Moonlighting s04e06 Episode Script

Cool Hand Dave (2)

Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Entertainment So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met Along The Way We'll Walk By Night We'll Fly By Day Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way You Were Going To Tell Me, Weren't You? I Mean, That You're, Um That You're Pregnant.
I'm Really Not Ready To Have This Conversation.
She's Having A Baby, Very Possibly Mine.
I Can't Even Get A Flight Out Of This Damn Place So I Can Go Throw Pebbles At Her Window.
Hey, What The You Want To Trade Places? You Got It.
What Are You Doing? My Job, Taking You Back To Prison.
Prison? Move It! Let's Go! Move It! On The Yellow Line! Move It! Move It! Home, Sweet Home.
HuntleyMad Dog Huntley In Our Prison.
Is It True You Played Tetherball With That Parole Officer's Head? So You Can Do To Him What You Did To That Busload Of Golf Pros? I Don't Care What You Did To Those I Came Here To See The Kid.
I Want To Let Him Know That He's Got A Father.
"You're Not His Father.
You're Just Some Mistake I Made A Long Time Ago.
" I Got A Right, Maddie.
"He Doesn't Even Know You.
" "I Never Told Him About You.
" You Never Told Him About Me? "What Was I Supposed To Say, David? You Just Disappeared.
" "Where Were You, David? "Where Were You, David? "Where Were You, David? "Where Were You, David? Where Were You, David?" Speak To Us, O David Addison.
Send Us A Vibration, A Sign.
Let Us Know Where You Are.
I See Many Images Many Shadows.
Where Are The Shadows? Shh.
The Shadows Must Have Quiet.
It Is Very Dark Gloomy It Is Very Difficult To See.
Anything You Can Tell Us? Jobs Are At Stake Here.
The Shadows Are Retreating.
They Are Fading.
Don't Let Them Go! All I See For Certain Are Bars.
Bars! Of Course.
I Said It All Along.
Did I Not Promise You That Hollow-Leg Addison Was Sleeping It Off In A Sawdust Blanket On Some Tavern Floor? We Don't Know That To Be Absolute Gospel, Sir, Do We.
I Mean, After-- The Crystal Of Malthusa Never Lies.
Ahmenhotep And Julius Caesar, They Both Foresaw Their Untimely Deaths Thousands Of Years Ago In This Very Oracle And So Did Max Headroom.
Listen To Her.
This Is Addison We're Talking About.
When Was The Last Time You Watched The Show? The Last Time There Was A New Episode.
[Chuckling] Validate Madame Palmer's Parking.
It's Kamikaze Time.
It's Kamikaze Time.
Trust Me, Maddie.
This Case Could Be The Key To Our Future.
Our Empire.
Think Of Ford Think Of Rockefeller.
You Think Mr.
Kleenex Just Stood Around Waiting To Ask Him For A Tissue? Heck, No.
He Looked At His Sleeve, And He Thought, "I Have A Better Idea!" Is There Another Direction You Want Me To Take This In? There She Was Just A-Walkin' Down The Street Singin' Woo-Do-Diddy- Dum-Diddy-Da Snappin' Her Fingers And Shufflin' Her Feet Singin' Doo-Wa-Diddy- Diddy-Dum-Diddy-Doo Looked Good, Looked Good It Makes You Crazy To Think The Whole World's Out There Boinking Out Their-- Boinking Their--It--It-- It Makes You Crazy To Think The Whole World Is Out There Boinking Their Brains Out, Doesn't It, Maddie? Boink.
Boinkidy Boink.
Boinkidy Boinkidy.
Boinkidy Boinkidy Boink.
Well Did I Get The Part? We'll Be In Touch With Your Agent.
See You In Wardrobe.
I Nailed It.
Do Bees Be? Do Bears Bare? [Playing Trumpet] All Around The Limbo World Gonna Do The Limbo Rock All Around The Limbo Clock Jack, Be Nimble, Jack, Be Quick Jack, Go Under Limbo Stick I Beg You, Sir, Which Way Is It To Thy Casting Coucheth? Hey, Let's Do The Limbo Rock Thanks! Nuk! Nuk! Nuk! Nuk! Nuk! We've Got To Find David Addison.
Where The Hell Is He? What's Your Name? What's Your Name? Is It Mary Or Sue? What's Your Name? What's Your Name? Do I Stand A Chance With You It's So Hard To Find A Personality With Charms Like Yours For Me, Ooo-Weee Ooo-Weee Ooo-Weee Ooo-Weee Ooo-Weee Where Did You Learn To Sing Like That, Cuz? Philadelphia? Yeah.
I Grew Up Down At 4th And Bainbridge.
Hey, So You A Philly Boy, Too, Huh? What Do You Say We Walk Out This Door And Go Get A Couple Cheese Steaks With Onions? The Door's Never Going To Open As Long As You Keep Starting Food Fights.
That Ain't Food, Man.
That's What Food Becomes.
Best We Got.
Schenk Skims All The Decent Stuff And Sells It Back To The Wholesaler.
And The Cons Let One Of The Bulls Take Food Out Of Their Mouth? Let's Just Say Derek Makes Sure The Cons Don't Get Too Feisty.
What About The Warden? Warden? Warden Isn't Exactly What You'd Call A Hands-On Kind Of Guy.
He Don't Even Attend The Executions.
Mmm Write Your Congressman.
Which Would You Rather Do-- See Your Old Lady On Visiting Day Or Have Make-Believe Conversations With Her Instead? You Mind Your Business, Philly Boy.
You Mind Your Business.
Let's Go, Honey.
Rise And Shine.
Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make, Nor Iron Bars A Cage.
This Place Does Pretty Well.
See You Later, Philly Boy.
See You In Chemistry Class, Home.
How Long I Been In Here, Anyway? I Don't Know.
A Couple Of Hours, Maybe.
All Right, Let's Move It! Not Later! I Mean Now! Let's Get A Couple More Of You Boys Out Here In This Ditch! You're Gonna Be In Great Shape When You Get Out Of Here, Huntley.
I'd Rather Have Gone To A Spa.
You Wanna Wipe The Sweat Off, Punk, You Ask Me First! Yes, Sir Grogan's At The Top Of My List.
I Spend All Day Dreaming About What I'll Do To Him When I Get Out Of Here.
I'm Driving Down The Street, And There's Grogan Stepping Off The Curb.
So I Line Him Up With My Hood Ornament, And Pow! He Goes Flying Just Like Superman.
All That Hostility's Bad For Your Karma.
Me I Think About My Woman.
You Got A Girl, Huntley? Yeah Yeah, I Got A Girl.
How'd You Meet Her? A Long Story.
So? I Ain't Going Anywhere For Another 99 Years.
The Day She Walked Into My Office, I Thought Destiny Was Giving Me A Massage.
SoI Go Up And Ring The Doorbell, And Bonehead Sam Answers, Right? So You Cut Him Into Little Pieces, Right? I Left My Machete In The Car.
So We Just Started Dancing, Right There In The Laundromat.
It Was The Last Time I Ever Saw Her.
That's The Saddest Story I Ever Heard.
Wait A Sec.
You Mean, Maddie Might Be Having Your Kid, And You Ain't Even Related? Know How It Is, Tower.
Neither Of Us Was Ready To Make A Commitment.
Hey, Hey, You Got To Ask Maddie To Marry You.
[Whistle Blows] Out Of The Trench! Five Minutes! Grab Some Water! Yeah, Baby, You Just Can't Abandon A Poor Helpless Woman.
Believe Me, She Ain't Poor, She Ain't Helpless.
I Thought You Were A Right Guy, Huntley.
But I'm Ashamed To Be In The Same Chain Gang With You.
Oh, Yeah? Well, If You Guys Are Such A Panel Of Experts, When's The Last Time Any Of You Spoke To A Dame? Well, There's A Guy In "D" Block Who Washes Everyone's Socks.
We Are Heinous Felons.
Not A One Of Us Is Nice.
But You'd Do Well To Harken To Our Sage Advice.
Forget Sam Your Wounded Ego The Rest Of That Baloney.
There's A Woman And A Baby.
Say Yes To Matrimony.
Unh! This Wench So Fair Whom He Calls Maddie Is The Blond And Buxom Owner Of The Agency The Epitome Of Virtue, A Lady Of Rare Grace And This Knave Is Always Craning For A Glimpse Of Lace This Knave Is Always Craning For A Glimpse Of Lace He Begged And Pleaded For Her Sugar And Spice But She Blunted His Desire With A Glare Of Ice He Begged And Pleaded For Her Sugar And Spice But She Blunted His Desire With A Glare Of Ice Oow! Hearing Sly Innuendo And Allusion To His Bed She Looked Bemused And Told Him That He Oughta Drop Dead But He Pressed His Case So Diligently That He And Maddie Now Enjoy A Pregnancy He And Maddie Now Enjoy A Pregnancy A Blessed Event Save For One Niggling Bother The Guy's Not Certain He's The Baby's Father A Blessed Event Save For One Niggling Bother The Guy's Not Certain He's The Baby's Father Seems Maddie Took A Tumble With An Astronaut Now Our Jailhouse Brother Here Is Overwrought But A Man Worth His Salt, A Man Of Any Mettle Would Rescue His Fair Lady From This Awful Fettle Would Rescue His Fair Lady From This Awful Fettle Though She's Fled To Chicago The Relationship A Mess You, Sir, Hold The Key To Her Happiness Though She's Fled To Chicago, The Relationship A Mess You, Sir, Hold The Key To Her Happiness Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Happiness Yeah! You'll Be Happy As A Psycho On A Killing Spree Once She's An Honest Woman And You're On Bended Knee Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Call Collect Chicago, Area 3-1-2 And Don't You Dare Hang Up Until She Says, "I Do" Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Oh Oh And You Know What To Do Yea-Ah-Ah Yea-Ah All Right, Let's Go.
Shake A Leg.
This Is It, Boys.
You Might As Well Face It.
This Is Prison Life.
Get Sweating.
Macgillicuddy, Would You Mind Stepping Into My Office For A Moment.
While I'm Still In My 30s.
I Don't Recall Today Being A Holiday.
Macgillicuddy, You Were Out Of The Office For Nearly 12 Minutes.
Is It A Felony To Go To The Men's Room? Without A Hall Pass? With Reading Material Of A Personal Nature? What I Do In The Bathroom Is My Business.
And When One Of My Employees Wastes Nearly 1/5 Of An Hour Of Valuable Company Time For A Simple Bodily Function-- I'm Not One Of Your Employees.
I Work For Ms.
Hayes And Mr.
The Latter Appointed Me Acting Supervisor Of This Agency During His Absence.
Look, Not Only Am I Sick To Death Of You and This Il Duce Routine Of Yours, But This Entire Office Would Like To See You Hung By Your Tonsils.
In A Cave Full Of Rabid Bats.
I Wasn't Asked To Run A Popularity Contest Here Macgillicuddy.
I Was Asked To Run A Business.
See That Jungle Of Skyscrapers Out There? Built By Industrious Men Ambitious Men.
Men Rather Like Myself.
Now, I Know That My Appointment To This Post Has Ruffled A Few Feathers, But I Would Like To Think That That's An Affirmation Of The Qualities In Me That You Would Do Well To Emulate.
Fearlessness, Resourcefulness, A Keen Ability To Deal In The Abstract, An Unwavering Moral Compass, And Yet, A Heart As Big As All Outdoors.
Hey! Come Back Here! I'm Not Done With You Yet! Herbert.
Get Out Of My Way, Agnes.
We Have To Talk.
Not Now.
You Just Kissed Off Free Dental! Will You Shut Up, Herbert, And Listen To Me? Wonder If We're Gonna Have To Give That Canker Sore Macgillicuddy Severance Pay.
What's Happening To You? Mr.
Addison's Missing, Vanished, Whereabouts Unknown, And All You Can Do Is Think About Playing Hall Monitor? Hall Monitor? Have You Any Conception Of The Awesome Responsibility Placed On These Shoulders? No.
How Could You? To Borrow The Words Of A Great General, "I Am In Control Here.
" Fine.
While You're In Control Here, I'm Going Out There And Hiring A Detective To Find Mr.
I'm Sure Lou Lasalle Can Handle The Job.
Lou Lasalle, The Competition? Brand "X"? You Wouldn't Dare.
Watch Me.
Agnes, Agnes.
The Kentucky Colonel Doesn't Chow Down On Mcnuggets.
Coors Doesn't Guzzle Bud At Halftime.
And Blue Moon Does Not Need The Services Of Lou Lasalle.
People Just Don't Vanish Into Thin Air.
Not Even Mr.
Look, Agnes, I Am Sure His Disappearance Must Have Some Logical Explanation.
And Do You Care What It Is? No.
Because You're Too Busy Being A Big Shot.
I Thought You Of All People Would Be A Little More Concerned About Mr.
Addison-- The Man Who Made You What You Are-- Your Mentor, Your Friend.
Addison My Friend.
What If Something Has Happened To Him? What If He's Hurt? Oh, My God, Agnes, This Is Awful.
I Mean, Blue Moon Would Fall Apart Without Him.
And What About Us? What's To Become Of Us? Agnes, We've Got To Do Something About This.
Bert, You Gotta Get Ahold Of Yourself.
We've Got To Find Him! We Will Find Him.
You Think So? Yeah.
Let's Start With His Apartment.
Maybe We'll Turn Up Something There.
[Whistles Moonlighting Theme] Steckler.
Where Is It? Where's The Escape Tunnel? I Know It's Here Somewhere.
What Are You Talking About? The Escape Tunnel.
The Escape Tunnel.
escape From Alcatraz.
The Great Escape.
Hogan's Heroes.
They All Got Escape Tunnels.
Easy, Mad Dog.
Calm Down.
Don't Make Me Get Rough With You, Arnie.
Don't Make Me Play Croquet.
It's Over There.
It's Over There Underneath The Table.
Thanks, Arnie.
You Better Not Blow This For Me, Huntley.
I've Been Chipping Away At That Mortar Every Night For The Past Three Years.
Chip, Chip, Chip Teaspoon By Teaspoon.
Every Day Walking Around With Little Bits Of Concrete In My Socks.
But I Still Ain't Been Able To Figure Out How To Get Over That Wall.
I Ain't Going Over The Wall.
I Gotta Get To A Phone.
A Phone? Yeah, A Phone.
This Woman I Gotta Call.
Where Is There A Phone? How Are You Gonna Dodge The Bulls, The Guns, The Dogs? Schenk's Out There Just Praying That You'd Do Something Stupid Like This.
Not To Mention What He Does To Me If They Nab You.
Arnie, Why Do They Put People In Prison? Well, See, When You Work For The Government Like I Did-- To Punish People, Arnie.
To Punish People.
To Take Away The Things In Life That Are Good-- That Wedge Of Lime In A Cold Bottle Of Mexican Beer, That First Whiff Of Coconut Oil When A Beautiful Babe Walks Down The Beach.
Prison Takes All That Away, Arnie.
And Maybe It's Not Such A Bad Thing Because You Know What I Learned In This Dump? I Learned What Most People Don't Learn.
I Learned What Is Essential In Life.
And, Arnie, This Woman Is Essential.
There's A Phone In The Guards' Office By The Machine Shop.
Follow The Shaft, And You're Up On The Roof.
Down The Drainpipe, And You're In.
Huntley, What Happens If You Don't Get Back? Sprinkle My Ashes Over Derek's Shoes.
[Rumbling] Whoa! This Is Better Than Space Mountain.
[Barks] [Whines] Whoa! Yeah, Maddie, Get A Judge Pronto.
He Could Spring Me From Jail And Marry Us In One Fell Swoop.
Oh, Hi, Mrs.
Naw, Just Talking To One Of The Kids Here In The Office.
Listen, Maddie Wouldn't Happen To Be There By Any Chance, Would She? Asleep? UhYeah, Well, It's Kind Of Important.
Think You Could Get Her? [Door Opens] Whoops.
Listen, A Client Just Walked In.
Listen, Tell Her I'll Get Back To Her In About 5 Minutes.
Tell Her To Wait By The Phone, Ok? My Boys Make The Best Plates In The Business.
These Prefixes Don't Exist.
Slap These On A Hot Vehicle, There's No Way The Cops Could Trace The Car.
I'll Take All You Got.
Give Me A Hand.
This Old Baby Is Going To Buy Me A Sailboat.
Say Bye-Bye.
Maddie: Hello.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Anybody There? Maddie! I Guess You're Gonna Throw Me Back In The Hole? Can I Take Accordion Lessons This Time? No.
I Got A Better Idea.
We're Going To Go For A Drive.
You're Gonna Escape.
Then I'm Gonna Shoot You.
You Really Know How To Plan A Date.
You Got Me All Wrong, Copper.
I'm A Big Fan Of Free Enterprise.
That Phony License Plate Scam, I Think It's A Good Idea.
I Think You're Dead.
Oh! Oh, My Gosh! I Must Have Stumbled! [Siren] You Can't Make Me Stay! You Gotta Let Me Out Of Here! Me And The Boys'll Deal With Him.
Looks Like You've Just Landed Yourself In The Hole, Huntley.
Go Easy On Me This Time! Where Can I Send You Boys A Case Of Champagne? The Tumblers.
I'm About To Engage The Latch Retractor.
Herbert, I Don't Mean To Rush You, But You've Been At This For Nearly Half An Hour.
Wouldn't It Be Easier To Come Back In The Morning And Ask The Manager To Let Us In? You Were The One Who Was In Such A Tizzy About Finding Mr.
I'm Still In A Such A Tizzy-- A Long, Lazy, Drawn-Out, Boring Tizzy That's About To Turn Into A Coma.
May I Help You? Who Are You? Someone Who Doesn't Take Kindly To Strangers Breaking In To His Apartment.
This Isn't Your Apartment.
David Addison Lives Here.
Indeed He Does.
Scott Addison, David's Cousin.
I'm Housesitting While He's Out Of Town.
Herbert Viola.
Agnes Dipesto.
We're Business Associates Of Your Cousin.
Ah, Detectives.
David Said You Might Be Dropping By To Check Up On Things.
Come On In.
Bottle Of Vodka, Some Olives, And Some Peanut Butter.
Well, There's A Bachelor For You.
The Problem Is, Mr.
Addison, The Other Mr.
Addison Never Arrived In Chicago.
Miss Dipesto, Stop Worrying About Him.
Our Davie Boy Can Take Care Of Himself.
Agnes, The Boss Didn't Get To Where He Is Today Taking Candy From Strangers.
Did He Ever Tell You About The Day He First Decided To Be A Detective? Well, I Was On An Engineering Scout Up Near Prudhoe Bay, And Dave Decided To Come Up For A Visit.
It Was A Spring Break.
The Sun Doesn't Really Set On Those Northern Slopes At That Time Of Year.
It Sort Of Turns Orangey And Kind Of Scuds Across The Horizon.
Anyway, Uh If The Dogs Hadn't Been So Tired, I Guess, Maybe, Uh The Rest Of My Party Would Have Cleared The Avalanche In Time.
[Indiana Jones Type Music Playing] Now, I Don't Know If You've Ever Heard The Death Chant Of An Aleut Warrior.
I've Only Read About It.
But I'm Given To Understand It Sounds Something Like Eeeyaahrrrhoo! Herbert.
Anyway, David Didn't Flinch.
He Wrestled That Warrior To The Ground, Tied His Wrists And Ankles To The Dog Sled, And Then He Dumped A Whole Bottle Of Bison Grass Vodka Down That Aleut's Throat.
Finally, The Wolves Lost Interest In Us.
So David Takes This Blubber Knife Out Of The Fire And He Sliced That Aleut's Abdomen Below His Navel.
He Wraps His Right Hand Around The Infected Appendix, Yanked It Out Just As It Burst In The Palm Of His Hand.
And You Know What He Told The Head Of Surgery Back At The Air Force Base? "Anybody Can Work With Their Hands.
I Want To Use My Mind.
" Oh, Wow.
Good Night.
You Know, I Don't Remember Spending A More Enjoyable Evening.
I Mean, With Someone Other Than You.
I'm Glad You Made A New Friend, Herbert, But I Still Don't Know Where Mr.
Addison Is.
Will You Please Change The Record? Didn't You Hear The Man? There Is Nothing To Worry About.
So I'm Just Supposed To Take The Word Of A Total Stranger? He Could Be An Ax Murderer For All I Know.
Scotty? Agnes, If You Had Better Judgment, You Wouldn't Still Be Stuck Behind A Desk At Blue Moon.
Oh, I Wish I Had A Dollar For Every Inmate Who Sat In That Chair And Swore He Was Doing Some Other Man's Time.
Warden, What Do I Gotta Do? I'm Telling You The God's Honest Truth.
I Don't Belong Here.
Let Me Tell You Where I Belong, Huntley.
I Belong In A Trout Stream Or A Duck Blind.
It's A Cool Dawn.
I Pour Myself A Cup Of Coffee From My Thermos.
Suddenly A Flight Of Teal Wings In Low Across The Marsh.
I Bring Up My Shotgun, Take A Long Lead-- Hey, Hey, Hey.
Sorry To Interrupt The Slide Show, But Why Don't We Just Run Huntley's Fingerprints? I'm Not Here To Do Your Bidding, Huntley.
I'm Getting Some Very Downbeat Reports On You.
From Schenk? Captain Schenk Has Worked In This Facility For 15 Years.
And Apparently Has Everyone And Everything In It Knocked.
Tell Me You Don't Know About This Gravy Train He's Been Riding? The Food Skimming, The Phony License Plate Scam.
What Are You Doing About That? So What That You're 30 Ticks Away From A Gold Watch And A Trailer Hitch In Some National Park.
How Long You Been Looking The Other Way Sir? I'll Show Myself Out Warden.
[Whistles Three Blind Mice] Beef Stew Tonight, Pops.
Keep My Eye Out For You.
See You Later.
You Know, You're A Real Conversation-Stopper, Schenk.
Bet You Bellyached Up A Storm In There, Didn't You, Addison.
Huntley's On His Way In.
We Picked Him Up In The Morgue.
He Was Hitting On A Nurse.
That's A Crime? She Was In A Drawer.
What Are You Gonna Do When The Real Huntley Gets Here? Well, We'll Just Have To Make Room For Him.
That's No Big Deal.
You Want To Build Yourself A Nest Egg At The Expense Of A Couple Hundred Cons.
Doesn't Mean I'm Gonna Walk Out Of Here And Hold A Press Conference.
You Ain't Walking Out Of Here.
What The Hell Happened After You Left Here Last Night, Huntley? Went To A Cocktail Party On Death Row.
Put Down Her Name And Address.
Whose? Who? The Broad You Went To Call Last Night.
I'll Get It To Her Somehow.
If You Wanna Tell Her Something, Write It Down.
The Key Here Is To Be Brief.
Awoo! Awoo! Hey, Mad Dog! Can You Take Dictation? I'm Going To Have My Hands Full Here.
Say Your Prayers, Huntley.
Anybody Needs Me, I'll Be In The Prison Chapel.
Come On, Derek.
Give Him A Break.
You Already Killed That's Right.
You Go Over Your Quota, The Ranger'll Take Away Your Hunting License.
You Shut Up, Man, Or I'll Spray You With Raid! I Told You This Was My Joint, Lassie.
You Insist On Being A Problem.
A Mutual Friend Of Ours, He Don't Like Problems.
I'm Going To Take Care Of One Of Them Right Now.
Straighten Him Up.
Nuk, Nuk, Nuk.
Wise Guy! Lay Off, Musclehead.
So How's It Going, Philly Boy? Well, Ain't 47th And Girard, But It'll Be All Right.
When'd You Get Out? Just In Time To Shine My Shoes With This Guy.
This Ain't None Of Your Business, Fudge Bar! I'm Making It My Business Right Now.
I'm Tired Of Watching You Swing The Ax For Schenk.
Now You Let My Man Go Here, And Let Him Go Right Now.
You Want Me To Let Him Go? That's Right.
How About You Come And Get Him? No.
I'm Gonna Take You Apart With My Bare Hands! [Siren] First Prison Riot In 10 Years, And My Fluid's Gone.
Arnie, What Are You Doing? Burning My Mattress.
What Does It Look Like I'm Doing? Any Particular Reason? Where Have You Been? There's A Prison Riot.
Get Your Mattress.
I'm Gonna Get Some Fluid.
Arnie, Arnie, Suppose One Christmas, Everybody Lit Their Christmas Tree On Fire And All The Presents.
Would You Do It? Yeah, If It Was Christmas.
Arnie! Don't Play With Fire.
Just Stay In Here And Stay Out Of Trouble.
You Should've Taken Your Own Advice.
Man, Have You Stopped To Consider The Consequences Of Murdering A Major Television Personality? Ohh! Shut Up.
I Didn't Spend Baby-Sitting A Bunch Of Rotten Apples So A Joker Like You Could Come And Screw It Up.
So This Is How It's Gonna Go.
You're Going To Have An Accident Before You Were Released.
Just What Father Mulcahey Told My Mom Would Happen.
You See, Some Of Us Put Soapsuds In The Fountain At The Knights Of The Columbus Dance.
It's Over, Schenk.
Give Me The Gun.
I've Let You Run Wild Around Here Long Enough.
Lucky For You, Pops Made A Copy Of That Telegram.
I'm Gonna Do You A Favor, Schenk.
I'm Putting You Where The Cons Can't Get At You.
Throw Him In The Hole.
[Siren] I Hope This Doesn't Turn Into Anything Horrible.
I'd Hate To Have To Call In The National Guard.
Unless You Want Another Attica On Your Hands, Warden, There's Only One Thing You Can Do.
Hey, Man, Put Some Chocolate Jimmies On There And A Lot Of Butterscotch.
Come On, Man.
Anybody You Want Me To Say Hello To In Philadelphia? Yeah.
Say Hello To Jerry Black For Me.
Keep The Faith, Philly Boy.
You Got It, Home.
Keep The Faith.
Thanks, Man.
Why Don't You Save Room For The Cake, Babe? What A Great Party.
Will You Come Back And Visit? We'll Be Pen Pals, Arnie.
Live And Let Live.
Live And Let Live.
Good Luck, Addison.
I Don't Want To See Your Ugly Mug In Here Again.
Understand? Don't Worry About Me, Warden.
I'm Going Straight.
You Know Something? I Learned A Valuable Lesson In This Dump.
Crime Doesn't Pay.
scott Earl Huntley Was Returned To Custody And Convicted of One Count Of Escape From Incarceration.
he Is Appealing His Conviction while Serving A Term Of Not Less Than 1,500 Years in The Men's Correctional Facility At Hematoma, Nevada.
david Addison Was Released On December 1, 1987, and Is Free Today.
he Is A Private Investigator living In Los Angeles, California.
[Beep] Maddie: David, Are You There? if You're There, Please Pick Up.
i Just Called The Office, and Agnes Said You'd Left For Chicago.
david, Please, I Really Don't Want You Here.
i Don't Want To Go Into It Now.
just Please Do As I Ask.
i'm Having A Hard Enough Time Sorting Out Everything without Having To Go besides, I Haven't Told My Parents Yet.
if You Care, You Won't Get On That Plane.
[Beep] Agnes: Mr.
Addison, Where Are You? we Looked High.
We Looked Low.
checked All Your Usual Haunts, And No One's Seen You.
are You Missing? we're Worried Sick, and We Can't Even Hire You To Find You.
oh, Yeah.
This Is Agnes Dipesto.
[Beep] Bert: Hello? Hello? i Didn't Hear A Beep.
was There A Beep? i Don't Know If This Is Recording, Mr.
i Hope This Is Recording.
this Is Bert.
i Was Just Calling Because I Wanted To Ask You-- [Beep] maddie: David, Hi, It's Me.
i Just Wanted To Tell You how Much I Appreciate Your Respecting My Feelings by Not Coming To Chicago.
the Last Few Days, I've Been Thinking how Hard This Must Be For You, alone There Looking After The Office while I'm Here With A Baby Inside Me.
it Must Be Pretty Confusing For You, Too.
there's The Understatement Of The Century.
anyway, I Just Wanted To Tell You That I'm Really Grateful To You for Being So Understanding, for Letting Me Have This Time.
thanks For Showing Me How Much You Really Care.
i Love You, David.
[Beep] [Tape Rewinding] [Beep] i Love You, David.
[Beep] Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Entertainment So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met Along The Way There Is The Sun And Moon They Sing Their Own Sweet Tune Watch Them When Dawn Is Due Sharing One Space We'll Walk By Night We'll Fly By Day Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Captioned By The National Captioning Institute --TC6 WAS HERE--