Morden i Sandhamn (2010) s05e03 Episode Script

I stundens Hetta - 3

I was drunk, dropped my mobile and fell asleep on a boat.
lnget happened, so drop it.
-A young boy died last night.
We found traces of cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol.
Who pulled him into this? Someone is responsible! Victor had made the meeting with Patrick Wennergren.
He had received several threats to stop selling on the Day.
A competitor, then? Move? -Now when you have a new investigation I can't be out here alone with the baby throughout the summer.
I am at home, if you want to get past.
It is just Vera that hate me.
-It is impossible not to like you.
by the way, how did you bruise? -I fell on a rock.
As I understand it heard you Tobias yesterday out on the island.
my boys Are suspected of something? I saw the Threads on the cliffs where Victor died.
How is it going? -We have no suspect.
What about it? -Jo You know that we found a piece of a torn reflective vest- -in the vicinity of where the kid's stomach.
It sat on a fence.
-you Read not reports? -You usually have to call if some thing is important.
It would be so that bit comes from a police west.
to the SKL shall not work in vain- -I want to have all vests from them that was out on Sandhamn.
Not really my table.
-No, but it is your investigation.
-If you just go through the papers -Harry! How is the situation? -Good.
Can you help me with a thing? I need a list of all the that was in the service in the weekend.
And we collect their vests.
-May I ask why? Technical have found a piece of cloth that could come from a police west.
We need to check if it is one of our.
I do it with a time.
Thomas! Came up with this.
Who is this? -Rovaniemi Djudic.
He has just confessed to the murder on Patrick Wennergren.
Patrik ended up not selling drugs on the Day, despite the Rovans warnings so he shot him.
-Do you believe in it? We have the phone with threats and at home in Rovaniemi we will find the weapon.
Victor, then? -He only killed Patrick.
There is some as Minosevic have sent.
He says that he doesn't know someone Minosevic.
Even if we find a link between them, so it proves nothing.
He will be convicted of murder, sits in the eight years and rising through the ranks.
You know how it works.
-We have a recognition.
The murder of Patrick is cleared, but not the one on the Victor.
So concentrate on it instead.
Have you seen Mia? -No, I have not.
Hello? -Hello.
Where are you? What time is it? -For very.
Say bye to the guy and came here.
-I'll be there in twenty.
Good morning.
Are you awake? -Yes.
do you Want to have breakfast? Shall I open a little bit? -No.
Why are you so nice to me? You are the main thing Jonas has and then you are important for me also.
I am no threat to you.
If it force would Jonas always choose you.
But it does not give you the right to force him to choose.
Hope you like the breakfast.
Why, howdy.
Hangover? -It is obvious, or? Do you want to have coffee? -Thank you.
Com, Felicia and her mother sitting in the runner-up.
We want to talk about what happened last night with Victor.
She has already told it.
-We have new information.
You told me that you were drinking a lot of alcohol at the party.
There were drugs there too? -Drugs? Victor had both cocaine and ecstasy in the blood.
Did you use them also in the evening? -Felicia? Was that why you fell asleep, threw up and was in so bad condition? When Victor left the beach and you came after you were both affected? Yes.
I had taken some tablets that Victor had fixed.
I followed him to the cliff as I told you He wanted me to take a few tablets.
And so I did.
Why? He was so angry if you did not as he said, especially if he was high.
So you knarkade to the Victor would not get angry? Tobbe dumped the Ebba she never dared take something.
If you just tell us what happened.
In the beginning, it felt quite okay.
I thought perhaps it could become really good if we had sex.
But it was not.
-lnte now.
He could not get up it.
But it did like nothing.
He was not angry.
Then puked I am.
-Hell, how disgusting you are! the Rest I have already told.
I just said nothing about the pills.
-And you saw no one there? lngen at all? -This is a murder investigation.
Someone slammed into the skull of your boyfriend with a stone.
You saw anyone there, or how? It is someone you knew.
Who was it? She saw the Threads of the murder.
We believe to Tobbe met Victor on the mountain.
He heard Felicia cry out for Victor and wonder what the hell's going on.
Victor! Victor, what the hell have you done? -Victor is high.
He has easy to lose your temper and become violent.
They start brawling.
Tobbe pushes Victor to fall.
He gets pissed off.
The quarrel degenerates and suddenly, he lies there, dead.
He is strong enough for to lug the body to the site.
Yes, it is a scenario.
-It is what we have.
He has a bruise, no alibi and were on the site.
We'll see what he says about it when he comes in.
Dad! Is mother at home? -Yes, she is sleeping.
She sleeps a lot now.
Just as well that you may know that she blame me for Victor's death.
For that I dropped him off.
But he was sixteen.
Com, so we go in.
When the start after the service? -At six o'clock.
Thanks for the breakfast.
-You are welcome.
Who was it that was here last night? -It was Thomas, a friend of mine.
He kissed you.
He kissed not me, he gave me a kiss.
Kisses don't you and your friends? -No.
But he was pretty nice.
-Yes, perhaps it.
Have you been in love with him? There was once a time when I played with the idea that it would be we.
But -What happened? Nothing.
It was well it was the problem.
What happens if I tell me this dad? That I had feelings for someone before I met him? I think he can take it.
I do not believe in to have secrets, Vera.
There is a little bit of lunch, if you want to have.
No, thank you.
I am Has mother eaten? -No.
Do you talk at all? -No, not much.
Is it not easier if you are trying to go through this together? It will, I hope.
I know that he cut class a lot the final semester.
But his score was He didn't have to be in school all the time to learn.
They must have taken the wrong.
Mixed up the samples.
Stuff like that happens.
What then? -The police were here.
They said that Victor knarkade.
Did he do it? -Dad And you knew about it? Why did you say nothing? -You would still never have believed me.
How long? -I don't know.
At some party in the christmas of Tobbe.
-Tobbe? You have told you left the party.
In the interrogation without presence of parent or guardian or legal representatives have no You left the party to go and pee.
Or how? Yes.
You must have a big bladder for you never came back.
I did.
-lnte according to your brother, and Tessan.
It was full of people, where and most of them were drunk.
If he says that he went back so he did it.
Where did you go? To Dansberget? -He went back to the party.
Tobias can answer our questions or fail to respond.
That you respond is not an option.
You went to the Dansberget? Eventually, yes.
I was looking for Ebba.
I wanted to meet her.
But you hånglade the with the where Tessan throughout the evening? Yes, just because of that.
I missed her, okay? When you came to the Dansberget? -I do not know.
But where you met Victor and Felicia? No.
-Felicia saw you there.
I didn't see her, or Victor.
Do you have clear memories of the evening? -Why would he not have it? Tobbe understand what I mean.
Then I want you to explain so that I understand.
We wonder if Tobbe had taken the same drugs that Victor and Felicia.
Tobias? Yes, and yes.
I was there but saw none of them.
-What happened, then? I went down to the water and la me where to avoid the whole thing.
I was right so gone, so I fell asleep.
Sorry, but you are the other who falls asleep right at the right time.
If he fell asleep -so fell asleep he.
Thanks, we take.
We know that you messed with Victor a while ago.
Your brother said it.
Why teasing you? -Skitsaker, nothing fancy.
Can we arrest him? -We do not have enough.
The search, then? -Yes, it is enough to arrange.
Can we keep him until we know more? -Yes, absolutely.
Is she hungry? -She is tired, just.
She slept pretty bad last night so we are a bit tired both of the two.
It does not appear on you.
-I missed you in the morning.
I miss you with.
I know you need to be on Harö, but I can't it right now.
I know it.
I feel very at home there- -but I have thought of a thing.
I have not been present and is sorry for it.
But I want this to work.
We will solve it.
-I love you, Pernilla.
She sleeps.
You should really take more tablets? The memorial is in a few hours.
-Just because of that.
You can accuse me, but you can see that I also provide.
You know it.
We need each other.
we'll get through this we must do it together.
I can't do it alone.
I need you.
Please You have to see it here.
They have a suspect.
-Who? They just stand to the police has a suspect in interrogation.
And that they knew each other then in the past.
Hi, Johan I have to lament the sorrow, really.
How is it with you? -We take one hour at a time.
We have a few things home with us that is Victor's.
From the boat.
I thought maybe I could get by with them.
Can't the police searching through your house take it with you when they are finished? I'm sitting outside now.
-You have come to the That Tobias was in the same place as the Victor when he died.
But it is just a spread among the many.
According to the newspaper, he is suspected.
-No, he is not.
He is not arrested or served some time for suspicion.
You may well not believe that Tobias has hurt Victor? They have known each other since pre-school and are the best of friends.
Well, it where you said about secrets -Yes? If I tell something to you, you promise not to tell it to dad then? No, I can not promise.
It depends on what it is.
On saturday when I was gone -Yes? Mattias and I, we Who is Mattias? My friend Malena storebrorsa.
We sat on the beach and had been drinking a little, you know.
So he asked if I wanted to find anything.
So we stuck from the beach and went out on the island.
I didn't know what we would do but he knew where we could go.
So -Do you know this Mattias? We have met a few times at the home of Malena.
But you like him? -I did it, in any case.
So we went over to the island and came to a house.
It was his aunt's house.
But they were away for the weekend.
He knew where the key was, so Just when we would go into the house so it came someone.
So we hid ourselves and Why? For it was a police officer, in one of those reflective vest.
We released Tobbe.
-Why? We have not received a response yet.
He is so young, and we know where he is if it turns up anything.
In addition, I endure not to his national lampoon.
Well, it comes.
I've got them, that is why I is here.
One of them was broken.
Whose was broken? -An Anna Miller.
We'll talk with her then.
-She is available in the day.
Here It is.
-Hello! Will you? Fixed my vest was not torn.
-Well, it was there.
And the bit that was missing was found at the murder.
Out on the Dansberget? But I was not there for the whole weekend.
You borrowed out to someone? Sorry.
Thomas Andreasson.
Hi, Staffan.
Yes, that is right.
-Thanks for yesterday.
What then, does it feel strange? -No.
Or yes, maybe a little.
It feels too weird to be seen again? It was Staffan.
It is a misunderstanding.
We have to draw.
Sorry that we bothered.
It was just nice.
Thank you.
I thought it was the broken vest.
But the bit from the murder fits not with the size of the tear in Miller's west.
What does it mean? -Someone has cut it to pieces.
It is near, but it does not match the bit.
Miller's west was the only that was broken? So we're missing a vest.
Staffan! Harry is not on the list.
He has not submitted his west? I cut a hole in the Anna west and was hoping that no one would miss my.
-I don't know, I panicked.
You was at the murder the evening.
What happened? I had just been released in the PKC and took a walk.
Then I see a girl lie knocked out on the cliff.
Hello, can you hear me? How are you doing? A little further up I see a guy.
- Hey! It is he, Victor.
Hello! When I get in touch with him I see he is under the influence of something.
I ask if he knows the girl that is down there.
He gets pissed and says to the I'll shit in the.
He flies at me.
In some way succeed I push him so he falls.
He hit his head on a stone and starts to bleed.
I check that his breathing is normal and that it is good with him.
He bleeds, but the wound is not jättedjupt so that I pull from there.
But you let him just lie there? He was alive when I went.
He was okay, as well.
-I understand.
I already have two notifications for the excessive use of force.
A to so It's where you get to take with internal.
Have you not changed yet? -For what? -Victor's memorial service.
-I'm not going to go.
Well, it should you.
They think I murdered him.
-But you did not do that, huh? No.
-Why, then, so.
That does not appear to suggest guilt and something to hide.
Dress on you.
Christopher and I are waiting in the car.
Dad, we are ready now.
I will.
Can we talk a little? -Yeah.
-For what then? Sorry.
For everything.
It The drugs and all that.
It went to hell.
I should have listened to you.
You were right.
It's my fault! Hello.
This is the Vera.
She has a thing to tell you.
Hello, Vera.
Thomas called me.
We can sit down here.
So you took the key in the basement.
Then what happened? We went into the house and he began to kiss me.
I wanted to take it easy, but he said that it was this I wanted.
What is it that is so fun? -I had flirted the whole evening.
And there I had, but not so here.
He pressed me down on the couch and began to take of my clothes.
I said I didn't want but he just continued.
No, I don't want to.
Stop! When he buttoned up my pants so I didn't know what I would do so I put my fingers in my throat.
What the hell are you doing? I thought the first run home but was ashamed so much, so I went on the wrong boat and happened to fall asleep there.
You saw no one when you ran it? -No.
The one where the police were not there either? If Mattias was left so maybe he saw something.
It was the reason why we wanted to tell.
-It was good that you did it.
He is a small as is nothing you can do something about it? No, but I want to talk with him.
Do you know what he is called in the last name? Lie still! I I loved my son.
And I thought it was enough that he knew it.
I imagined I gave him his freedom When i am not la me at.
But it was only excuses for me.
Obviously, i would have seen when he started with the drugs.
Reacted when he skipped school.
And I would, of course, have listened to my wife- -when she said that Victor was too young to go out to Sandhamn on midsummer's day.
obviously, I would have noticed when he ended up in the wrong company.
someone took my son away from me and now he is gone forever.
And everything is too late.
When we got to the house we began hold on, make out and stuff -It was she with? -Yes.
Yes, yes When we started to get some where so, she began to feel sick and threw up.
I tried to help her and asked if she needed anything.
But she only said that she needed to go and take some air.
She ran out and dropped his cellphone.
I thought the run after with the but could not leave the house like that.
You cleaned? What happened after you had cleaned? I went out to the cliffs to throw away the thing I had dried with.
Then I saw that guy on the cliff.
I am sorry.
What happened then? Hello! How is it? Hell, that doesn't look good at all.
Snutjävel! -What the hell are you doing?! Everything went so fast, suddenly I just lay on my back.
He began to strangle me.
He was like a fucking robot and was so damn strong.
I got no air and panicked.
I tried to get him away.
But I could really not to upset him.
Madeleine Johan -my condolences, really.
-Thank you.
Johan, I think you were a very fine speech -but I got a sense of the to you maybe I didn't know what I would do.
I couldn't get him away.
So I felt the stone and took it and hit it in the head at him.
He did not, so I just beat him again.
And continued the beating until he stopped.
I panicked and thought I needed to hide him.
I thought that when I had time perhaps get off the island before someone found him.
I really had no choice.
He would kill me.
Tobias will survive.
I don't know if someone has told it, but Tobias did not kill Victor.
We have a recognition from the offender.
It looks not like murder, it was self-defense.
anyway, it was not Tobias.
It will some and download you here ago.
We plan to go back now, we must emptying the house.
If you want to follow? No, I stop for a moment.
-Okay, good.
-Hey, the heart.
Do you know what it means? -No.
I'm Not either.
"Glenn" means "from the valley".
I mean, it is, of course, no cat names.
She is who she is.
Congratulations on the baptism! Or what you say What nice it was.
Cheers! What nice they are.
You need to be happy.
-Well it's me.
Thomas! Wait, we place you in the middle.
Text: Sanyache