Most Beautiful Thing (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Waters of August

1 [roosters crowing] [Maria Luiza gasps] A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ["The Girl from Ipanema" by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes plays] I guess such a pretty girl is not here to bet on any of my roosters.
- I have to - [rooster crowing] I have to talk to Pedro.
Hey! - What do you want with him? - Do you know where he is? - Do you? - No.
I thought he was here.
But if not, I'm leaving.
Leaving without telling me your name? Not very classy.
I'm Shorty.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Vania.
This is all I know about him.
And what does he know about you, Mrs? I'm his mistress.
[Shorty] I see.
I was.
Is that so? You are not the first one to come after him.
But you are the first one to look this expensive.
Vania, right? Maybe you are the one who can pay what that scumbag owes me.
He also owes me money.
Get in line.
He owes me more than money.
If any of those men know you are looking for Pedro, they will make you pay.
I have no money.
There's a lot of ways a woman like yourself can pay a debt.
[rooster crowing] - Hold your horses, girl! - Okay.
[Adélia] Ivone, I left her lunch.
Make sure she eats, she hasn't been hungry.
And don't forget her medicine.
She barely slept last night.
You know I'm going out later, right? Of course Cap will watch her.
Did you two work things out? Not yet, he's avoiding me.
I'm so sorry.
You know I would never It's okay.
I shouldn't have gotten you involved.
Just please don't say anything more about it to anyone.
- Okay.
- Good.
I'm going to work.
Hey! Don't be out too long, a storm is brewing.
But it's Saturday, Mom.
[door opens] - Did I wake you up? - No.
I promised Maria Luiza I'd visit her today.
You know I love you, right? - Do I? - You're right, you don't.
Because I The other night What I did I was afraid.
I was the one who was afraid of you.
I am always afraid of losing you.
Every man in the world wants you.
- That's not true.
- How do you think I feel? Lucky.
I want only you.
Augusto, no, no don't be like this.
It was my fault.
I know what you think of me singing.
Help me to treat you as you deserve.
Tell me the truth, always.
I always do.
[both sigh] - [Augusto chuckles] - [rattling] - Here.
- What's that? This? This is your dream.
My dream? Rome? Rome.
[Augusto chuckles] Rome, my love, we're going to Rome.
Who knows, maybe we'll come back pregnant with an Italian baby.
Do you have time for a cup of coffee at least? I would if you had not held me so long in bed - this morning.
- [Nelson moans] I've got work to finish, I have to run.
- You know what's coming up - Yes.
Lunch with your mother, the worst day of the month! I'm not talking about that.
Did you think I would forget? Why can't we ever talk about this? We can.
We can.
It would be his fourth birthday.
Enough talking? Oh.
Tell your mother not to worry this time around.
I've ordered a lunch buffet.
Since we still need one article for the next issue, I suggest we write about the women working on the building of the new capital of Brasília.
They are one third of the working population, but there's almost no word about them from the press.
I interviewed this woman.
She is from Rio Grande do Norte, she drove herself in a truck, seven months pregnant, - to get there.
She works as a - [inaudible] [men laughing] Is there a problem, Gustavo? - Carry on, Thereza.
- No, no, - if there is a problem, say it.
- No, no.
I don't think women are interested in that.
- Aren't they? - Only dykes will want to read that.
[laughter] And what do you suggest instead? I don't know, something about a new collection, or fashion trends? I don't know Or maybe a piece of advice on how to wear plunging necklines.
Okay, that's enough, ladies! Thereza, your idea is really great.
I think we must talk about Brasília.
So, go back to working on that profile of Miss Brasília.
What's her name? Martha what? - Garcia.
- [editor] Garcia.
- Martha Garcia.
- Martha Garcia.
And you, darling, this is your first, right? Maybe you could enlighten us with an article about how a woman should behave No.
What to wear on a first date.
End of the day, papers on Thereza's desk since I need to go out.
So this is your hideout? I'm not hiding from anyone.
Only from girls who want to hook him.
[fishermen laugh] Hey, Mullet, bring the fish over here.
[Roberto] Nice club! Nice wheels.
What a little devil you are.
You said you'd do it, and you're going through with it.
You surprise me.
You're surprised because you belittle me.
You're right, I was wrong! It's rare, but it happens sometimes.
I do apologize, okay? Who is playing for the opening? Can you believe Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald just cancelled? [Maria Luiza] Last minute.
But perhaps some of your musicians would appreciate the exposure? - [Roberto chuckles] - Let me know.
Okay, I'll send you some EPs.
- Great.
Happy to do you the favor.
- [car starts] [tires screeching] Malu, the booze you ordered has just arrived.
Can you handle this, Adélia? I just need a minute.
[phone ringing] - Hello? - [operator] Shall I connect you, ma'am? Yes! I've been waiting for this call for 30 minutes now.
- Hello, Mom? - Maria Luiza? - Hello? Mom? - Hello? Are you okay? Everything is fine.
Don't lie, sweetie, I know that tone of voice.
I just need to talk to my son.
Put him on, Mom, please.
Carlinhos! It's your mom! [Carlinhos] I don't want to talk.
[Maria Luiza's mother] Come on, Carlinhos! It's Mommy.
[Carlinhos] I don't want to, Grandma! Maria Luiza, he's playing out in the yard.
- [sobbing] - But he misses you terribly, darling.
Are you there? Tell him I miss him so much.
And tell him I'll bring him a present.
And tell him every night I - Hello, Mom? Mom? - [busy line beep] - [turntable clicks] - [needle drops on record] [jazz music plays] What's the matter with me Nobody loves me Do you think we'll pull it off, Adélia? We have to believe it, right? - It's all we've got.
- Right.
When I first set out to do this, I wanted it to have music, to be modern.
But I started flirting with some new ideas.
[chuckles] Now I realize it could be even bigger, like Like Birdland.
- You know? - No.
[laughing] I have no idea, really.
It's a jazz club in New York, only it's much more than that.
It's a place where people want to be.
I want it to be the kind of place where people want to meet up.
I want music legends to play on this stage.
Is it crazy to think the next Ella Fitzgerald - [door opens] - could be found here? - [door closes] - [Lígia] Maria Luiza.
- [Maria Luiza] You came.
- I let myself in.
If you don't have a doorbell, you can't complain.
[Maria Luiza] Oh, please, you're welcome anytime.
- What is this? - As I promised.
- [Maria Luiza] The list.
- Everyone you should invite in Rio is there.
Lígia do you think all these people would come? They will.
At least for the exoticism.
A woman from São Paulo opening a club in Rio? Sounds bad, but it's your best ad.
I'm melting in this dress.
May I have something to drink? Lígia, this is Adélia, my friend.
- Okay.
- So who's gonna sing? You.
What do you say? - Me? - Because I'd love to have you.
That ship has sailed.
What do you mean? I saw you singing at Thereza's.
I saw everyone watching you Lígia! - Since we were teenagers you - I grew up.
I dropped by only for that.
Augusto is waiting for me.
- We're going to Italy.
- Wow! It will be like a second honeymoon, if you know what I mean.
- Mm-hmm - Hmm.
- Well - Will you be at the opening? - I'll try.
- Promise you'll try? [Adélia] Your water.
Thank you.
Augusto is going to kill me if I don't go now.
[door closes] Holy shit.
IMPORTED WHISKY It's better than I thought.
Who are you looking for, sir? I'm here for a delivery.
- Here's your booze.
- There must be a mistake, - we've already gotten it.
- It's okay.
- It's not okay, Maria Luiza.
- It's okay.
Please, trust me.
Did you follow me? I don't like when people lie to me.
I didn't lie to you.
You didn't "Maria Luiza"? - I swear I don't know where Pedro is.
- Of course you don't.
The wife is always the last one to know.
What do you want? I have a good proposal for you.
[typewriter keys clacking] You look more excited than I thought you'd be.
I'm just trying to do what was requested of me.
- That's what you would do, right? - Yes, but someday we won't have to listen to those comments - about - Don't worry, Thereza.
I'm used to it.
You shouldn't be.
And how is the writing? Good.
I am writing about you.
- About me? - [Helô] Mm-hmm.
Girls, I know are, most of the time, pretending to be weak or dumb to please men.
In life, at work In bed.
You are not like that.
- I hope you like it.
- I'm intrigued.
Carla, this is not the price we agreed on.
Chico, he told me to discount it for your delay.
But in the end, I was there.
Do you think that's fair? [Roberto] Almost two hours late! Still, I was there.
Chico, I'm sure you're very busy writing lyrics about women and their unfathomable desires, the seagulls and the sea.
But I really need that song to finish your record.
I've tried explaining that to you, and I know it's hard.
But song writing isn't anything like filling out spreadsheets.
That's exactly why I fill out the spreadsheets and you write the songs.
Or should be writing.
Don't worry, I'll hand you a song that's gonna make you even richer.
Someone has to make money off of my work.
You know, I almost got you a new gig.
At the club of that crazy girl - from São Paulo.
- So she's really doing it? Opening on Friday.
Have you seen her? She asked me for some help with the line-up.
Too bad you don't like gigs.
I guess she thinks I know how to do my job.
Don't forget my song.
There's your dad.
[Cap] Who's that pretty little thing? Come here.
How are you, sweetheart? What do you say we have lots of fun today? Do you want to play the tambourine? So go and get it for me, please.
I don't know if Adélia told you, but I heard everything the other night.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It was her boss, wasn't it? Please, don't! Conceição is your daughter.
You raised her, she loves you as her father.
That was not my question.
I did the math.
There was a reason she was always working at that one house.
Sundays too.
I should have known.
I don't know what to tell you.
Talk to Adélia.
I have to go.
Your daughter needs a shower before dinner! The house is open.
Thank you, sweetheart.
- What do you wanna do? - I want to play "Serious!" - Are you sure? You'll lose.
- No, you will.
Okay, then.
Come here.
Okay! The first one to laugh loses.
[Cap laughs] One, two, three Go! Deal? If I get the booze from you Only from me.
Only from you.
What's in it for me? You and your son are gonna be safe.
That'll pay for your effort, won't it? Okay.
But I will do it once I will tell you when Pedro's debt is paid, not the other way around.
MUCH LOVE, MOMMY But allow love To ever come back [door closes] - Hi, sweetheart.
- Hey, Mom.
- Are you by yourself? - No, Dad's here.
- Cap is still here? - But I'm leaving.
Bye-bye, Gecko.
Come give me a kiss.
Sweetheart, can you go inside for a minute? I have to talk to your dad.
Is her dad around for you to talk to him? Cap I wanted to talk to you Ivone said it all.
I know her father was your boss.
[Theresa] "How much of yourself have you lost for behaving like a lady? My last piece of advice is, to be a whole person.
Don't let anyone define you by your clothes, earrings, perfume, your tone of voice or your ability in the kitchen.
You are more than that.
If you don't get a second date, maybe that's luck.
In the end, marriage is not a prize for your good behavior, even if your mother told you so.
" [sighs] A little radical, don't you think? Exactly what we need.
- I'm glad you like it.
- [man 1] Last time at Jobi, - someone left without paying.
- Let's get a drink.
[man 2] Let's go.
[door opens] - Thanks for inviting us! - [door closes] - Never mind them.
- [Helô scoffs] Well, I have an invitation for you.
We could toast to my first article.
Unless you have something much better to do tonight.
You're right.
If they write as if they are women, we should celebrate like men.
[Helô chuckles] What are you doing here, Chico? I wanted to apologize.
Now? When you are alone? Now that you are drunk? Well, thank you.
When you came around, I was lost in thoughts and I am weird around you I can't explain.
I can.
You have this fog of mystery, but behind that you are no different than any other man.
Maybe Roberto is different.
What do you mean? He told me you asked for his help.
Why didn't you ask me? He offered.
Why would I ask you for anything? Because I have more to offer.
Goodbye, Chico.
Don't! It's not done yet! No! Chico! It's not done yet, come back here! Nice.
It's got a São Paulo vibe.
Please, Chico, leave.
I don't have time for this.
I have to work.
Okay, I'm leaving.
- I'm not good at these things.
- What things? Feelings, Malu.
You stir me up.
Real good.
You wanna help? Then come take a look at the piano.
[piano plays] Very fine piano, just needs some tuning.
Like you.
[piano plays] - Is it about your - About everything I gave up for this.
And what's that? [sighs] My reputation, my father's respect my son's love.
Is it worth it? I've lost a lot in my life too.
Someone is your life.
Then one day, you wake up and your life is not there anymore.
You try to move on, pretending you're not already dead and just drifting.
I don't feel that way.
My husband is gone, he left.
And even with all the fear and anger, I finally feel like I'm living for the first time.
You know what that's like? Then I think you just answered your own question about it all being worth it.
You never wanted to marry? I can't stand lying.
And that doesn't fit a marriage.
Maybe it doesn't.
I never married, but I'm never alone.
I have this Such a pretty thing you are Just like that The loveliest thing I know I swear I don't know why How can you say you know nothing about feelings when you sing like that? - Can we start over? - [thunder rumbling] The song? I'm Chico.
Nice to meet you.
[thunder rumbling] - I was going to tell you the truth.
- When? - In another eight years? - I am sorry.
I am.
I wanted you to be her father, I tried to convince myself it was the truth.
- But I am not, Adélia! Or am I? - [rain pouring] - And this boss, did he know? - It doesn't matter.
- It does! - You want her to hear this? Cap! Come back here, Cap! Cap, come back here! Are things going to go on like this? I don't see why not.
I was young and scared.
I had questions.
And I was young and easy to fool.
That was a long time ago.
You're her father and that's what matters! Of course it matters, Adélia.
And all those years with Conceição? With me? Doesn't that matter? Ask me again Please.
Ask me again! I didn't accept it before, but now I will! How could I trust you again? Italy will save us, Augusto.
The Summer Olympics in Rome will be our chance to To line our pockets.
Have you already told your wife? I told her it will be a vacation trip.
She is very excited about Enough business for tonight! We have a free pass tonight, right? Let's enjoy ourselves.
We can continue this conversation next week, at the Party.
With our wives and all that.
Bring - Lígia.
- Oh, I forgot her name.
But I swear I do remember that hot chassis! [laughs] That wife of yours makes an impression, man.
You should take advantage of that.
She might be the next First Lady of the State of Guanabara.
Look, I shouldn't tell you this.
Everything can change, but we'll have to nominate someone new not another boring Party name.
I want a businessman, someone who appeals to the people, someone from "Rio's royalty," you know what I mean? We need a good face and a good family name.
Someone not very connected to politics, you know? People don't trust us politicians anymore.
Take a good look around.
Would you trust any of these people? ["No Meio da Noite" by Maysa plays] No more.
- [Thereza] Hmm! - [chuckles] No problem, we can steal another one.
Paulo Sérgio has a bunch of them in there.
[laughs] What about your husband? Isn't he waiting for you? Not tonight.
He must be thankful for the free night.
Some things are hard to understand.
[slow tempo music plays] I love this song! We should dance.
No, stop! I am a terrible dancer.
I'll guide you.
[Thereza chuckles] [humming] My love, you've been waiting for me.
You look great.
You smell great.
Have you been waiting? Kiss me.
- You smell like booze.
- I've had a little to drink.
I'm so fucking happy.
- Kiss me, c'mon.
- Hey - Why don't you take a shower? - We'll do that in a bit.
- Augusto, you're hurting me.
- Come here.
Go take a shower first.
- Turn around.
- You're hurting me.
Turn around now! Augusto, hold on.
[Augusto moaning] I love you.
I'm going to the shower now.
I'll be waiting for you.
[thunderclap] [thunder rumbling] Chico? [wind howling] [clattering] Chico? Oh, my God.
[birds calling] It's ruined.
It's all ruined, Adélia.
[exhales] A broom, a bucket and a squeegee will fix this.
- Maybe two squeegees.
[chuckles] - [Maria Luiza sobs] Come on, Malu, let's get going.
We have no time for whining.
We have five days to Whining? I just lost everything.
Everything I had.
It's not the end of the world.
Well, it is for me.
I have nothing left.
You have me.
Together we will manage this.
We've done it once.
Oh, please, Adélia.
You don't have to pretend you care.
But I do.
- Oh, you do? - Yeah.
- Really? - Really.
Why is that? Because, in the end, I'm the one who left my whole damned life for this shit.
- Oh, you're the victim of the world! - Yes, I am! - Can't you see what happened here? - I can! - Just look! - Stop, Malu.
Don't do this.
You know I've worked as much as you for this.
Yes, for the money I paid you.
Well, I can't pay you anymore.
Do you still care? Well, that's funny Yesterday, you said you were sorry for the way your friend treated me.
But you are exactly the same: a spoiled white girl.
In fact, you are even worse than her.
At least she doesn't pretend to be a friend.
Adélia! I was so close, can you understand that? I was fighting for my right to work! I left my son behind with my mom! I'm trying to do something with my life! - But it's so hard! - Enough, Malu! Stop being selfish! This is not just about you! "I did this, I lost that.
" Me, me, me! We lost it! "Fighting for my right to work"? I've worked since I was eight years old! My grandma was born in a slave quarter, and it was very hard.
I worked six, seven days a week.
I would leave home at four in the morning, spend one hour on a bus to get there, another hour to come back.
When I finally got home, Conceição was already asleep! All that just to put food on the table.
That's meaningful to me! - But I - I'm not done! You say you miss your son? How many times did you have to actually be away from him? I miss Conceição every hour of my day.
Has your son ever wanted so badly something he could never have? My daughter has.
You're right.
We are not the same.
You're much braver, Adélia.
[sobbing] I'm sorry, I just can't go on.
You're right, Malu.
We are not the same at all.
You could always choose.
I couldn't.
[wailing] ["O Mundo É Um Moinho" by Cazuza plays]