Mortel (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Hot. Hot. Hot.

For us, it's free.
- What? - It's free.
What are you doing? Go on, take the bag.
- Take the bag.
- No, I'm not doing that.
Take the bag! No, I'm not doing that.
What are you doing? Victor! - Thief! Dirty thief! - Victor! What were you thinking? What were you thinking? Come back! [SOFIANE.]
Oh, shit! Back up, now.
- What? - [SOFIANE.]
Go outside! Slowly.
Sofiane, stop! Wait, come back.
Oh, shit! [STORE CLERK.]
Hey! Hey! Run! What was that, Sofiane? Wait, don't you realize? I have powers.
Can't you see? You did it to him like you did it to the teacher.
Fuck, Obé gave me powers.
Rodrigue, that bastard! - We'll make him pay.
- What? We'll get that son of a bitch.
I swear on my mother's life, we'll make him pay.
Him and his shitty wrestling team.
I swear we'll avenge Reda.
Obé said it.
There has to be two of us.
In order for it to work, we have to be together.
From now on, you stick with me all the time.
Rodrigue, that son of a bitch, that smart-ass, always riding around on my brother's scooter.
And it's him that started the rumor that Reda ran away or whatever.
We'll see.
- Why would he say that? - I don't know.
But don't worry.
Tomorrow, we grab them and make them talk, okay? - Hello there.
Shit, my keys.
- Who's that loser? - That's my stepdad.
Hello, sir.
You can call me Laurent.
What's your name? Sofiane.
- Is he your friend? - Yes.
You can have dinner with us.
I'm making pad thai.
- A what? What did he say? - Leave it.
- Shit.
You okay? I got a hot pepper.
Anyway, it's very good.
- What is it? - Pad thai.
Pad thai? Okay.
It's a Thai dish, pad thai.
A Thai dish.
It's a Thai dish.
It's okay, he understood.
He's joking.
I'm sick of this fucked-up family.
He was joking there, you understand Anyway, it's really good.
This shit is fucking disgusting.
No, really.
Have some cilantro.
This is restaurant quality.
This kid is sexy.
Do you want to adopt me? Nothing would make him happier.
He loves taking on lost causes.
What a little bitch.
So you and Victor are in the same class? Yeah, it was like friends at first sight.
We're always together now.
Aren't you going to eat? [CÉLINE.]
Why aren't you eating? Eat.
He was released from the hospital too soon, I knew it.
Are things going well for you at school, Sofiane? Are you happy? The real question is, are things going well for the school? Why? Is there a problem? Well, you've got a bad reputation, let's not kid ourselves.
Really? [SOFIANE.]
What a bitch.
She is hot, though.
I'd love to give her one.
I suppose I've done a few stupid things, but now that Victor is here, everything's okay.
Having a friend changes your life.
Eh? On that delightful note, let's toast to friendship.
You've got to leave.
- Whoa - Sofiane.
- You're not doing so great, are you? - I'm becoming schizophrenic.
What the hell are you talking about? I'm hearing voices.
They're gonna send me to the hospital.
Shit, he's gonna lose it.
I'm screwed.
So your voices, what do they say? There, I just heard you.
Saying I'm gonna lose it.
That you're screwed.
And at the table, I heard you talking about my sister.
You said you were going to give her one.
How did this moron hear that? Right there! I hear your voice saying I'm a moron.
I mean, your sister is hot, it's not my fault.
Stop going on about my sister! [HEART THUMPING.]
I can control people, and you can read their minds.
What do you mean, I can read their minds? [SOFIANE.]
We'll make the wrestlers tell the truth.
I control them, you read their minds, and then we'll make them pay for what they did to Reda.
Oh, my God.
That's insane.
Shit, have you seen how he's moving? [NORA.]
Well, that's our freak-show school.
Fuck, between this and all the depressives locking themselves up at home like Tatiana.
It's fucking crazy.
Speaking of Tatiana, we should go see her.
Hey, girl, wait.
We haven't even talked about the mess with Bastien.
- No.
- Hey, I'm your best friend.
That's what I'm here for.
Since when do you hide things from me? I'm not hiding anything.
There's just nothing to say.
Yeah? So you're not going to tell me? Okay, no problem.
Since when have you started flirting with guys, Nora? What? [BOTH LAUGH.]
- Seriously? - What do you think? You're not the only one thinking about your future.
I'm working on Ousmane so that in 20 years, I'll be chilling on the sofa munching on Ferrero Rochers while the maid takes care of our kids.
Can't you picture that? [LAUGHS.]
Honestly, I'm aiming for an Ousmane, but I'll probably end up with a Rodrigue.
The kind of guy where you can totally imagine what he'll look like when he's old.
Seriously, with his big square head, with his laugh He laughs like a hyena.
No way.
- You're bad.
- Do you seriously see me with him? Seriously? You smell a bit weird.
Man, did you take a bath in a deep fryer? It's my grandma.
She cooks her fish fritters first thing in the morning.
Let it go.
But that's just not okay.
- Not at all.
- That bad? - It's impossible to be next to you.
- Really? Put all that down.
Spread yourself out.
Come on.
I don't believe it.
It smells worse than me.
You didn't smell yourself.
It's a mix of fish fritters and the bathroom.
There, perfect.
- It's perfect? - Perfect.
Since when do those two hang out together? Very good question.
I can't get through to you.
I'm going out on a vaccination run in a small village and I don't know when I'll have a signal again, but I want you to know that I'm thinking about you and I'm counting the days.
Less than a month until we're together.
And Modibo? Still not back.
And another two are absent today.
Thank you, Kaina.
About Bobinet The French teacher.
I'm sure it's Kada.
His behavior can make anyone crazy.
Thank you.
Reda was the wrestling team's captain? [SOFIANE.]
Victor! I got a plan for lunch.
We'll go to the wrestling club and make Rodrigue talk.
I can't.
I'm having lunch with the counselor.
No, that's over.
The counselor She acts like she's helping, but she's not helping anyone.
Do you know who Laurine is? A chick she helped who ended up throwing herself out of a window.
Come on, let's go.
Let's get warmed up with a little oral quiz for one of you.
Any volunteers? Any volunteers? - Come on! - Hey, dude, read his mind.
- What do you mean? You read minds.
I'm waiting.
No, I don't know how.
- You don't know how? - No.
Someone, please.
Sofiane, what are you doing? No! Sofiane, stop.
Sofiane, please.
Sofiane, please Ah, Victor.
What's the name of the pact signed in 1939 - Stop.
- Go on.
Come on, Victor.
Read his mind.
Are you okay, Victor? [VICTOR.]
Okay, you don't know.
It was the Nonaggression Pact.
Signed by Ribbentrop and - [STUDENT WHISPERING.]
Vyacheslav Molotov.
- Mmm-mmm.
And Vyacheslav Molotov.
What a memory, Victor.
What a memory, Victor.
Thanks a lot, Victor.
It's a straight fail I heard Sofiane had dinner at your place? Was it nice? Listen, Victor, if Sofiane is forcing you to do things, you can tell me.
I always have to tell you everything.
You've never told me about Laurine.
What do you want to know about Laurine? That Sofiane hasn't already told you? Laurine was a student here.
She wasn't doing too well, so I saw her often.
I told her to call me no matter what time it was.
One day, she called, and I didn't pick up.
There you go.
Now she's in a coma and I'll never know what she wanted to say to me.
You know, Victor, Sofiane is a bit of a manipulator.
You need to take care of yourself.
Okay? I think I'm gonna go eat in the cafeteria now.
What do you want? [RAP SONG PLAYING.]
Is this for standing me up? Go ahead, take it.
Are you serious? Hang on.
You ask me out, then you don't come.
You show up at my place sobbing, so I comfort you all night, and the next day, you don't even look at me.
- Can I at least explain? - No.
It's fine.
There's nothing to explain.
We're not a couple, so Leave before somebody sees us talking.
- Wait - Can we talk? Can't you see you're interrupting? In class, you forced me to answer.
I don't want anyone forcing me.
It's no big deal.
You didn't die, right? If you force me again, I'm out.
What if I force you to keep going? What if I read your mind? [ENGINE REVVING.]
Like the Nonaggression Pact in class.
We don't do anything to each other.
Okay, whatever.
"I can't stand being touched.
This last month, a dozen or so students have stopped coming to class due to a sudden depression.
Um These students don't know each other, but, strangely, I've noticed similarities in their symptoms, so I did my own investigation.
- Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gentlemen! - [LAUGHS.]
Now, all of these students are living confined to their bedrooms.
In Japan, they call them hikikomoris.
There are some cases in France, but what worries me about our school is the phenomenon is spreading, like some sort of mental contagion, without any apparent connection between the students Yes, but, I don't know, maybe it's a trend? We all know the school has problems.
Let's not add to that.
Yes, I agree.
Like you said, the school has been through a lot recently.
Bobinet, among others.
So what we can do is remain vigilant, okay? And report anything that seems out of the ordinary.
And most importantly, keep an eye on the most vulnerable students.
Okay? Thank you for your time.
Yes, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thomas? You wanted to show me something? I don't know if it's connected, but for a while now, I've been seeing this thing among the kids' drawings.
Particularly those you talked about earlier.
- Hmm.
- This shape keeps popping up every time.
For example, this one is Modibo's drawing.
Modibo? It's Ms.
How long have you been in here? [MODIBO.]
I don't know.
Are your feet still burning? What are the doctors saying? Who is this? I see him at night, in my dreams.
What are you doing here? - I'm the school counselor.
- And? I've come to see your son.
He's not doing well.
He needs help.
- You think I hadn't noticed? - I'm sure you did.
Get out or I'll call the cops.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I was pushy the other night.
It's fine.
The important thing is that we spend time together.
I'll do it again.
I have to go or he'll yell at me.
shoulder, and pull.
Reda knew his killer.
I'm sure the wrestlers know something.
If you stay with me, they won't be able to touch me.
Make sure you stay here and wait for me.
Left hand, under.
Hey, what is he doing here? What do you want? [TEACHER.]
Ousmane, calm down.
Hey! Where do you think you are? Get out! - What do you mean, "get out"? - Get out! - Let me fight one of your wrestlers.
- Get out! You know nothing about wrestling.
- It's been three years - You don't even have a license.
- We'll see about that.
- Get out! Get out! [TEACHER.]
There are rules to coming into the gym.
Give me someone to fight.
Who do you want to fight? - Rodrigue.
Rodrigue, come here! Rodrigue! - What are you laughing at? - [TEACHER.]
You're gonna get laid out.
What? I don't know why, but I feel like I'm faking everything, all the time.
I don't love Bastien.
Come on.
Get in the middle.
You, too.
- [STUDENT 1.]
Come on, Rodrigue! - [STUDENT 2.]
You know what you gotta do.
- [STUDENT 1.]
Go on! - [TEACHER.]
In position.
- Shake hands.
Do it.
- I'm not shaking his hand.
- No, I won't.
Shake my hand.
- No.
I'm not shaking his hand.
- [STUDENT 1.]
Shake hands.
- Rodrigue! Shake his hand.
- [STUDENT 1.]
Hey, shake his hand.
I miss Reda.
He was the only one who understood me.
With him, I didn't have to pretend.
What's their plan with Sofiane? [TEACHER.]
One foot in the circle.
Take your positions.
Fight! - [STUDENT 2.]
Go on! - [TEACHER.]
Arm control, Rodrigue.
- [STUDENT 3.]
Go on, my man! - [TEACHER.]
Come on, let's go! Control your arm.
Come on, keep going! Push, push, Rodrigue! Guys! Rodrigue! [GROANS.]
What are you doing? [GRUNTS.]
One point to Kada.
Why is he hanging out with Sofiane? I hope he's not being manipulated.
What? Are you scared now? Come on, get up! Now! [TEACHER.]
You're gonna get him! Come on! Let's go, you got this.
Go on, go! Get him on the ground.
Not so smart now, are you? - Shut your mouth! - Get off me! What did you do to my brother? Tell me.
- What did you do to him? - I don't know, it wasn't me! Stop lying.
He's really not looking well.
- You killed him, right? - Get the fuck off me! Why do you have his scooter? Calm down! [HIGH-PITCHED DRONING.]
Is he gonna pass out? Admit it! Tell me.
- I'll tell you.
I'll tell you, I'll - [STUDENT 1.]
What the fuck are you doing? - [STUDENT 2.]
Finally! - Yeah, that's it! Great! That's it! [STUDENTS SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
Are you okay? [COUGHS.]
Wait, I'm going to call someone for you.
I'm sorry.
I think you need to go see the nurse or go to the hospital.
No! Not the hospital.
Calm down.
It's going to be okay.
I'm fine, I swear.
You have some on your T-shirt.
I'm going to get changed.
I live nearby.
Do you want to come get changed, too? [SPANISH MUSIC PLAYING.]
Wait for me here.
Hey - What are you doing here? - Hello.
- Who are you? - Victor Wanderwelt.
Well, Victor Wanderwelt, you are truly filthy.
- Wow! - Who is that? [GRANDMA SCOFFS.]
- No one.
Well, we don't talk about him.
- Why not? He's the youngest of our gods.
Disobedient, disturbed and deceitful.
He's a god deprived of love, with whom no one should have any business.
We only mention him to scare rebellious children.
Luisa? Luisa! What are you doing? Are you serious? [IN CREOLE.]
Did you cast a spell on this beanpole? - Huh? - He bears the mark.
That's vomit.
Go get changed in my room.
It's at the end on the left.
Grandma! All those years of refusing initiation for this? "This" what? [LUISA.]
"This" what? [GRANDMA IN CREOLE.]
You need to cast a spell to fall in love? [LUISA.]
NO PROBLEM I'll make you fine again I'll make you Yeah, I'll make you fine again - [LUISA CLEARS THROAT.]
I'm sorry.
Do you feel better now? It's the antidepressants I'd forgotten that they make me feel nauseous.
You're depressed? Not really.
I was in the psychiatric hospital last year, but it's okay now.
I'm good.
I'm better.
I didn't know.
You can talk about it just like that? People see that I'm a little different.
If they ask, I tell them why.
Like total honesty? [CHUCKLES.]
Sometimes I'd like to lie, but I don't know how.
Really? What do you think of this drawing, if you don't know how to lie? Give me your opinion.
I think it's pretty.
But what matters is what you think of it.
When you pretend about that, it never works, right? [GRANDMA.]
Luisa! Come on.
We have to go.
I kept saying that I was fine so my mom and my sister wouldn't worry.
But I ended up doing something really stupid.
Now I talk to them more and more.
It makes them trust me again.
What do you mean? They're less afraid I'll do it again.
Do you live just with your mom and sister? And my stepdad, too.
But it was just the three of us for a long time.
We'd move from one day to the next.
Just take the car at night and leave.
Then my mom met Laurent.
And for a while things were good.
But then, I took a bad turn.
What about you? Do you just live with your grandmother? Yeah.
My parents left when I was little.
Why? I mean I don't know.
I think something bad happened, but I haven't looked into it.
I've asked my grandmother many times, but she tells me a different version every time, so I stopped asking.
They left.
When people don't love you, that's what they do.
And I'd like to leave, too, if I can.
If I screw up, I'll end up doing what my grandmother does.
And what does she do exactly? Something I don't want to do.
Are you going to Ousmane's party tonight? [VICTOR.]
I'm not invited.
Do you want some? Yeah, thanks.
Why are you hanging out with Sofiane, really? Shit, Sofiane! I need to go.
See you soon.
Where were you? With Luisa.
I didn't feel well.
Are you serious? Have you seen my face? I'm sorry.
"I'm sorry"? We're not gonna get anywhere like this.
I heard something.
I think there was something going on between Reda and Luisa.
Like what? I don't know.
We've got to go talk to Luisa.
Where is she now? She's going to Ousmane's party, but I don't think she wants to.
- We'll make her.
- No.
She isn't like the wrestlers.
She hasn't done anything wrong.
- You just have to use your power - I don't control it.
I stress out and I only hear the sound of my heart beating.
What a fucking poet We've got to go to the party, okay? So you're gonna need to relax.
That's for here.
Go ahead.
Come on.
There you go.
Change that T-shirt.
I went to see Modibo today.
I don't know why you're all doing this.
Why you lock yourselves in like that.
I wasn't there for you, but I'll be there for them.
Hey, look at what you've done there.
No, get away from there, please.
What are you doing? All good? - Hi.
- Want a drink? Here, take this.
This one is too strong.
Thank you.
This is a good night, Ousmane.
- He's hot.
- Stop, he's so hot.
- You get it.
- Yeah.
Hey, Bastien! How's the cripple doing? - All good? - Yeah, good.
You? Come on.
I want to talk a bit.
- I'm gonna get a drink first.
- No.
Now, please.
- Now? - Yeah.
- Where are you going? - Hey, leave me alone.
- Get lost, man.
- Why don't you want Ousmane, hey, I caught a bird, man! I caught a bird! [PEOPLE LAUGHING.]
I want to talk.
Stop! [SIGHS.]
You know I have a lot of respect for you, right? Yeah, and? I'm not in love with you, Bastien.
You have to [GIRL.]
You have to what? People tell you shit and you believe them? - You're too gullible.
- Right, I'm gullible [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
If that's all it is, it's no big deal.
These things take a while.
Then, little by little, it comes.
Love needs work, it's like training.
I don't have those kind of feelings for you.
- I want to stop this.
- Stop what? I don't understand.
When you try to pretend, it never works.
I'm sorry.
I'm done! [BELCHES.]
- You gonna be okay? - Mmm-hmm.
- How do you feel? - [EXHALES.]
We got to find Luisa, okay? Then you read her mind.
But we have to take off before Ousmane sees us.
- Are you sure you're gonna be okay? - I'm fine! Victor, don't bail on me.
I won't bail.
I told you before to smoke outside.
What are you doing here? Guys, come and see who's here.
- What are you doing here? - [SOFIANE.]
Sup, Ousmane? Good? [OUSMANE.]
There's no "good.
" What are you doing here? [SOFIANE.]
I've come to your party.
You've come to whose party? You're not invited, bro.
But I thought since you were Reda's friend Reda was my friend, you're not.
Get lost.
- [BOY 1.]
Get lost.
- [BOY 2.]
Get out of here.
Wait - [BOY 2.]
Leave! [BOY 2.]
What are you doing? We said leave.
You're not invited.
Go on, leave.
[BOY 1.]
I'm gonna smash a bottle in your face.
Go on! - Go on.
Keep going, get lost.
- I'm going.
Shut your mouth.
Okay, go back in.
It was nothing.
Let's party, guys.
Girl are you serious? Vanessa Tarpito told me you dumped Bastien.
For real? Hey, don't get up in my face, Nora.
I'm not feeling so great.
So you're drunk? Man, it was so embarrassing that I had to act like I knew.
Nora, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry if my break up affected you that much.
I I'm sorry.
What does he want? Hey, can't you see we're talking? Do I only attract losers or what? It's crazy.
Thanks for before.
I had a really great time.
You're welcome.
It's no problem.
Wait, don't tell me you ditched Bastien for this.
I mean, fuck's sake, Nora! Go hook up with Ousmane instead of worrying about my life.
- Really? Are you serious right now? - Yeah, I'm serious.
Well, in your shitty new school, I hope you find a friend to cover you in deodorant.
You skank.
That's what smells so good.
Wait, don't tell me that you slept with him.
Seriously? Do you hear yourself talking, Nora? Are you serious? You think I'd sleep with that? Really? Fuck, you're pissing me off, girl, seriously.
Come, Nora.
It's okay.
I forgive you.
Because I know you're a good person and you're really going to regret that.
Where are you going? Huh? Inside.
What do you mean, inside? That wasn't the plan.
Really, man, fuck your plan.
Victor, stay here.
Stay here! Luisa, can we talk for a second? I don't have time for you.
- You don't have time for me? - No.
I don't have time for you.
What if we talk about Reda in front of your friend? Do you have time for me then? Wait.
What are you talking about? I tremble with passion like a leaf At the slightest shiver When you're here Close to me - [BOY.]
Ooh! - [LUISA.]
Let me go.
Love is like a poison That I consume with no reason Only for you Only for you Like a swallow in the middle of a storm You're the sun that dries my wings I want you Only you for me I've waited for so long And the moment has come To confess to you All the love I have for you I'm dying out like a flame When I hear your voice I shiver with love when I feel Your breath behind me You drive me crazy I can't think anymore When I hear your voice I give in when you leave your hand Laying on me like that I die out like a flame What the hell happened with you and Reda? What did you do to him? What are you talking about? What did I do to Reda? Did he tell you anything? Like, did he want to leave or anything? He was scared of someone.
Scared of who? I don't know.
He never told me.
Was it Bastien? That's it, it was Bastien who busted you two Busted what? There was nothing to bust.
And please don't mess with Bastien.
He's gonna go crazy.
Bastien has always been fair to me, but there's an anger in him.
He has something really dark inside him.
I don't know what I'm saying anymore.
I only had two drinks.
You look so much like Reda, it's crazy.
I wish he was here.
They all act like everything's normal.
The boat! The boat! The boat! The boat! I miss him, you know.
Me, too.
She's the only one who's as sad as me.
She's really beautiful.
I understand why Reda liked her so much [GIRL 1.]
Fuck, I dance like an idiot.
[GIRL 2.]
No one cares about me.
- [BOY.]
What the fuck are you doing? My dad's gonna fucking tear me apart! Hang on.
Take back your boat.
- You weren't invited.
You broke the table.
- I'm gonna clean this up.
- Huh? - I'm gonna clean this up.
Who do you think you are? Wait, I'm gonna make you pay for this.
I'm going to make you eat this, asshole! Here! Go on, eat, eat! Here! Go on, eat it! Eat it! Hey, you weren't invited! [SCREAMS.]
What the fuck is this? [GRUNTS.]
Move! Move! We're leaving.
- Victor, I can't move.
- Sofiane [YELLS.]
Victor! What have you done? Stay with me! Shit.
Get Sofiane out of there! Get Sofiane out of there! Now! [YELLS.]
Sofiane! Sofiane! [PANTING.]
The yellow one! Come on!