Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Girls Are Not Welcome

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Take a deep breath, sweetheart.
Do as I say, please.
What if I buy you a Little Lulu comic book? Now breathe, come on.
A deep breath! It’s bronchitis again, sweetheart.
Where's your Aunt Ivone? She's never here when I need her.
She’s mad at her boyfriend.
I heard them arguing last night.
Your Aunt Ivone was here last night, arguing with her boyfriend? Don't give me that face.
There are no secrets in this house.
Put this on, you're coming with me.
We're not going to the hospital, are we? I promise we're not.
Your aunt will pay for this.
Help me out here, grab me my purse.
16 CROWN ISLAND STREE Fuck! I love your teeth, did you know that? - Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Why? Because they are crooked.
I'm serious, Ligia.
They're charming.
I hope our kids have your teeth.
- Kids? - Yes, kids.
When we met, you said one.
- Did I? - Yes, you did.
But just imagine these boobs when you’re pregnant! The Party is preparing for the election next year.
The mayor suggested I take an official photo.
- You know what I was thinking? - What? I want you in the picture.
After all, they’re not just electing Augusto Soares, but my entire family.
Yes, sir, Mr.
City Council.
I have to go.
I'm meeting with that president of the gas company.
Hurry back, I’ll die of boredom here without you.
Don't I know that? Have a good day.
Come back soon! Augusto.
- Morning, Adelia.
OUT OF ORDER - Hey, Adelia? - Yes? You’ll have to take the stairs.
Come on, Jose, I’m already late.
It’s nine floors up.
No service staff in this elevator, you know that.
- Adelia! Do you have a minute? - This is not a good time.
I need someone to work with me and I already have a job, but thank you.
There you are.
Chatting in the hall like a queen.
Then you people complain when we call you lazy.
And I see you brought your daughter again.
I’m sorry I'm late, Mrs.
Conceição won’t touch anything You’ve been working here for two years now and you know how good I am to you.
Yes, Ma'am.
I don’t make you sleep at my house.
I let you wash my clothes from your home.
I even give you Sundays off.
- And I am very thankful.
- I’ll give you one last chance.
But today you can go.
I'll be away for the whole day, and I don't want this girl going through my things.
I’ll just discount the day and we're good.
No problem.
Excuse me.
Does she need to go to the hospital? Her fear of hospitals makes it worse.
- What am I going to do now? - I know just what to do.
My son has asthma too.
This is a little trick I learned.
- Vodka? - Vodka.
Carlinhos is allergic to a lot of medicines so we had to find alternatives.
Where is he now? - My husband? - Your son.
São Paulo.
My mom’s house.
Come closer, Conceição.
Now I'm making you a little tent.
Do you like music? - Are you sure about this? - Music and alcohol always help.
I don't mean to intrude, but Is that boss of yours always like that? A woman on her own can’t be too picky.
On her own Are you living here now? By yourself? You don't talk about your life, but you sure are curious about mine.
- I'm sorry.
- I want to ask you a question.
Why were you so angry when I saw you up in the hills? I don't know.
Just caught me off guard.
I don’t like people knowing about my daughter.
Makes it harder to get work.
Well, I don’t mind and there’s plenty of work here.
If you come on board - Is she asleep? - Uh-huh.
She's asleep.
Poor thing! You can lay her down on my bed.
This is the place where we were supposed to have our restaurant.
But I’m turning it into a live music club.
You know? I’m doing what I've wanted to do: making a living off of music.
You want to make a living off of music? My kid's father is a musician.
Earning money this way can be hell.
At least it will be my own hell and I won’t be trapped in someone else’s.
Well, now I owe you a favor, so let me get to work and help you.
You owe me nothing, really.
I just I have to stop by the bank, it'll be very quick.
Then I have a meeting with my accountant, and then we can get started together.
But if you want to get cracking, there's a cloth here, - and a broom somewhere - You can go.
I got this, Ma'am.
You don't have to call me ma'am, okay? Thank you, Adelia.
You're welcome, Maria Luiza.
I'll be right back.
Crazy girl Oh please, Thereza! It's not that hard.
It doesn't take a genius to write like a woman.
I’m telling you, Paulo Sérgio.
I interviewed more than 8 men.
None of them had any connection to the woman’s world.
There is no such thing as the “woman’s world.
” - There is only one world.
- It's certainly not ours.
Now tell me: Why does it have to be another man for the job? It's simple.
Men are more focused, more professional, less emotional.
If you were a man, for example, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
There is some food on the side We can follow orders.
Maybe because you created them.
Thereza, why don’t you go cover Ludovico’s fashion show? He is launching his new collection.
Go to his atelier and buy yourself some beautiful dresses, you clearly need them.
Okay? The company will pay.
Now go to work! Go! Go! - Whenever you want - Thank you so much.
Let me get more ice for you.
Even being stood up in your office is a pleasure, Roberto.
- Thank you, Carla.
- No more drinking, though.
Let’s just sign this contract.
Where's Chico? I’m sure he’s arriving soon.
- Being in a hurry is for the poor.
- Listen.
We need your talent here to close the deal.
Why don't you give me a call when he is ready? Sure.
Or when Carla decides to be with a real man.
Fernando, the stallion.
Find that motherfucker.
I want him here, now! Fuck Buying records has always helped me when I'm in a bad mood.
I met with an accountant to see about getting a license.
- You know what he told me? - No.
He said no.
Then I went to the bank to inquire about a loan.
They told me a woman can't get a loan or start a business without a man behind her.
Funny how it matters so much that I'm a woman, but not so much that he stole all my money.
Let me have that mop.
- What? - Hand me the mop.
- Let me.
I’m used to it.
- Hand me the mop.
No daddy or husband needed.
Just look.
Shit! Shit! Wait Wear these.
Terrible, it's terrible! Where's her ass? Don't just pull the cloth! Listen to what I'm saying.
Her chest looks flat.
This needs to go up.
Excuse me.
Hello, my love! Have a seat, I'll be right there with you.
Let me see.
No, no, no! This looks terrible! She looks like a potato bag.
I want you to finish the hem, and you to work on the back.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Sorry to make you wait, dear.
- Should we begin? And how does it feel to dress the first lady of Brazil? Will you excuse me for a second? - Yes, of course.
- Excuse me.
- Hey.
I’m Helô.
- Thereza.
- I know who you are.
- You do? And all your essays at Angela as well.
You wouldn’t believe everything I’ve been through in this business.
They treat us like stupid hangers, or worse.
I’ve often thought you should write about it.
If you think it's interesting.
You should write about it.
Actually, I did.
Just a second.
I'm sorry I'm being so forward, but I'd love if you could read it.
I knew you'd be here, so I got it ready for you.
- It's okay.
- I'm a huge fan.
- It'll be my pleasure to read it.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
I need to hear it again.
I'll end up wearing this one out, too.
Adelia I'll be right back! I'll be back in a minute, I promise! Mr.
Roberto is taking a very important call I'm friends with Ligia, I've been on his boat.
He knows me! I told her not to come in, Mr.
Roberto! I said you don’t receive people that are not on your schedule.
It’s okay, Carla.
You can go.
Save my boxes for me, Admiral.
I'll come for them.
Look at you, a few days in Rio and you’re dressing like a Carioca.
She is really afraid of you.
- And you are not.
- Should I be? Depends on what you want.
Bad choice.
This is where I can be more dangerous.
I want to turn my restaurant into a place for live music, like a club, with all kinds of music and all kinds of people.
The location is great.
This is your lucky day.
We could be partners.
- A night club.
- Right.
A Bossa Nova club.
Chico could play there too.
Roberto, there’s something magical going on here.
I felt it the first time on your boat, and then up in the hills.
- You were up in the hills? - Yes, with Chico.
I see.
Tell me, what makes you think you are the person to do this? I’ve always loved music and What a coincidence.
I helped someone else who loves music.
- Really? - Really.
My grandma.
I bought her a Philips stereo.
Nice radio equipment.
Listen here, you walk in here offering a partnership in a business that does not exist? Do I look like someone who tears up money? - You didn't let me finish - You don't need to.
You're such a pretty woman, Maria.
You're single, in Rio.
You should see the city, enjoy your time here.
There are so many beautiful places.
Leave the boring stuff to the boys.
I see.
Excuse me.
Did it work? You know what’s funny? When I was a kid, every night, my mom would serve my dad whiskey after work.
As if he really deserved it for working all day.
She seemed happy with it.
But I promised myself I would never do that.
- So what did I do? - What? I'd pour my husband a glass of whiskey every day.
But that never satisfied me.
- And now I get why.
- Why is that? I wanted to be the one with the whiskey in my hand.
- Here.
- Already? Please, it’s bad luck to drink alone.
So you want to be like them? I’d just like my purpose to be more than looking pretty.
From where I sit, your only worry seems like a dream existence to me.
I want more.
I want to be free.
Are you free, Adelia? We're different.
Such things aren’t possible for me.
I was told by three different men today that I can't do what I want because I’m a woman.
- It is what it is, Maria Luiza.
- No.
It shouldn’t be.
I don’t know what I can pay you, or when, but what if we were together in this? The two of us.
Two women doing the impossible.
What do you say? I feel I can trust you.
You saved my life once already.
- Is that the whiskey talking? - What do you mean? Look at you! Oh, my.
Quit your job and come work with me.
I want you to be my right-hand woman.
Are you serious right now? I'm very serious.
No Impossible.
That’s too good to be true.
It is possible.
I do know some guys who could help remodel this place for cheap.
- And they do good work.
- Is that a yes? It's a "why not?" Let’s make it official.
Oh, it’s just ceremonious, right? Just sign your name.
"Two crazy women making the impossible, possible.
" You have to sign it, too.
TWO CRAZY WOMEN MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPEN Where did you get this statue? I found it in a drawer.
Do you know who she is? This is Iemanjá, the goddess of the seas and protector of women.
Of the seas? Would you think I was crazy if I told you I saw Tell me! - Never mind.
- Tell me.
- It's nonsense.
- No, it's not.
I think many things are possible.
Iemanjá is very powerful.
We may not always love the truth she brings, but it’s always for the best.
She gives you strength and luck.
Take her.
I do need luck.
I also need money.
My husband left me with nothing.
Well, he left you something that can help.
I’m not ready to give up on him just yet.
What’s more important, a pretty thing or following your dream? A contract? And you signed it? I signed it the way I could.
Look Hey, Gecko! How are you? What did you do today? The white lady gave me vodka! The white lady gave you vodka? What? No! You know what your daughter's like.
Strange things happened today.
If our daughter was drinking vodka, I’d say very strange.
Strange, but good.
I can't quite explain it.
Go brush your teeth, baby.
Ask Aunt Ivone to help you.
Brush them well! - So you had vodka, huh? - Ouch, Mom! Can you believe her? This all sounds so stupid as I say it out loud, but I just have this weird feeling about her.
I lost myself in the glimmer of hope that things could be different for me.
They can be.
It's not just a glimmer.
Adelia, you need to learn how to read.
- I can teach you.
- You can? I hate to admit it, but it is kind of nice having you around.
Of course it's nice.
"Of course it's nice" I’m going to wear you down, woman.
Admit it, you were brokenhearted when I left.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Mom Aunt Ivone is not there.
She's not home, again? - You want me to go look for her? - I can't believe this.
- Dad.
Can you read this for me? - Of course, sweetheart.
I’ll go find Ivone.
You stay with your daughter.
Let me see what we have here Little Lulu.
"Little Lulu and Bolinha were best friends.
One day, Bolinha made a very cool club at the top of a tree and hung a sign on the door: Girls are not welcome.
Lulu was very sad.
" Why are girls not welcome? I don’t know, let's wait and see.
- Mommy! - Hello? Hi, darling.
When are you coming home? Soon you will be coming here! I promise.
How much do you miss me? I miss you so, so much.
I can't sleep without you.
I can't sleep without you either.
Do you want me to tell you a story? No.
Maybe I can sing you a song.
Yes, our song! Lie down, then Close your eyes Bull, bull, bull Black-faced bull Take this little fish Who's afraid of a mask Chérie.
Will you come shower with me? I really have to read this, love.
This is my only real adversary in this marriage.
That magazine.
Meet me in the bathtub in 15.
Good morning! Where the hell were you? I was looking for you everywhere.
- I thought you could be hurt or - Dead? Or maybe, oh, my God, having fun? Oh, please! You know the hills are the safest place on earth.
You had a boy over here.
That is not okay! I did not.
You're going to look me in the eyes and blatantly lie to my face? And what’s worse, then you tell Conceição to lie for you! - We don’t keep secrets in this house.
- You’re such a hypocrite.
You’ve been lying your whole life to Captain about Conceição - and making me lie too - Keep it down! He’s here.
I’m sorry, I had no idea.
I got a job offer yesterday.
An amazing opportunity, actually.
And I almost turned it down.
I was worried about you and Conceição, but never myself.
I'm tired.
I’m doing something for me for once.
So go get yourself a job and start contributing to this house or get out.
What do you want? - I wanted you to choose.
- Choose what? The new writer.
After all, you are the boss, right? - Oh, I see.
- So I brought you two options.
We have Lucas, very experienced, has written for the best magazines in the market and Helô, who has great experience in fashion and great measurements, and can maybe even model for us.
Any doubt about what my choice will be? I know.
You've said and I agree: Men are more focused, professional, smart And more expensive.
The girl would cost you 5 times less.
So, it's up to you.
Well We needed a young girl to decorate the place anyway.
I thought so.
She's hired, Thereza.
Hey, do me a favor Let's get to work.
Come here, let me show you something.
Can you get all of this out of here? That way is the kitchen, worst coffee in town.
Bathrooms are that way.
We are fighting for a bathroom just for girls, they keep postponing it.
Maybe now we can get it.
This is your desk, for now.
And finally, your new colleagues: the writers.
That one is Cleo, who writes about fitness and health.
No And that one leaving Paulo Sérgio's office is Sissi, from culinary.
Can’t fry an egg.
What about Marieta? I really like the way she writes about relationships.
There she is! Marieta is Gustavo, the one reading the paper.
Has been single his whole life.
Never had one serious girlfriend.
Gentlemen, good morning.
This is Helô, our latest addition to the team of writers.
Try to act like gentlemen, please.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Thank you.
So you are the only woman writing here.
Up until now.
Just one more thing.
Why did you pick me? Because you can write.
Why else? Thank you.
"Lady Ipanema".
What do you say? Sounds old for a music place, Maria Luiza.
It's not a music place, it's a club.
Pardon me.
What about "Music Flavors"? My goodness! Sounds like a steakhouse name! You come up with a name then! What’s so funny, girls? Hey! I'm glad you could come.
How are you? - This is Adelia.
- Nice to meet you.
She’s my right-hand woman.
Adelia, this is Thereza, my brand-new, good friend.
Well, look at that.
What do you think? Do you like it? Wow, it looks great.
- Really? - Really.
I love it.
- You know what we should do now? - What? - Celebrate.
- Maybe some other day.
- Let's have a drink, Adelia! - I really can't.
I'll take a rain check.
- Thanks for the invitation.
- Okay - It was nice meeting you.
- My pleasure.
Kiss Conceição for me.
Thank you for everything.
I like her.
Ligia! I didn’t know you came to places like this.
I don’t, just had to drop something off for Augusto.
Come join us.
It’s hard to believe you two were best friends.
Why? You’re so vibrant.
You have such interesting friends! Besides, she and Augusto like to hang out with boring people.
Why is she speaking like I’m not here? Just because our friends are not all drunks and perverts doesn’t mean they are boring.
She’s right.
My friends are really like that.
And I am too.
And we love it! Hey! Bring us another shot, for God's sake.
Look who’s here! Hi, handsome! Come here! Girls.
Good evening.
Malu, I thought you went back to São Paulo.
I bought your record.
- Do you like it? - Very much.
I'm glad.
Grab a chair.
I believe my crew wants to go somewhere else.
They say there are too many musicians in here.
I'll see you around.
“Malu”? I like it, by the way.
Wasn’t he with that girl? It doesn’t matter.
No men for now! Thereza.
Long time no see.
It’s been a while.
- How are you? - Can’t complain.
Hey, Ligia.
Oh, sorry.
Malu, this is Vania.
Vania, this is Malu.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Formerly known as Maria Luiza.
Well, say hi to Nelson.
See you around.
- Will do.
- Bye.
So, are you going to tell her? - Don’t do this, Ligia.
- You do it or I will.
What are you talking about? - Stay out of it! - Vania was Pedro’s mistress.
- Why do you always do that? - What if it was Nelson? Then I would already know.
We have no secrets.
There is no other way in a marriage.
- Stay, Maria Luiza! - No, no.
Don't do anything stupid.
Why didn’t you tell me? You said you knew nothing when I first asked you.
Last time I opened my mouth you didn’t speak to me for years.
You were already so broken, I didn’t want to tell you in that moment.
I don’t want to fall in love ever again.
After a hangover, we always promise never to drink again.
To friendship! The only love that lasts forever! Cheers.
Hey, where have you been? Please come teach Conceição how to play the tambourine before I go crazy.
- Maybe you should call someone else.
- What do you mean? I don't know Perhaps her father.
Did you see the picture of Norma Bengell naked? So humiliating.
Humiliating? She looks amazing! That body is great, but let’s be honest.
She can’t sing! It’s like a whisper! Whispering is the new thing! - Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Wouldn't you agree? Hello? One kiss for one drink, who wants it? One kiss for one drink You Here you go.
Anyone else? Well, look at you.
You deserve two.
Anyone else? Everyone, please.
May I have a minute of your attention? We don’t want our neighbors to spoil our party.
All right? So talk, speak and play as much as you want, but do it quietly.
That's what I said.
Whispering is the new thing.
Let's do that When a broken heart Tired of hurting Meets another broken heart Tired of hurting Then it's time to consider That perhaps Love's on the way I've been such a fool Trying to reason in vain The matters of love No one can explain Come with me Let us together try Only a brand-new love Will make us leave our longing behind - Bravo.
- Wonderful.
I thought you said you were done singing.
That was amazing! Was it? - Please, another one - No, I have to go! - Just one more, Ligia.
- I really need to go.
Will you sing for me some other time? Bye.
TO NELSON AND THEREZA BEST WISHES Do you know the story of this picture? A friend of mine produced Dolores Duran's record.
Somehow Ella heard the record and, once in Rio, she said all she wanted was to see her concert.
I knew Thereza and Nelson were fans, so I gave them this little present.
So you actually met Ella? She is an incredible woman.
Like yourself, Maria Luiza.
You can call me Malu.
And I’ll impress you more when this incredible woman comes to my club.
Wow - What are you laughing at? - Nothing.
- I’ll get there.
- Sure.
You'll see.
I hope you get me a ticket.
If you beg for it, maybe.
I see begging is a thing with you.
Begging will do nothing for you.
Look who decided to show up.
You know, some people were worried you were dead.
Which wouldn't be all that bad.
Of course then, our albums would valorize and I wouldn’t have to deal with your shit.
You think this is all so funny, do you? You really think I'm a clown, don't you? You know how hard it was to bring those guys to my office? Your office, your office Art doesn’t happen at a business table, but of course you wouldn’t know that.
To you, I'm not just a clown.
I must be stupid as well.
I can tell you this much: If you keep drinking like this, in three years no one will remember your art, but everyone will remember “that funny, drunk guy of Bossa Nova.
" "What was his name again?” What's your problem? He’s perfect for you, by the way.
What happened? Hey.
- Did something happen? - Nothing happened.
Huh? I love you so much.
I don’t want to keep anything from you.
You understand that? No secrets.
No lies.
- Are you drunk? - Yes.
I was with the girls, and I sang.
I sang.
I auditioned and I passed! I'm performing next week.
Then I went to your brother’s house, and Roberto's guys were there.
It’s what I love doing.
Grace Kelly helps the Prince of Monaco, doesn’t she? Let me sing at your political events.
You are my life, let me Just a moment One more second.