Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s03e02 Episode Script

I grunden utan skuld 2

1 I have a right to know if it's my daughter! Lina Rosén, 18 years.
Disappeared in November last year.
- It was considered as a suicide.
- Now it's murder.
It says something about a boating accident.
A boy was killed, Sebastian Österman.
On the boat besides Lina were James Sandgren and Sara Hammarsten.
- He's not a good guy.
- What the hell is your problem? Now you started it all over again.
- Nora Linde, weren't you an item? - No.
- Who were you there with? - A friend from the police academy.
His name's Glenn.
I know who killed Lina.
GÃran groped her.
GÃran, here on Sandhamn? Sara! Sara? Sara? Hello, you've reached Sara.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hey, it's mom again.
I wondered where you are.
Hi, it's Mom.
One, two and three! Nora, have you seen Sara? - No, has something happened? - I don't know.
- We were at Lina's - Thank you.
Memorial service in the church.
Do you know where Sara was? - She didn't come home.
- What time was that? Around nine.
I went to bed.
This morning she wasn't in her room.
Her bike was gone.
How does the bike look like? She just painted it.
It's checkerboard, black and white.
- Could she have slept over at a friend's? - I've already asked.
I called Jakob too.
Sara broke up with him a couple of days ago.
He didn't answer the phone.
I left several messages.
Good morning, get up.
We have to talk a little bit.
- I don't know where she is.
- Why did she break it off? She didn't want to anymore.
- How did you feel - What do you think? I don't know.
That's why I ask.
Angry? No, why would I be? - Where were you last night at nine? - Out.
- Did you meet Sara? - Yes, but she headed out late.
- What did you do? - I went home.
- Straight home? - Yes.
Or I went for a walk first.
- Where did you go? - Towards Dalsberget.
What time did you get home? - Eleven, maybe.
- Can anyone confirm that? No, I came home later.
I was at a dinner.
Actually, no one knows if he was home? If he says so, he was there.
He doesn't lie.
Thanks for the help.
- Hi.
- Hey, are you looking for Sara? - How do you know? - I met her mom.
- Has she disappeared? - We don't know yet.
Thomas, can you come home and make pancakes again? - He has to work.
- See you.
- Hi.
- Make pancakes? She may have taken the last boat into town.
Or a taxi or a private boat.
- J as in Jakob.
- Or Jesus.
Sara usually always keeps in touch.
Do you possibly know her password? - Have you talked to Jakob? - He saw Sara ride away.
He may have followed her.
- What if he followed her? - We need to get your computer.
- Thomas Andreasson.
- Take what you want.
- Okay, we're coming at once.
- We'll contact you when we know something.
- The dog reacted, but it was empty.
- What does this mean? That there was a man here.
- Like someone dug it up? - Yes, apparently.
- Thank you.
- Absolutely.
He must have been sure no one would find anything.
When the children found the arm he began digging up everything.
It seems more like he acted in panic.
He's taking a pretty big risk.
Maybe Sara discovered him? What will he do with the body parts now? Throw them in the ocean? We may ask the marine police keep an extra eye out.
- He must have cut her up on the island.
- We need to check if anything happened.
Something may be associated.
We'll ask around.
Good, Simon.
You can tack towards home.
- A little more.
- No, you'll lose momentum! Beware of the boom! Good, Simon.
Cheers, Simon! He takes after his father who in turn takes after me.
They've got it nice at the house, Henry and Marie.
She has very good taste.
About you? Have you found someone new? No.
- Pity.
- No, I'm all okay.
If you have the wind in the right ear so, just honk and drive! If you continue like this you can get your own optimist.
- Did you hear that, Mom? - Pass the sailing course first.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- I'll call you tonight.
- You won't.
I might want to.
- In-laws? - Before this, thankfully.
You must excuse him crying out like that.
- It's no use telling him.
- There isn't any danger of that.
What are you doing tonight? I'm going home to take it easy.
Wash my hair.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yes, see you.
Okay, thank you.
The crew on the boat didn't see Sara.
None of the taxi boats drove her from the island last night.
GÃran's boat wasn't there this morning.
- Can she have gone with him? - Not voluntary.
- He wasn't at Lina's memorial service.
- He's probably guilty.
He may know that Sara has told us? Hello, you've reached GÃran.
I'll call back as soon as I can.
Hello, Thomas, Nacka police.
Call me as soon as you get this.
Thank you very much, bye.
How's the Water Sprite? He's getting something to eat? Suit yourself.
It's my future partner you're talking about.
I'll call you next time I need relationship advice.
- Has Sara disappeared too? - We're looking for her, yes.
- Nothing more about Lina? - We'll contact you if we have something new.
Have you had contact with GÃran today? - No, why should I? - Did you see him yesterday? I didn't want him to come to the memorial service.
Why didn't you want that? When we were married he didn't care.
He was after my money.
He got it when we got divorced.
How did Lina feel about GÃran? I noticed she didn't like him.
I don't know why he came out here at all.
- You don't think he? - No, we just want to talk to him.
- Hi.
- Hey, Nora.
- What is it? - Yes, we do what we can.
It's appalling, Sara Hammarsten's missing.
- She's so caring.
- Yes, she really is.
She sang so beautifully at Sebastian's funeral.
She collected photographs.
She made an album which she gave to us.
I was going to take my Willie and help and look.
Let's hope nothing's happened to her.
- You didn't touch the bike? - I touched it before.
You'll find my fingerprints on it.
- What were you doing out here? - I was out walking.
- Did you come here before? - No.
But you did come here today and found the bike.
- Can I go now? - Contact us if you leave Sandhamn.
Nora! The week in November when Lina disappeared Did something special happen here? We're looking for something that can give us a lead.
I can check and see if I discover anything.
Marine Police can help.
Do we have any other leads? Any suspects? GÃran Nilsson has a motive.
Silencing Sara.
He groped Lina.
His boat went to Sandhamn when Sara disappeared.
He doesn't answer his phone.
Should we pick him up? I'll do it.
Jakob Sandgren, can he be involved? Two girls on the same island, the same guy.
They hang out together.
Mia, we succeeded in getting into Sara's computer.
Sara had something going on with another guy.
He called himself "MÃ¥ns".
The first contact was made in May.
He works at a gym in the south.
He was going out to Sandhamn the evening Sara disappeared.
- Check it out.
- I'll go there directly.
I'll continue looking for GÃran.
Hey, Mia Holmgren from the police.
I'm looking for MÃ¥ns.
He's off today.
Did he work yesterday? Half day.
He went home early.
Why? - Do you have his phone number and address? - Yes.
Can you give them to me? MÃ¥ns hasn't done anything.
Did I say that? Sara! Sara! Here are all the newspapers from last fall.
MÃ¥ns Andersson? Mia Holmgren from police.
I want to talk to you.
Stop! I just want to talk to you.
Take it easy! Lie still! You ran because you had them here in the bag? You chatted with Sara Hammarsten online yesterday.
- Have you ever met her? - No.
She couldn't get into town.
I had to go to Sandhamn.
She wanted to meet me there, but she wasn't there.
- What did you do? - I called her, but she didn't answer.
- I waited a whole hour.
- And then? The last boat had already left.
I had to order a taxi.
- Then I took the bus home.
- Can anyone confirm that? An expensive taxi I have to take this.
Excuse me.
Hey, Nora.
Yes, definitely worth checking out.
It burned down three days after Lina disappeared.
There was another fire in the village a week earlier.
And a stolen speedboat.
Maybe someone reported it? - I didn't know it was here.
- I'll call forensics.
Yes, Pernilla here She called me a while ago.
We didn't talk when everything broke down.
She suffered from depression.
Now she's heading back and she'd love to meet you.
It felt a bit complicated to explain.
That explains a few things.
Glenn is her cat.
- Okay, you may continue.
- Nora - Thanks for the help.
- You're welcome.
She gave it to Jakob.
She took it hard when they broke up.
- Did Lina Rosén feel the same? - No idea.
Is Jakob involved in this? Is he? Do you know of a man named MÃ¥ns Andersson? - No, who is he? - Sara was in contact with him.
I wish I had asked more.
Where she wanted to go Who she chatted with Now it may be too late.
We're doing everything we can.
How many girls received something like this from you? - Answer the question.
- Lina got one and Sara.
- No more? - I just bought two.
- Why did you buy two? - I wanted to have one myself.
We'll come back.
The taxi boat confirmed Yes, it corresponds.
We say so.
It was the owner of the boathouse.
He's on his way out.
He drove a taxi boat and confirmed he drove MÃ¥ns back.
Bus driver was 90% sure MÃ¥ns rode with him.
I'm 95% sure MÃ¥ns has nothing to do with Sara's disappearance.
95% is better.
Have they found any new leads on Sara? They searched the woods and the bike, but they found nothing.
Forensics found traces of blood out at the boathouse.
If it's Lina's we assume she was dismembered there.
Then somebody burned down the boathouse to eliminate the evidence.
We have I didn't accuse you.
It makes you think.
For you.
It's Gottfried's Your grandfather's.
I want you to have it.
Dear God.
- Who had the key here? - Just me.
It was just an old hovel.
It was just as well it burned down.
I didn't set it on fire, but it didn't matter much.
- When you were here last? - In September.
We never come out in winter.
- You didn't notice anything then? - No.
Thank you for taking the time.
Give me a call if you think of anything.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
He didn't have anything to do with Lina's disappearance.
- Pernilla Your ex, huh? - Yes, excuse me.
- How long were you together? - She's coming out to Harà tonight.
- Invited for the pancakes then? - No, you owe me one.
- Or what do you think? - I won't interfere.
- I'm working tonight.
- Nice.
Guess who? Well, sorry.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
- I was reading an old diary.
- I don't.
I read my sister's - She had an awful life.
- This was long ago.
- What did you do? - Scratched myself as I walked through the woods.
I took a shortcut.
Read it out loud now.
"24 February 1928".
"We skated together all afternoon.
" "Thorvald was so strong.
He was cute and sweet to me.
" Cute and sweet Fine.
"I pretended to fall over.
He stopped and helped me up.
" "I got hold of his arm for support.
He held me the whole time.
" - How romantic.
- Yes, right? - No, now I have to go.
- Me too.
Oh, oh "The first of August.
" "I pretended to fall, but Mange caught me.
" - Should I take the towel? - You can take the bag.
- Can you take the bike? - "I pretended I couldn't lift my bike.
" "Magnus picked up my bike in his big, strong arms.
" You might as well buy a used one.
- Optimist? - I can get you one.
- Hey, are you ready for today? - Yes.
This is Magnus, Simon's dinghy teacher.
- Simon does sailing.
- Right.
He's good.
Perhaps not surprising with such a mother - I don't know.
- Well, I mean it.
Thomas is a policeman.
Well, there you go.
- You have little to do.
- Yes, you could say so.
- Nice to meet you, see you.
- Hello.
- So you've been dating a cop? - No, we're friends.
- I have to call my children now.
- What are you doing tonight? I'm busy.
Maybe another time.
What, another time? Do you think I'm trying to ask you out? - Say hi to Simon.
- Hello, hello.
Hello, sweetheart.
How are you? It sounds good.
Where to eat? I don't know.
Yeah, but then you must go now.
No, we can talk tomorrow.
Puss, puss.
This is Mia.
Yes, we're looking for it.
Located at the same dock? Great, thanks so much.
GÃran? GÃran? GÃran? - You haven't changed your mind, huh? - No.
- Have you? - No.
This is so nice.
It smells too Something quite special.
Do you see who's here? Do you recognize her? - Do you remember Pernilla? - Hello, Pernilla.
- How nice to see you.
- Finally a sensible woman.
- Well, were there so many? - No, I'm just saying With you, he was always well organized.
Thomas needs someone who's strong.
- It's great to have you back.
- I'm just here for a visit.
I ran out of gas.
Do you have any I can borrow? That is my gas can? - I wouldn't take it without asking.
- It's cool.
- I'll see you.
- Hello.
- She's the same.
- Come on.
How nice you've done it.
Do you have visitors? There is my colleague, Mia.
She's staying here for an investigation.
- She stays in another room - No need to explain.
- No, now I want some wine.
- Me too.
Hello? Is anyone at home? Magnus? Weren't you busy tonight? I certainly wasn't.
- Invited to something? - No date with the policeman? Thomas? No, certainly not.
Do you know how it's going with them? Do they suspect anyone? They don't tell me anything.
Welcome aboard.
I was a little afraid how it would feel.
To come here You haven't found someone new.
I've tried, but It's more difficult with age.
My colleague.
I have to take this.
What, when? Where are you? I'll come at once.
Mia was beaten up.
I need to go to Sandhamn.
Claire can take you to Stavsnäs.
I'll call you.
Now if you are an expert on Sandhamn's history - Then you must prove it.
- Okay.
We'll start with "Pork Cove".
That's what it's called.
A lifeguard who worked there got so incredibly rich.
A barge loaded with pork was wrecked off Sandhamn.
The barrels floated ashore.
- Imaginative.
- Right? - How are you? - I'm okay.
Do you have a doctor? You may have a concussion.
- Ouch, it's sore.
- Sorry.
- Are you sure it was GÃran? - I think so.
I'll stay here on guard tonight.
Here's the best view.
Thank you, you have to You have to help me.
- Where's Sara? - I don't know! I wasn't in the boat late yesterday afternoon.
- Isn't it a little too late? - Something's not right.
Good morning.
The bartender confirmed GÃran was there.
- Is there something you want to tell? - No, what? You know something you're not telling.
- Sara! - What have you done?