Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s02e03 Episode Script

I den innersta kretsen - Del 3

1 Oscar Juliander, shot to the abdomen.
The shot came from here or from next door.
Villa Brandska? - But our house was crowded with people.
You think one of us killed Oscar? Who's now chairman of the Yacht Club? This doesn't look good if you want to celebrate today.
Hello, Ingrid Dieter.
- Where were you when Oscar was shot? At home.
Come when you're done.
I want you.
Hi, I thought I heard something.
- You received an SMS.
It's not what you think.
We kissed each other, that's all.
No one in the Linde family divorces.
Henrik won't sign the divorce papers.
Who's there! - Hi! Hello What if it's not one of them? Maybe someone took the key from Linde.
I thought we had an agreement.
- That was when he was alive.
What am I going to do? - I don't know.
You can do it without me.
Come through the back door.
Hurry up.
MURDERS ON SANDHAMN Season 2 In the inner circle - PART 3 ----- upload KTplanet ----- Two of the Yacht Club directors shot, that can't be a coincidence, huh? The others have personal protection.
Yes, Margit will organize this.
Here's his cell phone.
- Okay, thank you.
Should I check the others' alibis? - We don't know when he was killed.
He had an appointment with a certain Indi.
That number you called is unavailable.
Please, try again later No, no answer.
No, I don't know anyone called Indi.
- Anybody at the club with that name? Not that I know of.
A crazy person is targeting the board.
Can we have some kind of protection? - Everyone gets personal protection.
But now, we're investigating the relationship between Oscar and Martin.
Coincidentally, they were in the same board.
Martin said Oscar stole from the Yacht Club.
Yes - And you knew it? Yes but It wasn't like that.
Martin loaned the money.
Why did he lie about it? - I don't know.
He certainly wanted to safeguard himself.
What did Oscar want the money for? - Oscar had very extravagant tastes.
Only the best was good enough for him.
You wondered how he could afford it.
Have you ever heard the name, Indi? - No, no.
Did you see Tom here yesterday? - Which Tom? Tom Juliander, Oscar's son.
- No, he's hardly ever here.
Tom and Oscar don't get along.
Why do you ask? Do you think Tom Oscar managed Arvid's bankruptcy.
He made a lot of money off Arvid.
Really? I didn't know.
But I'm not really surprised.
Have you seen Arvid today? - Yes, I said hello to him at breakfast.
He was with a lawyer.
Ingrid somebody.
Ingrid? - Yes.
Was it her? - Yeah, right.
Are you coming home? - I have to go to the office.
Will I see you tonight? We'd better keep our heads down.
- Really? Listen, I have more to lose than you, when it comes out.
I'll call you.
Indi? Could she be Ingrid Dieter? We seized Dieter's guns.
-Yes, but not Arvid's.
Suppose Arvid steals the keys for Villa Brandska and gives them to Ingrid, who shoots.
Both didn't like Oscar.
But Martin? - Maybe he knew too much.
Any word about Tom Juliander? - Margit's having his apartment watched.
According to Sylvia, he is in MalmÃ.
- Not according to his colleagues.
How's Nora been lately? Yes, it was what it was.
She didn't invent it? No, she insists.
Maybe she met someone else.
No, I don't think so.
It's There's something wrong with me, Daddy.
I guess I have a lot of frills, she can't stand any longer.
Because you beat her up? - Cut it out, Dad! I don't mistreat women, Daddy.
It happened a few times.
Maybe it was one time too many.
Thank you.
It's not my business, but you better sign the divorce papers.
I don't want a divorce, Dad.
Just sign.
It'll still take six months before it comes to court.
Nothing is worse than a loveless marriage.
You deserve to be happy.
Both of you.
- Salutations.
Have you heard about Martin? Anna, darling, won't you take Simon and go play with Agnes? Okay.
Simon come! Hello, did I scare you? - No, that's okay.
Can you help me with something? I found it.
- Good! I heard the police want it.
- There was no one there, we must go back.
Do you want me to give it to them? - No, not now I've found it.
But can you transfer photos to a computer by cable or something? Can you do that? - Yes.
Is it fast? - Yeah, come on.
Look at Martin.
What a nice guy.
And still single.
Rumour has it he plays "for the visiting team".
Really? - Yes.
Does Henrik travel a lot? - Yes, he must go for his work.
He'll be away for a while.
- Oh.
Oh, well Poor Sylvia.
Terrible to say, but she might be better off without him.
What do you mean by again? - He did do it to other women.
Why didn't she leave him? Better deceived than divorced.
Hello there.
- Are you going, Henrik? I'll wait out here for a while.
- I'm coming.
Are we done here? Good.
You get your camera back and I'll send the photos to the police.
I thought she'd never leave.
JOINT APPLICATION FOR DIVORCE Thank you What do we do now? I'm going to stay here at the summer house and you can live in the city.
And then? Or I'll find a solution, or we'll each sell and And both buy something new.
That settles it.
Have you heard about Martin Nyrén? - No.
He's dead.
- Huh? What? He was shot dead near Tviskär.
- But what are you saying? Daddy and others are afraid someone wants to kill off all of the directors.
Yes, I can understand that.
Won't you stay and talk a little? - Yes, Nora.
I'd like that.
But I have to get used that you never want to talk to me.
Thanks for agreeing to meet us.
- You wanted to talk about Arvid? - Yes.
You met him yesterday at Sandhamn.
- Yes.
How do you know each other? - We've been together for a year.
Arvid examined the possibilities to sue Oscar for the way .
He managed the bankruptcy.
Arvid wanted to buy the assets, but Oscar refused.
He sold them at a lower price, and then they were And then they were re-sold for greater profit.
We know that.
I helped Arvid.
I thought he could fire Oscar from the company.
But then he died.
- Yes, and I didn't want to help him any longer.
I was in too much danger.
Arvid was very disappointed, do you understand? And yesterday? I invited him to dinner.
I explained everything and he understood.
Do you know Martin Nyrén? - Not really.
He called a certain Indi.
- Indi? No, we don't know each other.
Do you have your cell phone with you? - Yes.
- Can I borrow it? Thank you.
Did you call me? - No.
Hello? Yeah, hey.
- Thank you very much for your help.
The company doesn't need to know I secretly helped Arvid, right? No.
I don't think so.
It's okay.
- Thanks.
- Thanks for your help.
Forensics called.
We know who Indi is.
Look, wasn't that Tom Juliander? - Yes.
Will you grab him? Hi.
What was Tom Juliander doing here? - He wanted a word with me.
About what? He knows Philip is Oscar's son too.
He told me I wouldn't get a penny of the inheritance.
There he'd take care of him, he said.
I wasn't after Oscar for his money, in any case.
But if Philip, is Oscar's son - Yes, he's also entitled to his share.
Tom! Tom! Tom! Did you hear me calling? - Damn, what are you doing? You're not in MalmÃ.
- No.
- Your mom said you were there.
Yes, I don't know why she said that, but she's trying to protect me.
Maybe because you wrote threatening emails to your dad.
Yes, I sent him those emails, because he was a piece of shit.
The only thing he cared about was money.
And fucking, he certainly enjoyed that.
Martin Nyrén was shot.
- Who is that? He was with Oscar on the Yacht Club board.
- Well, I don't know anything about that.
So you know nothing about the relationships between your dad and the Yacht Club board? I know very little about my dad.
He loved sailing, I hate sailing.
He loved hunting, I hate hunting.
I didn't get along with my dad.
But I didn't kill him.
Do you know Ingmar von Hahne? Tell us about Martin.
What do you want to know? - What do you want to say? I I loved Martin.
We were together for a few years.
Secretly, of course.
That was difficult, it was very annoying.
Who knew that? - Nobody I think.
Not even your wife? - No.
Do you know that, or do you think that? - No, I know.
Isabell isn't a woman, who can conceal anything.
I'd have known if she knew.
- And Oscar Juliander, then? No, I can't imagine so.
- Why do you think that? We're trying to find a link between the murders.
Martin couldn't stand Oscar.
Outside work on the Board of Directors, they had nothing in common.
Martin loaned Oscar money, from the Yacht Club.
Did you know that? No.
Can you tell how you arranged to meet? by text messaging.
We both used dual SIM cards.
He was Manny and I was Indi.
But we kept it secret.
On Martin's cell there's a text you wanted to meet him at Tviskär.
That's where he was shot.
- But I didn't send it.
Didn't you? - No.
- It was sent from your cell phone.
Yes, but that's the day it disappeared.
And you don't have it blocked? - No.
No, I No, I thought it would pop up somewhere later.
I know how that sounds, but I really didn't do anything wrong to Martin.
I loved him.
Right, yes You can wait here.
It's a crime scene Now back to Oscar.
What was your relationship with him? Outside the Yacht Club, nothing.
But Martin didn't like him.
- No.
- Why not? Some get along better with others.
Did you like him? - No.
Did the other board members like Oscar? - It's better you ask them.
But now we're asking you.
So? He wanted to be chairman.
That doesn't mean they liked him.
It was the other way around.
Who'd benefit from Oscar's death? Nobody.
You became chairman.
- That wasn't important to me.
I think it was.
You shoot Oscar to become the chairman of the Yacht Club.
Martin no longer wanted to live secretly, and the Yacht Club Chairman can't be gay.
You lured Martin out, shoot and simultaneously your cell phone disappeared.
I loved Martin.
Did you think it wouldn't work out? - No.
But Martin wanted us to do it one day.
Where's your cell phone? - I don't know.
- When did it disappear? - I don't know.
Who could have known about your relationship? - But, I don't know.
Did Oscar and Martin have something in common? You don't know? No.
- We're going to take a break.
I'd appreciate it, if you don't say anything to my wife.
Shouldn't you tell the way it is? I just want my life to go on.
Do you want to talk to me? I thought of something, suppose Isabell knew about Wait! Thomas, here.
Hello, it's me.
I know who killed Oscar Juliander.
Where is Isabell? - Why? - Your wife, where is she? She wanted go to our summer house on Sandhamn, on the beach.
Come, Mia.
I miss him.
All the time.
- I understand you miss him.
I loved him so.
I was one of the few who really loved him.
The travel bag I saw in Britta's photos, was in the entry hall but now it's gone.
Isabell must have waited until after the finish to have left the party unnoticed Slipped into the hall and grabbed his travel bag and grabbed the key for Villa Brandska, that always hangs there To come here set up the gun Opened the window Stood here and waited.
When the boat was close, she shot him.
She tucked the gun in the travel bag and put it back in the entry hall.
A few nights later, she came back to pick up the bag and I just missed her.
How do you know it was her? - Perfume.
I recognized the scent.
We talked about it at the party.
Everyone may have worn perfume.
- It won't be on the market for six months.
That's not enough.
- Enough to speak to her.
If it was Isabell, what motive did she have to murder Oscar? Martin slept with her husband.
But what had Oscar done? Thomas! Oscar had many accounts.
I haven't located them all.
Maybe he also cheated von Hahne.
That's a motive, but Ingmar said nothing about it.
I'll see if I can find something more, now I know where to look.
Mia and I are just colleagues.
I wanted to say that.
Sylvia, poor sweetie.
They just come here every day and remind me how he died.
What do they all say? - They don't say much.
Now they're going through Oscar's books.
They are rooting around in all his accounts.
Do they know how to do that? - Linde's wife is a bank lawyer.
She has one of the inspectors.
I think she's definitely helping them.
Simon, eat what's on the table and then say thanks for the food.
Anna too.
Well, I'll pick you up later.
Big hug.
See you later.
- Hey! Did I scare you? - Yes, a little.
- Sorry.
I need to talk to someone.
I met Sylvia today.
- Really? How was she? She's a strong woman but she's a bit troubled.
The bank is checking her ability.
- Really? Is it the bank where you used to work.
Maybe you can help her a bit? Yes, but I can't.
It's a large bank.
I understand.
Someone's apparently looking for some kind of motive in Oscar's accounts.
Excuse me, I'm working from home.
This looks like a list of the bankruptcies Oscar managed.
I'm looking into them.
For the police.
Isabell! She's not home yet.
I'll stay here.
- I'll go to the village and look there.
I just want to know how it works And what you can see.
I see nothing.
Why are you so nervous, then? I'm not nervous.
- Sure! Why? No, I'm You're lying.
God, I'm so stupid.
God, I'm so stupid What do you know? Hi.
Were you looking for me? - Yes, got time? - A little bit.
What is it? You examined our accounts.
- Yes? Can I withdraw money? - You can.
I spoke with Isabell and - Isabell von Hahne? Today? Yes, we ate together.
- When was that? - Just now.
And where is she now? - She went to Linde's.
Delete everything about Oscar's accounts.
- I can't.
I'll pay.
How many do you want? Isabell, it's technically impossible.
Don't you understand that? - I don't believe you.
Don't answer that.
- What? Let it ring.
I just want to know What you can see.
That's all I want.
I just know what you can see in those books.
That's all.
Come on, answer it! Hi, Nora Linde leave a message after I beg you I just want to see how it works.
That's all.
Mia, here.
- Isabell is at Nora's.
I'm coming.
Okay, I'm coming.
What do you know? - Nothing.
- You're lying.
What do you really know? What do you know?! - I know you murdered Oscar and the police don't know.
Not at all.
They can find me in Oscar's accounts, but I'm sorry.
I am very sorry.
God Nora! Okay Calm down, calm down.
Put the knife down.
Isabell, look at me.
Put the knife down.
Put the knife down.
Okay? It started with 20,000.
Then, the 30,000.
And then 50,000 a month.
I couldn't keep paying.
So you shot him.
I tried to talk to him.
I told him I couldn't afford it.
He said there were other means of payment besides cash.
I went along with that.
But he quickly tired of me.
He wanted money again.
A monthly payment.
He gave me until after the Gotland Race to find a solution but I couldn't pay any longer.
And so you shot him.
Then I shot him.
How did Oscar learn your husband was seeing Martin Nyrén? He just knew.
Did you? From the very beginning.
- So Oscar squeezed money from you before.
Why didn't you go to the police? - Oscar would have betrayed me.
And what if Oscar betrayed you? He pressured you and threw himself at you.
Surely that must have been worse? You shot him to avoid being humiliated? No To not be alone.
His secret was the only reason Ingmar stayed with me.
When I realized Martin wanted to live openly with him I shot him too.
- Yes.
Are you ready? - I think so.
And, thanks for everything.
Good cooperation.
Strong, from beginning to end.
It is worthwhile.
What are you going to do? I'm going out to dinner and then spend a week on HarÃ.
Want some company? - I don't think so What were you thinking? Food, I meant.
- Yes! Course.
Thomas! Yes, you have it good here.
- Definitely.
Hey! - Girl-friend? No, just a girl friend.
She seems more important than the others.
- She means Mia.
Do you want coffee and carrot cake? Are there carrots in it? - Yes there are.
No, I don't like vegetables in cakes or fruit in food.
It's disgusting.
- I saw you cleaned out the shed.
What do you think? Can I take a look? - Yeah, go ahead I can bring everything with your place, if you want.
I don't want all your shit.
- No No, of course.
But just look around.
- Yes Her name is Claire.
She usually comes over for a chat.
The neighbour.
- Hmm.
We filed the divorce papers.
Now it will be six months before the case comes to court.
This is a long cooling off period.
- Yes, very long.
But now I have a lot on my back.
With the move and And the children.
That's so.
It's okay.
And then we'll see what happens.
That's what we'll do.
Good luck.