Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Help! They've found a body on Sandhamn.
I can't keep protecting you, Thomas.
-You found the body? -Yes.
-Do you know who uses this sign? -No, but I feel like I know it.
-Is your name Nora? -Yes.
I was in the year above you.
Thomas Andreasson.
-That's right.
-Police officer.
His name is Krister Berggren, missing since 22nd March.
Just over 6 foot 8.
Next of kin, his sister Kristina.
-Has something happened? -We found him out at Sandhamn.
I want to put Kicki under surveillance.
It's a gut feeling.
-Are you still taking sleeping pills? -No, everything's fine.
-Where are you? -I'm on Sandhamn.
There aren't that many places to hide.
Call me if you spot her.
-It was Gustav Almhult's net peg.
-Sorry? Infamous for poaching fish.
Now his son Jonny's taken over.
-Where have you been? -I told the police about the net peg.
This is insane, the way you're acting.
Are you bored, or what? They've found her.
Hurry up! THE SANDHAMN MURDERS PART 2 You can't catch me! You know what? Let's go home.
Will you grab your shoes? Stay here and cordon off the area.
Stay here and cordon off.
Find out who found her.
You can do it! Jonny! Open the door! -What is it? -She's dead.
-What are you talking about? -The woman.
-What woman? -I saw you two.
-You were dancing all night.
-How do you know it's her? -My God, what have you done? -I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything! Excuse me! Andreasson, police officer.
I'm looking for Jonny Almhult.
-He's asleep.
-Time to wake up.
Where is he? He lives over there.
Jonny! It's the police, open up.
-How do you know Jonny? -I'm his mother.
He might have gone for a walk.
-Where does he keep his rifle? -I don't know.
-Was he with someone last night? -Has he done anything? -That's what we're wondering.
-Jonny has never hurt anyone.
-When did you last speak to him? -About half an hour ago.
You said he was asleep.
-Does he have a boat? -At the back, by the jetty.
Excuse us, please.
-Why isn't this cordoned off? -We didn't have anything to use Who found the body? A runner, I think.
She's over there.
-"You think"? Have you questioned her? -No.
-Why not? -Well, I -I'm on my own here.
-Where's Thomas? I'm not quite sure.
Well, use your mobile, then.
You can get started.
-There's no boat here.
-No -Where might he have gone? -I don't know.
No reply.
-You do realise this is serious? -Yes.
You need to answer my questions.
You saw him last night.
-Was he with someone? -Yes.
-I've never seen her before.
-What did she look like? She wore a lot of make-up and a fringed suede jacket.
-Where was this? -In Jonny's house Did you see anything else? I'd Iike to speak to Jonny.
Will you promise to call if you hear from him? -Yes.
-Hi, it's Carina.
Are the technicians there? Send some to Jonny's cottage, there's traces of blood.
-Margit is here.
-What? How come? -She's asking for you.
-Shit I'm on my way.
How did this happen? You were watching Kicki Berggren.
-On your own initiative.
-I know.
-She was here last night with Jonny.
-And now she's lying dead in a bush.
What happened in-between? -Do you know where Jonny Almhult is? -No, he's disappeared.
-His boat is gone.
-So he is now suspected of murder.
Of a woman we were watching.
And you left Carina alone with this.
How the hell did this happen? Where were you? I was sleeping.
Sleeping? Shit Grandma and grandpa are waiting for us.
And we're having guests tonight.
-Look, mummy.
There's Jonny.
-That's right.
What? You little rascal, are you shooting me? -Have you had breakfast? -Yes.
-Brushed your teeth? -No.
Off you go! -Nora! Hello! -Hello.
-Good morning.
-Where have you been? -On the beach.
How nice for you.
Henrik has made breakfast.
-Isn't he the perfect husband? -Take a seat, my lovely.
-Do you think I should make a speech? -Absolutely Hello? Yes, I know.
Kalle just rang and told me.
-Good morning.
-I've been calling you.
-I didn't bring my mobile.
Maybe you should in the future.
I was talking to Is this some kind of attack? I just spoke to NystrÃm.
And The dead woman is the sister of Krister Berggren- -who was recently found dead on Sandhamn.
What is the link between the Berggrens and Sandhamn? What makes Kicki come here, the day after she finds out about her brother? We have to map out her final 24 hours.
There's a nationwide alert for Jonny Almhult, he is the likely perpetrator.
Thomas, can you take over, please? Kicki Berggren met Jonny Almhult and was with him late last night.
And it was Almhult's fishing net that Krister Berggren was wrapped in.
We still lack a motive.
You two are going door-to-door.
Ask if anyone has seen her.
-The island is full of people -Wait a minute.
We were watching her.
-How the hell could you lose her? -Explain that one.
We had a gap of a few hours in the afternoon.
My fault.
-Seems more like a 12 hour gap.
-What do you know about that? Lidwall is right.
There's a gap of 12 hours.
So let's get started, then! You too, Carina.
This has not been handled well.
It's serious.
You could have prevented a murder.
I can't protect you any longer.
I have to report this.
Go home, now.
Thomas! Why didn't you tell them it was my fault? -I messed up with Kicki.
-We both did that.
But you're the one who has to leave.
-It should have been me.
-Listen No one knows where Jonny is.
He's either got a place or he's gone to the city.
-What are you going to do? -I'm going back to the city.
When are you leaving? You've got a doctor's appointment at two o'clock.
-No I'll cancel that.
-Oh, no you won't.
-Why do you say that? -I want you to check your blood count.
-Why? -It feels as if I see symptoms that you are not well.
You seem distracted.
-You seem nervous.
-That's no symptom of diabetes.
I just want you to be careful.
Do you understand? Sometimes it seems as if you don't take your illness seriously.
Mum and dad can take the children.
It's perfect that they're here.
-Wait! -Well, hi! Hello.
Why is daddy angry with you? -He's not angry with me.
-But he's sending you off without food.
-Sweetheart, there's food in the city.
-Take this, just in case.
Thank you, that's great.
Run along and I'll see you tonight.
Nora! What is going on? I just heard they found another body.
-Do they think the killer is still here? No idea.
I haven't had a chance to speak to Thomas yet.
-Thomas? -He's in charge of the investigation.
And you're on a first-name basis? -We went to the same school.
-And? -Well, he'sdifferent.
-From the rest of the force? -See you later.
-Take care of yourself.
Going back to the city? You too? -How are things going? -Difficult to say.
-Why are you leaving? -Other people are taking over.
-Taking over? -That's common.
Do you have a suspect? We might do.
You thought of it first.
-The net pegs.
-Jonny? -I saw him this morning.
-You saw him? -Where was that? -He was leaving the island in a boat.
-Going where? -Brandskär, I guess.
-They have a fishing hut there.
-Where is that? I can show you.
-Any chance you could drop us at HarÃ? -We'll be there in 10.
-Why HarÃ? -I've got a boat there.
-Lovely place.
Shame you're selling it.
-I'm never here.
I'll just get the key to the boat.
-Do you need a jacket? -Yes, please.
And a pair of wellingtons.
Here you go.
Let's go.
Which way do I go? Continue down there.
Turn here.
You'll have to stay in the boat.
I'll go check the house.
-Jonny is no murderer.
-Perhaps not, but he brought his gun.
No, he doesn't seem to be here.
-Where else might he have gone? -Maybe he went to the city, after all.
What kind of guy is he, really? Well, Jonny Jonny is Jonny.
Hedrinks too much.
Just like his dad.
-And he paints fences.
-Perhaps he dreamt of something else.
I think he went to art school at some point.
He hasn't had it easy.
But He's no murderer.
Hard to tell.
We've all got our secrets.
I thought you said you didn't have any children.
We had a daughter.
She died a couple of years ago.
That was on HarÃ.
They call it Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
She'd had colic so we were used to being woken up during the night.
One morning we woke up and had slept through the night.
I felt straight away that something was wrong.
She was just lying there, all cold.
Two months and seven days old.
Things don't always turn out as planned.
-Shall we get going? -Yes.
Hey -I need to go round the corner -Sure.
Please don't shoot.
Don't shoot, it's me.
-What the hell are you doing here? -We're looking for you.
-"We"? -Thomas and I.
He's a policeman.
He just wants to know what happened to that woman.
-And you showed him the way? -Please, don't shoot.
Don't do anything stupid.
Jonny, listen to me! I know you're innocent.
You just have to say exactly what happened.
Just tell us what happened, and everything will be fine.
Please, put the gun down.
We were dancing.
Then she fell over.
-It was a really bad fall.
-Okay Then what happened? She banged her head.
But it wasn't my fault.
-She wanted to dance.
-Hands above your head.
I said, hands above your head! We were only dancing! What's mum going to say? Are you all right? Thank you.
I hope it doesn't take another 20 years before we meet next.
-Take care.
-Good bye.
Bye, Jonny.
Thanks for your help.
Where have you been? They called from the doctor's, you didn't go.
I went with the police to find Jonny.
-I've been really worried about you! -Can we do this at home -No.
We're going to talk about this now.
-Let go of me.
She wanted to dance.
-She wanted to dance! -Sure -She banged her head, then she left.
-How did you know Krister Berggren? -Who? -Krister Berggren.
Kicki's brother.
I don't know who you're talking about.
-What have you got? -Witnesses saw Kicki Berggren with Jonny Almhult at the inn.
-Then one -No.
One person saw her in the harbour between 11 and 12 o'clock.
-And -That was also with Jonny.
-What are you doing here? Is that -Jonny Almhult.
-He's a good liar.
-I don't think he's lying.
-We'll continue this on the mainland.
-I don't think he did it.
What's his motive? I think it's true that is was an accident.
Why would he drag Kicki into the village instead of dumping her in the water? Murderers aren't always rational.
Besides, there are witnesses who saw him leave the inn with Kicki.
I'm not questioning that, I question whether he did it.
I'll request a detention order from the prosecutor.
Then we make it official.
-Before the post-mortem report? -We've got enough.
We're done here.
-He knows more than he's telling us.
-Still no motive.
No proof that he knows Krister.
-It was his fishing net.
-I know, but something is wrong here.
It's too simple.
There's just something -He will start talking.
-No, he's got nothing to say.
-I'm asking for an arrest.
-Can I check Krister's flat once more? It all starts with him.
Give me three hours.
Thank you.
Come on, Carina.
This looks nice.
Can I do anything to help? Help? Can't you see what I've done while you've been away? If you weren't going to the doctor you could have stayed and helped.
-It wasn't exactly planned.
-Going off on a murder hunt It wasn't like that.
You went off and chased a wanted murderer.
What would you call that? I don't think Jonny is a killer.
-Did you ever think of the children? -What? Please I saw Jonny go off in his boat and I wanted to help.
Is that all you have to say? I'm not blind.
I can clearly see what's happening.
And I'm not the only one.
The whole harbour was full of people.
-Then it's true.
-What? Maybe you could tell me what's happening.
Nothing! -You don't sound very convinced.
-No, I mean -Well, a lot has happened lately.
-You could certainly say that.
-It's affected all of us.
-I swam into the dead body.
That was pure chance! Nothing but pure chance.
You can't get involved in a police investigation.
-And that barn door should tell you.
-Barn door? -Big, wooden and dull.
-There's nothing wrong with Thomas.
There's nothing wrong with him! -Are you defending that bastard? -What's he done to you? You check the kitchen.
There's got to be something.
What are we actually looking for? Anything that links Sandhamn to Krister.
Kicki said he'd never been there.
Kicki knew what Krister knew, which is why she's also dead.
Damn it Let's go.
Come on.
Isn't this Sandhamn? Yes, you're right -Krister Berggren.
-No, it's an old picture.
It looks just like him, though.
It's his father.
-No, it isn't.
-What do you mean? His father Erik is short.
Erik Berggren is a short guy.
I've met him twice, remember? Let's go.
It's down here.
Hi, Erik.
Nice of you to let us come by.
It's not meant to be like this.
Parents are not supposed to outlive their children.
I guess we didn't have much contact in later years.
Maybe I was too strict when they were kids.
I'm glad Cecilia doesn't have to hear any of this sad news.
She died last Christmas.
It makes me wonder where I went wrong.
Do you know who this is? -Isn't it Krister? -The photo's over 40 years old.
We found it in Krister's flat.
It says "dad" on the back.
Dad? Well, I'm not Krister's father.
Krister's father was married and didn't want anything to do with him.
-What was his name? -I don't know.
-You don't know? -No.
She took that secret to her grave.
She never wanted to tell me.
Krister didn't find out until she was on her deathbed.
-I think he took it hard.
-Did the father live on Sandhamn? Sandhamn? No I don't know.
-Why did Kristina go out there? -I don't know that either.
-That's why he went to Sandhamn.
-To see his father.
So his father is out there.
The father doesn't want to know, poisons him and dumps him in the water.
-Can't he just ask him to piss off? -Maybe they got into a fight.
-This is an old man we're talking about.
-They too can fight.
-But why did Kristina go out there? -Maybe the father had money.
-Money that Krister never got -That can't be right.
-I'm just brainstorming.
-I know, but it's not enough evidence.
I'll drive.
I think he'll confess before lunch tomorrow.
We know what you think, but you know what I usually say.
Don't criticise unless you've got something better.
Besides I haven't written your report yet.
That's pretty far down the list of priorities.
-I'm doing way too much overtime.
-Isn't Sandhamn like a holiday? With those sailing types? That's more of punishment.
The post-mortem is done.
Both Kicki and Krister were poisoned.
With Warfarin - rat poison.
What? And Kicki was poisoned three hours before she met Jonny Almhult.
We'll have to start from scratch, then.
Come on, Carina.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE -What do you mean "the children"? -Anna! -They can't find the children.
-Simon! -There's nothing going on with Thomas.
-Do you realise what's happening to us? Where's Nora? -Isn't she here? -No.