Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s04e02 Episode Script

I natt är du död - Del 2

-Marcus? It was the mother who found him.
What was he doing for work? -Group dynamics In coastal hunters.
They have recreated the most part.
Is that the neighbor who complains about the smoke? He wanted to know how it was in the army.
-Jan-Erik Fredell, it tells you something? He was in my group.
Nacka police.
We would like to talk to Jan-Erik Fredell.
Now, two deaths the same investigation.
Is that Jonas? Hi.
-Thanks so much.
- Vera? They believe that everything will be better here, so follow mom even with.
He had green soap in the lungs.
His wife said, they had no soap at home.
Do not recognize him.
But over hundred customers coming in every day.
-Anders Martinger, then? -Yes, He is also.
-What More? -Sven Ernskog.
-Thanks For the ride, Sven.
-106 Ernskog.
Happy birthday to you yes let him live for a hundred years Yes, she should live, yes, she should live Yes, she should live for a hundred years A round of cheers for Anna.
She leve.
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! -Grattis On födelsedan, heart.
-I Can open.
-This Is from the mother.
That is exactly what I wished for.
When will daddy? He will be at the party.
To press it.
You, can you help me to buy a gift to Nora's daughter? -Shall I? Yeah, you're good at this stuff.
I know neither her or Nora.
Where is båtnycklarna? In the kitchen on the bench.
What were you thinking of something? What do you give? A book perhaps? -Yes.
When is the party? -In The afternoon sometime.
-Hinner You with that? I may try.
Would you agree? Children's parties? Sounds really fun, but I am probably over.
Okay, what bussigt.
See you Good morning, Captain! Regrets that it took time.
I got to go Download the archive.
Everything was a mess.
The picture is taken at the time of graduation and we have identified all.
And who was the commander? -Robert Cronwall.
To the far right.
-Do you know him? -No.
I have worked for ten years.
-Is The only available on the group? -Yes.
I thought you just wanted the names.
Yes, but if there are more it is also of interest.
I'll let you know, but now I have some other things to do.
We're investigating a murder.
Several actually, so you may be able to prioritize a little.
As I said, we have just moved.
We kept to the outside Vaxholm.
Now I have a lot of other things I must do.
-What Bitch.
-It Is good that you have the patience.
We begin with Kaufman? Hello, little friend.
Are you all alone? Where did you master? What responded cat? Hi, Margaret.
We've got Marcus phone lists.
The last day he called home, their brother, tutor and Robert Cronwall.
Okay, Cronwall was in command.
-Do You have an address? No, you can send it? We seek Robert Cronwall.
He is in the bath.
We would like to talk to him.
-Robert! The police are here! Come in, you can not stand here and wait.
Go ahead.
Sorry that he was taking so long in coming.
Luckily we each have their own bathrooms.
-Robert! Are you coming? -lngen urgency.
Robert! Hi.
Sorry you had to wait.
Thomas Andreasson.
Mia Holmgren.
Nacka police.
What can I do to help? It applies to a student.
Marcus Nielsen who made themselves known to you.
He called you a few days ago.
-Nielsen Psychology Students.
He wrote eah, he called me and wanted träffas- -and ask some questions about group psychology, in that I command.
But I had to say, I did not have time.
Otherwise, I had not done anything but to answer students' questions.
He is not the first who have heard of him.
So you never met? -No.
He was found dead on Sunday.
It is Therefore, we try to get an overview.
Sorry I can not help you.
We would like to ask questions on a Coastal Jaeger group you had commanded.
Some coffee maybe then? You're standing on the far right.
Yes, I see it.
Let me see.
Oh, how handsome.
Though it's a long time ago.
He was here, Jan-Erik Fredell, found murdered.
Is it true? Marcus Nielsen was in contact with him, so we are looking for a relationship.
There's a lot of God's years ago I've brought officers of many groups.
But he was there he was a squad leader.
He was unnecessarily harsh, I would say.
Exercised situations and ran with these guys.
I had to put him in place more than once.
Kihlberg I think his name was.
That's wonderful.
It will be great.
Leif Kihlberg in town.
We can meet him at his hotel now.
The technicians have found foreign DNA the rope that hung in Marcus.
Then so.
What do we know about the others in the group? Bjorn Sigurd died in the early 90s the war in Bosnia.
Ernskog we have not got hold of yet.
Martinger going home tomorrow.
Stefan Eklund moved to Australia in the 90s.
Leif Kihlberg live in Gothenburg, but are in Stockholm now.
Cronwall pointed him out as a tough guy who ran with the others.
Something's happened to Marcus told for Fredell.
Now both are silent Or you revealed Fredell something.
Suddenly, Marcus knew too much.
We'll see what Kihlberg has to say.
-Now I'll come and interfere again.
There is no water in the toilet when we should flush.
But you, I can take it with Sven God, how kind you are.
I pull it on rent.
Are you going to have a party? -mm, Anna's birthday.
You are of course welcome too.
-Yeah, Thanks.
Becomes many, then? No, it's a little family and friends and so my ex-husband and his new girlfriend.
mazing Marie, my former mother calls her.
Spännande, huh? Yeah, that sounds like a thriller.
I'll see if I get with me Vera.
It is probably not top of the list Hey.
Murdered? It was like hell.
Marcus Nielsen, you have not had any contact with? No, he has never seen.
He has not tried to contact you? -Not what I know.
What can you tell about the group? He's there, Cronwall was a hard bastard.
Woke us up at night pointless exercises Let us stand naked in the snow, punished the slightest thing.
Stood and smirked when he forcing us down in the shit pit.
Poop pit? Well, it was tradition now on the Korsö.
You would by a water-filled pit full of crap.
Alltså real shit.
What would it be good for? That's a good question.
What would something of that good for? But you have not had contact with someone from the group since then? No outsider could understand what crap we had gone through.
So in the beginning we met for to talk.
All but Bo Kaufman.
Why does not he? He never got over it.
Posttraumatisk stress, they said.
Martinger and I still contact, but no one else Jan-Erik Fredell, there was something special about him? He was slightly more sensitive.
He was a wimp from the beginning.
I do not why he would be the coastal hunters.
How long are you in Stockholm? -4 Days more, then the holiday is over.
We would like topsa you for dna.
-It Will not you.
This is to exclude yourself from the investigation.
It's your job to do it anyway.
I do not want to.
Thank you very much.
If you come in something you can give me a call.
Thank you for your help.
Sven? Sven! That's Jonas hiring of Nora.
Hello? Hey, how's it going? What? Hey.
In there.
Was it you who found him? If you could tell from the start.
There was no water when we would flush our toilet in the house we rent.
So I called Sven several times, but he did not answer.
So I thought I could ride down and talk to him.
So I came here, and go into the house The door was open? Yes, exactly, the door was open, so I came into the bathroom.
And then well, then I see him there.
-You Did not see anyone nearby? o, I did not.
Do you need me more, for I have a daughter at home? Yes.
If you want to talk to someone, let me know.
No, I need only enough -Okay.
Thanks for the help.
-Hello I feel a bit strange to have a party now.
How well do you know Sven? I knew him well.
Or, I phoned as soon they needed help.
When did you see him last? -lgår.
He helped me with stuff.
Berättade he was on his kustjägartid? No, he has been the marines? Yeah, they were a group of seven on 80s.
Two of them are killed.
A named Jan-Erik Fredell and now Sven.
But you should talk with Olle Granlund.
He has been a coastal hunters.
He lives away at Älggrundet.
You do not Ernskog then? But Nora said you were marines.
Well, yes, but that does not to know each other for it.
But maybe you know something about this the group? They graduated -85.
All coastal hunters do not know each other, but where do I actually again That's Kaufman.
-Yes exactly.
He always sat at the beach bar.
108-ball, he called himself.
It was a really small suptroll.
And this is damn curious, I thought I saw him last night.
Here Sandhamn? Yeah, I thought I did.
I sat on Dykarbaren and he passed in the direction of the chapel.
Where he alone? Yeah yeah, totally alone Keep, hey! Here we come.
Where's the birthday boy? -Anna! Grandmother and grandfather are here.
Come, my heart.
Happy Birthday.
What good you have done.
Happy Birthday.
-Henrik And Marie will soon.
Hey, hey.
Here you are.
Hey, Vera.
What fun that you also came.
-Hi Mom.
Oh, what fancy you are as usual.
-How is it? That's perfectly fine.
How are you? -Well Then, it goes well.
Congratulations, Anna.
-See you later.
Look, mom.
-How nice.
So incredibly beautiful.
You could not find a larger package? No, Marie thought we would have it.
And you had no say in the matter? No, not really.
Look what I got! -Wow, What large.
Much bigger than I got from you.
Then you thank Aunt Marie really well.
It was you well pleased? -Yes.
Hey, we have not met.
Henrik Linde.
Nora's husband.
Or ex-husband.
Margit, Kaufman was in Sandhamn yesterday.
We need a search warrant - now I'll arrange it.
Pick him up.
Nacka police.
I felt that he knew more than he said.
say the least.
A round of cheers for Anna.
She cheers, hurray, hurray, hurray, hurray! There's cake on the second table, too.
Anna, you get first.
And you got married.
-Yes thank you.
So there.
No, you were not married.
-It was boring.
Marie, would you like some cake? -No thanks.
You've done this, then? Yeah, how so? It was yummy.
- You should not have? No, no cake for me.
No, but it's a party He was nice anyway that guy who rents by you Jorma, huh? -Jonas? Yes, he is nice.
Stylish too.
He looks good.
like that gray beard.
Maybe that's why he got hired.
I joke a little with you.
I just wonder what he's doing here.
I invited him and his daughter.
They have problems with the toilets and so Sven would have helped them.
It may well I do, if you want.
-Are you going to? But that was not what I meant.
-No problem.
I'm up and fix the toilet.
Toilets are a bit my thing.
Are you done already? Does it work well? Well, it's not rocket science.
t's just as I suspected.
The float valve is trasig so you get to go to the mainland buy a new one, so replace it only Yeah.
Thanks anyway.
-Varsågod How long are you going to rent here? -The whole summer.
It's so beautiful Yeah, that's fine.
Very nice.
And Nora, You know her pretty well, huh? No, I do not.
But you talk a little bit and Nora is easy to talk to.
-Is There something going on between you? What? No absolutely not.
And you two are divorced, right? O yes, absolutely.
Goodbye, my darlings.
Have a good with Dad we'll see you in a week.
Hey then.
Are you happy with your party? Did you wish yourself something when you blew out the candles? I wish you and dad fell in love again and moved in together.
Anna Little Anna.
Thanks for a fantastic party.
Glad you came.
I never get used to this.
Very nice party.
What are you gonna do now? -Clean up.
What will you do this week, I mean.
I have no plans.
Take it easy.
And what about him? How long will he stay? He has been paid for the entire summer.
Yes, but what about tonight.
Should he sit there? -Go now.
But I want to know.
You take care.
-See you.
Oh, good that it is over.
That was nice that Henrik tried to fix the toilet anyway.
I was surprised that he offered.
I have always fixed the everything around the house anyhow.
I'll call the plumber tomorrow.
-It is fine.
He asked if there was something between you and me.
Did he? It is so typical Henrik.
He's always been jealous.
That is understandable.
Where is Vera? -Did she say goodbye before she left? Nope.
Let's leave it as it is.
Do you want a glass of wine? Yes, please.
I am sorry.
If you get a hold of Vera, tell her she is welcome.
No, Malin I'll have to skip that wine.
We get Well, we'll talk and We But thank you for inviting us.
It was really nice.
Okay, we'll see.
mm, smells good.
-What are you making, Anna? Remote-controlled police helicopter.
It's passing by.
You must hand it over yourself.
I'll do it tomorrow.
No, tomorrow we are going to the Opera.
-I found good tickets.
-Did you buy them already? Yes, otherwise we will not go.
Yeah, where are going to the opera.
It will be fun.
Yes, opera is perhaps the best thing in the world.
-It smacks it.
-But Glenn, hey.
-I was just wondering where he was.
-He'll give a damn about my birds.
Otherwise, he gets to do it with me.
No way.
-Do you drink you wine? -Yes.
Would you like a glass? Do not let me interrupt, but well, why not? Hey, Nora So you, you send the police after me.
I hope it was okay.
-Are you blackmailing Sven.
And unfortunately, I was probably not a great help to someone.
But it stirred up old memories.
Good or bad? -Corso is really a nice island.
-I have never been there.
-It's forbidden to go there.
-Yeah, it sure is.
Shall we take a trip? -Now? -Yes.
It's a nice day.
Or? Do you think your police officer will stop us if we go ashore? Come on now -What's the place? -An Old fortification.
We used it as a training facility.
-So this is where you practiced? -Yes.
Or healed? The officers said: "What does your mom think would be the 10 percent of what you can handle.
" "What do you think the 30% of what you can handle.
" "We know what you're capable of.
We know which demands war puts on you.
" Well, so let it be.
Come on.
Here is where we practiced.
We hit back as well from time to time.
lose your grip, hit man after death.
Well was it enough.
There were worse than that exercises.
-Got rid of all of them? -No.
And no one was happier than the officers if someone broke down.
Especially one was worse than all the others.
Who was it, then? Yes, what was his name ? I must have blocked it out.
Or it is the age.
It will get back to me.
Anyway, this man went over all reasonable borders.
Not that it was needed but because he was a sadist.
I remember a guy who wanted to go home at any cost.
He was about to escape together.
Run! Come on now! What the hell are you doing? -Lasse! He was absolutely desperate.
He injured himself on purpose.
Just to avoid having to continue.
-The Fick got home all right? -No, he ended up in the hospital.
Then he had to go back and the officers continued bullying victims.
It just got worse and worse until he completely cracked.
Then he got to go home.
Do you know what the officer did then? Then he stood up in the mess and emptied a bowl.
And no one said anything? No, no one did.
One can really feel how anxiety fills the walls.
where we have old dormitories.
We slept in here.
Or didn't sleep For two weeks we slept a total of 18 hours.
licking the floor, I said.
You can not imagine how proud we were when we got our graduation after all the crap.
Licking floor.
-Was it worth it? -Well, it is doubtful.
In here Damn! But you never protested? You have to understand one thing We were young boys and would become elite soldiers.
Come on.
It's still hot.
It was about big things.
Pride and honor and glory and stuff.
It was important to get out a controlled aggressiveness.
Stress tolerance would be pushed to the extreme That was an important part for the sake of that education.
Now, I have asked all the staff.
No one recognizes him.
He looks well maybe for regular out.
He has never tried to retrieve something? No, not what we can see.
What did he write in your pharmacy in the calendar, then? How would I know that? We have not noticed him.
rred Okay.
Not the pharmacy Stork recognized Marcus Nielsen.
Preliminary autopsy report of Sven Ernskog.
Clear marks on the chest, clear bruising under the skin.
Was he hit by round objects? -A baseball bat, according to the coroner sign of blunt trauma to the head.
-A baseball bat once again.
It differs from Fredell.
-For Weak to withstand.
Both had green soap in the lungs.
Thomas, Mia.
They have found Bo Kaufman.
It's not an accident.
It was a suicide.
Marcus told Bo about something that happened in the coastal command training.
Bo realizes that Marcus knows too much and plans a revenge on Ernskog and Fredell.
0, it is difficult to submerge himself.
But if it is full on the verge of unconsciousness so .
Kaufman called Ernskog the same day he was out on Sandhamn.
Somebody else? He has not been in contact with so many.
Like Mia? Should Mia bring you home since you do not have a place to stay? You're the perfect cohabitant.
-You Can not, you know.
Can you write the report for I have to go? Where are you? -Sandhamn And then at the Opera.
Opera? Thought I was not your thing.
No, it is Pernillas thing.
I would never set up.
That's why you're single.
We'll see you tomorrow.
- He is stupid.
Are Anna at home? No, she went to town yesterday.
No Give it to her.
-I Will not open.
-What is it? There's a police helicopter.
Gick party good? Yes, despite the circumstances.
Anna was satisfied in all cases.
Do you have anything new about Sven's killer? either we have solved it or you -Jonas! Yeah.
Do not say that it is wrong on the toilet.
No time.
I will come back later.
No, I'm about.
We reviewed.
I'm just wondering about the offer from yesterday remains.
Now, at a time? -Yes why not.
I knew it would come.
It still feels like a failure.
So I felt well.
Though it is just stupid.
That's just break down and move on I guess.
Have you told Vera? No, we will.
Where is she somewhere? in town.
I understand if you do not want to rent the entire summer.
Well, I have set myself to it.
I still do not want to be in town.
Vera will also, so It just feels so empty.
Dumb and Now I'm one of those party pooper, that Vera would call it.
No bowl.
Are you going to go like that? That's a bit much maybe.
No tie.
Whatever I do, I can not match you.
How long is it? -Three And a half hour break Can we hope to break is one and a half hour? Change shoes.
Where are you going somewhere? -On Yoga.
Have you forgotten that? I'll be home later than eleven.
Hey, we come from Källsbäck School.
We sell chocolate balls.
No, thanks.
They are yummy No thanks! I do not like chocolate balls.
Three dead marines with green soap in the lungs.
Is anybody looking for our entire group? It's not like before.
Talk to him.
What happened? I do not know what to say.
You were well-thumb with the police? -Three Of seven is murdered.
Seven? That is not true.
I do not know where he is.
-Have You been in his bathroom? None of them can kill the other.
-Keep Him alive now.
No! Sanyache