Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

-You found the body? -Yes.
-Is your name Nora? -Yes.
I was in the year above you.
Thomas Andreasson.
-That's right.
-Police officer.
It seems as if you don't take your illness seriously.
-She's dead.
What have you done? -I haven't done anything.
The dead woman is the sister of Krister Berggren- -who was recently found dead on Sandhamn.
There's a nationwide alert for Jonny Almhult, he is the likely perpetrator.
-We were dancing.
-Hands above your head.
We had a daughter.
She died a couple of years ago.
That was on HarÃ.
Two months and seven days old.
Nora Thanks for your help.
I'm not blind.
I can see.
The whole harbour was full of people.
What's he done to you? What is the link between the Berggrens and Sandhamn? It's his father.
Do you know who this is? I'm not Krister's father.
Krister didn't find out until she was on her deathbed.
-That's why he went to Sandhamn.
-To see his father.
So his father is out there.
The post-mortem is done.
Both Kicki and Krister were poisoned.
Kicki was poisoned three hours before she met Jonny Almhult.
THE SANDHAMN MURDERS PART 3 Take it easy, Kajsa.
-They're little kids.
-Hello there.
What are you after? -I'd like to borrow a spade.
-What are you going to do with it? -Dig for dead pirates.
Oh, that sounds nasty.
Take it, you know where it is.
Don't forget where it belongs.
Otherwise you're on bread and water for the rest of the summer.
We're having a party tomorrow, if you see what I mean.
-No, I don't see.
-It's our 40th wedding anniversary.
-Would you like to come? -No, thanks! Oh well.
-Okay, that's fine.
-Come on, children.
I'm trying to apologize.
It made me really upset.
I was worried.
-That's no reason to hit someone.
-I just gave you a slap.
-That's what all wife-beaters say.
-I've never laid a hand on you.
I've never hit a woman, you know that.
I gave you a slap because I regard you as my equal.
And because you needed to sort yourself out.
Did you think through that line of reasoning? It doesn't seem entirely logical.
-So you're not going to say anything? -What do you want me to say? You think there's something going on with Thomas.
Nothing's happened.
Do you realize how serious this is? -Can you see that? -I can see more than you think.
-You think the father did it? -I don't think anything yet.
There were 150 permanent residents on Sandhamn from 1960-1 969.
-I bet the father's in here somewhere.
-Krister went out before the summer.
Someone on the island should recognize him.
What else have you got? -Is this it? -Yeah.
And a gut feeling.
Come on.
I'll take that.
Tomorrow we've been married for 40 years, Monica.
-What an achievement.
-Yes, I should get a medal.
A gold medal.
Can I have a look at that? Oh, that's disgusting.
It's probably full of bacteria.
No, it's from a pirate.
It looks like one of Captain Hook's ribs.
-I think that was a human bone.
-What are you talking about? Could have been radius.
-Should I call the police? -You've had enough to drink.
You don't understand.
-It could have been a bone from -A fox, hare, bear or wolf.
Could be any animal.
Don't ruin these days, Harald.
I don't know what I'll do then.
Open the door! Nora, come out.
Would you like one? Please, I can't talk to a door.
-There's nothing left to say.
-What the hell do you mean? What do you mean? We're on holiday and you're threatening to leave.
I'm not threatening -What? -I just can't take it anymore.
Open the door, Nora! Hello? What do you mean ''the children''? It's dad.
They can't find the children.
-What's happened? -I've been looking for them.
-This can't be true.
-They didn't go down to the water.
One in a yellow t-shirt and one in red.
Simon! Anna! I can't find them.
What if they've drowned? Take it easy.
You go look in that direction.
No! -Anna! -Simon! Henrik! -Simon, Anna.
Are you there? -Help! Daddy! I can hear them.
We're here! We've found them! Wait Hi, darling.
There we are.
Go to mummy.
What were you doing down there? -We were being pirates.
-Have you been down there before? What's that? Yes? -How could you disappear like that? -You can't do that.
Let's go home.
-So what's this one called? -Signe Brand.
Our last hope.
I have never seen him before.
-Should I know him? -You're a long-term resident.
That's how you found me? -How are things going? -It's tricky, the others on the list They're senile.
Sonot much help.
-I thought it was Nora who told you.
-Nora Linde? -You know her.
-Yes, we went to school together.
She lives over there.
Who's the pretty little boy next to him? -Krister Berggren.
-I see.
The man who was murdered? -It's terrible.
-Well, thanks for your help.
-I wasn't much help.
-Thank you very much.
-Good bye.
Perhaps the photo wasn't taken here.
Yes Maybe he's a summer guest.
How many of those were there in the 60s? -We haven't checked that yet.
-Worse than a needle in a haystack.
-What do you mean? -First we'd have to find out who rented summer houses here from 1961-1967.
Then get a hold of passport photos to see if anyone resembles the father.
That's right.
You'll make a good police officer.
Let's get started.
You know what? You must never do that again, okay? -Don't run off like that and hide.
Was it scary? -Not the least bit scary? -A little bit.
Really Were you scared in that hole? How come? -There was a skeleton in there.
-Quiet! A real one? Simon, off you go and rinse.
Anna Are you making things up? Look at mummy.
Are you making this up? There was a skeleton down there? -Henrik Anna says -Can you grab one of those chairs? Damn it.
-What did you say? -They fell into a bunker.
Goodness me.
Did they hurt themselves? -No.
Thank God.
-Isn't that just typical.
But Anna says she saw a skeleton in there.
A skeleton? Probably some bandit who got stuck there.
Should I go to the police? You'll do anything to see that man again.
I've never heard anything like it.
Nilsson's rental folders.
Blood-Anders is fishing, but his dad used to rent out houses too.
Get hold of those as soon as you can, please.
-Bloody hell -Lots of work ahead.
-You and your ideas -Systematic work.
-Hello, Nora.
What a surprise.
-What are you doing here? -Well Anna says she saw a skeleton in one of the bunkers on the beach.
I don't know if there's anything to it -If it should be checked out or what.
Wait a minute.
I'm just going out for a bit.
I have to check something.
-Am I doing this on my own? -You can do it.
You're playing truant! -How is the work going? -Not bad.
But right now we're stuck.
-Maybe you need help.
-Do you want to be my assistant? -I'd love to.
-It worked fine the last time.
Tired of your job? So you're a banking solicitor.
You always seemed so jolly.
Maybe I should have done something completely different.
Are you not happy? You have it all, don't you? -Yeah, I guess I do.
-Or? Sometimes things don't work out as planned.
It was here.
This is where they crawled in.
-Can you see anything? -Yes, I'll be damned.
And it's not plastic.
Take a look.
I don't think it worked out as planned for him either.
-Nora -No! Okay You've found a skeleton and maritime are on their way.
Where are we at apart from that? What do we know, Thomas? We know that Cecilia Berggren- -took Krister to Sandhamn so he could meet his father.
It looks as if it's summer, everything is green.
-Wake up, Thomas! -Sorry.
Last Christmas, Cecilia died and left the photo album to Krister.
This gives him a clue as to who his real father is.
In March, Krister travels to Sandhamn and meets his killer- -gets poisoned and dumped in the water.
Now he is discovered wrapped in a net belonging to Gustav Almhult- -father of Jonny.
Keep going.
Kicki finds out that Krister is dead and travels to Sandhamn the next day.
Most likely, she meets the killer who poisons her with rat poison.
Three hours later she meets Jonny at the inn, which we think is coincidence.
Something goes wrong there, Kicki bangs her head.
This leads to a haemorrhage which, due to the rat poison, causes death.
She leaves Jonny that night and is found dead the next day.
Well Is this about money? Or is the father the perpetrator? And can he be found somewhere in these folders? And where does the skeleton fit into this? So you found a skeleton? You and Thomas? ls there any point in asking what you were doing with him at Trouville? That late? No Oh and Today we're having the party for mum and dad.
And if I catch sight of that bloody policeman once more I don't know what I will do.
Yes, they are bringing out the parts now.
It appears to be a man.
We're happy to hear that.
Margit ok'd us being here.
Thanks to him.
He looks in better shape than you.
-I'm going for a walk.
-What? Dear friends Hello, everyone.
Monica! It was out here that I met my beloved Monica for the first time.
-You haven't finished serving.
-I forgot to take my shot.
That thing that happened last night You have to leave.
You can't be here.
Where have you been? -I've been trying to call you! -I needed to be on my own.
Thomas, sort yourself out, have a foot soak or something! Forensics have sent dental records for the skeleton.
-Read it.
-Allan Black, who's that? He lived on the island all year round, in the Brand Villa.
He was married to Signe Brand.
-Look at you run! -Signe! -Where are you going? -To GrÃnskär.
I can't hang around here.
-Can I come with you? -Sure, you can.
It's your own fault if you get bored.
Don't drink anymore.
That was good! -Be careful with the heirlooms.
-A few breakages -Henrik! Where is Nora? -I don't know.
She can't keep disappearing without bringing her mobile.
The boat is gone.
Odd that the dog is still here.
They were in a hurry.
-What do you want? Have you seen Signe Brand? -What the hell do you want with her? -We'd like to speak with her.
I can't keep track of all my neighbours, I'm busy keeping track of my wife! -Do that, then.
-Hang on What What do you mean? Where is Nora? -Isn't she here? -No, she's not.
-Could she have gone with Signe? -Why would she do that? -Where might Signe have gone? -I have no idea! Wait! What's up with Signe? Tell me.
So if Nora's not with you, she's with Signe, is that it? -I'm coming with you.
-That's not a good idea.
I'm coming with you.
I can see why you like coming here.
It beats any medicine.
Signe Do all these fishing waters belong to you? Yes, well I'll show you from the lighthouse.
Yes, all of this is mine.
All the way to Sandhamn's Stångskär.
-But Have you got vertigo? -Shit -I forgot to take my insulin.
-Should we go back? It really is heavenly here.
There's been plenty of poachers here that I've had to deal with.
-Like the Almhults? -I've taken plenty of their nets.
Bet you haven't told the police? Berggren was wrapped up in one of those.
Why haven't you told the police? It all started with him.
Krister Berggren.
He came to see Allan on Midsummer's Eve 1 961.
He and his mother Cecilia.
Krister Berggren was Allan's son.
Those damned siblings, came and demanded their inheritance.
Said I had to sell the villa.
-I've lived there all my life! -Signe Wait 1 961, you said? The year that Allan disappeared? What happened to Allan? Hang on Was it him they found in the concrete bunker? Was it? Did you lock him up in there? Signe! Signe Wait Wait for me! Signe! No! Let me out! Got anything? Nothing.
We'll find her.
-How? -Take it easy, we'll find her.
You can't think where they might have gone? Hang on a minute - GrÃnskär! She's got a fishing boat out there.
Go! Go! Hello! I'm here! Over here! They're not here.
-They're not here.
-We'll have to keep looking.
Hello! I'm here! Over here! Help! Over here! Hang on Thomas! Signe's boat.
Yes, you're right.
Bloody hell God damn it! -Henrik, calm down.
-This can't be true.
Where is she? What do we do now? What the hell do we do now? We'll go back.
Sit down, Henrik.
Yeah Search and Rescue haven't found anything.
They're stopping the search now.
-What do we do now? -We'll start looking in the morning.
Look for what? Her body, or what? I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do.
I can go ahead andcall Margit.
Okay See you later.
Nora! Nora Hello It's me, Thomas.
Henrik's here.
Take care.