Moonshine (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

So Long, Farewell, You're Staying

Previously on "Moonshine."
- Buddy!
- Please don't kill me.
Get your asses over here,
or I will kill you.
- I would listen to her!
- What are you doing?!
Ah! Ha ha!
Your Mom begged me to save the place,
and now I've got bikers up my ass.
Holy hell, I'm having a kid?!
My daughter's an anarchist,
my son's clinically depressed.
I'm not leaving with Lidia and Nora.
I couldn't let him take you.
I'm on the next flight out
to Foxton, Nova Scotia.
Little joint called The Moonshine.
Destiny. Fate.
A woman can try to control it,
but at a certain point
she's gotta make peace
with the cards she's been dealt.
Even if those cards happen
to be divorce,
bankruptcy, drug smuggling,
a kid that hates me.
I doubt I'll ever have sex again.
Psychotic siblings.
And I'm just gonna say it: murder.
I guess it's not technically
murder when the killer
was a Mother only trying
to protect her young.
I mean, I've imagined
the death of my ex
many, many times. Haven't you?
Oh, God, it just feels so good
to get this off my chest.
Being real, shedding my shell,
making room for change.
But I gotta be honest,
kinda feeling judged right now.
You will not die in vain!
It's my life, it's my life ♪
It's my life, my life ♪
It's my life, it's my life ♪
It's my life, my life ♪
Explain to me why The Moonshine
is hosting a police fundraiser?
We should be defunding the police,
not supporting their brutality
with fish soup.
The money isn't for the police,
it's for pediatric cancer.
Little Larry Leukemia, may be 36 now,
and an opiate-addicted prick,
but damnit if he isn't still alive.
Yeah, we donate the campsites,
and the Shore Club,
and the cops donate the raffle prize.
A crockpot.
When we were young, we
performed at the variety show.
The only musical number
was seven decent rolls.
Will no one hold this family
accountable for their sins?
Silence is violence.
She's not wrong.
One weight lifted, another few found.
What do you feel about giving
him, Jimmy,
a proper send-off?
I suppose he deserves that.
We could say a few words.
Bonfire, maybe.
The ol' potato gun salute.
It's a pretty nice place to windup.
The Moonshine could be his home, too.
Until Jill kicks us to the curb.
No, that won't happen.
Mom, Ryan's calling around.
We'll find the stupid drugs.
We can still fight for this place.
I'm tired of fighting, Lidia.
You don't have to!
I'll take care of it.
Oh, it'll be okay.
I've got my family back.
That is home enough for me.
- I deserve that.
- No, you earned that.
You deserve this.
- You look really pretty.
- Lying bastard.
- Your family told you.
- Yep! Your real name is Colin,
and you're not a lawyer,
you're a narc.
Technically, RCMP Forensic Finance.
Glorified accountant, which
is why I chose the name Oscar,
you know, "The Untouchables"
the movie.
I wanted to tell you
so many times, Rhian.
I, I didn't think I'd fall
for a suspect.
Uh, try a victim. I had no clue
about that stupid smuggling ring,
and now I
never mind, it doesn't matter.
Not now.
So, you're choosing your job over me.
- Over us.
- No.
Yes? Maybe.
I don't know. I'm gonna figure it out.
- After lunch.
- Lunch?
Your Mom invited me for lunch.
It would be rude to say no!
Do you know what else is rude?
Ruining my already ruined life.
Wait, wait. Rhian!
Hey, small ask, how
long would it take for you
to drag a few miles of coastline?
Few weeks, huh? See ya.
Did Mean Mommy send you?
Babe, I know that you
and I don't agree
about the whole Oscar-Colin
- impressing my Mom thing.
- I concur.
Right, but what other
choice did I have?
You know, also not smart
running off with Oscar.
My Mom knows that he is here
and she is pissed.
Babe, we found Oscar on our own.
We didn't need your Mom's help.
But I wanted her help.
You know, what's so wrong with that?
She's never had your back!
She never came to Family Day in rehab,
she missed every friends-giving.
You remember when she sent you
away to that
weird Christian summer camp?
Yeah, they told me
that Jesus loves me,
but that I am bad. And also,
that my shorts were too short,
but like, they're shorts,
that's their whole point.
It's a dick move, Babe.
It's just, my relationship
with my Mom has revolved.
You know, she says that I can
be part of the business,
and you can be part
of the business too.
No, Oscar said that
Oscar wants to put you
and your whole family in jail.
Oscar is my bud.
No one is going to jail, I promise!
It's usually at
this point I melt,
and I smile and
look at the veins popping
out of your super hot arms,
and I remember
I love you.
And I agree to go
along with your plan.
But not this time, Ryan.
Goodbye. For real.
Ryan have any luck finding the drugs?
No, and we got bigger problems.
I just got a message,
Jill called off the deal
and we don't know who the buyers are.
But what if we do know
who the buyers are?
- What did you do?
- Well, you know,
just pulled all the Foxton
court records
on known drug traffickers,
and then, I cross-referenced those
A biker gang. It's a biker
gang in New Brunswick.
They run a side business here, though.
You know, when Daniel
and I were late with a job,
we'd deploy the Lidia charm bomb -
a little wine, little dine,
they'd barely remember their
Italian marble foyer
would take six more weeks to complete.
We're meeting them at 4:00.
Sammy, this is some hero level shit!
Yes, it is!
Aha! They won't know what hit them.
The sun is shining down ♪
Shining down to the ground ♪
That one goes out
to a dead guy I barely knew.
Gone, but not forgotten.
Blaze on, Jimmy James.
Hi. Um, just a thought,
how about we not broadcast
the name of the man our Mother killed,
- to our entire town?
- Yeah, that's a decent point.
How ya doin'?
I dunno, Terry and I
are back together.
I mean, we were never together,
together, but um,
we are now, so,
- I guess
- Happy?
Emotionally scarred,
but yes, happy.
Oh, God, is that what this is?
It's so weird.
Nor, I'm so thrilled for you.
Not gonna lie, for myself, too.
It's gonna make what
I'm about to ask you,
so much easier.
Okay, pouring more wine.
Okay, acknowledging
our summer has taken
- a very weird, dark turn.
- Yes.
Any chance Terry might be
able to throw the scent off
while I broker time with
a terrifying biker gang?
Define "throw scent off."
We all know Jill LeBlanc
has been smuggling
off our land for decades.
Okay, you want Terry
to plant evidence on Jill
so Mom's ass isn't thrown in jail
and we have time to bury a body.
Didn't say that. Very glad you did.
Ugh, Mr. Squeaky Clean
is gonna love this.
- Let me see what I can do.
- Oh, thank you!
- Okay, get out.
- Thank you, thank you,
- thank you, thank you!
- Go, please!
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Love you so much! I leave you now.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
W-What is in this?
Dead fish.
Best chowder on the south shore.
Made famous by Bea's
secret ingredient.
I don't even know what it is.
Crack? Human souls?
Lots of dead fish.
So, Oscar, or Colin, is it?
I have to admit,
this is not how I expected
- my cover to be blown.
- Act like an ass,
have your cover blown like an ass.
You could not be more right, Ma'am.
No, I could not.
And we didn't ask you here
just to sample chowder.
Uh, if this is about
the smuggling charges,
believe me when I say I admire
you and your family immensely.
But I'm just a small man trying
to make it in this big world.
What are your intentions
with our daughter?
Rhian is hurting. You did that to her.
You ever think about that?
I was gonna poison that chowder.
Hand you over to Jill myself.
Thank Mr. Good Vibes, here,
for talking me out of it.
Sir. Ma'am.
I have strong feelings
for Rhian, I do,
but my boss is depending on me,
and my career is depending on my boss,
- so you see my dilemma.
- I don't.
Son, the Finley-Cullens
are lovers,
chowder makers.
I can fix a vintage diesel
engine with my eyes closed,
and a goddamn rubber band!
We're a mess.
But we're not criminals.
Not in the spiritual
sense of the word.
In addition to the smuggling,
you guys are super
behind on your taxes,
not to mention the inconsistencies
and unaccounted for cash revenue,
which is what led me to you
guys in the first place.
A few back taxes, what's the big deal?
The big deal is that
The Moonshine has been used
as a smuggling drop for decades.
All evidence points to this family.
All evidence points to the land,
and this family just happens
to live on it.
I don't have a witty response to that.
Just remember, rules aren't
as important as being kind
and surrounding yourself
with good people.
Enjoy the chowder, Son.
I was thinking maybe
it's not too late to apply
for the winter semester at Julliard.
Oh, Buddy. Yes! That is great news!
Yeah, thanks, Dad.
I know Mom didn't want us
to come back to New York.
Oh, um
listen, Finn, that-that was me.
I, I'm the one who told your Mom I
I didn't want you here.
I was being, I was being selfish.
I, I was just trying
to figure things out, and I
I'm sorry.
- Dad, I gotta call you back.
- Finn!
- I'll go in.
- Why, 'cause we're girls?
- Did you have to invite her?
- She invited herself.
Okay, well, they're expecting me.
Some dude named Gale.
- That's a girl's name.
- Not necessarily.
I had a trainer named Gale.
He had huge biceps,
and a dog named Meaty.
No one wants to have sex
with a guy named Gale.
- Hurt me, Gale. Just no.
- Ugh, this was my idea,
and as such,
I will go in and meet Gale,
who may be a woman,
because girls could be scary.
Drug-dealing bikers, too.
Hey, Blondie.
- Hi!
- You Sammy?
No, I'm, I'm uh, I'm Sammy.
And I'm his sister. Not by blood.
Uh, this is our other sister,
Rhian, also not by blood.
Long story. And you are?
Um, is Gale here?
Can I help you?
Yes, you can.
Uh, I'm Lidia.
Well, hello, Lidia.
I'm not sure what you're doing here.
The deal with Jill
and her middleman
- Middle woman. My mom.
- was called off.
And I am here to call it back on.
- You have the shipment?
- Teeny snag.
Um, we don't actually have
have it on hand yet.
Hmm, that is a snag.
We need a couple more days
to deliver. Tops.
And trust me, we are super
committed to making this work
since we need the money
to fix the septic.
Right, that's not
how this works. Okay?
The club has a strict code of conduct,
business is business,
and I gotta protect the brand,
and I'm not even the endgame.
I'm a businesswoman too, Gale.
I'm an architect from New York,
and I blow up contracts,
deadlines, all the time.
Know how many times
I've had client orders
from Milan stuck in customs?
I bet you're gonna tell me.
So many times,
and it always works out.
The pampered princess from Park Avenue
gets her handcrafted
copper soaker tub,
and everyone's happy!
Except her husband,
because those mothers cost a mint.
I'm more of a rain shower guy, myself.
You have showers in here?
No, I have a small farm close by.
I've always wanted a farm.
Couple of dozen acres.
Some lavender fields.
- Lots of places to bathe.
- Oh. Uh-huh.
- You can trust me.
- Can I?
Four karats,
40K of fairy-tale engagement bling.
I blow this, you keep it.
Your husband won't mind?
We're getting a divorce.
My marriage was a disaster.
Except our kids who now hate me.
I mean, eventually they'll come
around if I'm not in jail,
or disowned.
My mom never tells me things
and she made some very risky
Now I've complicated because I
yeah, single.
Tomorrow. Midnight.
It's a date.
Not that kinda date.
Thank you for your time.
Don't ask me to get involved
in your family's crazy criminal shit.
The Finley-Cullens aren't criminals.
We just do stupid things
sometimes for good reasons.
Usually. Come on, Ter,
everyone knows the LeBlancs
have been smugglers for generations.
We've never been able to prove it.
Right, which is why we need
to go get that Hillbilly meth
that you took from One-Eye
I'm not planting evidence.
Hmm? Come on.
Right? I know there's a dirty
cop in there, somewhere.
- There is.
- Mm-hmm?
But this conversation never happened.
Finn. Finn!
Why are you ignoring me?
- I saw you with Michael.
- So?
Hey, what's up? Come on, talk to me!
Michael and I,
I thought we had a thing.
That we were together.
Together, together.
I didn't know. He didn't tell me.
It doesn't matter. It's okay.
Finn, I don't even
like Michael that much,
not in that way.
Just leave me alone.
I think you're eating your feelings.
I think you're right.
Plus, I'm hiding from Jill
until my boss gets here.
Meeting Rhian.
Hanging out with you, your family,
this, this chowder,
this was the best summer of my life.
- I don't want it to end.
- Then call off your boss!
Don't arrest my family, Bro.
This is my ticket out
of forensic accounting, man.
We work in cubicles.
Six by six feet of file folder hell.
It's a small, square life,
devoid of
You showed me that.
Yeah. Running into you that night,
my first real kidnapping.
I never would've had the guts
to think about my future.
Or my relationship with Crystal,
if I hadn't have almost killed you.
- We broke up.
- I did see that coming.
But at least I have you!
I mean, think of the odds!
Of all the campgrounds,
all the smuggling operations,
it's crazy shit like this
that leads us
to far more valuable
treasures than 300K
in illegal Chinese pharmaceuticals.
Can't stop the tides
of emotional change,
once they're in motion.
Tides. Tides.
Tides. Tides. Tides. Tides.
- Are you having a stroke?
- No. Uh,
I, I have to go help Lidia
with something.
Plenty o' chowder.
You fill your boots, okay?
I always knew that penmanship prize
would come in handy.
It's one talent that didn't
require a bikini top.
It's not my penmanship, it's Bea's.
I like the way she does her F's.
Just put that list on Bea's
desk, and case closed.
You're not still mooning
over that waste of skin, Ryan,
are you?
When he finds out that I
planted evidence on his family,
you know, so many shipping
that you stole.
Finley-Cullen's knew what I was doing.
On their land.
Which you are also trying to steal.
This isn't stealing,
it's smart business.
I lent the family money,
they messed up.
Now I get The Moonshine for a song.
But Mom, like, it's their home.
Tough! You know our family's
been in this game
since smuggling came
with a mast and a peg leg.
All it took was one moronic
to bring the cops to our door.
People aren't perfect.
They make mistakes sometimes,
and sometimes they make
a lot of mistakes,
but that doesn't mean that they
don't love each other and,
and even when they don't pay
overtime, in their hearts,
- they mean no harm!
- That's bullshit.
That family's selfish.
Every single one of them.
I was the only one who cared
about Felicia,
and what'd it get me?
She should've left me
her shares of The Moonshine,
not that goody-two-shoes Lidia.
I am sure that Felicia loved you, Mom.
But for the record, Lidia is awesome.
She is a survivor,
like the Destiny's Child song.
The LeBlanc women are survivors, too.
You know why?
Because we don't waste our time
with this sentimental bullshit.
So, the smugglers
were supposed to make the drop
- somewhere along the cove.
- Okay, yeah,
but the search and rescue
chopper scared them off.
They could've dumped
the drugs anywhere.
- Yeah.
- Or paddle boats!
- I don't get it.
- Huh?
Okay, you know when uh,
we lose a boat because some
ass-hat camper
forgets to tie it up, and
I always have to find them?
My secret weapon: doing nothing.
- Can you
- What?
The sweet caress of mother ocean
entices the boats back
to shore. Eventually.
But we checked the entire shoreline.
Right, but not when father moon
takes sweet baby gravity away
from his ex-wife, mother ocean.
I think he mean's low tide.
Oh, th-th-that's right. Bingo!
Ladies and gentlebro, it's low tide.
- Right now.
- Oh.
Did he
This is insane. We're not Amazon.
Like, no one's gonna leave
a bad review
if the drugs are a bit wet.
Gale was kind enough
to give us more time.
The leader of the hard-core
biker gang
is named Gale?
It's an old-English name
meaning "Jovial", "Merry."
He's a Virgo.
Is he hot?
- Smokin'.
- Oh!
Merry and hot. Oh, my!
Anyway, as I was saying,
Gale was kind enough
to give us more time;
the very least we can do
is pick off the seaweed.
Lady boner.
Yeah, do us a courtesy
and tuck that thing up.
Please, men are the last
thing on my mind,
especially not some
bike-gang enforcer.
The whitest teeth I've ever seen.
And did you smell him?
Woodsy, with just a hint of citrus.
Oh, God.
Holy shit! You're pregnant!
God, help us, she's multiplying.
I can't believe my sister
and I are having a baby.
There's a word for that, but
we can talk about that later.
- Why didn't you tell us?
- Right.
We should do what we always do,
cozy up around the fire,
make hot chocolate,
tell sister secrets?
- Is it Terry's?
- I'm not taking care of it.
No! It's Oscar's!
My man!
Oh, my God, I couldn't have
planned this better if I tried!
That rat Oscar won't arrest
the grandmother
- of his unborn child!
- He's not a rat, he's a narc,
and he doesn't know.
What? Why?
Oscar-Colin needs to make
the decision to be with me.
He needs to choose me over
his precious Lady Justice
because he loves me,
and not out of some stupid
guilt-driven baby mama nonsense.
The miracle turns into a nightmare.
If one of you breathes
a word of this to him,
I will make that scene
from "The Godfather"
where the guy wakes up with
the horse head in his bed,
look like a trip from
the frickin' tooth fairy.
I'm Detective Lancaster.
- Nice to finally meet you.
- Terry Gallagher.
- Where's my guy?
- He hasn't called you?
Oh, no, he called.
Just refused to tell me where he was.
One guess, Moonshine.
Shacked up with your ex.
No clue.
So, you uh,
have enough evidence
to make some arrests?
Well, if Oscar actually has
the evidence he's promised,
- That Die-dler Cove?
- That's Foxton Cove.
Locals used to call it
Diddler Cove, so,
hence the name change.
How did you know that,
that's what it was called?
An anonymous tip.
So, that's where the drug
drop went down.
Finn? Finn! F-Finn!
Finn! Finn!
Help! Help! Somebody help!
Somebody help!
- Was that cruel?
- It was justice.
No one screws with a Finley-Cullen.
You know, I'm kinda glad Dad said
we couldn't come back to New York.
- What?
- He was having an affair, El.
- He didn't want us there.
- That's not true.
Yes, it is.
Mom covered for him
so we wouldn't hate him.
She took the fall.
She didn't keep you here
to ruin your life, El.
Just, just go easy on her.
- Don't touch me.
- Stop it!
- Stop!
- No!
They will be counting, weighing,
whatever drug-men, people do.
- Ryan.
- Fine!
You imbecile. What is wrong with you?
Don't answer that, we're in a rush.
She didn't mean that, Little Buddy?
Your Uncle Ryan is awesome.
Ew. Oh my God.
Down came the rain ♪
And washed the spider out ♪
What in the name of
Oh, my. Oh, my, my.
- You're
- Knocked up? Bun in the oven?
Feeling like a parasite's
forcing me to eat
every five minutes? Yes. Yes, I am.
That is just wonderful, Rhian.
This does change things.
Baby needs two things in life: love
and a home.
How about we put our heads together
and come up with a plan
to make that happen?
Never been ghosted this hard
by a man I haven't screwed.
I needed a few personal days.
Stress of the case really got to me.
Whatever. The place is surrounded.
Now that I know you're safe,
I can pull the trigger on this Op.
I need more time.
Wait until after the show.
It's for cancer. And the chowder,
oh, it's gonna blow your mind.
Can I get ya a bowl?
You're lucky my Aunt had cancer.
And I wouldn't say no to a few carbs.
Stay of execution.
The show goes on, then we roll.
And do not let one Finley
Cullen leave this building.
And Colin, I spoke with the Boss.
We lock this turd down,
you'll be making it out
of the cubicle after all.
Fulltime undercover. Congrats.
We are surrounded by police.
We've got a body rolled up
in a carpet.
And only one way off the property.
Door behind that stupid stage.
- What could go wrong?
- It'll all work out.
Listen to your mother.
Let's blow some minds, people!
Well, I think it's time
to get ready ♪
To realize just what I have found ♪
I have lived only
half of what I am ♪
It's all clear to me now ♪
My heart is on fire ♪
My soul's like
a wheel that's turnin' ♪
My love is alive ♪
Ah jeez.
- First big bust jitters?
- Yeah, I guess.
Your Boss said that
you cracked the case
because of a couple random,
anonymous tips.
- And my diligent police work.
- Yeah, of course.
Of course, of course.
Hey, just out of curiosity,
did you guys get an intel
on who phoned in the tips?
No, it was a local burner phone.
No idea who she was.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- I gotta bail on my act.
- Ah! Why?
I'll be back.
- And I'm gonna need your help.
- Well
Brought to you by Cove FM
and the super cryptic Foxton
Police Department.
Welcome to the 30th Annual
Charity Talent Show and Raffle.
Open bar! You're gonna need it.
So, Rhett and I met on a
dating app for lumberjacks.
Yeah, it's called Timber. Get it?
Okay! One last act before we announce
the big winner of the raffle
prize tonight.
All hail, Dysfunctional Von Trapps.
There's a sad sort of clanging ♪
From the clock in the hall ♪
And the bells in the steeple, too ♪
And over at the bar
and absurd little bird ♪
Is popping out to say, "Cuckoo" ♪
Cuckoo, Cuckoo ♪
Regretfully they tell us ♪
But firmly they compel us ♪
To say goodbye ♪
To you ♪
So long, farewell,
auf wiedersehen, goodnight ♪
I hate to go and leave
this batshit sight ♪
So long, farewell,
auf wiedersehen, adieu ♪
Adieu, adieu,
to yieu and yieu and yieu ♪
So long, farewell,
au revoir, auf wiedersehen ♪
I'd like to stay
and taste my first champagne ♪
You've snuck it many
times before. Noooo!
So long, farewell,
auf wiedersehen, goodnight ♪
I heave and leave
a sigh and say goodbye goo ♪
Goodbye! ♪
I'm glad to go ♪
I cannot tell a lie ♪
The sun ♪
Has gone to bed ♪
And so must I ♪
Goodbye ♪
Goodbye ♪
Goodbye! ♪
I don't wanna say goodbye.
Are you sure you don't
want me to come with you?
No, they need you here.
And if anything goes wrong,
I will take the fall. Okay?
First-time offender.
And we will say we tried. Mm-hmm?
You look good in that apron, Mom.
It reminds me of when we were small.
I'm glad you're home, Baby Girl.
Me too.
I'm surprised to see you here.
Run out of lives to ruin?
Feels appropriate that the uh,
new owner of The Moonshine
should attend.
You always wanted what was mine.
My home.
My family.
God, even my husband.
He told me
you propositioned him years ago.
The only man who didn't
give you a second look.
I tolerated you
and I pitied you.
Your lonely, spiteful life.
Even your own Daughter
is terrified of you.
That poor, broken child.
But do you know what?
Stealing our home isn't gonna
make a damn bit of difference.
Okay, and the winner
of tonight's raffle prize is
Jill LeBlanc!
Well, well, would you look at that.
- Sucks to be me.
- Jill?
You are a light amongst Alpine lights.
That was exhilarating.
I don't need your pity.
Or your approval. Okay? Move.
- Uh
- Oh, please.
I don't wanna be a cubicle drone
or a third heavy
from a Stallone movie.
I love you, Rhian.
Are you screwing with me?
I swear on your clipboard.
I'm pregnant.
Okay, so the Deranged Keebler
Elves had their fun.
- Let's go!
- The Moonshine's clean.
I found out who the real smuggler is.
Gimme what you got.
I'll look into it after
I raid this place.
No, the raid will tip them
off and blow your case.
Fine, I'll make the bust myself.
And how's that gonna look?
Variety show Elvis
kicks big-city cop's ass.
You're wrong about this,
I'll use your balls as a slingshot.
Let's go!
Rest easy, Jimmy.
Hot dress.
Whoa, what the hell?
Jeez! What's this all about?
- You're under arrest.
- For what?
- Theft, smuggling.
- You have no proof of that.
Would you mind opening that up?
Interesting chili recipe.
That's not mine, and you know it.
I just love when crooks
are stupid enough
to be organized.
Nice penmanship, by the way.
Ugh! Oh, Jesus.
Someone planted those drugs.
Well, you're not the only one
who likes to tip off the RCMP.
Nobody calls it Die-dler Cove
except diehard locals.
That's sloppy, Jill.
Okay, then.
Been a slice.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Oh, right.
Oh. Seems sudden.
Oh, God. I gotta ask you,
what are you wearing?
You have to tell me.
You smell like a goddamn
You-you're funny.
There is that.
'Til we meet again.
Hopefully never.
You didn't think this
was over, did you?
Well, Jimmy,
what can I say?
You were such a troubled soul,
but you gave me so much.
All I ever wanted.
Blaze on, old friend.
What? There's no wrong way to grieve.
- Rest in peace, Jimmy.
- Circle of life.
- Born alone.
- We were born together.
- Die alone.
- We're literally all here.
Yeah, we are.
I never knew Jimmy
before he lost his way.
Mom, Dad, you did the heavy
lifting with us.
Five insane kids.
- We weren't easy.
- Weren't?
But you loved and protected us,
as parents should, no matter what.
I love you.
I love you.
You would've adored your Grandkids.
They have beautiful hearts,
and renegade spirits.
Which I hope you'll all embrace
as we move The Moonshine
to the next chapter.
How does everyone feel about
outlaw bikers?
What'd she say?
Hells yeah!
That's what I'm talkin' about!
- Let's do it!
- Wooo!
Lookin' for adventure ♪
And whatever comes our way ♪
Yeah, Darlin',
gonna make it happen ♪
Take the world in a love embrace ♪
Fire all your guns at once ♪
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