Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s02e02 Episode Script

I den innersta kretsen - Del 2

1 The chairman won the Gotland Race that's not bad.
- No.
Oscar! Oscar Juliander, shot to the abdomen.
- I assigned the case to you with Mia.
Was it directed against Oscar personally? Or does it concern the Yacht Club? A hunting rifle with a silencer.
Everyone on the Board of Directors, has a hunting license.
What do you already know about the case? Do you want a divorce because of the policeman? Hello, Nora.
- It's clear you going to investigate this.
There was a partnership conflict.
Oscar contributed the most and wanted a bigger share of profits.
Who would lose the most, if he push through with it? Ingrid Dieter, no doubt.
He was hit from the front.
The shot came from one of these two houses.
MURDER ON SANDHAMN Season 2 In the inner circle - PART 2 ----- upload by KTplanet ----- Do you mean Oscar was shot from here? - Many clues point to that.
But our house was crowded with people.
- It could've been from next door.
This is mine.
- I know.
Where were you when he was shot? - I was out on the terrace.
Alone? - No, I was just speaking to Sylvia.
There were many people.
- Who invited them? - Henrik's mother, Monica invited them.
Can you call her and get the names? Pardon? - Can you call her and get the names? Sure, I can.
Do you think you can you do that now? - Yes, absolutely.
Well, thank you.
Then we go downstairs now.
Can you show where you stood, when Oscar was shot? I stood here and Sylvia, Oscar's wife, was standing right next to me.
Do you remember the others? - Here are the names.
- Thank you.
Tick those who weren't on the terrace when Oscar was shot.
- Thank you.
- Can I talk to you? Well, I thought about Oscar.
He spoke to Martin Nyrén just before the start.
The treasurer of the Yacht Club? Right after that Oscar was very angry.
He said he hated the bastard.
You've just remembered this? I asked you before.
- Yeah, but I was in shock then.
Thank you.
Well, I checked with your dad.
- Yes, he wasn't on the terrace.
You think dad shot Oscar? - I don't think anything at all.
I want to see Villa Brandska.
Have you been back here since the party? - No, we haven't been back.
How many people have the key? - Only me.
It hangs in our entry hall.
Thomas, I suddenly thought of something.
Britta RosensjÃÃ asked about her camera.
She was taking photos at the party, and suddenly her camera was stolen.
Really? When was that? - She came by yesterday.
I found no proof of a break-in.
- Okay, let's go inspect inside now.
You can wait here.
It's a crime scene Hi, Monica.
A clear view.
Probably from Linde's house.
I'll send them to the crime lab.
- Yes.
I'll cook tonight.
- Why? - Out of gratitude, I'm staying with you.
You don't have to.
- I don't, but I will.
Do you like paella? - Yes, it's delicious.
According to Nora, five people weren't on the terrace.
Harald Linde Martin Nyrén, Isabell and Ingmar von Hahnemann and Arvid Welin.
Henrik said Oscar and Martin Nyrén had words and quarrelled about something.
All five have hunting permits and weapon licenses.
I included Ingrid Dieter.
We still have to talk to her.
Okay, I'll talk to Dieter about Nyrén.
You talk to Sylvia Juliander, then we'll have the police bring the others here.
When? - At three o'clock.
Here are the bankruptcies Oscar managed over the past two years.
I'll show you where Ingrid Dieter sits.
She has a summer house near Sandhamn and a motorboat.
- Is that so? I asked where she was, when Oscar was shot.
And she had no answer.
Your visitor.
- Hello.
Thomas Andreasson, Nacka Police.
- Ingrid Dieter, Pleased to meet you.
Sit down.
- Thank you.
I'm investigating the murder of Oscar Juliander.
- Yes, Eva said so.
I understand you wanted to talk to me about Oscar.
About the new bonus system? - That was very easy for him.
He was well-known, appeared in the media and had the right connections after all.
If you required a bankruptcy lawyer, then you immediately contacted Oscar.
What did the other partners think? - They were afraid of losing him.
Then they would have accepted his proposal? - Probably.
Oscar often received hate mail, Do you know anything about that? No.
Would you still have reason, to dismiss him? In addition to him being a sexist, selfish and greedy pig? Where were you when Oscar was shot? - I was alone, I have no alibi.
Do you have a shotgun? - Two at the summerhouse.
I have to check them.
It was nice having the kids.
Everything is full speed with them.
You stay young with grandchildren.
How did it go with you and Henrik? It went okay.
- Only 'okay'? Nothing more? He did make an effort.
- Yes, I know about Monica.
What should I say? It was what it was.
But Nora, nothing's perfect all the time.
When one marries, one stays together, in good times and in bad times.
Some good advice: sell Villa Brandska and buy something larger in the city.
He is the host.
I know someone who wants to buy it.
- RosensjÃÃs asked and I said no.
You don't divorce in the Linde family.
It's never happened And it never will.
Henrik won't sign the divorce papers.
Frankly, it doesn't matter.
Besides, it isn't your business.
So you just give up everything? Divide our family? Up your stakes? What do you think I'd do? Apparently it wasn't enough.
You should think of the children.
Thanks for lunch.
What happened? - I had lunch with your mother.
Did you ask her to talk to me? - No not at all, what did she say? Well, what did Monica say? She said in general I was a bad person And a bad mother in particular.
Okay - Okay? Do you agree with her? No, I don't.
I The kids would probably feel better if we stayed together.
So you agree with her? - I didn't say that.
I'm not a bad mom.
- Maybe not.
Maybe?! I just say you think more about yourself than about the children and that's what I say.
So the best thing for them is we hang around here and pretend we love each other? I wouldn't pretend.
I want you to go back to the city.
Why? - I need to be alone.
Shht! It's good.
Thomas Andreasson, Nacka Police.
You were on the board with Oscar Juliander.
I want a brief talk with you.
Please, call me on this number.
But we agreed? You promised me.
You promised.
- That was when he was alive.
Now he's gone.
- We agreed.
I don't care what happened.
You can't break a promise.
I have to tell the truth.
I can't help you anymore, Arvid.
Damn, what should I do? - I don't know what to do.
But you can do it without me.
I'm a policeman and I'm here to work.
Mmmh, but this isn't a police car.
- I'm a police officer and this is my car.
Then, it's a police car.
- But you can't park here.
Martin! I took a shower.
I must have missed you.
You and Oscar Juliander spoke together a few times before he died.
Could be.
- What did you talk about? - He wanted to take over as chairman Of the Yacht Club.
He had questions about the club's accounts.
- Right.
How would you describe the relationship between you? That was good Nothing special.
According to witnesses, he was angry shortly after your last call.
I didn't want to say this, but a lot of money disappeared.
It appears Oscar took it.
Theft from the Yacht Club? - Everything points to it.
How much money? - A quarter of a million.
And who knew? - Hans, the chairman, and I.
We've taken Oscar's phone.
Did you find his mistress? - I can't answer that.
But he seems to have had a number of contacts with his son.
Is that correct? Yeah, right.
- Why weird? They didn't like each other.
Can I talk to him? - Tom? He returned to the city.
So soon? Has he always been like that? Yes.
Thanks for your help.
You'll hear from us.
- I understand.
- See you.
Lying to the police, mama, is that really so smart? If it's important, they'll come back.
Push the boat out.
- No! He'll drown! - Nora Can you help me, as a financial lawyer? - What have you got there? These are lists of bankruptcies Oscar managed.
- Okay, and? Can you see if you can find anything? - Like what? There's something wrong somewhere.
You'd know better than me.
He was a customer at your bank.
The prosecutor want us to investigate his finances.
Is that a problem? - No, but it's quicker if you do it.
Look mama! - How beautiful.
Really nice, honey.
I must go back.
Is everyone there? - Yes, but they aren't happy.
Finally! We'd like to know why we're here.
You weren't called, as far as I know.
- But a large part of my board was.
Thanks for coming.
- Why are we here? To know where you were when Oscar was killed.
Everyone at the same time is a lot easier.
We were all at Henrik and Nora's.
All together.
But none of you were on the terrace.
We want to know exactly where you stood.
You mean we are suspects? - This is completely insane.
The shot can still have come from every damned possible angle.
There's technical evidence it was shot from Nora Linde's house or next door.
And that stood empty then.
- Right.
This is totally unacceptable.
- Isabell, quiet.
- Shut up! One of us killed Oscar? - We just want to know exactly where you were.
Isabell was in the kitchen and Ingmar outside having a smoke.
Arvid was also in the kitchen and Harald Linde, on his way to the harbour.
And then Martin? - Maybe on the toilet, he said.
Ask him.
Isabell and Arvid were in the kitchen.
Why didn't they see each other? Arvid thought he was in the kitchen.
This is like playing fucking Cluedo.
What if it was none of them? What if someone took the key from Linde? It's possible.
Have you spoken to Tom Juliander? He's gone back to Stockholm.
I'll call his cell phone.
And his mother? - Father and son didn't like each other.
That's it for today.
Well, we'll go to the store to buy everything for a delicious paella.
Look - Yeah, I saw him.
Tom Juliander? -Yes ? - Thomas Andreasson, Nacka police and Mia Holmgren my colleague.
- So you're back? Yes, mom had a bit of a misunderstanding.
What misunderstanding? - I don't know.
- We're investigating your dad's murder.
Can I ask where you were then? - At work in the city.
Can anybody confirm that? - More than one.
Do you want their names? - Sure.
- Don't you have pen and paper? Many people hated your dad? - Yeah, that could be the case.
So much that someone wanted to murder him? - Everyone knew he had betrayed them.
Who are you referring to? - Everyone.
All their names? - Yes.
Where's Daddy? - In the city.
Did he have to work? - No.
- When will he be back? Well, I don't know exactly.
In a few days maybe.
Did you fight? - A little bit.
I miss Dad.
You know what? If you want, we'll go to town, hang around a bit and I'll do my work later.
- Yes! First you pick up the tennis rackets! Be careful, mama.
Yes, bitch! Ouch! The last one on the trampoline is a stinky egg.
Hello? Henrik? At home.
Come when you're done.
I want you.
Hi, I thought I heard something.
- You received an SMS.
Damn Nora! Hey, dear papa! - Nora, please.
I promised the kids an evening at the cinema.
They can stay with you tonight.
It's only you and them! Then you can go to the movies with dad.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Kiss, baby.
Next stop, HarÃ.
HarÃ, next.
This is fun.
- What then? Food, tableware, wine, candles Cozy.
- Cozy was the word.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- What? I was in the neighbourhood.
- Near HarÃ? Yes.
- Wow.
- Am I interrupting? Not at all.
It's dinner time.
- Hi Nora.
- Are you sure I'm not interrupting? Not at all.
A little paella? - No, thanks, I already ate.
A glass of wine? - No, thank you.
I actually just came by to I've been at the office and went through the list you gave me.
Nora is a lawyer.
Oscar managed the bankruptcy of AW Enterprise six months ago.
That was Arvid Welin's business.
Maybe good to know.
Of course, yes.
- He didn't know where he was.
In the kitchen, he thought.
Isabell von Hahnemann didn't see him.
- Okay, look into that further.
Don't you really want anything? - Henrik and the kids are waiting for me.
But thanks for the help.
- Stay sitting.
I can find the way.
Thomas, here.
Someone broke the rear window.
There's broken glass everywhere.
Is forensics coming? - Yes.
Hello, how are you? - Good.
Do you need a doctor? - No.
I didn't see who it was.
The main thing is you're okay.
Come, I'll follow you home.
Is Henrik at home? - No, he's in town.
I thought you said he was here? Well, no I'd forgotten that he Went to the movies with the kids.
Are you in pain? Do you want something? - No.
Thomas, here.
Yes, hello.
I'm on Sandhamn.
No, there's nothing more to do.
Yes, goodbye.
It was Mia.
- Is she at the hotel? No, everything was fully booked.
She's staying in my guest room.
I'll go upstairs and go to bed.
I'm tired.
You can go.
I'll send someone else to watch the house.
See you later.
- Goodbye.
Juliander's son said anyone he knew could have fired the gun.
What about his family? - They all have an alibi.
Martin Nyrén thinks Oscar stole money from the Yacht Club.
Wasn't he very wealthy? - We audited his accounts.
He couldn't pay for everything they possessed.
The boat for the Gotland Race cost at least 6 to 7 million.
- Okay look into it further.
Hey, fatso.
How are you? Thank you, I have to pee every ten minutes and I'm sweating like a fat pig Because it's 35 degrees.
- Okay, so I hear.
Don't tell me I should've thought about it earlier.
Don't think about it yourself.
I didn't say anything.
- I thought so.
The technics didn't find anything at Villa Brandska.
We know nothing about the weapon.
Okay, so we have nothing to go on? - Well, a complaint against you.
Isabell von Hahne says you accused her of Oscar's murder.
We didn't do that.
- She's demanding an apology.
- She can dream.
And I told her you'd make your apology in person.
- What? Von Hahne has influential lovers.
- Ah yes? And what can they do? They can make life miserable for me.
So please, apologize.
Both Von Hahne's are on your list? - Yes.
Now you have the chance to talk to them again.
Don't thank me.
Honey, I'm leaving now.
- Come swimming with me.
I don't have time.
I can't find my cell phone, you can reach me at the gallery.
Have you tried calling? - Perhaps it's in the car.
See you later.
- Goodbye.
Hello, what can I do for you? - We're here to talk to your wife.
I want to apologize myself.
I explained to her you were just doing your duty.
I have to go, but she is out back in the garden.
Around the corner there.
Good day.
Apparently there was a misunderstanding.
We never accused you of Oscar Juliander's murder.
Apology accepted.
- It's not an excuse, just an explanation.
You're angry because you had to come here.
- We really have little to do.
I'll be at the head table at the next Yacht Club prom.
That won't happen if I'm accused of murder.
- Good thing we didn't do that then.
Well, we know where we stand.
- Certainly.
Have a nice day.
You too - Adieu.
What nonsense you have to swallow.
- Right.
Thomas, here.
- Hi, it's me.
How are you? - Good.
Listen I looked into what you asked.
- Yes and? Arvid Welin's business, you know? - Yes? - The assets in the bankruptcy Were sold off very cheaply with Oscar's help.
Then they were re-sold For more than double the price.
- Okay, how did you discover that? There were a number of bankruptcies Oscar managed.
All the assets were sold off cheap and later re-sold at a much higher price.
Suddenly I stumbled across an account in Oscar's name With significant deposits from those sales.
Good work.
- Until later.
That was Nora.
We're going to talk to Arvid Welin.
It was tough to go bankrupt.
But Oscar did a good job.
Okay? The new owners sold it for more than double.
Yes, but it was what it was.
It's the market that determines.
And you aren't even angry? - What would be the point of that? You were in the kitchen when Oscar was shot.
- No, did I say that? I thought so.
Isabell von Hahne remembers you weren't in the kitchen.
You can suppose that I wasn't there.
Where were you then? Yes, well I don't know.
But I didn't shoot him.
Ask whoever you want.
I'm a bad shoot.
Hey! Oooh! How I've longed for you.
What did you do yesterday? - We went to the cinema.
And for pizza.
And I sat here alone? - Want to know what the movie was about? Tell me later but first I'll talk to dad.
Now just go outside to play.
Look I'll come later.
Okay? How about you? - Very well, thank you.
You must have been terrified.
- No, not too bad.
You can go.
This This isn't what you think.
Marie and I work together.
Okay? We We talk a lot.
She's someone I can talk to.
That still doesn't explain why she wants you so.
I talk about us.
I talk about you and me, about the divorce, how I feel About what I feel.
We kissed, a few times.
But that's all.
That's nothing.
You kissed? - Yeah, but that's nothing.
But you know what, Henrik? Don't let me stand in the way.
I'll call you this weekend, we'll see what we'll do with the children.
Good day, darlings.
Good day, sweetheart.
Hey, big boy.
Have fun.
Be good for mama.
- Yes.
- Okay, bye.
Until later.
Hey, we'll cuddle? - Mama, I'm the one who wins.
Oscar cheated his clients.
Stole money from the Yacht Club.
Without Martin, the treasurer's, knowledge? Look at this.
Margit sent this.
She's traced Juliander's hate mail.
Who are they? - From Tom, his son.
Are you on route? I want you.
Come through the back door.
Hurry up.
Hello? Where were you?! What are you doing? IN THE NEXT EPISODE A crazy person's shooting at the board.
Do we get some kind of protection? He had an appointment with someone called Indi.
Nothing is worse than a loveless marriage.
I don't want a divorce, Dad.
Forensics called.
We know who Indi is.
Tom! I'll see you tonight? - I've got more to lose than you.
Hello? - I know who killed Oscar Juliander.