Mortel (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Nothing Nudes under the Moon

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Sofiane! Sofiane! Why is your brother's scooter in the garage? Because I found it.
Hide it.
I don't want your mother to see it.
Were you in that house that burned last night? - No.
- Look at me! I said no.
Something bad happens so of course I've got something to do with it? When you came home last night, you told me everything was okay.
Yes, Mom.
I told you that I drank.
And the fire? There was no point in telling me about it? Because your counselor just called and I sounded like an idiot! She also talked to me about Sofiane.
Huh? And it wasn't very reassuring.
Sofiane talked to me about Audrey.
She's made some mistakes, too.
That is completely different.
She made mistakes, but you trust her.
SOFIANE Meet in 15 min So it's not that different.
Do you think Luisa got out of the house in time? Why are you talking to me about Luisa? If she was dead, it'd be all over social media.
So don't worry.
It wasn't my medicine that made me sick.
It was you! Every time you were using your power It's like we're each other's battery.
- Then recharge yourself - We almost died! Everything's cool.
You just have to get it under control.
You can control it.
But I'm dangerous.
Are you okay? Worst case, we can ask Obé.
Luisa's grandmother said he can't be trusted.
Wait, you talked to her about him? - Are you insane? - We never should've made the oath.
You need to chill.
Obé saved us, okay? I think we should stop.
All of this.
You're gonna bail on me? Huh? Now that we know Bastien's the killer? Bastien? Yeah.
He went nuclear.
He found out what was going on between Luisa and Reda and he went nuclear.
Did Luisa tell you that? In the room, last night? Yeah.
Hervé, welcome among us.
Thank you, Father.
Hervé, do you believe that Jesus is the son of God? Yes, I do! Amen! Hervé, do you believe he's sitting at the right hand of His Father? Yes, I do.
Why aren't you answering? I don't remember last night or the fire.
Aren't you ashamed to pretend to be praying? Don't you think he's pretending? Yes, I do! It's cultural appropriation, right? before the church There must still be a piece of tumor in his brain.
I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Praise be to God! Hallelujah Praise be to God! Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise be to God! After what you did at the party, I don't ever want to talk to you again.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah Hallelujah! - Goodbye, ladies.
See you next Sunday.
- See you next Sunday.
So He already has a child? It's good Grandma? - Hello, Mr.
- We need your help.
- Is that so? - You have to help us with Modibo.
He isn't normal anymore.
He won't come out of his room anymore, not even to go to the bathroom.
No! He becomes crazy at night.
- We don't know what to do anymore.
- I see.
Please, you have to help us.
We'll pay whatever's necessary.
Well, we'll help you.
- Luisa.
- Hmm? Tuesday evening at Mrs.
Sangaré's, okay? - Okay? Okay.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- It's gonna be all right.
- Thank you very much.
- It's gonna be all right.
- So see you on Tuesday.
- See you on Tuesday.
Here it is.
He seems to be doing well, right? It's a particular style, yeah He Hey.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
And if he slips up, we'll be there for him.
Okay? Hello.
I'm Laurent.
- Audrey.
- Uh I won't shake your hand.
I'm soaked.
Did you run for a long time? Um No, but, you know, I sweat a lot.
It's nice, isn't it? Don't park your scooter here! It's not a garage! So this Mr.
Lenin, whose full name was Vladimir Ilich Lenin born on I'll give you this one for free.
It's on me.
April 10 Born in the charming town of Of? Of? Nobody knows it? Simbirsk.
- Now known as Ulyanovsk.
- It's for Nora.
Because it's a tribute to - WHY R U NOT TALKING TO ME? - Lenin since 1924.
Because the war had gone on too long, the people began to I'M LISTENING TO THE CLASS! Began to get fed up.
It began with big demonstrations, which were severely reprimanded WHAT DID I DO??? and one voice, a man YOU DUMPED BASTIEN WITHOUT TELLING ME! that stood out, who was named? Lenin.
WHAT DID I DO? I get the impression that I'm boring some of you.
Some of you girls, at least.
- Huh? - What I'm saying doesn't interest you? Yes, it does.
Very good.
Then could you read us your notes, please? - Come on.
- Okay.
"I totally blacked out at the party.
What did I do?" Nothing.
Except screw Sofiane.
Please, keep quiet.
Please! Please, keep quiet! Go on, maybe it's your chance! Miss Manjimbe, go back to your seat.
Miss Manjimbe! We find Bastien, we lock him in 205, and you film the son of bitch, okay? - We'll make him confess.
- We won't do anything to him? No, don't worry.
He confesses and I kill him.
What's with you? You want to kill him! Why the hell are you reading my mind? We said nonaggression pact or whatever! I can't control when it happens.
- But you said you wouldn't kill anybody.
- Are you a moron? I'm always thinking of stupid things.
It doesn't mean I'm gonna do them! And your power With others, it's "I can't control it," but with me it works all the time.
Don't worry, okay? Trust me.
The bastard is here.
I'm gonna kill him for Reda.
Are you ready? No matter what, stay right next to me.
- Victor! - No.
Victor! Fuck.
Hey, you, come here! What'd you do to Luisa, son of a bitch? - What are you talking about? - What did you do to her? - I didn't do anything - At Ousmane's party! - We just talked.
- You didn't do anything? - Let him go.
Are you crazy? - Son of a bitch! Are you crazy? Calm down! Look at me! I'm gonna kill you, Sofiane! Do you think you're gonna fuck Luisa like this? - Get off me! - Calm down! - Motherfucker! - Calm down! What happened? Dr.
Jekyll and Mr.
The fight between the good and evil inside of us.
Sorry, ma'am, I was I don't want to know, Sofiane, because I don't care.
Let's speak about the text we read last week.
Move from my spot, please.
- Are you serious? - Move from my spot.
- Go sit - Move! Sofiane, please.
Trailer trash.
So do you remember the strange case of those men? You dropped me like a hot turd again.
I told you we had to leave.
- He almost killed me! - I don't want any more violence.
I've understood, Victor! Sofiane, please.
Jekyll and Hyde share the same body, but not the same mind.
And your plan is stupid.
My plan is stupid? Forcing Bastien to confess he killed Reda doesn't mean it's the truth.
I just want to know if he killed him, okay? Please? To do that, I need your power.
I need you, Victor.
They have to live together We have to find another solution.
I may have an idea.
the failure to accept evil inside creates chaos.
Come on, we need to talk.
What do you want? Tell me what happened at Ousmane's party.
I don't remember anything.
Nothing at all.
Nothing happened.
You're weird.
We talked, that's all.
You had drank a little So, two days ago, you come talk to me about voodoo.
Then I wake up with no memories.
- Everybody's saying we slept together.
- Wait What's with these accusations? Huh? Talk to your friend, please.
She's crazy.
Is it true? Are you stupid, too? Hang on.
Mélanie! Mélanie.
Wait up.
What's the matter? What did I do to you, Sofiane? Have I ever hurt you, even once? What are you talking about? I know we don't mean anything to each other, but you could've had the balls to tell me about Luisa.
Wait, that's all bullshit.
I swear on my mother's life, it's not true.
How long have we been sleeping together? Huh? Do you know? It's not like I'm counting or something It's been a year.
And that's long enough.
Wait, Mélanie.
That's true, Luisa's here.
She must be waiting for Sofiane.
No, she's still Luisa? Can we talk? I don't even remember going upstairs with Sofiane.
So maybe something did happen between you two.
No, it's impossible.
Nothing could happen with him.
How can you be so sure if you were hammered? Because even hammered, I don't do that.
Either he forced me, or it's impossible.
No, no, no.
He's a giant asshole, but not like that.
What? We've never talked before, you and me.
I was afraid I'd get bored with you.
Don't worry, girl.
Tomorrow we'll go beat the shit out of the people talking about you.
1 NEW MESSAGE RECEIVED Come on, we're gonna be late.
Fuck, Luisa.
No, no, no, no.
Fuck WANT TO SEE THE REST? Look how the misery is over for us Thank you, dear God Watch what nature brought us Rain has fallen Corn has grown What's the matter, honey? Come here.
I'm in trouble, Grandma.
What kind of trouble? I drank too much at the party yesterday and I don't remember anything.
And I think someone took advantage of me.
You think or you know? I don't know.
Don't cry.
Do you remember what I used to say when you'd come home all sad? Yes, I remember.
What did I always say? What did I always say? Figure it out on your own.
You're strong.
Don't cry.
Trust me.
Make him think about Reda, and I'll do the rest.
Okay? Okay.
It's there.
WELCOME I don't like your plan.
If I'm not stressed, I think I can do it.
Am I stressing you? Yes? Hello.
We're friends of Bastien's.
We came to give him his homework.
That's adorable.
Come in.
I'll go tell him.
Bastien! It's for you! Here it is! Help yourselves, kids.
Thank you.
Could we have some privacy, please? Ugh.
Okay, okay.
You really have trouble controlling yourself.
- Good thing your mom's here.
- Why are you here? Haven't you done enough? - Did you kill my brother? - What? You're insane.
You need help.
You went postal because you thought he was banging your girlfriend.
Huh? And you killed him.
Is that it? - Bullshit.
- Admit it, Bastien! You killed him! Bastien, look at me! Bastien! If you knew I couldn't take it anymore.
You can't understand! It was too hard with him.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I had to force him to leave, but I miss my friend.
He didn't kill Reda.
He did make him leave but he regrets it What's he talking about? How does he know that? Bastien, calm down! - Get the fuck out of here! - No, no, no Not until you tell me everything about my brother.
What do you wanna know? That he was hanging around Luisa and it made me crazy? Did you think I was gonna sit around and do nothing? So I threatened him.
If he didn't leave town, - I'd tell everybody he was dealing.
- What? Are you dumb or what? How do you think he paid for his clothes, his gas, his sneakers? And he just agreed to leave? It wasn't hard.
He was running away from something.
He was having money problems and that's why he sold his scooter to Rodrigue.
- Running from what? Who? - I don't know.
Do you think I wanted to get mixed up in all that? I just know that Bertheux, the art teacher, was on his back because Reda couldn't supply him anymore.
So he was angry at him, something like that And Nothing really happened with Luisa? Not a thing.
If they knew Fuck.
If I hadn't used my power on her, she never would've done that with me.
Sofiane! You can keep the scooter.
I'll figure something out with Rodrigue.
You can give it back to Reda when he comes back.
Yeah, let's do that.
We've gotta go talk to Bertheux.
What happened with Luisa in Ousmane's room? Don't start.
Nothing happened.
You forced her to do things? No way! What are you talking about? You're lying! Did you read my mind? Victor! Victor! Victor? What did you just do to me? Victor! What did you just do to me? Ooh! Do you hear yourself talking, Nora? You think I'd sleep with that? Really? You're pissing me off.
It's okay.
I forgive you.
Because I know you're a good person and you're really going to regret that.
- We've gotta talk.
- No.
You're always lying.
- Victor.
- Don't touch me! You think I raped her? Go ahead, say it.
Say it! You know what? I don't need you.
Go fuck yourself.
Yeah, but wait Excuse me.
Hey! Excuse me.
- Nico, can you sit down, please? - You have authority, Mr.
Bertheux! Luisa, does your piece have a title? Full Moon.
Full Moon, okay.
Nina, the light, please.
This is the story of the blue girl.
She had to create a mirror that reflected her as she really was.
But to do so, she had to see herself.
And the blue woman was blind.
She was looking for her image.
This wasn't the topic.
One night, exhausted because of her search, the blue woman got lost in the night.
Do you hear yourself talking, Nora? Silence, please.
Respect your classmate's work.
Really? You're pissing me off.
It's okay.
I forgive you.
Because I know you're a good person and you're really going to regret that.
and you're really going to regret that.
Fuck, are you serious? Exhausted, desperate, she asked the help from the full moon.
WANT TO SEE THE REST? We're going to stop here.
Calm down! Turn on the lights! Luc! your reflection, and no one will possess you.
Turn on the lights! What are you doing in my classroom? I've come to talk to you about Reda.
And what you used to do with him.
How could a piece of garbage like you be Reda's brother? - You little shit.
- What's the matter with you? You walk around this school as if everything were fine, but don't you understand that everything's changed? There you are.
Perfect timing, I was looking for you.
Come with me.
See you later? HEAD SCHOOL COUNSELOR Because I know you're a good person and you're really going to regret that.
and you're really going to regret that.
This is bullshit! What is this video? We didn't do anything! Victor? - Is Luisa okay? - What do you think? - You're making us look like rapists, but it wasn't us - Shut up! - I didn't do anything! - Stop talking, Sofiane! Victor? She was drunk.
She told me things she didn't really mean.
It's why I said she would regret it.
Do you think Sofiane hurt Luisa at the party? - What? Are you insane? - I'm talking to Victor.
- I didn't do anything, tell her - I'm talking to Victor! Tell her we were together all night.
Tell her! You know what? You're both going home and staying there until we find out who's responsible.
Responsible for what? We didn't do anything, God damn it! I'm going to call your parents.
I don't know what you're up to together but I'm gonna find out.
- Pervert.
- Fucking rapist of the school.
Poor girl.
They've been caught, these jerks.
Good for them.
- They are sick.
- That's them? It's disgusting.
- Fucking pervert.
- They should be executed.
They're going to be thrown out of school.
I thought he was different.
Why do I feel weird about this? There's no way.
I can't accuse him and have feelings for him at the same time.
I barely know him.
This is because of Sofiane.
But we're responsible, too.
It was too early for you to go back to school.
There's no hurry, Victor.
It's going to take time before you recover.
We made the decision together.
You said that if I felt ready, I could go back.
You never believed I could do it.
Right, Mom? Say it.
That's what you really think.
I'm sorry, Victor.
You're on Mélanie's cell phone.
Leave me a message.
It's me.
You must have heard what happened at school.
It's total bullshit.
Everybody's getting all worked up.
Nobody's listening to me Like, it makes sense that it would be true.
Fuck, even my dad believes their bullshit.
My dad.
But you could've answered my messages You could've said something.
But no.
You think I'm a rapist, is that it? Like everyone else.
You know what? Don't call me again.
Okay? Lui con i suoi lavoro ti ha portato via Di certo il tuo parere non l'ha chiesto mai Ha detto un giorno tu mi capirai Chissà se tu mi penserai Se con gli amici parlerai Per non soffrire più per me Ma non è facile lo sai A scuola non ne posso più E i pomeriggi senza te Studiare è inutile tutte le idee Si affollano su te La solitudine Fuck, Victor, you've got to react.
If you know it's not true, you scream out that it's not true.
Are you listening to me? I'm thinking about Luisa.
I know that she's going through a hard time, but think about yourself before thinking of others.
They're talking about sending you back to the hospital, you know.
The other day, we had a real conversation.
It was cool.
And now she's accusing me.
But I think she has feelings for me.
- But that's impossible.
- Why is that impossible? Nobody could fall in love with me.
I think she's just less stupid than the rest.
But at the same time, with your loser look, it makes it hard.
A film? I don't understand your generation.
This need to expose yourselves.
Grandma, we're here for Modibo.
We'll talk about it later.
So Put a little more in.
- Here we are.
- Grandma? What are you going to do to him? To give him back the taste for life, I'm going to give him a taste of death.
Drink, my boy.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Take a step back, please.
He's ready.
Grandma? Grandma! Modibo? Modibo! Praise the Lord! Are you okay? I'm here, son.
- Thank God.
- Good.
- Can you see my fingers? - Yes.
- Ah.
- Thank God.
Thank God.
Welcome back, my son.
Thank you, Grandma.
I'm not allowed to interfere in the lives of mortals! Look what happens when I touch living matter.
If you guys keep screwing around, we won't last much longer.
Reda and I.
I want to go back to how I was before.
Now, when I touch people, I'm going inside their heads! I only enhanced you.
Your powers are the expression of who you are deep down.
That's not true.
What happened at the party, what I did, it wasn't me.
There is something dark inside you.
Something broken.
That's where the power escapes from.
Without the powers, Sofiane would never have hurt Luisa.
You're accusing him of something that serious without absolute proof? But, Victor if having friends was easy, you wouldn't have been so lonely for so long.
So you really practice voodoo.
Honestly, I think it's cool to help others.
It's bullshit what they're saying about you on social media.
You know I blacked out once? - Yeah? - Yeah I woke up on a bench in a park, without my shoes.
I went home barefoot.
It was weird.
Take care of yourself, hmm? - Bye.
- Bye.
Grandma, let's go.
Thank you very much.
I want to believe you because I want us to stay friends.
I didn't do it on purpose, Victor.
I stopped when I saw that she was acting weird.
- I never would've - I believe you.
I don't want you to believe me.
I want you to know it.
Read my mind.
Go ahead.
I can do better than that.
I miss him.
Me, too.
Luisa? Luisa? What's happening to you? Luisa? No.
Luisa! Luisa! Fuck, I'm sorry I didn't mean to.
I didn't want to.
Luisa Fuck.
I'm sorry.
So now you know.
Right? Yes.
We need to go back to school and find the guy who hurt Luisa.
We get everyone together in the same place, and we make sure they all think about her at the same time.
You'll read their minds.
Find the culprit and I'll get the piece of shit to admit what he did while you film it.
Was it Luisa's grandmother who told you to do that? What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here.
Sofiane Luisa, are you all right? What's wrong? Luisa! Are you crazy? Nora, I don't understand what's happening! - Calm down! - I'm not kidding.
Let me go.
I swear it's not me, Nora.
- I'm sorry - You're really insane.
Luisa is crazy, she knows she shouldn't provoke Nora.
What's her problem? This friendship is toxic.
Clearly, it's unhealthy.
It's not cool, what happened to her, but that's not a reason to lose it.
This school should just close.
- you go away.
- Shit.
She was calmer when I made her dance.
I'm an idiot.
I should have fucked her after filming her.
The door, little shits! So, Rodrigue? You're raping girls? - Sofiane - It's harder without your team, right? - What's happening? - Do it, Sofiane.
Make him confess.
- Hurry up! - Film! Film him! What are you doing? Rodrigue! Come back, fucking bastard! Come on! God damn it! Rodrigue! Rodrigue! Come on, God damn it! Rodrigue! Rodrigue, come back! Hurry up, God damn it! Come back! Jennifer, I don't know what time it is for you, but I need to talk to you What's the matter this time? Fuck.
Ma'am! What's going on? Ma'am! Sofiane!