Moonshine (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The Three Sisters of Fate

This is a story
about a four-letter word.
The most dangerous
four-letter word of all.
And like most tales worth telling,
the story involves women.
Three glorious, complicated sisters.
The first sister
was the goddess, Nona,
who spun the thread of life.
She was called upon
when women were in a pregnant
state of bliss.
Or crisis.
Then there was Decima,
who measured the necessities of life
with her trusty measuring rod.
Finally, there was Atropos,
also known by her Roman name, Morta.
Yep, her name was literally "death".
Morta was responsible for
cutting the threads of life.
Or in my case,
cutting threads of my old life
in an attempt to bring myself
back to life.
Do I have permission
to take off your shirt?
I can take off my own shirt.
- Or we can take off yours.
- Yeah.
Oh yeah.
- Oh!
- Oh, Lidia!
Oh! Oh yes!
Oh! Gale!
- Gale!
- Mom?
- Gale!
- Mom!
Ah! Oh!
We need to talk about doors.
What's with the pervy smile?
Thinking of your outlaw biker?
- What was his name? Dale?
- Gale.
Yep, that smile can only
mean one thing.
Boning in Bonertown.
Okay, so maybe I had one
teeny, tiny
oh, totally epic sex dream.
- Oh boy.
- It was just a dream, Nor.
First comes the sex dream,
then comes the cheapy extensions,
and a flaming skull tramp stamp.
Since when are you the man police?
When the man does dangerous
drug deals for funsies,
and you are considering getting
into business with him.
Uh, our family was in
on said drug deal,
and we aren't dangerous criminals.
And while I may have gotten caught up
in the excitement of the outlaw
biker thing for a moment,
- that moment has passed.
- Clearly.
- How's Terry?
- Hmm, pressuring my ass.
- Does he want a baby?
- Hmm.
Did he propose?
Promise spring wedding
so peonies are in season.
No, he didn't propose, it's worse.
He wants to see me.
- Like, all the time.
- Oh, my God.
Because he's in love with you.
He's trying to break me
of my three-night rule.
A limit on sequential sleepovers
and never at my place.
His place? Fine.
- Cove FM? No problem.
- You're insane.
I don't want Terry
manning around my pad
with his man stuff.
A woman's apartment is sacred ground.
Oh apologies, am I in your way?
How is that you two
are tanning on easy street
while everyone else is
grinding their asses off
to get this place reopened?
And by everyone else, I mean me.
The giver of life.
- Tanning is work.
- Look at her legs.
Yeah, don't you care about
optics? You want us to be
the Moonshine's own best
advertisement, don't you?
What I care about is you
boning that biker
so we don't get boned.
It's much more fun than a bank loan.
Think of the cash we could be making.
I mean, you might even
get your rebuild.
No, we are not getting
into bed business
with bikers. I'll find another way.
Or I will shred you into fertilizer!
Motherhood is really
softening her edges.
- God, so cranky.
- Or annoying. Okay, okay.
- We're polite.
- We're going, come on.
- Buzzkill.
- I know, buzzkill!
Dude, last night was crunk!
- Yeah, you know it!
- All right! Later, bro!
Best of the republic of good times!
Ry! Ry, look!
The all you can flush grand
re-opening balloons came in.
With helium.
- Have you been drinking?
- No, I'm all good.
'Cause like, I would
understand, if you were.
You know, but it's not your fault
- that we lost the apartment.
- Literally was.
- I forgot to pay the rent.
- Yes, or, it was just the
the universe telling us
that it wasn't meant to be.
Oh. Oh, crap. Oh, crap, crap. Crap!
- Or that.
- Crap!
- Oxford?
- What's that about?
- Grad school interview.
- Maybe.
England. So cool.
Even the inbred royals
who reject women
who have their own minds and opinions.
Best anthropology departments
in the world.
Man, if I had a free pass
outta here
Not free. I have to get a scholarship.
I don't even know
if I wanna go, you know?
The Moonshine needs me. I can't leave.
- Okay, fine, I'm making excuses.
- Uncle Sammy
You can be the glue or the glue gun.
The stuff that sticks shit
together around here,
or the tool that controls
is own destiny.
- She just called you a tool.
- No, she called me stuck.
- We're all stuck.
- It's true.
Can check out any time you
like, but no one ever leaves.
Okay, never quote Don Henley
in front of me. Ever.
Who? I just made that up.
Sammy, you're 22.
Not much time left.
Addressed to the entire family.
Not a bomb.
This old door needs replacing,
not repairing.
You can't make a silk purse
out of a sow's ear.
Well, I happen to like sow's ears.
Who replaced my wife with an optimist?
A new grandchild on the way.
- Hmm.
- We have our home back.
Things are finally as they should be.
Including my mood.
- That's good enough for me.
- Mm-hmm.
Expecting a delivery?
We owe money to someone in Norway?
Christ on a crapstick.
It came back?
What came back?
It was never supposed to come back.
Seriously, why are we all here,
staring at an old bottle,
like zombies?
'Cause this is the
Finley-Cullen vessel of fate.
It was Aunt Felicia's idea,
couple years before this one was born.
We all wrote down our fates,
sealed them in this bottle,
and sent it off into the universe.
AKA, we took it to the beach,
Mom and Dad got day drunk,
the tide came in,
and bye-bye vessel of fate.
This is an omen, okay?
- This is like bad luck.
- It's something.
Maybe it'll contain sage advice.
- Or mini crabs. Let's open it!
- Uh, no!
We promised Aunt Felicia we'd
let the universe decide.
Now that she's not here
- What the?
- The bottle!
Aunt Felicia?
The bottle has spoken.
Ry, come on! It was the wind!
- Gimme those.
- Oh.
Rolled scrolls. Got a blue one!
Please remember that I was
always nice to you.
- It's blank.
- Yeah! Because even as a kid,
I knew that fate is nothing
more than a made-up thing
that lazy people use so they
have something to blame
when things go sideways.
"Tatted up, hot girlfriend."
- Ah!
- "Funnel beer like a champ.
Never work for the man!"
I've done all these things.
- Yeah!
- My life's work is done.
- It's over.
- No! No, Babe!
It just means that it's time
- for an upgrade.
- Seriously, Ry,
you're almost 40, like, grow up.
And you had your life all figured out?
Find an employed husband.
Corporate and physical
Moonshine domination.
She was ten.
Oh, my God, I
I should've been in charge
of The Moonshine by now.
- Fate is mocking me!
- Hey, hey!
Two out of three is pretty
good. Right, guys?
Okay, let's see what we have here.
Inherit half of a bankrupt campground.
Ah! Completely unreadable.
That can't be good.
Fate is an illegible ink blotch.
Or an opportunity to create
a bright, new future.
Is she high?
Well, I wish I had a fresh start
when I was still young enough
to enjoy it.
- You're not that old.
- We're not, not that old.
Maybe this is a sign. Blank slate.
The first day of what's left
of the rest of my life
starts right now.
Whaddya say, Mom, you in?
- Hmm.
- Did the universe provide?
Keep you posted, hmm.
"Be free"
Were we ever free?
Hard to trip the light
fantastic with five kids
and a home that doubles
as a front desk.
You still wanna be free, my love?
Hells yeah.
Maybe it's time we
give fate a helping hand.
You've been staring
at that paper for hours.
With the limited life
I have remaining,
it's hard to choose
just one fate, you know.
Well, it's nice that your
family has these traditions.
Like, I never got that with my family.
Unless you count parole pancakes.
Every time one of my uncles
would get outta the klink,
we'd go out for a short stack
to celebrate.
- And then, run out on the bill.
- We can have traditions, too.
- I love pancakes!
- Ry.
- With extra syrup.
- Here's the thing.
Fate is just another way
of spelling "goal".
You know, it's important
that you set your sights
on one thing and go for it.
It's-it's also um
some might say, easier to do sober.
I'm just saying.
Ooh, sorry.
I want you to be proud of me.
I want me to be proud of you, too.
You and your family are um
well, you're all I have now.
So, no pressure!
Good Lord, Son,
do we have to book
the plane tickets for you?
Go to grad school! Be free.
Just don't send us the bill.
I told you I was thinking
about it. And
where-where are you two going?
Whichever way the wind blows.
And will the wind be blowing you back
for the afternoon shift?
I doubt it.
Come on, you.
First time off in 30 years.
What do you wanna do?
Cooler at 12:00 o'clock.
Oh, hello, how are you?
It's a beautiful day.
You should check out
the fish and chips.
You will not be disappointed.
- Lookout!
- Oh, this is overdue!
Mom's in a good mood these days.
Yeah. She's waiting
for the other shoe to drop.
- Oh, always does.
- Kicks us in the ass.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where's my
- Okay.
- Where did I put my
Be honest,
do I have mom boobs?
- Pull up your jeans.
- No.
- Do it. Now!
- No.
Shaved legs.
Sex dream becomes manifest.
Why does self-care
have to be about a man?
Maybe my legs are tired of looking
like depressed cacti.
Oh, okay fine, it's for a man.
Gale texted me. You think
he knows about the sex dream?
Was it a dick pic?
I agreed to meet up, only to tell him
I'm not interested
in any more drug deals.
Or in jumping into bed
with the first smoking hot
- outlaw biker I meet.
- Can we put money on this?
It's a perfectly innocent coffee date.
Perfectly innocent coffee
date that requires contouring.
I just felt such a connection to him!
God! Is my fate a tatted-out
biker god?
Not on my watch, it isn't.
Okay. You worry about
your own relationship.
- I am!
- If Terry loves me,
then he has to love all of me.
- Just not three nights in a row.
- Nor! Grow up!
Stagnant is not a good look.
- Oh, says who?
- The fates?
- What?
- Wish me luck.
Oh, God.
You are just so just annoying.
Oh, hang on, you've got
something stuck to your
- hang on.
- Oh!
- Yeah. What the?
- Thank you. Bye!
Oh, come on!
This scroll of fate bullshit.
Hello! Gale?
Hairy biker dudes? Ha, ha. Anyone?
Oh, hey.
- You got my text.
- I was gonna text you back,
but given what I wanted to discuss,
it seemed rude and impersonal.
So, the thing is
your proposition,
while usually enticing,
I just need you to know
I-I don't think it's a good
idea right now.
- And why is that?
- Well, for one,
my family has had enough
of the crime stuff
to last a lifetime.
Uh, or at least the rest
of the summer. Heh.
So, whatever obligations
we may or may not have had
to your organization, I'm
afraid I'm gonna have to pass.
This Finley-Cullen is goin' straight.
Say hello to Goody Two-Shoes. Heh.
Goody Two-Shoes.
Well, that's a shame.
Oh you mean the
other kind of proposition.
Okay, well, um
here's the thing with that. Um
I've been single for like,
five minutes, and-and
I just have to figure
a lot of stuff out
before getting into another situation.
You know, my family, my career.
I don't even know if this
still works, to be honest.
So, you don't wanna bid
on my renovation?
Sorry, your renovation?
Is that a euphemism
or s-some sexy biker code word?
I'm thinking of expanding this place.
- You're an architect?
- Yes, I was.
I mean, I am. Oh, God.
I was afraid you might be
too upscale to take me up.
Me? No.
Only old me, maybe. But the new me
architect for the people.
I would whore myself out to anyone,
in the professional sense.
- Would you like a beer?
- Yes!
Lots of potential here.
Very raw.
- Do you have a number in mind?
- Uh, money's no object.
I don't hear that very often
So, what were you thinking,
like a client lounge, maybe?
- Privacy.
- That-that could work.
Hmm. Replace this old bar
with custom counters.
- Reclaimed wood.
- Cedar, maybe.
- Hmm. A walnut. Hard wood.
- Thick.
Ha! Do you like skylights?
Skylights would be so nice.
Yes, for the second level.
Nice. And then of course,
we'd have to discuss
furniture. The bed.
Okay. Chat soon.
Oh, you want me to go.
Don't forget to get me that quote.
On it.
Yeah! Oh!
Ow! Oh!
Oh, God.
Ow. Ow. Careful. Ow!
Not sure why they call it
no fault insurance,
when it's clearly your fault.
Got a little distracted.
She's having sex dreams
about the biker.
Well, he asked if I could
renovate his garage.
Is that some pervy biker euphemism
- for helping us raise more cash?
- No.
And I told you, no more
shady shadiness.
We have to find out how
to make the Moonshine solvent
- without going to jail.
- Your call.
After all, you inherited
the Moonshine, not me.
- Huh.
- Ow!
So, Gale's proposition was
- A straight-up renovation.
- Nothing happened.
I think. I mean, I thought
he was coming on to me.
And then, he switched gears. And then,
I crashed into The Moonshine
sign, totally unrelated.
Called it. First hot dude
to look your way
after a dead-bed marriage.
I will not compromise
my professional reputation
for a client, male or
otherwise. What am I, 13?
Would you like me to
remind you what you wrote
- on your stupid fate scroll?
- It's time.
Most middle schoolers wish for boobs
that are the same size as each other.
- To be a rock star.
- A cordless weedwhacker.
But Lidia Finley-Cullen,
she wrote her math class
obsession's name
over, and over, and over.
Mrs. Joel Frasier.
Mrs. Lidia Frasier.
Mrs. Lidia Finley-Cullen-Frasier.
Left to your own devices,
you will screw this up.
Okay! I will tell Gale
I can't do the job.
All of the jobs.
Bye-bye only chance we had
of not going bankrupt.
Best sex I never had.
99 bottles of rum on the scrum ♪
99 bottles of rum ♪
Take one down ♪
So, when you first moved in
with your boyfriend,
was that like hard?
You mean, the man child
I share an apartment with?
- Your space, his space.
- Was that a thing?
99 bottles of rum ♪
Take one down you pass it around ♪
Okay, you literally
looked the other way.
- 98 bottles of rum ♪
- No, I didn't.
On the scrum
99 bottles of rum on the scrum ♪
- Ryan! Pull over.
- I can't.
I won't, not until
you arrest me, Ter-Ber.
- For what?
- For being a disappointment.
I'm a menace to my own
potential future.
To my relationship. My family.
I promised Crystal I wouldn't
drink, and I'm mega wasted.
Lock me up, Ter.
Please, stop me before
I disappoint again.
- Okay, all right.
- Come on.
Let's get you home, Ryan.
What the Hell is going on?
I ran too fast.
We have an announcement to make.
Fate has spoken!
And we have chosen to live at
- Hey, Sis!
- Hey.
Gonna need a tad more information.
We have chosen to be freeee.
Please not with the nudists, again.
Spit it out!
We're retiring from the Moonshine!
Effective immediately!
That's good. Isn't it?
Hey, wait-wait-wait. Wait.
Wait, wait, so
you're leaving? As in now?
- As in right now.
- So much for my day off.
Uh yeah, a little sudden, isn't it?
Sudden plus four decades.
But this is your home,
that-that we did really illegal
stuff to protect.
Last week.
It's time for fate to take the lead.
Are you seriously gonna let
the contents of some old bottle
- dictate your life?
- Ah, if it's gonna help us
finally live the life
that we deserve, yes.
Just for the summer. Maybe.
It's a trial retirement.
- A "retrialment".
- Ah.
And then, we will assess.
- But where will you go?
- Place where it all began.
Cabin 1. First cabin
we built on the land.
AKA "The Love Shack".
Oh, my God, that's disgusting.
And the phones?
The books? Managing the staff?
One of you kids is gonna
have to step up. Take control.
'Til Labour Day.
Which kid?
I mean, surely, you've given
some thought
as to who would be the most qualified?
We love all our children equally.
Yeah, but you know, some a
little more equally, right?
Keys to the kingdom.
It can't be me.
Come on, Ry! This is an opportunity!
Fate is literally presenting
itself. Like
Well, you're never gonna pick
up the keys, are you?
Oh, my God! It's a meta-fork
for our non-future.
- First my mom, and now you.
- Crystal!
Crystal! Hey, Crystal, come
No! No way!
I'm already working double
shifts, you guys.
You know, has anyone ever
considered that
maybe I'm not just the glue,
that I'm the glue gun?
Glue gun forever, Sammy.
Well, fate made them fall
closer to your feet, Pumpkin.
- The keys to your kingdom.
- It's not my kingdom.
But it can be, like literally
right in front of you.
You just have to pick them up
and all this could be yours.
Nope. It shouldn't be a toss up.
And I'm sick of begging people
to recognize my value.
They should've handed me those keys.
Sweetie! Pumpkin!
Aunt Felicia did leave you the place.
Come on, Neil!
Did I miss something?
Is it inevitable
that I become our mother?
A slave to a third-rate campground
in the middle of nowhere until I'm 70.
I mean, is that my fate?
Owning 43 percent of a business
that will 100 percent destroy me?
Better you, than me.
I am not equipped to be in charge
of my own life right now,
let alone The Moonshine, the staff,
the future of this place.
Just never felt so aimless.
Are you looking to me for advice?
- You're the only one here.
- Oh! Uh okay.
I mean, why don't you do the
thing people do with the
closed eye and the woo-woo.
Ha, yes! Meditate.
Ah, yes!
The disillusion of the sense
of one's false self,
in order to create
a beautiful serenity.
A selfless connection to the universe.
You know what, this would be
faster, actually.
Okay, so, this is a downer.
Um, or upper.
Well, you'll either pass out
or clean your entire trailer.
These, okay, with one glass of wine,
- do not sext Easy Rider. Okay?
- Okay, okay.
Mm-hmm. This one? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Think I won't destroy you?
"Dear Gale,
due to unforeseen family
- We need to talk, Mom.
- It's time.
- Oh, my God, are you pregnant?
- Is it drugs? Are you sick?
The only thing that's sick
is our living conditions.
We have zero privacy in here.
- We need real bedrooms.
- With real soundproofing.
Now that Grandma and Grandpa
are leaving The Moonshine
There's enough room for Finn
and I in the main lodge.
You don't wanna live with me anymore?
Go, be free.
You've been under my wing
all summer, and
I'm cool, I get that people
need a space of their own.
Let's go before she sobers up
and changes her mind.
Oh, okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Uh, yeah, that that's good.
Get back here, stupid thing.
Get back here!
Damn it!
Fine! You win! He can stay the night!
I'm sorry that I neglected you.
Neglected myself, too.
Collect call from HRM
Women's Correctional Facility.
Will you accept?
Well, it's about time you answered.
Hi, Mom. Um, I'm sorry,
I've just been really busy,
watering your plants.
Okay, I-I need you to load up
my commissary card.
- Help me figure out bail.
- Okay.
I'm um
I'm really sorry about
how everything happened.
You should be sorry.
'Cause you're on your own now.
No, I'm not. I have Ryan.
You think when push comes to shove,
that family is gonna go out
on a limb for ya?
So, what if they don't?
I have myself.
You know, and I am gonna
be someone, Mom!
I am gonna make something of myself.
That is my fate! You will see!
And you know what?
As for yours,
in case you haven't noticed,
you're the one in jail!
So, good luck getting spicy ramen
and root touch-ups on your own!
Yo, Gale, I'm just gonna say it.
We can't work together because
all I wanna do is jump your bones.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Lidia, I uh
I may not be a lawyer but
I could sure argue like one.
- Mm-hmm.
- Rhian deserves The Moonshine.
She needs it. I need it,
and I need you to need
her to need it, as well.
- M-kay.
- What, so you'll consider it?
She didn't want it, Oscar.
She wants it more
than anything, Lidia,
but she wants her family
to want her to have it.
Especially you.
Your approval is really
important to her.
And I will deny saying that
and run away if you ever
repeat those words.
- Sure. Yeah.
- I'll think on it.
Yes! You are a legend!
- Oh um, and one more request.
- Mm-hmm.
If Rhian asks, can you tell
her I put up a big fight?
You know, really beat ya down.
That'd be great for optics.
Big win for me, you know.
Oh, of course. Yep.
Nice. Nice. Okay, see ya!
- Bye now.
- Bye!
I can't do your renovation.
Aunt Felicia?
My least-hated niece.
Missed ya, Lids!
I gave your eulogy.
Potato gun was a nice touch.
- Is this in my head?
- Probably.
Yeah. I'll take it.
I need an objective ear.
And someone to discourage me
from cutting my own bangs.
- What's the problem, Buddy?
- Me.
My husband didn't want me.
My kids don't want me.
My parents are bailing.
Even the guy I wanted
to sleep with can't.
- Doesn't want me.
- Stop whining!
Look around, it's a frickin' paradise.
Sun is shining now
but the summer will end,
and then what?
Why did you leave me The Moonshine?
Why me?
- Oh, ah-ah.
- Okay.
- Second thoughts?
- Um
I don't wanna be stagnant.
- Huh?
- Me and my rules,
- lucky t-shirts, stupid quirks.
- No, Nora, look,
you don't have to change
your life for me. Okay?
You need to change it for you.
If you want.
- Well
- Or not.
I will love all versions of you
and I'll follow you
wherever you wanna go,
forever and ever.
- Amen ♪
- Okay, all right.
Enough with the weird, mushy shit.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay. Without further ado
Oh, uh, yeah.
So, ready to do your dirty girl?
I think there's uh,
a light on the porch. It's out.
Well, it's not your
responsibility, Hun.
Well, maybe I should just go-
Hmm. Be free, old man.
You'd think the drunk tank
would be a reason
not to finish off the rum. Ibuprofen.
For the morning,
if you make it that far.
- Woo!
- Water!
Good as new!
As long as you don't
asphyxiate on your own vomit,
- and die!
- One day, Little Bro,
I'm gonna be there to help you out.
Make all your dreams come true.
We could make a new vessel of fate!
Choose your own future.
I don't know.
Can we?
I mean, I don't even know
where I'm from,
let alone where I'm going.
- From here, silly!
- From The Moonshine.
Right where I found ya on that porch.
- Baby Sammy's just so cute.
- I mean, who I'm from.
You know, my biological mom.
Who she is and how I wound up here.
And why she's never
come to check on me,
even though she knows where I am.
I think maybe that's why I'm stuck.
Why I'm afraid of grad school
and a relationship
that could take me away
from The Moonshine.
Part of me thinks
she could come back.
We could find her.
Mom and Dad, they looked.
For a really long time.
- I haven't.
- You?
Fate 2.0, Bro.
I will make that my purpose!
I will find your bio mom for you.
I'll make everyone proud.
- Whoa.
- Whoa, you okay?
- Sammy
- Yeah?
Tuck me in?
- Boundaries, remember?
- It was a test.
You passed, Little Bro.
I need help.
I need you take the keys, Rhian.
N-No. I want you
to take the keys.
Do you remember that
epic sandcastle you built
when you were nine? Hmm?
Spent the whole day on the turrets.
The renegade queen's private quarters.
Yeah, the one with the ensuite sauna,
marble foyer.
- Soaker tub.
- Born architect.
A true artist.
Hmm. And do you remember when
that storm blew in, hmm?
The tide was comin' in so fast.
Huge waves.
You dragged every lawn chair
and towel down to the beach.
Built a barrier.
Nine years old.
You tried to fight the ocean.
The ocean!
- I was a stupid kid.
- You were a fierce kid.
A brave kid.
That's why I left you The Moonshine.
So that you could protect it.
That girl who tried
to fight the ocean.
She's still in there.
Is she?
I just feel so lost.
You know, you can't
put fate in a bottle, hmm.
Wish ya could.
Just try me!
I dare you, bring it, Bitch!
I don't need your permission!
Or some stupid fate scroll!
I got this!
Life will show up
when you least expect it.
And the Lidia that I know can handle
anything that it throws her way.
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready.
I lied.
Renovation, that was a euphemism.
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