocks.
See this? - A little 'un.
A little arm clock.
- That's right.
See these two little fingers? - One of them's bigger.
- That's right.
When the big one's down here, at the bottom Oh, I tell you what, you put it on.
Me? Oh, hold your wrist out.
I'll put it on.
An arm clock! I got an arm clock! Here.
I'll show you what to do.
Now, when the big one's here, at the bottom, and the little one's here, nearly at the top, it's time to set out.
There and there? That's right.
Best put it in my pocket.
If Old Ma Crump sees it, she'll have it off me.
My backside'll be black and blue.
Don't know it'll work, though, do we? Us both being there at the same time.
- Not for sure.
- No, we don't.
Don't worry about him.
He's our friend.
Mine and yours.
World? Oh, it's you, is it? I'm just paying my respects.
Look as if you've seen a ghost.
I've got something for you.
Got them names for you, the sundial.
Bit out of the common, they are.
Chronos and Eros.
Greek, they are.
Oh, thank you, World.
Them's their proper names, but they got meanings in English.
Chronos - that's time.
And Eros - that's love.
Of course! Cupid - love.
Of course.
I feel as if I know him.
Do I? I told you.
He's our friend.
Puss, puss, puss, puss.
Horrible object! Oh, you shouldn't have! I shall take the key with me.
That'll be the safest thing.
Oh, there you are, Minty.
Miss Raven's going on a ghost hunt tonight.
I shall wear my special ghost-hunting outfit.
I shall fetch it for you to see.
She really is rather strange.
Can she really see ghosts, do you think? I shouldn't be surprised.
I think she's a witch.
Minty! There!