Moonhaven (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


There hasn't been a murder here
in a long time.
Now there are two.
Woman: One of you
will be chosen as an envoy
and help usher in
the Bridge.
I'm not the Earth agent
sent to disrupt The Bridge,
but someone is
turning Mooners against it.
IO warned us.
It predicted all of this.
Why would Mooners not want
to keep this all for themselves?
Because this isn't Earth.
Everything we do
is for The Bridge.
What's all this?Trouble comes.
- [grunting]
[tense music]

- Stay back!
- [grunting]

- I went behind enemy lines
to fetch a pail of water ♪
- Ahh!
- A farmer saw,
but he did not draw ♪
Because I was under--

- He's nay breathing!
- Then leave him.
Indira's out there alone!

Indira, Indira!

- [whimpering]
- I've got you.

- Thank you.

- Paul, Arlo!
- We're here.

- Who goes?
- Fire crew.



- Tomm's gone.
- This wasn't an attack.
It was an extraction.
- We thought he was dead.
- The sedative.
They got him out.
Whatever they've been planning,
they need him
to see it through.
This could be what
Chill's warning was about.
- The First Wavers are being
celebrated tomorrow.
- Your son.
- All
of Moonhaven will be there.
- If this were Earth,
I'd expect an attack or a bomb.
- No, IO would prevent that.
It won't be a bomb
that will destroy us.
It will be doubt.
[dramatic music]

- Where you now stand,
there was nothing.
Our land was dry-barren
and scrape
without life or meaning.
As First Wavers, you will soon
bring both back to the Mother.
We have spent our lives
studying the world
we have been tasked to remake.
As we know the mountains
and valleys of the Mother,
so we have sought
to understand the people.
Make no mistake.
You sail into a storm.
When you leave
on the transport ships,
you will be two days
from footfall on Earth.
Nay forget your mission.
The tools you bring
the Mother from IO
are not only
to fix what is broken.
You serve those
yet to be born.
You will
create new beginnings,
the Bridge Zones,
where our mistakes,
humanity's mistakes,
will be forever cherished,
and never repeated.
The future is better.
all: The future is better.
- You will now receive
your Bridge Zone assignments.
Three landing sites,
kept secret
for your protection,
have been selected within each
of the 12 Bridge Zones.
- Circle Six,
your Earth landing zone
will be Sahara Desert, North.
- It's a trap!
The Earthers will
kill us all when we land.
Free Lune!
They'll never let us live!
It's a trap!
Stop the Bridge!
The Earthers
are gonna kill us all!
Are you listening to me?
You're all gonna die!
Listen to me!
[dramatic music]
- Come in.
Tomm must have been
working this a long time.
A separatist Moon,
in full control of IO
and all it can do.
- You gotta appreciate
the big swing.
- He was Ultra Ops in the war.
He worked alone, but he told me
his nickname was The Battalion.
- If he was Ultra,
then anything he ever said
to you was for a reason.
The training's all
about the long game.
- I'm glad you're here, Bella.
I'm alone now.
The Council chair is refusing
to let
the transport ships land.
No one knows yet.
- Why would she do that?
- I assume
she's looking for leverage.
She wants to stay in power.
Those ships are due to leave
for Earth in four days.
- I've met Maite.
She's had me watched
since my trial.
- I need
to get those ships down
before anyone else
finds out what she's done.
Tomm's gun.
Shoot me.
Humankind is fallible,
but IO is not.
I believe this
with everything I am.
You have to believe
in something, Bella Sway.
- Envoy, what are you doing?
[eerie humming]
[soft vocalization]

- This is what
we are fighting for,
to save us from ourselves.

- I can get close to Maite.
Let me help you.

- So landing in the Sahara.
- In the middle of the desert?
- Bedouin nomads
used to live there
before the hyper-simooms.
- Um, most touchdowns are far
from population.
They're kept secret so that
we can protect the IO tech
until it can protect us.
- Good, the less contact
with Earthers, the better.
- There are some Waver circles
going into cities to teach.
- Well, you're lucky then.
- Uh, why is he lucky?
I would like him
to teach the people.
Maybe they could teach him.
- And what would
they teach a Mooner
but how to ruin what works?
Your talk is easy, Paul.
Lone knows our son
launches into darkness.
Wish'll find out the truths
about Earthers soon enough.
- The truth?
- We know them better
than they know themselves.
We fix everyall for them,
and they would war us all
if we dropped our guard.
- But they are us,
and we are them.
- The time
for child-speak is past.
- Wish, you have nothing
to learn from the Mother?
- I mean,
I would listen if they spoke,
but the hungry
only talk of food.
- You're smiles, Fritz?
The boy now
babbles your jabber.
- Maybe Fritz taught me
how to think for myself.
- Well, then think, think.
This arrogant swagger
is not the boy I raised.
- No, he's not, Paul.
He's a man now.
- Mooners know strength
is weakness.
Do you hear yourself?
And you?
Where are you in all this?
Your silence is loud.
- He needs
to know how to survive.
A good heart is enough here,
not up there.
- A good heart
is enough anywhere.
If it's not, then what are we
trying to save on Earth?
The greed, the anger?
Wish, your life should be proof
that we should survive.
- And the Earthers
who live by no rules?
What of the attack
this morning?
- What attack?
- You have not told Lone?
A fire where the Envoy's guard
was recovering,
and IO sees nothing?
There are Earthers
amongst us causing chaos,
and your pilot is involved.
- Bella helps us,
and it's Mooners who have
turned against the Bridge.
They've shed their marks,
and it spreads like poison.
- What do you mean,
shed their marks?
- Wish.
Wish, wait.
This is the panic and crumble
that comes with change.
Truelune stays the course.
- Truelune?
How long would you keep me from
seeing things the way they are?
I'm going to fight a war,
and you want me
to stay a child.
- Fritz has you thinking--
- Fritz didn't make me
think anything, okay?
Fritz isn't like you.
- No, he's not.
- He isn't a fool.
- Paul Sarno?
- Yeah.
[soft music]

- Go.
I'm happy you came.
- Saves you the trouble
of having me followed.
Why won't you
let the ships land?
You know the damage
you're causing.
- Ah, the Envoy speaks
through you with Earth words,
but what does your heart say?
We are taught
to nay believe in destiny.
From your eyes,
one step leads to another.
But from these eyes,
you were called
and came as planned.
- Maite, you've given people
on Earth hope.
Can you see the risk in that?
You've let them imagine
there's another way.
You take that back now,
and their hope
will die for good.
- Do you have hope, Bella?
- It's not about me.
None of this is about me.
Those ships mean
things could change.
Let them land.
- I want to know it's safe.
There are those on the Mother
that profit
from her destruction.
Do they wait in darkness
to destroy us?
I want to know
what trouble IO saw ahead.
- It saw you.
You are the trouble.
- The pilot has moved you.
- You want me to share
what I cannot understand.
- She speaks
only for the Mother.
It's hard to hear.
- No.
It's nay what she says.
It's who she is.
It's how she's come.
She's the message
I've been waiting for.
- Her blood sister, the Mooner,
I've learned
she worked with those
who wish to stop the Bridge.
These rebels divide us,
and your delaying the ships
only aids their cause.
- Their cause is just.
They doubt.
They're hot-riled by fear,
but I am not afraid.
Something bigger-better
comes to save us all,
something even our Dreamers
could not dream.
You think me mad?
- No.
I believe in you.
Trust yourself, Maite.
Trust that you are doing
the right thing for all of us.
We will follow you
wherever you lead.
- Gratz for your counsel.

- Where's Paul?
- It's his Palmi.
- His what?
- His blood mother goes to air.
He's gone to see her.
- I thought you don't meet
your blood parents.
- At our birth and their death,
we meet.
The Palmi is the farewell.
You should go to him.
- If it were me,
I'd want to be alone.
- He wouldn't.
What happened this morning?
No one will say more.
- Mooners have turned
against the Bridge.
The Envoy's guard is involved.
- An Earther.
- I can't tell you who or what
he's fighting for,
but you know, don't you?
You hear "Earther,"
and you know the whole story.
Like when you look at me.
- Or you me.
You think this is easy
to live this way.
You think I'm cruel and blind
to my lover's pain?
- Which one?
- What is strange to you
is not to me.
- Yeah, well, a hundred years
of all this bullshit,
of you making yourselves
better than us,
and it took a trained operative
about ten minutes
to turn you all
against yourselves.
- We're not broken so easy.
It won't work.
- I think it's working, sister.
- I should rip out my mark
and beg them
to stop the Bridge,
but I want my child to go.
I want him to make things
better for Earth.
What more do you need from me?

- How now?
- I still beat.
Still here.
- Mada.
- Boy.
- Here.
- Good life, ya?
- Yeah.
- Talk.
This time is what we have.
- I am lost.
Trying to hold it together.
I'm too weak.
- I see no weakness.
I see strength
in a man who is sad.
- My son goes to Earth.
We've talked about it
since he was a wisp,
since he came to us
seven years ago.
Curious boy with a wide smile.

He swaggers now,
pushes me away.
I see the man he will become,
but the boy inside,
I told that boy,
trust Truelune,
trust our purpose.

I taught him to leave,
and now I doubt.
- All children leave.
Time sees to that.
This is not the first time
Truelune has been tested.
Sometimes, we feel lost.
Our foot is in the air.
Where will it go?
But it always comes back,
down to the ground.
The way forward,
across the bridge.
We do not walk alone.

Boy called?
- Wish.
- Boy.

- Paul.
My name is Paul, Mada.
- Paul.
I was called Gnoc.

Up do.
This ends for me.

both: I will honor the blood.
But it will not bind me.
I will be family to all.
Put the past behind me.
- I will sing to the Moon
and let her console me.

- Why do you meet
your blood parents at all?
- Uh, it's a tribute
to the old ways when blood
was more important than water.
You've heard of the rebellion?
- A hundred years ago,
before the blackout.
- 143.
The first settlers were quick
to divide on family lines.
One tribe tried to control IO.
Earth shut it down.
Was a bloody mess.
- Mm.
- IO watched.
It was decided
that they should start again.
New settlers arrived,
and yeah, the blackout,
and water families
took the place of blood.
- Because a family
leads to a tribe,
leads to a nation,
leads to a war.
- Hm,
blood leads to blood, we say.
- Leave us please.
I hope you've come
to tell me the Council chair
has changed her mind.
By not letting the ships down,
she is playing
right into the rebels' hands.
- Envoy.
I begged her
to let them land,
to change her mind.
I told her it's her duty
to call Council
and speak for the light,
to see what Mooners feel--
- If she doesn't stand up
and lead her people,
these insurgent lies
will spread unchecked.
She is beloved.
She has your hearts,
but she leads you over a cliff.
You are her second, yes?
If Maite won't speak out,
then maybe someone else
needs to stand up.
We're running out of time.
[tense music]

- You're okay.

- How, now, Bella.
Where's Paul?
- He's celebrating Wish today.
- The Three Circles.
All of Wish's water parents
will come together later.
- Yeah, more crazy shit.
Can I, uh, show you something?
I found this when Paul
and I went back
to where Chill was killed.
It was right where she fell.
- A flower petal?
- It's not real.
It's synthetic.
I'd forgotten about it.
What's that?
- This is called a magnifying--
- I know what it is.
Why do you have one?
- I had a Maker make it.
I like it.
Crazy shit.
- Okay.
- Hm?
This has been ripped
at the base.
- Wow, so where's the rest
of the flower?
- What did Strego say to Tomm
before he got shot?
- He said,
"Where one world ends,
the next one begins."
- That's it?
- Uh, when I called him,
he was upset.
He said he'd done
something terrible.
That's when I figured it out.
I told him Chill was my sister.
We heard Tomm,
and I told him to stay hidden.
- Hmm.
- There is something
I need to do.
Can you--
- Detect?
- Yeah.
- Maite's craze has
created opportunity.
She's lost her faith
in the Bridge,
and even the Envoy
sees the need to remove her,
as you predicted.
When Sirl sent word you were
waking up from the Singer,
I didn't believe it.
No one's ever taken that much.
- No shit.
- What was it like?
- I saw
m-monsters in this world,
and then they saw me in theirs.
Every hesitation,
every bad choice I ever made
happened all over again.
- Give it time.
You're back now.
I'm here.
- No, I'm not being clear.
It was a gift.
I saw where I am, Sonda,
where I've been,
where I'm going.
I saw us,
crowns, and thrones.
I saw our future
on the new Moon.
[dramatic music]

- Meega.
Oh, oh, apologies, apologies.
- Oh, I didn't think
I'd see you.
- Well, the soothe of work.
- Mm-hmm.
- Look at this.

- A flower.
- Unreal, made by a Mooner.
But yes, a flower.
- Why would he kill her
for a flower?
- There's only a little to see
before the fight, but watch.

- It's telling her where to go.
- Like a compass rose.
- I've never seen anything
like that before.
Where does it lead?
- I don't think it works
without this.
- So Strego returns
to the ship with the flower
to give to Tomm.
Bella gets there first.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Tomm returns.
He doesn't want anyone to know
that he's been working
with the rebels,
so he shoots Strego,
tries to kill Bella.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where's the flower?
- Somewhere on that ship.

Why would he come up
from below?
Strego, he could have
stayed hidden.
Bella warned him,
and he came up.
He had to know death
was waiting for him.
His heart was torn.
Maybe death
is what he really wanted.
- No Mooner would die
without reason.
He'd done a wrong.
He was trying to make it right.
- Strego told Tomm,
"It's done."
He said, "Where one world ends,
the next one begins."
Bella said she told Strego
that she was Chill's sister.
Maybe that's why he came up.
- He knew.
He was trying
to give Bella justice.
- Yes, maybe Strego
wasn't talking to Tomm.
He was talking to Bella.
- Arlo, you are Sherlock.
Strego was trying to tell Bella
where he'd hid the flower.
- Could be.
I'll go to CAT.
- I'll go with you.
- Mm, no.
You have other duties.
- It's dangerous.
- Yes, it's dangerous.
The game is afoot.
[soft music]

all: Clo Wing, we honor you.
Ama Tone, we honor you.
Wish Spur, we honor you.

[tense music]

- Welcomin.
- You're skipping the
celebrations, Council chair?
- I have bigger-better matters
to attend.
- When I came before,
you opened that door
on purpose.
You wanted me
to see the flower.
- I gave you good-glimpse
of all this.
It was the flower
that drew you back?
- You told me
you didn't know Chill Spen.
- I didn't.
- She died
with that flower in her hand,
One of a kind, Moon-made.
You're working
with the rebels, Maite.
- Chill didn't paint
that picture.
Muffle your thinks.
Open your heart.
[soft music]

What do you see?
Chill's life flows through
everything in this room,
but so does yours, Bella.
If you do not see me
by your side,
I am with you.
If you do not hear my voice--
- I am with you.
My absence, Love--
- Is proof of nothing.

- The letter, it was to you.
- Your mother painted
that flower.
All of this was Loa's.
She was Earther, Mooner,
Seeker, Maker, Dreamer, Lover.
She was mine.

all: Ahh
- The story of Lune
is the story of us.
As you return to the Mother,
we remember how we came.
Back before,
when the Moon simply watched,
she was lonely.
She saw the Mother suffer,
but could do nothing but stare.
She loved the Mother too much
to turn away,
but people came from Earth.
They brought IO too.
And IO said to Lune,
"You are not alone anymore.
"Trust that when you look away,
the Mother will still be there
when you look back."
Lune did not believe,
so IO gave Lune a push.

And Lune was happy.
And there was night and day.
More people came
from the Mother,
and the time of Metal began.
But the people
wanted wood and water.
Soil and sky.
Whatever question they asked,
IO answered,
and the lands we call Primo
sprouted from the gray,
dead rock,
and the first settlement grew.
And for a time,
there was peace,
but dark times came,
the time of blood and tribes.
IO was in danger.
The Mother sent soldiers.
The tribes were put down,
and there was darkness.
And IO saw what had to happen,
and they began again,
and the Moon said
to the Mother,
"Leave me until we know
what we can be."

[tense music]

- "Where one world ends,
the next one begins"?

- I've been looping here
for five years.
Why did you wait?
- You were hidden from me
until Chill died
and IO tagged you as blood.
- And my mother's things
in the box from Chill?
How would Loa have known
Chill was her daughter?
That's kept hidden.
- I have no answer.
Loa would wander off
through the Glade, into Primo.
I suspected
she went over the wall
into the Fringelands too.
One day, she wandered back,
and she knew.
She was never at peace
until the dark path
was before her.
She lived to be the light.
- What was she looking for?
- What winds
the Seeker's heart?
The Grail, the empty road?
Does it matter?
They go where the rest
of us fear to go.
- The rest of us
are still alive.

- Doda.
- What are you doing here?
- Just checking up on you.
- Gratz.
I needed some breath.
[soft music]
- I'm scared.

- I know.
If you choose the right way,
the hard way,
Truelune will never
let you down.
And Wish, wherever you go,
I'll always be with you.

My son.

- Hmm.
- Whatever part you think
I'm playing in this, Maite,
you're wrong.
I stumbled into this mess.
I wanted nothing
to do with any of it,
but I see now
the Bridge must happen.
It can't be allowed to fail.
The First Wave needs to leave.
- We will cross the Bridge,
but not this way.
- There is no other way.
- There is.
Others have arrived.
- Others?
- Drawn across the void.
Our human flicker
was too dim to see,
but IO's flame shines bright.
- Aliens?
Here for IO?
And you've made contact?
- Your mother was the first.
She told me of a passage.
I did not believe,
but the signs come now,
fast and furious.
Even as you doubt me,
you are the proof.
They speak to IO,
and IO has brought you here.
- Why me?
- Your mother didn't die.
She wandered off
and did not return.
IO marked her dead,
but I am heart-sure
she's with them.
I feel it, as do you.
The seeker has found the Grail.
It's time for us to find her.
[explosions and screams]
[dramatic music]

- Maite?

- "Where one world ends,
the next one begins."
[tense music]



Hello, flower.

- Th-thanks.
[dramatic music]
Maite was spotted
going into Primo.
Into the wilderness?
She thinks The Bridge
is doomed.
We figured out
that it's a compass rose
like the ancient sailors
We need to see
where it leads.
The ships are landing.
going to be okay.
Drop the flower,
and I'll kill you.
What is this?
It's not for us.
What have we unlocked?

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