Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s05e02 Episode Script

I stundens Hetta - 2

He is big enough to take care of itself.
For Sandhamn! midsummer's day out here are the right wild.
Parties, to fill, a lot of drugs.
Come on, it's midsummer.
One, and not later.
She not abuse my confidence.
-It is missing two bottles of wine.
Has she not come home? -She does not respond on the cell phone.
I'm terribly sorry, but we found your friend Victor Ekengreen dead in the morning.
Victor is Tobbes bff and Felicia is my.
You is together with Tobbe? -We have been together.
Victor decided meeting with a guy yesterday, Patrick Wennergren.
Convicted for drug-related offences.
-He owed him money.
A nerspytt terry cover.
The right fresh, it smells still.
the House belongs to Ann-Sofie Carlén, but she is not here over the weekend.
Is it Vera? Have you found her? She has been gone for 12 hours.
It has happened something.
Don't you understand it? Patrick Wennergren? -Yes.
We have been looking after you and would like to talk a bit.
You can take the bag, we are over here.
You have not seen her anywhere? -No, unfortunately not.
Not? Thank you.
Hello! May I just ask I'm looking for this girl.
-You have not seen her at the port? Victor.
-You know him? Feel and feel I met him yesterday.
Why then? -He wanted to buy a mobile of me.
He already had a mobile.
-He wanted to well have one to.
Then teasing you on the beach.
Two colleagues have identified you.
He took the phone, I never got my money so I followed after.
But when we found him he had only a mobile.
But What do you mean by "found him"? He is dead.
We did not say it? Thomas.
-You get to go to the toilet here? You can come with me.
I just want to know how it goes.
Nothing new, but the smc and gain looking after her.
They will find her.
There is nothing abnormal.
You Felicia's parents, or her mother, has come now.
I will as soon as I can.
What do you think? -He seems surprised at really.
But they may have been seen again and fought about the money.
Patrik hit him and took the phone back.
Continue in him, so I go to Nora, felicia's mother has come.
So Victor left the party, and you followed after.
Then what happened? I ran after, but he was skitförbannad and just went.
After a while we ended up in a different place.
Why did you follow after him? -I wanted to be with him.
It was not only his fault.
-Then what happened? Sorry.
He seemed to have calmed down so I thought it would be good again.
I could make it good again.
But then puked I am.
And it came a little on Victor's pants.
Hell, how disgusting you are! -He was skitförbannad.
And I'm like krampade and puked again.
How much had you been drinking? -I'm sorry.
And then, then? Victor Victor, wait! I remained and had like very painful in the stomach.
But I did not come up.
I must have fallen asleep or svimmat- 'cause when I woke up again so I felt crap.
Victor? I was trying to take me to Stoffes boat, but then fell I- -and the police came Then Nora picked me.
Why did we not take home the girls at once? I'm sorry but we found Victor's death.
I thought you were asleep.
Why do not you come and sit down? Madeleine We need to call Ellinor.
Call you.
Explain why it was so important that her brother would Sandhamn.
Have you seen this girl somewhere? No, I have not seen her.
Vera! Vera! Hey ! Are you okay? -Sorry.
Where have you been? We have been jätteoroliga.
Has something happened? I fell asleep on the wrong boat and woke up at sea.
On the sea? -A Man drove me back here.
Do you know who he was? No, he just went.
We'll call your dad, He is in decay.
Come on, honey.
You have a curfew for Christmas! That was not the intention.
How the hell you end up on the wrong boat? Yeah, how do you think? It was you who took the bottles, right? Why did not you just? -Because I lost my mobile.
You could have borrowed someone.
Why did you not just home? I fell asleep.
-Before its.
You were with a few? No.
Where were you somewhere, then? VI have to take a shower, go out.
-This is serious.
Where were you somewhere? I think the dress of me, naked now, so can you go out? We have not finished talking about this, just so you know.
She said nothing else to you? -No.
Only that she was full and had ended up in the wrong boat.
It was the turn of the misfortune that she woke up of someone who drove her home.
Anything could have happened.
Good that you could come.
Tell us a little about your brother.
What do you want to know? -How was his relation to Victor? Should you not ask him about it? -Now we ask you.
They are the best of friends, have known each other since primary school.
Hang out all the time, partying a lot.
Never at loggerheads? No no.
Christoffer? They came together a few weeks ago.
-What then? I don't know.
I came home late one evening and they stood there and argued.
Were they? -No, but They pushed a bit on each other and screamed.
But I went in between.
Victor went home.
Tobbe invited him on midsummer, so everything was quiet.
What happened after that, Ebba, Felicia and Victor had left the beach? Then we went to the Västerudd at a party in some of my Handelspolare.
Who was it who went there? -I and Tobbe Tessan and her friends.
When did you get there? -At half past ten.
And stopped? -Half, three, three maybe.
And you were there together all the time, you and your brother? Yes.
I met Sara in there too.
We know each other from Trade.
She followed to the boat then.
What is the name of she is more than Sara? -Lövstedt.
Sara Lövstedt.
And she can attest you were together the whole evening? Yes.
We were a maximum of one metre from each other.
And where was the Threads somewhere? -What do you mean? While you and Sara flirted.
-He was there.
You hit a girl you want to sleep with and is at a party in just over six hours.
And you have when was your little brother all the time? A lot of work.
-Every second you have the do not track.
He was there, that I know.
-How do you know it? Where would he otherwise have been? -He followed you to the boat then? No, when we got back to the boat so he lay there and slept.
For he had gone a little earlier in order to sleep.
So really don't know where he has been from 23 to 02.
30? No.
Hey, dad.
-Where are you? You would have been at home now.
It has happened a thing.
Victor is dead.
-Huh?! The Police want to talk with us, because, we are left.
No, it does not talk about.
We have already talked with them and they want to meet Tobbe again.
Go home! Now, right away.
Did you hear what I said? Immediately.
-Yes, dad.
Tobbe! We stand now.
But the police, then? -Shit in the police.
Came again.
Felicia, Ebba, Tobbe and Christoffer lack of alibi until we have heard Sara.
We need to hear both her and the where Tessan.
Maybe Tobbe know what her name in the last name.
We'll take a snack with him before we pack up? We have already heard him once without a parent or guardian.
He is still here.
We just want to know where he was and Tessans surname.
This solves the problem with the parent or guardian.
-We take him in the morning.
You Should to Harö? -Yes, I have my boat at Nora.
Parking is often there? -There were many boats in the harbor.
I think you have a lot of boats in your port Have a nice evening.
-The same.
Hello! End for today? -The end for today.
A night out here, then, I go back to town.
Yeah, but then we may perhaps be seen in the morning.
You I and some of the other was going to go and have a beer.
Run a little bit last night with the gang.
Should you not comply with? Yes, actually.
Why not? -It is clear you should.
Come now.
I was drunk, dropped my mobile and fell asleep on a boat.
lnget happened, so drop it.
-But if something happened Yes, but it did not! -Then I want you to talk with me.
Or with mom, but you must tell us.
I don't want to be with Nora in the evening.
I like that it's just you and me.
How is it with you? How is it with Vera? -It is well good.
She has been showering, and sleeping, so I thought to fix dinner.
What are you hungry for? You know what? We have, in fact, specifically that we will find something for themselves.
-Just -Okay.
-I do.
We be seen.
Thank you.
Why don't you like about Nora? -I do not want to have a new mother.
But there she is well not.
Mother is your mother.
Nora has nothing to do with we differed.
No, but she gossips.
-If the wine, do you mean? She was worried about.
A young boy died here in the night.
Sixteen-year-old and so he gets beaten to death.
Well It's not so strange we become anxious? Yes, but I'm okay.
Nothing happened.
Why I do not believe in you? -It is your problem.
You need to clean the shed.
-What are you looking for? A hob.
-I have no.
I hear that you nourish Glenn.
-Glenn? What is the name? -Do you want to have company The company? I don't even think about the creature.
If you are sticking to him a little food, then take something that does not smell.
What have you done today? -lnget really.
Downloaded Glenn of Claire and took a dip- -when Elin was sleeping down at the pier.
It was my eventful day.
-I have to take this.
-Yes, the one where the guy on the Day Victor.
-Forensic medicine is not clear yet.
Someone has beaten him in the head with something round and hard.
He had a wound at the temple.
-Yes, but it was not so deep.
I'm calling for I have received a response on the blood tests.
0,9 per mille of alcohol and traces of ecstasy and cocaine.
Full, and high, in other words.
-Oh well.
None of my friends have said something about drugs.
Okay, thank you.
I have enough to knit after dinner.
-I guessed it.
A call, just.
Mia, it is Thomas.
Where are you? You'll excuse my wife, she is sleeping.
She well, you understand.
We regret the sorrow.
-Thank you.
do you Know what happened? -Not yet.
Seemed to Victor to have problems lately? Did he different? Victor was He had head.
Was smart, driven.
He wanted something.
Do you Have more children? -He has a sister.
She works as a bartender on the island of Crete.
She is on her way home now.
Victor did not.
We were alike that way.
There Was something that was better so, we wanted to have it.
We found traces of cocaine and ecstasy in his blood.
Sorry? We found traces of cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol.
Do you know something about it? Victor knarkade not.
-It was in his blood.
In that case, is there any who has drugged him.
You have no idea he has got hold of the drugs? Victor knarkade not, " I said.
Victor was obliged Wennergren money.
Maybe for other things than a mobile.
They met and he didn't want to be with Felicia.
We take a snack with Patrick.
In the morning.
You Take him, so I take the Threads in the morning.
How could you not notice he knarkade? You were at home.
You should have seen something.
You notice well if someone addict? What are you talking about? -The police were just here.
Our son knarkade and you saw nothing.
Don't Come and accuse me! If you had been at home a little more! It was you that was at home! It was you who was responsible! Who pulled him into this? -I don't know.
Who?! -I know nothing.
Someone is responsible for this.
I and Elin go into town in the morning.
Okay Where are you going? We move back, moving back to the town.
Moving? -Now when you have a new investigation There is nothing for me to do when you work all day.
I have been away a lot, but I am ready in a couple of weeks.
I'm sorry but I can't.
-Can not what then? Was out here alone with the baby the whole of the summer.
If there would happen something so, it makes no difference where we are.
It is not faster in town than it does here.
I know.
I have nothing against that we are here all of them when you have a vacation.
But to be here while you work, it doesn't work.
But it works in the city? -Yes, it would work for me.
I want to you follow with, of course.
Good morning! How is it with Vera? -It is good, she sleeps.
Do you want some breakfast? No no.
They called from work.
They are short if people so I said I will check.
Malin is on the job and I don't want to that Vera should be alone in the town.
You may have the option to see to her? Have you talked to Vera about it? -It is not her thing.
Jonas, she doesn't like me.
Well, she likes you.
In its own way, just.
She can handle herself.
It is only if it is something.
I will in the morning evening.
Do you mean it? -No.
Thank you.
Tobias is not at home.
-Do you know where he is somewhere? Yes.
Where is he going somewhere? My boys are suspected of something? -No, not at the moment.
Then we come down to you at the station in the morning.
At noon, it fits? The best it gets if I'm talking with him now.
As I understand it heard you Tobias yesterday out on the island.
Without the presence of either the parent or guardian or other legal representative.
I am a lawyer.
Twelve o'clock in the morning.
And then I follow with the boys.
Thomas Andreasson.
-My name is Ann-Sofie Carlén.
Your business card sitting on my door.
We travelling always away over midsummer.
It is for a lot of people that behave like idiots.
this year has someone been in here.
I have vädrat out and cleaned.
It smelled terribly bad here.
But the door seemed not damaged.
No, it was not.
How do you know that someone has been here? -The smell.
The couch was in a mess.
It smelled as if someone had spytt.
Now we know it was nerspydda frottéskyddet comes from.
An armchair of Carléns.
We get to scrub the whole gang on the dna.
Good luck getting dad a lawyer to go along with it.
Rich fucking brats who hide behind the their rich parents to protect them.
I think we'll go down and talk with Patrick Wennergren again.
The Police, Patrik.
Open! Patrik! Hope Ansa Hell! Mia.
We believe that he sold drugs to Ekengreen, so the deaths go together.
No, he was not more suspicious than someone else.
Thank you.
I will keep you updated.
I have to go now.
In addition to this they have found a bunch of nätdroger up there.
Something cocaine? -No.
But he has received several threats via text message the last few days.
"Stop selling on the Day otherwise, if you are in trouble.
" A competitor, then? Ask Margit hear with the that had care of narkotikabevakningen out here? Goran Minosevic.
Was out on the island over the weekend.
Who is it? -From The Balkans.
Been here quite a long time.
Not the greatest, but would like to grow.
Offers the most.
Convicted of assault, violence against the officer and the minor offences.
He was on the Day in the weekend? -Yes.
He sat on the seglarrestaurangen the whole evening with his gang.
So he has motivation enough.
-Where can we find Minosevic? No, unfortunately not.
I have never seen them.
Which is it? There are two who have been found murdered out on Sandhamn.
You have no idea? -Sorry.
It is strange when it's such a small island.
But this is a murder investigation and not a nark, so we have more resources.
Especially when it comes to rich guys with many of the prominent parents.
It is horrible, but there it is.
We will have those tabs on you- -you can't go on the mug without our knowing it.
Even less peddle your crap to teenagers.
You make it? Promise away resources we don't have Is it your new style? I like it.
Low you and sleep? -No.
I just want to say that I am at home if you want to get past.
Yes, or why? If you want to eat something or talking, just.
It can be quite lonely here.
-I like to be alone.
Okay Then do you know where I am, if you need me.
We be seen.
It is not true.
-What is not true? Victor had cocaine in the blood.
Patrik did not sell cocaine.
It is not true.
-lnte what we know than, in all cases.
But we know that they had contact the night Victor died.
Victor might bought cocaine by the Minosevic and he was obliged him with.
Why take on a murder investigation for pennies? The Cover to the arm-chair.
None of the the kids have said something about Carléns house.
-maybe It was someone else.
-Someone who didn't know the Victor? Or coated nothing with the case to make.
Though it was found at the crime scene? -I don't know.
But you, we will not solve it in the evening.
-Who will you meet? Shit in it, you.
See you in the morning.
Happy and fresh.
We have found Tessan.
Therese Almbladh, 15 years.
She went with Tobbe to the party on the Västerudd.
After a while went Tobbe and don't come back.
He went at ten about, then found she and a few others to party with.
My brother saw him on the boat at half past three, with bruise.
Four and a half hours.
-He will check in the morning.
Yes, it can be interesting.
Are you finished at work? -Yes, I have just stopped.
How are little? -Yes, it is good.
She sleeps.
Have you had a good day? -Yes, absolutely.
Will you home now, or? -Yes, or We start out at Sandhamn in the morning so I thought that I gonna stay out on Harö.
Oh well, I understand.
See you in the morning.
Your daughter greets.
-Health back with a big hug.
I will do That.
Hello! -Hey.
Interferes with I? -No.
How are Vera? -Vera are doing well.
It is easier when they are small.
-Do not say it.
Oh really? Is there trouble in paradise? Pernilla has moved into town with Elin.
Pallade not to stay on Harö.
She is afraid that something will happen.
Yes, but it can actually understand.
She is the best in town and I feel the best on Harö.
I have been away so much.
-No, you work the most.
You know what? It is a few years with the logistics, lack of sleep and fuss.
But it actually gets better late.
-As between you and Henry? Now you are stupid.
-I know.
Say that you are stupid.
-I'm stupid.
How goes it with you and Jonas? -Well, with Jonas, it is good.
It is just Vera that hate me.
-I think not.
She blames the divorce on me.
-It fixes itself.
It knows you, who has so much experience of 14-year-old girls If you spend time with you, it is impossible not to think about you.
Thank you.
How happy I was that you came by.
-It was nice.
Thanks for the beer.
You get the health of the family.
-I will do that.
You should have baptism? -Yes, we are indeed.
Pernilla wanted it.
I have no opinion but it can't hurt.
Will I be invited? -We'll see.
I must knit before it becomes pitch black.
-Take care of yourself.
Oh, where have you been? -Out.
We will meet with the police in the morning twelve o'clock.
If you think that it will pop up anything especially during the call- -so I would like to have out there already now.
I dislike surprises.
What are you talking about? Do you believe in really I had something to do with it? Did you have it? -My best friend is dead.
I am the only one that bother me.
-It is only because you are upset? Yes, it is only because of this.
I am so fucking glad it's the holidays.
I had never pallat to go to school with anyone who asks.
I know.
are you Going to the police again? I believe it is.
Well it was something more they would ask about.
Should To Threads there also, do you think? -Yes, it shall he well.
Hurså? -No, it was nothing.
Well, what is it? What? Victor! Victor, stop! I saw the Threads on the cliffs where Victor died.
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