Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s02e01 Episode Script

I den innersta kretsen - Del 1

1 Ready to work! - Ready to work! Steer towards port! - Trim the foresail, guys! Damn, they're trimming the foresail! Damn it! We're going to lose.
Goddamn! Get the weight out! After 29 hours, only two boats are heading to victory in the Gotland Race.
The Juliander Team is the big surprise of the year.
Juliander has never come close to a victory But this year's crew consists of experienced sailors.
It's impossible to predict who will win But within half an hour, we'll get the answer.
After a strong wind about 8 on the Beaufort scale in open water, they now encounter the sun at Sandhamn for the first time on the return trip! - I'll come first! Here she comes then.
- Please.
I like it.
Fine cooking! Arvid, how are you? - I'm good.
Nora, come stand here.
- Nora, come stand in between.
And say 'Cheese'.
Tsiiis What a nice kissy face.
That will be very nice.
I'll have another.
- Let me taste it.
Nora, thanks for the excellent organization.
It's very nice.
I heard you want to sell Villa Brandska.
Where did you hear that? - Henrik just told me.
Henrik knows very well I inherited it.
But what will you do with that house? Your aunt tried to murder you.
I have other memories of Signe.
I wouldn't set foot in that house.
Excuse me, would you like to hold this? Oops! Did I scare you? Sorry.
You arranged everything so neatly.
- Thank you.
Is it true what I heard? - What have you heard? That you and Henrik are going to divorce Well, yes I have to go - I understand.
Ready to work! - Caution, Henrik! Focus! Get the weight out! Jib to windward! Come on, guys! Ja! Well done! Well done Henrik.
- We'll catch them.
You can see them.
Do you see them? Aren't they in the lead? - It looks that way.
You can't say in advance.
They defend themselves very well.
Henrik is at the helm.
Don't stop sailing, it's 200 meters.
They're gaining on us.
- Stay on course, Henrik.
Still 100 meters.
50 meters! Ja! - Hooray! Yes! - They've won.
What a relief.
cheers for the Juliander team and the Yacht Club.
Hip hip - Hurrah, hurray, hurray, hurray! Isabell, what perfume are you wearing? - You mean this? It'll show up in the stores in half a year.
Our chairman won the Gotland Race.
Oscar did a good job for the Yacht Club.
- Sure! Nobody believed that, huh? That he'd ever win it.
You didn't think that or did you? Oscar said you had to bet.
Crack it open, Oscar! What a relief.
- Ja! I told you I'd win.
If you do what I say, you can't lose.
Take my picture.
Yes! This was always his greatest wish.
- That's very understandable.
He loves that boat, more than anything.
You, Henrik? - Not for me.
What the hell? What is going on? - It just suddenly broke.
Oscar hell, what are you playing at? Oscar?! MURDER ON SANDHAMN Season 2 In the inner circle - PART 1 ----- upload by KTplanet ----- The Juliander team surprised everyone and won the Gotland Race But something serious happened on board.
The site is in chaos, but we'll be back With a news flash as soon as we know more.
We'll come back with interviews with the Juliander team, after the marine and coastal weather.
Forecast: storm gusts, southeast wind, 13 Beaufort From tonight until about tomorrow - Hey.
You finally decided to renovate.
I remember her, even without all the stuff.
After noon from the southwest Are you listening to this? - No, not really.
I thought about the rubbish, in the sacks outside.
Are you going to throw it away? - Yeah, I think so.
Then maybe I can take a look.
You may, but it's baby equipment.
- You never know.
Go ahead.
Thomas, here.
What? He won the Gotland Race? Sure, I'm coming.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
- Hi.
Oscar Juliander, shot to the abdomen.
His crew is here.
Has anyone been on board already? - Not that I know of.
Hello, Margit.
- I assigned you and Mia to this case.
The victim is a successful lawyer.
Say if you need more resources.
Meanwhile talk to the crew, I'll find a place to work.
Shall we go home? No, I don't understand and I have to wait for the police.
Hello, Nora.
- Henrik.
It is clear you are going to investigate this.
I know it's hard, but can I ask you a few questions? Certainly.
Do you know what happened? What do you remember.
There were two shots.
The first broke the champagne bottle.
We didn't think it was a shot.
It all happened very quickly.
Did Oscar behave differently than usual? - No, he was happy with the victory.
Did he seem worried about anything? No.
- Okay.
You can go home now, but we must ask more questions later.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
I thought of something.
Are we sure Juliander was the target? Yes, the first shot hit the bottle in his hand.
Therefore we assume Juliander was the target.
Do we have a motive? Have you talked to his wife? Yes, very briefly.
- And then the crew? - Who said Oscar behaved as usual.
Do you have Juliander's cell phone? Yes, we retrieved the call list.
We want access to the navigation system they have on board the sailboat.
The naval police patrol around the harbour and the island.
I'll refer all witnesses to you.
You couldn't find a worse place? - This was all I could find.
You got it, the technicians still need to install their stuff.
We want photos of the finish.
- Okay, I'm going to request that.
You know where to find me.
- Yes.
Where do we start? You won Daddy! - Hey, big boy.
Hey my girl.
We saw you with the binoculars.
Did you get the medal? - No, I still have to get it.
I'll make some coffee.
Go with mama then you get something nice to drink too.
I was so scared.
We are all very moved by what happened.
Sorry we have to discuss it here, but the annual meeting is imminent and Hans still wants to leave his post.
I suggest we move on to appoint a second vice-chairman.
Ingmar von Hahne.
Does anyone have any objection? Good.
Well now, that was all.
Heard anything? Do they know why? - No, we've heard nothing.
Was it directed against Oscar personally? Or has it something to do with the Yacht Club? Why do you think, it concerns with the Yacht Club? No, I wouldn't know.
There are so many crazies around out there.
He was successful and controversial.
No, we know nothing about why.
- Right.
Until we know more, we'll take it easy and let the police do their job and We'll help them in every way possible.
- What does that mean? That means you tell them everything you know about Oscar.
My husband had a large circle of friends and I know he was very popular.
Do you think there was someone who didn't like him? -No.
Was he threatened? Was he ever troubled or was there anything about his work? He never talked about work.
Did he have any debts? - I know nothing about our finances.
We had loans, anyway I think so.
What work do you do? - I stopped when I became a mother.
Are the children here? Tom arrives tomorrow.
He's working now.
And Anna Anna is in the U.
Do you have someone who can stay with you? - Nobody.
I'm used to taking care of myself.
Okay, thank you.
- Thanks.
When Oscar wasn't at work, he was often with his mistress.
Rather, mistresses.
Unfortunately I can't name them.
He never told me much.
In any case, we already have a motive, a woman scorned.
Yes, or a scorned lover or a man angry with his mistress.
He must have earned a lot as a reputable lawyer.
They had just Rodolfo Dordoni and Mies van der Rohe as clients.
The bench she sat on, costs at its least 40,000.
The bookcase, double that and coffee around 25,000.
What is it? - Nothing.
I didn't know you were interested in furniture design.
- No? What did you think I was interested in? In Lego blocks? In technology? That there, that's your department.
- We have questions about Juliander.
What do you already know about the case? - We've collected some information To find out what happened.
- You know where the shots came from? We still have to find out.
- He doesn't look so very much.
If someone may have seen something, please contact us.
Even though it looked quite normal.
- Mama! We are ready! - Okay.
Will you go shortly? - No, she called you.
We don't exclude it may concern his work.
We don't exclude anything.
Did you brush your teeth? - Mmh.
Well, I purchased a new book.
What's it called? - Every other week.
What's it about? - We'll see when we read it.
Have you seen my camera? - No.
We appointed Ingmar as chairman.
That is a very good thing.
Someone was here.
- It may be the maid.
Yes, and where is my camera, then? - Maybe you forgot it at Nora's.
It was a short visit.
- I didn't lose it.
Someone stole my camera.
What do you mean no rooms? - It is fully booked all week.
Have you checked all places? - I can sleep in the tent if you want.
I was just wondering - That's settled then.
You can stay at my home but it's far too messy.
No, that's fine.
- I don't know what you're used to.
I just want silk sheets and breakfast in bed.
Hello, Claire.
- Your girl-friend? No my colleague.
My neighbour Claire.
- Hello.
Pleased to meet you, Mia.
She's here about Juliander, of course.
He was a very unpleasant man.
Did you know him? - No.
Do you have any jam? Yes, in the storage shed.
It still smells of fresh paint.
Don't worry.
Then I'll sleep better.
I'll bring some furniture.
- This is so much fun.
Huh Yes? - Thanks for letting me stay here.
It's okay.
I'll get the sheets.
You can make the bed while I cook.
Thank you! What is it? I was thinking about Oscar.
How he stood there with champagne and made a toast.
He was so happy.
We have to be happy with what we have.
You I don't want a divorce.
I know I behaved very stupidly and wore you down.
I can change.
I think I've changed.
But I saw the way you looked at him when he came to question us.
I want you to be honest.
Was it him? Do you want a divorce because of the policeman? No, Henrik.
You know that's not it.
It's because you think that.
- Oh, good morning.
Did I scare you? - No, it's okay though.
Do you have any aspirin? I think I'm getting a migraine.
Yes, on the top shelf of the broom closet.
Broom closet in the kitchen.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Why don't you stay Did you know Oscar well? I know all about his life, inside and outside the firm.
Did he have problems with any customers? Oscar's customers were often forced to end their lives' work.
There were obvious emotions at times.
Can we get a list of customers, going back about two years? Sure, I'll get them.
Was anyone here, who disagreed with him? There was a conflict between partners.
Oscar didn't want a genuine partnership.
- What is that? - Equal profit sharing.
Oscar contributed most and wanted a greater share of the profits.
Who'd loose the most, if he'd followed through? Ingrid Dieter, no doubt.
But she was on leave and only comes back tomorrow.
These emails threatening Oscar arrived in recent months.
Did he report them to the police? - He didn't take them seriously.
We learned Oscar had a mistress.
Or even several.
- I know nothing about that.
You knew about his whole life? He's dead.
Someone shot him.
The more we know, the more likely we'll arrest the perpetrator.
He had only one, as far as I know.
Diana SÃder.
I know what you think.
It wasn't like that.
He thought differently.
Did he tell his wife? - No, he didn't know how to.
He wanted to wait until the kids were grown up.
They are 21 and 19.
- Yes How did you meet Oscar? During a vernissage.
I work at Ingmar von Hahne's gallery.
Both he and Oscar were on the Executive Board of the Yacht Club.
When was that? - Six years ago.
Where were you yesterday afternoon? - At home.
Philip was sick.
How old is he? Five.
Do you think he's Oscar's? - That's possible.
Why? Maybe she was tired of waiting for the father.
He lied for years.
- She has an alibi.
What if Sylvia knew about the child? She stands to inherit more than from a divorce.
Dieter also benefits from Oscar's death.
Who becomes chairman of the Yacht Club? - Again Dieter.
This is worth checking.
- Killing someone for his job? Are you there? - Hey, baby.
Where is Diana? - At home with a sick child.
You need to close early tonight.
I've booked a table for six.
You and I must go eat and celebrate a little.
What are we celebrating? You becoming chairman.
This doesn't look good if you want to celebrate today.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Perhaps the wrong word But Oscar would have wanted you and I to do that.
That's two against one.
- Okay.
Open it.
What a lovely tie.
Thank you.
Really nice.
At six o'clock.
- Okay.
Don't forget huh.
- Okay, I'll wear this.
How are you? - Good He was threatened.
We'll check the emails.
The bullet was a .
308 calibre.
A hunting rifle with a silencer.
What's all this? - They even examined what brand and model.
We'll focus our research on the weapons and hunting licenses.
We'll talk later.
I dare to bet they all hunt at the Yacht Club.
Good day mama.
Tom! - How are you? - I'm dealing with it.
Glad you're here.
Let's sit.
- I'll just store my stuff.
They have no sense of colour.
- Yes, but the customer is king and Hans! Go ahead, I'll catch you up.
Did the police talk to you? - No.
Why do you ask? You said we had to tell what we knew about Oscar.
Yes, of course I meant within reasonable limits.
What should we do? We'll take it up with Sylvia.
She'll certainly do the right thing.
Almost a quarter million.
- You loaned that to him.
He promised to pay it back.
- I thought you had said no.
Now we need to clean up your mess.
I can make it look like he had a lot of money.
Yes, do that.
And not a word to anyone.
Mom and Dad are coming.
- Today again? When? Yes now.
They're already on their way.
To see the kids, they said.
Do you want to buy cakes filled with vanilla pudding? Then I'll make coffee.
- Hello, anybody home? Thank you for last time.
- Hello, Britta.
Have you found my camera? - No.
I'm quite sure someone took it from the hotel room but They think I forgot it here.
- You didn't leave it here.
I dropped by Monica's and she told me the house next door is for sale.
Villa Brandska? No, it isn't for sale.
We don't know exactly.
- Well, it's not for sale.
Then I know what the situation is.
Let me know if you find the camera.
- We will.
Next time I want to search.
The boat? - Well.
Doesn't anyone sail any more? - Yeah, but nobody does it.
Then it's fucking time.
We must do this.
I'll see you up there.
I have to arrange something.
Make it mysterious.
- Hey.
Bought a bottled beverage? - For my mother-in-law.
Bah bah! How are you? - I can handle it.
And Henrik? - Henrik is as always.
We're getting divorced.
- Why? That's what I want.
That's really my choice.
That's a hassle.
The children know nothing.
I'm here, but call if you need anything.
Sometimes I can be very helpful.
No, but - Thanks.
I'll see you.
- We will.
See you.
Everyone on the Board of Directors, has a hunting license.
Then we'll talk with them.
Have you checked on Sylvia Juliander? No, I'll do it immediately.
Is it all arranged? - What? The woman who was helping you.
Yes, she's an old friend from here.
Her name's Nora.
She's getting a divorce.
What did you say.
Did she just tell you? Yes Oscar Juliander had a permit for two shotguns.
And the right calibre.
Thank you.
I'm so glad you're here.
- I'm glad too.
It was so lonely last night.
You're always alone here? - Yes, but last night was different.
He wasn't always here, but he wasn't crazy.
Now he's gone.
- Well.
Mama - Don't slander him.
Not now, Tom.
Call me if you need anything.
Did you see the key to the gun cabinet? No.
Isn't it in your office? I didn't know what to think, but I know enough.
Why? - Nothing.
I'm just off.
Henrik? Hello? Simon? Anna? Welcome home, darling.
- Thank you.
And where are the children? - They're with Mom and Dad.
They wanted come here.
I told them I had to get out of the house.
Yes, and? I know what you've decided But I'd like to take you out to dinner.
I went through Oscar's phone list.
Many calls to his mistress Wife and daughter, but what's weird, is no calls to his son.
Didn't they have contact? - Not according to the phone list.
Wait a minute They send pictures of the finish.
We'll eat in front of the computer!.
Nice is different! It was delicious.
You are the guest.
But how much I appreciate - I know, Nora.
Here we won't talk about it.
I know what you want to say.
Do you remember the first time I came here for an event? You promised to show me everything, but we didn't go out the door.
It didn't matter to me.
I love this house And I love you.
I still do.
and you When we're done, I'll get dessert.
Thank you.
There! Look There he must have been shot here.
- 12 hours, 6 minutes and 35 seconds.
If I synchronize the images with the coordinates of the sea charts We know exactly how it happened.
Oscar stood upright towards land.
He was hit in front And the bullet had an entry angle of 14 degrees.
There's no boat sailing in that direction.
The shot must have come from the shore.
It can't have come from the beach.
The shot came from one of the houses.
Damn! - What is it? It's Villa Brandska, Nora Linde's house.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE - One of us killed Oscar? The shot came from here or from next door.
- Villa Brandska? That's complete madness! The Linde family doesn't hunt.
Henrik won't sign the divorce papers.
I'm not a bad mom.
- Maybe not.
Maybe?! What if someone took the key from Linde? Lying to the Police, mama, is that smart? Damn, what should I do? - I don't know.