Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Rio

1 [fireworks hissing] [woman quotes "Samba da Benção" lyrics by Vinícius e Toquinho] "A woman must have something beyond beauty.
A bit of sorrow.
A bit that cries.
A bit that feels longing.
The rhythm from a broken heart.
A beauty that comes from the sorrow of being a woman.
" A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ["The Girl from Ipanema" by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes plays] [indistinct announcements on P.
] [cab driver] Here it is, ma'am.
This can’t be right.
I think you’ve taken me to the wrong address.
There's no mistake, ma'am.
This is your hellhole.
Your Highness thought you were headed to Copacabana? [Maria Luiza] Dad? Did you send for me? SÃO PAULO, ONE DAY BEFORE - You look so beautiful.
- [Maria Luiza chuckles] Is something wrong? I wasn’t sure if we’d get any time alone tonight.
- Oh, Dad.
Thank you.
- [father chuckles] [both chuckle] So you’ll write me.
Every day.
Come on, Dad.
Every day? This isn’t how I imagined things, our family split up.
You realize children are supposed to leave the nest - [chuckles] - don't you? I just somehow got delayed quite a bit.
[chuckles] - [phone ringing] - It could be Pedro.
- Hello? - [Pedro] Hello.
- Pedro? - [Pedro speaking indistinctly] I can barely hear you! - [Pedro] Maria, I'm not - Hello? - [Pedro]You should - Pedro? Hello? - Pedro! - [Pedro] Sorry Sorry.
Hello? [busy line beeping] I'm Pedro's wife.
I haven’t seen Mr.
Pedro in a while.
I thought maybe he went back to São Paulo.
[chuckles, grunts] Excuse me.
[door closes] [lounge music plays] [indistinct conversations] Thank you.
[Augusto] Go easy on that drink, Lígia.
[moans] At least one, to make this dinner seem fun.
We’re not here for fun.
It’s business, so please keep this pretty smile on your face.
Don’t I always? [Augusto] Excuse me, darling, I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Thank you for making the trip.
We wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
Mm-hmm? I can still tell when you lie, Mrs.
Lígia Soares.
Here I thought maybe you came for me.
- Would you have wanted me to? - Mm-hmm.
What I really want is an apology.
What I said I know exactly what you said.
You were wrong.
That was a long time ago.
Can we just try to start over in Rio? [Augusto] Look who's here.
- Lígia.
- [Lígia] Mr.
What a beautiful woman you've become.
That little girl Always kind, sir.
Maria Luiza, I was just telling your father we’ll take good care of you in Rio.
- I'm happy to hear that.
- There’s so much going on now.
You couldn’t be opening the restaurant at a better time.
It’s true, the fashion, the music Have you been singing? No I quit.
What a shame.
Your voice always stops people in their tracks.
Pedro? Pedro? Hello? Pedro called tonight.
He apologized, he said he's busy getting the restaurant ready for the opening next week.
On Pedro's behalf, and mine as well, you’re all invited to another dinner party, only this time, it'll be to the sound of the ocean in Rio.
[chuckles] - [man 1] That's better.
- [man 2] Great.
Oh, my God, Ademar is going to kill me.
My father pays you to take care of things! How could you not know about this? - I'm a lawyer, not your husband's nanny.
- [gasps] And the apartment, it's tossed.
At least I think it’s our apartment.
Something has happened to him.
[voice escalating] You have to notify the police, the mayor, the president, the Pope! - [whimpers] - Okay.
Slow down, Maria Luiza.
Slow down, slow down Slow down.
Let me tell you a bit of hard news.
- [Maria Luiza] Go ahead.
- Well, in my experience, when a man suddenly vanishes, it almost always has to do with another woman.
And there were rumors.
Well, we’re not paying you for your hypothesis.
You should talk to Ademar right away, tell him it happened all of a sudden.
Neither of us can No! My father cannot know about any of this.
Okay then.
I understand you'll be paying my fee from now on? [pigeons cooing] You know what we're going to do as soon as we get to Rio de Janeiro? - What? - We're going to swim in the ocean! Now close your eyes and picture the sea, try to hear it.
- Do you hear the waves? - [waves crashing on sand] Show me.
Mom, you changed your dress.
Your father didn't like the other one.
Happy husband, happy life.
Hmm? So that’s your secret to 30 years of marriage.
One of them.
[sighs] Together forever [screams] [panting] [grunting] [wailing] It was a lie.
"We're going to live in Rio.
" All of our dreams A lie It was all a lie, a lie.
[sobbing] [wailing] I love you very much.
Pedro [mumbling] [Adélia] Is there anyone home? My goodness! [Maria Luisa panting] Are you crazy, trying to set the whole building on fire? And sitting there hopeless isn’t going to fix a damn thing either.
[sighs] [Adélia] Eat, ma'am.
You can trust my grandma's recipe.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
This is exactly why sometimes I think women are just better off alone.
You set a bunch of clothes on fire.
Were they your husband's? Clearly he did something unforgivable.
[sniffles] Do you live here? Feels like I do.
I work for a woman upstairs.
Lucky for me that snooty lady doesn’t like anything older than two days in her fridge.
Now lucky for you.
Oh, my God, what am I going to tell my son Carlinhos? [sobbing] I promised him we would all live here, together.
Ah, it's going to be okay, ma'am.
Children are resilient.
[laughs] Sometimes more so than us.
Do you have children? No.
We have a son.
God doesn’t ever give us more than we can handle.
Tomorrow will be a brand new day.
Now eat.
[laughs] [Maria Luiza] Thank you Adélia.
Thank you, Adélia.
[sniffles] I'm Maria Luiza.
[birds calling] Go ahead and say it, “I told you so.
” No.
I won’t do that.
You can say it.
I told you that you couldn’t trust Pedro, and you were furious with me.
You didn't speak to me for years.
I feel so naive and stupid right now.
I don’t understand how Lígia, during the time Pedro was in Rio, did you hear from him at all? Do you have any idea where he might be? - I’m sorry, I don't - [Maria Luiza] Can I ask a favor of you? Please don’t say anything to Augusto.
Not yet.
[woman speaking indistinctly] What are you going to tell everyone back in São Paulo? [woman laughing] The truth.
Maria Luiza, for God's sake, don't be so naïve.
What do you want me to do? Tell them he's dead.
Are you insane, Lígia? I can't say something like that.
There’s less shame in that than the truth.
Kill him, pretend he's dead.
- Say any crap you want.
- [woman] Lígia.
- Hello.
- [Lígia] Hi.
You’re back from São Paulo! Yes, it was just the one night, for a party.
This is an old friend Maria Luiza.
She’s visiting Rio.
- This is my sister-in-law Thereza.
- [chuckles] Nice to meet you.
- Sorry, here we kiss twice.
- One more.
[chuckling] You never mentioned you had a sister-in-law.
I didn’t? Well, she just moved here from Paris.
- Yes, just.
Two years ago.
- Has it been that long? - You lived in Paris? - Yes.
Have you ever been to? - No.
- Well, you should.
Honestly, I’ll take Rio's ocean and mountains over Paris any day.
- Roberto's party tonight, right? - [Lígia] Of course.
- We're going to this small gathering - Nothing small about it.
- It's a boat party.
- Who's Roberto? He's a mutual friend, he owns a record label.
We leave the marina at 4 p.
Why don't you come along? No.
Thank you for the invitation, but I have some loose ends to attend to, and then I’m heading back to São Paulo.
- Nice meeting you.
- [Lígia] You, too.
- See you later.
- [Lígia] At four o'clock.
[chuckles] - She seems great.
- Yes, she’s amazing.
And there you go.
So what’s wrong with her? Nothing.
She’s family.
Of course I love her, but we don’t get to choose our family, do we? - Right.
- Why don’t you come to the party? Maybe it will be good to get your mind off of things? For old times' sake, huh? [laughing] [grunting] 10 YEARS BEFORE - [Maria Luiza] Shh, Lígia.
- [dog barking] - [Lígia exhales] - [Maria Luiza] Just a little more, Lígia.
[Lígia] I don’t wanna get there all sweaty.
[Maria Luiza] You're such a drag! I heard sometimes he picks girls from the audience to sing on stage with him.
[gasps] I can’t believe we’re doing this.
There’s no way I’m missing Dick Farney's concert.
Do you even know how to drive this thing? I do.
I mean, I’ve watched my father a million times.
If we get caught, he will kill us.
I’d rather die than to end up living a boring life like theirs.
Quickly! Thank you, but no.
I have to go.
I would rather have been wrong about Pedro.
I believe that.
NATIONAL BANK [waves crashing on sand] Have you been to Paris? They've got incredible blondes there.
Nelson always did prefer blondes.
- [chuckling] - Me too.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I'm so glad you came! Are you really? What changed? Everything.
- Hey, Lígia? - Yes, my love? Come here, please.
I'll be right back.
- Yes? - These are two friends of mine.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’re not from here? How did you know? It’s customary to introduce yourself to the host before swilling their booze.
I’m sorry.
My manners seem to have disappeared along with all my money and husband.
No husband? - Maria Luiza, nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
My wife left me too, if it makes you feel better.
It actually doesn’t.
I Mm Thank you for having me.
It’s my last night here now so I decided to make it count.
Ah! So why don't we cry our love tears together? - Is Roberto shamelessly flirting again? - Not at all.
I can't leave him alone for a second.
Don’t believe a word he says.
[laughing] [Roberto] What a jealous little girlfriend you are.
Pardon me.
I’ll have another drink.
My pleasure.
Have we met before? No.
May I? Chico.
Don’t look now but “hula hoop girl” from Tom’s party is here.
I told you not to look.
She looks crazy.
Don’t worry, it’s a big boat.
Are you just going to sit here? There are a lot of influential people here.
It's your chance.
And I want you to play for us later.
You didn’t tell me I had to play for these people, Roberto.
Did you think I invited you out of the kindness of my heart? Enjoy your drink and relax.
Did you all hear my beautiful and talented wife got her first Angela magazine cover story? It’s not that big of a deal.
Of course it is! You worked hard for this.
I’m proud of you, chérie.
- How sweet.
- [Theresa] He's the best.
Do you need money, Nelson? [scoffs] No, why do you ask? Why are you still allowing your wife to work? It’s not right.
Oh, Augusto, we already know you and I have very different views on what’s considered right and wrong.
Thereza is her own person.
I don’t tell her what to do.
- If a woman wants to work - Your judgement has been off before.
Isn't that right, little brother? - I should expect that from you, Augusto.
- [Augusto] Yeah, right.
[guitar playing] [Chico singing] I came here to watch the sea Rio, that's always on my mind On my eyes I came here just to see you You smiled at me I want to and know I will love you until the end Copacabana Arpoador I know where to find my love I came here to tell you Come with me I want to be happy And love you And love you And love you And love Bravo! Chico Carvalho, everyone! [applause continues] Who is that? Chico.
He's good, isn't he? What is that song? It’s familiar.
I don’t think so.
He just recorded it.
Strange, I feel like I’ve known it all my life.
- Maria Luiza? - [Maria Luiza] Hmm? I'm very happy you decided to come.
I heard about your husband and the restaurant I'm sorry.
Didn't you say I should lie, Lígia? - Sorry - Or make up a story.
Everyone will find out eventually.
As if cheating wasn't enough, Pedro ran off with all of my money.
No way! There's your reason to say you're a widow.
And I'm thinking He promised me.
Son of a bitch! Forgive me.
I'm not used to drinking alcohol at sea.
[indistinct conversation] Lígia, Lígia! There she is.
Maria Luiza, get down! Get down.
[screaming in excitement] I like her.
[Thereza] Take this.
It’ll help with the horrendous hangover you’re going to have tomorrow.
- Trust me on this.
- [exhales] - Thank you for taking me in.
- No problem.
- I should just go get a hotel room - Yeah.
- [Thereza laughs] - [groans, laughs] I think I’m still swaying from the boat.
That or the booze.
- [chuckles] - [Thereza laughs] - Everything was so pretty.
- Yeah.
- I’d never been to a boat party.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
- How wonderful! I wish I could do it again.
I wish I could get the chance to know you better.
But everything seems so difficult right now.
Says who? Said my husband when he shattered all of our dreams.
I’m really sorry.
I wish you didn't have to suffer like this.
- [sobbing] But I am.
- I know, but being maudlin isn’t becoming on a girl as pretty as you.
- What choice do I have? - We always have a choice.
You do.
It’s more complicated than that, Thereza.
Is it? The dream you were talking about.
Is it your true dream? Then don’t give up until you get it.
Or, give up and pine for what could have been.
So you see, you do have a choice.
[laughing] You make it sound so easy.
I never said it would be easy.
Making a choice is never easy.
But what if this is one of those defining moments? One day you might look back and be thankful for this dark time.
You'll get stronger and wiser.
[sniffles] Who knows, you might even thank this husband of yours.
- Huh! I do.
- You think? - You know what I think? - Hmm? I think you're very brave.
[chuckles] I’ve been dealt a few cards.
We don’t realize how strong you are until you have to be.
What happened to you, Thereza? Tell me.
Then I would be the maudlin one.
That’s a story for when we get to know each other better, okay? Now get some rest.
And drink all of it, to the last drop.
Come on.
Good night.
Good night.
[children chattering] [boy] Cap! Cap! Cap is back! What's up, kids? Daddy! Gecko! How have you been, my love? Are you okay, sweetie? - I'm okay.
- I've missed you.
Me too.
Look what Daddy brought you.
It's so cute! Just like you, my love.
Where's everyone? - Cap! - Hi, Ivone.
It's been so long! I didn’t know you were coming back.
Nobody knew.
- She didn’t know? - No.
Conceição, let's go play outside.
I want to stay with Daddy.
- C'mon, it'll be quick.
- Daddy's here to stay.
I'm not leaving.
- [Ivone] C'mon, let's go.
- We'll play later.
- Go play with your aunt.
- Come on.
Go, go, go.
- I thought you were still on tour? - I left early.
- [Adélia] Hmm.
- I couldn’t stop thinking about you.
You and Conceição.
She really missed you.
What about you? Too busy to think about it.
Did you get the money I sent? I did.
I meant it, Adélia.
I thought about you non-stop while I was away these past months.
You were always on my mind.
I couldn’t even enjoy myself with any of the good-looking groupies.
- They've got nothing on you.
- Mm-hmm.
It was a year.
So sorry.
I’m sure you did okay.
Yeah, but I'm back.
I'm here for you.
- You wasted your time, Cap.
- You and I are meant to be.
[snickers] Mm-hmm.
It's true.
We should get married.
Okay, you’ve been drinking.
You always get sentimental after.
I’m done going on the road.
I just want to be here with you and Conceição.
We’re going to be a real family.
Don't you miss me? I really missed you.
Missed dancing with you.
Don't you want to dance with me? I've got things to do.
Please, come here.
Come closer.
Maria Luiza, make yourself at home.
I'll be back home later.
Love, Thereza [guitar plays] [gasps] You startled me! I almost had a heart attack.
Do you feel better? The suicide plan didn't work, right? Do you live here? Sometimes.
I’m very fond of this couch.
Thereza and Nelson are good about taking in strays.
I’m not a stray.
I just had a little too much to drink yesterday.
Rio hasn’t been the happiest place for me.
I know.
Did Lígia tell you? She didn’t tell me a thing, but when someone does a swan dive off a forty-foot mast, - they’re generally not fine.
- [laughs] To be honest, it’s all a little fuzzy.
[chuckles] What were you playing yesterday? Did you like it? Mm-hmm.
That part I do remember.
- [guitar playing] - It was beautiful.
Very beautiful.
Ethereal almost.
Ethereal, right.
What is it? Music.
Some call it samba jazz.
Brazilian jazz.
I prefer bossa nova.
I know a lot about music, but I had never heard that.
You should get out of São Paulo more often.
I have to take off.
- Can I give you a ride some place? - Yes.
I just need to get my bags because I have a flight back to São Paulo.
That might be a little tricky on a motorcycle, - but I’ll take you part of the way.
- Motorcycle? [Maria Luiza laughing excitedly] [dog barking] Where are we? You can't leave Rio without enjoying the best of it.
Trust me.
Stop, Chico! [chuckles] - Hey, Alex.
How are you? - Hi, Chico.
[samba music playing] Mr.
This is samba, Maria Luiza.
Mom? [Adélia] I'm dancing now.
- Mom, come here.
- [Adélia] Tell me, what is it? Come with me.
- Cap! - Chico! - How have you been, my brother? - It's been too long.
Hey, Nonato.
Hand me the good stuff.
- Welcome.
- Thank you so much.
- How’s the hand? - Held up pretty well.
Bar fights work better when you're not outnumbered, though.
This is Maria Luiza.
I told her she had to come hear samba in its element.
How are you? - Nice to meet you.
I'm Cap.
- Maria Luiza.
Now that we've been introduced, it's time you take your spot.
- Shall we? - Yes, sir, Cap.
[Cap] Come on.
Look who's here for the jam, guys.
Adélia! I’m so happy to see you.
What a place! Who is this pretty girl? Conceição.
Go with your daddy.
Why did you lie to me? - I looked for you - What are you doing here? - I’m sorry, someone brought me.
- Well, you should stay where you belong.
I'm serious.
Well, to be honest, I’m not sure where that is right now.
I’m sorry if I’ve offended you somehow.
Respect the hills Make your silent way into our samba Respect the hills Go, Cap! Respect the hills Even white fellas from downtown Came to our samba Respect the hills Respect the hills There's cachaça for our saint At our samba Respect the hills Respect the hills Respect the hills At our samba At our samba, at our samba Respect the hills Respect the hills I always said the best views of Rio are from up here.
Thank you for all of this.
Thank you.
You're right, it would've been a shame to leave without experiencing this.
That music was intoxicating.
You and your fancy words.
You’re right, though.
Bossa nova is deliberately slow and quiet.
Samba is loud and happy and full of energy.
You can get swept up in the rhythms for days.
- [chuckles] - Some people lose their minds.
That's why I wanted to have live music at my restaurant.
My husband thought it was a bad idea.
Your husband knows nothing.
Music is always the best idea.
And you should trust yourself.
[chuckles] I better get you home.
Night time in the hills is not for beginners, Malu.
Malu is not my name.
“Maria Luiza" does not fit with the girl I see in front of me now that jumps off masts, braves motorcycles, and dances samba uphill.
You did well, by the way.
Dance a little more.
[Maria Luiza] You have to help me.
Stop it! I'm embarrassed! Let's get out of here.
[knocking at door] Pedro? Are you okay, darling? I am now, Dad.
Why didn’t you call me right away? Waltinho told me everything.
I’ll kill Pedro for what he did.
Dad, I had an idea and I'd like you to listen to me closely.
I’ve seen such incredible things in the past few days.
Lígia was right, the music, the people Tell me all about it on the way home.
Pack your clothes.
Listen to me, Dad! Please.
[sighs] I I want to turn the restaurant into a music club, a place where people meet up and there's live music.
- No.
- I also want to No? I will not have my daughter living a disgraced life here now, ruining our reputation in some unsavory club.
It’s going to be so much more than that, better than the restaurant.
I can see it.
Please, you have to trust me.
You need to trust me.
A lady like yourself belongs at home in São Paulo, with your son.
- I'll be there for you in every step of - Why São Paulo, Dad? All anyone sees me as there is “Ademar’s daughter,” or "Carlinhos' mother," you see? Is that so terrible? No.
I'm sorry, that’s not what I meant.
It’s just my entire existence has been based around being your daughter, and then Pedro’s wife.
And now, will I just be “Pedro’s poor widow, or Pedro’s poor disgraced wife”? No.
I want my own identity, Dad.
And nobody should be able to take that away from me.
You know what I mean? That's what I want.
We’re going back to São Paulo.
That’s where your life is, Maria Luiza.
You’ll thank me, looking back, when you realize you were just out of your mind with grief.
No? Did I hear that right? What do you mean, "no"? No.
I won’t.
Did you hear a word I just said? I own that restaurant as well.
My name is on that deed, I don't need your permission.
I'm opening my club all by myself.
I don’t know where you get the audacity to disrespect me! You forget your name is on that deed because of me and my money! I don't want your money! Now you don't want my money? But I raised you with every comfort with that money.
And look where it got me.
I’ll pay back the money Pedro stole.
I promise.
If you don’t leave with me today, I will cut you off, every last cent.
I’m sure then your true “identity” will reveal itself quickly the minute you’re kicked out of this place for not paying rent.
Meet me at the airport in one hour.
[door opens] [door close] [announcer on P.
] Attention all passengers, flight 2158 now departing to São Paulo - [Maria Luiza] Lourdes? - Yes, ma'am.
- Can you please put Carlinhos on? - Hold on, I'll go get him.
- [Carlinhos] Hi, Mommy.
- Hello, my darling.
[Carlinhos] I miss you so much.
Me too.
I miss you so, so much.
[Carlinhos] Are you facing the sea? Not right now.
But I'm taking some of it for you.
Mommy's coming back to São Paulo.
[Carlinhos] Why are you coming back? I'm not going to swim in the ocean anymore? You promised, Mommy.
I know I did.
It's just that [Carlinhos] You're not taking me anymore? [inaudible] Listen, it'll take just a little longer than we had planned.
I'll send someone for you as soon as I can, okay? Mommy's keeping her promise.
As soon as we get here, we're going to swim in the ocean with all the little fish, and I'm going to kiss you all over.
I promise.
- [Carlinhos] You said - [line disconnects] Hello? Darling? [announcer on P.
] Attention, all passengers on the next flight to São Paulo.
Proceed to Gate A and have a safe trip.
Most beautiful thing In the world is you AUDITION FOR FEMALE SINGERS BAR JAZZ The loveliest thing I know I don't even know Why you? You're lovelier than a bird As it soars and sings More than a flower That blooms in spring Or the aroma of a woman Turned to love Or the heart of mother nature In its purest form of art For miracles like you Don't exist on earth Neither in heaven above And love Not even love exists Not even love exists