Moonshine (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Blueberry Season

Previously on "Moonshine."
It was a mini stroke.
I have taken a lover.
Ghosting, the art of
disappearing to avoid
having hard conversations.
Should be called chicken-shitting.
As of now, your
full-time job is informant.
The Finley-Cullens are involved
in a smuggling operation
and you're going to help me
bring them down.
Hey, asshole! Makin' moves on Crystal!
- Oscar? Buddy?
- Let me out!
- I want us to work this out.
- I want a divorce.
I made a deal with
Jill LeBlanc. One shipment.
And you're fronting this deal, how?
You haven't told him about
leveraging The Moonshine, have you?
Do you really not want me here?
I mean, do you hate me that much?
- Tell me the truth.
- I don't want you here.
There is a house in New Orleans ♪
They call the Rising Sun ♪
It's been the ruin
of many, a poor girl ♪
And me, oh, God, for one ♪
If I had listened
what my Mama said ♪
I'd be in harmony ♪
Being so young
and foolish, poor boy ♪
Let a rambler lead me astray ♪
The only thing a drunkard needs ♪
Is a suitcase and a trunk ♪
The only time he's satisfied ♪
Is when he's all a drunk ♪
Oh, yeah! ♪
Whoo-hoo hoo hoo ♪
It's my life, it's my life ♪
It's my life, my life ♪
It's my life, it's my life ♪
It's my life, my life ♪
Shut down 'til we replace the septic.
Pirate shit is what
finally did us in, eh?
Didn't see that coming.
On the upside,
if Jill does take this place,
she'll be tits deep
in Finley-Cullen crap.
Good morning.
Well, granted, we aren't living
our best-case scenario,
but this family will find a way.
Unless we don't.
Uh, silver lining,
lack of guests has freed up
my schedule for baking.
Look, I know we've both said
things we haven't meant
- over the last few weeks
- No, I meant them.
I have a season's worth
of reservations to cancel.
Excuse me.
Great talk, Mom.
If you're looking
for emotional catharsis,
come to the wrong port, Starling.
I wanted to thank her.
What she did, inviting Daniel here,
it forced me to accept that
marriage was beyond repair.
All those years of deceit.
It's no way to live.
Not anymore.
You can take the pantyhose off, Ryan.
Ha! You don't know it's Ryan.
One, I was there when
you hit me, and two,
you're the only person I know
with an otter tattoo.
You are good.
Oh, I don't want those back.
What is your master plan, exactly?
Um, like we'd tell you.
You don't have a plan, do you?
- We have an incredible plan.
- Well, I hope so,
because assaulting a police officer,
forcible confinement, and kidnapping
are all indictable offences,
punishable with 20 years to life.
Okay, you know that
I am 100% on your team,
but I am also in the prime
of my hotness,
like I don't even have
to wear a bra right now,
if I don't want to. I am at peak boob.
- Agreed.
- So, we can't go to jail!
I'm just beginning my life
and this here, it's not my fault.
Well, it's not my fault, either.
I, I never would've hit him
if you hadn't have dumped me.
- I thought you guys were boning.
- I only fake broke up with you
because I was trying to protect you.
I did that out of love, you dumb-ass!
- I'm not a dumb-ass.
- No, you're right, I'm sorry,
it's just, you know, you
finally got us this apartment,
- which is amazing.
- Yeah.
But we can't start our
beautiful new life together
because it comes with
a kidnapped freakin' cop.
Not a thoughtful housewarming gift.
What? What?!
Ah, letting the pressure get
to you. Turning on each other.
Seen it once; seen it
a million times. Amateurs.
Oh, well if you're such a Sherlock,
why are you here, tied up
by a couple of amateurs?
Just curious,
how did you guys cover it up?
Let me guess, the old,
dump my stuff in the sea
and leave a note saying
I ended it all.
Or did you go with the cliché,
make it look like a robbery?
Excuse me, I left something in my car.
Ah! Yes!
Who's the amateur now, Bitch?
What are you doing?
Oh um,
I thought I'd put
in a little overtime.
I don't believe you.
Okay, um, I was uh
Coming into work when
you don't have to?
Putting in extra effort?
Even though we've been shut down?
It's so easy to just walk away
at times like this.
- Jump ship.
- Wha
But you didn't.
You doubled down?
And it means so much.
Oh, um
Oh, my God, you smell so good!
You smell like hope.
Are you okay, Rhian?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Dad, hey
uh, I, I was thinking about it,
I hope I didn't say anything
to upset you earlier.
No. You helped me.
Really? Because you and Mom seem
Is everything okay?
Relatively speaking?
Where you going?
It's just a little trip, Hon.
Don't worry about me.
You stole these from the Shore Club?
Yeah, you gonna rat me out
to your Mom?
My Mom can suck it.
My Dad wanted to take me
back to New York
and she said I couldn't go.
It's like her mission
to make everyone else
as miserable as she is.
- That your GF?
- Why?
You jealous?
I wish I could start this thing.
Drive across the border.
I'm workin' on it.
In New York they teach you Mandarin;
here, we learn life skills,
like how to jack cars.
It's all about her.
Running away to Nova Scotia?
Why can't she just have
a regular mid-life crisis
and inject her face with filler?
This is Finn Bennett filling
in for Nora Finley-Cullen
on Cove FM.
Ugh, Finn, no one wants
to hear this shit
except old ladies folding laundry.
Let's go!
Because I don't know
when we're gonna reopen.
Oh, really?
I ruined your dream vacation?
Of course, you can have
your deposit back.
You can ask the new management.
Well, no one said life
is gonna be easy, Maude.
No! No!
Nope. Uh-uh!
My crystal ball is broken.
That, my friend, is what
I call effective therapy.
Come on, it's crack in a cup.
Teenagers live for this shit.
Can I ask your advice on something?
- Uh, it's like a dating thing.
- Aw!
- Okay, never mind.
- No, no! I didn't mean aw,
like you're a puppy, I meant aw,
I'm surprised you're
dumb enough to ask me.
Yeah, I know your track
record sucks, obviously.
Well, happy to recycle my
mistakes into advice. Shoot.
Uh, okay.
How do you know if
someone's like, "the one"?
Okay, um, there is no "the one."
It is a lie people tell themselves.
Love is just chemicals
squirting into your brain
until you become literally
crazy with lust for someone.
It's the lie our bodies feed us
so the human race doesn't expire.
Okay, that seems like
a messed up thing to say
to your 17-year-old nephew.
If you want saccharine,
you came to the wrong place.
We sell truth here at Cove FM.
So, Uncle Terry wasn't like, the one?
You guys weren't in love, or whatever?
Um that was, that situation is,
um, there was a lot going on.
Complex things.
Or you're just scared to tell
him how you really feel.
I don't wanna be 30 and single.
No offence.
I'm flattered you think I'm 30.
Be honest,
has everything turned
to shit since I showed up?
It's hard to say.
There's always a baseline
amount of shit going on
around here, um,
but yes, yes, it has.
I think Mom and Dad
might be breaking up
and that it's my fault. Oh, I just,
- I never should've stayed.
- Called it!
- What?
- First to come up with a plan;
first to bail when shit hits the fan.
Okay, wow, that's totally unfair.
No, I think it's pretty accurate.
You've had one foot outta this
place since you arrived.
God, what more do I have
to do to prove myself
to this deranged family?
I've been all-in since day one!
Okay, day three.
Lids, if things don't
work out here for you,
you have a whole other life
you can go back to,
a business, a home.
Dude, you can pull
the ripcord anytime.
- You're right!
- I am. Hell yeah!
- Um, really?
- Yes!
In the back of my mind,
maybe I have had a Plan B.
Maybe that's why nothing's
been working out,
why I keep coming up against resistance
from Mom, Rhian, Eleanor,
it's because they can sense
my heart hasn't been in it.
It's time to cut bait
and not run, Nor.
This is my home!
And that is my milkshake.
I'm great, by the way!
Thanks so much for asking!
Come on, Terry. Answer.
I don't think I can. It's too weird.
I've never done it before.
Oh, don't be nervous! Relax!
It's me! Just breathe.
It's totally natural;
there's no need to be scared.
Okay. Could you talk?
I think it's worse when it's quiet.
Yeah, I wanted to talk to you
about how things went down.
I shouldn't have hit you;
that wasn't cool.
Don't sweat it, man. We're good.
All things considered.
Dude, fantastic aim!
I don't wanna overstep,
but I'm concerned
about you and Crystal.
You ever heard of emotional abuse?
Oh, Crystal's my soulmate,
which is handy
since I have her name tattooed
on my neck.
She ever do anything intentionally
- to make you feel bad?
- No, never.
She called you a dumb-ass.
That was just a pet name.
Like shit-for-brains,
or man-child.
You tease the ones you love.
Yeah, you sounded pretty upset.
You ever spoken to Crystal
about how she makes you feel?
No. She'd It'd be a thing.
Yeah, I get it. You'd be
walking on eggshells,
hoping not to set off
an emotional landmine.
Next thing you know,
she's got a knife,
forcing you to write her term
papers, all while asking you
if you love mac and cheese
more than you love her.
I've been there, man.
You aren't responsible
for Crystal's feelings, Ryan.
You can speak your mind without
feeling shamed or pressured.
Ah, Ryan.
I heard you, man, I'm just thinkin'.
No, no you know.
Oh, shit!
Didn't mean to leave you
hangin' there, little buddy.
There we go.
Hey, Daniel, how's it going?
Actually, I don't give
a shit how it's going
since you refuse to take my
calls to discuss the separation
Anyway, thought you should know
I just cashed out half our savings.
Think of it as symbolic.
My last tie in New York,
and for a very good cause,
The Moonshine's new septic system!
Anytime anyone takes a shit,
they'll have Daniel Bennett to thank.
Okay, that's it.
Kids say hello. Byeee.
Ever been on a spirit
quest before, Pup?
I traded a weekend in Cabin 6
for this peyote back in '84.
Fella told me if I was ever lost,
this would help me find my way.
Boy, am I lost.
Bea and I promised
to share everything.
Pain. Joy.
Radical honesty.
But Bea wasn't honest.
How does that make you feel?
Whoa, I'm a dog.
It's why you ran away.
I used to run away.
Who's a good boy? Know what?
Society isn't a good boy.
No sir, no sir, no sir. It is not.
Earth is burning. Ethics run amuck.
It's a hostage situation.
They take you home, lock you up,
make you do circus tricks just to eat.
And you ever get to touch road again
without a leash around your neck.
Oh, my God. I am a dog.
Maybe we're all dogs!
How about I howl? Can I howl?
It's your trip, Ken.
Ha, ha! Hell yeah!
This is insane!
I just wanna keep driving. Never stop!
Thelma and Louise it,
without the suicide pact.
Only the most fierce feminist
classic movie of all time.
Renegades making a break for it.
Man, that's sick. Woo!
Bail. No sense in us
both gettin' busted.
Just go. Go!
Hey, Uncle Terry.
That's Ex-Uncle, Officer Terry.
Don't take the fact
you're divorcing my Aunt
'cause you slept with
my other Aunt, out on me.
Who just ran out of the car?
I didn't see anyone.
Have you been drinking, officer?
No, but I think that you have.
Driving drunk, without a licence,
in a stolen car,
with a missing taillight.
Are you trying to throw
your life away?
Guess you should send me back
to New York
- before I end up in jail.
- Okay,
if you were me,
how would you handle this?
I'd realize my daughter's
simply reacting
to the totally unfair and
draconian rules I've created,
apologize to her,
give her my old car
to make things right.
Oh, my God.
Believe it or not, I understand.
I've been in your exact same shoes.
Grandma and Grandpa were fighting,
I thought nobody cared about
what was going on with me,
so I rebelled.
I, I just wanted them to see me.
I see you, El.
And I'm 100% here for you,
and this family, starting now.
So, does this very
touching moment mean
I'm not gonna be imprisoned
in a fire-ravaged trailer?
You're literally a one-woman
police state.
Mom? Rhian? Anybody here?
Oh, my God. Mom?!
- El, call 911.
- You took my phone!
Shit! Here!
Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
- Okay, so um
- It's another stroke?
- I'm not sure.
- But she's gonna be okay.
- Look, I think we need
- Is she in a coma?
- Can I maybe
- It's worse than a stroke?
WebMD says it could be
Locked-In Syndrome.
She could be fully awake
but unable to move.
A prisoner in her own body.
- Or it's the flu.
- Okay.
Your communication sucks.
Say something.
Your Mother fainted,
but so far, I can't tell why.
Was Bea under any unusual
stress lately?
- Hmm.
- Define unusual.
I'll mark that as a yes.
Look, the best thing
we can do is keep her resting
and wait for the test results
to come back.
Sure. Wait.
Story of my life.
- Where's Dad?
- I saw him leave this morning
with a canoe and Finn's dog.
He was super cryptic.
Wouldn't say where he was going.
He usually holes up
at his fishing spot
when he wants to escape.
Well, he needs to know about Mom.
Okay, get up.
We're hunting your Grandpa.
Can I not?
I'll keep an eye on her.
Okay, which way to the fishing spot?
Jesus, it's like you
didn't grow up here.
Okay, I know what his excuse
is, but my gosh, Ryan,
do I have to do everything by myself?
Babe, I think we need to talk
about how we communicate.
Specifically, the way
you communicate with me.
Okay, you wanna talk
about communication?
Hey, Ryan, please help me
with these heavy freaking bags!
I think we have a toxic dynamic.
But they're garbage bags.
Like, they don't even
have trash in them!
Yes, but after we move the bags,
can we move past this stigma
and realize that
we have a dysfunction?
Which I think is
brought on by your family.
Um if anyone's family
is dysfunctional,
it is your looney tunes family.
Your Mom treats you
like dirt and you just take it.
Oh, don't blame the
abuse on the victim.
I'm not! I'm just saying,
how can you insult my family
when you come from five
generations of thieves,
smugglers and meth heads?
Why? Why are you picking on me?
Okay, I just wanted to help.
Like, I kidnapped a cop for you
and you won't help me
with a couple of bags?
Like, I should be your,
your ride-or-die,
your person, your priority.
Oh, my God, are you gonna
answer that right now?
- You are, aren't you?!
- No.
I'm not.
See, I choose you.
Okay, thank you.
I'm gonna go get some smokes
and a Fiesta Cherry Diet Coke,
and pee in private.
You know what, my Mom may suck,
but she did teach me one thing:
cops not our friends.
He's playing you, Babe.
Like an air guitar.
Bea knows how I feel about secrets.
So, why would she
She thought I couldn't
handle the truth.
My head was in the sand.
I dug my own hole.
I forced her to lie,
and she pushed me away.
I miss my wife.
Whoa! It's a game, not an execution.
- You okay?
- Stellar.
Yeah, caught between
living in New York
and a seaside resort.
- It's a rough life.
- Right?
Maybe you should've been,
I don't know,
left in a cabin and adopted,
so you wouldn't have to deal
with your biological parents?
Pack your bags,
we're goin' on a guilt trip.
Oh yeah, we are.
Grandma and Grandpa are a
cake walk compared to my Mom.
Well, parents do the best
they can with what they've got.
So, this is my fault.
- You feel guilty yet?
- Six out of ten.
You know, your Mom forgives you, El,
for all your bullshit.
She just keeps on loving you,
so I don't know,
maybe you should think
about forgiving her?
How 'bout this,
if I make this shot,
I'll forgive my Mom.
Good talk, Uncle Sammy.
Don't pull your love
out on me, Honey ♪
Take my heart, my soul, my money ♪
Oh, here you are.
But don't leave me drownin'
in my tears ♪
Hey, you were supposed
to be here three hours ago?
Do you believe in magic, Listeners?
Not sure I do,
but here's another classic.
You have a sexy radio voice.
This one goes out to Finn Bennett,
who has no idea how hot he is.
I remember setting out ♪
Just to see what I could see ♪
I thought you said you knew
where Dad's fishing spot was?
I know how to get there by canoe.
Well, should we check Google Maps?
Yeah, sure put in um,
Dad's drug hideout,
or creepy beach in the woods.
Maybe if we concentrate,
we can pick up on his
This is all my fault.
God, not this again.
I said something to Dad
about marriage and deceit.
I was talking about Daniel,
for God's sake,
then he got all weird.
Do you have to pee?
Watch out for ticks.
Do you seriously think
your off-hand musings
broke up Mom and
Dad's 40-year marriage?
The sun doesn't rise and
set with your flat ass.
My ass is not that flat.
Do you have any idea
what's going on with anyone
other than yourself?
Do you realize how selfish
your martyr schtick sounds?
Other people are suffering, okay?
- Nora, hey.
- Terry won't talk to me.
The station could be on fire
and he wouldn't take my call,
and there's nothing I can do
about it. Not that you care.
I'm not psychic!
You can't be closed off
and then get mad if I don't
understand how you feel.
When would I have told you?
You never shut up!
At least I'm trying!
What are you doing other
than dumping on me?
Is that Finn's emotional support dog?
- Is that?
- Dad?
- Oh! No! Oh!
- Oh, my eyes! My eyes!
- Dad! No, don't move!
- Don't move, Dad!
- I do not need that.
- No.
You're right, my dude.
Crystal puts pressure on me
and when you pressurize something,
it makes you feel small,
and I don't wanna be small!
I wanna be big!
Wow, that is an amazing breakthrough.
- I'm so proud of you!
- Really?
Yeah! Uh, but these,
these bungee cords are really
cuttin' off my circulation.
Here, let me.
Now, my only concern is,
now that you've had your breakthrough,
- Mm-hmm.
- once you share it with Crystal,
she's gonna try to isolate you.
Keep you from your family.
Shit. Lidia!
She left a message.
A compromise would surely
help the situation ♪
- What?
- My, my Mom is sick.
Oh, you gotta go to her.
But Crystal said that I need to
Dude, I'm not gonna try to escape
while your Mom is sick.
I'm not a monster.
Your family needs you. Go!
The things we do for love ♪
- Go!
- Okay, thanks, Buddy!
- Run!
- Just make yourself at home!
The things we do for love ♪
The things we do for love ♪
The things we do for love ♪
The things we do for love ♪
The things we do for love ♪
The things we do for love ♪
So, are we like
together now?
Yeah, sure. If you want.
Oh, shit!
Where is she? How's Mom?
She's sleeping.
She is stable and
they're running tests.
Oh man, that I am thankful for.
What's up?
You never drink, which is weird.
Probably why I had
to drink twice as much.
Anyway, what gives?
Nothing, it's nothing.
I don't exist.
Without this place, who am I?
My twin sister?
Born two minutes after you,
and then they don't even care
enough to come up
with two different names.
Like, Ryan, Rhian.
Like, how lazy is that?
It's pretty lazy,
now that you mention it.
I thought he loved me.
- Dad?
- No! Oscar.
I thought I finally found my person.
He liked my clipboard;
he didn't think I was too much.
I thought he really cared.
He cares, and he didn't leave you,
I know that for a fact.
How do you know that?
I just get a really good
vibe from him.
Wherever he is.
Do you know what happened to him?
Do you want me to get
the faceless doll
I used to torture you with?
Oh, no. Oh.
All right, just as minty
fresh on the way out.
Jesus, Finn, you had one job.
You okay?
Well, we just picked up
our naked Father,
high out of his mind,
in the woods. Mom is sick.
I'm stuck with my self-absorbed
sister, and my nephew
has pathologically bad taste in music.
Neil Young says you should
turn the music back on.
When the dog drives,
he can choose what's on the radio.
Can you drive?
Dad, you won't remember this,
but Mom's sick.
Neil Young says
you should drive faster.
Okay, Dad.
Rhi? That Oscar, you should know.
- Hmm.
- He's out there.
I can feel it.
So, maybe just hold on and
wait a little bit longer.
I'm so sick
Dude, you just chugged a
whole bottle of crème de menthe.
Of waiting!
Like, my entire life,
I have followed the rules.
Waited for permission.
It all ends here.
I will support you, no matter what.
Whatever you need.
What I need?
Is a shovel.
Screw the permit for the septic.
Someone's gotta fix this shit pit,
and as per usual
it's gonna be me.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! ♪
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! ♪
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! ♪
Hey-hey-hey! ♪
Hey! Hey! ♪
Hey-hey-hey! ♪
There you go. I know. Okay.
Bea? Bea?
You're an ass.
I know.
I might be an ass, too.
- We have a problem.
- Mom had another stroke?
No, Dr. Roth called,
turns out Mom's just allergic
to her blood pressure meds.
- She's gonna be fine.
- Oh, thank God.
And he doesn't wanna be
her doctor anymore.
- Problem solved.
- No, problem not solved.
how much do you two know
about drug smuggling?
And then, the drug boat got spooked
and they dumped the container.
So, the Mother that
wouldn't let us have sugar
or white bread 'til we were adults,
is a drug smuggler.
And we're her unwitting accomplices.
I volunteered, actually.
How long have you known about this?
Since the wedding?
Oh, since before I threw
away my life savings
for the privilege of going to jail.
Oh my God, longer?
Lidia, I, I, I promised Mom
Oh, yeah, the woman
whose medical experts
are Dr. Merlot and Nurse du Maurier?
How screwed are we, Sammy?
Either we find the drugs
from the bottom of the ocean
or we come up with the money
to pay Jill back.
And if we don't?
- Jill takes The Moonshine.
- Jesus.
That's why Dad left.
Mom didn't tell him either.
So, while I spun my wheels
trying to figure out
what was going on,
trying to save this place.
- You are my people, Sammy.
- I know! I'm sorry.
Don't be too hard on him.
He is hard-wired to give
Mom whatever she wants,
and to not disappoint you.
Think of it as blind, stupid love
with a side of Armageddon.
Of course.
Oh my God.
Okay, so this is what a
psychotic break looks like.
- None of this is my fault.
- Oh, sweet Jesus!
Mom wasn't inviting Daniel
here and ignoring my plans
to rebuild The Moonshine
because she hated me.
She was trying to protect me.
Mom loves me!
So, you're counting this as a win?
Gucci doesn't make prison
sandals, Princess.
The Finley-Cullens are drug smugglers.
You still all in?
Jill, you there?
- It's Lidia.
- Come on in.
The look on your face
tells me you know
what your ol' Mom has been cookin' up.
Sammy told me everything.
Does 150K solve our little problem?
Missing container's worth
five times that on the street.
I know, I will get you the rest.
This is just to buy us time.
Lidia Finley-Cullen.
Didn't know you had it in ya.
Hip New York Mom turned
backwoods criminal mastermind.
Who says people don't change?
I tried to change myself.
Retired from the business.
It wasn't meant to be.
Your Mom begged me to save the place.
Played on my heartstrings.
"It's what Felicia would've wanted."
And now I've got bikers up my ass,
and they will make me pay,
one way or another.
I'd hate to have to evict
the Discount Brady Brunch
from Camp Parasite,
but as you can see,
- I got no choice.
- Yeah, you do.
You could make the nice choice.
Don't you wanna be nice?
Get Christmas cards, party invites?
And if you can't fix this?
You can take The Moonshine.
And keep my savings for your troubles.
My kids don't need a college
education. Overrated.
You got 24 hours.
Come on, be reasonable.
We need at least a week.
Three days, then I kick
the circus outta town.
- Got it?
- Got it.
Oh, and Lidia
spread it on an English muffin
with butter.
It's heaven.
So, if anyone sees
John Green's runaway Ostrich
named Pablo, please call him.
But do not approach Pablo.
Ostriches are vicious
and you will lose an eye.
Now, time for another hour
of non-stop music
that will make your heart go boom.
Are you trying to run my
station into the ground?
We won't have any listeners
if they all coat-hanger
their eardrums.
It's like you're in love,
or something.
Oh, God, are you in love,
or something?
You gonna lecture me again
on how relationships suck?
Okay, scram, you've done
enough damage for one day.
- You're the best.
- Mm-hmm, go on.
Oh, and Uncle Terry's really lucky.
Peace is harmony ♪
Okay, um
Love and understanding ♪
Oh why can't we have peace ♪
Can't we have peace all the time ♪
Oh, no, no, no!
That hangs on the breeze ♪
Watching the world hurry by ♪
I'm not gonna lie,
I thought you finally
threw in the towel.
I considered it.
So, there were insights
beyond the veil.
While you were putting out fires,
I had my head in the sand.
- Ken stop.
- No.
I've been living in a fog
of good vibes and pot.
Too much pot, maybe.
We can't keep living like this.
What are we supposed to do?
We can start with the truth.
Lidia needs to know why you've
been standing in her way.
Does it even matter anymore?
There's a real chance
we're gonna lose this place.
But I suppose she deserves
to know that, too.
I'll talk to her.
I'm going back to New Orleans ♪
To wear that ball and chain ♪
I'm going back to New Orleans ♪
I'm going back ♪
To spend the rest of my days ♪
Beneath the Rising Sun ♪
Beneath the Rising Sun ♪
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