Moondial (1988) s01e06 Episode Script

Part Six

1 ( DAVID FERGUSON: Moondial Theme) Well? Ooh, very nice! It has a hood too.
It's a perfect disguise.
Shouldn't it be white? White? Whatever do you mean? For a ghost.
Aren't they usually dressed in white? I'm not trying to be a ghost.
Silly child.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you were.
I am anonymous.
I could come from any age in this costume.
Ghosts are sensitive, you see, and very easily frightened.
If one did see me, it would simply assume that I was from his own time.
Now do you understand? What a sensible idea, Miss Raven.
The steward at the house has been frightfully helpful.
I can go anywhere in the house that I please.
MINTY: Make sure you don't look in a mirror.
What? What did you say? Oh, it's just something I heard.
That if you see a ghost in the mirror then the devil gets you.
Minty! I never heard of such a thing.
Minty, whatever made you say such a thing? Oh, I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Upsetting her like that.
She did seem rather upset.
I wonder why.
I shall be glad when she's gone.
(MINTY LAUGHS) So shall I! When will she go anyway? Oh, at any time.
She said she never stayed anywhere long.
She said Now, what was it? Oh yes.
She came and went when the spirit moved her.
It's going to be tonight, Mum.
I'm not sure what's going to happen.
But something I can feel it in my bones.
And Mum I think I'm going to go somewhere very dangerous tonight.
I'm not sure I'll ever come back.
Never to grow up.
Stay a child for ever.
A talisman! That's what I need.
A charm.
Something to protect us.
Keep us safe.
But what? That's it! Have you seen the Raven? Miss Raven, I mean.
She just popped over to the house.
Said she wanted to hand something in to lost property.
A watch, she said.
Found it in the graveyard.
Oh, poor Tom.
Why? What is it, dear? Nothing.
(CLOCK TICKING) The talisman! Where is she? I've got to be there by midnight.
Tom! Minty? You came! But what about the watch? Lost it, didn't I? I know.
- And I thought - I ain't daft.
It's easy.
Fingers in line on arm clock, fingers in line on house clock.
Now what? I don't know.
That? Yes.
It's the little 'un, you said.
I know who he is now.
Bit cissy, all them curls.
Never make a footman.
But it's him that'll help us.
For the last time Now you.
Light and shadows by turns but always love.
(WHIRRING) It's cold.
Look! It's Sarah! Mary sits a-weeping on a bright summer's day Pray, tell me what you're weeping for Weeping for, weeping for Pray, tell me what you're weeping for On a bright summer's day I'm weeping for a playmate A playmate, a playmate I'm weeping for a playmate On a bright summer's day I'll try one more time.
Magic night of all the year.
Halloween? Lord, save us.
Devil's coming, devil's coming, devil's coming (CHANTING CONTINUES) Devil's coming, devil's coming, devil's coming (SHE SCREAMS) (ALL SHOUTING) Sarah, we're here! I am the ghost of Araminta Cane.
Do as I say and you will not be harmed.
I'm frit.
I'm off! - She ain't a ghost.
- Who's that other one? - Get 'em.
- Yeah, let's get 'em.
Soon, the clock will strike midnight.
Midnight on Halloween.
Do as I say.
Go back to the pool and drop your lanterns in the water.
And as the clock begins to strike shut your eyes.
If you open them again before the last stroke then The devil will get ya! Quick! Before it's too late.
(SCREAMING) (CLOCK STRIKES) Quick! Now! (STRIKES 12) Trick! - They tricked us! - Find 'em! Get 'em! Get down! (WHISPERS) They've gone.
Come on, Sarah.
They've gone.
Sarah, you can put your hood down now.
Safe as houses.
I I daren't.
Don't want to harm you.
You're my friends.
Please, Sarah.
(SHE SCREAMS) - Sarah, open your eyes.
- Sarah.
Come all this long way, I have, to fetch you.
Come with me, will ya? You belong with us.
Sarah, you must trust us.
I'm holding up a mirror.
I want you to look into it.
Don't be afraid.
That's me! That's you, Sarah.
I'm beautiful! Oh, you are.
You are.
And the mirror - it didn't crack.
- Of course it didn't.
- Sarah! - Sarah! - Oh! - No! - Not this time.
- I must go.
- No! Come along with me, Sarah.
Come along with me, won't ya? Get here this instant, devil's child that you are.
Hold her.
Beware the devil.
Beware the evil eye.
(SHE SCREAMS) Teddy! Teddy! Dorrie! It's our Dorrie! It's done.
They're free, at last.
Thank you.
(KNOCKS ON WINDOW) - Hello, Minty.
- Hi.
In you go then.
She's up at the far end.
Hello, Minty.
Now, don't expect miracles all at once, will you? Say hello to her.
I'll be back in a minute.
Thank you.
It's Minty.
Have you been listening to my story? About Tom and Sarah? And the moondial.
It's all over now.
They've gone.
Minty? Minty! Did she vanish into thin air? Of course she didn't! She took Mr Jones's taxi to the station.
Did she have a big ginger cat on her shoulder? Really, Minty! The things you say! I must say, you look quite different this morning.
You look quite washed clean.
That's what my mother used to say.
I expect it's the good news about your mother.
Oh! Everything's good news.
It's Belton.
It's magic.
So I was right.
You did have the key.
- Yes, it's done.
They're free.
- Well done.
Well done, Araminta Cane.
Oh, and World My mother.
She's opened her eyes and said my name.
Why shouldn't she? I'm glad.
I am glad.
- So the work's done.
- Yes.
I'm just going down to the gardens.
- Tie up loose ends? - Yes.
You bring that mother of yours to see me when she's on her feet again.
I've got a thing or two to tell her that I expect she knows already.
She's got a good 'un! Bye-bye.
Set 'em free.
Those children.
The ones I've known for 60 year or more.
Only in snatches, mind.
Only in glimpses.
The voices crying.
Miss Raven.
And Miss Vole.
It was Halloween last night.
It's a mystery.
Pigs can fly and the moon's made of green cheese.
I'll be six foot high or my name ain't Teddy Larkin.
Of course! Teddy.
Edward Larkin! Full circle.
Come on, Teddy! ( DAVID FERGUSON: Moondial Theme)