Moonshine (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Who Is the Dead Guy

NORA: Previously on "Moonshine."
RHIAN: Someone's gotta fix
this shit pit,
and as per usual, (EFFORT GRUNT)
It's gonna be me.
I will never forgive you for this.
SAMMY: Either we find the drugs
on the bottom of the ocean,
or we come up with the money
to pay Jill back.
- And if we don't?
- Jill takes The Moonshine.
KEN: Lidia needs to know why
you've been standing in her way.
What are we supposed to do?
- We can start with the truth.
(GROANS) Oh, shit.
Mom? What are you doing up?
I've slept enough today.
Oh, my Dear Girl.
Okay, Mom, you're scaring me
more than usual.
We need to talk.
About your real Father.
BEA: It was 1982,
upstate New York, on the border.
You were two years old,
and I was pregnant with Nora.

Jimmy Murphy.
I would've followed that man anywhere,
even when he decided to make
his fortune smuggling hash,
and bring his best friend, Ken Finley,
along for the ride.
I think she's pooched.
You give up too easy, Ken.
- Ah! (LAUGHS)
Gonna need to see some ID, Son.
Jesus, Jimmy.
Nice duds.
- Hey, baby.
- Hi.
Our shipment is good to go.
Let's go.
BEA: But Jimmy changed that summer.
BEA: He wasn't the man
I married anymore.
Blonde Lebanese baby!
- We're gonna make a killing.
- Maybe you should put that
in the back of the van
with the rest of it.
JIMMY: Buyer's not gonna miss
a couple bricks, chill out.
We need diapers.
- KEN: I'll drive.
JIMMY: Better come back with whiskey.
BEA: We never should've
let him talk us into this.
I'm only here because you are.
Get off me!
- Hey! Oh!
- KEN: Oh, jeez.
- Shit!
Ah! I'll kill you!
We can't help him if we get arrested!
Go! Drive!
Ah! Hey! (PANTING)
Heyyyyyy! Ah! Ah!
BEA: We drove as far as we could get
without falling into the ocean.
Foxton, Nova Scotia.

LIDIA: Are you sitting next to me?
Jimmy ratted us out.
They know our names.
And Victoria's pregnant.
With twins.
You're gonna be a great Dad.
Hah! You sure are somethin'.
I don't see how you could be
so optimistic.
We just need a place to lay low,
and to get rid of the drugs.
It'll all work out, you'll see.

There's not many
roads left to follow ♪
BEA: That's when we met Jill LeBlanc,
and things really
did start to work out.
You know, I got family
you might wanna meet.
BEA: Mostly.
Jimmy went to prison.
Ken and I fell in love.
The twins, Ryan and Rhian,
came to live with us,
we swapped the drugs for the land.
A handshake deal with Jill's family.
Local smugglers.
(SIGHS) No paper trail.
That's why you didn't want me
to get a mortgage or investors.
We don't have a deed, Hon.
Just the word of a backwoods
crime family.
Come on, I mean, yes, they
used to do some shady shit,
but you make it seem like Jill
heads up a LeBlanc mafia.
You would be surprised what
that woman is capable of.
Aunt Felicia knew.
She wrote everything down.
I put her journals in your firepit.
It just got out of control.
You almost burnt
my trailer to the ground!
You let me blame Rhian!
Mom, you could've told me about Jill,
the land, the fire, Jimmy,
any of the above!
- I mean, just a thought!
- I thought it would be best
To drag us into a smuggling disaster,
and kill yourself with stress?
I didn't want this place
to be your burden.
Oh! I wish I'd have known
that before I cleared out
- my bank account.
- I never asked you to!
You know what, you're right.
Thank you for that.
Now I can go back
to New York guilt-free.
I'm gonna pack.
By the way, worst vacation ever!
- Dammit.
This is my life, this is my life, ♪
This is my life, my life ♪
This is my life, this is my life ♪
This is my life, my life ♪
TERRY: Foxton PD, Officer Gallagher.
MOIRA: Moira Lancaster, RCMP.
Congratulations, you just
caught a high-profile
missing persons case.
Man missing in your jurisdiction.
- Shoot.
- Oscar Wallace.
Last seen at The Moonshine Resort.
Sorry, um, conflict of interest.
- So I heard.
- Excuse me?
Ditching your wife
to bang her sister, huh?
Did you actually think
that would end well?
I don't see how my personal
life is relevant to
Sweet! No conflict of interest.
Hey, you ever lose a cop, Gallagher?
A friend?
Wallace is an undercover
officer, mine.
I'm worried.
Okay. I'm on it.
Oh, uh, you need to be
clear on one thing,
If he is okay, and you
compromise his cover
with the Finley-Cullens,
you'll be shit-canned.
You really think
the family's involved?
Just find my guy.
CRYSTAL: I need your help, Mom.
Yeah, I didn't think you'd
call me to go out for tea.
Right. Well, um,
it's kind of a romantic story.
So Ryan thought that I was
sleeping with this guy, Oscar,
I wasn't, I was just using
his Vitamin C serum,
and also his rose toner.
Ooh, and his peptide
eye-brightening cream.
Have you tried that stuff?
It is like, bye-bye fine lines,
and puffy eyes.
Um, anyway, we kidnapped a cop,
and then he un-kidnapped himself,
and now we need your help to find him,
and I know that this sounds bad,
but there was a point
where we thought that Ryan
had murdered the cop,
so in the big scheme of things,
this is better.
What are you doing screwing
around with a cop?
I wasn't! At all!
He was screwing around with me.
And not sex stuff.
He made me his informant.
- Did I teach you nothing?!
- No, I'm not a rat!
I promise! Oscar tried
to get me to get dirt
on the Finley-Cullens about
like, smuggling or something,
um, but I made sure that
he didn't get anything!
I, I think.
You've done some dumb shit
since you hooked up
with that bag of trailer trash.
Now I gotta find that cop,
or we are all going to jail.
Why would you go to jail?
Let's just say I'm a little
reluctant to uh,
share much with my Daughter,
the informant.
That makes sense.
You've always been such
a disappointment.
I know.
But I'm, I'm working so hard
to try and change that.
Like, I just wanna be like you, Mom.
No, you are a trailblazer.
You know, you don't need
a man or, or anyone.
You're, you're like this
boss-ass babe,
and I respect you.
I just want you to feel
the same way about me.

Can you keep that idiot on a leash?
And you'll help us find Oscar?
I mean, he's on foot and tied up,
so he can't have gotten far.
Me and the guys will look west,
and you cover the Shore Road.
You find him, you bring him
straight to me.


SAMMY: Hey, Dad. Mom's in there.
How'd it go last night?
Lidia's leaving.
Can't imagine she'll be back.
Not that there'll be anything
to come back to.
I thought if we told her
the truth, she'd understand.
Yeah, well
it turns out the truth
is a hell of a lot more
unpredictable than a secret.
(SIGHS) Well, Bea,
I'm sorry.
Me too.
I gotta go for a walk.
(SIGHS) Clear my head.

What now?
No, Rhian. Whatever it is, no.
- Not optional.
- It is!
I'm done. Out.
You got your wish.
You win! I'm leaving.
I'm gonna kill a box of wine
for breakfast,
- and then I'm leaving.
- No, you are not,
because we have got a problem,
capital "P."
Rhymes with well, we can
figure out what problem
rhymes with when
we're in prison, problem.
(SIGHS) There is no "me"
in your "we" anymore.
Allow me to rephrase.
Come with me, or I will drag you out
by your pretty blonde highlights.
The good news? I know why
the septic is backed up.
The bad news


(SIGHS) Who's the dead guy?

I got halfway through
digging a new grave,
which takes way longer
than it seems to on TV,
by the way, and then
I started wondering
if that makes me an accessory
to murder?
You couldn't have Googled that?
Now I'm an accessory, too. Shit!
Wait, how do you know
this was a murder?
Because people don't bash
their own skull to pieces
and then bury themselves
under a maple tree.
I mean, this could be anyone.
This could be
- hundreds of years old.
- Okay, uh
Viking roadkill. Hero's burial
under ceremonial tree.
We could put in the Moonshine
He's wearing a Grateful Dead
belt buckle.
I could spin that.
Should we call Terry?
Hey, Ter, you know how
you've always wanted
to solve a cold case murder?
Well, have I got the
decomposing skeleton for you!
Oh, and when you lock us up,
could you please put us
in the nice prison?
We don't know this, him,
has anything to do with our family.
Do you wanna roll the dice on that?
Because the loser gets to pick
cellmate pubic hair
out of their teeth for 20 years.
Dad has always had a weird
thing with this tree.
Right? Decorating it,
sitting out here,
staring at it.
Go talk to him!
Have a nice little daddy-daughter
- hide a corpse outing.
- Uh, no, thank you!
You wanted this closet so bad,
this is your skeleton!
Oh! Shit! Who called him?!
God, it's like he knows
we're guilty of something.
- Do you think he knows?
- I will deal with Terry.
You and Dad deal with that.
Hey, Ter!
What's up?
- Doing some landscaping?
- Yeah, you know,
never short on shit
to deal with around here.
How are you? Hey,
you wanna talk variety show?
Uh, no, no, I'm uh
I'm here about a missing person.
Oscar, your boyfriend,
or whatever he is.
Oh my God! He's missing?
That's amazing.
Rhian, he might be in danger.
He was, I thought he ditched me,
and I was gonna put his face
on the log splitter,
but now I might still
have a boyfriend?
- Wow!
- Congrats.
Anyway, I need to see
inside of his cabin,
do a search of the grounds and
interview some of the staff,
- see if anyone's seen anything.
- Of course, no problem.
- Okay.
- But I think I might know
where he is. Definitely not here,
but you have to take me with you.
Not the time for a ride-along.
Oh, please, I wanna be there
when you find him.
If you don't tell me what you know,
it's obstruction of justice.
(SIGHS) Jesus, don't cry.
I'm not. Crying is weak.
He's the only person I've ever loved.
Good to know.
Fine! Let's go.

Ah! Ah!
(PANTING) Come on!
Oh yeah! (PANTING)
- Oh shit!
- RYAN: I hope Oscar's okay.
Uh, I guess. Like, he's a narc.
He is trying to put you
and your whole family in jail.
It's his job.
It's not like he wants to do that.
Think I'm stoked to empty
outhouses all day?
Losing Oscar's been really
tough on me.
We had this connection.
He really heard me;
he really saw me.
Uh, yeah, 'cause he had to.
You kidnapped him!
And he tricked you into
letting him go.
Like, you have stock
market syndrome, Ry.
Can you not see that?
Hey, kiddo!
You want some bacon?
If anything can convince
a woman to pull up a chair
and stay a while,
it's my maple-smoked.
Rhian figured out why
the septic was clogged.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
One of those uh,
skeletal remains situations.
He was buried under
your favourite tree, Dad.
Tell me.
Who is it? And no bullshit, please.
BEA: Girls! Ryan!
- Food's getting cold.
- RYAN: No!
RHIAN: Get your own! Ryan!
RHIAN: Get him! Get him!
I'm telling Mom!

KEN: 15 years in prison.
(SIGHS) I barely recognized him.
JIMMY: Well, it took a while
to track you down.
BEA: We didn't wanna leave you.
You did the right thing.
I won't cause any problems.
I just wanna see my kids.

So the body under the tree, that's
Jimmy got drunk that night.
He was violent.
He wanted his money
from the hash deal.
That's why he really came back.
He wasn't like that when we were kids.
And, and you need to know that.
He just went a bad way.
He threatened to hurt you.
He had to be stopped.
JIMMY: I'll kill you! They're mine!
(THUD) Ah!
Jimmy was my best friend.
And my Father.
NORA: The world spins on, Foxton,
but we're safe and sound in
the backwash of summers past,
and it's time to hunker down
with a little self medication,
and warm body of choice,
Drift along until
Opportunity is knocking, folks,
and it sounds like
it's gonna kick the door in
if I don't answer,
so here's a little something
to help you on your psychic
journey to the astro-nowhere.
Did you miss the neon "On Air" sign?!
Someone better be dead.
Oh God, someone's dead. Is it Mom?
Remember when Dad came back -
Jimmy, not Dad, Dad.
Pretty sure I'm too stoned
to have this conversation.
- Do you remember?
- Of course!
Uh, he gave you a sexy
red convertible,
and all I got was
a Roxy Music cassette.
Jimmy never ditched us.
Mom lied, he never left Foxton at all.
Dad killed him.
I am so high, I think.
RYAN: Rhian just needed to talk.
I mean, when she gets her heart
broken, it really breaks her.
- And me.
- Do you see anything?
It's 'cause we're twins.
We have a psychic bond.
They did this test where they
stabbed one twin in the butt
Okay, Babe,
I'm gonna need you to focus,
so we can find Oscar,
and get him to my Mom.
Exactly! And then when we find him,
Rhian will know that
he didn't ditch her,
because he's got a heart. A big one.
Why are you standing up for him?
Like, he lied to her
about being a cop.
He used her like he tried to use me.
Oscar isn't like that.
Uh, that's literally what he did.
Yeah, but that's not like, who he is.
Okay, you know what, this isn't about
your flippin' sister,
and it isn't even about Oscar.
(SIGHS) Yes, Ryan?
- What's it about?
- It is about me, Ryan.
- I thought it was about us.
- I thought that, too.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- It
it means my Mom was right.
- Babe.
- Ryan.
- Babe!
- (GASPS) Oh!
- Whoa!
- Buddy!
How in the hell did you
did you for real just pee in my car?!
- Please don't kill me.
- Why would we do that?
- We're your friends!
- Oh, I am not!
I might have to start
checking out local schools.
Knowing my mom, she'll change
her mind about leaving, again.
School here's the same
as anywhere, it sucks.
I'm glad you got held hostage
for the summer, though.
Only way you could get a hook-up?
Is that what this is?
Guess so.
NORA: Ken gets weepy
when he kills a spider.
- It doesn't make sense.
- What do you remember?
Mm, I remember it was
the summer I discovered
- Mom and Dad's pot stash.
- This makes so much sense.
After that night, Mom fell into
a wine pit of depression;
Dad disappeared into an
"it's all groovy" fugue state.
Yeah, and you ran away to New York.
Going to college is not running away.
No, it's bailing,
and I'll bet you're about
to do it again, right?
I know you booked a flight.
Oh, my God. Oh my God, Nora!
There's a dead body, we owe a shipping
container of drug's to some criminal
God know who?
Uh, Dad's a killer, maybe,
and I've been lied to my entire life.
I am so, so sorry, Lids.
I can't imagine what I'd do
if I was in the exact same
situation that is happening
to you and no one else.
- I know you're in this, too.
- I am!
And I stick around.
Parent our parents,
deal with Rhian's
unique personality disorder,
Ryan's carousel rides through rehab.
I told you to come with me.
What the hell was I gonna do
in New York?
Same thing I did, figure it out!
- Okay.
- I mean, you act like
your life happens to you, and it does,
because you never wanna take
a risk, or make a decision!
Thank you for the motivational speech.
- I'm right.
- Which is why I hate you!
- You love me.
- And I envy Rhian.
Oh, you already got her husband.
Do you want her visor
and lawnmower, too?
She has her own little world,
you know?
Rigid rules, little boxes to check.
Metrics of happiness.
I can't even commit to an appetizer
without having an existential crisis.
Did she freak out with the body?
Remarkably even keel.
Went straight into planning mode.
What did she remember from that
night when Jimmy disappeared?
- She wasn't there.
- Yes, she was.
Yes, she was! I was in
my "Reality Bites" phase.
- I taped the whole night.
- Could be a clue.
You keep that tape?
I got this t-shirt in grade nine.
Yeah, I kept the tape.
- (SINGING) Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm!
- Ah!
LIDIA: Good thing Mom
and Dad quit technology
around the laser disc era.
NORA ON TAPE: Oh, that's it!
Oh! Yes! Oh God! Yes!
- Oh!
I'm not even gonna ask.
I was a sex tape pioneer,
and I didn't do it for fame or money,
I did it to bring joy to the people.
Oh, thank you for that. Next, please.
Okay. Ooh!
Lidia's Birthday '97. Bring it!
- Hmm!
Oh, my God, there it is.
- Happy birthday, Baby.
Oh, my God, for real?
Oh my God! Thank you!
Oh, my God, oh! Oh my God, look!
- To New York!
- To New York!
To New Yor
Forestry Youth Club Captain,
Rhian Finley-Cullen
reporting live to earn
her Communications Badge
with an in-depth look
at the horrors of
NORA: The one night we met
our biological father,
and she tapes over it with
her young Nazi bullshit.
The Forestry Youth Club
mutiny incident.
Kicked her out of their jamboree
because she accidentally set
that girl's hair on fire.
- Accidentally?
Mom was a wreck that morning.
As if she'd been up all night.
LIDIA: Mom! Is that Jimmy,
and my new car?
Ugh, it's just Dad and Rhian.
She told me she sent Jimmy away,
and that I'd never see him again.
Is Jimmy here yet? He said
we could go for a drive.
- He's gone.
- I hate you!
I will never forgive you for this.
You were right,
Rhian wasn't there that night.
RHIAN: I didn't light her hair
on fire!
Neither was Dad.
He couldn't have killed Jimmy.

RHIAN: Extra cheese, extra bacon.
Don't cheap out on the ketchup.
MAN: Please drive through.
TERRY: Do you know where
Oscar is, or not?
I thought I did.
Wow, it is late!
(WHISTLES) Maybe we should
call it a night,
and start fresh in the morning?
Or just give up.
I thought you were hell-bent
on finding this guy!
What did you do, Rhian?
Did you snap, and hurt Oscar?
How can you even ask me that?
Because you've never given up
on anything in your entire life,
and you have a propensity
for violence.
Well, people change!
I mean, did you ever stop
to think about
what I have been through?
The Moonshine is closed.
My boyfriend is gone,
not to mention you cheating on me,
which, which was probably my fault.
Our marriage sucked.
It was totally dysfunctional
from the start.
Jesus, you're crying again,
you're taking blame for things.
Ah, something's gotten into you!
- MAN: That'll be $18.99, sir.
- Did I drive you away?
- Keep the change.
- Oh my God.
- Did I drive Oscar away?
- That's not what happened.
How do you know?
Because Oscar isn't just
a missing person.
He's a cop.
Undercover, his real name is
Colin Albert.
He doesn't look like a Colin!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
- Holy shit, are you pregnant?
- What? No!
God, Terry, I mean, you know
I can't get
- Dad?
- Ah, don't worry.
I've cleared the old tree, and
taken care of the situation.
Lidia told me everything,
including your big-ass lie.
LIDIA: You were picking up
Rhian from her jamboree
the night Jimmy disappeared.
Look, can we talk about this tomorrow?
It's late, I'm half asleep.
We're not gonna settle
anything tonight.
Look, let's just get some rest.
It's okay, my Darling.
(SIGHS) You don't have to do this.
Who's up for a nightcap?
- Yeah.
- Me too.
Crystal, let me ride shotgun.
I feel like I called
a kidnapper's taxi.
No, you stay! You already
let him escape once.
I'm not gonna let you screw
this up again.
Sorry, it's not like I didn't
wanna sit back here with you.
Oh, I didn't take it that way, at all.
I mean, I'm surprised you
let me out of the trunk
after what I did to you.
You bailing sucked pretty hard.
I violated your trust. I'm sorry.
No, stop! Stop manipulating him.
He's not manipulating, he's sharing.
Oh my God, this is not
a therapy session, okay?!
This is a re-kidnapping!
Oh, I don't, I don't think of
you guys as kidnappers at all.
No, more like kind-nappers.
- CRYSTAL: Oh my God.
Ryan was going through
some things, he reacted,
and this is all just a
big misunderstanding.
And that is what I'm gonna
tell my boss. Scout's honour.
Wait, you mean like, cut us a deal?
Well, that's a misconception.
Police can't do that. Lawyers do.
But I have discretion to uh,
- not charge you, if I want.
- For real?
You'd not do that for us?
No, he wouldn't, and that
is why we need to drop him off
to my Mom so this freakin'
nightmare can be over!
And please, God, Ryan, stop
trying to mess up my life.
You think I'm trying
to mess up your life?
I don't think it,
at this point, I know it.
Uh, just backing up a little,
what is your Mom exactly
gonna do to me?
Everyone in the back seat,
stop talking!

- Eleanor!
Where is she?
- It's Finn.
You're not seriously
gonna answer that, are ya?


There are a thousand reasons
why I could be sick:
stress, food poisoning
Holy hell, I'm having a kid?
- That's that
Congratulations, Rhian.
We thought we couldn't
get pregnant because of me?
Turns out it was you!
And your wheezy,
past-their-prime sperm!
Clearly no match
for my stellar uterus.
Who's barren now, Bitch?!
Maybe let's focus on the good here.
I'm having a kid.
With that bastard, lying,
sack of shit
Oh my God!
BEA: Your Father didn't have
anything to do with Jimmy.
Besides giving him a proper burial.
Jesus, Mom, spit it out.
Both of you were asleep
when Jimmy showed up.
BEA: He was drunk, and he was angry.
JIMMY: Get out here, Ken!
- Jimmy, keep your voice down.
- Come on!
You're gonna wake up the Girls.
The Girls?
My Girls.
My money. My life!
- Jimmy
- He took everything!
- Where is he?
- You need to leave.
I'm not leaving,
not without Lidia and Nora.
- No!
- Nora!
- Jimmy!
- Lidia, Nora!
- Stop, please!
- Don't tell me what to do!
Ah! Oh! Jimmy
Now I'm taking them,
and you'll never see them again.
They're mine!

- Ah!
- Oh!
You bitch! I'll kill you!
- I'll kill you all!
- Aah! (PANTING)
RHIAN: I didn't light
her hair on fire!

KEN: Bea.
I couldn't
let him take you.
(GASPS) Nora, wait!
- No, I
- I have to go.
- It's okay, I'll go.
I'm so sorry, Lidia.


I hated you for so long.
I blamed you for everything.
I'm so sorry.
I could never find a way
to make it right.
do you make something like this
If someone came after my children,
I would kill for them.
And for you.
Burying him on the front lawn?
That was Ken.
- Ohhh!
- Sentimental fool.
I thought he sent Jimmy off to sea.
There was a reason I hated that tree.

- JILL: Good job, Kiddo.
(LAUGHS) I didn't think
you had it in you.
Maybe you do take after me.
- If she kills me
- Jeez! Oscar,
no one is going to kill you. Jeez!
Get your asses over here,
or I will kill you.
I just want you guys to
know that I like you, both.
What you guys have is real.
I now know what love is.
Don't lose it!
Oh my God, he is trying to guilt us.
- No, I'm not!
- Now!
I would listen to her, if I were you.
Crystal, you don't wanna be
like your Mom.
She's a dick! Trust me!
Pick me, like I pick you every day!
Ryan, please do not mess
this up for me.
Do you love my sister?
- What?!
- I should probably say yes,
but I don't wanna lie to you
again. I don't know, Ryan,
but I sure would like to find out.
Come on!
- I'm sorry.
- For what?

What are you doing?
What is that?
- I can't wink.
- Oh!
What are you doing?! Ryan!
- Ryan! No! Ryan!
- No! Gaaaah!
- Yeeee! Aaaah!
- Oh! Oh! Oh my God!
- Woo! Woo!
- You
- Jesus!
I can't believe we just did that!
Hey, whoa, watch the speed
there, Buddy. Safety first.
Yeah, you know what,
the first time that
I kidnapped you was scary,
the second time was kinda fun,
but this time it was exhilarating!
You really stood up for yourself, man,
- that was amazing!
- You think I'm amazing?
I mean, I can't underline
this any more vividly,
that was really, really
not smart, but it was amazing!
- At least we have each other.
Give us a minute.
What's goin' on?
This about Rhian?
What? No.
I was waiting for you. Um
Dad dropped me off.
I screwed up, Terry. Okay?
But you screwed up, too.
Man, did you screw up!
I know.
Yeah, um
okay, uh
I love you.
but if you take a cheese grater
to my heart, I swear to God
- I love you, too.
- Oh!
You know I'm gonna mess
this up right, like, a lot.
But then we'll fix it.
I totally wanna have sex
on your desk right now,
which is creepy,
given where things are at.
- I
- What?
I, I don't mean to ruin the moment,
but you're not just saying
all this 'cause
the RCMP's investigating
The Moonshine, are you?

How hard is it to find one person
in that smudge mark on a map?!
I'm worried, okay, and not
just because it's my career
on the line, it's it's Colin.
I didn't know how much I cared
about that little idiot.
Don't know what you got
'til it's gone, I guess.
I'm just here to empty your garbage.
Well, I'm on the next flight
out to Foxton, Nova Scotia.
Little joint called The Moonshine.
Wherever that is.
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