Moonhaven (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Pilot

Come back!
Let me go!
Shh. Shh.
Calm. Calm your craze.
- Give me what's in your hand.
- You can't have it.
You're making a mistake.
- It's too late for this.
- No.
It's not too late.
I'm doing this for you,
can't you see?
Just let go.
For all of us.
For our future.
Chill! Stop!
Everything's changing.
- So that's good.
You need to get unstuck.
Maybe I like being stuck.
Have you talked to her
about how you feel?
- I've tried.
She doesn't want to.
- We're "past talking," I guess.
- Mm.
She used to look me
in the eye.
- Mm-hmm.
- We'd see each other.
The sizzle.
- We'd feel it.
- Yeah.
- I miss it.
- Mm.
What about Fritz the Fireman?
Well, he's coming around
the house a lot.
Kids are getting used to him.
- I'm not a fool.
- Oh, no. You are a fool, Paul.
That's been long established.
They drift away, Arlo.
- That's what happens.
- And you watch and do nothing.
Not true.
I think and think and think.
Got so many thinks,
I can't sleep.
I have a way out
when I can't sleep now.
What's your trick?
I get up, I go outside,
I get naked in the dark.
I put my bare feet in the dirt.
I'm small under trees,
stars, sky.
Big problems
don't find small men.
Hmm. Get small.
Get small.
Who is she?
Chill Spen.
Body's cool, 92 degrees.
How long's she been dead,
Detective Arlo?
Do the math.
Four hours?
You're a bad detective.
She's dead seven hours,
and a half.
Oh, who cares?
Chancellor does it all for you.
You think
you're Sherlock Hones.
- What her soul saw.
- What her soul saw.
Must have been
grizzle and anguish
as she flew to air.
Why were you wandering
the dark, deep woods
at night, lady?
- Who killed Chill Spen?
The mystery begins.
Strego Nall is the killer.
The mystery ends.
Where's Nall now?
Strego Nall's in Back Park,
around Middle Way.
Mm. Case closed, Sherlock.
I'll tell them to round him up.
Who are you?
We are police.
Did you see the killing?
The victim, did she reach out
to you for help?
The dreadfeel swept through me.
I felt trouble.
Searched the glade.
I came here.
But too late.
You had the dreadfeel?
So you know the dead.
My sister.
Sorry, sister.
Sister Asus,
since we are detectives,
we lug the Bright.
Will you take it?
It will release you
from memory, pain, and drudge.
You can take it now.
Here and done.
No. No Bright.
- Are you sure?
- I don't want it.
I'm Paul Sarno.
You reach me
if you change your mind.
I will see your sister
cared for and justiced.
The clock ticks down.
After more than 100 years
of preparations,
only two weeks remain
before the Bridge,
our way forward
to a better future,
is set to begin
with the arrival on Earth
of the First Wave of Lunars.
And Earth is eager
for what they bring
Planet-saving advances
created by IO,
humanity's self-teaching
artificial intelligence
buried in the Moon.
Indira Mare,
known to most of the world
as the Envoy of IO,
reiterated her trust
in IO's ability
to deliver tested solutions
to our
most daunting challenges.
The technology
to save our world is coming,
and so are the people
who can teach us how to live
in harmony with this power
and each other.
What's happening up there,
this isn't simply about
solving the crushing problems
of our planet.
It's about solving us.
Bella Sway,
transport logistics.
Flight priority.
You're the first loop
out of here in a month.
You'll miss the quiet
soon enough.
You are?
Pilot. You?
This is scheduled
to be a cargo flight.
I wasn't expecting passengers.
We weren't expecting
to fly with you.
We usually keep to ourselves,
our pilot is sick.
Plans change.
Who's "we"?
You're Bella.
Our names hold our story.
Did you know that?
My mother taught me that.
I am Tomm.
I don't think I asked you
to explain anything to me.
I am Tomm.
My destiny will take me
to the mountains.
Which ones? That's the mystery.
But I get the gist.
You are Bella.
I was told
it meant "beautiful."
Oh, it does.
It also means "war."
Did you know that?
Now, are you beauty
or are you war?
Why make me choose?
I see
"Be all."
Maybe that's God.
I see a bell ringing
with all the noise of life.
I see an A.
It stands alone.
What do you see?
I see
that you're
a bad fortune-teller, Tomm.
You said you're muscle.
Who do you protect?
Indira, they're waiting
for you in quarantine,
This is Bella, our new pilot.
Indira Mare.
Nice to meet you, Bella.
Get us there and back
in one piece, please.
Sure. Yes.
Good sleep.
I'm flying the Envoy of IO?
Don't worry. You were vetted.
Your military experience
qualifies you.
Besides, I'd stake my life
on anyone
who's survived
what you survived.
I'm not what I was.
No one escapes
where they've been.
See you on the Moon.
You could have told me
who my passenger was,
and her bodyguard.
Might be
a little extra scrutiny, no?
Having Indira Mare on board?
Hey, hey, how do you think
we got your launch slot
moved up by six weeks, huh?
This is a gift.
What's the job?
We want you to bring us home
a Singer.
It's their name for a drug,
a mechano-pharmasude.
It's used in one
of their kook ceremonies.
They say it uses nanos
to blow open
the doors of perception
to your inner life
or some such shit.
nothing like it down here.
Not yet.
They're coming for you, Jatey.
You know, if anyone
should take a good look
at their inner life,
that'd be you, Bella.
I can't think
of a worse high.
One sample's all we need
to dupe it here.
All you gotta do
is park and wait.
They'll deliver it to you.
The great and powerful
Envoy of IO.
Hello, Sarno. Noon.
We've come to checkbox
the Chill Spen killer.
- Strego Nall?
- You checked him in?
Cell 3.
Wake cell.
Strego Nall.
Do you admit
to killing Chill Spen?
Does it matter?
The Moon is no place
for the dark you bring.
I know
you'll make this right.
You'll heal
what you've wounded.
I don't deserve to be healed.
Okay. Okay.
You want us to go after?
No. Where's he gonna go?
We'll find him.
I got something else for you.
Come on.
- Wake up.
We're coming in.
You can take off the nose pin.
Drink as much as you can.
You needn't worry.
Tomm comes up slowly,
like an old hibernating bear.
Do you make this run often?
Once or twice a month
with cargo.
But I stay on the ship.
I'm not allowed on Glade.
They let
very few outsiders in.
I'm fine with that.
You never wanted
to see your future?
I'm glad to hear IO's solved
all of our problems.
Earth could use some easy.
The sooner we get it,
the better.
IO's only a tool.
It needs people to teach it,
guide it,
so it can guide us.
Guide us where?
To the end of suffering.
There's no shortage of people
who wanna disrupt
what we're doing.
- But if it works
- It must work.
It will work.
- This is Bella.
- Yes.
Bella stands alone.
I stand apart,
and I'm fine with that.
Apart, but not alone.
I like her.
We're on approach.
You mind some music?
It helps me concentrate.
I didn't take you
for a romantic.
If you don't like it here,
why do you keep coming back?
I like to be miserable,
but apparently,
that's going out of style.
Buckle up.
What's the pistol for?
To shoot yourself
if you get
too blissed out here?
- Doesn't work on Glade.
No weapons do.
But I do like what it does
for my silhouette.
If you'd like to come ashore
with us,
you can be my guest.
- It might change your mind.
- I should stay on CAT.
Dance with the dark, Bella.
That's what they say here.
The darkness is a gift
you must embrace.
Because you are the light.
I wasn't expecting you
to meet me,
Council Chair Maite.
Why should I hide away?
Make you think me bigger,
No time for pompfluff.
The future is better.
I'm always unprepared.
It's beautiful.
We live and die
by the grace of IO,
and we have you to thank.
I am only the messenger.
Nay hide your power, Envoy.
Those who make IO
make the world.
IO serves the world.
It works for the many.
When IO serves the few,
we'll shut it down.
We look forward to your
address tomorrow, Envoy.
It means much
that you came here to make it.
The First Wave is eager
to return to the Mother.
We've waited a long time
for this moment.
Now the real work begins.
Your ship makes a good drum.
Paul Sarno. This is Arlo Noon.
We are police.
Can we come in?
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Nice.
Metals. Yeah.
- Oh, composites.
- Ah.
You know, we have wood,
Mm. Mostly wood.
So what seems to be
the problem, officers?
- Oh.
- Oh.
Yes. Hmm.
Well, I'm afraid there's been
a discovery, ma'am.
You need to come downtown
with us to the station.
Are we playing
Cops and Robbers?
That's how they used to do it
in the, uh, good ol' days.
Yeah. The good ol' days.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
Bang. Bang.
You're dead. Yeehaw.
Yeah. Yeehaw.
You, um, do need
to come with us, though.
The Envoy won't be happy
about this.
I'm her pilot.
You can send word
if you like.
Have I been charged
with anything?
Can I get a lawyer?
We have no lawyers here.
That is why this is a utopia.
Hee! Hoe-tee-ta!
The Kinetobet.
Dance alphabet.
We all learn it.
Two breaths
to clear the mind.
It's our custom.
Would you like to try?
You still haven't told me
why I'm here.
Why did you come to the Moon?
I'm a pilot. It's my job.
You like to fly?
The money's good.
Mm. You like money?
We have no money here.
Where was your mind
yesterday night?
it was about 45,000 miles
away from here.
Look, if this is about
the encrypted call to Earth,
I was testing
my secondary comm channels.
It's routine.
I can show you records.
No. This is not about a call.
It's about murder.
And you've felt nothing
since yesterday?
Why do you keep asking me
what I feel?
Here we acknowledge
the dreadfeel.
When your heart sees
a dying person's fright-scream,
you feel troubled, here.
It's usually someone you love.
I had nothing to do
with any murder.
I didn't even know
you had murders here.
I thought this was paradise.
Snakes still slither.
Tell us about your mada.
- My
- Your mother.
She was a Mooner, right?
One of us?
I never knew my mother.
I heard she decided
to come here after I was born.
She left me behind.
Didn't want the company,
I guess.
All your trips here,
you've never had
the yearn to reconnect?
The yearn?
We all want connection.
Do we?
Uh, look, if she's done
something wrong up here,
I am the last person
who would care about that.
She gave me up,
so I gave her up.
And if you wanna know
how I feel about that
I feel nothing.
I'm done with this.
Your sister is dead.
I don't have a sister.
Her name is Chill Spen.
She's six years younger.
The gonesoul was found
this morning.
IO flagged you as blood
when you entered our airspace.
So I had a sister
from a mother I don't know.
Thanks for telling me.
Do you guys even know
how this works?
How what works?
An interrogation.
Do you want me to take over?
"Do you know the victim?"
"Have you ever made contact
with the victim?"
"Did you even know
the victim was alive?"
You guys getting
the hang of this yet?
Do you even know
why she was killed?
Doesn't matter.
The case is already solved.
You know who did it?
This isn't an interrogation.
We want to help you grieve.
A loss must be felt
and properly released.
This is our job.
Holy shit.
When your heart's dark,
your eyes can't see.
We want to help you see again.
You may not have met
your mother,
but you've flown the Moon Loop
hundreds of times.
Doesn't take a detective
to see you wanted
to be near her.
Is my mother about
to walk through that door?
She died ten years ago.
Sorry, daughter.
You didn't know?
Normally, we would offer
the Bright.
Since you are an outsider,
it is prohibited.
- We could do the Scrinjig.
- Ooh.
We owe you some peace.
- The what?
- Please.
It is our duty to you
and to the dead.
Wait. No.
Stop it. No.
- We must.
- Please.
How now, detectives?
Feel like a drink?
Oh, you bet.
Shouldn't you be
with the Envoy?
I told her
you needed to be rescued.
Those police wouldn't tell me
why they pulled you in.
Some mix-up
with the manifest.
It's sorted.
Well, with the First Wave
leaving soon,
everyone's on edge.
Takes a while
to get used to this,
to them.
And I have to warn you,
Mooners don't give up.
You're gonna get that dance
before you go.
Good luck to them.
How is any of this gonna work,
People back home
are killing each other.
They're starving
and wearing gas masks.
None of this is for them.
It's for their children,
their children's children.
When you're born into it,
It's not weird,
it's just life.
On Earth, we fight.
All we know
when the lights go out
is how to survive.
No one learns it.
It's how we're made.
China Sea.
Two tours.
Has anyone here ever felt
what that's like?
They study it.
They study everything.
They know
what we're capable of
and they guard against it.
I get that this is
supposed to be our future,
that everything
needs to change,
but you and I know
darkness finds a way.
Great to see you again,
I don't love the idea
of coming here either.
This is important.
Your sister had a water sister,
A water sister?
A sister she grew up with.
We don't raise
our own children here.
We raise others' children.
We only see our blood children
when they are born
and when we are about to die.
we heard all about that.
It's gonna be a tough sell
down there on Earth,
don't you think?
Well, when you don't
raise your own,
they're all yours.
And we say "up there on Earth."
Asus has asked for me
to give her the Bright.
This is good because for her,
the pain is deep.
The Bright
will soften her memory.
She's asked to meet you
before she forgets.
Honestly, I don't care.
I wouldn't have had to deal
with any of this bullshit
if the Envoy's pilot
hadn't gotten sick.
So just tell her I'm sorry.
She said she has a message.
From your mother.
I'm glad you came.
She was Chill's dog.
Tell me how this works.
My first time.
- You take the pill.
Puts you to sleep.
When you wake, you feel better.
The Bright unhooks your heart
from the memories.
The pictures still play,
but there's no friction, no
No tear-taste. No chest-dark.
You'll still remember
your sister,
but the pain will be frozen.
The killing will be gone.
You'll just slide over it
like ice.
There's pain in your root,
water sister.
I see it.
Better for you
to take this than me.
I wanted to see your face.
Now I know.
Now you know what?
When Chill and I
were little
we'd play alone
down by the sea.
One day a woman walked
out of the forest.
She had your face.
Before she left,
she picked up Chill
to hold her and say goodbye.
She whispered something
into her ear.
It's cold.
Mm. That means it's working.
I don't wanna forget
my sister.
You'll just forget
the sadness.
That's where the love is.
Asus, what did she say?
Chill told me.
She said she had
another sister.
A sister on the Earth
Who would watch over her.
Keep her safe.
She needs to sleep.
There was a third
in the Glade.
There was no third
in the Glade, lady sweet.
I saw the skypictures.
You said you didn't see
the killing.
I came as she fell.
There were three.
There was no third.
Maybe your machine was wrong.
IO is never wrong.
I'd be worried too
if the machine
that makes the air I breathe
and keeps me stuck to this rock
was starting to miss things.
IO doesn't miss anything.
When a life is taken,
it sees everything.
How does it see?
The satellites.
From birth, we're all marked.
An implant.
IO tracks you?
We read Orwell and Kazuo,
IO doesn't watch us
to control us.
It watches us to learn from us.
Our successes, our mistakes.
We all contribute.
The Envoy's speech
will begin soon.
For thousands of years,
agriculture forced us
to enslave each other.
Energy demand created
massive inequality.
Scarcity divided us.
Pestilence and disease
weakened us.
But over the last century,
we have turned a corner.
With the assistance of IO,
we are on the verge
of being able to explore
an undiscovered country.
An Earth population
with all its basic needs met
with a climate that no longer
seeks to destroy us.
So how do we now transition
to our own better future
with IO?
The mission of Moonhaven
is to show us on Earth
the way.
Very soon, the cultural
and technological leaps
that are working here on Lune
will be brought back
to the Mother.
As we enter this new phase
and commence the Bridge,
we will not forget the trust
you have placed in all of us.
The future is better.
Can you at least admit
something is off
about this case?
- Yes.
- You can?
Yeah, I can feel it here.
It doesn't matter
what you feel.
You need to think.
Who was Chill Spen?
Why was she killed?
I know who Chill Spen was
Your blood sister.
You are connected
to this place, this person.
There's no going past this.
They did.
We welcome the Envoy of IO.
You speech to the Earth Mother
We owe you all.
Speak, do.
You know why I've come.
ICON has requested
the council swap.
Our council has
two more years.
New members will be
chosen immediately
and then elect
a new council chair.
The First Wave is brinked
to leave for Earth.
I've spent my life
preparing for this day.
IO has detected
a pattern of responses
which suggests a risk
of corruption of workflow
if things remain unchanged.
I am not trusted?
IO doesn't trust or distrust.
You know IO is fluent
in the history of our mistakes.
It has analyzed past actions
to predict future behavior.
IO sees the future
and the past.
But history doesn't always
It's a pretty safe bet
with our kind.
That's not an accusation.
As far as I'm aware,
you've done nothing wrong,
Council Maite.
The swap is preventative.
You can step aside with honor.
Know what I speak of?
The Pivot?
The movement from a people
who seek to understand
mysteries of the universe
to one that creates them.
Do you believe in God,
Indira Mare?
I believe
in right and wrong.
If knowing the difference
comes from somewhere beyond,
so be it.
Sometimes everything changes.
With thunder or a pin drop,
we pivot by a grace
bigger-better than IO.
Could the machine
see that coming?
I'll expect
your full cooperation
with the swap.
Thank you for your time,
Council Maite.
This has been
a productive trip.
I hope you'll agree.
It's time to go.
Get us clearance to leave,
and I'll meet you at the ship.
Oh, Bella.
This is Lone, my love,
and my children.
Are you hungry?
When they got out there,
they found you barely alive
under a dead tree.
I suggested they bring you here
to recover.
Thank you.
She's strange.
Well, you're lucky
to be alive.
Our son, Wish,
will ride the First Wave
back to Earth.
The young and the strong
go first.
You'll be the tip
of the spear.
You make it sound
like an attack.
It's an old expression.
Do Earthers understand
that we're coming
to help them begin again?
Earthers understand
you have the tech
that will let them
eat and breathe.
It might take some time
for us to pick up on the nuance
of everything else.
The power
to fix all your problems
will destroy you without
a culture to contain it.
Their problems
are our problem.
We come from the Mother,
and we shall return.
You were stupid
to go past the wall.
Someone who was born here
would never make that choice.
I told them what happened.
The dog was crazed
by an animal,
and you were brave enough
to go in after them.
She's safe and at home now.
Earthers see the world
like children do
Full of rules
to be followed or broken.
A Mooner is taught
to see truths
and lives by them.
Yes, Fritz.
Thanks, Fritz.
Well, I'd pretty much break
any rule
to save a cute dog's life.
Just the cute ones, though.
If they're not cute,
I say let 'em asphyxiate.
These triangles
are delicious.
The Envoy's business
is finished.
I need to get back to CAT.
Thank you for only telling
part of the story.
You saw her too? The girl.
I was far behind.
Found you alone.
I'm not sure what I saw.
Little ghost?
There will be a reason.
There's always a reason.
But Fritz would be terrified
of what he can't explain.
He barely said anything
and I hated him.
Who is he?
It's complicated.
It's it's simple.
I wish you didn't
have to leave.
I'm a bad detective.
You are.
Don't trust everything, Paul.
Use your head.
I will not fear the darkness.
Because you are the light.
I gotta go. My stuff's inside.
I'm sorry.
Is this your room?
I like your Earth.
She's beautiful from far away.
You're going back?
It's home.
He told me your blood mother
was a Mooner,
and your sister too.
Yeah, but I never knew 'em.
I never met my mada either,
but I see her every day
in my thinks.
You need the dance.
Elna, no.
- Please.
- Mm-mm.
It's for you.
To remember.
Who are you?
I'm no one.
I'm nothing now.
Spare me your Moon poetry
and tell me why you're here.
R-ride to the Mother.
Wanna leave here forever.
Don't deserve to be here.
Done deep wounds to the place
and its people.
Just take me, please.
You murdered my sister?
She called and you answered.
Stay down here
and shut the hell up.
There you are.
Indira's on her way back.
Excited to get back
to terra firma?
I'll take liftoff.
Gravity's a drag, as they say.
Is there anywhere
you feel at home, Bella?
Mm, Mooners call that
Without an identity
or community, we float,
reflecting that of others.
- Tomm.
- Yes.
Stop teaching me.
Why did you come up?
It's done.
Where one world ends,
the next one begins.
I really wish
you wouldn't've seen that.
I had a bad feeling.
I walked into something.
I I don't know who to trust.
Trust me.
You have to believe
in something, Bella Sway.
ICON is concerned
some Earth extremists
have found a way
to get an agent on the Moon.
Could this all be connected
to the death of Chill Spen?
- You will step down.
- And if I don't?
You would
destabilize everything
just to stay in power.
Moonhaven isn't a people.
It's a purpose.
I'm transformed
because of what you did to me.
She's not what
she seems to be.
You're making a mistake.
What is this?
It's a trap!
The Earthers will
kill us all when we land!
If we cannot
heal the dark heart
of Bella Sway,
how can we ever hope
to succeed?
This is not the end.
This is the beginning.
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