Moonhaven (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

The Detective

With the assistance of IO,
the technology to save our world
is coming.
The first wave is eager
to return to the mother.
We've waited a long time
for this moment.
Why were you wondering
the dark, deep woods at night,
It's done.
Why did you come up?
I really wish
you wouldn't have seen this.
I walked into something.
I don't know who to trust. Trust me.
Trust me
Thank you for your patience.
Quite honestly,
I'm still in a state of shock.
We couldn't be
at a more delicate moment.
The Bridge
I know how this looks.
Do you?
Less than two weeks
until the First Wave
arrives on Earth,
and someone tries to kill
the Envoy's bodyguard
with a stolen drug.
Our government partnerships
remain strong,
but on the street,
the extremist message
is gaining ground.
We anticipated an uptick
before Zero-day,
but a story like this?
It's already a tinderbox.
- I agree.
It will be used to define us.
The story can be controlled.
The question is,
can you control
whatever is happening up there?
We'd be fools to dismiss this
as a coincidence.
Was this Terra?
Have they finally found a way
to get an agent on Moonhaven?
Has Terra made any claims
on this incident?
We don't know
what happened yet.
Has the council chair
been dismissed?
- I delivered the message.
She has yet to step down.
- Ah
- It's complicated.
She has the support
of her people.
Indira, I don't want
to suggest the unthinkable,
but isn't it possible
the Mooners are turning
against us?
IO did predict a corruption
in the workflow.
If they were to find a way
to take control
We are them, and they are us.
I know that's what we say
For 100 years,
they've had one mission,
one goal.
These people have been raised
to think of nothing
but solving our mess.
The current council
will swap out,
and a new council
will be named,
and they will continue to do
what they have always done:
devote their lives
to the future of our species,
to the future of us.
I will see
these troubles resolved.
We will stay the course.
All things change.
How we respond to change
is our choice.
To fear it or embrace it.
Resisting change leads only
to one fate:
our own extinction.
The Moon, a universal symbol
of freedom and peace.
Chosen by ICON
as a setting to learn
from the past in order to grow
toward a brighter future.
The global mission
has developed IO,
an unprecedented
machine-learning technology.
The tool to repair
centuries of damage
here on Earth,
to bring home
real world solutions
to problems
we had thought unsolvable.
However, we cannot rely
entirely on technology.
We, too, must evolve.
Those on Moonhaven offer us
a new way of living,
a bridge to peace, to health,
to the future,
a path forward
that will not only begin
to heal our Mother Earth,
but also ourselves.
The Bridge offers us each
a second chance
to play a crucial part
in its success.
On the brink of this new dawn,
ask yourself.
What will the Bridge mean
to you?
The ships
to take you to Earth
- In orbit.
I saw them.
Waiting for permission to land,
I guess.
Your music take it with you
when you go.
A piece of us.
I would be afraid
to be so far away.
That sound would give me
I'm not afraid.
Our boy's gonna be gone
forever soon.
We still have time.
We'll make the days
we have left sing.
Everyone drifts
in their own time.
You're going back
to the Earther.
The man who killed her sister
is dead.
The truth is hidden.
Bella is her name.
They're dangerous.
They are us.
We are them.
"The future is better"
is not just words and thinks.
It's the only way through.
I didn't know
you were still there.
Take care today.
Where the hell am I?
I brought you here
to keep you safe.
Son of a bitch.
You made a mess.
Sorry. I don't cage well.
I'll tell you
what you want to know.
Is this your idea
of a prison?
These are Scapes.
Privacy huts for everyone.
Why did you bring me here?
Hmm. Frustangle.
The what?
Frustangle, uh, it's a a knot.
A knot you don't know
how to untie.
Felt it last night.
Envoy's bodyguard overdosed
with stolen Singer.
A Mooner shot.
So use your machine.
Wave it over everybody
and get your answer.
The ship's
in a diplomatic blind.
IO can't help.
That's why the gun worked.
You're the only one
who knows what happened, Bella.
Did you know it was Strega Nall
who got shot,
the man who killed your sister?
What did you see?
I got back to CAT,
and he had the needle
in Tomm's neck.
But Tomm got a shot off
before he collapsed.
Singer's very powerful,
very hard to get.
You think someone was trying
to steal the Singer.
Was Chill caught
in some kind of drug deal?
And what about that kid
we chased in the forest?
And you saw
every struggle and gasp.
I just want to get back
to my ship.
It's damaged, but I can fix it.
If you're holding me here
to heal me, Paul
Hasn't been a murder here
in a long time.
- Now there are two.
- And I'm an Earther.
You suspect me.
Just sit tight
until Arlo and I figure out
what's going on.
Jesus, then I'll die here.
You said two murders.
Don't you mean three?
there is some good news.
IO was able to revive Tomm.
His mind is far away,
and his body barely beats,
but he will get better.
Maybe he'll be able to tell us
what we don't know.
Your ship, for now.
You make a better carpenter
than a detective.
Enjoy. Relax.
This is the Sea of Tranquility.
Couldn't you
dream up something
to do that for you?
These seeds
will bring bounty,
food, medicines.
Some can recover memory
or inspire.
I yearn to be part
of such blessings.
Think of all the time
you'll have for blessings
after your
council responsibilities
are relinquished.
You spin in your loss, Envoy.
A shock to us all.
I hear your guard creeps
back to life.
Stabbed by a Mooner
trying to stow away
- with a stolen drug.
- Mm.
You've let chaos creep
into this place, Maite.
- IO saw it coming.
- Who knows what IO sees?
It only said there was trouble
yet unspooled.
Is this the trouble,
or does something worse
lurk ahead?
ICON wants to know
this mess is cleaned up.
They're expecting you
to step down.
So quick
to guilt the Mooner.
He's the one
who's gunned and dead.
And what of the Earther pilot?
- My pilot, Bella?
- A soldier, yes?
A cargo pilot,
thoroughly vetted.
I haven't spoken to her yet.
I was told
your people picked her up.
Our tectives
will see to her wellbeing.
As for her story,
I've not heard what she said.
But two Earthers live,
and two Mooners lay dead.
Who is left to speak for Lune?
I will not have
the Bridge delayed.
You will swap out.
You will relinquish
your pass and key to IO
- to the next council chair.
- And if I don't?
The two keys set the course
for IO.
One from the Mother,
one from the Moon,
as it has always been.
You think
I'd step aside from that
when my people need me most?
You will step down,
Maite Voss.
I speak for the Earth.
Then you speak
for fragile order,
desperation, tinder-wood,
and spark.
How might Earth respond
knowing her Bridge
to the better future
now swing-sways
in a perilous wind?
You would leak this trouble?
Destabilize everything
just to stay in power?
Only if you compel me.
I won't let you frame this
as Moon trouble
when it is of Earth.
- Why do you bother?
He has no Mark.
I've never seen it
fail before.
We should look for clues,
Try and deduce
what took place here.
Mm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
According to the witness,
when she arrived,
she found Tomm and Strego
- already in a struggle.
- Mm-hmm.
Strego's weak and bleeding
from extracting his Mark.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't touch.
You know
how to check for those?
I might learn. Yeah.
Okay, so Strego is much smaller
than the Earther.
He's surprised,
so he stabs him
- Argh!
- With the Singer.
The Singer
which Strego stole
and planned
to sneak back to Earth.
Because that's
where his true love waits
with his child.
A child conceived through space
by an ancient magic
of some sort.
So Strego stabs Tomm.
and then Tomm shoots Strego.
And then Bella arrives,
and maybe it's she
who rips Strego's Mark out
with her bare hands
in a blood frenzy.
- Blood frenzy?
- Yes.
An Earther might do that,
see the violence
and lose control.
- Could you deduce less, Arlo?
- Oh, I like deducing.
Could this all be connected
to the death of Chill Spen?
- Yes, yes.
- Mm?
Chill and Strego
could have been planning
- to smuggle the drug.
- Mm-hmm.
But why would Strego
kill her?
And why would he extract
his Mark?
So IO couldn't know
the dark he did.
No, he had it in the station
when we saw him.
He must have taken it out
- Oh
- What did he not want IO
to see him do?
Something so bad
that he'd want to leave
the Moon behind.
Have we ever had
such a lost soul?
Where the fuck is my ship?
We need to learn more
about Strego.
Maybe Chill didn't like
Strego's darkness either.
Maybe she knew too much.
That actually makes
some sense.
How now, Orbis?
She misses her master still.
And you?
How do you fare
with the loss, Asus?
The Bright has helped.
Joy comes easy again.
But in place of sadness,
I'm giggle-headed
at the thought of my sister.
She was here,
and now she's not.
How can it be?
Well, without grief,
death is silly.
We're everyall, then nothing.
It is absurd.
Chill and Strego,
they fit well?
She showed no shadow or cringe?
Nay, bloom and bright-light,
the both of them.
They had hard days
and easy days,
but the killing makes no sense.
I should be lucky
to find a love so loyal-true.
Why do many questions
about the dead, detective?
Usually your concern
is with the living.
The situation leaves us
little choice.
We find ourselves
Paul likes the Earther ways.
We are solving the case.
And Strego
never had any doubts, worries?
He worried often
of the Bridge,
of how different it will be
as we leave the Moon,
whether the Earthers
will accept our ways.
Who of us has no noggin-swirl
around this?
Why would he do it, Asus?
Does it matter why?
Strego is dead.
Chill is dead.
My grief is dealt.
What of her blood-sister,
Have you done your job for her?
Your real job?
Chill asked me to keep this
for her.
She said
she was coming back for it.
Hmm, locked and sealed.
- Mystery.
This is a clue, Paul.
I mean for you
to give it to Bella.
A piece of her sister.
Stop chasing the gonesouls,
and get back to helping
those left behind.
We are all one here!
We are all one here!
We are all one here!
What loss? Say do!
My Love lift today.
Love lift to da light,
to da light!
They that go can hear!
Fly your voice, do!
Your voice, your voice,
your voice, your voice!
Apologies for intruding,
- It's quite all right.
Grats for coming.
- How is he?
- IO's doing everything he can.
He'll be moved
to the healing house today.
Ten Singers at once.
You can't go that far away
and still be what you were.
The future is better.
Thank you.
My pilot, Bella Sway.
You have her.
Uh, yes.
What did she see with Tomm?
Um, scuffle and grind.
The stabbing and the shot.
I arrived soon after.
This incident complicates
We've spent some time
with her.
I believe she tells the truth.
Then you know more about her
than I.
We were slotted into her ship
at the last minute.
Tomm checked her out.
May I share something
in confidence?
Because of what Moonhaven is,
because of who you are,
IO is safe here.
It learns from the best of us,
not the worst.
No one on Earth has ever been
able to contaminate Lune
with terror or greed.
We have terror and greed,
Madam Envoy.
It is our job
to heal the wounds.
- You have crimes of passion.
You are human.
But true evil
has never set foot here.
ICON is concerned
some Earth extremists
have found a way to get
an agent on the Moon
with the intent of preventing
the Bridge from moving forward.
This is bleak, Envoy,
but still only in shadow.
Nothing is known.
You think
the pilot is involved?
I want to believe
what happened on the ship
was a random event,
a crisis of judgment.
I try to believe the best
in people, even at their worst.
What have you done
with my ship?
I just want to go home.
We mean you no harm.
But you can run no more.
- Contact, contact.
Armed. Inbound.
- I have vis. Inbound.
Ten seconds.
Heads up, Orion 334.
Time out three. Target lock.
Closing. 3285 at 4K steady.
- I see him.
- I've got new lights above.
- Heat lock, weapon away.
Lock, pilot, don't go.
Come round, come round,
Warning. Warning.
Your mother
She was a Mooner.
One of us.
I never knew my mother.
I heard she decided
to come here after I was born.
She left me behind.
Didn't want the company,
I guess.
Like I said, I don't know her.
I don't have a sister.
- Her name is Chill Spen.
She's six years younger.
Should have stayed
on the sea.
But then, you struggle staying
in one place, don't you?
There's still
one more knot to untie.
Might be
a little extra scrutiny, no?
Having Indira Mare on board?
Hey, hey, how do you think
we got your launch slot
moved up by six weeks, huh?
This is a gift.
What's the job?
We want you to bring us home
a Singer.
You had mentioned making
an encrypted call on your ship.
I tracked it down.
You are the smuggler.
Jate Mura, Tremendous War,
served four tours.
You met in the Pacific,
and then seven years later,
when you started smuggling
black market goods for him.
Good work, detective.
Were you working with Strego?
I wasn't working
with anybody.
The Singer was dropped
at my ship
by a goddamn fake bird.
Doesn't mean
I tried to kill anybody.
Those guys were going at it.
Strego must have found
the Singer
and used it to save himself.
- Whatever. I'm lying.
It's all lies.
You're in deeper trouble now.
Your fate lies with the Council
and the people of Moonhaven.
What will they do to me?
was your sister's.
A locked box.
Like you
Yeah, I get it.
Ho-tee-ta! Tee!
Prior to the misfortune
on the shuttle,
I had met Bella Sway.
During that exchange,
she had mentioned
making an encrypted call
on her ship.
A further investigation
was required
and revealed
she had been hired
to smuggle our Singer drug
back to Earth.
It was elementary.
Bella Sway has since
confessed to the crime.
As to the violent events
that took place on the ship
and those that led up to them,
there is nothing to indicate
that she played a part.
Council, speak your mind.
Speak for the light.
The Singer
is not a drug of choice
to be bought and sold.
To steal it
is to nay understand
the nature of who we are.
The Earther wounds us all.
Wounds that will not close
until the Envoy's guard wakes
and speaks truth.
I say sleep her again,
in our custody,
till the answer's out
and all is known.
No. No more sleep.
You can't just turn me off
like a switch.
Send me home.
Be rid of me.
Hear her.
I say let the Mother's justice
sort this out.
She casts only shadow here.
Send her back to Earth.
The gifts of the Bridge
will come to her
in their own time.
Council, have you more sides
to this shape?
Or shall we rest
with the light of the people?
I would like to speak
for the light.
I am a Seeker.
A detective.
My role calls for me
to find the wounds
incurred in this community
and understand how
they may be healed.
Bella Sway has a dark heart.
She killed 72 souls
during the Tremendous War.
She has been captured.
She has been tortured.
She has suffered.
She chose a violent life,
and for that, we bear
no responsibility.
But these instincts rooted
long before that choice.
I share this against the rules
of my calling,
but you must know.
Bella's mother left her
as a baby on Earth
to join us here.
Her blood-sister
was Chill Spen,
the gonesoul from the woods.
I say we are responsible
for her soul-twist.
We have a duty to repair it.
May I speak?
What does my blood matter?
I'd never set foot on the Glade
until two days ago.
How is it
I should feel something
for people I never even knew?
I'm not from here.
I don't belong here.
If she feels
no connection to us,
where is our duty to her?
forget everything I said.
See the Earther here
before you?
Here on the brink
of the First Wave,
are we to cast her back,
broken and violent,
to the very place
that we've sworn to heal?
We, all of us,
have been raised
to believe in this mission
with all of our hearts
and minds.
If we cannot heal
the dark heart of Bella Sway,
tell me,
how can we ever hope
to succeed?
If it will please you,
I will make her my charge.
I will open my house.
I will bear full responsibility
for her actions.
What is Truelune,
if it is not to heal
what has been broken?
I cannot deny
the light of the people.
The path forward is chosen.
Bella Sway
Welcome to Moonhaven.
I'm in your cult now, Paul.
You can put flowers in my hair.
We can sing songs.
I've been taught
when we wound someone,
reparations must be made.
- Pay up.
- Bella.
You owe me.
You're a liar.
You treat trust like a tool.
I'm broken, remember?
And what do you break?
Laws. Promises. People.
72 dead. How many others?
How will you pay your debt?
I owe nothing.
I fought for a cause.
You fought to keep moving.
You're a coward,
orbiting your darkness.
Spinning around
and never setting down.
You don't know what you're
I didn't fight
to keep you here
so you could be helped.
I fought
so that you can help me.
This place is not a cult.
It's the only way
we'll survive.
And I think it may be
in very real danger.
There's someone
you need to meet.
Get up.
Who lives here?
No one anymore.
Who's that?
Your sister.
Our custom.
IO assembles the gonesoul
from their living responses.
She is a projection
of your sister,
an Estimator,
not entirely who she was
when she was living,
but enough to gift closure
to those who seek it.
I can talk to her?
How now?
How do I know you?
You don't.
We've never met.
- Do you have memories?
- Many.
Do you remember
going to the woods at night?
I like to walk in the dark.
The days
are too loud and bright,
but at night, you hear the wind
through the trees.
How they creak-talk
and whisper.
Now, I know it's all wood
and stones and stars, but
I let my thinks fly.
Do you remember the night
you met Strego in the woods?
Which night was that?
They're mixed up now.
My thinks
are in the wrong order.
It's the one where you died.
Were you meeting someone else
besides Strego?
A third?
Do you remember something?
Why do you seem so familiar?
We had the same mother.
Did you somehow send for me?
My sister.
My sister is Asus.
But it was nice to talk to you.
I'm sorry
I didn't get here in time.
Your things.
Figured you might want them.
I'm bringing trouble for you.
Trouble is already here.
Is Fritz upset I'm moving in?
Does he live with you?
Fritz yearns for Lone.
So he spends time,
little at first,
and then more and more.
He weaves himself
into the family.
And if it holds, he stays.
It's called a Knit.
It's not uncommon.
Lone and I have troubles.
We cool-drift
You yearn for the Mother.
I lied.
After Tomm shot Strego,
he tried to kill me,
so I injected him
with the Singer.
And why would he do that?
I saw something
I shouldn't have.
Strego was looking at Tomm
before he died.
I'm sure of it.
He looked at him and said,
"It's done."
What's done?
there may be an agent here
from Earth
trying to destroy everything.
How do you know it's not me?
I don't.
If I help you
figure this out,
you give me my ship back
and let me leave.
She had my mother's things.
What's that?
If you're seeing this, Asus,
then know, what we did,
we did for you,
for everyone.
We need to be strong
and protect ourselves.
They lied to us.
We were never going
to save the Earth.
The Bridge is a trap.
Somebody's out there.
They've been watching me.
The transport ships
that land today
will take the First Wave
back to Earth.
The bridge is safe.
A device for extracting the
So many.
Why would people take them out?
Speak your name.
Indira Mare.
You're gonna be the Envoy,
you know?
Those ships must be allowed to
She has the will of her people.
I can't force her to act.
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