Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s05e01 Episode Script

I stundens Hetta - 1

Victor! -Hey! Well, the man! -Are there spirits there? On Sandhamn? Yes, I think so.
-I meant on the boat.
Christopher is 20.
-You are 16.
He knows what is what.
Or how? -So you've been going, yes.
We be seen.
Goodbye, mother.
Goodbye, old man.
Well, my dad.
Clear that he would rather be with friends than to sit with us.
He is only 16.
-Just because of that.
Come now.
He is big enough to take care of itself.
Man! How is the situation? -Fine.
How is it for yourself? Good.
Do you want to have a beer? -Of course.
Are you ready, or? Then we throw away! You are welcome.
Here you are.
Cheers! So.
Hi, Glenn.
do you Think Glenn has become thick? There is a lot to hunt there.
-Will you feed him? He smells weird sometimes.
-We have an agreement.
I don't like him and he doesn't like me.
What do you do? -Look at the pictures from yesterday.
It is a good one.
are you Working tomorrow? -Yes, that is the idea.
Then we can ride with you into town.
Where are you going? -See if someone's buddy is free, refreshments.
I feel a little alone out here, so far away from everything.
It is, of course, that is the thing.
What measured I became.
-Thank you for the food.
There are strawberries for dessert.
-No, thank you.
I'm going to stick.
Oh well.
Where are you going? -To the port and meet friends.
What is it for friends? -You don't know them.
But they called well something? -Why do you want to know what they are called? Why may I not know? -Jasmine, Tony and Alexandra.
they Go into your class, or? Can I get some money? -You are home by twelve.
Dad, come on.
It is midsummer.
-A, and not a minute later.
the Phone should be on.
-It is always on.
And you should answer when I call.
Thank you so much.
Hey! -Have fun now.
Are you not curious as to what she should meet? I sound like a mother hen- but midsummer's day out here is right wild.
What do you mean by "proper wild"? Parties, to fill, a lot of drugs.
Oh well.
Is it something something else that can go pretty wild here at midsummer? It was the sliskigaste I ever have heard.
I know! Yes, but in all cases Is there anything that could happen? -Maybe, if you hold the nose.
Hello! -Hello! How are you doing? It is a good thing.
You have no sleeping bag with you? Hello! No, I promised to sleep at home.
Hello! Vera.
Pleased to meet you.
We are on the way to the beach.
Can I sit here? -Knock you down.
God, what a lot of people it is! I took the here.
I took them from dad's new girl.
Victor! Who was it that messade? -lngen, but I will soon.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Cheers! For midsummer.
Thus, for real.
the Number of.
I only have 480.
-No, 700 bucks.
You can get rökat for 200.
-I pay the rest then.
I borrow from a friend.
-No, you do not.
Come on now.
What is your problem? I pay late.
I Get back the tablets.
-I do not care about you.
I Get back the tablets.
Hey! Drop, damn it! Com.
You, I also had something actually.
I thought that we What do you do? What is it in there? Grass and something up.
do you Want to have? Yes.
Thank you.
I will then.
What was it you had? Check out what I fixed in the port.
I am glad you are here.
It is the first mid-summer without the kids.
Is it just because you are happy? -Yes, it is only because of this.
You think I give in too easy when it comes to Vera, huh? You give her much leeway.
-But she is 15 years old.
She knows the expectations I have.
So far she has not abused it.
Should it happen, may I take it then.
The divorce All of that with you and me Big changes for her.
Larger than that of the us.
Yes, the bottom up! Good, huh? -do you Want to have a little more? -Yes, sure.
do you Have a girl? -No.
Hurså? No, I was just wondering.
You owe me money! Your little fucking dork! Give me my money, you little dork! I thought about it, but now when you embarrass me so don't care I'm in it! Your fucking stoners! -Damn.
Give me the money.
Give me my fucking money! Quiet.
So! Quiet! It is quiet.
-It looks not so quiet.
He came and jumped on us.
-Is it true? do you Belong to the society? -No.
Then you get to leave the party.
Come on now.
You take it easy now, huh? -Absolutely.
It is missing two bottles of wine in the kitchen Wait a little bit.
Hi, the crone.
What do you do? -With a couple of friends.
What's that, then? It is missing two bottles of wine.
-Do you think I have taken them?! do you Have it? -No.
You have drunk them up themselves.
You are sitting evenly and pimplar.
I have to get a question.
Or how? No.
She had not taken them, " she said.
But they are not here.
-She had not taken them.
You I get to go home late, so I'm home when she comes.
Yes, though it is several hours left.
What the hell, put you in for?! -What is wrong with you?! You are going to hell don't say so! -She is my best friend! He is my best friend! They are not together! You are so fucking tough! -Shut up, you! Victor? What the hell are you doing? -What are you doing? How are you doing? Do you need help? do you Feel good? -I have to return.
Hello? What's your name? Huh? She needs to sober up in the PKC.
-Yes, lift her up there.
Come on Hello.
Is Vera here? -No? Has she not come home? -No.
She does not respond on the cell phone.
I thought she had been full and not wanted to go home.
But then I had well called.
do you remember what the girls she would meet was called? Jasmine, Tony and Alexandra.
-long last name? the Fan also.
I know, I would have asked.
I stand down on the village, and the like.
-She has only forgotten the time.
Yes, so it is safe.
I thought you were someone else.
Felicia! Felicia! It is really weird.
-Excuse me.
Have you seen my friends? -No, they stack.
did you see where they went? -No, they have been gone for a long time.
-Hello, it is Nora.
Sorry that I woke you up.
-What is it? Vera, Jonas's daughter, has not come home and we are worried.
She would at some party at the port and would have been at home at a.
She has enough fun and do not want to home.
How old is she? 14 and will soon complete 15.
-Well, then so.
What did you want to? -I don't know what I I thought if you maybe could send some police officers.
There is no one who is going out and looking for someone who is late from a party.
But if you want I can come over.
-No, absolutely not.
It is surely as you say.
Sorry that I woke you up.
-It does nothing.
Take it easy.
She will be back.
you should see the.
Thank you.
We can be heard.
-So do we.
Who was it? -It was Nora.
The stepdaughter has not come home from a party.
liver pate.
-Huh? Glenn smells of liver pate sometimes.
Excuse me.
Anna, can you bring it here? -Yes.
Hello! What's your name? -Ebba Halvorsen.
Com and way you, Ebba.
What has happened? -I can't find my friends.
They are not on the beach or in the boat.
Where did you delete them somewhere? -I did not, we were at a party.
But it got boring, so I went to another party.
Have you called them? -Yes.
But no one answers and my phone has charged from.
Drink a little water.
-Felicia! Ebba! Where are the others? -I don't know.
Hello? -Hello, it's me, Monica.
Excuse me for calling so early but I would need your help.
Hello? Nora, are you there? -Yes.
Karin Grimstad rang.
Will you remember Karin and Tage? No.
-You have met them in all cases.
He is the honorary consul for Iceland.
Their grandchildren have been caught.
For drunkenness, or something like that.
Parents are in Torekov, sweden over the weekend.
-Wait, wait, wait Is she at the Palace? -It is well clear that she is there.
Otherwise I would surely not call you? I have promised that she and her friend can stay with you.
Until the parents come home and retrieves them.
What is the name of the? -Jeanette and Jochen Grimstad.
A very nice couple.
-I mean the girls.
Oh well.
The girls named Felicia, and Ebba.
You have not found her yet? Not seen her? Unfortunately.
But all the colleagues has her picture.
as soon As she shows up we will call you.
-You can not get more people to look? Not after such a short time.
Most show up in the morning.
Okay Poor bastard.
I check on the girls ' friends has gone back to his boat.
It will some and fetch the girls.
Two less to worry about.
We seen! -Hey! Hello! Hello, it was from the police.
Came again.
the Police.
-I have not done anything.
do you Know Ebba Halvorsen? -Yes.
Hurså? She has been looking after you and your buddies all night.
It was she who stack from us.
Fair buddies.
You could not have called her? We went to another party and she stack.
What is this? -My brother.
And a girl he found on the other party.
We have taken care of Ebba and Felicia.
She is looking for someone Victor.
Do you know where he is? He followed not with our party.
I did not see him throughout the evening.
No, okay.
Go back to sleep, you.
Hey! But here you can not lie! You hear you Try and sleep a bit now so will your parents, then.
Have you talked with them? -No.
So you do not know if they are angry? -No, I don't know.
But one can well guess that they are.
Sleep well.
can I borrow your bridge? There are so many people in the port.
yeah, Sure.
Has something happened? -Yes.
Have you found Vera? -She has not come home yet? She sleeps enough somewhere.
I want to say to my colleagues.
What is it that has happened? -We have found a young guy, dead.
Hi, Staffan.
15-20 years.
Dead in 8-10 hours, I would think it is.
Body position suggests that he has dumped here.
the Wound has bled a lot but there is almost no blood on the ground.
He died somewhere else.
Of that little wound? -No, probably not.
the Skull is pressed on the other side.
Blunt, repetitive violence.
He has the watch on the arm, so he was apparently not robbed.
Happy midsummer.
-The same.
Who was it there? Berit Forsberg, who found the body.
But she has not heard anything.
She takes sleeping pills at midsummer for that it is like life.
the House up there belongs to Ann-Sofie Carlén.
She is not here over the weekend, as far as David knew.
Okay, then we go and check.
Oh well, there was some dancing around the pole? Is it your euphemism for sex? -No, I mean dance.
No, it was not.
Yourself, then? You had the best midsummer ever? It was well nice.
the Best is overrated.
You did the right to invest in nice.
We did not sleep because of the skitungen.
-Blame yourself, the parent.
Thomas and Mia, com.
What is it in there? -Some kind of frottéöverdrag, nerspytt.
It is quite fresh for it smells still.
But we found it here.
It can explain the wound in the temple.
-That's right.
Here you have something that you can identify him with.
-Well done.
We can be seen.
Well, if we could get a few to go around with a picture of Vera Shield.
the Phone is written on Johan Ekengreen- who has a son named Victor 16 years old.
you Talking about Victor Ekengreen? -Yes.
We took care of his girlfriend.
She is looking after him.
Is she still around? -No, a familiar island came for her.
Nora Linde.
Do you have the address? -I know her.
Quite well, actually.
What then, it makes you well? Two guys from the same group of friends that these girls- is on his boat down in the harbour, or was this morning.
Download hit them, are you pally.
We need to call the family Ekengreen.
They feel that they are involved in something and a little more they have a community.
-Excuse me.
They are passionate about something.
-Johan Ekengreen.
Thomas Andreasson, Nackapolisen.
this is Mia Holmgren.
Thank you for coming so fast.
You have found a body and Victor's mobile phone.
Is it true? that is Just it.
-Someone may have taken it.
Stuff like that happens.
It need not be the Victor just because it is his phone.
No, absolutely.
That is why you are here.
do you both follow? You may want to wait outside? -Do it, darling.
this way.
We can sit over here.
Ready? Dad is here now.
Dad is here.
Is this your son? -Yes You must not show him unto his mother so here.
Do you hear that? Madeleine.
It's your fault! It is your fault that he is dead! Howdy.
The brothers are here now.
Tobias and Christoffer Hökström.
one is over 20, so take the opportunity and talk with them together.
lnnan the parents show up.
I called Mia Holmgren, this is Thomas Andreasson.
-Well! We want to talk with you about a death that have occurred here on the island.
I'm terribly sorry, but we found your friend Victor Ekengreen dead in the morning.
Huh? -Huh? Wait, we were together just now.
Or, he was with us yesterday.
Therefore, we would like to talk with you.
-We do not know what has happened.
We need to know exactly what you did yesterday.
You were at a party.
Tell them what happened.
All the details are very important.
So we'll take it from the beginning.
When did you meet? We took the boat out and came at lunch.
Ate a little, drank We had it just fine, as well.
Who are "we"? You and I are.
Victor, of course.
And Ebba and Felicia.
-Your girlfriends? Victor and Felicia are together.
But Ebba is my ex.
Then what? Yes Late in the evening we went to a beach - Skärkarlshamn.
And we met some girls who Victor know and continued partying.
One of the girls, Tessan, she is called She, as well as She bumped into me so that Ebba was cursed.
What the hell is going on?! Who the hell are you?! What the hell! Fuck you! Ebba! Ebba, wait! -You can't leave the party.
Tobbe, what the hell are you doing? -Why do you put yourself in? You have nothing to do with it.
-When was Victor fucking pissed.
He had easy to get pissed off? -Yes, he has.
He rein, especially not if he has been drinking.
Was Victor full? -Yes, we were all damn full.
lngen want you here! -What the hell! What the hell are you doing?! -You'll be damned not to put yourself in! She is my best friend! -They are not together! Victor! -When it was here in the evening? It must have been at nine, perhaps half ten.
Not later.
What did you do then? -Yes, we were well I left for a while but I said that we would drag to the Västerudd.
So we went there.
Without Victor? Yes.
-You saw him even then? No.
-I saw none of them after that.
No more you going on now, huh? There was a dude before and picked a fight with the Victor.
He owed him money.
-Who was it? I don't know.
But the cops came and got him.
I will like to talk with you more late.
Let me know if you have to leave the island.
Well, by the way.
This blåmärket, how did you get it? I fell on a rock.
-When? At the party.
I would go and piss, and so, I fell.
You would not let me sleep.
-You needed it.
Have you heard something? -No.
Where the hell is she somewhere? -Thomas will do what he can.
I stand out again.
-Take with you a sandwich.
I'm not hungry.
Call if you hear anything.
Victor had made the meeting with a guy yesterday at seven o'clock.
His last text message.
-With who? Patrick Wennergren.
Found in the registry for minor drug offences.
Harry, was this the guy you rejected from ungdomsfesten on the beach? Yes, it was he.
Patrik, Nackapolisen.
Open! It doesn't seem to be anybody at home.
Victor owed him money, knarkdom, not at home.
We are light in him.
-I go and talk with the girls.
you did not have the terrine? Did you not have it? Hello, Claire.
-Yes, hello.
Here, you and are intimidated.
-You, sorry but I don't want you to feed him, he gets food at home.
He takes my birds otherwise.
-Oh, I understand.
Then I can put a babe around the neck of him.
Would you like to go around with a babe around the neck all day long? No, but I'm no cat.
I can get him, please? Com.
-He does not like his name.
What do you mean? -Glenn is no cat names.
It is the name of a footballer from Gothenburg, sweden.
He doesn't know about it.
He is not so interested in football.
He don't like it.
-Have you found her? Has she not come back? -No.
No, I'm here because of it with the guy.
the Girls here were together with him yesterday.
It is only the Awards that are awake, but I go and collect her.
don't Tell me what it is.
I was not going to go with really.
Victor is Tobbes bff and Felicia is my, so it was that anyway.
And you is together with Tobbe? -We have been together.
How to become Tobbe when he drinks? Can he become violent? No.
Victor can be.
Tobbe will be more kind crazy.
How then? -Type, do stupid, crazy stuff.
Tell us a little bit about yesterday.
Everything was completely okay.
Then came the bloody girl and she just clung and was sick on Tobbe, and he knew that I looked.
What did you do then? -Shouted something to them.
I stack from the beach.
-Where did you go somewhere? To another party.
A bridge on the Fläskberget.
I met some girls from my school there.
They had wine with them.
I drank a lot and remained there.
After you left the beach you met and not someone from there later? No.
Have you found Tobbe and the others? We have talked to Tobbe and his brother.
I need to talk with Felicia.
She is in bad shape and want to have with the parents.
When will they? In a few hours.
Is it Vera? Huh? Have you found her? -No, unfortunately not.
I don't care how long it has to go before you can look seriously.
She has been gone for soon the twelve hours.
She is 14 years old! She has not disappeared voluntarily.
She does not like that.
It has happened something.
Don't you understand it? We do what we can.
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