Moonlighting s01e03 Episode Script

Gunfight at the So-So Corral

Hi, Dad.
Glad you could make it.
My, my, look at all the pretty uniforms.
- We having a parade? - I'm encouraged by the turnout.
They know that we're sitting on a hot piece of weaponry here.
"A hot piece of weaponry.
" Back in the 14th century, they invented the crossbow.
When Pope Gregory heard about it, he said: "This weapon is so terrible, it will surely end war.
" Children.
- What the hell was that? - That was Dad.
Okay, Mr.
Baker, we're ready to proceed.
This is it.
Keep your fingers crossed.
I think I speak for everyone here at SRT Industries when I say that we are grateful for the opportunity to help shape history.
That is how important we feel the L1 gun is going to be.
Portable laser weaponry.
It's a fact.
We are standing at the doorway of a revolution.
A revolution in modern warfare.
I don't mind admitting I feel a little the way Winchester must have felt or Colt or Nobel.
Well, if you will all don your goggles, please.
Hey, what's going on? Hey, shut it off! Shut it off! Come on, move it! A very impressive show, son.
Blue Moon Detective Agency.
We're here to unravel events that might baffle.
We'll figure it out, and leave you no doubt.
So tell us what's wrong.
It won't take us long.
We do our work well.
- Can I talk to Miss Hayes? - There's no need to yell.
Is this the vice president of industrial relations? - Yes, it is.
Who am I speaking with? - Madelyn Hayes- - Maddie Hayes, the Blue Moon girl? - That Maddie Hayes.
I'm in a security-and-investigation business now and one of our clients, SRT Industries- - I'm familiar with them.
- You have heard of them.
We handle their internal security needs.
It occurred to me that your business might have the same requirements.
Can I put you on hold? Maddie Hayes.
- This is Brian Bak er.
- Yes, Mr.
- Do you know why I'm calling? - No.
- I want to talk to you now.
- Certainly.
We'll come right down.
- Where is Addison? - I believe he's at SRT Industries - doing more psychological testing.
- Psychological testing, eh? I'll see your 20, and raise you another 10.
- Sure you wanna do that, Mr.
Nelson? - Sure, I'm sure.
What the hell kind of card game is this? Mr.
Nelson, we are engaged in important psychological testing that could have a direct impact on your job security at SRT Industries.
You're trying to misrepresent your hand, aren't you? That's called bluffing.
I don't care what you call it.
It's dishonest.
Now I'm gonna see your 10.
Raise you another 50.
What do you have to say for yourself, Mr.
Nelson? And remember, honesty is the best policy.
I guess I have to fold.
I have nothing.
Not true, Mr.
You have your self-esteem and a pair of treys.
And that concludes our testing for this afternoon.
Come on now, fess up.
You told the truth.
You feel better, don't you? I know I do.
Nothing feels quite as good as telling the truth, huh? Okay, you got me.
That first scratch in the morning feels good too.
You get the gist of things.
You're an honest man.
We proved that, and I respect you.
You can go out with my sister anytime.
During daylight hours only, of course.
Speak of the devil.
Hi, sis.
This isn't the sister that I meant.
- This woman's a nun.
Sister Maddie.
- Mr.
Addison, I need to speak with you.
We were finishing up our business.
He passed his test with flying colours.
You are an honest man.
And honest men like you are what has kept SRT Industries secure for lo these many years.
Hope we can do this again sometime real soon, huh? Love to the wife and kids.
- I want that man in my lifeboat.
- Something is desperately wrong.
Baker called.
He wants to see us right away.
Probably wants to give us a bonus.
Boy, oh, boy, is this a sweet deal or what? Maddie, I gotta hand it to you, getting us this job.
Security consultants.
I like that.
I like that a lot.
I like the sound of that.
I like the feel of that.
Having SRT Industries as a client is the cornerstone of my solicitations for new business.
If we lose this He sounded very upset.
Sure, he sounded upset.
Guys like Baker are always upset.
Type A personality.
Blood pressure always in the 400's.
Keels over, dies of a heart attack, Makes way for the next young Turk.
Keeps the company young, vital.
It's the natural order of things, what made America strong.
Tell me everything is going well.
Tell me you've got it under control.
It's going well.
It's under control.
Vivian Baker is one of my best friends.
Convincing her brother to give us this job wasn't easy.
Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.
You're screaming before you've been bitten.
Trust me.
He's not upset.
He has no reason to be upset.
He wanted us to check this place for security leaks.
I've done that.
This place is tight as a drum.
I'm doing a great job here.
- You are? - Sure.
Probably wants to just tell us thank you.
Your contract is terminated.
Null and void.
Call me oversensitive, but I detect a little hostility.
Did something happen that we should know? Holt Aerospace beat us again.
They filed another patent? Two.
All based on technology developed at SRT under the toughest security.
- I'm sorry.
- The only way Holt could've beaten us is with an inside source.
- That can't be how it happened.
- You're sure of that? I'll stake my professional reputation, such that it is, on it.
Well, slick dick, not only is there an inside source selling company secrets, but today the brazen little spy sabotaged a government demonstration.
I may have spoken a tad hastily.
Preston Holt has a pipeline into this company.
A pipeline the two of you were supposed to find.
Well, I sure looked for it.
Oh, good.
Well, I know I feel better.
Some of the biggest names in government watched a man fry because somebody was able to switch a couple of wires.
Do you have any idea what that will cost me? My father was sitting out there.
I can't make a move without his approval.
I spent the last five years trying to drag this mom-and-pop vacuum-tube business into the '80s and now between the two of you and Preston Holt I'm not gonna make it into next week.
We're terribly sorry.
I'm sure you did your best.
Brian has this special- We don't owe these people an explanation.
My sister is good at many things.
Business isn't one of them.
And apparently, she's not a terrific judge of character either.
I had hoped the two of you would be able to help us solve our problem.
Apparently, the task was beyond you.
Baker, Vivian, I know how you must feel- Miss Hayes, Mr.
Addison, the meeting is over.
If you gave that guy a piece of your mind you'd feel better.
Who is he? You gonna let one client get you crazy? It's only money, right? Money can't buy happiness.
Then again happiness can't buy government-insured CDs.
I'll admit it, I'm torn.
It was a sweet deal.
Well, easy come, easy go.
You're sitting in the dark.
Pretty weird behaviour.
You're upset, aren't you? Well, you have a right to be.
It was a terrific job.
Great cafeteria.
Good parking.
Well, there'll be others.
Come here.
- Easy come, easy go? - Maddie- I went out on a limb to get us this consultancy.
Holt beat them to two patents.
It's not my fault.
I did everything I could.
I interviewed every employee, performed body searches.
- When do you get serious? - When do you lighten up? Did you ask Mr.
Holt how he gets these secrets? - Excuse me? - Did you go to Preston Holt and ask him how he finds out so much about SRT's research? Just go to him and ask? Holt is one of the most powerful- - Did you do it? - No, you got me.
- You call yourself a detective.
- You're mad because - I didn't ask him how he got secrets.
- It's common sense! You accuse a man of espionage, then want him to tell you how it was done? We owe it to our client and ourselves- That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.
Do you think he's gonna tell you? - I think it's a worth a try.
- Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Your name and reputation are gonna bring us clients.
That's great.
- Why don't you leave the detective- - To who? To you? I did that.
And we lost our biggest client.
We lost our only client.
- Where are you going? - To call Preston Holt.
- To see if he's free for dinner.
- You're gonna ask him to dinner? The millionaire industrialist playboy.
That no-account.
That satyr.
- You're gonna call him? - I can look up a number, dial a phone - and ask for what I want.
- You'll make a fool out of yourself.
- This is my area.
- I have nothing to say to you.
Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.
Guy to girl, outie to innie.
Preston Holt is a barracuda.
Good, I feel like a little seafood.
He's not gonna tell you anything.
Maddie, come on.
Don't do this.
Call me afterwards, will you? Thanks.
- Miss Hayes, pleasure to see you.
- Paul, nice to see you.
We reserved the table you requested.
Holt arrived and is waiting.
May I take your coat? Please, follow me.
Hi, I'm Madelyn Hayes.
- Nice to meet you.
- Well, it's nice to be met.
I'm Preston Holt.
I was half certain that phone call this afternoon was a prank.
I can't believe that.
I'm sure women call you all the time.
Guilty as charged.
Would you like to know what they call me? I remember waiting in the subway station for a train and just kind of seeing it out of the corner of my eye.
There it was, my first cover.
I went over and I just looked at it.
I wanted to buy about 20 copies, but I didn't have any money.
So I rushed back to my apartment to borrow some.
I remember thinking: " Now the whole world is different.
I'm 17 and I'm a cover girl.
" And I remember being shocked the next day to discover that nothing had changed.
That my eggs didn't taste any better.
The heat didn't come up any faster.
The dry cleaner still lost my blouses.
My mother still didn't understand.
I sound like I'm complaining, I'm not.
Modelling was very good to me.
It's just I walked away five years ago.
When the bottom fell out, I thought about going back.
But I don't believe in ever going back to anything.
I think that's why our eyes are in the front of our heads.
So now you are a private detective.
And so now I'm a private detective.
- Why did you call me? - Because you're Preston Holt.
Because you're rich and attractive.
And because I just have to know how your company keeps getting the jump on SRT Industries.
Good for you.
Baker is sure one of his employees is selling secrets.
- Not true.
- But we can't figure out who.
So I thought, "Well, why not ask?" So here I am asking.
It's not true? But you admit that you do have access to highly classified information at SRT? I will admit that from time to time, I have been privy to certain pieces of information that the SRT people might consider sensitive.
- Well, how do you do it? - If I told you, you wouldn't believe it.
Try me.
Thank you.
This has been a very special dinner for me.
For me too.
You're a terrific listener, a wonderful date, and a very nice man.
- You seem surprised.
- Well, you do have a reputation.
- Me? - " Barracuda" was the word I heard.
- Well, anyway, thanks again.
- Can I spend the night? - Excuse me? - I've realized I haven't paid for dinner.
- This must seem out of line.
- Actually- I don't necessarily have to sleep with you, you know? In fact, I don't really have to stay.
You could invite me in - let me sneak out the back door.
- Actually, Mr.
Holt- It's the chauffeur, you see, sitting back there.
I'm Preston Holt, you're Maddie Hayes.
In my mind, this was a business dinner.
Oh, mine too.
Mine too.
Do you want me to pay you? You wanna pay me to come in my house and not sleep with me? Beat that deal anywhere in town.
I did tell you what you wanted to know.
Thought I heard you kids out here.
Hi, sweet cakes.
This your business dinner? Hi, I'm papa bear.
Come on in and have some Tang.
We just made some fresh.
- Is he yours? - Mine? Him? Sure! How's my sweetie-weetie? Going to take a rain check on that Tang, Maddie.
Nice to have met you, Mr? Papa bear.
I'm papa bear, she's sweet cakes.
Of course.
Dinner was an experience.
- You're standing in my doorway.
- You don't have to thank me now.
Thank you? For breaking into my house? Rifling through my things? - I admit I went through your underwear.
- Ruining a wonderful evening? - Wonderful what? The guy's a dink.
- That was an attractive man.
When he was a kid, his parents dressed him up for Halloween as a speed bump.
- You had no business breaking in.
- I was worried.
Worried that I would find out what you could not? Worried that I would discover SRT's security leak? Worried that with my few weeks of training as an investigator - I'd be able to do what you haven't? - Repeat that? - He told me.
- I'm listening.
- Omar Gauss.
- Gesundheit.
No, Omar Gauss, the psychic! Haven't you heard of him? - No, has he ever heard of me? - Omar Gauss is one of the world's foremost psychics.
He's consulted by corporation presidents heads of state, law-enforcement agencies.
- So? - So Omar Gauss is feeding Preston Holt SRT's technology.
- Holt just told you this.
- Why not? It's perfectly legitimate.
Holt's company pays Omar a retainer.
Whenever Omar gets a vision that relates to the electronic-defence business - one of his assistants calls Holt.
- He's some kind of swami? He's a man with a gift.
I believe Preston Holt.
Furthermore, I'm going to call Vivian Baker and make an appointment so we can tell them.
- You sure you wanna do this? - You don't have to go with me.
- You're gonna go back and tell him- - Omar Gauss is selling his secrets! I'm gonna look him right in the eye and say Your secrets were not sold by a faithless employee.
They were snatched by an unscrupulous interloper who was taking unfair advantage of his psychic talents.
Friends of yours? This isn't going to be pretty.
- I can't believe he called me that.
- I'm sure he didn't mean it.
He's probably never even met your mother.
I'm sorry about Brian.
He's under an extraordinary amount of pressure.
- I believe Preston Holt.
- Why don't you just let it go? There'll be other cases, other clients.
- She's right.
- Excuse me.
She gets like this.
Too much television.
Your friend was right.
The horse is dead, stop beating it.
These people have a problem.
- Why don't they wanna solve it? - You just told the president that he's being threatened by the Amazing Kreskin.
- I am going to see Omar Gauss.
- Why? We're off the case.
This is my case! I got this case.
We are not off of it until I say we are off of it.
You were right, you did a good job.
No one in that company is selling secrets.
Something else is going on.
And I think it has something to do with Omar Gauss.
I'll let you know what I find out.
Can't I come with you? - You believe me? - No.
But I believe in you.
That was a terrific thing to say.
What does it mean? I have no idea.
- What are you doing? - Straightening Omar Gauss's drawers.
Be good and I'll do the same for you.
Appointment book.
Put that back.
Don't you wanna know if he's been seeing Preston Holt? I explained to Mr.
Gauss who you are.
He's very sympathetic to those in law enforcement.
He'll be able to see you, if you just follow me up to the Alpha Room.
- Put that book back.
- What for? He's a psychic.
He'll know when he has an appointment.
You are about to enter a world.
A world of wondrous imagination.
Not only of sight and sound, but of mind.
Of things and ideas.
You've just crossed over into moving furniture.
My favourite tune.
Forgive the show.
The dim light calms the eyes, the sound calms the mind.
- I'm Omar Gauss.
- I'm Madelyn Hayes and this is - David Addison.
- David Addison.
Can you do this? We really appreciate you seeing us on short notice.
Oh, I just think I'm extending professional courtesy.
You'd be amazed how many investigators I work with.
Please, have a seat.
Now, how can I help you? We had a client who hired us to find security leaks in his company.
We tried the usual things and came up dry.
You want me to help you find out who, huh? We know who, we don't know how.
I don't follow you.
If you know who, then why don't you just confront him? That's what we're doing.
Preston Holt told me that you provided him with highly classified data relating to SRT Industries' products.
Were you prone when Holt told you that? - I beg your pardon.
- Wait a second, answer the question.
Well, I know Preston Holt.
I know him very well and he's given to exaggeration.
- That may be true but- - Let me explain how I am.
I don't actually read minds.
I see things, pictures.
Sometimes it's a colour, or even just an odour.
Sometimes it's a complete object, fully realised.
I can't explain it, but I understand everything about it.
Sometimes it's a little lost boy in another state.
Sometimes it's a document of policy from another country whose language I neither read nor write, but I can put it down on paper for a translator to translate.
Sometimes it's a drawing or a plan that I don't understand.
Some time ago, one of those popped into my mind.
When they come, they're like a fever.
The only way to cure them is to give them to someone else.
Somebody who understands.
You see, I'm just an empty vessel.
I'm a radio with no tuner or volume control.
Sometimes it's silence.
Sometimes it's almost deafening.
Not long ago, an image came to me.
And I searched in vain for someone who could understand it.
And a friend of mine finally directed me to Preston Holt.
Now, I run this institute, and wealthy people like Preston Holt can be very helpful, very generous.
So I told Mr.
Holt everything I could about this object, and he paid me very handsomely.
Now, that was just one time, and it was several months ago.
I later found out that the object I described to him turned out to be absolutely worthless.
I'm sorry.
It's my suspicion, young lady, that Mr.
Holt just told you what he needed to to get what he needed to.
- He didn't get anything.
- Well, that's what you say.
This guy can look right into your cranium.
Now, don't beat yourself up.
You took a shot and you lost.
- The main thing is you tried.
- Brian Baker called me names.
Preston Holt lied to me.
Omar Gauss mocked me.
- I don't think I like men anymore.
- We still like you.
Wanna see whose brain Omar Gauss has been storming? Why did you take that thing? Wanna find out if Mandrake saw Preston Holt? - Look in his appointment book.
- What's the point? This is weird.
Holt's name isn't in here anywhere.
- It's filled with the name Baker.
- Our Baker? Brian Baker.
Sounds like our boy.
- He's pencilled in for tomorrow night.
- That's strange.
He didn't say a thing when I mentioned Omar.
He acted like I was crazy.
What do we do? - Surveillance.
- Sur-what? Surveillance.
It's great, I'll teach you.
I know all about it.
You're gonna look great in black.
- Bingo.
- Bingo what? Bingo who? Brian Baker just got out of the car.
Take a peek.
You say that like they're yours.
What difference does it make whose they are? They're opera glasses.
" You made it sound so romantic.
You didn't tell me it was gonna be at night in the cold.
- Must have slipped my mind.
- Something else is going on.
Must be family night at the oracle's.
They're bringing out Baker, Sr.
- What do we do now? - Sit and wait.
- For what? - For them to go inside - so we can make our move.
- Great.
You said this was gonna be fun.
- I said that? Boy, was I wrong.
- Yeah.
- They're in.
- I know.
Just waiting to make sure.
- Addison, the ground is damp.
- You're kidding.
Damp ground? I'm taking it back.
Come on, let's go.
Baker, Brian.
It's a good evening, good configuration.
That's what I like to hear.
Gauss, if you and I might just have a word before Certainly.
Baker, Randolph will give you whatever you'd like.
Would you please show him to the Alpha room.
Yes, sir.
I need additional funding for my laser project.
Three, 3.
5 million, somewhere in that ballpark.
- I'll tell him.
- I would like to accelerate my appointment to CEO.
It's taking forever, and I'm losing my credibility - in the financial community.
- Betty could suggest a special election.
That's good.
Just a suggestion, keep it low-key.
- He buys whatever she says.
- I understand.
And something about my sister.
He's starting to listen to my sister again.
- What do you want me to say? - I don't know.
He listens to her and then gets upset.
He thinks we should be figuring out how to grow better plankton instead of defence research.
I'll do what I can.
I'd better go, he's waiting.
One more thing.
People have suggested that my security leaks just might be springing from this pipe here.
So that's what that was.
Some detectives stopped by yesterday.
I couldn't imagine what it all meant.
If I ever discover that you are selling any of what is being said here That man in there isn't gonna live forever.
And when he stops needing you, I stop needing you.
Wouldn't you prefer that we stay friends, Omar? - Brian, I swear to you, I- - Just a warning.
Don't make a patsy out of me.
Or you, my dead mother and my father will all be able to talk to each other and none of you are gonna need a medium to do it.
I understand, Brian.
- What now? - Give me the hook.
You missed the house.
Well, Mr.
Baker, I feel very good about this evening.
There's only minor disturbance in the spirit sphere.
There's retrograde influence, but sunspot activity is low.
The damn demons are more excited than we are.
Good and secure.
What's it for-? What's it for? For? What's it for? You pull on this and the butler brings you food.
- It's for climbing up on the roof.
- Couldn't we just use the pipe? Do you hear how fast your brain waves are moving? You're not relaxing, Mr.
How can we make contact if you can't get through the gate? I have to talk to Betty.
There's so much I need her advice on.
Couldn't we do the other thing? The medication.
You don't fool me, you know.
You knew I was gonna need that, and you had it all ready.
Oh, come now, Mr.
Nobody fools you.
- So now we're up here, what do we do? - We figure out where they are.
Come here.
I hear her.
I hear Betty.
- Come and hold my feet.
- Hold your feet? Yes.
- That's Betty, isn't it? - Yes, I'm certain it is.
Betty's here, Carl.
She wants to talk to you about Brian.
About your son, Brian.
I can't see or hear anything.
Betty wants to talk to you about Brian and the bright light.
She wants you to help Brian with it.
The laser.
She's talking about the laser.
Are you sure, Betty? Give me a sign.
- Lower.
- Lower? A symbol, please? - Lower.
- Lower? Lower.
Betty! David, David, David.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm receiving an impression.
A vibration about Brian's appointment.
- Does the phrase "special election"- ? - Special election.
Yes, I suppose we should do that.
But only if you think it's wise, Elizabeth.
I didn't see or hear a thing.
You wanna try again? You can hold me.
Elizabeth is saying a name.
She's saying a name.
And she is shaking her head, " no.
" Can you see her, Carl? No, I can't.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'll have to rely on you.
The impression is very strong.
Wait, I do see something.
She's telling you in the strongest possible terms not to communicate with this Vivian.
- She's our daughter.
- The message is very plain.
Are you sure, Elizabeth? Our daughter? Raise me up.
Elizabeth! - Raise me up.
- I'm trying.
- Prowlers! - David! Randolph, prowlers! Oh, what do we do now? Randolph, prowlers on the roof! What's happening? - What do we do now? - Come on.
There they are, right there.
- Addison.
- I'm thinking, I'm thinking! - Can you swim? - Isn't the question, " Can you fly?" - You have to be more positive.
- I'm positive we're gonna die.
Could be worse.
Could be no pool.
We should be dancing in the streets.
- Undress.
- No blindfold and cigarette? You're gonna want as little on you as possible when you hit the water.
- I don't want to die in my underwear.
- If I had known, we could have shopped.
Now get undressed.
Don't pull my hair.
Having fun yet? What'd I tell you? Piece of cake.
- David! - Everybody out of the pool! Come on, come on.
They're getting away.
Just for the future - wet becomes you.
- Great.
So you see, Preston Holt was telling the truth.
Omar is selling secrets.
Secrets your brother unknowingly provided him with.
- I don't understand.
- Brian takes your father to Omar who tells him anything your brother wants him to hear.
Oh, then Omar double-crosses Brian, calls Holt.
Oh, I understand.
Just what kinds of things is my brother having Mr.
Gauss tell our father? That you shouldn't be listened to, that you're bad, evil.
Brian's working too hard.
Oh, Daddy listens to me all right.
And that's all he does.
We agree on just about everything, except for women in business.
See, that's why you have sons.
To pass along the business to.
So they can lie to you and drug you and defame their siblings.
- I'm sorry.
- No, don't be.
You've done a terrific job.
I knew you would.
Despite what my brother says, I'm a terrific judge of character.
Well, I'm gonna try to convince my father of what you've told me.
I might need your help.
Naturally, I'll encourage him to reinstate your company as our security consultants.
We're pretty good at this, aren't we? Not bad, not bad.
- We solved a mystery.
- Send it in to Ripley.
- He wouldn't believe it.
- This is okay, this isn't bad.
- I could do this for a living.
- Don't get cocky.
I've seen you in your underwear.
Admit it, you're as surprised as I am.
What are you talking about? I knew we'd solve it.
- We make a terrific team.
- "The horse is dead, stop beating it.
" - Did I say that? - With great conviction.
I didn't mean it.
I knew you wouldn't listen.
- I said it to spur you on.
- Spur me on? Worked, didn't it? - We're pretty good together.
- A regular Herman and Catnip.
- Well - Yep.
It's getting late.
Thanks for beating that horse.
Thanks for spurring me on.
You're all right, kid.
You're not bad yourself, fella.
Not bad at all.
We solved a mystery.
Hello? Hello.
Who sabotaged the gun? David, where are you? Who sabotaged that laser gun? Carl isn't nuts about how Brian runs the company.
Brian takes Carl to Omar so he can coffee-klatch with his wife.
Omar is greedy, so he sells what Brian and Carl tells him to Holt.
I get all that.
Who reversed the wires on that laser? - Does it matter? - Damn straight.
We're not as smart as we think.
There's another bad guy in this story, and we're not even on to him yet.
It's Vivian.
Sure, no problem.
In fact, David's right here with me now.
Honestly, really, it's no problem.
We'll come right over.
We are as smart as we think we are.
That was Vivian.
She said she was explaining to Carl what was going on when Brian burst in.
Apparently, it's a little crazy over there.
She wants us to come right over and explain to Carl what's going on.
She sounded very upset.
- Omar? - What's the motive? He had no reason to sabotage that demonstration.
Holt? He's got a motive, but how did he do it? Why would he volunteer information about Omar - unless he has nothing to hide? - The old man, Carl? - He wasn't pleased to be in defence.
- Why ruin his business? All he's gotta do is deny Brian approval for his project.
Well, if it isn't Omar, and it isn't Carl, and if it isn't Brian, who is it? Hello, Maddie, David.
What are you up to, Viv? A little light housekeeping? Pretty neat.
No cord, no heavy machine to drag around.
That's what I call progress.
Anybody got a light? David! Now, that is a serious vacuum.
Vivian, what are you doing? Sorry, Maddie.
I never anticipated the two of you would keep on investigating after you were fired.
You were getting too close.
It was only a matter of time.
Look who's here.
Hi, Maddie.
Don't know how to tell you, but Vivian she's throwing a snit with a big soldering iron.
- What are we gonna do? - I'm gonna take this moment to contemplate religions.
Looking for soft on morality, generous on holidays.
David! You might as well give up.
You can't run forever, and lasers can burn through anything.
- You sabotaged the gun, didn't you? - Yeah, not only that.
I'm the one who called Holt and offered him Brian's research.
You see, I knew my brother was taking Daddy to see Omar.
So I called Holt, pretending to be Omar's assistant.
- I'm the leak.
The leak is me.
- Vivian, why? Why? - Because- - Because she wants to run this company and the only chance she has is if I fail.
David! David! David, are you all right? Heavy.
- What do I do now? - Don't do anything.
- I ask you a question.
- Like? - Like, is your name Maddie Hayes? - And I answer? - And you answer.
- Yes, my name is Maddie Hayes.
- And that means I'm telling the truth.
- That's the idea.
- Okay, this is fun.
- Hey, whatever blows your skirt up.
- Ask me another.
- You sure? - Positive.
- Okay.
Let's try something easy, something obvious.
Were your feet on the floor when Holt said Omar was giving him secrets? - Excuse me? - I'll rephrase.
Did you have a view of the ceiling when this information was imparted? - I'm not answering these questions.
- A simple "yes" or " no.
" - I hate you.
- I thought you were having fun.
I know I'm having a good time.