Moonlighting s04e07 Episode Script

Father Knows Last

Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Home Entertainment So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met On The Way We'll Walk By Night We'll Fly By Day Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way [Popcorn Popping] [Maddie Retching] [Toilet Flushes] Still Got That Bug? Yeah.
I Don't Know What It Is.
Some Kind Of Weird Flu, I Guess.
Can I Make Some Tea To Settle Your Stomach? No, Mom.
I'm Fine.
I'm Just Going Back ToBed.
Excuse Me.
[Maddie Retching] You All Right? Oh, Yeah.
I'm Fine.
I'm Sorry I Woke You.
Go Back To Sleep.
Really, I'm Fine.
Don't Be Silly.
I Mean, It's Not Like I Could Go Back To Sleep Knowing You're Not Well.
Oh! I'll Be Ok, Mom.
You Go Back To Bed.
You're Sure? Really, I'm Fine.
Well, I Guess I'll See You In The Morning.
You Know, Maddie, I've Always Had Sort Of A Big Head About How Close We've Been, How Open We've Been With Each Other, And It's Just That Now, All Of A Sudden, I Feel We Can't Talk.
I Mean, I'm Probably Wrong, Anyway.
I Just Feel That I Can't Ask Because You Just You Keep Pushing Me Away.
I Just Can't Understand Why.
Well, You Are Wrong, Mom.
I'm Not Pushing You Away.
What Is It? What Do You Want To Ask? You're Pregnant, Aren't You? Maddie, I've Known You A Long Time.
I Have Spent Looking At You Every Day And Studying You And Watching You, And I Know What It's Like To Be Pregnant, And For What It's Worth I Think It's Pretty Wonderful.
You Do? I Am Pregnant.
I Can't Believe I'm Going To Have A Baby.
A Baby.
Oh, Maddie.
Um, Does Dad Know? Does He Suspect Anything? No, No.
Not Yet, But I Think We Should Tell Him Soon, But I'll Tell Him.
You Sure? Because I Could-- No.
I'll Wait Till The Time Is Right.
In The Morning.
It's Time Enough.
You Leave Him To Me.
I'm Very Happy, Maddie.
Hayes: I Have To Tell You Something.
Hayes: Is Everything Ok? [Voices Indistinct] [Door Opens] [Knock On Door] Yes? Daddy.
I Hope You're Not Disappointed.
Oh, No.
Surprised, But Never Disappointed.
I Would Love To Know What Your Plan Is ForAll This.
Well Yes.
I'll Need You To Cancel Today's Meeting With Osborn.
Extend My Apologies And Reschedule At His Convenience.
No, No.
I Don't Think I'll Make It In Today.
I'll Be Taking Care Of Some Business Outside The Office.
Oh, If Mrs.
Hayes Calls, Tell Her It May Run Into A Late Night.
I'll Check In Later For Messages.
Agnes: I Don't Know Why Your Checks Bounced.
Get Your Hands Off My Chair! I'm Sure This Is Only A Clerical Error.
I Just Alphabetized That! I Know We Can Sort This Thing Out.
Not Mr.
Coffee! Someone Save Me An Aspirin.
Where Is Mr.
Addison? He's Been Gone For Days! Maybe He Ain't Coming Back.
YouYou Ingrates! How Can You Even-- [Ring] Blue Moon Detective Agency.
Got A Problem? Got A Worry? Want Us To Help? Better Hurry.
Don't Worry About Scratching It.
Just Get It Out.
No! Not Miss Hayes' Desk! This Is The Soul Of Blue Moon.
This Is Where Miss Hayes Does All Her Work, Has All Her Arguments! Go Ahead.
Take Away All Our Furniture.
Take Away Everything We Need To Keep This Business Going.
Either We Get Paid, Or We Walk Out That Door Now.
Right Now? [Whip Cracks] Nobody Walks Out Of Here, Not While I'm Acting Blue Moon Supervisor.
I'm An Unpopular Leader.
I Accept That.
Maybe I Should Never Have Insisted You Stand To Attention When I Come Into The Room Or That You Call Me Mr.
Viola Or That You Take Turns Simonizing My Car.
But Harsh Times Call For Harsh Measures.
What We're Facing Now, My Friends, Is A Moment Of Truth.
Fateful Is The Dealer, And Wants Us To Show Our Cards, And You Greenhorns Want To Fold Before You've Tossed In Your Ante.
Well, I Say Now, My Friends.
Now Is The Time To Look Inside Yourselves.
Deep Inside! Into Your Hearts! Into Your Guts! Into Your Very Bowels! Eww! Eww! Yes.
It's Never Pretty Seeing What You're Really Made Of, But I Want You To Ask Yourselves This Question-- What Do I Owe Blue Moon, What Do I Oweand Miss Hayes What Do I Owe Mr.
Addison? Macgilicuddy: What Do They Owe Us? Macgilicuddy! Macgilicuddy.
That's Right, Mr.
I've Heard Enough Of This Sentimental Fish Larvae! Next, You Know, He's Gonna Be Asking Us To Accept Company Scrip Instead Of Pay.
I Can See Through You, Viola.
I Can See Through You Like Cellophane On A Ham Sandwich, And What I See Ain't Kosher.
You're A Troublemaker, Macgilicuddy! I Should've Run You Over When I Had A Chance! Oh, Yeah? Yeah.
Well, Maybe You Should Have Because I'm Not Gonna Stand Here And Watch You Swim To The Top On The Sweat Of Our Brows.
We've Had Enough Of Desk Inspections And Spot Quizzes And Egg Timers In The Bathrooms.
Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! We Can Lose The Desk Inspections.
Think That's Going To Do It? Compadres.
People! Do You Have Any Idea What You're Doing? Think Back.
Your Boss, Our Beloved Mr.
Addison, That Man That Man Gave Each And Every One Of You The Greatest Gift One Human Being Can Give To Another-- A Job With Absolutely No Work Involved.
Well, That's All Fine And Dandy, But Now There's No Pay Involved.
We See What You're Trying To Do, Viola-- You're Trying To Balance The Books On The Back Of The Blue Moon Workers.
Well, No Dice, Pal.
We Don't Want Jobs With No Work And No Pay.
we Want It All.
We Want No Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay! no Work And Pay! Wait A Minute, People! Now, Wait A Minute! You Can't Listen To This Man! Do You Know Who He Really Is? Well, I Do! Answer Me This, Macgilicuddy-- Ever Heard Of The Freedom Of Information Act? Do The Words "Progressive Labor Party" Sound Familiar? Hey Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been A Member Of The Communist Party? no Work And Pay! no Work And Pay! no Work And Pay! People, Don't Listen To Him! People! You Can't Listen To That Man.
He's Turning Everything Upside-Down! Can't You See? All This Time, No Call, No Card! Why, He Could Have Been Kidnapped By A Fanatical Ex-Client Bent On Revenge! Or He Could Have Been Shipwrecked On The Shores Of Some Uncharted Desert Isle! no Work And Pay! What About Blue Moon?! no Work And Pay! What About The Dream? I'm Sorry, Agnes.
I Guess I Really Let Everybody Down.
It's Not Your Fault.
It's Not Anybody's Fault.
Well Mr.
Addison Will Never Leave Me As Acting Blue Moon Supervisor Again, Even If He Does Come Back.
David: Did I Hear The "If" Word? Mr.
Addison! Mr.
Addison! You're Here! You're Here! More Than I Can Say For The Rest Of Our Worldly Belongings.
Military Test, Right? New Bomb Wipes Out All The Furniture, Nonspeaking Extras Leave The Building Intact.
Boy Are We Ever Glad To See You.
What Happened? I Barely Even Know Where To Begin.
You Got Lots Of Calls.
Your Car's Fixed.
I Brought That Back Myself.
I Stocked Your Refrigerator With Chocolate Milk.
Sir, This Is Partly My Fault.
I Had A Slight Employee-Supervisor Communication Breakdown Something's Wrong With The Bank Account.
They Mutinied, Sir.
Your Checks Bounced.
I Was Responsible.
It Was My Fault.
I Was In Charge.
I Was Clearly Derelict In My Duties.
The Paychecks, The Rent, The Furniture Payments.
He Made The Deposit.
I Don't Know What Happened.
Well, I'm Sure You Both Did The Best You Could.
A Company This Size Is Very Difficult To Run.
But I'm Back Now.
We'll Get To The Bottom Of This.
They Leave My Office Intact? I Wouldn't Let Them Touch It.
Well, That's Where I'll Begin My Investigation.
I'll Leave You Two In Charge Of Cleanup.
Aye, Aye, Sir.
Oh, And, Sir? Welcome Back.
As You Were.
Prison, Furniture Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay.
[Knock On Door] Agnes: There's Someone Here To See You.
A Client? It's Mr.
What? Hello, There, Young Fella.
Hope I Haven't Come At A Bad Time.
No, Not A Bad Time At All, Mr.
Hayes: My Flight Had A Layover Here, So I Figured I Couldn't Jet Through Town Without Stopping By To Say Hello.
I Tried Calling Before I Came Over, But The Phone Went Dead.
The Whole Building's Out.
Must Be Mice In The Attic.
I Can't Help Wondering, Where's All Your Help? No Phones To Answer.
Why Spend All That Money On Ears? Little Flight Insurance? Little Early, Thank You.
They Take Their Desks Home? No, No.
Not At All.
Hayes, Can I Confide In You, Then Ask For A Little Fatherly Advice? Please Do.
It's A Surprise For Maddie.
We're Thinking Of Redecorating The Entire Ponderosa Out There.
Who Is? Well, Not Me.
Hechinger Of Beverly Hills.
You've Seen Them On "Nightline.
" No.
It's Past My Bedtime.
Well, You've Heard The Story Of The South Sea Islanders-- That Save Their Life, They're Your Slave Forever.
Well, I Cracked A Case For This Hotshot Designer.
Now He's Begging Me To Put In 50 Grand Worth Of Track Lighting, Black Lacquered Chinese Cabinets.
All For Free.
You Think Maddie Would Go For That Look? I Know You Think I'm Just A Bean Counter, Addison, But I Warned You-- You Don't Pay The Bank, You'll Pay The Piper.
Bert: I Couldn't Keep Him Out, Sir.
Addison? Ha Ha Ha! You Must Mean Mr.
This Happens All The Time.
He's On The 24th Floor.
This Is The 23rd Floor.
Hayes, Make Yourself At Home.
I'll Be Right Back.
What An Honor, Sir, To Meet The Loins From Which Maddie Hayes Sprung.
Relax, Leonard.
Your Commitment To Blue Moon.
Is Deeply Appreciated.
Deeply Ignored Is More Like It.
You Can't Expect Me To Put The Company Finances In Order-- They Are In Order, Leonard.
There's Just Been A Small Hiccup In The Cash Flow.
You Call It A Hiccup.
I Call It Bankruptcy.
It's Nothing Of The Sort.
I Misplaced A Bank Deposit.
I Was Out Of Town For A Few Days.
I WasDetained In Prison.
You're Won't Take This Seriously, Will You? Let Me Find This Check.
I'll Be Hunky, You'll Be Dory.
Not That I'm Doubting The Health Of The Blue Moon Financial Outlook, But I Can Give You Protection From Your Creditors.
We Could File Papers In An Hour.
Of Course You Got To Settle Up With Me First.
Like A Rat Jumping Off A Burning Ship, Huh, Leonard? Much Obliged, Boys.
Man: Keep That Elevator Open! Salvation Army.
Love Those New Uniforms, Fellas.
So What Do We Do Now, Go Outside And Sit On The Sidewalk? I've Got A Better Idea.
How About Lunch? Oh, Some Quite, Little Place Where You And I Can Sit And Talk, Huh? You're A Mind Reader, Mr.
Viola, Car Keys.
She's Ready To Take Off, Sir.
I'm Leaving You In Charge, Herbert.
Of What? Well-- This Is Maddie's Favorite Restaurant.
Food's Average, Price Is High, The Decor Matches Her Wardrobe.
Let Me Get To The Point.
I Am Not In This Neighborhood By Any Accident.
This Trip Had A Specific Purpose.
I Came Out Here To Talk To You.
I Think You Know Why.
You Need A Detective? You See, My Problem Is My Daughter, At The Age Of 36, Has Decided To Leave Her Business And Her House And Move Back Into Her Old Bedroom.
I Try To Talk To Her, And All I Get Is A Smile, And She Says, "I'm All Right.
" She Says She's Fine.
Last Night I Found Out She Was Pregnant.
No Husband, No Plan.
Don't Get Me Wrong.
The Idea Of A Grandchild, It's Wonderful.
The Baby Part Is Terrific.
I Appreciate Your Concern.
I Don't Think You Do Because You're Not A FatherYet.
When You Bring Someone In This World, Something Remarkable Happens.
Your Life's Priorities Take A Backseat To This Child, Whether It's 6 Years Old In Roller Skates Or A Grown Woman With A $50,000 Automobile.
I Don't Like Seeing My Daughter Unhappy And Confused And Scared And Miserable.
Not Because She's Pregnant.
She's Always Loved Kids.
Um I Try To Help Her.
She Won't Let Me.
I Can't Talk To The Baby.
That Leaves The Father.
Would You Bring Me A Bloody Mary, Please? Thank You.
Well, What Are Your Plans? Plans? For Maddie And The Baby.
For Maddie And The Baby? Maddie And The Baby.
I Had The Feeling If I Came Out Here And I Looked You Right In The Eye, I'd Get A Straight Answer.
I'm Looking You Right In The Eye.
I Know.
I Don't Have An Answer, Mr.
Are You In Love With My Daughter? Yes.
I Love Her Very Much.
She's In Love With You.
What's The Problem? You And Maddie Are Not The First Couple In History Of The Universe That Got Caught Short.
It's A Little More Complicated Than That.
It's Not.
It's Simple.
It's Not Complicated.
It's A Question Of Obligation And Responsibility.
You, Young Man, Have An Obligation And A Responsibility.
Maybe I Do, And Maybe I Don't.
Woman: David? Hi.
It's Nice To See You Again.
Nice To See You.
Um, Alexander Hayes, This Is, Uh Rita Corley.
Still Friends? Absolutely Absolutely.
Um Let's Talk, Um Next Weekish, Maybe.
Where Were We? I Think You Were Just About To Tell Me Why You Feel You Don't Have An Obligation To My Daughter And The Baby She's Carrying.
Well, It's Not I Feel A Lot Of Things For Your Daughter.
The Fact Is, Mr.
Hayes, I Didn't Leave Her.
She Left Me.
I Was On My Way To Chicago.
I Had A Ticket, I Had My Bags Packed.
I Get A Call From Her On The Answering Machine, Telling Me She Loves Me Because I'm Not Showing Up.
So She Tells You What To Do, You Do It-- No.
That's Not It At All.
I Think We Have To Get It Straight.
Who's Running From Whom And What? As Long As We're Getting Things Straight, Let's Get This Straight.
Whether You Or Maddie Know It Or Not, I'm The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Her.
You Did A Great Job.
You Taught Her To Tie Her Shoelaces, But I'm The One That Taught Her It's Ok To Run Barefoot Once In A While.
Big Clambake For You.
Who Cares If You Run My Daughter's Business Into The Ground? I'm Not Blind, And I'm Not Stupid.
I Was Willing To Accept All That, But Not This-- Watching You Move On To The Next Blonde, Shirking Your Duties As Far As My Daughter And Her Child Are Concerned.
I Wouldn't Have You For A Son-In-Law If It's Bad Enough That You're The Father Of My Grandchild.
Maybe I'm Not The Father Of Your Grandchild.
You'd Do Anything.
You'd Try Anything, Wouldn't You? If I Were I'd Knock You On Your Ass.
[Door Closes] Hi, Mr.
I Brought This From Home In Case Somebody Wanted To Sit Or Something.
Been A Real Barn-Burner Of A Day Here Coming And Going.
Mostly Going.
Playing Grab Bag With The Office Furniture.
I Could Understand How You Might Feel A Little Insecure.
Insecure? Well, You Get Used To Things Being On The Up-And-Up.
All Of A Sudden, They're Down And Out.
It Can Be A Little Unsettling.
Yeah, A Little.
I Mean, Some People-- The Naysaying Critics Of Our World-- Might Say That We Were Washed Up Burnt Out Freeze-Dried.
They Might Say That There Was No Way We Could Turn This Around.
They MightSay That.
Yes, They They Might Say That, But Not Us Because We Know We Built This Once, And We Can Build It Again.
We Did Build It Once.
This Is Where You're Supposed To Go, "Rah, Rah, Rah, Sis-Boom-Bah.
"Beep, Beep, Ungawah, David's Got The Power.
" Tell Me About The Silver Lining, Look On The Sunny Side.
We Can Turn This Around, You Know.
Even Camelot Didn't Last Forever.
It Was Only et Tu, Dipesto? et Me, Dipesto.
Come On! What? The Girl With The Rose-Colored Gray Matter Doesn't Believe I Can Get Us Back In The Ball Game? What Are We Talking About Here? A File Cabinet Here, A Worker Bee Over There, Another Dumb Blonde In The Office? Don't Do That! Don't You Dare Talk About Miss Hayes Like That! She Wouldn't Have Let This Happen! I Used To Think You Were The Greatest Boss In The World, But For Weeks Now, You've Been Letting Yourself Go To Hell, And You've Been Taking All The Rest Of Us With You! So If You Think I'm Gonna Stand Here And Make You Feel Better About Ruining Everything We Had, You're Wrong! You Did This To Blue Moon! I Need To Talk To You.
I've Been Running All Over This Airport, Every Gate, To Every Flight To Chicago, Over Chicago.
Hayes, I Can't Let You Leave, Not Thinking What You're Thinking, Feeling What You're Feeling.
I Am Not A Bad Guy.
Hayes-- Would You Kindly Tell Someone From Airport Security That This Man Is Harassing Me? I Do Not Believe In His Religion.
I Do Not Want To Contribute.
I Am Not Harassing.
I Am Not Harassing.
I Am Talking! This Has Nothing To Do With Religion.
Hey, I'm Talking To You! How Can You Do This? How Can You Not Listen? How Can You Not Want To Know? This Man Doesn't Have A Ticket.
Ticket, Please.
I Don't Need A Ticket.
I'm Talking To This Guy.
No One Beyond This Point Without A Ticket.
Are There Flights Available-- Are There Any Seats Available On This Flight? Smoking Or Nonsmoking? It Doesn't Matter.
Any Class.
I Just Got To Get On This Plane.
How Much To Chicago? How Much To Denver? Oh, About 200.
Denver, Denver, Denver.
Ahem! Now That I Have Your Attention.
Miss, I Don't Believe This Gentleman Has A Ticket.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.
I've Got A Ticket.
I Have Got A Ticket.
I've Got A Ticket Right Here, And I Got Mileage Points And I Got Captain's Wings.
I Got A Ticket, All Right? Flight Attendant: We're About To Take Off, Sir.
You'll Have To Take Your Seat Immediately.
the Captain Has Turned Off The Fasten Seat Belts Sign.
keep Your Seat Belts Fastened While In Your Seats.
I Have Nothing Further To Say To You.
I Don't Want You To Say Anything.
I Want You To Listen To Me.
Listen To What, You Sling More Mud At My Daughter? No.
Something You Seem To Not Want To Hear-- My Side Of It.
Thank You, But I've Heard Enough Of Your Side.
Now, There It Is.
Knew It Was Coming.
The Old Hayes Backside, Answer To Any And All Problems.
You Know What Your Problem Is, Mr.
Hayes? You're Afraid There Is Another Side To All This, And You're Not Man Enough To Hear It.
I'm Listening.
I'm Sorry About This Afternoon, About What I Said And About The Way I Said It.
Believe It Or Not, Out Of This Whole Mess, We Got A Dead Heat Between Things That I Did Right And Things That I Did Wrong.
Do You Have Any Idea How I Feel About Your Daughter? Do You? I Work With Her There In The Same Office Every Day.
Every Day, I See Another Guy Come In And Tell Me His Wife Packed The Car, Left Him Forever, And He Wants Us To Get The Car Back.
Then I Look Over At Her.
There She Is Just Sitting There.
In The World, Half Of Them Built For Comfort, And I Got To Pick This One To Want To Grow Old With, But That's Not Good Enough For Maddie.
She Needs Time.
I Got To Wait For This One.
And Maybe You're Right.
Maybe She's Right.
Maybe I Am Wrong, But I Don't Think So.
I Have Had Do Chop Myself Up Into Little Pieces-- My Pride, My Personality-- Everything That I Am Into Little Squares For This Woman.
I Tried To Wear The White Hat.
I Go Over To Her House One Night, Heart On My Sleeve, Cards On The Table, I'm Gonna Tell Her I Love Her, I Want To Marry Her, I Want To Promise Her The Moon, And--Excuse Me--There Is Another Man There.
That's Right.
There's Another Man There.
It's Ok.
This Is The Eighties.
So I Waited.
I Waited For Her To Make Up Her Mind Whether She Wants Him Or She Wants Me, And She Finally Does, Or So I Thought.
We Spend A Great Month Together.
I Wake Up One Morning, And She Is Gone.
Boom! Out.
Just Like That.
Next Thing I Hear, She's At Your House In Chicago.
The Next News Bulletin I Hear Is That She's Pregnant With A Baby That May Or May Not Be Mine.
Ok, She's Confused.
She Wants To Go Away.
She Doesn't Know Who The Father Is.
I Understand That, But She Wasn't Even Gonna Tell Me.
So What Do I Do? What Do I Do? I Get On My Horse.
Sound The Bugle And Go Fight The Fight? No, I Go Home And I Wait Because She Tells Me To I Wait, And I Wait, And I Wait! And You Know Why? Because I Love Her.
Because I Am Crazy About Her! Marry Her? Hell, Yes, I'd Marry Her.
I Asked.
She Said No.
So Don't Come Around Here Making Me The Villain.
Don't Blame This On Me.
Marry Her? Do I Love Her? Mr.
Hayes, I Would Give Up My Life For Her.
It's Over, All This.
All This Craziness, This Whole Attitude.
It's All Done.
I Didn't Come Here To Tell You That Your Daughter Is A Bad Guy But I'm Not A Bad Guy, Either.
You Said To Me Today I Was Giving Up On Maddie And The Baby.
No, I Wasn't.
I Wasn't Giving Up On Them, I Was Giving Up On Myself.
Well, That's Done.
That Is Over.
If This Thing's Going To Work This Whole Relationship, This Whole Thing With Me And Her, The Baby, All Of It, If It's Gonna Work, She's Got To Come Talk To Me Now.
Thank You For Listening.
Man: The Trick Here Is Not To Think Of Yourself As Eating For Two But For A Very Healthy One, And Apart From That, Everything Is As It Should Be.
Well, That's Good.
Your Discomfort, The Fatigue, The Morning Sickness, That's All Gonna Subside.
Well, That's Good.
I'll Need To Start Seeing You About Every Three Weeks.
And That's It.
That's It? Yeah, That's It.
Oh, One Other Little Thing.
Have You Given Any Thought To How Do You Want To Have The Baby? Excuse Me? Most Births These Days, Apart From The Ones That Have To Be Delivered Caesarean, Are Usually Approached Using One Of Several Different Forms Of Natural Childbirth.
There Are A Number Of Different Techniques-- Lamaze Bradley What Normally Happens Is That You And Your-- Well, Whoever It Is That You Want To Go Through Process This With-- Well, There Are Books The Two Of You Should Be Reading, And As You Enter, The Last Trimester, Classes And Whatnot.
What Ever Happened To The Old-Fashioned Way? The Women In The Delivery Room, And Men In The Waiting Room? Time Marches On, But It's Something You're Gonna Want To Think About And Something You're Probably Gonna Want To Read Up On.
See You In Three Weeks.
Three Weeks.
Thank You.
You Ok? There's A Lot To This, Isn't There? YesAnd No.
I Know It's A Ways Off, And I Know You Haven't Made Up Your Mind About A Lot Of Things, But In Case You're Worried, It's No Bother At All For You To Stay With Us And Have The Baby Here.
I Wouldn't Do That To You And Dad.
I Couldn't.
You Can, And You Should If That's What's Best.
I Don't Know What's Best.
Well, You Can't Do It All By Yourself.
I Mean, You Can, But It Helps If You Have Someone You Can Count On.
I Really Messed Things Up, Didn't I? No, You Didn't.
Yes, I Did.
And, Mom I'm Not Even Sure Who The Father Is.
Oh, Really? Well, I Mean Do Know.
It's One Of Two People, Actually.
Kind Of An Either/or Proposition.
The Worst Part Of It Is, I Have No Idea How To Resolve It, And, Uh, I'm Kind Of Not Sure If I Want To Resolve It.
Maddie, Maybe This Is None Of My Business, But Is The "Either" Or The "Or" In All This David? Mm-Hmm.
Well Just Know I'm Here.
I Know.
Think You Could You Use One Of These? I Know I Could.
I Guess I Was Wrong.
I'm Sorry.
So What Are You Going To Do? What Do You Mean, What Am I Gonna Do? I Just Told You What I Was Gonna Do.
I'm Done.
I've Had It.
I've Had It.
What About The Baby? Have You Thought About Going To Maddie And Telling Her, Taking Her? Every Minute Of Every Day.
And? Yeah.
Yeah, You're Right.
It's Driving Me Nuts.
You Know Anything About Having Babies? It's No Day At The Beach.
It Takes Two To Make Them, To Have Them, To Raise Them.
What Is The Point? Maybe It's A Blessing In Disguise.
I've Never Told Anyone This.
There Have Been Days When I've Wanted To Slip Out The Back Door And Put An End It, And I Think If You Got A Few Drinks In Virginia, She Would Admit To The Same Thing.
It's One Of The Hardest Things In The World.
I Don't Care How Much You Prepare, How Much You Read It's Hard.
You're Probably Better Off.
It's Great, But It's Not All-- It's Not All Playing Ball In The Backyard, Taking Pictures Of The Birthday Party.
And Sleep? Ooh! For The First Five Years, You Don't Sleep.
Then All Of A Sudden, She's 13 And You Don't Sleep For Another 10 Years.
She's Out Every Night.
You Don't Know Where Or With Whom.
And Then One Day She Leaves, And You Think It's All Over, And You're Happy And A Little Sad.
I'll Tell You Something, It's Never Over.
Parent Is A Lifetime Job.
I Know.
I've Got A 36-Year-Old Child Living In My House.
What Is The Point Of This Little Lecture, Mr.
Hayes? I'm Just Telling You What I See.
I Mean, You're Right.
She's Tough.
If You Came To Her And Said, "I've Had It.
That's Enough.
You're Coming With Me," She Wouldn't Do It.
Take My Word.
Trust Me.
I've Lived With Her Or If She Came Back To You, What Would She Be Coming Back To? You've Run The Business Into The Ground, And It's Not As If You Know A Lot About Being A Husband.
Forget Husband.
She Could Do Worse.
Oh, Yeah, Of Course She Could.
But If She Were To Ask Me Or-- Never Mind Ask-- If I Were To Mention That I Was In L.
On Business And Bumped Into You, I Couldn't Exactly Say, "He's Got The Business Running Like A Top," Or, "Hey.
He Mentioned He's Seeing Doctors, Going To Classes, Getting Ready For This Baby.
" Well, I Suppose I Could If You Were Still In Love With Her Or If It Mattered.
But You Said It Didn't Matter, And So It's Academic, Right? Right.
Looks Like They're Getting Ready For The Movie.
I Better Get Back To My Seat.
ladies And Gentlemen, We're Beginning Our Final Approach to Stapleton Airport, Denver.
those Going On To Chicago, Remain On The Plane This Is Where I Get Off And Turn Around.
Look At It From The Bright Side.
You Don't Have To Reset Your Watch.
When You Get Back To L.
, You're Gonna Need Some Help Putting The Business Back On Its Feet.
I Hope That's Enough.
That Is, If It It Holds Any Interest For You.
I'm A Man Of Many Interests.
Thank You.
You'll Get Your Money Back.
I Know That.
Hayes, Can I Ask You A Question? If She Steps Out Of Her Room, Pulls Up A Chair, And Sits Down And Asks You I'll Have A Good Answer.
A Very Good Answer.
Good Luck.
It's Been Nice Traveling With You.
Long Day At Work? Yeah.
Everything All Right? Yeah.
We'll Talk About It In The Morning.
Good Night, Dear.
Good Night.
[Door Opens] Macgilicuddy And The Rest Of You Wobblies, Blue Moon Has Heard Your Grievances.
Management Realizes The Sacrifice You've Made-- Not Being Paid For The Long Hours Of Thumb-Twiddling You've All Contributed.
I Realize I Probably Have No Right To Ask For Loyalty In The Wake Of All The Hardships You've Endured, But I Will.
I'm The Am Chief Cuckoo In This Nest.
I Had No Right To Drag You Through The Guano My Life Has Been Lately.
I'm Sorry.
I Hold In My Hand The Payroll, And Now That The Bank Balance Is Bulging Once More, Those Long-Distance Phone Lines Will Be Open For Lots Of Free Family Chats.
So What Do You Say, Kids? Anybody Got A Better Place To Waste Time? Not Really.
Not Me.
Addison, Sir, I Think We Are All Willing To Give It A Try.
Macgilicuddy, You're A Visionary.
The Whip Goes Back To Abercrombie & Fitch.
Done, Sir.
I Want You Two Boys To Bury The Hatchet.
As You Were, Men.
Miss Dipesto.
Make Sure Everybody Gets Paid In Full In Cash $25 Bonus.
All Right.
All Right.
So From Now On, One Simple Motto Will Be The Order Of The Day Here At Blue Moon-- "No Work And Pay.
" Sing It With Me, Kids.
no Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay.
no Work And Pay.
Yay! Yay! Agnes: Mr.
Addison, What I Said Yesterday About Camelot-- Hey Camelot Was A Fairy Tale.
It Had To End.
This Place Doesn't Have To, Not If We Don't Want It To.
I Don't Want It To, Mr.
Me, Neither.
Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Home Entertainment Captioned By The National Captioning Institute --TC6 WAS HERE-- So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met On The Way There Is A Sun And Moon They Sing Their Own Sweet Tune Watch Them When Dawn Is New Sharing One Space We'll Walk By Night We'll Fly By Day Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way