Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s03e03 Episode Script

I grunden utan skuld 3

1 Lina Rosén, 18 years.
Reported missing last November.
When the children found the arm, he got scared and started to dig her up.
A boating accident in late October.
A boy was killed.
His parents heard about Lina's disappearance.
It's almost a year ago.
She refuses to talk about it.
I didn't accused you.
It makes you think.
- Sara? - Is it true Sara's disappeared? - Where were you last night at nine? - Out.
Two girls of the same age, the same island, same guy.
They should hang out together.
- Pernilla, it's your ex, huh? - She's coming out to Harà tonight.
- You don't have a date with the policeman? - No, certainly not.
You haven't found someone new.
It gets more difficult with age.
GÃran? Are you sure it was GÃran? He has a motive.
He groped Lina.
I wish I had asked more.
- Nora, hey! - Hello.
- Aren't you in town? - No, there's a boat club meeting.
- Where are Anna and Simon? - With Monika.
They'll come later.
What are you doing here? Well, what am I doing here? Are you going already? - Hi.
- Hello.
- Now I have to go home.
- Hello, hello.
Look who's coming.
- Hi.
- You're under arrest.
Suspicion of assaulting a police officer.
Hold still, please.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- I haven't been on the boat since yesterday.
- Who was there when I got there, then? - I don't know.
- You just forgot to lock up? I tried calling you.
Why haven't you called me back? My phone is turned off.
I'm on vacation.
Where were you all night? - I was at Dykarbaren's.
- You didn't sleep there? I met a girl, Lotta.
I followed her home.
- How old was she? - 40-45, I really didn't ask.
I want the address of that girl.
Your boat left Sandham, the evening Sara Hammarsten disappeared.
- Where did you go? - I went out to BjÃrkskär.
- Alone? - What time of night? - 09:30 maybe.
- Did you see Sara that night? Yes, indeed.
She was riding her bike.
She seemed upset.
Do you know why? She was at Lina's memorial service.
- Did she say where she was going? - No.
Is there anyone who can confirm you went out to BjÃrkskär? Sure, you only have to to check the Navigator.
Here you can see for yourselves.
It took about an hour.
- I can't see if you had company.
- I went out alone.
Contact us if you intend to leave Sandhamn.
- Let's go to Dykarbaren's.
- I want to talk to Nora first.
Good morning.
I never been involved with a girl without saying anything.
Now you have.
I thought we'd have breakfast together.
But I ate with your father-in-law instead.
- Did you? - No, I'm just kidding.
- He was just as embarrassed as you.
- I'm not embarrassed.
- Want some coffee? - I'm okay, thanks.
I just wanted to check if there's something weird going on between us.
Why would that be? - At dinghy school, I'm Mother Nora.
- Sailing School.
See you at sailing school.
During the day a bar is a nice mix of anxiety and heartbreak.
GÃran was there, but he can still could have left the bar.
It only takes five minutes to go down to the boat.
He could have knocked me down and gone back to the bar.
- Is GÃran so cool? - We'll find the girl he was out with.
- What did Nora say? - She knew nothing.
- Hey, are you still here? - Yes.
Claire wanted some wine.
We borrowed a few bottles from you.
I hope it was okay.
How's your colleague? She's good, but I have to go back immediately.
- Are you tired, Thomas? - Yes.
Do you want some coffee? Nice.
- Had you a good time with Claire? - Yes.
She talked about us as if we were a couple again.
- Take the rest.
- Thank you.
I have to admit something.
I figured it wouldn't feel comfortable if we met but everything feels so easy somehow.
- Now it feels easy.
- Yes.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's cool.
- May I accompany you to Sandhamn? - Sure, sure.
I know someone who's really mad at me.
Glenn - Mom, look what we got! - Let's see Then you must have been good.
- They are always good.
- Hey, Nora.
Again Hi.
Have you been good? Yes, really good.
What have you done? - What are you doing? - Nothing.
- You want some coffee? - No time unfortunately.
Thanks anyway.
What the hell is that? Hello, Captain Simon.
Where's your mom? - Hi, Mother Nora.
- Hey, sorry we're late.
I didn't think you'd dare come.
You're not his mother? Why did he call you that? He might be a little weird.
- There was nothing else? - No, just that.
Hey! What's that? - Is it Sara? - No, we're looking for her.
I just talked to Gustaf here.
He picked up some trash when he saw it was a foot and an arm.
Check this out.
This is the same as in GÃran's boat.
Look GÃran? Hi, we've made a decision about the search.
- We'll examine your boat.
- Please, get up here.
- Haven't you talked to Lotta? - Yeah, she confirmed.
I don't know what you're doing.
Oops Mia.
It's the same.
Did you panic when we found the body parts? Did you dig up the rest? - Threw them overboard? - I haven't done anything.
But they didn't sink.
Did you put something heavy in the bag? - I haven't done anything.
- It is the rope from your boat.
Sara, where is she? - Did you kill her too? - No, I haven't killed anybody.
- What the hell is this? - Did you grope Lina? - What the hell are you saying? - Did you grope Lina.
Lina told Sara you groped her.
No, I'd never They're lying! She threatened to report you and you got rid of her? Sara also became a threat.
- They're lying.
- You took every chance you got.
- Do you like young girls? - Where is Sara? Thomas Andreasson.
I'll come at once.
Hey, have you been out sailing? - The teacher seems nice.
- Yes.
- Or not, Simon? - Yes.
- Hi.
- We found it on board.
What is it now? Forensics have inspected your boat.
They found hairs.
Long hairs.
Has Sara Hammarsten been on your boat? - No, never.
- Are you sure? They also found this.
Sara Hammarsten was wearing one of those when she disappeared.
Is it hers? - How the hell did it get there? - Tell me where she is.
GÃran The rope, hair, jacket.
Is there anything you want to tell us? I don't know We have cause to arrest you for murder and kidnapping.
If you want you can call a lawyer.
Why aren't you looking for Sara instead? If she's still alive.
She's been gone for two days.
- That isn't good? - Well, something's not right.
The timing of the foot.
Rope and jacket Someone may have planted them.
Someone who wants to cast the blame on GÃran.
- We want to talk to Jakob again.
- He's out with the jet ski.
He's supposed to contact us if he leaves Sandhamn.
He'll come back.
There he is! Jakob! - You know GÃran Nilsson.
- Yes I know him - You know who he is.
- Yes, Lina's step father.
- What did you think of him? - I didn't like him.
Why? Economical, rich.
A swine.
Did Lina say anything to you about him? - No, what? - Something secret.
Something no one else should know.
- Did Sara say anything? - No.
Where's Sara? I don't know.
Jakob You know something, you're not telling us.
- Tell us about it now.
- Truth, Jakob.
It was my fault.
- When Sebbe died - Sebbe? The accident on GÃran's boat.
What happened? Sebbe drove.
Lina persuaded him.
We forced him to drive faster.
I egged him on and he lost control.
Lina took the blame.
She wanted us to keep quiet.
She felt so bad.
I thought she killed herself.
But then she was murdered.
Was it GÃran? Bengt! - Hey, Nora.
- Hello.
You know Signe at Brandska villa? I found diaries her Aunt Karolina wrote.
She says nice things about your dad, Thorvald, in them.
Karolina was a bit fond of him.
- You might want to read them? - I don't read that much.
- Ingrid might want to.
- Then I'll past them on to her.
- Hello, Simon and Anna.
- Are you going fishing? Yes, I thought about putting out a couple of lines.
- Can we come? - He may not want that.
- We usually go along.
- Please, please? Yes, jump into the boat, then.
It can be nice having company, but you must wear lifejackets.
And then you must promise to sit still.
- Where is your lifejacket? - I've got one built in.
Ingrid? Hello? - Hello, Ingrid.
- Bengt is out on the boat.
I know, I met him.
It's not why I'm here.
I have the old diaries Karolina Brand wrote.
There's a lot about Bengt's father in them.
He seemed to be a nice man.
Gottfried He was Thorvald's dad, Bengt's grandfather.
- He doesn't talk much about him.
- No, he was a bad man.
- Really? - He almost killed Thorvald.
He locked him in the basement at Heinekes tower.
On LÃkholmen? Poor Thorvald - He wasn't easy.
- Keep it.
I'll see myself out.
All the best, Ingrid.
Nora Go over to LÃkholmen.
Do it now.
Promise me.
Go over to LÃkholmen now.
- How are you? - It's Bengt! Bengt? Hi, it's me.
I've found Sara.
She's okay.
It's Bengt.
Bengt, he's got my kids! Sara! Sara So, mom's here.
Lie still.
Ingrid told me.
She must have known.
She just said they were out fishing.
We'll find them.
- Should we go fishing? - Well, in a little while.
No, don't do that! You could fall in, dear little Anna.
You can take off your lifejackets.
Put them there.
Ingrid? There, it's his boat! I see it.
Wait We need to be careful.
Mom, I saw a snake.
- Simon, where's Bengt? - There.
- Why are you crying? - Because I'm happy to see you.
Stay there, Bengt.
Bengt, stop! Bengt! Stop! - Where's Bengt, Mom? - I don't know.
And Thomas the policeman? He'll follow.
Now we have to go.
Stay here until I come back.
You may only come if Thomas or I call you.
- Not uncle Bengt? - Not uncle Bengt.
I'll come back soon.
- Help! - What have you done? Nora, come Sorry Now damn, wake up! Damn, wake up! And our last captain, Simon Linde.
Bravo, cheers Simon! If you have the wind in the right ear, just honk and drive! I hope to see you next summer.
Look that's just fine.
Hi, I forgot your diploma.
- Did I earn one? - You deserve a trophy.
- Where to now? - I'm going to MÃja.
Magnus, come.
Yes, Nora Linde.
- Hi.
- How are you? Just a concussion.
It's okay.
- Anna drew a policeman.
- So nice.
Is it me? And a snake Really nice.
Thank you.
I should thank you.
- How long will you stay? - I want to interrogate Bengt now.
It's lucky you're not in charge.
- Want some coffee or something? - Yes, coffee.
Well, the day the first snow arrived.
I went to the grave to place some flowers.
Lina stood there.
She was crying and she said It was her fault Sebastian died.
She felt guilty, she said.
She had incited Sebastian to drive the boat even though they had been drinking.
I don't know what happened.
It just went black.
It was her fault Sebastian died.
It was her fault Ingrid became ill.
So I She just lay there.
I didn't mean to.
I didn't mean to.
Forgive me.
What did you do next? - Bengt, what did you do next? - Ingrid can't survive without me.
Hi, this is Pernilla, my ex-wife.
- This is Nora, I told you about.
- Pleased to meet you.
- It's terrible what happened.
- Yes.
- And your children were with you.
- They never realized the seriousness.
- How old are they? - Six and eight.
Thomas told me you saved his life.
- I must go back.
- Coffee, then? Take it with you.
The children are waiting for me.
Say hi to them and thank them for the drawing.
Get well soon.
- Bye.
- Bye.
She seemed nice.
Stylish as well.
- Do you have anything going on together? - No - Did you? - No.
You are still bad at lying.