Moonlighting s04e09 Episode Script

Fetal Attraction

Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Home Entertainment Ooh, Oh, Oh So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met On The Way We'll Walk By Night We'll Fly By Day Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way [Elevator Dings] Good Morning, Mr.
Morning, Troops.
Shoulders Back, Stomachs In, Chest Perked.
The Sun's In The East, And The Ink Is In The Black.
Nap Time's At 3:30.
O'neil, You Can Be The Wake-Up Fairy Today.
Wow, The Magic's Back.
Another Day Cramming For Motherhood.
You Know He Went Through Two Highlighter Pens Yesterday? One Pink And One Blue.
Next Thing You Know, He'll Be Knitting Booties.
I Don't Know.
Somehow, All This Stuff, It Just Doesn't Seem Very Guy-Like.
I Mean, Pregnant Guys Do Different Things.
They Open Doors, They Go Out In The Middle Of The Night In Search Of Weird Food.
They Pace Up And Down Anxiously In Hospital Waiting Rooms.
But They Don't Sit Around All Day reading The Stages Of Motherhood and The Wonderful World Of Pregnancy.
Wouldn't You Read For Me? For You? For You I Would Commit Dr.
Spock To Memory.
Miss Dipesto? Can I See You A Minute? Yes, Mr.
Addison? Agnes, You're A Woman.
You Should Know About This.
I Am? I Mean, About What Stuff? About Babies.
Babies? Well, Yeah.
I've Been Reading All This Stuff And Learning A Lot, But There Sure Is A Lot To Learn Before Mr.
Stork Drops His Load Down Your Chimney.
I Think It's Santa Claus That Drops His Load.
The Stork Goes Right Up To The Doorstep.
See? I Knew You'd Know About This Stuff.
Sit Down.
I Want To Run A Couple Of Questions By You.
Run Away.
Number One.
Does It Hurt When A Baby Kicks? I Don't Know.
Children Usually Like Me.
No, I Mean When A Baby Kicks Inside.
Does It Feel Like There's Another Whole Person Inside You Playing Soccer Or Just That You Got Ahold Of Some Bad Oysters? But I've Never Been Pregnant.
But You're A Woman.
You Girls Talk About These Things, Don't You? In The Powder Room, At Baby Showers.
I Mean, You Must Know A Couple Women That Have Had Babies, Right? Well, I Know My Mother.
She Was Pregnant.
But I Don't Remember Very Much About It.
Yeah, But You're A Woman.
Don't You Just Know About These Things Instinctively? Yeah.
What Things? Mother Things.
For Instance, Do You Feel Like There's A Space Inside Your Body, A Space For The Baby To Grow? That Somewhere Between Your Ovaries, There's A Womb For Rent? I Don't Think So, Mr.
I Think That Until A Woman's Pregnant, Her Instincts Aren't Pregnant Either.
Maybe You Should Ask A Pregnant Person.
Maybe You Could Ask Miss Hayes.
Not Just Yet.
I Thought Maybe Because You Were Doing All This I Just Thought Maybe Miss Hayes Was Coming Home.
Do You Know What A Futures Bet Is? That's Where You Bet That Your Team's Going To Win The World Series Before The Season Even Starts.
It's Like A An Act Of Faith.
It's Like That.
You See, So Much Of What I Have To Learn Has Nothing To Do With These Books And Pamphlets.
I Mean, The Only Thing I Really Know About Is Morning Sickness, And Most Of The Time I Didn't Even Wait Till The Morning.
I Just--I Want To Learn, I Want To Be Ready.
I Want To Be Able To Help.
Maybe It Would Help To Be Around Other Pregnant People, People Who Are Going Through The Same Thing.
You Could Join A Lamaze Group.
Now, That Sounds Like Something I Could Belly Up To.
Can I Help You? Yes.
I'm Looking For The Instructor Of This Lamaze Class.
That's Me.
Come On In.
Oh, Good.
I'm Angela Bridges, R.
How Do You Do? David Addison.
I Was Thinking Maybe I'd Like To Enroll.
I'm Sorry, But This Class Is Already Full.
But I'm Teaching Another One Tonight.
Elementary School.
Why Don't You Fill This Out? We'll Get You Squared Away.
Ok, Everybody.
Coaches, Get Your Partners Comfortable And Start On The Progressive Relaxation Exercise I Taught You Last Week.
Is This Your Wife's First Pregnancy? We're Not Really Married.
No Lectures Here.
As Long As You Love Each Other And Are Ready To Make A Commitment To Each Other And To Your Baby-- We Do Love Each Other.
The Commitment Part Is Still A Little Bit Up In The Air-- For Her, Anyway.
You Know, Lamaze Requires A Lot Of Teamwork, And If Either Of You Isn't Sure About, Well, About Whatever Well, That's Ok, Because She's Not Really Here.
She's Not? No.
She's In Chicago.
See, That's Not Really Important.
The Important Thing Is That When She Does Decide To Commit, I Want To Know All This.
I Want To Be The Best Father That I Can Be.
You Know, I Really Wish Every Father Wanted To Be As Involved As You Do.
But This Is About Couples Going Through Pregnancy Together, Helping Each Other.
Once In A While, We Get A Single Mother Who May Want To Have Natural Childbirth, But A Father Without A Mother I Don't Know.
I'm Afraid You And The Other Class Members Would Feel A Little Awkward.
I Guess There's No Sense In Continuing This.
I'm Really Sorry.
Me, Too.
Nice To Meet You.
Good Luck.
Bridges: Ok, People, I Want To Begin With Some Stretching Exercises Today.
We're Going To Put Aside Any Thoughts About Car Payments, Mortgages, Baby Furniture, And Concentrate On "When The Human Body Is Tense, "It Responds To Pain More Acutely.
"The Key To Diminishing Pain, Therefore, Is Heightened Relaxation.
" I Guess That Explains Why Hickeys Don't Hurt.
Sir, With All Due Respect, I Feel A Little Ridiculous Doing This.
Ridiculous? Ridiculous? If Mrs.
Lincoln Had Felt Ridiculous, There Would Have Been No Honest Abe.
If Mrs.
Ford Had Felt Ridiculous, There Would Have Been No Pardon For Richard Nixon.
And Excuse Me, But If Mrs.
Viola Had Felt Ridiculous, You Wouldn't Be Standing Here Right Now, Feeling Ridiculous.
Yes, But There Is A Major Difference Between Me And The Parties To Whom You Are Referring.
and Viva La Difference.
But I Need A Lamaze Partner, And You're Elected.
Now Lay Down.
I Really Don't Feel Very Comfortable Doing This.
Well, No Wonder.
Your Uterus Isn't Being Properly Supported.
Sir, That Is Exactly My Point.
I Do Not Have, Nor Could I Possibly Pretend To Have, One Of Those.
Bert, It's Not Like I'm Asking You To Wear A Dress.
I Need Somebody To Practice With.
Although I Do Think You'll Like The Little Number I Picked Out For You.
Shirtwaist, Polka Dots, Peter Pan Collar.
Sir, I Am Glad To Help In Any, i Repeat, Any Other Way.
You're Right.
I Guess Maybe I Was Trying To Take Unfair Advantage Of Your Sense Of Loyalty And Duty.
Everything We've Been Through Together.
The Sleuthing, The Wenching, The Quenching.
I Took You On Your First Stakeout.
I Taught You How To Fly.
But Dragging You Through My Affairs, Even One As Personally Traumatic As This-- What Was I Doing? I Believe You Were About To Explain Breathing Techniques, Sir.
Now Just Close Your Eyes.
"Imagine Yourself Floating On A Cloud, "As If You Were Drifting On A Sea Of Marshmallow Fluff.
" "Relax.
"Now Think Of A Place, "A Very Special Place, Where You're Happy, Peaceful, Free.
" Bayco.
Bayco? Camp Bayco.
I Was A C.
-- Counselor In Training.
It Was The Day Of The Big Canoe Trip.
After Lights Out, Pamela Parnell And Me Zipped Ourselves Into Our Sleeping Bags Together.
And We Lay There, Gazing Up Into The Heavens, Watching A Meteor Shower Shoot Out Of Orion's Belt.
"Now, Take A Deep, Cleansing Breath.
"In Through Your Nose.
"Out Through Your Mouth.
"In Through Your Nose.
"Out Through Your Mouth.
"And With Each Breath, "You Feel The Stress Leaving Your Body.
"And Pretty Soon, "You'll Feel Each Of Your Little Piggies "Get Warm And Heavy.
"Now, One More Deep, Cleansing Breath.
In Through Your Nose.
" In Through Your Nose, Bert.
Bert? Eei-Yii-Yep-Ha! Pamela! Pamela! No Offense, Bert, But This Baby Deserves Better.
May The Stork Be With You.
May I Help You? No.
Just Looking.
Was There Something In Particular You Wanted To See? No, I'm--I'm Here To Meet Someone.
A Woman.
Maybe She's Watching Our Fashion Show In The Salon.
[Applause] Announcer: On Mara, We Have A Unique 3-Piece Ensemble, All In White.
Wool Blend.
The Overblouse And Jacket Easily Transferable To A Post-Pregnant Wardrobe.
Something To Remember While Pregnant, Girls-- Accessorizing Becomes More Important Than Ever In Keeping Your Look Fun And Fashionable.
Mara's Medium Brim Hat Offers An Elegant Touch Here.
Excuse Me.
Is This Seat Taken? Oh, No.
Go Ahead.
Announcer: Here's A Fun Outfit In Camel-- A Touch Of The Safari.
You Know, I Never Really Stopped To Look At A Pregnant Woman Before.
They're Really Really Kind Of Beautiful.
They're SoRound.
Kind Of Makes You Wish Women Were Pregnant All The Time, Don't You Think? I Mean, It Just Makes Me Happy To See Them So Round? Heh.
Mind If I Ask How Far Along You Are? No.
7 1/2 Months.
Ah, Third Trimester.
Junior's Almost Fully Developed, Eating Like There's No Tomorrow, Kicking Like A Rockette.
Lots Of Last-Minute Details Though, Huh? Kind Of Makes You Wish You Had An Extra Pair Of Hands.
What About Your Wife? My Wife? Yes.
How Far Along Is She? Now, There Is One Terrific-Looking Outfit.
To Be Honest With You, I--I Sat Down Here Because I Noticed You Weren't Wearing A Wedding Ring And I'm Not Wearing One, Either.
So I Was Wondering-- What Are You Doing Around 7:30? Look, I Know I Sound Like A Nut, But I'm Not Really, Honest.
I Just Need You To Do Lamaze With Me.
Please, I Need You To Do This.
I'm Willing To Pay You.
What's Wrong, Mrs.
Jacobson? Mrs.
? You Take Your Wedding Ring Off Just Because Of A Little Water Weight, And Look What Happens To You.
I Was Just Looking For An Unwed Mother, That's All.
Do You Have A Sister Or A Cousin Or An Aunt Or Something? [Knock On Door] Woman: Are You Asleep? No.
No, I, Uh I Do Some Of My Best Work Laying Down.
Your Door Was Open.
Sorry If I Disturbed You.
Actually, Only The Left Side Of My Brain Was Dead.
The Right Side Was Negotiating A Bank Deal.
Lucky You.
I Haven't Been Able To Sleep Much Lately.
UhHave A Seat.
Well, Now That Both Sides Of My Brain Are Awake, What Can I Do For You? Well, I'm Not Sure.
It Depends.
This Is A Little Weird.
Well, You're In Luck.
This Is Weird Week Down At Blue Moon.
Your Dog Kidnapped Your Father's Face? Asparagus Are Holding The Forks And Knives Ransom? You Come In Here With Weird, You Go Home With a Free Teen Wolf Coffee Mug.
Really? Really.
I Can Handle Anything You Got.
Well, I'm Not So Sure Yet.
I Understand You're Looking For A Lamaze Partner.
Funny, I Don't Remember Talking To A Genie Today.
Nurse Bridges Called Me Up And Gave Me Your Name.
She Was Impressed With You.
I Registered For Her Class.
Alone, But Apparently A Partner's Not A Bad Idea.
Good Old Nurse Bridges.
Good Old Nurse Bridges.
Well, Sounds Like A Perfect Match.
I Got The Pillows, You Got The Pelvis.
What Do You Say-- Whoa.
I Mean, Put Yourself In My Pelvis For A Minute.
I Don't Think There's Any More Room In There For Anybody Else.
I Mean, This Is A Big, Crazy Decision.
I Don't Know How I'm Going To Let Someone A Total Stranger, Share In Such An Intimate Thing.
Well, I'm A Heck Of A Nice Guy.
We Wouldn't Be Total Strangers For Long.
Tell Me Why You Want To Do This.
Why I Want To Do This.
Why? I Mean, With Me, It's A Little More Obvious.
I Want To Have A Child, But I Don't Particularly Want To Get Married.
But I Can't Imagine Why A Single Guy, A Beverly Hills Detective You Don't Strike Me As Someone Who Can't Get Dates.
Fair Enough.
Well The Short Story Is I'm Involved With This Woman Who May Be Having My Baby.
Right Now, She's Having None Of Me.
I'm Hoping That'll Change.
Well, Honesty Is A Plus, But This Creates Another Problem.
What Is That? If I'm Going To Consent To This I Have To Know That You'll Be There.
I Mean, Not Just For The Class With The Pillows, But In The Delivery Room.
I Need To Know That You'd Be There For Me.
If I Consent To Do This, Regardless Of What Happens With The Other Woman, Yes Or No, I Would Be There For You.
I Will.
I Promise.
For Starters.
For Starters.
I Understand Your Concern.
I Appreciate That You Have Some Reservations.
I Have A Few Of Them Myself.
But The Bottom Line Is, I Need You.
And You Wouldn't Be Here Unless You Needed Me.
You Mind If I Ask You A Personal Question? What's Your Name? Terry.
Terry Knowles.
Hi, Terry.
David Addison.
Yeah, I Know.
Both: Nurse Bridges.
Good Old Nurse Bridges.
Terry: Who Is It? Avon Calling.
I'd Like To Show You A Few Of Our Products-- Bath Gel, Emery Boards, Lamaze Partners.
Am I A Little Too Early? No.
Right On Time.
i Am Housebroken, You Know.
Come On In.
Very Nice.
Yeah, Labor Will Be A Breeze Compared To What It Took To Get The Place So Close To Campus.
Some Wine? No.
I Want To Stay Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed.
I Don't Think That Anyone's Going To Ask You To Operate Heavy Machinery.
No Cracks About My Weight.
Yeah, I Got Real Lucky With This Apartment.
I Kind Of Have A Rule.
Everything In My Life Has To Be Able To Fit Into My Car.
Of Course, i Don't Know How Much Longer I Will.
Terry Knowles? Degrees In Music Theory.
I Can't Write Prescriptions.
You Must Have Been Hitting The Books Pretty Hard.
Now I'm An Expert On The Fugue.
I Was Going To Get My Degree In Music Theory Also, But Grand Funk Railroad Broke Up.
Oh, I Already Poured You Your Wine, Right? You're Not Feeling A Little Nervous, Are You? God, What I Wouldn't Do For A Cigarette Right Now.
Look, Stop Worrying.
Most Of The Knuckleheads In This Class Have Been Married Since High School, Anyway.
So What That We're Rookies? We're Going To Be The Teacher's Pet.
Yeah? Yeah.
So That Means, Over The Next 8 Weeks, You Moms Will Be Learning How To Facilitate Your Own Body During Childbirth.
Now, I See Some Of You Looking At Me, Going, "Huh? What's That Mean?" It's Just A Fancy Way Of Saying You Can Use Your Body's Resources-- Your Senses, Your Concentration, Your Breathing-- To Help Make Your Delivery Easier.
And, Dads, You're Not Along Just For The Cruise.
You're Cruise Director.
That Means Helping Her, Coaching Her, And Being There For Her.
Ok? Ok.
Let's Get Started With Some Exercises.
Everybody Lie Down.
Find The Most Comfortable Position You Can.
Bridges: Just Pretend That You're At Home In Bed Together.
Don't Worry About How You Look.
Nobody's Gonna Take Any Pictures.
What Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On? The Middle.
Me, Too.
Tell You What-- You Take The Middle.
I'll Just Hang On To The Edge Over Here.
You Comfortable? Bug In A Rug.
Bridges: Ok.
Let's Play A Game.
Dads, It's Very Important That You Know Mom's Body To Be Able To Tell The Difference Between When She's Tense And When She's Relaxed.
That's Going To Be Crucial On B-Day.
So, Just For Practice, I Want All You Moms To Tense One Spot Of Your Body, And Coaches, Move Your Hands Over Her Muscles To Find The Tense Spot.
On Your Mark, Get Set, Feel.
[Giggling] What Do You Say We Just Limit This To Arms And Legs For Right Now? If You Won't Tell, I Won't.
She Said Tense One Muscle, Not Your Whole Body.
Woman: Grant, You're Getting Close.
Your Hands Are Cold.
Nothing In The Foot Bones.
Let's Go To The Ankle Bones.
Ha Ha! That Tickles! Come On.
Blue Team's Getting Ahead Over Here.
Am I Getting Warm? No Hints.
You Must Think I'm Pretty Easy, Letting You Do This On The First Date.
Well, I Generally Like To Pick Up A Dinner Check First.
Glad To See You Two Made It.
That's The Problem.
We Never Really Did.
This Charley Horse Of Yours, Are You Moving It Around? Don't Blame Me.
It's The Most Bizarre Game I've Ever Played.
Obviously, You Never Bobbed For Apples.
Eureka! The Shoulder.
Wrong Shoulder.
Bridges: Ok.
That Was Easy.
Now We're Going To Try Something A Little More Difficult.
So? Yeah.
Was That The Worst Thing You've Ever Done? No, Not The Worst.
It's Not Like I'm Looking For You To Tell Me It Was The Easiest Thing You've Ever Done Or The Best Thing.
I Could Probably Think Of A Lot Of Worse Things.
You Could, Huh? Maybe.
Learned About A Half A Ton Of Stuff, Though.
Felt Like We Were Starring In a National Geographic Special.
I Kept Waiting For Alexander Scourby To Come By And Say, "9 Months.
There's A Baby In There, Hiccupping, Turning Somersaults, Fighting Communism.
" right Out Of Ripley's.
There Was One Thing I Didn't Learn In That Class.
What? Why A Woman In Her Third Trimester Still Has These Unbelievable, Uncontrollable Cravings For Weird Food.
Cook: Double Cheese And A Lolly Loaded.
Who's The Lollapalooza? That's Me.
Thank You.
Just What The Doctor Ordered.
[Laughing] What's So Funny? Uh, I Was Once Told By A Woman That I Know That I Was Not The Cheeseburger Type.
That's Funny.
You Look Great In Ketchup.
My Father Used To Have A Joint Like This.
Not As Fancy.
Best In Seattle.
I Grew Up Over It.
So Not Only Can I Play Elgar's Cello Concerto, I'm A Maestro As A Short-Order Cook.
What Would Bubba Think About All This? Not Enough Fat.
That's Not What I Meant.
The Single Mom Bit, Huh? Uh-Huh.
Well, My Parents Aren't Alive.
But If They Were They'd Probably Push Me To Get Married.
You Don't Want To Do That? It Wasn't About Marriage.
We Played In The String Quartet Together, That's All.
So, You Want To Play House With Your Girlfriend, I Take It.
I Think So.
I'm Thinking About It A Lot.
A Whole Lot.
A Couple Small Problems.
Problem Number 1-- I Don't Think She Wants To Play House With Me.
Problem Number 2-- I'm Not Sure If It's My Baby.
And Problem Number 3-- See Problems Number 1 And 2.
I Guess I'm Hoping That The Baby Will Pop Out And Come Running To Me And Say, "Hi, Daddy.
" And You're Willing To Go Through All Of This Even Though You Don't Know If It's Your Kid? Yeah.
If We Could Work All These Problems Out, I Just Want To Be Ready, That's All.
[Doorbell] Morning.
Got A Package For Madelyn Hayes.
Here You Go.
[Ring] Blue Moon Detective Agency.
Your Clerk's Been Embezzling, Your Favorite Cat's Left, Hubby's Been Seeing Some Blond Or Brunette, Mysteriously Left Out Of Granny's Estate, Laid Down A Bad Bet, Stood Up By A Date, Your Tiara Is Missing, No One To Trust? Come To Blue Moon.
We Promise A Bust.
Miss Hayes? Hi! This Is Great! This Is Wonderful! It's So Good To Hear From You.
Well, It's Good To Be Heard.
I Just Got This Package You Sent.
This Was Really Very Sweet Of You, Agnes.
Package? What Package? I Didn't Send Any Package.
The Package Of Childbirth Books.
This Isn't From You? That's Funny.
The Return Address Is The Agency.
Oh! Childbirth Books, Huh? Miss Hayes, I Think Mr.
Addison Probably Sent Those To You.
Addison? David? Our Mr.
Addison? Miss Hayes, You Know I Don't Normally Stick My Nose In Other People's Beeswax, But Mr.
Addison's Been Real Strange Lately.
He's Been Buying Baby Toys, Comparing Prices Of Diaper Services, Checking Out Obstetricians, Going To Lamaze Classes-- Lamaze Classes? Did I Do A Bad Thing? Should I Not Have Told You? YesNo.
It's Fine.
Really It Is.
Agnes: Yeah.
Well, I Better Not Tie Up The Line Anymore.
Agnes, I'll Talk To You Soon, Ok? Agnes: Ok.
Agnes: Bye.
Bridges: Now, This Is The Critical Time.
The Contractions Are Coming Almost Back To Back, And Mom May Very Well Be On The Verge Of Losing Control.
It's Crunch Time, Dad.
You Have To Take Over As Soon As You See That Fear On Her Face.
She's Depending On You.
Make Her Get Back On Track.
Make Her Focus.
Make Her Concentrate.
On A Count Of 3, We'll Take A Deep Cleansing Breath.
Bridges: Let's Call It A Night.
Oh! Remember.
Be Sure To Keep Practicing This-- All The Exercises.
We're More Than Halfway Through The Classes Now.
More Than Halfway Through? Listen To Me.
You're Going To Be Fine.
You're Going To Do Just Fine.
I'm Going To Be Right There With You.
Understand? Listen.
We're A Great Team.
We're Going To Wow Them On The Baby Boat.
We'll Probably Get A Call From The President.
Thanks, Coach.
Give Me 10 Laps And Hit The Showers.
What Time Should We Meet You For Lunch? I Should Be Through With The Meeting Around 12:30, Quarter Of 1:00.
I'll Have Elaine Make A Reservation At The Garden Room.
Where's The, Uh Well, That's Perfect Because I'm Taking Maddie Down To Michelle's To Buy Some Of Those Wonderful Maternity Clothes That Don't Look Like Maternity Clothes.
And That Will Give Us A Lot Of Time, And Then We'll Go Straight From There To You.
I'll Go See If She's Up.
You Forgot Your Cuff Links.
Maddie: Come In.
Good Morning.
Oh! Virginia: I'm Sorry.
I Didn't-- It's Ok, Mom.
Not Packing For Our Shopping Trip By Any Chance? No.
Alexander: Well, Time To Run The Race.
See You Two At-- What Are You Doing? What's Going On? Maddie? I Don't Know.
I Guess I'm Just Leaving.
You're Leaving? You Don't Have To.
You Can Stay Here-- I Know.
I Know.
It Just Seems Like It's Time, That's All.
I Don't Get It.
Just Like That? Suddenly, It's Time? I Know What You're Thinking-- You're Thinking That This Is All Crazy.
Maybe You're Right.
Maybe It Is Crazy.
But It's Just Started To Sink In That I'm Going To Have A Baby, And I Want To Have This Baby At Home-- My Home.
All By Yourself? I Hope Not.
I Still Have A Lot Of Things To Work Out, Obviously.
May I Ask A Question? No.
I Mean, I Think I Know The Question You're Going To Ask, Dad, And I Don't Really Much Care Who The Father Was.
It's Much More Important To Me Who The Father's Going To Be If There's Going To Be A Father.
Does That Make Sense? I Know I Haven't Made It Easy On You.
I'm Still Not Making It Easy On You, And I'm Sorry.
It's Just Taken Me Time To Understand, To Accept The Fact That I'm Going To Be A Mother.
And I Have To Take That Responsibility, And I Haven't Been Doing That.
Everybody's Been Doing Everything For Me, Letting Me Hide While They--You-- Took Care Of It All For Me.
And I Appreciate That-- Everything Everyone's Done.
But I Have To Take Control Of My Life Again.
Our Lives.
Well, Maybe We'll Take One Or Two Trips To The Coast, Um, Just To Help Out Before The Baby Comes.
Oh, Mom, That'd Be Great.
Don't Think We Won't Hop On A Plane To See Our Grandchild As Often As We Can.
I Hope So, Daddy.
Just Be Sure You Have A Healthy Child.
You Two Have Always Been There For Me.
I Want You To Know I Know That.
Being Able To Come Back To A Home Like This Means Everything To Me.
Oh, Maddie.
I Love You So Much.
We Love You.
[Knock On Door] [Knock Knock] A-Knockin', But You Can't Come In [Knock Knock] Keep A-Knockin', But You Can't Come In, Woo Keep A-Knockin', But You Can't Come In I Know I Should Have Called Instead Of Just Showing Up.
Oh! Uh, Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Did Your Water Break? Where Are The Keys? David! David! It's Ok! No, No! David! It's Not What You Think.
You're Not Gonna Have The Baby Right Now? No.
I Just Wanted To Talk.
I'm Sorry.
I Just Wanted To TalkTo Someone, And Since You And I Have Been Through Patterned Pace Breathing Together, I Thought It Might As Well Be With You.
Um, Sit Down.
Have A Seat.
Make Yourself Comfortable.
Look, I--I Know That, Uh, Well, This Is A Very Emotional Time For Me.
Being 8 Months Pregnant And All, You Know, A Woman's Sort Of At The Mercy Of Her Hormones.
i Was Watching Wheel Of Fortune The Other Day, And A Guy Lost, And I Wept For At Least An Hour About It.
Which Is Just Another Way Of Saying That, Uh I'm Not Sure If That's What This Is All About.
And Maybe I Shouldn't Have Come Here.
But I Don't Feel Like That's What This Is All About, And Since I Am Here, Just Let Me Talk, And You Just Listen.
Ok? Ok.
You're Going To Have To Take My Word For This, But I'm Usually A Very Decisive Person.
You Know, I Usually Look At Something, Make My Decision, And Go For It.
And All In All, I've Done Pretty Well For Myself.
But God, I'm Tired.
I Couldn't Sleep At All Tonight.
I Hope This Is Making Sense.
I Always Had The Idea That Being A Single Parent Would Be Great Easier, Cleaner.
You Didn't Have Anyone Else To Tell You You Were Doing It Wrong.
Just Me And My Baby, Who I Would Love So Much I Wouldn't Need Anybody Else.
There's Also My Rule About Everything In My Life Having To Fit Into My Car.
Babies Take Up Less Space Than Husbands.
But Now I'm Having Second Thoughts About A Few Of My Choices.
Not About Being A Parent, Just About When I Got Pregnant, I Had An Arrangement.
And Then When I Came To L.
, I Made A New Arrangement With You, And It Was Designed To End.
You've Helped Me, I've Helped You, And Everything Still Fits Into My Car.
But Now The Reason I'm Saying All Of This Now, Here, At 5:00 In The Morning, Is Because God, This Is Scary.
I Don't ThinkMaybe I Don't Want This To End With You.
That's It.
I've Said It.
I'm Done.
I Don't Need You To Say Anything To Make It Ok.
I Just Needed To Say It.
I Don't Need To Hear That You Feel Something Back.
Although I Think Maybe You Do.
At Least A Little Bit.
This Is A Lot To Respond To, Isn't It? Yeah.
Ha! I Don't Know.
All I Seem To Be Able To Come Up With Is, Uh I Don't Know.
Um There Are, Uh There Are, Uh A Couple Different Issues Here.
Uh There Are A Few Things That Are Kind Of Whacked Out.
I Mean, Doing All This With One Woman So That I Can Do It With Another Woman.
Right? And, Uh That Woman Is, Uh, Right Now Cooling Her Jets About 2,000 Miles From Here.
Might Not Even Be My Baby.
Uh And She Can't Take Two Minutes Out Of Her World To Call Me And See How I'm Doing, To See What's Going On With Me.
I Can't Tell You That I'm Rolling Sevens With That One Or That I Don't Have My Doubts About Me And Her.
Every Day.
And Also That What We Are Doing, That What, UmWhat We're Going To Do And How I See, What I'm Trying To Say Is What Are You Trying To Say, Dave? Ha! This Is Just So Easy With You.
It's Just So Easy.
I Mean It Just It Just Clicked.
It--I Mean, It's Not Hot, It's Not Cold.
It's Not Black, It's Not White.
It Just Clicked.
I Got To Tell You, I'm Not Used To That Kind Of Diet, To Things Going Down That Easy.
Um So So Nothing.
Yeah, I Feel Something Back.
Do You Mind If I Ask You Something A Little Less Complicated? Please Ask Me Something A Little Less Complicated.
Could I Have A Glass Of Water? Yes, You Can Have A Glass Of Water.
You Want Ice In It? No.
No Ice.
Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Home Entertainment Captioned By The National Captioning Institute --TC6 WAS HERE-- So Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met On The Way Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way