Moonshine (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Moose Knuckle & The Golden Clam

Previously on "Moonshine".
Gale texted me. Think he
knows about the sex dream?
- Was it a dick pic?
- Oh, hey.
- Fate has spoken!
- We have chosen to be free!
We're retiring from The Moonshine!
I need you to take the keys, Rhian.
I want you to take the keys.
Ready to do your dirty girl?
Drink up.
You'll need your strength
for the big event, my queen.
Oh! God, why is it so bright?
Are those spandex?
You're on my walkin' path.
Oh! Oh!
I just uh came out early to
watch the sunrise. Huh.
I invented sex on the beach, Dear.
Oh, no. That's not
not what was happening.
- Hey.
- Finally!
I was worried you'd bled out
from your head wound,
but not enough to actually
show up and check on you.
Sorry. I passed out.
So, you definitely did not go out
and bone that biker last night?
- Oh hey, hot stuff.
- That's him, isn't it?
You totally boned
that biker last night.
You filthy little
You, you are still here.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
How did you know this was my trailer?
- Ah, your mom told me.
- You spoke to my mother?
Yeah, she gave me some coffee
and a pep talk
- on positive life choices.
- Hmm.
Who are you?
Eleanor. Finn.
My children!
What are you doing here?
We live here.
- Well?
- Oh, this uh, h-him?
Um, just a friend.
- Cool tats.
- Thanks.
Why don't you guys go on
inside and I will be
- there in a sec.
- Okay.
So, uh, awkward.
Gonna get some breakfast,
maybe go for a ride,
you know, looks like it's gonna
be a beautiful day.
Lidia! Mom said
you have company?! Who?
Could you actually
Sorry. And thanks.
Be well!
Be well?
Is the naked dude your boyfriend?
No, El, he's-he's my
I-I actually don't know what he is.
Well, it sounds like
you guys need to talk.
After you get groceries.
Assuming things in relationships
always leads to miscommunication.
It's better to address
expectations now,
so it doesn't blow up
in your face later.
Maybe Rhian has food.
Pretty sure there's
an extra toothbrush in there.
You see it?
Larry. Who's Larry?
Thought you wanted to do morning
food stuff.
Yeah, not sure I can make pancakes
with expired mayo and pickle juice.
Not with that attitude, ya can't.
We could grab something.
No, I'm gonna go for a hike
before work.
- Assuming you don't wanna come?
- Ha, you're funny.
- You okay, Ter?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- I'll call you later.
- Okay.
Watch out for cougars on the trail.
Ass looks like a snack
in those shorts!
Mm-mm. Delicious!
Mm-hmm. Oh, gross.
I'm constantly craving red meat.
Do you think something's wrong like,
I don't know, the baby's a werewolf?
No, you're craving animal
flesh. That's good protein.
- Score.
- Whaddya think this is?
A freakin' B&B? This is for me!
There is enough for a family of eight.
Are you seriously food
shaming a pregnant woman?
You do realize once you have this kid,
you're gonna have to
take care of it, nurture it,
- share your waffles with it.
- Not if it's a werewolf.
- Fascists!
- What's the matter,
Honey Bear?
Moonshine was just rejected
from the Foxton Cove
Business Association.
Who do I have to blow
to get into this club?
I'm seriously asking.
Sounds like privileged,
elitist bullshit.
It is. And it's amazing.
So, membership basically
guarantees success
of your local business.
It's like a cult for winners.
And the best part is the Golden Clam.
Sounds like a sex thing.
It's a symbol of acceptance
into the organization.
Once you become a member, you
get to stick it on your wall.
Whoa, so you get like, a sticker?
Mom and Dad never gave
a shit, but it's the prestige
I have coveted my whole life.
Carbs are for closers.
Go round up the slackers.
Emergency staff meeting in 20.
Jesus, you look terrible.
I didn't sleep a wink.
I miss our old mattress.
Is there any coffee left?
Here, you can have the rest of mine.
I was thinking, as a part
of our "re-trialment",
we could take a course
at the community centre.
What do you suppose that is?
Some kinda stew?
Ooh! Really intense exercise class.
- It's super good for your core.
- My core, huh?
Yeah. It's so cool!
You guys are trying new things.
Like, it just goes to show,
no matter how old you are,
you can still improve yourself.
How are they doin' over there, anyway?
Not a word. He's like
an addict jonesing for a hit.
There's a emergency staff
meeting at the lodge.
- Well, I should probably
- Over your dead body.
I stand before you today
not as the Rhian you once knew,
but as general manager
of The Moonshine,
a title that requires
great responsibility,
and unlimited power.
Do not forget the name tag.
Buckle up, Bitches!
Big changes are a-comin'!
If we ever want to be accepted
into the Foxton Cove
Business Association,
we need to stop being a
slacker's den of ineptitude.
We need to be a place
where employees prove
themselves, every damn day.
- Which is why you're all fired.
- Ha!
- No!
- Oh my God.
- Sweet!
- Don't move.
Re-interviews will commence
in 30 minutes.
- Oscar?
- Hmm.
Hand these out.
And why do you feel qualified
for this position?
it was literally my job
until 20 minutes ago.
- Hey.
- I mean
this is just for show, right, Sis?
You gotta hire your bro.
Your twin. Your womb mate.
Your work ethic isn't
the issue here, okay?
It's a matter of fraternizing
with the guests
below the equator.
On July 7th at 10:00 pm,
you were seen leaving Cabin 4.
Okay, so I hooked up
with a guest, one time.
- What about you and Oscar?
- Come on.
Tell me why you wanna work here.
We don't wanna work here.
We wrote that on the application.
Well, tough tacos, okay.
It's about time that you start
contributing to the greater
good of The Moonshine.
- The free ride is over.
- Free ride?
- But I'm your life partner!
- But what makes you think
you'd be such a great fit
for the accounting position?
I'm a CPA, CFA with an MBA.
I also know CPR, FYI.
Well then, Mr. Acronym, you're hired.
You know what?
If you don't appreciate me
and what I do for The Moonshine
- I quit!
- I quit, too.
Fine! Then you can both
vacate the company trailer
by the end of the day.
I know you can't afford
to live anywhere else.
- In that case, I un-quit.
- I still quit, though.
Um, sorry, why am I here?
I gave you the keys.
I'm taking the rest of the summer off.
For your exit interview.
If you ever need a letter of referral,
this is the standard procedure.
Something's different about you.
Oh, my God, you had sex?
With that biker guy I saw
at your trailer this morning?
- It was a one-time thing.
- Well, that's a shame,
'cause we could really use
the outlaw action
- to shake these suckers up.
- No, Rhian, no.
I already told you, our
criminal days are behind us.
Are you okay, Rhian?
Oh, my God, did you bring me here
because you wanted to talk?
It just feels like no one
is on my side.
Because you just fired everyone.
Except for the baby
who's on the inside,
- leeching my lifeforce.
- Honey
I remember that first trimester
overwhelm so well.
Why aren't we Foxton Cove
Business Association material?
Stupid president, Katie Frasier,
with her stupid white car,
and her stupid crunchy hair.
Wait, wait, wait. Thirsty Katie?
Is that all?
We were besties in high school!
Ha! Okay. Look, I know I said
I'd be hands off,
but let me help you with this.
Maybe I invite Katie
to Lobster-palooza,
reconnect, show her who we are!
Why would we wanna do that?
Leave it all to me, Mama.
I got this.
You've got to be kidding me.
What? Hold on! Katie?
- Is that you?
- Lidia! Oh my God!
I had no idea you were home.
It's crazy bumping into you like this!
Right? I mean a town of
200 people, who woulda thunk?
I see your billboards all over town.
Catchy slogan. So, you and Joel?
- 20 years this fall.
- Oh.
I heard you had married
some hot Jewish architect
- and had a big firm in NYC.
- Oh, technically Brooklyn.
- He's half-Jewish.
- Which half?
The right one.
So, how's it being back
in the trailer park?
You mean, idyllic,
ocean-side campground?
- Of course.
- Never a dull moment.
Lobster-palooza this weekend.
Oh my God, you and Joel
should totally come!
Hmm, I don't know, busy season.
All you can eat lobster,
best sunsets on the shore.
Open bar?
Remember when we used to sneak
our coolers up on the wharf?
Those were the days.
Drinkin' our carbs, like we
were gonna live forever.
Slatherin' our faces with baby oil,
like sun damage was something
that only happened to other people.
We had some crazy times.
Well, we still can. We're gonna party
Like it's 1999, biz-natch!
- Okay, what the Hell!
- That's the spirit.
- See ya there!
- All right, bye-bye.
Ooh yes!
You still work here, too? Score.
Yep, 'til Rhian's next
psychotic break.
Just a little hair of the dog.
- You okay?
- Yeah! I'm just
not really feeling Lobster
palooza this year, that's all.
Feel bad for the beady-eyed
suckers, eh?
Silent screaming thing
they do when they boil?
Um it's really more
about the whole weekend
I was left here, thing. But
Haven't been able to stop
thinking about
what you said the other night.
That if you had to throw up,
you should do it in the sink.
About us finding out
who your bio mom is!
I uh actually put out
a couple feelers.
I ordered one of those
genetic testing kit things
and talked to Terry.
He's gonna run a DNA search
through the police database.
It'd only be a match if my
bio-parents were criminals,
but fingers crossed?
Well, I can help search, too.
Leave no stone unturned.
Like detectives who are also brothers.
- Ryan
- One has a drinking problem.
- Oh my God.
- I'd watch that show.
Ryan, look, I really
appreciate the help.
No, Sammy, I get it.
You see me as the least
competent person you know.
And you're right. I definitely am.
But don't forget,
I was the one that found you
on that porch.
I was there first.
I'm the missing link.
Actually, the term missing link
denotes uh
an extinct primate that
You went to university, we get it.
You really wanna help? I got an idea.
- Ugh!
- It's broken. I give up.
You've seriously never
cleaned this place before?
It's impressive.
No one cared before Terry.
If they did, I didn't care.
It really bugs me that
he thinks I'm a slob.
Oh, because you love him.
He should love me!
Carpet mold and all.
Does Terry wear glasses?
- No, those are Josh's.
- Who's Josh?
Uh, this guy I slept with for a while.
He was really into slasher movies
in a way that made me nervous.
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe Terry's upset
because this apartment is a graveyard
- of broken relationships?
- Men are so weird.
Oh yeah, says the serial dater
who keeps trophies from her victims.
I don't know why I've held on
to this stuff for so long.
It's just proof of all
my bad decisions.
Speaking of bad decisions,
are we really not talking about
your nocturnal sex-capade?
- What?
- It was incredible. Ha, ha!
Both times.
You broke your post-Daniel
seal, I'm proud of you.
There's a "but" coming.
Not that I haven't dated
my fair share of bad boys.
Don't worry, it was
a one-time thing. I think.
I asked him to leave this morning.
Hope I didn't hurt his feelings.
Well, I'm sure he's back
at his biker lair
journaling about it, right now.
You think he thinks I'm slutty?
Who cares what he thinks?
I don't know why I'm asking
you for advice.
You screwed Pee-Wee Herman.
Which is why I am an expert
on random hook-ups.
Screwing him is one thing.
Getting into business with him
is next-level risky.
I'm not in business with him,
it's just a reno!
Plus, I've been jonesing to lay
sweet, Moroccan tiles in a bathroom.
Maybe taking them up on to the wall.
For the love of god,
do not do that terrible,
high-pitched squealy thing
you used to do in high school
- when you had a crush on a guy.
- What thing?
I didn't do a thing. Ugh, God!
What is this? A chocolate
Hockey puck! Melty Mark!
Oh, bad at birthday gifts.
Great at oral.
You need to examine this.
Nom, nom, nom.
I don't get how eating
this delicious lobster
is gonna help us find your bio mom.
- Not that I'm complaining.
- It's called senso-biography.
By recreating sense memories
from the day that you found me,
we might be able to trigger
you know, some details,
you might've forgotten.
Like a scavenger hunt in my mind.
Exactly! Okay, let's start
with the location.
- Hmm.
- This porch.
Do it.
- Winds outta the east that day.
- East.
Nope. East.
Moonshine woulda been at capacity.
Take a deep breath in.
- What do you see?
- Total darkness.
- In your memory, Ry!
- Oh! Right!
It was hot.
I was coming up from the beach
with my trusty bong,
Le Grand Orange,
and then, I heard a baby cry.
I came to the porch,
and there you were.
Cute as a button.
Okay, that's good. That's really good.
Now, look around.
Did you maybe see anyone else?
Maybe someone who looks like me?
You mean drop-dead handsome,
with the best hair on the cove?
No! I would for sure remember that.
Baby Sammy.
Baby Sammy, where are you?
Baby Sammy
It's come to my attention
that I may be a serial
relationship wrecker.
It's got me thinking about
taking a critical gaze
back at myself.
I have started dating someone
someone that I
and I can already feel the cold
winds of romantic doom.
So I gotta ask my past,
how do I not screw this one up?
Duck bong guy. Kevin?
Or Carl?
Can't remember your name,
but I do remember getting so
high I thought I was dying.
Where did we go wrong?
Oh, uh
Hello, you're on the air.
Nora? It's me, Calvin.
Duck bong guy!
Holy shit, that's it. Calvin!
I just had to call in, to tell you,
you were an awesome girlfriend.
But I broke your heart.
I used you for weed!
I never visited you in jail once!
Nah, man, you said the funniest stuff.
And you had like, a bed.
You were the love of my life.
No shit.
I never miss your show,
so I was wondering
if I could get my duck bong back?
I don't know, maybe borrow some money?
I'm kinda between places
right now, which is,
- you know, not uncommon.
- Thank you, Calvin.
An eye-opening glimpse into my past.
The takeaway, I was not the problem.
That time.
Oh! Douchebag Doug!
You loved frappuccinos
and telling me how to drive.
You listening?
Are those for me?
Yeah, we didn't get
to have breakfast and um
I wanted to apologize.
You don't think I was blowing you off.
Uh, it just got so weird.
My kids and my mom,
and all that and
I don't usually do
what we did last night.
That's a shame.
You're really good at it.
Anyway, uh, I just want
to make sure we're cool.
We're cool.
- Just one more thing.
- Hmm?
Don't forget to get me that
quote for my garage reno.
Yes. Right, the quote.
I will get you that.
Next week. Right now,
I just have my hands full
with uh passing out on beaches.
And Lobster-palooza.
It's this thing The Moonshine
does every year.
Uh, involving lobster, obviously.
Maybe I'll swing by.
Oh, yes. Yeah!
You totally should. Okay.
Uh, I'm just wondering
how to end this interaction.
Is this like a hug or
like a handshake? Ooh, a fist bump?
That works.
- Okay.
- Thank you for the muffins.
Oh, hey, Robin.
I was lyin' on the grass ♪
On Sunday morning of last week ♪
Indulging in my self-defeat ♪
My mind was thugged
all laced and bugged ♪
All twisted wrong and beat ♪
Uncomfortable in three feet deep ♪
Now the fuzzy stare
from not being there ♪
The confusing morning week ♪
- Boo!
- Oh, hi!
- Did Katie show?
- How many drink tickets have we sold?
- Is my antenna crooked?
- Oh, trust me, she'll show.
If there's one thing I know
about Thirsty Katie,
it is physically impossible
for her to pass up free booze.
I hope you're right. And that
she doesn't still hate you.
What? Why would Katie hate me?
Oh no, she doesn't.
Never mind, forget I said anything.
No, can't just say that
and then not elaborate.
Okay, fine.
She hated you in high school
because she was in love
with Joel Frasier,
and you were in love
with Joel Frasier,
and Joel Frasier was in love with you.
Oh. This is crazy. We were kids.
They're happily married now.
While I'm
separated, barefoot,
and praying my one-night-stand
shows up.
Did Katie really not like me?
- No one did, Lidia.
- What?!
Probably because you got all the guys.
But that's not fair. It's not
my fault I'm delightful.
Tell me when the eagle has landed.
I have got to pee,
and it is not going to be easy.
- Look
- Oscar!
- Yeah?
- You are on zipper duty.
- Full stream ahead.
- There you go.
Now the funny glare
to pay a gleaming tare ♪
In a staring under heat ♪
Involved in under usual feat ♪
When someone says
they'll maybe swing by,
is that a commitment to coming,
a 50-50 chance they'll show,
- or just empty words?
- Means they'll maybe swing by.
- One-time thing, huh.
- Fine.
You worry about your playlist.
Every 90's hit no one wants to hear.
- I know it's up for me ♪
- Ah!
If you steal my sunshine ♪
Yay! Ha, ha, you made it!
Welcome back.
You remember my husband, Joel.
- Oh yeah.
- It's great to see you, Joel.
Okay, you two are my VIPs.
So, just step back, relax,
really get the whole
Moonshine experience.
Does that include a working toilet?
- Ha, ha.
- I can't.
I'm gonna pass on the food.
Mama wants to get her buzz on tonight.
Well, we will keep
those coolers flowin'!
Cheers, Bitch.
Keeping dumb and built to beat ♪
If you steal my sunshine ♪
Way sweeter than I remember.
Katie! So glad that you could make it.
My sunshine ♪
Hmm! Rhian, right?
- That's right.
- Long time.
Wow, that is quite the outfit.
Yeah, it's hard to know where to look.
Well, Lobster-palooza
wouldn't be Lobster-palooza
without Larissa the Lobster.
She honours the spirits
of the all the lobsters
we've slaughtered over the years.
So, tell me, hobbies, interests?
I enjoy small engine repair
and strategic board games
with my lover.
Oh, okay.
- Woo!
- O M G,
this is my jam!
Oh, that's right,
you choreographed a dance
the senior girls had to do
every year in gym class.
Do you remember it?
It's Hammer Time.
On the dance floor. Now.
No, me dancing was not
a part of the deal.
I scrubbed your toilet, Bitch!
Ugh! Fine!
Girls, follow me to the dance floor!
Give me the music ♪
Everybody dance now ♪
Everybody dance now ♪
That went well, but that
thing you said earlier
about the girls not liking
me in high school
Natch, the time for tears.
I just think we have
different versions
- of what went down back then.
- Don't believe me? Ask Nora.
Yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
Everybody ♪
Hey, so weird question.
You're probably gonna be like,
"What? That's so crazy.
Don't be crazy, Lidia."
Um, but Rhian was under the impression
that none of the girls
in high school liked me.
That's like totally insane, right?
- No, that's accurate.
- Oh.
Shake your money maker! Woo!
Just because Joel Frasier
had a crush on me?
So unfair. Frankly un-feminist.
Well, I was under
the impression it was because
you were an uptight,
overzealous, nit-picking,
skinny, blonde bitch. Not my words.
- Move ♪
- Step to the right ♪
Oh God. You think that's
why Gale hasn't shown up?
Oh God.
You think he thinks I'm uptight?
But I'm way more likeable now, right?
I really think I've mellowed
since high school.
- Like, on a scale of 1 to Zen
- Yeah.
- I'm what like uh, an 8?
- Uh
Hey, do not Running Man away from me
when I'm talking to you, Nora!
Move you, sweat ♪
Sweat ♪
Let the music take control ♪
Let the rhythm move you ♪
Didn't know it was possible
for a lobster to twerk.
Is it wrong to slip a pregnant woman
a sleeping pill, just to make it stop?
- It's party time!
- Ha, ha.
Oh, my God, that was amazing.
- Yeah.
- Ah.
Oh my God,
I am having flashbacks to
our senior prom after party.
Remember I did that keg stand
on the wharf
and my bikini top fell off?
Yeah, you kept chuggin' like a champ.
Powered through with my tits out.
Ah, I can't believe
that was over 20 years ago.
Shit, we're old.
Don't you kinda secretly feel like
we're just getting started, though?
At least, that's what I tell
myself when I'm awake at 4 a.m.
questioning my life choices.
Things are actually great with me.
Number one realtor on the south shore.
Joel and I are having the best
sex of our marriage.
The kids mostly just stay
in their rooms.
But I finally got to the bottom
of my food allergies.
- Gluten?
- Tree nuts.
Katie, listen,
if I ever did or said
anything in high school
that hurt your feelings,
I'm really sorry.
Women need to support each other
we should never let a man
come between us.
We were all assholes
in high school, right.
- But I agree, 100 percent.
- Hmm.
- Girl power!
- Gale! Be right back.
I didn't think you were gonna show.
What, and miss all this?
- Nice crowd.
- Yeah, thank God.
We really need the money.
So, our little uh, drug smuggling deal
didn't solve your cashflow problem?
Just enough to fix the septic.
Seems like a nice place
to stay the weekend.
Oh yeah? You uh
thinkin' of a staycation?
- Depends who's asking.
- Oh.
I could probably get you a deal but
you might have to sleep
with one of the owners.
Your sister's pretty hot.
I mean, you could crack her open,
dip her in some garlic butter.
That thing belongs in a dumpster.
Oh, it's full of dust mites.
And asbestos.
I'll flip it.
We flipped that mattress 50 times!
- It's time to let it go, Hun.
- I can't!
You, me, and this mattress,
is the best threesome
- I ever had.
- Give it a rest!
- Just for a minute.
- Okay then, um
I'm gonna go down to the beach and
And before you know it,
it's 3:00 a.m.,
and we're pickin' up empties,
and drivin' home drunks
that don't leave.
I realize we're not in the same
place with retirement,
and that's okay,
- we're different people.
- Yeah.
We don't have to do
everything together.
Tabata, Zumba,
whatever else people are doing
not to die early these days.
Just as long as we always end
up in the same bed at night.
That's all I ask.
Well, since I'm unemployed now,
I figured that I better come up
with a new income stream.
Strong call, Babe.
Wait 'til these guys get sloppy,
then detect your way to some
buried treasure.
Best 13th birthday present, ever!
It was my mom's fencing days.
She gave me a choice
between a metal detector
or bolt cutters.
No contest!
Metal detector, gift that keeps
on giving, Baby!
- Ah.
- Ooh!
- Oh, cream soda.
- Meh.
Look at Katie,
she is not that much older than me,
and she is Foxton's
number one realtor.
I don't know why it just
comes easy to some.
Dharma. It's like your purpose, right?
Yeah, well I mean like,
your your guiding force.
Your north star.
The thing that only you can do.
Wish I could find some
dharma to help Sammy
- find his bio mom.
- What? Ry!
You can't find dharma.
Dharma finds you.
Hi. I'm Ryan.
How are you doing?
- You're safe, okay?
- Ryan.
- What are you doing?
- Moose Knuckle.
Moose Knuckle! It's where I found you!
Moose Knuckle.
- This is stupid. Help me up.
- No, no, two minutes.
Two more minutes. You see in the boat,
he's a little baby.
He's crying, he's a little
baby in a boat.
He's a baby in a boat, and he's cute.
He's a baby burrito in a boat.
Ah! Come on, come on, come on!
What is that?
- Yo, yo, yo, yo!
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Look at this, custom
leather pants, like crack.
Ooh, ooh, ooh. Delish.
From what I hear, drug
smuggling's the least of it.
This guy's got his fingers
in all kinds of dirty pies.
I wish he'd take his finger
out of Lidia's dirty pie.
Spoken like a champ.
- Okay wow.
- I take that back.
Listen, I know that I have been with
lots of other guys in my time
and there may be remnants
of said hook-ups
that I've just been too busy to
Nora, you don't need
to explain your past to me.
No, I know. I want to.
- In case you're worried.
- I'm not.
God, I hope I don't have to wear
a leather bridesmaid dress.
Got it.
Oh, smells like you.
And socks.
It's the letter she left with me.
A fish with wheels.
It's gotta mean something.
- Who's that guy?
- Oh, Joel Frasier.
The not so better half
of our guest of honour.
Foxton's real estate power couple.
He had a thing for me in high school.
Hmm. You plannin' on selling
this place?
'Cause he's getting ready to list.
No, we're not.
Whatcha doin' there, Joel?
Uh Instagram?
Bit weird posting our
property lines, dontcha think?
Guys scoot together.
I'll get a photo. That's nice.
What are you three up to?
Joel's our uh
event photographer, I see.
You're so funny, Lidia!
So much funnier than I remember.
Uh huh. Hmm.
Joel? Care to comment?
Uh, okay, I'll handle this,
just like I handle everything else.
Garlic butter's off the hook
this year. You wanna try some?
Lidia, I didn't want
this to come out today,
because we were having such a blast.
This is getting fun.
- But if you wanna go there
- I do.
Okay, fine. Foxton has the potential
to be a world-class destination.
You know why it's not?
'Cause right smack dab
in the centre of it,
on the best stretch
of beachfront property,
is a shitty-ass trailer park.
Idyllic, Oceanside campground.
Everyone in this town knows
that The Moonshine is broke.
It's only a matter of time
before this dump
is on the auction block,
and then, it's Katie to the rescue.
- Katie and Joel.
- I know people, okay.
Developers with cash.
And I will make sure that this eyesore
is turned into a cruise
elite, Golden Clam-worthy destination.
Ho-hold on, so that's why
we weren't accepted into
the Business Association.
That and I just don't like you.
Or Lidia.
With your perfect hair.
And legs.
And nose. And teeth.
Okay, now you're just
naming body parts.
When you left Foxton, I actually like,
respected you for a hot second.
But now look at you.
Right back where you started.
You can take the girls
outta the trailer,
but you're all still trash.
Katie, just get the Hell
off our beach.
Or what?
What are you gonna do, Lidia?
Screw my husband?
Go for it! Save me the 30 seconds.
Uh, Katie, Babe
you're on fire, Babe.
I know! And I'm just gettin' started!
Oh shit.
No, you're literally on fire.
Oh! Ah!
That's hot.
are we in?
Sweet Jesus.
Ooh! Ugh!
Foxton High.
Well, hello, dharma.
Okay, b-before you say anything,
I know I said I'd help us get
into the Business Association
We made more money yesterday
than we have in the history
of Lobster-palooza.
you're looking at the newest
member of the FCBA.
My clam is finally golden, bitches!
What? How?
Thirsty Katie resigned as president
of the association this morning.
Her last order of official business
was to make sure The Moonshine
was its newest member.
That is a pivot I did not see coming.
Well, little known fact,
due to its dairy base,
melted garlic butter is
actually a flame retardant
so you know, I basically
saved Thirsty Katie's life.
She owed me.
I guess I should thank you
for screwing up so bad
that I had to step in
and save the day.
I'm going to plaster
these babies everywhere!
- Oh.
- Here you go.
It is so strange.
I thought for sure Thirsty
Katie was gonna press charges,
but instead we got in?
Some men bring flowers
You did this?
- How?
- Well
I can be very persuasive.
Take me for that ride?
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