Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Help! No, help! THE SANDHAMN MURDERS PART 1 Guess what? I'm going fishing.
Yes! Loads of them.
Over here! -Can you take my shoes off? -No, your brother will have to help you.
-I'm going swimming.
Are you coming? -No! -There's a treasure here somewhere.
-Really? We have to dig.
We found some grass! Listen The water's freezing, let's not go in there.
You run off and play over there.
-Sorry, I -Licence, please.
Yes I'm on my way.
Yeah, straight away.
Lovely picture.
If you do that again, you won't get this back.
Drive properly.
-Hi, there.
-How are you? -I'm fine.
Fine? You have to go out to Sandhamn, they've found a body.
-In the archipelago? -Yes.
I've been protecting you for a long time now, Thomas.
Besides, I've got no one else right now.
Island it is, then.
The body is wrapped in a fishing net and lying in the water.
-Is the maritime unit on its way? -Yeah, they left Djurà five minutes ago.
No! Nora! Here it is.
-Where's the maritime police? -Slow, as always.
We'll have to get it ourselves.
-Are we going out there? -What do you think they pay you for? -Time for a dip, then.
-Do we all have to? -It's just as cold for everyone.
-You've got more fat to warm you.
-You can't see it.
-But it's there.
-Who's that? -No idea.
He's just going to leave that there -It's really muddy.
-Lucky the algae aren't in bloom.
Quit whining.
At least it's not winter.
I'm on my way.
The eels have been feasting on him.
-This should have been maritime's job.
-But now we've got him here.
-What a giant.
-How long has he been in the water? Three or four months.
-What's that? -Let me see.
-A net peg, for fishing nets.
-There's something written on it.
I have no idea what that means.
I'll go check who found him.
-Excuse me, who -The woman over there.
I'm Andreasson, from the police.
Are you all right? -You found the body? -Yes.
-When was this exactly? -Well I don't know.
Just after seven.
-Do you live here all year round? -No, we have a summer house here.
I'm sorry, but can I go now? They need breakfast- -and I've been here an hour in my wet swim suit.
You've got my details.
Better to do this while the memories are fresh.
He was about 20 yards out from the shore, entangled in an old cotton net.
Never seen him before and me and the kids were the only people here.
Well, he was wearing winter clothes.
I guess he's been in the water a while.
-Do you know who uses this sign? -No.
But I feel like I know it -But, no.
-I have to ask.
Is your name Nora? -Yes.
-I was in the year above you.
-Yeah -Thomas Andreasson.
-That's right.
-Police officer.
Weird -I need to take my diabetes shot.
-We're done.
Thank you.
There you are! Have you heard what's happened? They found a body down at Trouville.
Just an hour ago.
I found it.
You? Butwhat were you doing there? -We were going for a morning dip.
-At Trouville beach? -Why? There's water here.
-The kids like Trouville.
-Were they with you at the time? -I said it was a bundle of clothes.
-And they believed that? -Yeah I'm good at making things up.
-So they didn't see what it was? -There wasn't much left.
No Oh, by the way Mum and dad called.
They're going to come tomorrow instead.
-That soon? -Yeah.
You know what mum's like.
I'm going out in the boat and mum can look after the children.
If feels so surreal.
I've never even seen a dead person before.
There's a first time for everything.
Have a cigarette.
I only smoke at parties, you know.
Have one, then.
Sure You poor little thing.
It must have been horrible.
It feels like I'll never go back in the water.
Once when I was a child, it was just coming up to spring I saw them pull a drowned woman from the lake.
-She was wearing her skates.
-That's awful.
You just made that up! -Admit it.
-I'm just trying to cheer you up.
Signe! What would I do without you? A lovely house, a beautiful garden- -more or less well-behaved children.
A handsome man and a pretty, young woman.
And yet And now the King and Queen are coming to annex the house.
It's their 40th wedding anniversary.
-Are they celebrating that here? -They want to celebrate with us.
Oh well.
It is possible to say no.
I did.
-Thomas, I was just thinking of you.
Are you stealing my toffees? -No.
-You're lying.
-Yeah -What do we know about the dead man? Simple process of elimination.
His name is Krister Berggren, missing since 22nd March.
Just over 6 foot 8.
-Sounds about right.
Next of kin are his father Erik and his sister Kristina.
Employed by Systembolaget, they reported him missing in early April.
Injuries suggest he hit something and spent a long time in the water.
The remnants of the net are made of the same cotton fibres as older models.
-That's what she said.
-Who? Well, we haven't been able to identify the actual net peg.
-What else have you got? -Here are the things he had on him.
-Well done.
-Is it an accident or murder? -Probably an accident.
-When will we know for sure? -When the post-mortem is done.
-And when is that? -In two or three days.
-I'm going to check his flat.
-Have you done a report? -I'll do that later.
I'll come with you.
I need to get out in the field.
You can go with Lidwall and tell Erik Berggren his son is dead.
-But -You'll have the honour of telling him.
Krister! Are you in there? Are you going without me? I'm opening the door! What the hell Krister! It stinks in here.
Krister? Hello? Excuse me.
Who are you? Thomas Andreasson.
Nacka Police Department.
Has something happened? -So he was your brother? -My name is Kicki Berggren.
-And when did you last speak to him? -At the end of March.
I've been working in Greece.
I tried calling him, I didn't think -When did it happen? -Sometime last spring.
Would you like a glass of water? We found him out at Sandhamn.
-Did he know anyone there? -Not as far as I know.
-Do you know why he would go there? -I don't think he's ever been there.
-How did he die? -We think he drowned.
Everything points towards that.
-I want to put Kicki under surveillance.
-Why? -Something odd, a gut feeling.
-It takes more than that Something was wrong, trust me.
You shouldn't have questioned her alone.
It was just by accident.
If everyone's on holiday, I'll do it.
Are you still taking sleeping pills? No, everything's fine.
-Okay, I'll organize it.
You and Carina will take over in the morning.
Why are we watching the dead man's sister? No idea.
Something Thomas got into his head.
I think I've developed haemorrhoids.
All this sitting around.
-Where's Thomas? -I'm sure he'll be here soon.
Tell him we've had an extremely interesting night.
-High-octane jazz all night.
-There are other stations.
Not in this car.
You always want to get out in the field.
This is it.
That's right This is Kicki Berggren.
Tell Thomas she slept through the night.
Thanks a lot.
Please record a message after the tone.
Hi, it's Carina.
I'm outside the entrance to Kicki's house I mean, what do I do if she comes out? Get over here now.
Damn it, Thomas! Thomas, this is Carina.
I'm currently on a boat- -heading out to the archipelago.
I've called you a hundred times.
I don't know what to Can you call me when you get this? That would be great.
NEW EVENTS Bloody hell -Hello? -It's Thomas.
Where are you? -I'm on Sandhamn.
-Has Kicki gone there? -I knew it.
-Where are you? -I've been calling you.
-I'm on my way, stay there.
-She has checked into a hostel.
-Have you got her in view? What do you mean? -What? Have you got her in view? -Wait a minute.
-What was that? -I've lost her.
Stay there, I'm on my way.
Grandma and grandpa are coming.
So you need to be good.
We know.
-Hello! -Hi, grandma.
Hello, my darling.
Are you having sweets? Before dinner? -Carina.
Has she come back? -No.
-Do you know where she is? -No, I don't.
Couldn't you have kept it in? -You went to the toilet! -And where were you this morning? Let's take it easy.
-Sorry, I blew it.
-No, what was she wearing? A pink suede jacket, fringed.
There aren't that many places to hide.
Call me if you spot her.
-It would be good if you picked up! -Don't be clever.
Same to you, you bastard.
Nothing big, just the family and a few friends.
-Just our closest friends.
-We don't mind a big party.
Right, Nora? You can make those lovely prawn puffs.
As drink nibbles.
I have to ask you something.
This sign from the net peg.
Whose is it? -Why? -The body was entangled in a net.
-And the peg bore this sign.
-That's Almhult's.
-Old Almhult.
-Gustav Almhult.
Biggest poacher of fish on Sandhamn.
Died three years ago.
-Now the son has taken over.
-You mean Jonny? Nora? Where are you going? We haven't started eating yet.
I'll be back soon.
Start without me.
-Hi, can I have a double Jim Beam? -Coming up.
-Here you go.
-I'll have a double G&T as well.
-Here you go.
Thomas! -Hi, Nora.
-I've been looking for you.
-It was Gustav Almhult's net peg.
-I'm sorry? -I've done some research.
-Oh Thanks.
Gustav Almhult? Infamous for poaching fish.
Now his son Jonny's taken over.
-But I don't think he's poaching.
-I won't bust him for that, then.
Thanks for your help.
I have to go.
Thanks again.
But That's me! -Shit! Damn, that's good! -You looked like you needed cheering up.
Thanks, I don't need cheering up, I'm really cheerful! I've won the jackpot today.
That's quite something.
Can I buy you another one? -Yeah.
What's your name? -JonnyAlmhult.
There you are! When are you getting a dishwasher? I quite like not having one.
-Gives you time to think.
-Yeah, that's right If you think too much about the next step you end up standing on one leg.
-Where have you been? -I told the police about the net peg.
-I thought they ought to know.
-You interfered in an investigation? It might be important information for them.
That's my mobile.
This is insane, the way you're acting.
Are you bored, or what? Good.
Would you consider helping me with the party, then? You're a great guy! It's lovely here.
I'm going out in the boat! No sign of Kicki? -Has she checked out? -No.
What do we do now? We wait.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
That's okay.
Hello, Margit.
We're on Sandhamn.
Yes, she went here and checked into the hostel.
Yes, okay.
Damn it Where were you this morning? I overslept.
She has to be somewhere.
Jonny! -Jonny! What's happened? -Go to bed, mum.
-Who was yelling? -No one.
-I heard a woman scream.
-Must have been on television.
-There is no woman here.
-I saw a woman You're seeing things.
Go to bed.
-Don't do anything stupid.
You hear? -Yes, I hear you! Help me Hey Wake up.
-I thought of something.
-Right I'm going to the beach where the body was found.
-Good morning.
-What are you doing here? -I was just going to ask you that.
Anna wants to take a dip.
She says it's daytime.
Do you have children? No.
-So you are still here? -We have to check some details.
Was it murder? I can't answer that.
-There's something strange.
-What's that? This net he was wrapped up in.
I think it's strange that it was on this side of the island.
No one goes fishing in the channel.
No -What do you work with? -I'm a banking solicitor.
-What's that supposed to mean? -You seem very dedicated.
-Am I being too nosy? -Depends on who you ask.
-Not my husband.
-All right -Have you talked to Almhult? -I can't discuss the investigation.
-He lives with his mum near Barnberget.
-I know where that is.
-How come? -I've got a summer cottage on HarÃ.
That's really close to here.
Strange that we haven't met.
I'm in the process of selling it.
We're divorced.
Sorry to hear that.
So you're a banking solicitor.
Not bad.
And you became a policeman.
That was mostly by chance.
Excuse me.
On Sandhamn.
Where? I've got to go.
Okay Come on! They've found her.
Hurry up! Wait for me! Thomas Police.
Move out of the way.
Don't touch anything.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE -Do you know where Jonny Almhult is? -He's disappeared.
Disappeared? So he is now suspected of murder.
-There's nothing wrong with Thomas.
-What are you saying? -What's he done to you? -Are you defending that bastard? He just wants to know what happened to that woman.
And you showed him the way? Please don't shoot