Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s03e01 Episode Script

I grunden utan skuld 1

1 Good, Simon! Otto, let out the sails a little more! Great.
Sail towards home a bit, Simon.
Good! There, now you get off the boat.
Hey, Captain.
That went well.
How good you were.
You too.
- You take care of it yourself.
- I'm going to play with Fabian.
Then you take Anna and Lisa with you.
- Anna and Lisa, go with Simon.
- Come on.
- Come home for lunch.
- Yes.
89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 97, 98, 99 100, here I come! All clear! All clear! - What is it? - There in the hole - What's happened? - We were playing and Anna found that Come on, Willie.
You should check this.
Anna and Simon Linde.
- Aren't they Nora Linde's children? - Well, why? They and a few others found body parts in a plastic bag on Sandhamn.
Can I see? - Nora Linde Weren't you an item? - No.
You, I'm going out to Sandhamn.
I just talked to the Marine Police.
This discovery may be related to a disappearance last fall.
Lina Rosén was reported missing last November.
Her mother always maintained a crime was involved in her disappearance.
Thomas, you can talk to the guy who reported this? - How long has it been here, do you think? - Hard to say.
4-8 months maybe.
I was out, walking Willie as usual.
Suddenly I heard a child screaming.
We ran here and I thought someone might have been injured.
- Did you touch anything in the hole? - Really, have you found Lina? - Is that Lina you've found? - You can't come in here.
We found an arm there we'll probably find more.
A cold blooded psycho to cut up a girl and bury the parts.
But why not just dump her in the ocean? Maybe he hauled up the boat for winter? Or she - I'll check the situation with Nora Linde.
- Good, do it.
- Thomas! - Hey.
- Hello, how are you? - Well, that's good.
What about Anna and Simon? - They're okay.
- Nasty.
- Do you want to talk to them? - No, it can wait.
I just wanted to find out if everything was okay.
I'd have called you a long time ago, but It's been a hell of a divorce.
- Not a good year - I understand.
But now it's okay.
- How long have you been here? - I've been out here all summer.
The children spend two weeks with Henrik and then two weeks with me - That's it.
- That's it.
- I have to go now, but I'm staying here.
- Yeah.
Thomas - Good to see you again.
- Likewise.
- Hi.
- She drowned here.
At least that's what they thought.
Lina's bike was found here out at Oxudden.
No body was found and it was written off as a suicide.
No suicide note or indication of depression? No, not directly.
It mentions a boating accident in late October.
Lina was on the boat with three drunken youths.
A boy was killed.
Sebastian Österman.
His parents were interrogated.
Bengt and Ingrid Österman.
Bengt he alerted police.
On the boat were also Jakob Sandgren and Sara Hammarsten.
She was apparently Lina's best friend here on the island.
I told everything when Lina disappeared.
Now with this murder, we'll dig into everything from the beginning again.
I know this is tedious, but try to help a little.
What happened? - After the accident with GÃran's boat - GÃran? Lina's stepfather.
They just got divorced then.
She - She wasn't feeling so good.
- Why not? Sebbe drowned.
We couldn't talk to Lina She just shut herself off.
She changed.
It just got worse and worse until the funeral.
The day she disappeared she wanted to come here.
She never came.
Did she say anything about feeling threatened or anything like that? Hey, wait! Jakob Sandgren, have you talked to him? - No, but should we? - Was there something specific? It's a little sensitive.
Sara's going out with him now.
He was going with Lina last summer.
He's not a good guy.
He gets aggressive when he drinks.
I think he hit Lina.
She broke up with Jakob just one day before she disappeared.
Jakob? - Hi.
- Hello.
- What's GÃran doing here? - No idea.
He is a pig.
Want to you go to town? - To town, why not? - Because I want to.
- Can't we just tell the police? - No, we can't.
Marianne, hey.
- I heard they found her.
- Yes.
- Do they know who did it? - No.
- It's terrible.
- Why have you come here? I thought maybe you were alone.
- Need some help? - No, I don't need help.
Not from you anyway.
Who do you think killed her? - I don't know.
- It's usually someone in the family.
That's what I've heard.
Or someone close to her.
- Jakob Sandgren? Hello.
- Hello.
Mia Holmgren, Nacka police.
Can we talk? How long have you and Sara been going together? Since Easter.
We heard you were going with Lina before.
- Is that right? - Yes.
Why did you guys break up? Was she afraid you'd beat her up? - Where did you get that from? - I just asked.
- Did you hit her? - No.
- Do you hit Sara? - What is this shit? - You were charged with abuse.
- It was a long time ago.
- Two years according to the registry.
- Can't someone change his mind? - Why are you questioning my son? - We're talking to many young people.
You wait out there.
Do you understand what this means? When Lina disappeared Jakob was accused and people talked.
Now you started it all over again.
- He hasn't been accused of anything.
- As if that would matter? - Hi, Thomas.
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
You wanted to know about Bengt.
Is he involved? No, we don't know, but we have to start from scratch.
Bengt Österman, Sebastian's father, lives there.
Marianne Rosén, Lina's mother, lives there.
There's a family feud that goes back over several generations.
Bengt's father and Marianne's mother were siblings.
When their father died Marianne's mother inherit everything.
- Bengt's dad got nothing.
- Can you do that? When Bengt's father lay on his deathbed he asked Marianne about the money.
She refused to go against his father's last will.
- What a bitch.
- Mom called grandma that too.
- I don't do that? - Yes, a bitch.
Anna, quiet! There you go.
Do you want to have dinner with us tonight? I can't tonight.
I'm meeting an old friend.
- Another time? - Absolutely, thanks for the help.
I'd like to go over it again.
What did you do the day when Lina Rosén disappeared? - We sat here and drank coffee.
- It was cold.
We lit the oven.
Well, then we went to bed.
- You went out with the dog.
- Like I always do.
Then we went to bed.
Can I ask? What did Marianne said? Marianne, would she have said anything? Did Marianne blame you for what happened to Lina? No, but I know what she's thinking.
That I blame her for Sebastian Yes, when Sebastian died Excuse me.
It's almost a year ago.
She refuses to talk about it.
She takes a lot of antidepressants.
I don't know if it helps her.
No, I don't blame him.
Bengt thinks so.
If it was someone who laid blame it was him.
After the boat accident it was GÃran's boat and Lina survived.
He never said it straight out, but I know what he was thinking.
it should have been her instead.
When she disappeared I suspected it could be him.
He wanted revenge because we had it better.
Forgive me.
I didn't mean it.
- Blame each other? - They've done so for three generations.
I'd never be able to live like that.
30,000 residents, all sitting on their porches and playing banjos.
- And related to each other.
- Then you play the same instrument.
- Is it okay if I stay with you? - The hotel was full, right? - I can cook dinner tonight.
- I'm going into town.
- What are you doing in town? - Meeting an old friend.
- I thought I heard something.
- Hello again.
- Now you have to.
- Yes.
Sure, do you had a few cans of paint? - Can I borrow some? - Just take what you want.
Mia will stay here for a while.
It's become some kind of boarding house Obviously, old friends are important.
- You've grown your hair long.
- Thank you.
- You look like your old self.
- Thanks, it was a compliment.
- How long have you been in town? - I moved back.
- Two weeks ago.
- Great, good for you.
Yes, I hope so.
Shall we go in? I haven't been here since No, nor me neither.
Come on, why don't you jump in? It's really great.
This is shit hot in the water.
What is it? You've been so quiet all day.
- Is it still about Lina? - No.
- Forget it.
- It's not that.
- What is it? - It's not that.
Tell me what it is.
Sara! It doesn't work anymore.
But, Sara Wait.
Wait! Your mother said it, right? I'm not good enough for you.
She doesn't like me.
- Has she talked to the police? - No.
She spreads rumours about me and you want to break up.
- Ouch! - Where the hell are you going? - What's your problem? - The police are full of shit! - I didn't beat up Lina! - Let go of my bike! I'm not going to let go your bike! Hey, is everything okay? - Do you live in Harà now? - During the summer months.
I left the apartment in town.
I've fixed the bridge and turned Emelie's room into a guest room.
- And all the stuff? - Did you want it? Ask Claire, she took most of it.
- Claire borrows only good stuff? - Yes, for a very long time.
- What made you move back? - I was homesick so we moved.
- We? - Me and Glenn.
- Glenn is my cat.
- Well, I thought Glenn? You have to find a different name.
- You lived in GÃteborg for a long time.
- Stop it, that's fine.
- I'm glad you wanted to meet.
- Obviously.
I'd like come out to HarÃ, if that's okay? Sure, you only have to ask.
Hello, sorry.
Why are you sneaking around by yourself here at night.
I heard about the murder on that girl.
- Did you know her? - No, but I know who she was.
- Do you live around here? - We live on the other side over there.
- What are you doing here? - I'm going down to Dykarbaren's.
- Do you want to come? - To Dykarbaren's? No.
Because I'm Simon's sailing teacher? - No, I have to pick up the kids.
- Okay, another time perhaps? Maybe.
- See you at the sailing school.
- Yes, have a nice time.
Who the hell are you? what are you doing here? My name's Peter.
I was going to make a sandwich - Mia and I are - Well, the bread's in the bread bin.
- Perhaps, you should get dressed first.
- Yes, yes.
- Are you back already? - Oops.
Good night.
- Can I have some? - Sure.
- Couldn't you sleep? - No.
- Are they noisy? - No.
No, no.
He arrived at ten.
Then out here.
I'll take some more.
- Good morning, did you sleep well? - Yes.
- There's coffee.
- Oh, thank you.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Peter can run me out to Sandhamn.
- Over.
What? It's called "run over to Sandhamn".
Okay, you run me over to Sandhamn, Peter.
- I'll see you in the office.
- We'll do that.
- Late night yesterday? - No, not so bad.
Who were you there with? An old friend from the police academy, Glenn.
- Did you have fun? - Yes, it was really late.
It was fun.
Breakfast, see you later.
I bought sailor's buns for you.
You like them? I thought you'd sleep in town last night.
The blazer and the whole outfit, otherwise he wouldn't have come out.
- I'm sorry.
- How long have you known each other? - A few months, why? - I just wondered.
- Did you like it yesterday? - Yes, thank you.
- Hi.
- Have you got anybody here? Yeah, like tracking dogs are coming out today.
I thought about posting a 500,000 SEK reward for tips.
- It'll hamper our investigation.
- We'd get only a bunch of nonsense tips.
There's a memorial service in the chapel tonight.
You might want to know that.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Want a coffee? - Why didn't you knock? I just spoke to Marianne.
- I asked about the memorial - Did you talk to the police about Jakob? Did you? I just thought it was important they were told I was trying to help for Lina's sake.
Hey, what do you want? I think I know who the killer is.
It was last summer.
Lina slept over at my place.
She told me about GÃran, her stepfather.
They were out in the boat.
He stopped the boat in the middle of the ocean.
He began to grope her and say she was pretty.
- Did it happen more than once? - I don't know.
I said she should report it, but she said no one would believe her.
I promised never to tell anyone.
It's good you did now.
I thought He's here now.
- Is GÃran here on Sandhamn? - He came in the boat yesterday.
You've reached GÃran's voice mail.
I'll return your call as soon as I can.
Hello, Thomas Andreasson from Nacka police.
Can you call me when you get this? Thank you.
Hello! - We're going home to eat pancakes.
- It's a long time since I did that.
Join us, if you have time.
Yes, it's lunch.
I've got time.
Lovely, let's go.
- That wasn't the first time.
- I've never done it before.
I'll set out plates.
Check there's a tablecloth? - Do you know the Sandgren family? - Yes, I spoke with them.
Jakob was near here yesterday and had words with Sara Hammarsten.
- About what? - He said something about the police.
He shouted he hadn't beaten Lina.
- Was he intimidating? - He didn't sound exactly pleasant.
- I thought you'd want to know.
- I'm glad you said that.
Go out with them.
I'll bring the whipped cream.
Do you want some? Say stop.
You received a text message from Pernilla.
- Is that your colleague? - No, my ex-wife.
- Were you out with her last night? - Yes.
Who's Glenn, then? Sorry, I have to answer this.
- Pancakes, Mom.
- Yes, hi.
Now? - I'm sorry, I got to go.
- Yes, what? It makes me glad That so many have come out here so we could remember Lina.
It's very important for me to find closure.
To gather everyone who meant something to her like Lina meant to me.
She'd have liked that.
To see all of you gathered here.
Anna and Simon, come here? Now, I'll tell you for the last time.
It's bedtime, come here.
- Whose stuff is that? - Aunt Signe's.
- I want this one.
- Me too.
Then you can have it together.
- Stop it, I say.
- Stop fighting.
Now we'll go in.
Bengt Thanks for coming.
I want to convey Ingrid's regards.
She couldn't come.
- Are you coming home with me? - No.
- What are you going to do? - Nothing in particular.
- I want you to come home.
- But Mom Okay, just, don't be too long.
Hello, Sara.
- How was the memorial service? - Fine.
I thought about going, but Marianne didn't want that.
It isn't so strange.
I also mourn for Lina.
Is that why you laid a hand on her? - I can't sleep.
- Neither can I.
Simon talks all the time.
Will you come and cuddle me a bit? - What are you doing? - I'm reading old diaries.
You know, Aunt Signe She had an aunt named Karolina who wrote a diary.
When Karolina was a child the entire island covered in sand.
The kids got to plant pines so the sand wouldn't blow away.
One of those trees where Agnes found the arm? Exactly.
Two girls of the same age, on the same island, with the same guy It seems more like he acted in panic.
If Jakob says he was home at eleven, he was there.
He doesn't lie.
- GÃran's boat wasn't there.
- He wasn't at the memorial service.
GÃran Nilsson groped Lina.
He calls himself "MÃ¥ns".
He was going out to Sandhamn.
I wish I had asked more.
Now it may be too late